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Hard News Telecall – November 13, 2009


RAMA: Greetings!

TARA: Greetings, everyone! In the light of the most radiant ones. Thank you, Angel Sue [for the meditation.] Before Rama takes off, I just have to find this word again: amethyst. Well, Rama go ahead.

RAMA: Ok. The news that I am hearing is that the Angels and the Fairy Lords are right beside us along with our Galactic friends. As things are unfolding in a very good way, yet there are still those little wispy clouds that are still lingering about that have chem. trails, or fairy dust that is not so nice, and it is just the last dregs of the story. I am sure everybody has heard they have announced that they have found water on the moon! There has always been water on the moon, only now…

TARA: That has been appropriate.

RAMA: It is just that they are getting us ready for what the Sirian commander has to talk about at the right time, when he is given the nod by St. Germain. In terms of all the other stories going on out there that [are] anything, but that story is just over the edge and down that rabbit hole, [what]…Stephanie Miller and all these folks have been saying all day along with Tom [Hartman?]. It goes back to the Bush/Clinton crime family. Bernie Sanders tore in a new one this morning talking about since day one when Obama got in. The Republicans have blocked legislation to get anything done in a progressive way. Yet it is moving forward for St. Germain and others behind the scenes. Bernie Sanders today talked about ice, immigration, how immigration is bad as Blackwater in terms of what they do sometimes to folks that may not have a green card. We do not want to go there yet. He said that it is not the problem that these people that are coming here to look for a better life.  It is the fact that the unlawful employers are behind the scenes, they are backed by the wealthy corporations, and the lobbyists, and the Republicans who are so sick and twisted at such a level in which he gave an example about Governor Sanford of South Carolina; he likes to have sex while wearing a diaper, and… I am not going to go any further. It is just the way Bernie Sanders described it. These are not people of law; these are people that need to be helped because they have issues that go beyond anything that they can do in a court of law or on the floor of Congress. They are people who need help. Various help in terms of both medical and physical, as well as spiritual health because of the fact that they have been programmed. [Bernie] brought up MK Ultra and the whole story of what has gone on since [Dr. Mingalay]. All of this goes back where this 1% of the ruling class wanted to rule 99% of the rest of the planet. Now the tables have turned and they have that bed that they have to sleep in, and it is ending as we are speaking.

The story about [Eric Holder] and the [inaudible] people who are supposedly going to be put up on trial. Ron Reagan, the way he put it is: They have the wrong guys. It needs to be Dick Cheney, George Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld that are in that court room. That is where it needs to go at that level. What is going on with [Eric Holder] is that…let us just say there is one hand doing one thing, there is another hand doing something else and it is working with St. Germain. At that level I would turn it over to him. Yet I am sure that he will speak for himself when the moment is right. I will not speak for him, yet he is my cousin.

At the level where this is going on, the First Contact is so extremely imminent that they are talking about water on the moon today. This brings in stories that Richard Hoagland has been talking about since Art Bell began his show AM Coast to Coast. There has always been water on the moon. There is water still on Mars right now. All of this has to do with the understanding that the biggest secret they have hidden from us is that Mother’s Wayward Children, as she lovingly calls them, got us into the fix we are in and it is coming full circle now.

TARA: Which are us, you know? Some of us anyway. All of us at certain levels have volunteered to take it on for all the rest of us.

RAMA: It is kind of interesting because the last time around we did this story [and Atlantis Lemuria, and the Annunaki, Enki and Enlil] and all of these ones knew fully well about the incoming planet called Nibiru, or Planet X, or whatever was going on at the time, along with the simultaneous event of using the great crystal for darkness rather than light and causing a nuclear detonation, so to speak. All of these things happened simultaneously. This is what caused a lot of the disruption throughout the solar system. Now it is all being righted, and at the same time we have to love these ones even more because we got the warning early about the fact that there are changes. The changes also have been mitigated. It is not going to happen like 2012, the movie that came out today. In fact, we have a 16-part video that was on GRT talking about how this is moving in the direction of which [inaudible] talks about where the Mayans knew fully well [that] what was coming was not destruction but enlightenment, and the understanding where our friends would be showing up to share with us how we do not have to go and do the same mistakes we have done for the last 26,000 years. This is the piece that we have to love these ones even more for, and [doing] the Ho’oponopono because the last time around they allowed this to occur. We also allowed it to occur, knowing well what was coming.

