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Saul – You Are Getting a Sense that Something Wonderful is Going to Happen


10/11/2009 by John Smallman

The energy changes continue to intensify as does your experience of them.  You are getting a very definite felt sense that something most wonderful is about to happen, and that you — each one of you on Earth at this time — are most intimately involved.  God’s infinite love for you is seeping into your awareness — even though you are effectively asleep and dreaming — and tempting you to awaken.

This intense and uplifting energy is irresistible.  In human terms it is as though your beloved were gently kissing your eyelids, and from the depths of your slumber you are drawn upwards towards the kiss, wanting to respond.   And you will, and your joy will be heavenly.

You are never alone because your nature is one with God – always – but in your state of slumber you have forgotten this.  Your eternal existence is guaranteed by your divine Father, and you possess infinite love, infinite joy, and infinite power, because that is what God is, and what God is He will not withhold from you, His beloved child.

To be divinely loved, without the slightest sense of either doubt or unworthiness, is your destiny, your immortal heritage.  You have, in your slumbering state, lost your awareness of this, but only momentarily.   Time is in truth an instant of such briefness that it could never exist, even for the shortest time interval that human science can measure, even though in your illusion it can seem interminable, almost infinite.

You created this illusion, and because of your divine state – at one with God – in order to make it in any way believable, you had to make time appear to be of incomprehensible length, almost infinite in comparison to the lifetime of a human being.  And of course, it is not.  Time does not exist, except in the nightmare you have made to contain it.  And in that nightmare the problems, the disasters, and the catastrophes that occur cannot be resolved.  They are non-existent illusions.  Only God exists, and you with Him, in infinite eternal bliss.

The nightmare will dissolve, disperse, disappear as you reawaken into the eternal and infinitely loving presence of your Father.  Nothing else is possible because nothing else exists, has existed, or will exist.  You are inseparably one with God in the brilliant eternal light of conscious existence that is the experience of being in His Presence.  And that is where you are now, in the now moment that is always, and everlasting.  Intend to release yourself from the grim illusion you appear to be living in, and allow yourself once more to enjoy forever your divine inheritance which is your right and your home.

With so very much love, Saul.



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