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Beth’s “Healing With The Galactics” Telecall – 11/11/09


Healing with the Galactics Conference Call 11-11-2009
With Beth, Rama, Tara and Mark
Marietta Roberts, Moderator

MARIETTA: Do we have Beth on the line?

BETH: Hello, Yes I’m here.

MARIETTA: Well, we have quite a group here already. When do you want to begin? We are Q & A right now and I will change the mode we are in when you tell me it’s time.

BETH: Well, I would love it if Rama would share with us as we begin tonight. There may be some hard news to share.

MARIETTA: Okay, shall I change the mode then?

BETH: Yes, thank you.

RAMA: I’m, here.

BETH: Thank you, Rama.

RAMA: All right. What I’ve been hearing today is the final pieces of this falling into place, where Thom Hartman did an incredible blog posting today on talking about the shooter at Ft. Hood. All of this is a result of what occurred the morning of 9/11. It has nothing to do with Islam or the fake war on terror. This is about covering up 9/11 and it all goes back to that, and it is being handled and dealt with and the criminals that did 9/11 are in the process. Let’s just say, meeting the Scorpie Black Hole as it were. It is at that level where this is going on. And all the stories today have been continuing to talk about how these guys have nowhere to go except to make peace with their God, and [we]  love them even more as we witness this and it is very intense. Lou Dobbs has resigned as of this moment from CNN, and I will just say that even more, Mr. Bill O’Riley may be resigning tomorrow. Who knows? It is at that point where the chicken hawks have finally come home to roost and they’re all being caught by the large dog at the barnyard, if you will. (Joyful chuckles among all.) I pass the talking stick.

TARA: Oh, and also the solar cycle. This is really good information on a higher level. The solar cycle, the sun spots, the solar flares, the global climate and the evolution of human consciousness. And what they’re saying is that we’re going into a minimum of the solar flare wave cycle, and it could be one of the lowest ebb of that kind of a solar flare cycle for since, just a very long time ago. I don’t want to read the whole thing, yet I am going to say this, that the meaning of it is, that we are in a global climate change and that humans don’t do, it is the gist of this whole thing. Whether we think we can take (stated in a chuckling manner) credit for something such as that or not. It actually says here, “Solar cycles cause global warming and cooling, not humans.” So I just wanted to say that’s a pretty large quantum jump, whereas whatever we’re going through is just our own discomfort that we’re causing ourselves so let’s just drop it. That’s really great.

RAMA: I also heard that there were at least ten different crafts that were seen over Pakistani skies today. I was told that today by Mr. X, who happened to be at a meeting somewhere in DC dealing with the crisis in Pakistan. And, there is much more to these stories. Is it possible unmanned aerial drones were also involved in 9/11? That story was brought up today on Thom Hartman. Interesting pieces. I pass the talking stick.

BETH: Okay, thank you. Mark, was there a Chris Story blog that you had read earlier? Was there anything to add about that?

MARK: Well, the only thing that Chris Story had to say, when you subtract all the ranting, was about the US Military went on alert on Monday.  But then he goes into the wars between the two Clinton/Bush crime families and talks about the Merkel visit to the White House. And then the war really went into a heavy duty thing, and then they decided to try to give a public face to it while the war continues, and so Hillary, whichever version of her you want to talk about, the current public version of her met with Rial [Angela?] Merkel in Germany and (Beth begins to chuckle while Mark continues), “so this was “… (Beth, still chuckling, intervenes, with question, Who (inaudible) OGG? who? Mark and Rama simultaneously respond, “Hillary and (inaudible) OGG?” .. Hillary and Merkel, made a public appearance, you know, the frozen smile …

TARA: Remember Miss Merkel’s father is Hitler and Hillary’s grandpa is Hitler. They are related, they are blood related, yes.

MARK: Well, that’s why they are in business together until one started saying, “Oh, you are holding money back” and the other said, “Well, you’re holding money back.” Chuckles. Nobody wants to know the truth because they’re both holding money back. It’s all in the family.

TARA: They’re holding what money back is the next question.

MARK: Well, so in answer to your question Beth, much adieu about very little, except to say that there will be, as we now announced last night, this is the time when China is asking for payment. It’s not going to accept anything other than either gold-backed money, I mean real money, or they’re going to dump their dollars on the market. That seems very likely to be what will happen, ’cause there’s no money.

RAMA: A little latnum [?] please.

MARK: Yeah, so this week … Beth, you got a list today of the ten countries that Obama will visit in this ten-day cycle starting today. Did you want to share those, or do you think that’s enough?

BETH: I would like to share it and the reason is because it’s just simply not out on American news. I spent a good amount of time scanning the New York Times, the Washington Post, and MSNBC and I didn’t’ find anything, so I finally found his itinerary out on Reuters. So, I’d like to share that according to his itinerary, today he’s going to be in Alaska for the entire day on November 12th and he is headed for Tokyo, Japan on November 13th, and 14th he’ll be meeting with Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and then, sorry, scanning down .. Then he will also be meeting with the Emperor and Empress of Japan during that trip. On November 14th and 15th, he’ll be in Singapore where he is going to be meeting with 21 leaders of countries at the APEC meeting, (Asian Pacific Economic Corporation). And, that same day he will be meeting with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev over there in Singapore. He will be meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono which is (who is that), oh, Indonesian President … sorry. And then on November 15th though the 18th, he’s going to Shanghai and Beijing. He’ll be meeting with President Hu Jintao, who is the Chinese president, and also with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, sorry, that’s hard for me. And then he’ll be going to Seoul on November 18th and 19th (South Korea) and he’ll be meeting with President Lee Myung-Bak and that will be the South Korean president then. So quite a list of meetings and high level Premiers and Presidents that he’ll be seeing. I find it very interesting that that’s not being mentioned anywhere in the US news on TV. (That is posted on Yahoo if you would like to take a closer look.) And, I think that wraps up the news unless anyone has anything else.

TARA: I do have something because Barack Obama, when he gave his speech Beth, (Beth, Yes), thank you for I wanted to bring this up, when he gave his speech, his talk in honor of the dead at Ft. Hood, he brought up something about these actions that they are craven acts and there is no justification for craven acts. And so there is a connection on, Thom Hartman wrote up an article. I’m not gonna read the whole thing but there is a very big pickup where he says, “Major Hassan and the legacy of George W. Bush,” and he links and says “This is Bush’s responsibility what happened rather than Major Hassan,” and we’re going down here where it says, “As we know, when Condelezza Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, et al, finally came up with a priority for their administration in January of 2001, Al Qaeda had been replaced by tax cuts for Bush’s rich donors on the A List and did not even appear on the B List.” “Al Qaeda was dropped.” “Thus came 9/11, despite over 50 explicit warnings given to the President, including the infamous August 6, 2001 CIA briefing in Crawford, Texas that, in the immediate future, Al Qaeda intended to hijack commercial planes and use them to attack east coast targets. Bush apparently took the warning seriously. Ashcroft immediately stopped flying on commercial aircraft. And Bush moved to Texas for the longest vacation in the history of the American presidency. And even when that was over, he preferred Florida to target-listed DC. In the days – (disconnection)

Hi, this is Dawn in California. Could I have the talking stick for a moment to share a small amount of news with the group?

MARIETTA: Okay, go ahead while we’re waiting.

DAWN: I had reason to talk to a numismatic, somebody that works with coins, however you pronounce that, privately. They were telling me that supposedly the junk jewelry that is advertised for people to send in is actually being purchased at $1350.00 an ounce. At least that was when I spoke to this coin dealer about a week ago, at the same time that the gold price was about $1050. He said that the Federal Reserve was who was buying it. I found that really fascinating that they would pay above gold prices, even above the price of minted gold coins for the jewelry. I pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA: Well that is very interesting. I am going to mute out here. If anyone wants to talk, we are in Q &A. I’m going to open the line. I’m going to call them (Beth, Rama, Tara and Mark) and make sure they know they’re not on.

BIG WILL (TX): Okay, well something very important happened today. On MSNBC news today, the Vatican is getting ready to lay out what is called disclosures about UFOs and they’re getting ready to talk about that, very, very soon. I think there will be a special about it sometime between now and the end of the month, I understand.

ALLAN (MI): Is that in conjunction with the President’s announcement on the channels?

BIG WILL (TX): Yes, but I think it’s going to be individual, it’s going to be a special vs the President’s announcement and the Vatican, and the Vatican saying that, yes, there are UFOs and the presence of beings are there. And, they are going to talk about it.

