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NEWS UPDATE: A-Team Gather 10/4 at 4:44pm


This was received last night as info about Qoa and trip there to complete physical contact, initiated on 9/21-22. Madame X and Lolo.

In addition to the msgs below, we will also be working with Ashtar, GalFed Teams from Pleiades, Arcturus and WITH NASA, to stop the Orions’ transmissions coming from the darkside of the moon that negatively affect our emotions and tides…especially during full moons (like Sunday’s Aries Full Moon). We will also be working to help align the Tectonic plates so the flow of energies with the rest of the planet can be restored to original connectivity.

This is part of terraforming earth back to its original pristine condition and will be done in a series of steps. Minor earthquakes/ seaquakes may occur and the new magnetic fields will be increased.

All is being carefully balanced so no catastrophes are necessary. Cleansing prepatory effects during the next 24hours before this event and for 3 days after can be expected, as this is part of major planetary Ascension improvements in the planet and in us, required for alignment with the New Original Lemurian TimeLine centered in crystalline Love, Peace and Joy.

Mark/Beth/Kauila and A-Team.

Andromeda Command
Messages from Commanders Ariana and Dyanna

“The Andromeda galaxy is a group of stars more than a planet, looks similar to your Milky Way[but is 400% larger], our energy goes beyond what you imagine, where we are is pure energy that is why we are pure Light.

At this time on your planet, we are helping you to regain your origin, we have sent and manifested our world into the heart core of yours, the whole cosmos is within now, so we don’t say anymore “heaven on earth”, but ‘cosmos in earth’. once this has happened and we are merged as one, we’re ready to teach, show and guide in what is needed for full ascension and use of energy.

There are still codes to be decoded and re-coded in sacred Peru, my team will do this on 10/4 at 4.44 pm in the place used by their Mu ancestors to honor the creator so the new Mu energy comes back and all will be raised by the solar vibration which will be sent around your planet as waves, spheres and platinum crystalline and golden pyramids.

We are assisting you in this and there is nothing to fear..we’re almost’ve done it!

The balance on earth is happening gradually, our ship is there to help stabilize this magnetic field and also your new one: the ionic electromagnetic field around yourselves.

The Andromeda ship is huge and our command has different areas, involving many commanders, many teams. For now, you already know Ariana, commander in charge and I also introduced Dyanna, the other commander who controls all that happens in the ships and earth.

Qoa is the center of our Ops on earth, the heart [of Gaia] that pulses with the galactic real time of the universe, it’s also our base…we will give more details for next ops and gathering there, with both teams from and us, have to do this together.

We’ll be waiting for you for another contact, meeting on 10/4 at 4.44pm.

Andromeda Command


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