TARA: I have to hit about this moon thing. I will bet that some of our Galactic brothers and sisters who are of the Ashtar Command who brought it here, the fake moon, [and] actually stored the water in there that we were going to need when we were ready.

RAMA: Could be. They are also saying out there on the news, Ron Reagan played this little clip of them talking about this so called ‘detonation’ that they did when they sent the missile into the crater and they took out that facility of the dark greys and other folks. They did not talk about that, but what they talked about is possibly that missile going into the crater and causing water to leak out from inside the moon. I do not know what to make of…

TARA: Leak out of? Come on… [Laughter]

RAMA: I mean, what they say on the radio is a bit bizarre, yes.

TARA: Well, what they say here is what is really exciting, is that we have only hit one spot. It is like when you are drilling for oil; once you find it in one place, there [are] greater sources you will find nearby. Professor of Geological Sciences at Brown University [inaudible] at the L Cross Mission [said], the water finding does not mean that the moon is wet by Earth standards, yet it is likely wetter than the dryer deserts on Earth. Even this small amount is valuable to possible future missions that Michael [Wargel], chief Lunar Scientist for Exploration Systems at NASA Headquarters, [has talked about]. Scientists have suspected that current shadow craters at the south pole of the moon could be cold enough to keep water frozen on the surface based on detection of hydrogen by previous moon missions. Water has already been detected on the moon by NASA-built instruments on board in India, now defunked [name inaudible] and other space craft, so it was in very small amounts and bounds. To the dirt and the dust of the lunar surface, water was not the only compound seen in the debris plume of the L Cross impact. There is a lot of stuff in there [inaudible]. What exactly those other compounds are has not yet been determined, yet the ingredients can include organic materials that would hint at comet impact in the past. This is good, interesting stuff.

“The findings show that the lunar poles are sort of record keepers of lunar history and solar system history,” said Greg [Delory], a senior fellow of Space Sciences Laboratory and Science for Integrated Planetary Sciences at the University of California Berkeley. [Delory] explained that these permanently shadowed regions are very cold. That means they tend to trap and keep things that encounter them. So they have a story to tell about the history of the moon.

That is right. Ice is the carbon date of…and the solar system climate. The solar system climate…look, they are getting us to think of the…and that is another…

RAMA: All of the planets are heating up at their poles like David Wilcock talks about in terms of both the north pole and the south pole on all the planets, including the Sun, [which] are changing their realities, if you will.

TARA: He says here, “This is ice that has potentially been there for billions of years,” said Doug Cook, Associate Administrator at Explorations Systems Mission Director at NASA Headquarters.

RAMA: This is ice that was there when Mother began this story, the Big Bang.

TARA: It was even brought up that this could have gone as far back as 55 million years ago.  We have heard this story before. This is when the Annunaki…

RAMA: War Lord.

TARA: Yeah…came in here and had a little nuclear holocaust and shifted the weather patterns, and that is going to be in the ice. That is very…I mean I heard it on the T.V.!

RAMA: Oh yeah. It is true.

TARA: We are going to hear it on 2012, the online movie too.

RAMA: [Tom Hartman?] talks about this in the last hours of ancient sunlight. He speaks of the unethic…

TARA: Hey, don’t we need to get Lady Master Beth and Mark, if you want to interject on this…

BETH: Hi. I am here, Tara. Continue, thank you.

