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3D Proof of Ascension?

Hello, everyone.

I just had to share this with you because not only is this story really cool, but I was having a difficult time lately absorbing all of the information that I get presented with everyday, and relating it to 3D.  We keep being told that so much is happening but I wanted to see something black and white that would tip the scales for me to know that there is more going on here than I realize.

I post this here on the site as I’m sure that there are many of you out there that think the same things as I mentioned above.

So the story goes like this…

I was having coffee with a friend of mine yesterday who really likes to ask me questions about what’s going on, what is NESARA, what is the significance of 2012, etc… We happened to get on the topic of the ankh and how the Egyptians were aiming to attain ascension 3500 years ago.

I drew out an ankh for him on a piece of paper as he had seen the symbol only once before and didn’t know what it was called.

Later on that night, him and his wife had a meeting with their financial representative up at a local golf course.  When he was walking back to his car, he was looking down at the ground (he said he doesn’t usually do that) and saw some wet paper on the ground and lo and behold, look at how it was shaped:


He doesn’t have a flash on his cell phone so he used a small flashlight that he was carrying (that was odd enough that he had a flashlight on him!) and lit up the area.  He took this picture, went home, called me immediately and emailed me this pic.  He was pretty darn excited that something like that would happen to him.

For me, this is a definitive ascension confirmation that ascension is indeed happening to us.  I also found it interesting that the picture is mostly black and white (I wanted something in “black and white”) and the “ankh” wasn’t sitting on the dirt or the grass but cobblestone.  In other words, ascension is written in stone – it’s happening, folks.

Anyway, I have shown this picture to a couple of people and have received comments that this picture has ignited something within them.  That only cements the fact that we ARE all ONE, as the reaction to this pic has presented.

The countdown has started!!!

Much love,


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  1. i like the links you put together. thanks for sharing the insights.
    idon’t know much, am not too interrested in following the news every second. i do believe and i’m exiting about the ascention happening as i write. yes things happen to all of us. i pray we be strong enough to get through. 2010 will surely be a heck of e year.
    grts. annie

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