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Ashtar Telecall – November 17, 2009



Well good evening everyone … aloha, aloha aloha!  We are rather delighted to be here as you can probably tell.  Ah that was beautiful [Elise’s meditation], and we know that you are all feeling the high vibrations of joy and love and connecting with each other and feeling close with each other, though there may be many miles as you measure distance.  Wait until you get into your ships and there will be not so much distance around Planet Earth as there is right now, because it is related to the time that it takes you to travel.  Of course where we are there is no time, so how’s that?  Think on that.  You can instantly be in whatever place you focus your mind upon or your heart.  I guess it goes even faster, did you know that?

Did you know that you can create more from your heart faster than when you think in 3D terms.  Now this may be an interesting concept and somewhat new, but just spend some time with that.  Sometimes we put out a little bit of very deep stuff, we know that gets into the realm of Quantum physics, and as you all know, we never go there, so we will just simply say that if you really want to be what you might call a leading edge creator, to do it with your heart.  You can get yourself into a little bit of a meditative state where you quiet or you slow down the brain waves where you actually come from your heart.  You allow your emotions to come into the mix.  For instance, if you can create with a joyful, passionate feeling you are going to accomplish whatever it is that you desire a lot faster.  And while we are on the topic, if you are wanting to create something and you know what it is that yo u desire to create, you had best leave your creating moment for when you are in the high vibes.  Because if you start thinking, well, I am really down in the dumpies and I want this or that to change, you know what you are going to get?   You will get more of whatever it is you don’t want because the universe does not distinguish between don’t have, don’t want and do have, do want, and so on.

As a matter of fact it’s a good idea to just take want out of it and literally put yourself into your creative vision. Well that takes a little bit of practice.  Sometimes it happens almost seemingly by accident or you say it’s serendipitous, ooo we like that word.   But what it really means is that you have created in a moment of high vibrational joy or love or passion and so the universe responds faster.  And that’s what you want – speed – speedy delivery of whatever you are calling forth, because it’s all there for you anyway.  You see you are not really creating it, you are just bringing it to you.  But we like to say that you are creating it so that you understand that it is your responsibility, this creation business you know.

There isn’t anybody who can create a healthy, happy, harmonious relationship for you, except you.   And if the partner in the relationship is putting out some negative vibrations you have a choice of allowing that negativity into your being or saying, “whatever you do, you do; it’s not my responsibility to change you, but I can change my attitude.  I can be happy and joyful no matter what you do.”  If you throw a few “ho-oponopono”s into the mix, you are going to feel a lot better about the relationship, and quite likely, do a lot of healing, and the partner in the relationship might also start feeling more happy, more upbeat so to speak about the relationship as well.  You know you have heard the magic words “abracadabra,” and there are some others, “open sesame!”, that’s a great o ne, well there isn’t anything better from our perspective, not to be judgmental, we’re just simply making a recommendation, just use the “ho-oponopono” and just get out of your own way because you are gonna get great results with it.  In this day and age as you are so fond of saying, and we emphasize age, the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age, Lemuria is alive and thriving on Planet Earth, there is no reason except whatever you choose for yourself if you choose to be down in the dumpies anyway.

Now we understand that there are some people who have the programs and so on that are very, very difficult to overcome, but they are getting help all the time. Marvelous Margaret is an example of someone who is changing the energies of the world, or shall we say uplifting them, by the work that she does which she has passion for so we are going to invent a new term for your mission work when it is your passion and when you are doing it.  So we shall start leaving the word “work” out of it. We’ll just say doing your passion, how’s that?  And that can help to change.  Marvelous Margaret calls in a lot of resources, very large teams in fact.  But you have those same resources available to you and you can learn the method to do it, or invent your own, create your own, or discover your own or learn from someone else, any way that you want to do it.   But when you call in the team, and invite them to come in and when I say “them” I should say “Us” of course, because we are all together on it, you will get marvelous results.
Now we are going to tell you a little secret.  Well, some of you already know this, but some of you do not.  One of the most powerful team members that you can possibly have to call in, and she is always delighted to accept your invitations, in fact sometimes some of you are waking up and feeling a little scratching on your energy fields and if you do, that’s her.  That’s Mother Sekhmet saying I am here and I can help.  Did you know that she was renowned for her healing capabilities, she still has that; she hasn’t lost any, even though she might appear to be the fierce warrior and all of that.  She of course has the healing side, the healing aspect very, very prominent in her, shall we say her being, her persona, so if you are feeling as though you need a little bit of help and you’re not even sure exactly what the procedures should be, it doesn’t matter, just call her in and ask her and your team of angels and your guides and whomever else you wish to invite to the party, to come on in and help you with whatever it is.  Now if you can do so with power and conviction in your invitation, so much the better.  She is about empowering you.  Feeling yes through your own empowerment to call forth your wellness.   Well I guess that would be the recommendation for the evening.  We’ll say that that’s it.  Take it away from there in any way that you choose, and you may have some rather delightful astonishing results.  So we are going to move right along.

