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KOS & Ashtar Message about President Obama’s Meeting in Asia 11/12/09



China has purchased a great deal of America’s debt. They are aware that the arrests have happened.

They saw this as a potential for the last few weeks. This is the change they have waited for.

The Chinese are aware the truth will be revealed about 911. They are also aware that the Galactics are waiting for Disclosure.

This combination of potentials will have the Chinese Leaders demanding a call in of the loans given to the U.S. They mistakenly believe this will turn them into a SuperPower. The Chinese have been plotting this plan a long time.

They have been encouraged to make this mistake. They have been deceived. No one would gain from the chaos that will result with all the banks publicly closing.

As we speak, actions are being put into play which will change the outcome of the meeting.

The Chinese do not yet know it, but the agenda of the meeting is going to change far before President Obama reaches China.

In Tokyo, key figures will join with the President and PM Yukio Hatoyama including President Medvedev, Chancellor Merkel, and others.

This meeting will bring out truths into the public spotlight. There will be some surprises.

At the Singapore meeting, where 21 World Leaders will be gathered, more surprises will come down. As the APEC Summit convenes, there will be talk about a new economic plan not discussed before, which will effect the entire World. This news will over shadow China’s plan for calling in loans.

As the puzzle pieces move into place, a plan is made to reveal Galactic Presence. How this happens, no one at this moment can guess.


There are meetings tonight North of Alaska with a large portion of the GF members. Final plans are being agreed upon, and arrangements are being made.

[President Obama stopped off in Anchorage, Alaska today to visit troops at the Elmendorf Air Base, before heading off to Asia for a one-week four nation trip, his first excursion to Asia as president.]

The news is not covering this leg of the trip. Some members of the Press will be there. This is the beginning of disclosure. It would not be fair to have one world leader responsible for the News, it might be more fair to reveal it in a place where more than one World Leader has gathered. If Disclosure occurs with the President of the United States, out of his office, it will fend off any chances of accusations against Mr. Obama. With a large number of World Leaders together, Unity, as One Race, begins as it should, with everyone in it together. The Time For Peace Is Now.


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  1. adrianIII says:

    Dear Ashtar –

    Sounds good to me!! I look forward to the day that these events will even be reported on FOX NEWS!! If there still is a Fox News, that is.

    May that day come next week!

    Is it possible that you could arrange for us to be able to see the light ships gathering around Anchorage on Google Earth?

    Thank you, Ashtar.

  2. jackpotlady says:

    Dearest Ashtar…and KOS

    We are waiting to see it all come to pass! May the moment come in the next blink of an eye!

    Thank you both!


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