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Saul: The Forgotten Delights of Life at Home…


10/28/2009 by John Smallman

Humanity’s move into full consciousness is to occur precisely on schedule, as divinely ordained.  No other timing is possible or has ever been intended.   At that divinely appointed moment all will be ready, and that most wondrous event will occur.   It was planned instantly when you made the decision to separate yourselves from your Father to go and hide in the — as you saw it — fantastic illusory reality that you had invented and built.

What a strange momentary idea it was to build a tiny imaginary environment in which to hide from your Father.  It was rather like a small child living in a large comfortable home with an adoring family who played with him and doted on him, deciding to go and live in the coal cellar amongst the dust and grime, and on finding it extremely unpleasant, refusing to emerge.   The warm friendly home remained permanently available, and the various signs of infectious joy being experienced there called him to return.  But he stubbornly refused the loving invitations, and then fell asleep in that dark and gloomy place, to be plagued by horrific nightmares.

Without a doubt he will come out.  He will wake up cold, hungry, and miserable, knowing that he has only to return to the house to relieve all his self-imposed fears and anxieties, and replace them with an abundance of warmth and succor to nourish him and demonstrate how dearly he is loved.

Humanity is indeed cold, hungry, and miserable, and being in that state cannot possibly remain asleep much longer.  Food, comfort, and warmth are calling to the sleeper, and brief reminders of the joy of being awake are crossing the sleep barrier in the sleeper’s mind and calling him to awaken.  The forgotten delights of life at home are starting to nudge him toward wakefulness, and yet some stubborn resistance lingers still, as he says peevishly to himself “I shan’t wake up!”

But no one can sleep indefinitely.  The time for awakening is rapidly approaching.  When it arrives and humanity finally awakens into the awesome wonder of being one with God, the spontaneous exuberance that occurs will spread like wildfire, lighting all in an incandescent flame of the most brilliant hues to welcome them home, as a celebratory fanfare signals the end of pain, suffering, and illusion.

With so very much love, Saul.



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