Well how about the money situation?  Are you starting to feel your bank accounts literally overflowing with gold and of course silver and platinum?  Well if not, that might be a very, very wise vision for you to focus upon for yourself, because that’s truth.   You may not realize it, but that is the truth of what is going on today.  You heard from St. Germain the last time the family gathered and you were told by St Germain, and we can verify that because we have been there ourself, that he has opened his bank.  It is officially open.  And there are many, many transactions that are going on.  And, by the way, in St. Germain’s bank you don’t find any gold-plated anything, it’s all solid and it’s real. Now you may have heard that some of it has been brought in from off-planet.  This is truth.   You see, what we did was an expansion program.  You know about Nesara and originally the Trust Funds that St Germain established the first one of, and all of the other trust funds from that one, were intended to distribute dollars, lots of them, to those participants in the funds and from there they would send money and spend money to those who were friends and family to them, or just open up the phone book and pick a few hundreds names, whatever, so as to distribute the money.

But then an improvement came along because we realized there was so much gold and other precious metals, we call them precious too, available and so we brought more in from what you call off-planet.  Venus was most generous and on Venus it is not necessary to have the mining procedures which can be quite polluting on Planet Earth.  They have been.  They have started on Mother Earth with what you call open pit mining and there have been the underground mines which often times have provided a tremendous amount of danger to those who were brave enough to go in there and work.  Well, on Venus that’s not quite how it works so they just shipped a few ships of gold from Venus, and it’s very special gold by the way, and so the treasury is overflowing with it in the United States of America and other countries.  Well, China nee ds some but its OK, there’s plenty for everybody.   And it’s going out to all of the countries and it will back all of the new world currencies.  Everything will be on what you call par with everything else.  There will not be one country that is the ‘have not’ country, while it’s neighbor is a ‘have’ country.

Nobody is going to be any richer than anybody else with the exception of the trust recipients who will be so busy spending their dollars for the worldwide humanitarian projects, that they will not stop to notice that they might have a few more dollars than those who are not recipients of the trust funds, because those who are not in the trusts are going to get $10 million anyway and because of the even-ing process that will be taking place, that $10 million is gonna buy what $100 million is needed for in this moment.  So everybody is going to be rich, rich, rich.

Now there are other questions that have come up – well if everyone has got money who’s gonna get the mansion, and who’s gonna get the hovel, and who’s gonna get the designer clothes, who’s gonna get the bargain basement?  Well we’ve got the answer for that one too.  It’s called Replicators and Robots.  Hmmm… the group here was having some fun the other night having their funny bones tickled by the new meaning of R&R, because replicators and robots are going to give everybody R&R in the traditional sense you know, rest and relaxation anyway.  So what you got there is four R’s.  But that’s OK.  You don’t need to dwell on that but just understand that there are ways for everyone to have exactly what they want.  If you want a crystal palace studded with emeralds and  amethysts, that’s perfect, but you are not going to buy it with your dollars.  You can have a lovely home that is already built now, then you can go on to create what you want or not.