FEMALE: May I speak to that?

BIG WILL (TX): Yes, go ahead.

FEMALE: What I heard on MSNBC was that the Vatican is having a week-long conference in Rome and they’re gathering together to discuss the topic of the possible existence of life on other planets. And, they announced ahead of that conference that is supposedly happening this week I think, that they see no reason to have to say that there is no such thing as alien life, that you can still be a Catholic and believe in alien life on other planets. The point that they made was that the last person that talked was a church person, and that they talked about alien life on other planets about 400 years ago and that he was murdered, by the Vatican. So this is an improvement over their previous stance.

ALLAN (MI): They are going to be caught with their pants off if they don’t say something because other countries are releasing their information as well. Like Venezuela, Canada.

Guest discussion, interference and audio clicks as Marietta reconnects Beth, Rama, Tara, and Mark.

MARIETTA: Okay Beth, I turn it over to you, and teach us whatever we need to know about healing tonight, and I pass the talking stick.

BETH: Thank you very much. Thank you Rama, Tara, and Mark for the update on the news. It is very much appreciated, I know. Everyone is wanting to hear the latest nowadays. And I just want to start out by mentioning that today’s energies have been a little bit unusual. I know that on 9-9-9 we had those crystalline energies pouring in. It was a high energy day, but today was off the charts in my estimation of what I experienced. There was a bliss energy all day, and it was combined with clearing, so things were coming up today to be cleared constantly all day, and it was very much an accelerated energy, so I’ll be interested in hearing if anyone experienced anything interesting today.

Usually on the Healing with the Galactics call, and I’d like to switch gears now to healing, and later on Q & A I want to just stick with healing and also the topic we are talking about tonight, and we will have questions and answers for Mother Sekhmet tomorrow night and more questions on Friday about these other topical things. Anyways, normally on the healing call, I will speak some about the Galactic Healing Methods, and usually we do a meditation as well, a healing meditation, and we are going to change that just for tonight. Mark and I would like to present some material that we received on the Monoatomic Crystalline Body and the 13th Gateway. And we want to go over explaining those things and then open Q&A after that.

Now, we’re all moving into these 5th dimensional bodies and we are moving into a time when we are getting our abilities back and things are being activated and anchored in so we can do more with these bodies than we’ve ever done before. And, this is not a linear progression. This is something that’s going to happen over time and it’s not something that I completely understand yet, which is why we asked Metatron to explain it to us more. So I’ll answer your questions as best as I can but we did come up with some detailed information that I hope you’ll find interesting, especially regarding the 13th Gateway and opening that up. These new physical changes are in part, it’s explaining what is happening to us now as we move into these higher dimensional bodies. So I’m going to begin reading. Mark and I received this together and about half way down I’ll have Mark take over. So …….(background noise) the train is coming through right now, I’m sorry. Okay, this is Metatron speaking:

metatron11/4/09~METATRON: The Monoatomic-Crystalline Body

Your bodies are changing from carbon-based systems to monoatomic-based systems. In the old system, you had to eat food to replace depleted carbon which is necessary for body functions.

In the monatomic-crystalline system, you will power the body by Liquid Light.

In the old system, you had a sodium and chloride (seawater) medium, known as blood, and floating in it are atoms such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. The monatomic-crystalline system has liquid light, and floating in it is gold, silicon, selenite, platinum, and other monoatomic atoms, such as, monatomic Tellurium, and a non-metallic balance of Rhodium, Iridium, & rare-Earth Ormus minerals.

The monoatomic-crystalline body will convert sunlight directly into electricity to power the body. It will require sunlight, not food. Monocrystalline silicon is the receiver in the body and works in conjunction with gold, palladium, and titanium in a medium of liquid light.

Cosmic Rays are the substrate and these come into the body through the crown chakra. The Cosmic Rays hold the monoatomic elements and are brought to the body in waves, which are like wind, that come from the Great Central Sun and our local Sun, Sol. As the Cosmic Rays come down they come into Earth and also into our monoatomic-crystalline bodies. All through the body are energy portals where the Cosmic Rays are received and transmitted to the meridians, or electric channels of light, running through the whole body. The meridians are laid down like tracks, from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, and all through the body.
This “track” is a route for electricity to travel through the body.

This electricity is what will power the body functions.

The term “ray” in Cosmic rays is not completely true, since these are transmitted as Cosmic Particles arriving individually, from outer space, through Earth’s atmosphere and into each human-Galactic body. We receive the particles from the Suns as well as [from] events far out in our Universe. We are effected by everything in All That Is.

There are now activations happening to open 24 physical DNA strands and 24 etheric DNA strands.

These make up the physical-etheric body. It is the physical-etheric bodies, working together, which makes traveling out of body, invisibility, telepathy, teleportation, levitation, and other body functions possible.

We will be moving away from the old system of mastication, digestion and elimination. That is old timeline and involves other animal urges. We now are moving to the new body systems, which involves ionizing radiation. This involves the Sun’s solar wind and the Earth’s magnetic field. These modulate the flux and flow of Cosmic Rays to the monoatomic-crystalline body.

The way these particles are used by the body can only be understood by learning more about the 13th Gateway. The 13th Gateway describes the energy portals running through the body. There are 13 wheels of light located in the monoatomic-crystalline body. The thirteen chakras are: the base, sacral, solar plexus, lower heart, middle heart, high heart, third eye, crown, and four etheric chakras: the celestial, galactic, universal and cosmic chakras which exit the body at the back– at the level of the heart–[and] surround the top of the head, and enter the body in the front of the heart.

Each of the wheels of light take in the ionizing radiation they need to function. When the monoatomic-crystalline body has all it needs, these wheels of light work in harmony, with sound vibration and light combined to exist in the matter environment of 5D Earth.

Whenever desired, the 5D physical vehicle may engage the 13th Gateway and enter into the etheric-physical. When this engagement happens, the 13th Gateway is crossed through and this takes the monoatomic-crystalline body from the physical realm into the physical-etheric realm where antimatter is experienced.

[Note: The call dropped off a couple paragraphs down, *** however when everyone came back on line Beth offered additional information before going on through the reading of Metatron’s words and resumed as follows:

BETH: Before I left off I was explaining how the 13th Gateway works. So when you meditate and you open all 13 chakras, that’s when you are able to go from the matter body to the antimatter body. In other words, you become your light body at that point. That’s when you cross the 13th dimension and you’re able to go out of body and go traveling and do other things like teleportation [which] happens when you are in this mode. And Metatron was saying:

How is this engagement accomplished?

metatronWhen the subtle bodies are in alignment, the engagement is accomplished. This requires being right with Self as well as being right with All That Is. There must be balance to achieve this.

Next, One begins with an intention which elevates joy to its maximum, being centered and focused in love, optimizing the initiating thought and making it a high priority.  This is the equation necessary to make it all happen.

How it happens is, once the physical is cycling to physical-etheric, light enters the crown, circulates around the 13 chakras, igniting the three-fold flame in the heart, and turning everything in the body to a burst of light energetic. This is a pulsing light. It is an instant conversion from matter to antimatter. This is a kind of reversal, or flipping, of light energy. It is the antimatter body which takes One out of body to explore the Universe. This can be accomplished during meditation or dream time. If you have not explored meditation yet, it is possible, life may have more joy, if you incorporate this process into your daily routine. Meditation is key in connecting with the 13th Gateway. This is where the matter world of the lower 12 dimensions is crossed into the 13th Dimension of antimatter. This engagement can happen in an instant, with practice. It is not difficult to accomplish; one must simply try, again and again, until they have a handle on it.

The monoatomic-crystalline body ***is much more efficient than the carbon-based body. It requires much less upkeep. It does not, ultimately, require food. It does like to have a good amount of water. It does not break down as easily as the other body and is essentially impervious to disease. This is the immortal body system. It is with the monoatomic-crystalline body [that] one may experience birth from the light realm. It is with this body higher and higher levels of co-creation are accomplished. There is a greater ability for instant manifestation. The carbon-based body traveled in a merkaba body and the monoatomic-crystalline body travels in a merkiva body. The crystalline merkiva can be found in the heart, and One goes into this place of consciousness in meditation to leave the physical body behind and enter the physical-etheric body. This is the root of teleportation.

The conduit of energy running from the crown to the base chakra receives the Cosmic Rays into the body, where they are received and then transmitted over the meridian systems and through the energy portal centers.

