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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – October 8, 2009



RAMA: Oh my, let’s just say that the shift has hit the fan as Lady Master Rainbird has said, and the shift is occurring on such a macro and micro level that it is affecting all forms of life, whatever they are.

TARA: Rama, wasn’t there a big ship somewhere over Moscow, right []?

RAMA: Yeah. I mean I can’t keep up with what’s going on hour to hour. All I can tell you is in the last 2 days, that the stories out there, we are so imminent to First Contact that I cannot say, yet I’ll let…..

TARA: David Wilcock put another video out today.

RAMA: Or he was on George Nouri on the 6th and [inaudible] played that on Friday or Saturday and just the whole story…..

TARA: And the whole hour that Keith Obermann made re special comings on our attitude towards the health and wellbeing of our population.

RAMA: I mean, what I heard today from the King of Egypt to Tom Hartmann to Randy Rhoades, I mean it is over. All we’re witnessing is the final conclusion and the blueprint for Terra Nova New Lemurian Timeline. This [old] timeline is getting erased. As it gets erased, the new timeline takes over and this will be as if we had just a bad dream. Remember the promise we made that we would come in fully knowing how to do this mission. Piece of cake. I said it more than once to the commanding officers on duty, and I probably forgot ET101. The way it is being said so eloquently by so many people, healthcare is the number one issue and it changes our realities. When we have free health, universal healthcare, like Senator Ted Kennedy asked to in his lifetime, make it a physical manifestation, that every man, woman and child had universal healthcare in this country and every other country. And with that, the Lavender Lad shows up with $10 million for every man, woman and child. This is occurring right now. It has to do with these controllers, who control nothing except the fear card and it has already burst into flames. How many times can you play the same magic trick? You can’t. Yes, Tara.

TARA: I was also gong to say that the way that Keith Obermann showed everybody that everyday, 122 people on the average in the United States are dying because they have no healthcare, and on top of that he elucidated to [the concept of] giving things that people don’t necessarily need because it basically makes more profit. So he’s talking about economic high treason, is what he is talking about.

RAMA: That’s right.

TARA: And making the bet on the lives of the people, and taking it unlawfully really.

RAMA: And what also I shared today with the King of Egypt is that he went against the tide and said there will be peace in the Middle East, and has everything to do with the Kazarian Zionist Bolsheviks who served Israel and carved it out of nothing. Out of the land of the Moors called the Philistines [which] was one of the names of the land of Palestine before it was called Palestine. It is in the sense, all of it is a fictional story. The King of Egypt said this and for what Israel has done, it is surmountable with [it amounts to] war crimes. We are complicit, the United States of America, the Corporation. He said that swift justice is going to be occurring concerning the war criminals in the Israeli top brass. There is some talk of Mr. Aboss aiding and abetting Israeli war criminals so it is really convoluted. It’s time there is only like Jimmy Carter described it, a one state solution. We are all ONE people….

TARA: Well, Jimmy Carter didn’t say that. He’s still talking about two states. It needs to be corrected to a one state.

RAMA: Yes.

RICHARD: Excuse me, this is Richard.

TARA: Yes.

RICHARD: Ron Gonzales on Democracy Now today ran one hell of a show.

TARA: Yabba dabba do! Yes siree Bob. Go ahead.

RICHARD: He interviewed Barry Sanders and before him another fellow, and they are watching and tracking the fines and penalties that the Defense Department Contractors and the Pharmaceutical Contractors in their dealings with the United States, and they are going after them.

TARA: That’s right, and Jeremy Scahill was on Laura Flanders right behind that. They are going after the generals calling for more troops. Two days ago on Amy Goodman, there was Barbara Lee again up there saying as the only one back in 2001 when Congress was listening to her on the floor back then saying, you know, we need to hold our horses here because we got a lot of presumptions without any debate. We are a country in mourning and we are looking for, you might say, a little more than what might be the proper thing to do. She went and said Congress never declared war. This is 9/11, this is NESARA being prevented on that day. This is connected to the mortgage and banking heads and their minions, called economic high treason.

RAMA: The King of Egypt reminded me today, remember this, 9/11 was supposedly [to] blame it on the Islamic World and was supposedly about the oil and finances. Yet the real story is about the star gates, and all the military know about the star gates. We heard on that Project Camelot, Awake and Aware, that they all know about Star Gate SG1 or whatever their version of Star Gate SG1 is. Yet they don’t use the star gates in the proper way because they haven’t yet learned how to use them with love. That is the key. They will not operate for this U.S. Military or any other military because you have to use love in order to travel through them.