It’s all your choice.  You may have seen the movie Star Trek with the holodeck.  If you say, well I have a mission to do at the south pole, (it’s rather chilly there but we will be even-ing out the temperatures), but if you say well I would like to go to the equator or a place that is represented as being very, very hot, tropical, you are not going to get on an airplane and fly there, you gonna go to a holodeck.  You won’t need to be constantly jetting around the world.  Well, jets are going to be eliminated anyway, they pollute.  You are going to have silent, moving apparatus, motors and engines and all of those kinds of things.  Our ships when they are not just the merkabah or the energy field of the beings, are powered by clean energy.  Ormes is one of them.  Ormes is the highest form of gold.  And there are other ways of powering the ships.  Sometimes there is an actual kind of material,  perhaps unknown on Planet Earth, and it is powered by the thought waves of the beings inside of the ships. How about that?

There is a combination.  It’s like a ship that is powered by the merkabah, or by the thought wave, the energy waves emitted by the beings within the ship. And sometimes there is a whole command center that is full of computers and keyboards and all kinds of exotic instruments – fabulous they are.  You see you are going to have choices.  We started to talk about you and you come into your ship and what we meant was you are going to have a choice there too, but it will be somewhat of a reunion for you to rejoin one ship that is the one that you choose at this moment.  Some of you have flown many ships just as in your pilots, among your pilots there are many pilots who can fly more than one type of airplane.  They are rated for this or rated for that.  Everybody of course wants to move up to the big jets and all of that but those pilots who fly the big jets can still fly little planes as well.  So you will have choices.  You might want to take your little shuttle out for a spin, and your little shuttle might be just you in your little craft,   powering it strictly by your thoughts – you might want to fly the big ship, you know the Captain Kirk type of bridge and the whole bit.  And that’s perfect.  So keep in mind that you have choices and you are not limited you are not restricted.  You are not limited to any particular planet and here is another deal for you.  You are not going to be limited to any particular dimension.  You can go into any dimension or you can access that part of you that is in a different dimension anyway and connect and communicate and commune and literally put yourself there.

Now of course your physical bodies have to be up to speed and after a certain time you will simply not take your physicality there anyway, you’ll just be a body of light.  And that’s kinda fun too.  We would probably say the best thing to do is just aim high, higher than 3.  You will be leaving 3 anyway.   But you will have the capabilities once you have been to 5 – you will have the capabilities to come back to 3 and be an assistant if you want to do so.  And you can still, let me see, jet out of there any time that you choose.  There will be many, many choices and opportunities.  Right now what we are asking all of you to focus upon is your mission here in this phase of Planet Earth’s Ascension.  We have already told you many times Ascension is assured, you are all going and its simply a matter of knowing what it is that you are here to do to facilitate that Ascension, that’s number one, and number two, what it is that you are here to do in the way of a helping project or mission for the planet.

If you do your house-cleaning and your Q-tipping, and your Q-tipping of the Q-tipping, and so on and so on and get yourselves ready, and then you look around you to see what it is you are here to do to help others to make the shift.  Now the most immediate mission which is universal in that regard, is for you to facilitate the announcement that you’ve all been waiting for and it’s actually a double, a two-part announcement.  It will be so close you can call it – The Announcement Part 1 and Part 2.  Of course there is the most joyful news that we are here in loving service – we are real, and we are here and we have been here and part 2 of course is what you call the Nesara announcement, because that is going to change officially this whole monetary system.  The entire planet will be freed from the, well, the entire planet i s in all but the very last step, free anyway because the arrests have been going on and on, no need to dwell upon, but the entire …  all of the provisions, the parts of the Nesara law are going to be a real shock.  So people are going to get the double shock.  First of all “hello, yes we are here and we are real” and secondly well, you don’t owe any money any more, and you don’t have to pay the IRS anything, and you are free, and by the way your bank account is now full of gold.

So if you already know about these things and you are welcoming them and you are in anticipation of them, fabulous, but just imagine that perhaps your neighbor, or your brother, or your mother or somebody you know quite well doesn’t know a thing. Put yourself in their shoes.  Clueless.  So just think about that and think about how you might be wanting to help them when all of this happens.  You don’t have to have a script written out, but you would be very wise to understand it’s imminent, no dates as always but imminent, and be somewhat prepared to reach out.  Do you have a group of people – perhaps you have a child in school and there is a parent organization.  Perhaps you go to a church where maybe a few people have heard about it but for the most part, no one knows.  Or perhaps you have some kind of a hobby group, do you belong to a tennis club or a birdwatchers group or whatever.  Can you stand tall and be courageous and offer to speak to the members of the group.  That’s not for everyone and we understand that some of you may not have such a group or may not feel that that is your mission.  Perhaps there are 2 or 3 people that you know of and the 2 or 3 of you could stand together or sit at a panel table to simply assure people that all is well.  And yes the world is being turned upside down or however someone views it but the purpose of it is to facilitate the evolvement, to facilitate peace on earth, to facilitate joy and freedom for all, abundance and happy lifestyles even though there is going to be, there already is, a very very good film that will play for people to get the background details and get the full understanding of how this is all working.