Each organ has energy portals regulating the ionizing radiation and converting it to energy. This makes a river of liquid light running through the body. At the base–at the perineum–is a delta area where this river of liquid light collects and pools, and then floats back up to the top of the head, into the brain, via the cerebral spinal fluid. The liquid light, the substrate, in the monoatomic-crystalline body, runs from the top of the head, the alpha, to the bottom of the feet, the omega. This pathway runs through the sun-star merkiva in the heart. This is how the Source Energy, comes in on the Cosmic Rays, and is mixed with the consciousness of love in the heart. Through this process, with the equation of initiating thought and intention, with priority, desire, and length of delay, is the basis for co-creation.

BETH: So Mark, if you can please continue ahead when Metatron explains the anatomy to us.

MARK: I think you probably better go ahead because the order of things is different than what I have, so why don’t you just go ahead and finish.

BETH: Okay, thank you. Now the next thing we did [is] we asked Metatron to first explain how the anatomy of the Monoatomic Crystalline Body works. And the next thing he went into was explaining where in the body this happens and how it all works and what the anatomy is. And he said:

metatron11/4/09~METATRON–The Anatomy of the Monoatomic-Crystalline Body

The Source Energy from Creation comes into the crown chakra at the top of the head.  The crown chakra opens and pulsates the same way a cervix expands and opens to allow a child to be born out from the birth canal.

Imagine an expansion of the soft tissue of the scalp, relaxing and opening in a circle, on top of the head.

The more it expands, the more light is allowed in. It is through this crown that the Cosmic Rays pour in, feeding the monoatomic-crystalline body all the elements it needs to make electricity, and for the substrate of liquid light [to] pour into the conduit that runs the length of the body. The conduit flows light Source Energy from the top of the head, to the perineum.

After the Source Energy enters the crown, it floats in, like a mist, from the 13th Dimension, the 13th Gateway, where antimatter exists.  It translates and steps down into monoatomic elements, like, silicon, selenite, platinum, helium, gold, and others. It enters as light energy into the exquisitely delicate energy portals in the brain. These portals are transducers, as they receive and transmit information from Consciousness and receive information from Source.

These delicate brain portals are wired directly into the heart. The mind-heart are simultaneously and synchronistically working together at all times.

The conduit, running from the crown, into the brain, brings light energy from the formless form dimensions into our bodies and runs through the brain energy portals in a sequential flow:

It starts at:
1) the Crown
2) and moves forward into Parietal Lobe and rear Frontal Lobe
3) IntoThe Corpus Callosum (which is the frame around the conduit)
4) The Pineal Gland
5) The Thalamus
6) The Pituitary Gland (which is The Master Gland)
7) The Hypothalamus and the
8) The Hippocampus
9) intoThe Reptilian Brain which is the (Cerebellum and Brain Stem)

From there, the Source Energy flows into the spinal cord to be transmitted along the nerve cells to all other areas of the body.

It passes through the thyroid gland, where it affects every part of the immune system and breathing.  The largest portion goes directly from there into the merkiva, the multipointed sun-star of the heart.  This is a special four-chambered womb which collects the Source Energy and infuses it with the Consciousness of Love, also known as Christ Consciousness.  It flows down from there to the pancreas (another energy portal) and into the sex organs. Here it collects in a pool near the perineum; it pulses out to the limbs and then turns around and returns up the Central Conduit, and back out through the head.

There are two places of Zero Point in the monoatomic-crystalline body. One is at the perineum. Imagine an infinity symbol beginning in the head, the alpha, and ending in the feet, the omega, with the reverse point at the perineum.  Another Zero Point in the body is in the three-fold flame in the heart. There are three heart chakras, the lower heart, middle heart, and high heart. These make up the three-fold flame.  These are the centers in the body of Wisdom, Love, and Power.  The infinity symbol in the heart has its reverse point in the center of the trifold flame. It extends out of the heart in the front, and in the back. This connects the physical body with the etheric body. It also is the powerhouse for the etheric chakras, which anchor in the heart and circulate out over the head.

When One allows the Source Energy to combine with Christ Consciousness in the heart center, and brings it through the liquid light conduit, to the Zero Point, that is the moment we change from matter to antimatter.
This is when we leave and go out of body [OOB] or teleport, or become invisible, or lay down our physical clothes in the dream state.

The monoatomic body has no requirements to break down nutrients, because it no longer relies on the dense elements of potassium, sodium, chloride, phosphorus, calcium. Eventually, when One becomes practiced at living more on light, the digestive organs will begin to atrophy due to underuse. This will not happen immediately, but over time. As less food is taken in, there will be less waste, and less ability to store toxins, and eventually, this body is disease-free and immortal. This is not instant, but does happen quickly. The monoatomic-crystalline body is an immortal body.

As this body takes in the Light Energy from the Central Sun and Cosmic Rays, our chakras increase their ability to hold light. Our light quotient increases.  As this body increases its ability to flow Love Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness through it, the love quotient increases. We can now have our quotient levels at 100% and ascend fully without leaving the physical body. This works because the monoatomic-crystalline body has the ability to carry and hold more light and more love. This will change the body’s ability to share love.

Lovemaking will be better.  Love Making will include experiencing energies in all 13 chakras and having orgasms in all the energy centers.  This is Cosmic Sex, and we all will have the ability to enjoy it. This will contribute to knowing more and more love. In turn, our ability for instant manifestation is manifoldly increased. This is because joy and love play a very large factor in co-creation.

When the Source Energy pulses through our monoatomic-crystalline bodies, through the central conduit, and then to our arms and legs, hands and feet, it connects all of the energy portals ……. [disconnection]

BETH: Thank you everyone for your patience. I really believe that some of the interference that is happening has to do with the very unusual energies today, more than it does anything else. I will just continue. I have just a few more sentences and then we’ll go and open up Q&A.

……..running through meridians from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet.  Our meridian system is made up of 13 main meridians, running the length of the body (including the lung, heart, and triple burner meridians) and it is made up of 13 minor meridians which support the trunk area in circles around the chest and back.

Along these meridians are approximately 400 energy portal transducer sites balancing the flow of Source Energy, Cosmic Rays, and Christ Consciousness in the monoatomic crystalline body. These energy portals connect the physical system to the nadis which are the etheric energy portals. With the 48 strands of DNA, 24 physical and 24 etheric, activated, the meridians are governed by the physical DNA and the nadis are governed by the etheric DNA. The nadis allow the etheric cosmic energy to flow in and out of the body in a pulsing formation. The energies through the light centers, or chakras, governing the organs and glands, and the energies through the cosmic portals of nadis governing the kundalini energies, rising and flowing in the central conduit, combine together in the approximately 400 energy portals where they blend into light and are the balance between the physical and the etheric in the monoatomic crystalline body.

Thank you very much.

BETH: Now, Marietta, I think it would be a nice break from everything if we went into questions and answers now.

MARIETTA: Okay, I’ll change the mode. We are now in Q&A.  *6 to open and *6 to mute again.

MALE (IL): I’d like to take the talking stick. I was in a course with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi over 20 years ago. We were in the course and he said someone asked, “What was the most powerful experience an individual could have?” And I was in that course and he looked up in the air and he said, “Imagine the most powerful experience you’ve ever had and multiply it by 200,000 and then you would come close to what bliss you might have when all the energy was coursing through your body.” So, we were doing advanced meditation techniques and I was sitting there one day and all of a sudden, I felt the light going through my body, through my whole body. My breathing would pick up and it certainly was like 200,000 orgasms at once and I had it about seven times. This sounds similar to what you were just describing. It would be like having sex with the Universe.


MALE: That bliss is so unbelievable that that’s what allows an individual afterwards not to be attached to anything in the relative because nothing can give that, nothing will give that fulfillment that that experience of bliss gives. And, I pass the talking stick.

BETH: Thank you so much for sharing that. This has been experienced by others through the ages, of course, and the Galactics experience this all the time where they are. We have all experienced this in our memories but now it’s coming back to earth and it’s becoming more and more available to everyone. And, wonderful that you shared that experience. It is moving away from that 2nd Chakra sex stimulation. It’s nothing about that, this is all about the bliss and love that flows through from creation, so thank you so much for sharing that experience. I pass the talking stick.