[Administrative – discussing process of how call will proceed]


RICHARD: I thought I would bring it to your attention tonight, we got a little astrological window that was pointed out to me. What we’ve got going on here is a situation that started about sunset eastern time, call it 8:30pm [EST]. The moon today is in Gemini and the sun is in Libra. Now that’s a trine and also Jupiter is in Aquarius so you’ve got a setup here that’s lasting about 6 or 7 hours where you’ve got an air elemental triangle. Sun Libra, Moon Gemini and Jupiter Aquarius. So I was thinking about how can we use this window of energy here? Well it’s electrical, you can rearrange your matrix. I would expect lots of lucid dreaming overnight.

SHARON/MT SHASTA: I just wanted to bring 2 things up. One is Richard Hoagland. I don’t know how many of you have heard Richard Hoagland on Coast to Coast. It was after David Wilcock was on. But tomorrow morning, just after 6:00 a.m., apparently NASA is sending a missile to the moon to blow up the buildings that we have had there, because India and China are getting too close with their videos and they don’t want these buildings seen. So he said around 6:00 tomorrow morning, watch and look at the moon if you are capable of doing so and you will see the explosions. And the second thing that I wanted to bring up, I’m really glad Rama and Tara that you are showing the David Wilcock because I’ve been listening to it like every day since it has been on and I have been streaming it every day also. But the one thing, since you are going to play it, there is one thing I wanted to bring up. David Wilcock said, I’m going to put my life on the line here, he said, whatever you do, if you want to live, do not take the vaccinations. He said this is going to affect something like 350 billion people and if you want to live and be healthy, do not join these 350 billion people. I really can hardly wait to play this again because I can’t get enough of it. It was fabulous.

MARIETTA: I heard a clip on the regular news this evening that said, it was talking about how to watch this. That you could use your telescope, but the best place to watch it is going to be on TV so I wonder how much it will show. They said this will be the best view you could have, although knowing the media is controlled as it is. I wonder about that, so who has some thoughts on what we might get to see or what they will allow? So what’s your thoughts?

UNKNOWN: There is the NASA channel.

RAMA: The NASA channel is on DISH network.

UNKNOWN: Yes, that’s right..

SHARON/MT SHASTA: He also said you could probably see it with your naked eye. It’s going to be that powerful or with just a pair of binoculars.

RAMA: For two days now, they have been talking about it on the radio across Albuquerque [New Mexico].

TARA: Okay, then I have a question for Mother, you know. Are they trying to cover up evidence because the technologies have improved vastly and other continents are watching? Is Ashtar filming it for us so we can see it and the guilty parties?

MARK: I can answer that. We’ll be talking about that at the top of the hour.

RAMA: Correct.

MARIETTA: Okay. We look forward to hearing the report on that.

DYANNA: Hi. I would just like to say something about the flu shot. Hi everybody. My love to everyone on the call. I had a meeting with my doctor yesterday or the day before, and I am in very good health now. I wanted to see what he would say about the swine flu, what his opinion was. He said, you don’t need it, you’re healthy. So guys, that’s a big sign. That’s right from a doctor. They know what’s going on. There is something real fishy about this swine flu thing. I noticed here in Idaho, right away, we had our first death. Now we don’t know if that was somebody who had taken the shot or whatever, but a child did die of swine flu here. So I think we have to be very careful. I think it is highly suspicious that they are giving the live virus to all of the healthcare workers and they are the ones who will be working on everybody and passing the flu on because they have received the live virus. So you know, we really have to be aware. The best thing we can do is stay in non-judgment and use the violet flame and send that out, and if people ask us, tell them what you think. So I blaze the violet fire.

MARIETTA: Well, the interesting thing is, the healthcare professionals, as we are changing the way we do some of the health things, it is interesting that they may be not as functional, and maybe some of our more alternative things [people] may be stepping to the forefront because they will have not taken the shot.

SHARON/MT SHASTA: Exactly, very interesting. Well, just going to watch this, ladies and gentlemen, and raise the violet fire. That’s all we can do.

UNKNOWN FEMALE: As far as the swine flu, like my son. How can he/we/they avoid the shots/vaccinations?

RAMA: Just say no. I have heard about people in the military that have refused. They have sent them home and they have gotten a discharge of let’s say, dubious circumstances, because they know the virus will kill you.

UNKNOWN FEMALE: Well, I know they just gave a lot of shots earlier this week and so I think it’s already been done to a lot without even knowing what it was. They didn’t tell them what they were getting.

RAMA: We must raise the violet fire as Morning Star just said.

LINDA/LA: I thought I heard either from Mother Sekhmet or from Ashtar or even from Rama a couple of weeks back that all of the swine flu serums had been neutralized. There really wasn’t any danger unless I’m way off base.

RAMA: I did say that and yes we have heard…..

UNKNOWN MALE CALLER: People are dying from this.