The human touch is a good one.  It’s wonderful if you can reach out to someone and say, “It’s OK; this is good, this is wonderful indeed, come on let’s dance in the streets, because this is confetti day like no other confetti day has ever been.”  You see if you show your joy, if you show your willingness to open your heart, if you share your truth and your love you will help others to be in acceptance so that they too can come to the understanding that they have a mission, a purpose in their lives.   The mother who is working 3 jobs to support her children doesn’t have to do it anymore.  You have the gift of telling her, “You are free.  You don’t have to do that any more unless it gives you great joy.  You can spend the time with your children.  You can take painting lessons, you can travel around the world.”

There are some new ways that are going to enhance the travel however you choose to do it.  Indeed you can do whatever you choose to do.  And so can your children you see, just imagine, yes they are going to see it on their television sets and we’re going to beam into movie theatres and all kinds of places so people can get the information, but there is nothing as real for them as you giving them a hug and saying yes its true, believe it.   You are not dreaming it.  It’s true for the entire planet.  Peace on earth, love and joy which are everyone’s birthright, everyone in the universe, it’s just that Planet Earth has been the Planet of experience, a Planet where everyone has come to live 1000 lives or more in order to experience all they could possibly dream up, whether it’s been happy or not and so it’s a different and an all new experience and then if people come to accept the truth of this and the joy of it and they start living the new lifestyle, the new original lifestyle we should say, all this money stuff isn’t going to matter.  You can decorate with gold, wear gold, you can drink gold in the right manner, you can do all kinds of things with gold.   But it isn’t going to matter because nothing is going to have to be paid for.  So that’s the next phase.

So we are simply asking that you get yourselves ready and prepare to tell others what to expect.  You don’t have to go out and tell them all about it now, but you can be ready yourself to stand forward in whatever manner is comfortable for you, in whatever manner your guidance tells you to know, and so we shall simply leave it up to you and your imaginations.  It’s real and it’s true all that has been spoken of that is to come and all that is in the works now and we will close by simply asking that you remember all the players who are being arrested, and being put on trial and convicted and sentenced and all of that volunteered long ago to put on dark hats, and they got so deeply into the programs that they could not take the dark hats off of their heads.  Programs have a great deal to offer, and programs can be tyrannical and enslaving those who have opened to those programs, whether they have opened knowingly or not, that is consciously or not, they did volunteer to have those programs guiding them, programs of darkness.

By the way, you have all taken a turn or two of wearing a dark hat, the difference is that you simply did not have the programs so deeply entrenched within your beings and you have been able to come to the light whether in this lifetime or other lifetimes it matters not, you are here now, the Lightworkers, Lightbeamers and just plain wondrous beings of joy, light spirits in human bodies you are.  And so we ask that you share your light with those who are still so far into the dark that they see no real way out.  They are leaving, many are gone now, we’re in the final phases of what you might call the roundup.  And as you heard the news earlier, there is no place for them to hide.  So it’s done.  Consider it done, Beloveds, send them your love, “ho-oponopono” and prepare for what is to come, because it’s not o nly ordained, it’s not only for sure, it’s imminent.  No dates.

And so we have another speaker,** I shall ask him to introduce himself and I, Ashtar, shall leave the stage with great love, affection and delight at this coming together in this family gathering.  You are infinitely loved beyond words, you shine, Beloved Ones, brighter than the brightest stars.   When we connect with you it is heart to heart and with such joy we really can’t even express it in your words, we simply ask that you feel the hugs we have for you, and the love.  Come often, be connected and be one with the All That We Are.  And so it is.  Salute.

**Part 2 with JFK’s remarks will be published later this week (delayed due to phone disconnection and garbling on the Hawaii end).


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