DAWN (CA): This is Dawn in California. May I have the talking stick? (Beth, “Hi Dawn”) Hi, I have had an interesting life and what’s interesting about it for this discussion is that I have either gone forward in time and everything you are talking about I have experienced and more. Or, I came in with full complete consciousness of where I had just come from. I don’t know which it ever was because I’ve gone in and out of time so many times I can’t always tell when I am. And I want to say when I had a light body that it did not require food and felt like even movement had almost no sensation. It was like liquid light flowing through space. And what I saw around me was liquid light flowing through everything, and I experienced this world that way for about 9 years after I walked in. But, what’s important I wanted to share, maybe you could ask Metatron, at the time, my nutrition came from breathing into a chakra at the base of my skull and from there it would hit the palatine area in the back of my throat and the light would be absorbed and carried throughout the body. And when I first started eating what I would do is absorb (I ate because I wanted to join the rest of the people here and not be any different). Anyway, the food would be absorbed through the back of the palatine (not the food but the energy), and the energy would be carried much as the liquid light had. Then, unfortunately, there was food to swallow and that eventually kind of tarred or gummed up the digestive organs, and over time that beautiful experience of having a light body ended.

I read about Yogananda training students in his schools to eat this way and he said he did it in case the students ever came to a time when they couldn’t find food. They would be able to eat food by breathing in and out of a chakra at the base of the skull at the back of the neck. I would love to hear your comments, or perhaps you could ask Metatron about this. And I pass the talking stick.

BETH: I would say that when, now that I’ve been learning more about these things, that (first of all I am grateful for you sharing your experience) now that I am researching all these things, there are several out there that are sharing just what you said. And, I think it’s worth going back to ask Metatron about that again. I know there are a lot more details about how this all works. And the interesting thing is that this is becoming something that all of us can achieve now. In other words, as we are moving away from 3rd dimensional form into 5th dimensional form, our bodies are changing and so we are just exploring the new information about that. And I think it’s great for everyone to hear, especially those who are struggling with suffering disease, chronic disease and illness, that it doesn’t have to be this way any more, and we’re shifting up into these new bodies. So Dawn, thank you and I will look into it more and I very much appreciate your sharing your experience. I know that that’s right on. I pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA: If anyone wants to make a comment, just remember to do a *6.

BIG WILL (TX): Hello, Beth (Beth,” Yes”), Hello, this is Big Will and I want to thank you for having this healing discussion and I definitely do appreciate it. My question is this, “When we do meditation, sometimes do you find it [helpful] to have a ritual of saying certain Latin or Hebrew languages, [that it] will enhance the meditation atmosphere? For example, I noticed when Mother signs off she says, “Kudos, kudos, kudos” and I would like to know, is there a particular ritual or a particular language that can enhance the meditation process? I pass the talking stick.

BETH: Thank you, Big Will. I appreciate the question. The answer to this I believe is that some people learn things visually. Some people learn things auditorially. Some people hear, and some people see, better. Also, there are those who study Buddhism, [or] Christianity. Some people study the Torah. Some people study the Vedas. So, it would depend on what lights your fire, in other words. Some people enjoy chanting and some people read these long, I don’t know what they’re called, they read these long pieces in different languages and it helps them open up. So I would think it has to be different for everyone. It depends on your background and it depends on what makes your heart sing. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to that. If you find something that makes meditation easier and more enjoyable I would say definitely go with that. If I were just starting out meditating and I had no idea how to do it, I would be reading different things and then when one clicks and it sparks my heart and I feel happy reading it, I would try that one. That’s what I would recommend. I would say keep it very simple. And, if reading those things or chanting, or any of those things help your meditation, do it. I pass the talking stick.

TY: Beth, this is Ty. (Beth, “Hi Ty, how are you.”) Good, how are you. (Beth, “Good”) I got a question and my question is: I get kind of tied up sometimes in your descriptions with talking about the perineum and some of these other things that I’m really not sure I know. I’m wondering is there any simple way of, it seems like if the intent is there to go ahead and have the energy moving, can we move it or do we , I mean, you are very complete and it’s awesome but it’s almost too complete for me anyway because I sometimes kind of lose it. Can you make a comment? And I pass the talking stick back.

BETH: Sure, I would say that because my brain is scientific, my filter that I bring messages through has a tendency to be analytical. And, also, Metatron’s energy alone leans in that direction as well. And that’s part of the detailed descriptions. But, yes, if you have the intention, basically you can visualize the energy going in through the top of your head down to the spine and circulating back, that’s basically all it is. Then when the etheric and physical bodies come together, the light is going out the back at the level of the heart around the head and then back into the heart on the front. It is just as simple as that so I hope that helps.

TY: That helps a lot, thank you very much, and kids okay?

BETH: Everybody is doing awesome, thank you for asking.

TY: Good, thank you. I pass the talking stick.

BETH: Thanks, Ty.

ALLAN: May I have the talking stick, this is Allan.

BETH: Hi Allan, how are you?

ALLAN: I’m doing excellently, thank you. The question I have is right on what we are talking about, and that is, when you go into the 13th gateway, I’m asking your personal experience, when you first started doing that for the very first few times, how long did it take from the beginning of your meditation until the time you were actually out of body?

BETH: Hmmm, well, thank you for the question. I don’t know the answer. The 13th gateway basically means that you’ve crossed, you’ve left the physical and you’ve gone out of body. You’ve gone into your light body into antimatter. I think when I first started doing this, the amount of time it would take me to get centered and focused, get in joy, love and bliss, and do my protection, bring in Archangel Michael and make sure that I’m grounded in the experience, all of that probably took me 20 minutes. Now that I’ve been practicing it, twice a day or more, every day of the year, I can get in that state pretty quickly and in a couple of minutes at the most. It’s like riding a bicycle, it’s nothing that anybody can’t do. It just takes practice. That’s why I stress making personal time for yourself even if that means getting up, you know, resetting your alarm time another hour before you are used to, you know. And, close down your night sooner than you do now and get … . You know, some people say well, I can’t get away from the kids, I can’t get a quiet spot. Well, I went through that stage for years. I have three kids and I would go and I would soak in the bathtub. And that’s where I would do my meditating. That was the only room that nobody would come in and talk to me. So, I encourage everybody to just keep meditating, and the more you do it the easier it is, and the easier it flows, and you should have great experiences with practice. I pass the talking stick.

After a few moments of quiet, Beth speaks: So if anyone has a question don’t forget to *6.

CHIN: May I have the talking stick? (Beth, “Yes.”) Beth, this is Chin. How are you?

BETH: Oh Chin, how are you?

CHIN: I’m doing okay. I have a question about, um, we were talking about this last night and I don’t fully understand it. When you go to sleep and you want to go and get more crystallized. I hope I’m saying this correctly. You want to have more chakras open or more, any of these type of things, what Master do you ask to help you before you go to sleep?

BETH: Excellent question. There are galactic teams who only specialize in healing, available to us, and there is not a lot written out there about this. There’s more information on my website. I have listed all of them. I explain their, what their missions are, where they came from, and how they work. So one is the Lord of Arcturus, and the Arcturian healers are the masters of healing technology in the universe. And so, if you [ask], any of these healers are willing to help you . If you can’t remember the specifics of who they are when you go to sleep, that doesn’t matter. You can say, “Ashtar, these are the things I’d like to have help with tonight. Can you please help me find the right healer?” And Ashtar is more than happy to take you up to the ships and take you to the right one. So it does help when you are doing your healing work to have a personal connection with these healers. Just getting to know their energy and calling them to you, you know as you do your meditation. So if you do that during the day, during your waking hours, that’s great. There is a Master on Sirius whose name is Dr. Lorphan. He works with the Galactic Healers. He has temples on Sirius and he works a lot with physiological issues but he’s a Master at energy. And the Arcturians are known for the technology they have and the surgeries they do. And Dr. Lorphan works more with the subtle bodies. There are more details about what they do out on the website. Those are the two main ones that I work with. But all of the ascended masters have some form of healing that they do and there is a lot on the web about that. You have Archangel Raphael who works with healing all the time. There is the Ascended Master Hilarion and there is Djwhal Khul. Djwhal Khul has his own Ashram and there he has a special computer. You can ask Djwhal Khul to take you to his special computer in his Ashram and he can do pinpoint calibrations to raise up your body systems. So a good thing to do, and it’s okay, to experiment and try different things and ask for different things. And keep asking until you start to see the results you are looking for.

CHIN: How do we know?

BETH: Does that help?

CHIN: Yes that does, in fact, I’ve logged on to your site. How do we know when we’re 80% crystallized? I don’t know if you were talking about it or if Mark was talking about it last night, but how do we know when we get to that point? Or, won’t we know until decloaking?