TARA: Let me make a comment. Every possibility of higher energies always supersedes lower energies, so it has an effect, especially when someone is in a belief system that it does. So for you, it would be very wise to know that, and as one is able to perfect the higher frequency in them, they cannot be harmed, and that’s where we have responsibility once we know how to do that, to pass that on, and that there are both hand[s] situations going on when there is a shift as being said, hitting the fan. And all the belief systems are being shattered in the illusion.

UNKNOWN MALE CALLER: Has this been neutralized or not?

TARA: The answer is…..

MANY CALLERS: Yes, we ask for it every day.

TARA: By agreement of the higher self of everyone, it is done and available for everyone, and the recommendation is to not get the shot for the reason that it shocks a person into making a choice, and when you make a choice….

(UNKNOWN MALE CALLER continues to be disrespectful and disruptive even though he is asked various times to be courteous and follow “passing the talking stick” procedures by the moderator. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but no one has the right to be abusive and inflict their opinion on everyone else by disrupting every person who has the talking stick. Express the same courtesy that you are given to express yours. Caller continues to rant and rave so everyone was eventually muted.)


MARK: We will start off.  First of all, we would like to say, we would invite everyone to listen to not only what Rama and Tara said earlier that came from the King of Egypt and others, but listen to what Ashtar has said tonight on some of these subjects. And the one word I would like to say all night through our portion of this, listen to the word DISSOLVE. This will become more and more important starting on October 4th which is already past. That means we are already in and on a new timeline where everything that was on the old timeline is being dissolved. That should cause a lot of thinking. That should cause a lot of meditation, and it should cause a lot of shift in understanding that anything that is not part of the new timeline is being dissolved NOW. With that preface, I would like to give a Faction 3 update on the October 4th Moon Operation, and also a preview of what is going to happen tomorrow night on the 9th, that’s Friday night, on the 9th, on the next Moon Operation which is a joint operation. First of all, in order to get the latest word, not only of what happened on October 4th, but what is going to happen tomorrow, we went into meditation and contacted Ashtar and this is what he had to say. First of all, here is what WE asked him.

[MARK/BETH] We have been hearing reports that a rocket would be launched to collide with the moon on Friday, 10/9/09. Some reporters out there say we will be bombing the moon crater and following that, we will have a second photo flight to pick up ice. They are saying that we will be looking for signs of water on the moon. You have told us, Ashtar, in an earlier message, that almost all of this is misinformation. Please, will you again inform us of the true details of those phases of this Operation? Thank you.

ashtar2[ASHTAR] Greetings, I AM Ashtar. As I have said before, NASA is now working with the Galactic Federation. Did you hear what I said? NASA and the Galactic Federation are partners. There is no bomb. There is no rocket. There are no explosives. Our Team from the Galactic Federation will be disassembling an Orion Dark Energy Outpost on the dark side of the moon. In an earlier Op on October 4th, we said we had disassembled a science lab of the Zeta Reticulans, where hybrids were being produced. [Mark inserts: These are tanks with embryos in them involving human and Zeta genetic experiments]. The hybrid cellular division and growth of new life was taking place inside the lab at the moon. [Mark inserts: That was taken care of on October 4th. Now, the Orion Outpost on the dark side on the moon under the domes, and this is all out on the Internet, was a Command Center from which many dark hat Ops took place]. This was built on the dark side of the moon, and there have been pictures of it on that are out there on the internet. We will dissolve this place and that will destroy computer systems, communications, harbors, points of entry, and meeting places. This is something from the old timeline which cannot go forward. [Mark inserts: We are on a new timeline now and everything that does not agree with the new timeline will be dissolved]. This significantly and permanently takes out the areas of operation which gave the dark hats a hidden place to carry out crimes against humanity. You will be able to see, with a telescope [Mark inserts: better than the naked eye], tomorrow night, the light explosion when the dissolution takes place.

There has been a description of a second vessel following behind to take “ice samples”. That is complete disinformation. The second vessel will gather and contain the particles, removing them safely from the atmosphere. Last night, the President asked everyone to follow in the footsteps of Galileo and look up into the sky. Many still have their telescopes out and will witness the dissolution tomorrow night. The negative press makes it more fun to watch the controversial “bombing” of the moon. Later we will reveal clear imagery showing exactly what happened and the cooperation of NASA working together with the Galactic Federation. Salut!
~ Ashtar

MARK: That is why one of the reasons why Barack Obama keynoted 135 countries involved of the astronomy development. This is a refocusing of people on the sky. That was no accident. 135 countries including NASA and all of the agencies involved. You know anything of that magnitude cost a lot of money, takes a lot of coordination and it’s not scheduled except in perfection. This is just before, right after, the first October 4th event and now, just before the October 9th event where everybody has their telescopes out there, and most of them are still out there because they are focusing now on specific things. We have something visible going on. This is concrete evidence. Something visible going on, on the moon. Exactly what it is, is yet to be publicly revealed. We are doing that here now. So there will be a light explosion. That’s not explosives, that’s from dissolving that. It destroys the computer networks and the other equipment mentioned, so that is what you will see.

