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Saul – The Changes in Your Life-Styles will be Astounding for You


10/21/2009 by John Smallman

Your dreamtime is racing along towards its exciting conclusion.   Many of you are feeling very impatient as you await the commencement of the startling events that will change forever the way you relate to each other on planet Earth, and prepare to associate appropriately with the many other sentient beings throughout your Milky Way Galaxy.

You have been under a rather paternalistic form of observation for a long time, as you fought each other for personal gain and continually found the results most unsatisfactory.  Now it can be seen that a large enough number of you clearly see the futility of that kind of behavior, and are making real progress in your attempts to change it.  Of course very many on Earth appear to be stubbornly anchored in those ancient and puerile ways, but this is not actually the case because the transparent belief systems that chained people to those inflexible habits of violent reactions are rapidly dissolving and allowing them to float free from such limiting mindsets.  The desire for change in the way you live and interact with each other is strengthening and intensifying.  This is very clear to the paternalistic observers, and very pleasing to them as they wish you to become active participants in the vast galactic community of which you are an essential element.

The changes in your life styles that are almost upon you will indeed be astounding for you.   Some of you will welcome them with unbridled excitement and enthusiasm, while others will at first find them threatening and frightening.   However, at very deep levels of your being, well below your conscious awareness, you have been joyfully preparing yourselves for the marvelous Golden Age you are soon to enter and engage with.  No one who truly wishes to participate will be left out or excluded. Indeed the vast majority of humanity will – when it appreciates what is actually happening – join in the new activities that are to become permanent and essential parts of your new way of living with joyful zeal.

A few, who have been attempting to prevent and delay the arrival of the New Age of wonder and delight for all sentient beings, may find their unfriendly and inflexible attitudes too deeply ingrained for them to release at this time.  Provision has been made for them that will allow them to continue to work on their personal spiritual growth without affecting the vast majority who are eager and ready to move into the glorious light of the New Golden Age.

Humanity is ready to move forward, although this is not apparent to you in your present state of limited consciousness, and eagerly embrace the age for which it has been praying and hoping for so long.  And when it does, the magnificence of the all-encompassing celebrations will be phenomenal.

With so very much love, Saul.



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