BETH: Tara, are you there? Tara, do you know the answer to this?

TARA: Okay, now what was the question? How do we know when we’re there? ..Is that what you mean?

CHIN: How do we know when we are 80% crystalline?

TARA: Oh, at that 80% thing. Okay,

BETH: He is saying, how do you know when you are progressing and becoming more crystalline.

TARA: I can give an example on a very physical basis. And, it’s like for instance, I now know what kind of foods I need to ingest to have an 80% alkalinity in my body. I actually can feel it. In other words, I know when I cross over and I go more than that in terms of the acidity condition. And when I now have done a discipline with that kind of measure taken and simple food intake and knowing what you are taking in, whether it’s acid or alkaline, and then you go into simple thought intake. And you go into simple feeling body intake where you … now remember again where you think with your heart. So you know when you are thinking with your high heart 80% of the time. You can feel it. And that is when you are creating your crystalline body at 80%. Same thing with the thought form. This is not hardm everybody. It’s the desire to actually embrace your high heart that really does start the ball rolling. And then you know there are spiritual, in other words, there are spiritual laws which is another way of saying that the laws of nature apply, which is a science. So the science of the heart and the science of the laws of nature are the same thing.

MARK: I might add a comment Beth, if you don’t mind.

BETH: Please, yes, thank you.

MARK: One thing that we can say for sure, because this is how we got our numbers was, everyone on this call or any of the calls can simply ask Lord Arcturas to be taken up to his ship in a sleep state and ask to increase at three day intervals our crystalline quotient. And this occurs, they can give you anywhere from a 2 to 5 percent boost, especially at the lower levels, each time. But it will be three days before they can give you any more. So, if you ask for automatic program[ing] the maximum you can hold which will be between 2 and 5 percent on each individual time, and so you can see if that’s the way it was going, when you reach 80% you would then be able to count it. And he will actually give you feedback, but the thing is you can see that within a few weeks time, a month, depending on where you start at, that you’ll be done no matter what the starting number is. And that’s the main thing to understand, they will do it automatically if you ask for that automatic process. They will automatically be taking you in the sleep state and continuing at the maximum rate possible until you reach 100 percent. And one of the things to remember is when you get up to 90 percent, every step at that point is an octave. It’s no longer a single step, and so you might do a little more detoxing at that point than you did in the earlier stages. That’s why they monitor it. They will not give you any more than you can handle. When Beth and I were first conscientiously doing this, we would go up and we were always asking, Well, can’t you speed this up a little more, and he said, “between 2 and 5 percent every 72 hours.” So that’s the way it was. So if you just ask, and you ask them to do it automatically to the maximum amount that is safe for you each time, then you’re assured of reaching 100 percent in a very short period of time. And everything is done in accordance with total regard for your safety as well as for your success. That is my recommendation. Forget the specific number. When we asked him for some of the information that he was sharing with us about that, he would give us these different numbers and that’s how that subject came up. But, the whole thing is that when we started this on September 9th of this year, on the 9/9/9, everyone, the whole planet was 51 percent crystalline at that time. That was the mass, that was the point at which it became exponential because it affects the whole planet. So then we noticed, more and more, as we went forward, to where most light workers were around 80% or more, now with quite a number reaching 100 percent. So this is, the sooner the light workers get there, the faster everybody else will be able to follow even though they’re all going at their maximum rate, if they ask.

Still, there is that demonstration of walking the path and then, after that happened, the next thing that happened is that we started developing, or activating, extending the crystalline structure into the etheric. A few weeks ago we had everyone that was doing this had 12 physical chakras , 12 physical strands of DNA rather, that were fully activated and also 10 strands of etheric DNA, which made a total of 22 strands. Then we asked and they told us a few things and we developed 12 and 12, 12 physical and 12 etheric. And now, we have just begun and the protocols are there. It is safe now to continue this process on to 24 physical strands and to 24 etheric strands for a total of 48. So we are progressing. This is just since 9/9/9. We are progressing very rapidly indeed. And there is no need to be concerned as long as you’re asking and allowing that process to continue. It is a voluntary process and yet every particle on the planet is joining us.

TARA: And, I got a hint about this. You know you can get to the place where you’re going into higher and higher dimensional realities which then goes into the refinement of the colors of the ray. That means you are learning how to take different bodies of knowledge and combine them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and create these angelic colors. They’re just gorgeous (gorgeous emphasized).

MARK: That’s one of the things, I mean Beth and I, when we first started working together, we went out to Mt. Shasta. I had a process that I went through in my sun gazing, especially at dawn and around sunset, where I would ask, not only for a telepathic return from our sun Sol, at which time I would get that, I started noticing all the ships would start spotting me from all around the sun. Then I’d look around, and everywhere around, and finally I said, “Well, why not ask for Helios and Vesta, the suns behind the sun’s colors, to come” and that’s what Tara was just talking about. That’s when those cosmic higher dimensional colors came in and they penetrate your heart. I assure you, they penetrate your heart. You think you are seeing with your eyes but you almost stop breathing. It’s that loving a touch on your heart. And then we started the twin flames thing and we went through the same process, and then you get to where you can see their colors and feel their particular touch. For us it was around the eyes first, and face, a softness, gentleness, and warmth inside your body and this progresses. So, if any of this helps, it’s far more important to use what you now have than any of these things that I’ve just now been talking about. You can use these right now. And the mere success of them tells you that you’re already progressing at your perfect rate. And every time we ask that’s what they tell us. You’re progressing at your perfect rate for this moment. Be in joy, relax. Just enjoy, keep your energy high when you ask that. We did a meditation today, and Beth, you want to share anything about that?

BETH: This meditation today we went out of body and we went on a trip and I came out of that with the highest bliss from a meditation that I can remember ever, and what I attribute that to is these high energies that were coming through this portal today. Absolutely amazing! I had one of the most incredible experiences of my life meditating today.

MARK: And it also, this meditation, without intending it per se to do that, demonstrated the 13th gateway and also inter-dimensional and multi-dimensional travel. So everything, as more and more of these strands come on line and as we practice using them, it just gets, there’s a progression and it’s subtle but it’s very, very heart centered in terms of the feedback you get where you can look at the sky and anywhere and everywhere around you are seeing these faces looking at you and they’re responding to your telepathic message. So maybe that will help a few others on the call. I pass the talking stick.

BETH: I’ll just add that in this meditation today Mark and I were invited by beings from another realm, another planet, that they would like to bring a message through, but it was also a channeling that was going across the internet today, that this new being was coming through this lady who had been channeling a long time and was making contact, and basically the Galactics are opening up now and reaching out to us more. And they’re hinting that this is happening because we are going to be making contact, you know, seconds from now. And we’re going to be coming more and more aware of the different races of beings who exist in All That Is, and we’re going to be meeting some of them, and they look different from us and they sound different from us and all of this is opening up now. So all the confusion with the phone dropping earlier, I really feel such a different energy today that it feels like we’re pulsing. It’s almost like you can sense that the old timeline is dropping away. And it’s these blinks of energy, like there are these interruptions, because things are dissolving and falling away and the new timeline is coming into place. It’s my experience of what happened today where it made me feel like it’s part of this portal opening bringing in all the new energy. And, any messages you read about 11-11 that’s been going around, are all saying that same thing. (inaudible with multiple voices and Beth adds, “Tara, please, go ahead.”)

TARA: Okay, I didn’t mean to interrupt the gentleman. I don’t know if this got heard because we were off earlier. This is a really good example that Barack used this knowledge in the sense that Rachael Meadows had said that Barack Obama has refused every single offer in terms of any kind of military solution, in terms of numbers or anything going to Afghanistan. And, as a matter of fact, a particular person high up in the military in Afghanistan said, “Don’t send any military here because the Karzai government is so corrupt and the energies are so, you know, not in the favor of the Americans’ methodologies here because of what that government represented. It still represents the controlling forces of our government. So I am just saying this is setting a precedent, because it had never been possible to hear this coming from any President until now. He is refusing those kinds of things and now we’ve got somebody “white knight-ish” of some sort from within the military agreeing with him. Pretty cool! This is why energy really does follow thought, and this is where we create peace. That’s that alkalinity we were talking about, 80 percent. I pass the talking stick.

BETH: Thank you, Tara.

CHIN: I’m looking at your site and there are specific things and specific masters that you have [to] ask for advancements. Correct?

BETH: Yes, that is correct.