That [message] was as of late this afternoon directly from Ashtar. In addition to this, Lisa Renee put out a wonderful piece, as she always does, today or rather in her October message, and one of the subjects involved was spiritual marriages in no time. We did a little extract of that, because everyone now is taking an interest in soul mates and twin flames and in decloakings. Ships that will have these beings on [them], and also that will [interference] and we thought it would be good to ask Metatron to give us some wise information on that subject. So anyway, I wanted to give you just a little bit of what of Lisa Renee said. Just a paragraph of her words before we get into what Metatron had to say about that, because this is so important to every one of us. We are all involved, one way or another, in these partnerships and unions. So here’s what Lisa says:

Spiritual Marriages in No Time

New Unions are being formed in the context of this new energetic reality platform of which I do not have suitable words yet to describe. Mostly in the context of complete devotion to planetary service [Mark inserts: That is a very important statement “complete devotion to planetary service”], these couplings are forming to join [together to create] collective power. There is a pattern of “arranged” spiritual marriages that are being formed in some space of “No Time”. [Mark inserts: That means not in the past and not in the future]. Many of them are happening before even actual physical contact, where one or both parties are either contacted by guides or given explicit details about who or what is their next partner. These unions in particular are trans-dimensional and placed inside an alchemical container outside of this time matrix. This is very new template of “genetic equals” of which I understand very little, however, it seems that this would be the next natural progression with the masculine energies shifting at this time. They are still hard to translate physically into this dimension, however, it is like the divine union template beyond any karmic entanglement, negative form projection, or bound inside “time”.

[Mark inserts: So this is in “no time”. Outside of that, where spiritual agreement is made between parties.]

I have asked all the questions: Is this a soul-mate, divine ray, divine twin, sacred union marriage? I was given the answer no, these are Spiritual Marriages in No Time (quote and unquote). There seems to be an exacting future time these meetings or couplings need to merge together to accomplish a mutual agreement. In some cases the future child has been the one to inform the couple of their intended marriage arrangement. In any case, these relationships are extremely difficult to tread in this physical plane, as these energies are intense, alchemical and can create easy delusion. [Mark inserts: Because of the power there]. Be very clear, non-attached and as realistic as possible. It’s easy to project fantasies, or an illusion of perfection on this partner. No one is perfect, and there will be emotional work and personal effort to make these relationships [become] flourishing and balanced. These are the first wave of transdimensional relationship templates, (No Time, connected through 13th Gateway), so this group will be anchoring this on the earth plane.

MARK: I wanted to give you that quote because we have a lot of respect for Lisa Renee and she is one of the pioneer progressive visionaries and channels dealing with things that aren’t here yet that are coming. And working with all of these new grids. So now, we wanted to talk about what Metatron had to say because we asked him these same questions and he said:

metatron[Metatron] About Spiritual Marriages and the 13th Gateway. The 13th Gateway is the opening between the 12th and 13th Dimension. Above the 13th is a place without form. In the 12th Dimension and below, as we go deeper and deeper into density, we are talking about strictly physical relationships.

The definition of Spiritual Marriage here is:  two closely related Souls working together in a Partnership, toward a Common Goal. This does not always mean Twin Flames. [Mark inserts: or even Twin Souls or any other label]. Often these two are not Twin Flames. [Mark inserts: or any of those things]. At times their goals will take a long-term effort. Other times these are short term goals leading to “What’s Next”. This may be two attorneys working together to pass a new law. It may be two scientists working together to find a cure. It may be two people coming together at the school to make things better for the students. In some cases once the goal is met, the two in the partnership seek out new partners. In other cases, the partnership lasts for years. So this whole idea of Spiritual Marriage means [Mark inserts: especially on Terra Nova], that now individuals are charting their actions based on heart-anchored love of humanity. This new wave of multidimensional template is when two come together to carry out a plan put into place long ago, to help in Earth’s ascension. These action steps have been planned a very long time ago, in every detail. Still, each one is always a potential possibility. Not every Spiritual Marriage will take place. We ask you be open in your heart to this potential. Ask and Allow your work to continue through partnerships.

