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FAA says equipment outage caused 819 flight delays


Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Aviation Administration is blaming an equipment outage this week for delaying 819 flights.

The agency told employees in a briefing memo Friday that air travelers experienced a total of 2,121 delays [isn’t that an interesting number? Tony.] the previous day due to the equipment outage as well as thunderstorms and other poor weather in the Northeast.

The memo said that the more than 800 flight delays attributable to the equipment outage included 273 in Atlanta. At New York airports, LaGuardia reported 81 equipment-related delays and JFK 44. Nearby Teterboro in New Jersey reported 83. An unidentified Midwest airport had almost 50 outage-related delays.

FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown said the agency can’t say for certain which delays were attribute to the outage and which to weather.


[This is in response to the computer “glitch” that hit on Thursday, November 19th.  Rama and Mother had something to say about that on the Thursday conference call.  I will get that transcript up as soon as I receive it.  Tony.]

Computer glitch hits US flights

A computer glitch affecting aircraft flight plans has caused cancellations and delays along the US east coast.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a computer system in Atlanta, Georgia, which processes flight plans stopped working properly.

As a result, controllers were forced to enter flight plans manually.

The FAA said the safety of planes in the air was not affected and, according to US media reports, the computer system is now working again.

The problems began at about 0515 local time (1015 GMT) on Thursday and, according to the Associated Press news agency, were resolved around 1000.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was worst affected, with dozens of flights cancelled or delayed.

Airports in New York, Boston and Florida also reported delays.

Airline officials said they expected the delays to continue through the day.

Last August a similar computer failure affected hundreds of flights across the US.



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