CHIN: Okay, I just wanted to get that straight because the way I understand it is when we get, when we have this first contact and decloakings and all these things happen, we will have assignments to do and our job is to get prepared for that, and if I understand it correctly we have to be up to 80 percent, correct?

BETH: To be perfectly honest, I don’t know the answer to that. Mark laid out earlier how easy it is to progress from whatever percentage you’re at now. I don’t remember ever seeing anything about 80 percent [being] a magic number. Everyone has the ability to ask every night and everyone will proceed as quickly as their body is able to. And so when asking these Masters for help, it’s helpful to know which ones work on each thing, but it’s not a written rule that you have to know exactly who to ask exactly for what. It doesn’t work that way. The Ones who are doing the healing, they understand what needs your body has, and as long as you’re asking with an open heart and allowing them to do the work, [it is good]. The Galactic Healers are like the Angels. There are enough of them to go around. There’s more than enough of them to work on all of us. And then, when the mass landings happen, there’s going to be so many healers here and the technology will be here that nobody will be left out from any of that. So, Mark and I have had the experience and we’re constantly asking for more, more, more every day, and we’re researching what more we can ask for now, and we’re going through these things. Part of the reason is to help, you know, bring it through and share it with everybody. I would say there is no limit on what you can ask for and if it’s not right for you at that moment then it just won’t happen. As long as you are asking and allowing you will progress, but there doesn’t need to be any anxiety about, “You must have this, or, you must have that” because everybody is going to receive the healing and nobody’s going to be left out from their missions or anything like that.

CHIN: Okay, all right, thank you so much for your help.

MARK: I just want to say, Chin, that there is no particular number that you need to reach. Keep asking, attain it, at the safest rate for you. That’s all you need to ask for. All automatic, all upgrades after that will continue. Even if you don’t know what their names are or anything. That’s okay, you don’t need to. The one thing about 100 percent crystalline as a base is that everybody here that wants it will achieve it. It isn’t some meditation technique. It’s simply asking and allowing. That’s really what it comes down to. And then as you have 100 percent crystalline and your etheric chakras, this allows you to hold more light. That’s all, because [of] the rate of light increase coming directly from the great central sun and also from Helios and Vesta and from our own sun Sol. These frequencies and rates are going up exponentially as we progress. Remember, most of the people on the planet are not meditators. And yet, they were over 51 percent on September 9th. That tells you that this is a process where anyone who wants to progress, will. That’s all you have to do; ask and allow. And then, what you do with that is your full responsibility yourself. And that has to do with your own specific mission which we’ve been told essentially, if it has not come to you before then, when we have the decloakings, everyone, dark and light, is raised a half step, in intelligence, in consciousness, and heart opening. At that time with most of these things, you will get your own inner contact. And between then and the time of the landings, which will be about 7 to 10 days later, at which time they will be physically on the planet. During that whole time, we will be integrating that massive half step increase that [previously] could [have taken] you hundreds of lifetimes and long ago it would have taken that. (Inaudible ..) So that’s .. yeah.

[Question was inaudible.] Do you believe that that’s true?

MARK: Believe what is true?

ALLAN or BIG WILL (?): That you have dreams and they’re trying to tell you things. ‘Cause I’ll share this with you ’cause this is strange. And I was telling Big Will this. I had this dream just a few nights ago. I was having a drink with my friend at bar and I haven’t seen my friend in ages but I went to high school with him. And we’re sitting at this table, it’s a tall table, and we’re just, you know, shooting the crap and all of a sudden Barack Obama goes by. And I said, “Hey, buddy what’s going on. You got the Nobel Peace Prize and you ain’t done crap to get it. What are you gonna do?” And he did one of those things like on Deal or no Deal, that bald-headed guy, Howie, where they knock knuckles together. He did that with me, and then he winked and he said, “The best is yet to come.” And that was the end of the dream and I woke up suddenly and I’m going, “Man, what the heck was that?” I mean I was sound asleep and I thought, what is going on! And I get dreams all the time but that’s my latest one. Do you believe that actually tells you something, do you believe that that’s true?

MARK: Well, this is called attraction. When you are, when your consciousness is puzzling over something, that creates a vacuum and an attraction and the answer will come symbolically. Every one of these symbols, just as any metaphor, means something to you. They may mean [something] different to you than they do to me. I had one this morning, where, if you know what a patchwork quilt looks like with all those squares of different designs, cut in squares and then stitched together seamlessly. Well that, in this dream this morning, I was with my twin flame and everyone’s twin flame was there and Ashtar was there and his twin flame and I recognized them but our whole bodies weren’t there. It is more like a metaphorical unity space in which all twin flames were present, and it was the quality of the energy more than anything else that was the important thing. When we say, “We are all one,” that’s not a metaphor, there’s more. I mean once you get into the 5th dimension, once you get into cosmic awareness, everybody above that level knows that. It’s an experience 24-7, as we say. So, these things help us to reaffirm certain things that maybe we’re in the process of, connections. And your symbols wouldn’t necessarily be mine. But it doesn’t matter.

During the experience today I’ve had a clinch ….. that’s all Obama also. I had a suspicion today that an enormous number of people across the world are seeing Obama in their dreams, because in a certain sense he is a symbol for hope and for progress for all people of all color and all nations. And everything he’s doing, when you have the information that Faction 3 is bringing through to the forefront and asking all of us to share, is that he is so well prepared for this mission that he is deeply engaged in now that he resonates across the whole spectrum of humanity. And that’s what he’s trained for. He’s trained to be able to sense and feel and relate to each and all of us, not as individuals but as a collective fabric with all kinds of textures and such.

And, this journey he is on right now, this 10-day journey, can change, and is expected to change, everything. Because there is a series of things in the economy, there is a series of things that have to do with disclosure of ET presence. All of these things are exponentially compared to before. Increasing, in other words, the banks are going downhill. The stock market is going to go downhill, but what will happen, they’ll just freeze everything. And then it will go through its change over to St. Germain banking (Laughter), which means it’ll be in gold and precious metals. It will also be in integrity and truth. So, every system that is here henceforth you can expect only those of the highest integrity and truth will be in position to take those through. Probably, over 500 or maybe as many as 500 of Congress, may not be here any more. So they will have a transition government. The banks will shut down for up to two weeks so that the new can come through. And all of this has been provided for. Not one bit of this has been left to chance. So, it will happen in an exact manner and he is the one who is faced with all of this, with all of us, the public. So, thank you. I pass the talking stick.

TARA: I just wanted to say one more thing. You know it was really clever how you got your dream. You’re reflecting back what he is. You got the right answer. He winked and he said, “the best is yet to come.” Sounds like Ashtar just walked right through him and said that, you know, to you. I’m not kidding. I pass the talking stick. (more laughter)

JENNA: This is Jenna, may I have the talking stick please?

BETH: Hi Jenna, please, yes.

JENNA: Mark, first of all I have to say that I had a dream only two nights ago, or early in the morning, about the Obama that I was working with and for. My question to you, Mark, is, you have said about a half-step upgrade. Would you please explain that to me. Thank you.

MARK: Sure, I’ll be happy to. Every dimension has a midpoint. So if you take a 10-point scale, 5.0, or 4.0 to 5.0, that’s 10 points. At the midpoint is where all shifts occur. This is true with the Mayan prophecies as well. It happens between midpoints. Not on a given date. It happens between points on a cycle. So this is where you shift from. You’re approaching it in the early stages of it, and then at 4.5 you actually [shift], you shift your assemblies point, as Carlos Castaneda used to say. And that means you just go from the second story to the third story or the fourth story and that becomes your zero point. That’s where you are borrowing it from and it’s like switching from 90.0 to 94.5 and it’s a whole different station. So when we shift, when the planet shifts, from 5.0 to 5.5, that is permanent ascension. Now ascension continues on but that is permanent ascension. That is why we’re talking about the immortal body because we’re all well on the road to that. And all we have to do is to keep asking and allowing and flowing with whatever comes up in the most positive manner possible. And we will achieve it because we’re asking. And that’s all you have to do is to ask, and follow the instructions you get internally, through your intuition, through your feelings, etc. And when the decloakings come, as I said, if the planet were at 9.0, it would switch to 9.5 and that could be [worth] hundreds of lifetimes when it happens in that instant and that is coming directly from the ships. If you were 9.4 and you went up, you would go to 9.5, I mean [9.9]. It just depends on where the individual is. But we know that Gaia has already said no new souls will come in that are not 5th dimensional or higher. That’s a minimum, not a maximum, a minimum. So there we have [it], you can see this progression, so when we go, like I said, from say, 5.0 to 5.5, well, that puts you in cosmic consciousness. That’s enlightenment right there. So you can understand why an individual party who hasn’t yet had internal dialogue with their teachers, at that point could suddenly be hearing what they’ve never heard before. And this is the best explanation I can give you. Does that satisfy your question?