Some reading this will want to think about this in a romantic way. Earth society has for a long time put many attachments to the word marriage, some positive, some negative. When you meet your Soul Partner in No Time, and agree to work together on a project benefiting All That Is, it usually does not include a romantic partnership. There will be a test for those finding this partnership to not become involved romantically. This test opens the heart and prepares one for meeting their Twin Flame. As we enter into these close relationships, and improve the people and the world around us, it increases our joy significantly. We have been programmed to falsely think of this as love. These exercises pull us away from the old dualistic pattern and into a balanced partnership together. This is a test of thinking of the individual as their true Spirit form instead of their physical body form. These tests have us looking past appearances, and see the Partner in front of us as part [of], a member of, our Spirit Family. In doing this, we begin to know more about ourselves. It is a tool in enlightenment to grow us in serving others. In doing this, we prepare to meet, in the physical, with our Twin Flames. Avoid falling into the trap of seeing your Family as a lover. As we step on to the new timeline, we will no longer confuse feelings of joy and bliss as romantic love. Ground in stretching your talents and gifts and sharing with others through these partnerships.

MARK: As we are doing here on Stargate Roundtable and Galactic Roundtable and other venues. So after hearing that from Metatron, and [the] discussion on what Lisa had to say and his comments on all of that, I was thinking about it, so this is my question/statement to Metatron.

Mark Comments on Metatron’s statements: At the heart of each and all of the 200 million species on Earth is love, infinite love. This love wants to see the diversity matured into higher, more inclusive levels, including all the formats: winged, crawlers, two-legged. We transcend these limiting barriers. All here are Star Seeds who will return to their Worlds at the point of Ascension. What will remain here is those affinity collectives of Souls that have been involved in this experiment since the beginning. And are here voluntarily, able to hold a template here until the Template of the 13 can come in and for a multi-Galactic world working together. There is love between us all doing that, because we resonate with the goal, the purpose, and resonance. As we integrate more into our resonance, we are miniature worlds unfolding in our own Beings. As we gather within ourselves, between ourselves and among ourselves, never before attempted, [a] cosmic level of understanding and appreciation [is created] which transcends Galactic relationships and moves into Universal, Omniversal, and Cosmic relationships.

The next Octave Wave on the pathway, Cosmic Ascension, not just Galactic Ascension. We accomplish this through positronic and etheric being within our Being. The Ones coded with Cosmic Codes have to go there and we have to talk about that now. Commander Ariana said on 10/4 we have brought our Cosmos Codes into the inner core of Earth, so on this timeline now, we are moving forward. We are the living Cosmos. As we expand, it will manifest that, not only on the Planet, but will go up to the 172nd Dimension computers, and will go up beyond the 352nd Dimension, up into the formless. We are headed back into the formless, Twin Flames, Twin Rays. Collectively we will set new substraights which will help implement new designs and higher principles not yet imprinted.

metatronMetatron responds:
Now everything taking place is on the new timeline. All things which do not fit in, are dissolving. Our banks, our laws, parts of the physical world, institutions, businesses, practices, are dissolving before our eyes. Millions in the U.S. are out of work as the old time line dissolves and everything on it will not come forward. To accomplish integration, leading to Planetary, Galactic, Universal, Omniversal, and Cosmic Ascension, One must dissolve old ways of solving problems. One must form new partnerships and bring forward new ideas. There will be an ease on this path of least resistance as the changes are made. It is imperative to stay above misinformation and follow Guidance from your heart. If it feels limiting, don’t move forward, it’s a clue. It means it will hold you chained to the old. Acceptance of new beliefs means stilling the chatter in the mind. It means forgiving old hurts, and it means finding the courage to believe without seeing. So many lightworkers fail to see the need to continue on the path of clearing out limiting beliefs. I, Metatron, urge you to look deep inside, and love yourself and everyone around you. Show compassion for those on a different path than yourself. Help others every time you are called to do so. Refuse to play into the fear broadcast out to you. This is what it will take to implement and integrate the necessary changes happening as we form Terra Nova. By doing this, One prepares for the coming shock and awe of our families and our Twin Flames returning to Earth and joining us here. Join in partnerships, work together, as you have agreed to do, long ago, and come to the Change Point of Ascension. End of Metatron Comments.

MARK: Well, that’s quite a message and quite a subject matter, and we will be looking at that on Tuesday and probably continuously, because as more changes come forward, no one is going to be able to say “nothing is happening, so let’s go back and try to do it the old way”. They are going to see every old way crumbling, and there is no reason whatsoever for fear, because the new way is being fully worked out in detail, fully supported in every aspect. All we have to do is let go and accept the new, and we will be as Metatron said tonight, we will be on a path of ease. We will find our path lubricated, shall we say, with joy and with love and with peace, and it will transcend any limiting notions of those things. Because every one of those has been misused and abused and turned into something other than what it was. So this is all good news, folks. Very, very good news. So Beth, are you on now and what do you have to say?