TARA: Scientists want to examine further data to figure out what state the water is in. [inaudible] said we also want to figure out what processes move, destroy, and create the water on the surface and how long the water has been there. Scientists are looking to see if there is any link between the water observed by L Cross and that discovered by [inaudible]. Their observation is entirely unique and complementary to what we did, [inaudible] said. Scientists still need to work out whether the water observed by [inaudible] might be slowly migrating to the poles. Or it is unrelated. Bottom line: the discovery completely changes scientists’ view of the moon, [Wargo?] said. The discovery gives a much bigger potentially complicated picture for water on the moon, [from] that what was thought, even just a few months ago, he said. This is not your father’s moon, [Wargo] said. This is not a dead, planetary body, but one with a lot of [inaudible] in it. Let us go.

NASA plans to return astronauts to the moon by 2020 for extended missions on the lunar surface. Finding usable amounts of ice on the moon would be a boom for that effort since it could be a vital local resource to support a lunar base. Water really is one of the constituents of one of the most powerful rocket fuels, oxygen and hydrogen. Wargo said, the water [that] L Cross detected “would be water you could drink. Water such as any other water [inaudible] says. If you could clean it, it would be drinkable water.” The impact is observable by L Cross’s sister space craft, the Lunar [inaudible] Orbiter, as well as the other space and ground-based telescopes. The debris plume from the impacts was not seen right away. It was only revealed a week after the impact when mission scientists had had time to comb through the probe’s data. NASA launched L Cross (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite) and LRO in June.

I did want to say that I found ‘amethyst’, this word’ amethyst’. In middle English, ‘ametist’, now middle English is…we are talking about the Renaissance period and the Middle Ages could come even earlier than that. Between Avalon and……, an 800 year cycle. They talk about Aster to Francis Bacon, that we were falling into the Dark Ages which is not really the truth, because they were covering up the fact that King James I’s version was the darkness that was cast on the shadow of the Renaissance. Yet there were absolute MASTERS coming in throughout that whole period of enlightenment, [all] kinds of masters. They wanted to make all this happen here for themselves to escape, translate, whatever this online movie 2012 is going to tell = the whole story. [Back to] amethyst. That is Francis and St. Germain or Francis Bacon, the violet flame too. Also in Old French, which is …to St. Germain, and it is ‘ametiste’ and then Latin ‘amethystus’ and I would say that has to do with the time when St. Germain was of the Order of [Dracul] of the bloodline of my beloved here, [inaudible], correct?

RAMA: Yes.

TARA: That is an awesome task to accomplish, to actually work with the undead. It was in the Lord of the Rings that the undead, their corpses, their skeletons, literally animated themselves.

RAMA: Well, the Army of the Dead…

TARA: Yes, the Army of the Dead. I am just saying that there is light for all and there can be a volunteer of what that is. Now we understand why we have had some reality checks that the ghosts of the past have been trying to communicate. I still remember there was a ghost at the hotel where Rama was working.

RAMA: Oh yeah.

TARA: And she literally shattered the entire mirror behind the whole bar.

RAMA: Yeah she did.

TARA: This is a stouty, Arabian-owned hotel and restaurant of highest class; five star. The brother of King [Fahid] owned the restaurant at that time.

RAMA: There is a story that goes…this lady had a falling out with her fiancé because he cheated on her and she killed herself up there in one of the bedrooms and she still haunts the place. Her name is Julia Staab. They have done, what is it, Ghost Hunters on ScyFy channel and also on the History channel, [on] this particular hotel. Julia, the ghost, she does not mess around. You have to go in and buy her a shot, 75 cents, or else she gets upset and she throws glasses…

TARA: Well, yes, that is all well and done now. That gets to heal at this moment, exactly at this same moment.

RAMA: Right.

TARA: It does. Incredulous as it sounds there will be a choicefulness of returning from the dead. MS said it started at ground zero, 9/11. And what do we have? We have [Eric Holder?] opening up with these 5 guys at ground zero down the street on 9/11. You know what? That is perfect because it brings energy up.


TARA: That is correct. Rachael Maddows said….my eyes and ears were open at the beginning here before we got on. She said, you know, the conditions of what George Bush said back here when he got up there and said that they would all be held accountable.

