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Beth on The Disappearance of Souls on the 12:12 Portal


First of all I would like to thank you [Mark], Beth, Rama & Tara & the GF for the many many uplifting messages that you are bringing us! Can’t wait for the big announcements!!!

I have a question with regard to the Hard news call in which the 12:12 portal was discussed.

It was stated that at that once the 12:12 portal would be opened, the low vibrational energies would disappear and with that the 2.9 billion people (dark ones with low vibrational energies).

Now, to me this would mean that a lot of people will go missing! How will the ones remaining, react?

This is a very interesting subject, but still a bit hard to comprehend.

Love & Light,


Hi There,

I agree this is hard to comprehend. That is why Ashtar wanted us to talk about it.

These Ones will be moving to an interdimensional space of Earth and when it happens, they will not know anything has happened. These will be people who do not wish to proceed in ascension at this time. It is also for those who will be ready, but not at this moment. It will also be ones with a lowly mentality who do not yet realize they have choices. These are the very poor who also do not feel ready. These have been judged by Anubis, with the help of Mother Sekhmet, Quan Yin, and others. Every single Soul has been considered.

I do not know how it will appear to the ascending ones. We will know certain dark ones are gone, but what about those in the 3rd or 4th world countries. I do not see them now, where I live. I do not see ones in remote India, China, Africa. I do not know what it will look like.

It is important we continue with the greatest compassion possible. This is a 70:30 split and is the most recent info we have from Ashtar.

Much love,


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