BETH: Hi. Yes I am. I was glad you delivered that message. I think it’s incredible. The new information that is coming through and it sounded great, and I didn’t get into the call earlier so I figured you talked about the Ashtar message as well.

MARK: That is correct. Yes we did. We talked about his review of what was done on October 1st, 4th and what is going to be done tomorrow. Encouraging everybody to look with the eyes now informed by Ashtar of what is going on there. If Kauila is on line now, he can come on and share what he has to say.

KAUILA: Yes, hello there everyone from the beautiful state of Indiana. Home of Stargate Marietta and I’m at Stargate McDonalds right now. I did want to share, some of you may know, that I have been sort of been moved to take trips to this land they call the magical, mystical mainland of the United States. That is what we call it in Hawaii, but there [are] a lot of reasons for this trip and most of it I don’t know because it hasn’t been revealed yet. However, what has happened is, I left Hawaii yesterday, and yesterday flew from Honolulu overnight to the place called Houston, and Houston is the airport there. I was gone about 4 hours and this airport is known as the IAH. I think that means International Airport Houston, but it is commonly known as the George Herbert Walker Bush Airport. One thing I have noticed:  all the way through the trip is being flashed in the face with all of the old-kind-of-box disciplines. For example, just looking at, oh blah blah blah, just a normal day, blah blah blah and we are you know, you see that, we hear it. I sat right next to a beautiful lady, a wonderful older lady, who was explaining her life and complaining about this and about that. But it was just that, and several other things that were just like right in my face. Right in the face, and I’m finding in many, many cases, this is what is happening from anything from the old box. Like when Mark was explaining Lisa Renee’s post and so forth. Anything of the old is just being brought up and it’s being dissolved away. It was like, all this happened in my own case, [I] was just seeing it come alive, and I’m not saying this is the way it’s supposed to be, no it’s not, it’s not supposed to be, because we are on the new timeline. But just seeing that and not resisting and just relaxing and enjoying the flight and enjoying the beauty, everything about that experience.

Now when I reached this morning at 9:30, I reached the Houston Airport, I was struck by several things. The first thing I noticed that there were several, I noticed quite a few people talking on the phone or talking with each other. There was like these conversations where there was some type of confrontation or conflict or something. It was like it was breaking up, or maybe there was a possibility that I don’t agree with you, and this and that. I noticed that very often. The other thing that happened, I knew I was there for a very, some energy clearing or whatever reason. What I noticed at the airport as I took the train from one section to another, I was trying to get an earlier flight instead of having to wait 4 hours. I knew if it worked, it worked. If it didn’t, I knew it wasn’t meant to happen. So I took the train to one terminal to another. As I took the train, I looked out and I could see that there were actually quite a few, you might call them, many vortexes, many gateways that were trying to expand.

They were depressed in some way, they look suppressed. It looked like the energy was low. The energy was very low to the ground and really wasn’t going anywhere. They were just sort of sideways and moving about. As we went through, I really didn’t do anything, but I could just see these energies being freed and released by these new energies. Most of them I believe were like, maybe pink golden platinum colors, [and]  as they fell through this vision, I saw them loosen up. There was this swirling around so the energies were started to free up, and it was at that point I was moved to move on. When I got to one of the [terminals], I’m not sure which, because I had to come back to another terminal because I couldn’t get the earlier flight, I came back to the C terminal, and low and behold I walked past this little alcove, about a 20 foot alcove, that had a statute of George Herbert Walker Bush in the middle of it. I didn’t go inside. There’s pictures/photographs of his life with Barbara and all the other family, but I did not go in. I could not go in. What I was there to do apparently was to call in the pink platinum pyramids which came down from the ceiling. Like a whole bunch of them, small ones. They came down into that alcove and started filling them up. These are pyramids, they don’t have soft points, they have sharp points. So they came in and the energy was all moving around, and eventually the statute of George Herbert Walker Bush was goodbye. What happened was, this whole thing was filled up with pink platinum that formed into a pink heart. That is all I could see, a pink heart which used to contain George Herbert Walker Bush’s statute, and that happened one more time as I was walking a little bit farther. There was a store that was devoted to, I’m sure many people’s favorite channel, I’m joking, but it was the Fox News Store, [and] I said, I can’t believe it, there is a Fox News Store? But again, I could not go in. But again, I called in the pink platinum pyramids and exactly the same thing happened. So after the pink heart was formed in the Fox News Store, then my flight came up quickly and I was gone. It was just, I have to tell you, I had to get out because the next time I come back in 3 or 4 weeks, there will be another viewing of this beautiful airport that perhaps is being prepared for its new function. A new International Planetary Intergalactic Station, so I mean, this was just astounding. So that’s kind of my report and I’m here in McDonalds, and just I guess clearing stuff here, but I had to charge the phone. After this, I will start going again to Stargate Marietta’s, but I hope that I brought a little bit of joy and excitement to some people to see this happening at the former George Herbert Walker Bush’s Airport.