JENNA: Yes it does. Around my birthday on the 9/9/9 this year, I had a healing through a shaman friend of mine, and Lord Kuthumi comes through during my initiations, upgrades, and my shaman friend said that Lord Kuthumi had taken me octaves above what I was when I walked into the healing room, and I didn’t quite know where to put this. Octaves, or as you just said, upgrades, half steps, or whatever. So, I thank you so much Mark and bless you all.

MARK: You are most welcome. I pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA: Beth, you might give your website again. I know a few people mentioned they were on the site but maybe a reminder for others to make sure they know where to go to find it.

BETH: Right, thank you very much, Marietta. We have started a new website since September 13th and that website is: If you go to that website you’re going to find a link at the top to both Mark’s website which is and also my website which is, and on that website I think there’s something like 30 self-healing techniques that are outlined there, and it mentions the ascended masters, the angelic helpers and the galactics who will work with your healing. It gives suggestions on where to begin and how to do it. Actually, Ashtar came to me and said, “Please ,put this information out there.” So I hope you enjoy the additional information, and then if anything sparks your interest there I would recommend going out on the web and reading more because there is a lot more out there.

MALE: Could I have the talking stick please.? (Beth, “yes, thank you.”). Where is Kauila now and what is he doing? I pass the talking stick.

BETH: Kauila has returned to Kona and I haven’t heard a lot from him lately. He [is] safely back in Kona and resting. Mark, do you have any more information than that?

MARK: I think the only thing I saw was the same thing that you saw and it was just a brief event. He told us he was going to relocate again, his location there in that area, and that he was so tired from that long trip, to and from, where he had been, and he was going to take a few weeks to recuperate and get back in touch with things going on there. His car [is] there and he had moved out of his other quarters and so he was going to have to find a new place to live. So he’s in process and he is also saying that he is a bit in two different energies, the one he has been in and now he’s at home, so that brings him back into the energy [with] which he is most familiar [from] before and so this is just an integration and a re-grounding in the energy there, and it’s also his primary source energy.  There is Kali and Mother Sekhmet also, and the King of Swords and all of them are looking after him. So that’s all we can share now and he’ll let us know when all is well again. I pass the talking stick.

MICHELLE: May I please? (Beth, “yes”)

DR. ROBIN (CO): Beth, this is Dr. Robin from Colorado. I understood months ago that they were carrying a child and now I hear from various sources they’re going to adopt a son or a child. Is there anything, [info,] did they have a miscarriage, is there any healing or anything going on that we need to be aware of, pray about?

BETH: Hi Dr. Robin. Yes, we did ask Mother Sekhmet the same question, and her reply was that she would prefer not to comment on the personal lives of these two. So when we asked Mother Sekhmet that question, that was her reply so I guess I’ll extend that. I pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA: Beth, before you close out the call, we might remind everyone of all the events going on. Thursday night we have Stargate Roundtable that opens at 8:45 PM [ET]; the call begins at 9:00 PM. And we have a guest, Dr. Roland Thomas this week, and Dr. Theresa Dale next week, who will be telling us how we can deal with the flu and even take these vaccinations out of body. On Friday night we have Hard News Call, and on Saturday, History of Civilization, I think, it turns out to be a very broad subject, so the same number that you dialed in tonight, 218 486 8700, [is] for all, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The pin code for Thursday 878787#; for Friday 232323#; and for Saturday 13729#. Then, of course, next week will be Ashtar on the Road on Tuesday and the following week, of course, if we are on the regular schedule [it] will be Mark’s call on Talkshoe. So that kind of gives you an overview of all the information that’s being shared. Sometimes maybe, almost like information overload, but with our new capacity we are [now] designed to be able to accept that and use much more than we could in the past. So Beth, I pass the talking stick.

BETH: Thank you Marietta, for all of that. I think I want to say I hope everyone has had a wonderful 11-11 and experienced these high energies and continues to do so. And as you go to sleep tonight, contemplate the changes you’d like to see in your life and ask your guides and angelic helpers and galactic helpers to walk you [along] the path for those changes. And I want to thank everyone for joining us tonight and [for] all your questions and contributions. It’s very much appreciated. If there are any comments, Mark, that you would like to share, or anyone else, [please do so now]. I thank you and I think we’re ready to close out the call.

MARK: I think you pretty well covered it Beth. Yours and Marietta’s information is there so we’ll just say goodnight. I think Tara wanted to say something.

TARA: Oh, I was just going to say to everyone, in these times of really cleaning, the final scrub[bing] in the corner, remember that this is a wonderful time. Not to forget what the Buddha said, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” Now let’s just understand the meaning of that. A better way, every day.

MARK: Good night all.

RAMA: Namaste

CHANDRA DAS: Could I have the talking stick? (Tara, “certainly, go ahead.”) This is Chandra Das from Fairfield, IA, the home of Maharishi International University and the home of 2000 Sikhs, and I was practicing advanced meditation techniques for US Coherence, the Invincible America course. Beth and Tara, you mentioned yesterday on a call about solar healing or sun gazing, and I wanted to let everyone know that I did put 98 minutes from the lecture from one of the premier sun gazers on the planet on the video section of the Galactic Roundtable and you can access that. It is 98 minutes of very clear information about solar healing and sun gazing. I just wanted to add that.

TARA: Thank you, I’m going to look for that. That sounds wonderful. Thank you.

BETH: Chandra Das, thank you so much for contributing that. I did look at the video and it’s fantastic. It is where we’re moving to.

CHANDRA DAS: Yes, it’s wonderful. I’ve been practicing. I’ve gotten up to 45 minutes of straight gazing and it’s just an incredible practice. The clarity of mind and everything just makes you feel like your neurons are resting in love and that full spectrum light.

MARK: As a matter of fact, I just wanted to add that we did more than 45 minutes of that today at the portal opening and it’s very, very much amplified (inaudible).

BETH: Mark and I do that together frequently and I know others that we know do that as well. So I agree, yes I recommend it for everybody.

DAWN: This is Dawn. I have a last question if I could have the talking stick for a moment. (Beth, “Sure Dawn, thank you.”) My question is, I began the meditation, I forget the name of it, the meditation you talked about, I want to say infinity meditation, I know that’s not correct. But I began that meditation the day you brought it up with the group, and the description of the Ankh symbol has stayed with me and been a puzzle because I can see the how the Ankh shape comes out the back of the heart as you begin pumping into those chakras. I cannot see where there’s another arm of the Ankh. My mind has become obsessed with trying to understand how the Ankh has these two sticks that are at right angles to the main way the energy flows. Can you, do you have an understanding yourself from watching yourself in this meditation? It seems that my body is doing quite well with it. I pass the talking stick.

BETH: Thank you. Mark, would you like to answer that?

MARK: Well, because I’m not primarily a visual person, I mean I can see things but after I look at it, I can hold it in my mind. Primarily, I determine where I’m at by how I feel. And when you get up to that crossbar on the Ankh, then, what you are at, in my estimation, is that is the point in the heart between the three hearts where you are accessing 13th Gateway, and with that what you feel is the flip. It’s an arc that goes up, over, and around and there’s actually a jewel in the middle of that arc over the top. Like a key that fits on a key ring. It is a place where you access that point. You feel it spreading. You feel that energy, and one minute you’re perfectly comfortable, the next minute you dig your feet into the rug (chuckling) or wherever you are because you can feel that your energies have just flipped. Then it takes you up and out, and around, and back down into that thing. That circuit continues to go and you are flipping from matter to antimatter. And Beth and I did this in [a] fully conscious realization way when we went to Jupiter and we stayed the maximum allowed which is an hour. As a matter of fact, we were very thrilled we had stuck it out, you know, the whole length of time, and they told us if you could see your body when that is going on that you would see that these humungous amounts of light are pouring right through, and that’s what this crystalline body is all about. It can hold that light without combusting. (inaudible) So I am a firm believer in using that symbol, ’cause it’s so simple. As the rest of it gets in your head, if you stay with that, then you will find that you know when you’re there. And I don’t care if you see it. I don’t care what you hear, or anything else, your feelings will not lie to you. When you feel your toes digging into the ground, you can just about assure yourself:  I can, I know anyway, that I’ve just flipped. And, then you’re off, you know, you’re off. And we were on Jupiter and we were just trying to stay on the planet, but it is so carefully regulated, calculated, in the 13th chakra that you come in and out, because it is a bend. You move through that, and you move in and you move back out and it goes back down the other side of the pathway. And that can continue on as they say for about an hour at the maximum at this point. And some adepts can do more but that’s pretty much it. (inaudible) did not allow us to do any more than an hour. I think for me, the Ankh is the simplest symbol to know, and it explains the 13 chakras but it explains in a fluid and dynamic way.  You [can] use two different colors to see where they mix there in the triple heart and where it changes as it goes up over that antimatter flip. But that’s just my perception; I’ll let Beth add any more to that from her experience.