TARA: That is right. All of them. Mark is here now, so what I wanted to say to finish this up is: This attention we are now getting…these characters that are getting in the limelight now, they are all playing a role to bring this to the stage. They all know that the gig is up. So what we do, we remain neutral and we catch ourselves. We have been seeing a lot of jokes right now. Yet now we are watching sobriety in action and taking responsibility. It was stated again, too, on Keith Olberman show, and here too by one of the women who lost [her] husband. She said that it is time for accountability for the people of the United States who need to have closure in the eyes of the world for the past 8 years of this Bush Administration, [that is what it is] all about. We need to get to it.

Mark and Beth, do you want to join us now about getting to it? I just…introduced us to [inaudible] will read it and then you can say something about it. A misconstrued text message about a beloved pet has sparked a flurry of diplomatic activity in Canada. [inaudible] told us yesterday that she was dressed in a purple dress which means that…as soon as I heard that I flashed back to when Barack Obama was over there with the Queen, who was a hologram, and Michele was embracing the Queen and this other queeny lady who was tall and skinny. The Queen was going to go over there and go talk to her, and that lady looked like she was going to jump right out of her skin. Then Sarkozy started acting up in London, from France. He went over there and he got a little….Barack had a little talk with St. Germain. Then Sarkozy got a little talk with Barack. Sarkozy was in the middle of the sweetest thing. The next thing you know we are going to France and Sarkozy is getting all these photo ops with Barack Obama. Every 5 minutes. Then we are talking about Germany. Remember what Barack did; he addressed a half a million people in Berlin. This is not a joke. What did he say? Does anybody remember?

RAMA: It was during the election, the campaign. He was just letting the people know that they were not…that America was going to have a more open policy with the rest of the world and they were not going to play the last 8 years of the Bush/Clinton crime family.

MARK: Then he went back there during April during that [G20] meeting and St. Germain was there again with [inaudible].

TARA: Remember Barack Obama bi-located to the UN meeting and sat there with St. Germain and they looked like they just saw a ghost. [Laughter] Yet they have had a background in this. I remember when St. Germain walked right trough the wall, and the KOS walked in through the door with a few of his good men. They showed everyone what they could do with their phasers right in front of them. They could show them…what they did is the KOS had one of his men get a beam on him right in front of everybody. Then they tried to shoot at it, they tried to throw chemicals at it, they tried to throw a knife. All these things did was just, you know, the liquid ran down and ended up on the floor and the knife just kloncked. The Force field effect that was in that movie, what was that again? Movie number 4? Star Trek 4 about the whales and the dolphins?

So Margaret Thatcher is dead, says this silly thing.

MARK: No, it says ‘Thatcher Dead.’

TARA: Thatcher Dead text sparks fears. Transport Minister, John, [inaudible] sent a message reading, ‘Thatcher has died.’ Conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, was soon informed that 84-year-old former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, had passed away. It was actually [inaudible] beloved cat named after his political heroine who had died. Except for one thing. There really was not a cat either, because that was made up to try to cover this thing all the way up. So this is the cover up; alive and healthy. The confusion spread around the event in Toronto where some 1,700 luminaries were gathered at a black tie event with a lady with a purple dress. [Laughter] Calls to puzzled officials in both 10th Downing Street and Buckingham Palace followed. Embarrassed, a Demerit [inaudible] had reportedly already started preparing an official statement mourning the passing of the Iron Lady, meaning Margaret Thatcher. He was told that Baroness Thatcher, who just a few days ago attended a Remembrance Day service at London’s Westminster Abby, was alive and healthy. Now just a moment. “If the cat wasn’t dead, I would have killed it by now,” Mr. [Saldas] is reported to have said of the 16-year-old grey tabby. Well, that was all right. Lady Master Beth.

BETH: I just wanted to say that maybe less than a year ago I had never heard of holograms, and I know new people are reading about these things, and I pulled this article from BBC News today. It is a perfect example of what we are talking about, and it just made me laugh really hard because I thought maybe Rama would comment a little bit more about how someone would see that and think it was true.