ROXY: I just got an email from a friend and she said a Gary Nawl is going to challenge the FDA and is taking them to court against the H1N1 vaccine and they are going to try to stop the vaccinations. That is going to happen tomorrow. I didn’t know if anyone else got that email, but I just got it.

KENNY/FL: I would like to know, my daughter, she has good credit and the bank stopped giving her anymore money on the credit card. Does that have something to do with NESARA? Is it getting closer? She has good credit and they just cancelled her card.. They just did it. Does anybody know anything about it?

MARIETTA: I heard something about the fact that several of these, ’cause they are merging with Chase, there are unusual things going on. Who else has heard something about this?

PAT: I have heard something. Chase Bank bought Washington Mutual. That was phased in months ago. From what I’ve read, what they are doing with the credit cards has something to do with their lack of being compliant with Basil II. They don’t have the money on hand to balance the credit card stuff so their money is [inaudible]. It’s not just on credit cards, that’s why people can’t get house loans that prior could. It doesn’t have anything to do with people and their credit, it has to do with the banks and their fluidity and their lack of compliance with Basil II.

I wanted to also ask the other lady about the swine flu. There is a federal judge in New Jersey that has made a injunction against anyone forcing anyone to take any vaccinations. Right now, it is a temporary injunction until they look at it closer, but basically [inaudible] but you would know who he is. I understand that the judge who signed the order that basically purports anyone to take any vaccination is a violation of several articles of the Constitution.

ROBIN/CO: Is Rama still around by any chance?

RAMA: I am here.

ROBIN/CO: Rama, I would like to really know what is going on with the G20. You know, Alex Jones is putting out all these fear things about the New World Order and all. Can you tell us what is really going on with the G20?

RAMA: What is going on with the G20 and the whole story has to do with the fact the 13 families are absolutely bankrupt. They have nothing, nothing, nothing. They have tried to bargain with St. Germain in a sense, playing a shell game and they have nothing to barter with. You can’t buy a planet based on your good faith when you’ve destroyed others, and that, you know, we are a hair’s breath away from the total disclosure of Galactic presence which has been here for trillions of years long before they even began to record a form of stories. The original stories were in a language called So Lex Mall which was a pictographic language telepathy colored light and sound. I’m not going on a tangent. What I’m saying is that Alex Jones has put out a lot of misinformation/disinformation based on the fact that he does not speak of Ashtar or Sananda or St. Germain. He only speaks in terms of the Galactics as the Nephilim or the Nephilim as Lady Master Morning Star taught us the word.

TARA: The pronunciation of the word.

RAMA: Yes. These were the Elohim. The Elohi never fell from grace. This story is about the Elohim falling from grace and mating with the sons and daughters of man, and actually genetically hybridizing sometimes angelic DNA with human DNA with insect DNA with reptillian DNA, Pleiadian, Lyrian, Sirian, Vegan, Andromedan, Zeta Reticulan. I mean, I can go on and on with the different species. It is over. These guys, the GOP in Exile, have only their fear card, and I will rephrase the understanding that yes, do not even touch the vaccine. Don’t even go there. Yes, it has been neutralized by the forces of light, per Ashtar’s word.


[Invocation of Mother Sekhmet]

TARA: We ask at this time, higher understanding for all the love we can hold and more than we can ever imagine possible, and that we have the gift of surrender in our hearts to a higher way of being with the openness of the power of positive thought. We thank you, Mother and Metatron, Michael and Melchizedek and Maitreya. Oh I got a 5th M in there didn’t I? I got 5 musketeers now. I guess the order of Melchizedek would be all of us of that which is called the Motherland returning home to love. Thank you, Mother, for helping us along the way, and is the Fat Lady singing yet?

MS: Greetings wondrous beings of love and joy, peace and wisdom, light of course. We are in the very final seconds, if you will, of the disclosure of what is occurring on your world where we can finally sit down with you with our tail. Give this body [Rama] a break and he can interact with all of us and pass the talking stick and we don’t have to talk funny like this anymore.

TARA: Well, I thought that was your normal voice Mother.

MS: Yes.

TARA: Well, you can come and use it with your own rental unit I guess.

MS: Of course. We will just stop, reduce our size, so we don’t freak anyone out.

TARA: We don’t bump into the ceiling, eh Mother?

