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Saul: Being One with God How Could Your Part not be Pivotal?


10/05/2009 by John Smallman

The ascension process, the move into full consciousness cannot and will not be delayed –  neither will it happen tomorrow. Nevertheless live as though it will. If that is disappointing, then so be it. Its time is imminent, but you must open your hearts in forgiveness and love to receive it. Many of you are wavering and doubtful, and are having difficulty in holding the intent for its arrival. As you experience time it does seem that you have been intending for a long time, and to no avail. This is not the case, and you need to renew your intent and intensify your vision of this momentous event. You are approaching the moment when the veil will slip from before your eyes, so do not let your strength and determination flag when the race is almost run. Abundant help is continuously available for the asking, so ask for it, allow it, and use it. That is what it is for.

I know that you are growing weary of exhortations to continue holding the light, the intent, the certainty that you are about to enter full consciousness where all your fears and anxieties will dissolve. But the exhortations are essential!  They are reminders, wake up calls to confirm the absolute requirement that you do your part in this cooperative heavenly venture. Every one of you has a part to play that is pivotal. Being One with God how could your part not be pivotal? You totally underestimate your worth, your importance, your abilities, and your competence, all of which are needed in the divine plan. God, however, does not. He knows that you can and will play your parts with great skill and efficiency.

Accept each moment of your life as it occurs, and know that you have chosen all the things that you experience for the lessons they provide. Forgiveness of your self and of others for pain and suffering you experience is paramount , including your awareness of others’ suffering. Grudges and resentments harbored against others or yourself absolutely have to be released because they block your ability to be unconditionally loving. In the state of full consciousness you are only love –  there is no other way to be. If you bear grievances of any kind it is impossible for you to be fully consciousness, because they close you down into smallness and separation where love cannot enter.

Many of you still harbor grudges, feelings of betrayal or abandonment, and a felt need for recompense. You are not exempt, and a sense of righteousness for what has apparently been done to you is inappropriate, as you have most definitely visited similar suffering on others.

And none of it really happened –  except in the dream… in the illusion. So open your hearts in total, limitless, indiscriminate forgiveness of everyone on the planet, including yourself. Deep within you, below the level of consciousness you experience in the dream , you believe you are guilty, so to forgive yourself is just as important as forgiving others.

There is nothing for you to be ashamed of: You have done nothing because you are not here –  here does not exist! Know that you are completely innocent, embrace total forgiveness, and experience perfect peace, tranquility, and love.

With so very much love, as always, Saul.



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  1. jamtheden says:

    This message was SO spot on.
    I f*cking love it…

    Much Love

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