TARA: Ok, I want to finish my amethyst thing because this is going to really make everybody laugh. In Greek it means ‘amethystos’ too, and it says ’not drunken’ is the meaning of amethyst. The Greeks believed that the amethyst prevented intoxication. It has [added] ‘a’ which means not, plus ‘methystos’ which means drunken. This is pretty funny, everybody, to be methyein, to be drunken. Strong drink. A purple or violet variety of quartz used in jewelry of course. It says another thing, and I do not know if anybody knows this stone, maybe Mark you do. A purple variety of corundum.

MARK: Oh, that is saying it is hard. It is a very hard crystal. The hardness. Crystals of that level are measured in terms of how soft or hard they are.

TARA: Well, this also is a…especially the oriental amethyst, which is of the highest quality, which is also an interesting point.

MARK: Well, there is the Order of the Amethyst. There is a special healing Order.

TARA: Ok, now Mark and Beth, you wanted to talk about something. No? You are just coming to listen?

BETH: Yeah, we did not want to miss the news.

TARA: Ok, so Rama. Rama and the King of Egypt. You talked about this subject with the KOE.

RAMA: Yes I did for about 15 minutes this afternoon. He said that the Iron lady is GONE and that the story about the cat is just dry, British humor. Very dry.

MARK: Did her batteries run down?

RAMA: Well, let us just say the Iron Lady has finally left in the sense that…what was going on was that she developed pneumonia.

MARK: Oh, I see.

RAMA: Yes, that is what the word is.

MARK: And so did the cat?

RAMA: I guess so. [Laugher]

TARA: Oh my gosh. So this lady is dead. She is gone.

RAMA: As far as I know.

TARA: We knew that before now, yet they are still on this blackout thing.

RAMA: She is supposed to show up at some kind of dinner in the next few days.

TARA: Well, we will see.

RAMA: Her appointment secretary has not gotten efficient enough to schedule ……that could be.

MARK: The…….

TARA: There are not going to be anymore lifetimes, everybody.

MARK: That is one thing that Beth may want to comment on. On the subject of Obama’s next stop. Beth, do you want to talk about his next stop?

BETH: Yes. After this text message was sent they started writing her Eulogy. They were calling Buckingham Palace…making the announcements. I was shocked that they let this hit BBC news because it was so obvious what had happened to some people, I guess. Not everybody.

Where the president is, I am not sure. I am not exact. It is 16 or 18 hours ahead. So he is already in tomorrow morning in Singapore right now. I believe that is right. On this day he is supposed to meet with… [Medyediv] is supposed to be at this meeting but the KOS told us in the message …….would be there and other[s] would be there. I keep checking the news. That is how I found this Thatcher story. I keep checking the news to hear of anything unusual about the heads of states. So they have literally…

MARK: … [21] leaders would show up there, but maybe 21 will not leave.

TARA: 21 leaders would show up but maybe 21 will not leave.

MARK: Maybe less than 21 leave or are still around.

BETH:  How he said it was, the APEX nations that are expected to be there, there will be 21 of them expected to be there, but he said [Medyedev] and others would also be there. That has not been put out there yet in the news. Only [Medyedev] has been put out in the news. He said there would be other world leaders, including Germany, who will also be there but they have not mentioned that. Then he said there may be some surprise [interference] so I keep looking for surprises in the real news. I cannot find anything reported regarding anything they have done in Singapore so far.

MARK: One of the things that was going to be discussed but not on the agenda is such a new, never-before-discussed economic plan that would affect the whole world, and which China knows nothing about. China is the next stop and they think they have him wired and are going to totally blackmail [him and the US] by dumping American security bonds, in particular U.S. Treasury Bonds, all on the open market, which would, in fact, truly bankrupt [it] because that is the truth anyway. But it would make that public. All the banks would immediately have to shut down. It is all sustained on a flow basis and the second the flow stops, everything crashes. What we were told is that when the new plan is discussed Obama has some particular other things that he is in secret negotiations about. Part of which was last night. When he appeared non-officially at…Rama?