BETH: Thank you, Mark and Dawn. All I can say is the way that I was visualizing it, was similar to how Da Vinci did vitruvian math, with a cross point through the center, the one length of the cross going to the center of body, and you know that crossbar going through the arms, because the energy is flowing from the heart through….., and then I saw that energy coming up and around. And the one who gave Ankh symbolism to us was Lakshmi. He was telling us how the 13 chakras work. So I hope that helps answer the question.

DAWN: I hope I’m not taking too much time but I’d like to go a little deeper into the question and hopefully everybody is also curious about this. In doing this meditation at first, it was just confusing. And then, it’s got a life of its own. I noticed I can start it, which takes a short time; in the beginning it took a while. But then it can take just a few minutes, and then what I can do is open my eyes and go about my day and I can feel that the breathing and the energy is still moving that way. And, I have found that little short sessions during the day seem to be slowly changing the body. Although I’m not doing any traveling yet. When you started doing this, did you right off the bat stay for an hour concentrating on this and then find yourself traveling? I pass the talking stick.

BETH: Thank you Dawn. I would like to say regarding this new meditation that was brought through by Lakshmi, I agree when I read it, as I was reading the words I was like whoa, wait a minute. That kind of, the words were very complicated, but then, like you said, when you start practicing, it becomes more simple. And for me, I don’t, I haven’t been focusing and concentrating on every step of the energy coming in and going out, and coming in and going out. My main focus is just allowing the light to come into the crown and circulate around. And I don’t focus on the specifics of it so much when I’m meditating. I just allow myself to feel it in my heart center, and when I feel it in my heart center, then I know everything is circulating around it as it should be. And then when Mark and I went out, it was actually for about an hour and twenty minutes that time and it was a new experience to us. We just did it that time and we didn’t know what we were doing, so we weren’t practicing the meditation and then building up to an hour and twenty minutes. We just went out and did it. And when I was out there and I was flip-flopping the energy, the energy was so fast, it was a little bit unnerving and I couldn’t believe I was experiencing this, and I kept thinking I can’t wait to see if Mark felt it. And when he came back, we had had identical experiences. So since I have had different meditations experiences in the last 20 years, and so has Mark, then most people who are just starting out meditating, I don’t think it can be compared to anything else. But, we didn’t just start out with this meditation and then go out there. It happened a different way for us so I can’t answer that the way you asked it, if you know what I mean.

TARA: I also got a hint, you know we were letting go of that 80% thing yet I got a message about it. Cynthia always says that gratitude is four-fifths of love and four-fifths is 80% of love. So, that could be a good way to get the real meaning of what we are discussing.

MARK: Right, and that’s what the lightworkers got intuitively. You know anyone, whether you think you are a light worker or not, if you’ve been doing meditation or intentional visioning, any of these things, whatsoever, no matter what name it’s called, anyone that’s been doing that for any time, 10, 20 years, whatever it is, [is doing it]. Also some of the brand new kids are doing it automatically. They never lost it. They came in with it. They do this every night. They talk to each other and everything else on their networks, internetworks. They don’t need technically a cell phone. They can talk to each other telepathically. So you can see, for those of us who have been on the plane a long time, we did it the old way, stumbled into it through a near death experience or something of that sort, or, several of those. And, some of us are walk-ins. Okay, that’s another way that we jump-started the system. But everybody has their own perfect way to do it and that is perfect to them. No one should stand up and say, this is the only way to do it. We did enjoy and appreciate when she was taking us through it, what Lakshmi told us, we could feel the energy, but then as you do it a little more, then you get your own feeling picture. And then, as Beth said, you just intend it and you concentrate on your intention and your energy level, ’cause there is a formula to this, which Metatron put out. He said, “Source, believe it or not, cannot do this, cannot accomplish this for us, but if you add love to the formula” (that simple formula we shared last night), and there is a formula to it, it is mathematical in that sense and, when you add love to it then, “you can do anything.” Anything becomes possible when you have the intention, you have the initiating action, and you power it with desire, and add love. You add those things together, then magic happens. And everyone of us is an unlimited being. We just have to bring that knowledge forward and practice it. It doesn’t happen by itself. It does take practice because you have to open those realms of conduits and energy streams and sustain them long enough that they can, you might say, become permanent pathways. And, then it’s easy. When I first started, I was brought to Santa Fe 22 years ago, and I was brought here and not told why I was coming until I got here. And, they said, “okay, now that you’re here, now that you opened your heart, we can tell you. You have never been grounded in the earth”, even though I was retired military. “You have never been grounded in the earth in this lifetime so you’ve got to do that, ’cause your next steps are dealing with the ETs on a daily basis [and that] is going to require you to have that grounding or you would disintegrate, you would combust.” It took 3 hours a day to start with grounding and rooting exercises. Then, after 3 weeks, it was only taking 3 minutes and then into 6 weeks, it only took 30 seconds. So this is how these processes become automatic. Once the subconscious gets the drift that you’re not going to let go, that you are going to do this, then it will cooperate, but it usually takes 21 days.

TARA: And remember you are doing this in the name of Lakshmi and Lakshmi is The Goddess of total opulence, abundance, prosperity, expansion. It is the kind of fortune that is the wheel of fortune of dharma. You are able to experience joy finally because you are contributing to the elevation of ALL every moment.

MARK: Yes, I have to say that we did not choose her. We asked St. Germain who was the right one to bring that information through. And he said, “You might wanna call on Lakshmi.” Sure enough, when we got there, she came on very graciously, and full of love and then gave us this. So, since it came from her, we pretty well felt that it may not be the end-all-be-all but it certainly would do most of us quite nicely.

TARA: Well she is Brahma’s twin flame, and Brahma is the creator of the next, you know, the next divine dance we want to do together, the next divine Leila. So, she is his comfort. Take that creative energy and add that gentle lotus love, magenta lotus love. That’s who she is.

BETH: So the Goddess of Abundance was the one to explain to us how to get to the 13th Gateway. Who better? I want to add to what Tara was saying about gratitude. Without gratitude, joy, and love none of this can take off. So, it is nothing that can be forced. It has to come from your heart and it has to be something you want very much. When Mark and I work together, we say “thank you” before we start and we say “thank you” when we finish. We always carry that gratitude. We know that we would not be doing any of this without our helpers. Some people may just be beginning meditation and may be having problems with meditating. Just remember, you can take a walk outside and meditate while you are walking. You can get into a meditative state riding a horse or you can get into a meditative state sitting by the river or going out to a hiking trail. So you don’t have to limit yourself to sitting in a chair. When my children were very, very young, I would want to meditate in the morning when I woke up, but they were early risers and I thought if they hear me move a muscle they’re going to be up and wanting my help with something. So I was thinking, you know, this sitting in a straight back chair with two feet on the ground is too hard, I can’t do that. So I cultivated grounding myself from the bed lying flat. So all of these things are possibilities and so don’t limit yourself with your meditation. And, be in a happy, joyful, and loving place when you are doing your meditation because you don’t want to do anything else. Then you’re going to see great results. So I hope everyone enjoys the new adventures of the new things we’re learning and I think that may be a good place now to close out the call and say goodnight and I thank everyone again for their participation. It is wonderful.

MARK: Just remember, whenever we are having a portal expansion like this one we are going through right now and we’re still in it folks, watch for the feedback, the blowback, because every time you expand, anything hanging on to the sides when that stretching takes place might come loose and [you might] experience a little bit of (inaudible).

And everybody, we do have You do not have to be a member to go into the site. If you want to chat then you do need to become a member. It is a wonderful site to go to.

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