RAMA: He appeared at the Fortress of Solitude.

MARK: In the North Pole.

RAMA: Yes.

MARK: We went there later ourselves after the call was over last night, Beth and I did. The main point of this is he was meeting with E.T.s and high-level because this was above…well, let us just say that it was high enough that it was quite a ways above any detections that they have. They could not be detected. Since he not only has that [interference] craft, he also has that ability to bi-locate.

So here we have a President aloof, away from home. As the way the [inaudible] want to play, and the other cats out there, namely China, have their own plan to seize power economically. The super power of the world. None of that is happening. What the KOS said was that the…. think of two things now. What is this new economic plan which in our language we would call probably the only one that could address that many issues…

RAMA: Reformation.

MARK: …would be the Reformation Act or NESARA as we know it. Secondly, another thing was going on there. E.T. disclosure. These are the two agenda items not talked about elsewhere that are on the agenda. Nobody knows exactly how this is going down or coming out and that is why [inaudible] is very delicate and high level negotiations. It is probable or very likely that several nations out of the 21 and maybe even some of the majors will decide damage control is important. None of them want to get blamed or take the blame alone. Here is Obama again, away from home where if somebody else presents information he has to do damage control. That automatically protects him from his own administration, heads and the military otherwise, who might want to blame him and try to capitalize on that. There is a very good chance that he may come to an agreement with a certain unknown number of nations. Each one might reveal a piece of the E.T. picture. We do not know how much or who will be involved. It is a, shall we say, it is almost an agenda item.

RAMA: It is an unfolding story.

MARK: It is an unfolding story, and it is the two most important things that have not been discussed in public. [What is his new economic plan?] The other one is E.T. disclosure, because as you know, everyone, China is ready to drop the dime on and bankrupt the U.S. and all of the other countries. At the same time the KOS says that would serve no purpose. In other words, to let anyone gain from this is not what this is all about. Some type of a delicate set of negotiations with both E.T.s and non-E.T.s is going on. They have to come with a common voice, work the plan of how much can we tell them, who will join us in this, and work and negotiate. That is all that has to be negotiated. This Singapore stop of the Asian conference is probably the most important stop on his journey, because if he has this in hand before he goes to China, China’s issue, that subject there becomes upstaged. [interference] that is bigger than bankruptcy.


MARK: St. Germain and the Galactic Federation [are or will be] present because when St. Germain and the Bank of St. Germain is brought forward nothing else can touch it. It is 100% backed by gold and precious metal. Already in place, and the second that people there who are leaders see that they have no choice but to negotiate then probably some very interesting things will come out of this. I do not mean to go on about this but it is probably the single most important, unreported, non-documented journey a major world leader at a time of crisis has made.

BETH: From my perspective what was happening starting on Monday, KOS was saying to me there is more to this story, but he was not reporting more. He said the same thing on Teusday, there is more to this story. Finally on Wednesday afternoon he gave Mark and [me] that message that there will be some surprises in Singapore, because it was being reported in [Reuters] only that [Medyedev?] was going to be meeting him in Singapore. KOS said that it is not only him, it is other world leaders [that] are not reporting, including Chancellor Merkel. Then he said there will be surprises. So my mind jumped ahead and thought, “Well, we have to have arrests and only after arrests can we have decloakings or disclosure, right?” So I started looking for news of arrests and when I saw the Thatcher story “Thatcher is Dead” texted from a top minister in the UK to the Prime Minister in Canada, I said, “Ha! That is it!” They are telling us this is going down. The arrests are continuing behind the scenes. I keep sending love to the ground crew that are working hard because the message keeps coming that there is a sequential flow and it is not over until it is over. They are doing a lot of work behind the scenes. I also keep sending love to the ones exiting the stage. I just wanted to share that.

TARA: Oh thank you.

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