MS: Yes. It is that we are humble and gracious in the sense that you have asked us, as many throughout this local universe, to come and bring an awareness of other times, other places, and how we can get through to humanity in all its forms. What is happening right now, we are on that very edge of Full Disclosure as Dr. Greer and everyone is talking about. Who will it be? MSNBC, PBS, CNN? Don’t know. Might even be Free Speech TV that will announce our presence. Would not want to guess, yet we know Bill Gates, Phil Donahue, Rosie O’Donnell and Keith all have a role to play with MSNBC. It has to do with the five corporations being taken down. All of your structures that have been based in a phantom economy, a phantom idea of who God/Goddess All that Is, is. Got to start at the beginning where we ALL are sons and daughters of the most High. We are creator suns , physical suns at the level in which co-creation is what we do with electrical energy. No accident, Mr. Richard, talking about the electricity right now. Static electricity is how we communicate as physical suns. There are many websites out there [where] you can listen to the sounds of the planets. The sounds of the rings of Saturn. The energy of the sun, the winds on Mercury. Can feel the breeze through the forest on Neptune. Incredible place.

What is happening is, all the stories [are] being revealed that you were fed a line of crap about the fact of who you really are. As small, weak, light folks or all the colors in the sense, no pun intended. You are creator Gods. Always have been, always will be. These ideas of separation/limitation of what is occurring in your world [are gone]. We would say that the GOP in Exile tried to create more and more [fear] based on information about what is really occurring on your world. Only in the sense, a real biological place, is these sons and daughters of the most High chose to put on the dark hats. That is the real plague on this planet, and it is being neutralized, if not already dissolved, as the man over here said. The Commander. That is what is happening.

All of that dark energy being dissolved into liquid light/liquid gold, and we are using it to reconstitute itself into new universes as those that chose not to come back to love. They take themselves out with their own energy thought forms. As more and more stress is created in the body, it creates the conflict and they just go poof, bye-bye. It is only in the place of the understanding you choose love. It is the understanding where else to go? Logical choice. What has occurred, everyone moving at the speed of light now, and the particles moving so quickly, you are feeling the waves of what Mr. Ron Gold spoke of as in 20 days, things moving quicker, quicker as you approach 2012.

Going to be amazed how fast things move in the sense of we are ONE, and we can sit with you with that cup of tea as you have been told. It is we, humble and gracious, in the sense of thank you for what you have done. You tear the veil of thunder in terms of how you all are waking up to the mission. There are more that are aware of our presence on your planet that is being said. We can safely say maybe even 95% [in] USA know of our presence of some sort, yet it is [a] momentary glitch until Mr. Bassett or others announce our presence in the understanding that we have always been here. You have always been here. We have to dismantle the fabrication of how we interact with each other, with mutual understanding and cooperation, in how we form the 33rd planet which joins the Confederation of Worlds. You are moving in that direction so swiftly. Already the Councils of 12 are being orchestrated into manifestation.

TARA: I was going to say, Mother, Barack Obama and his family and these other folks had an afternoon where they were looking through the telescope on the White House lawn at the stars. I mean I thought that was a great way for him to introduce the idea of expanding your consciousness and learning more than you know right now.

MS: And who’s to say, that serendipity suddenly ushered in star shows. Maybe it’s not a shooting star.

TARA: Yeah. Well, something would be very much, everybody would recognize that it’s something that is not a shooting star, it is not an airplane, it is what it is, and fully decloaking and stepping on the White House lawn with everybody else.

MS: We would reiterate the words of Quatoo in the movie the World Stood Still. “Your world, if you can keep it, is in deep peril, how you decide to make it so. It is done.”

TARA: Believe in the magic and it is so.. Seek the knowledge, the higher knowledge.

MS: Yes. You have the power, with love. It is like the stories, the legends. It is all here. All the kingdoms are in cooperation with Godman/Godwoman. This is why it is so imperative we understand how we do this with love rather than the seeds of discontent, war, racism, hatred. Does not serve us. Does not serve you. We have to say, it is being neutralized on all levels. All the energies that have misqualified for eons of time. Yes, Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, even them, are going to get the wakeup call of their lives when they have to realize the God understanding is a different reality, in the sense that God is not in a tangible form that is a man, a woman. It is an energy force like your physical sun Sol. A circle within the circle of life resides all life. These are the sacred symbols of creation that began this story. It is in that language we speak. It is called So Lex Mall. Very simple telepathic language with symbols, colors, sounds, vibrations. Not like what we are speaking, like now.

[Mother tones for awhile]

MARIETTA: Okay, I think at the beginning there, Tara, you had a question you wanted to ask Mother. Would you like to do that?

TARA: Oh let’s see. I think it was Mark.

MARK: Yes. That had to do with the subject of photographs and things about the operation, and in Ashtar’s message to Beth myself tonight, he said that the Galactics will be taking very high quality, very clear pictures of all of this along with very clear explanations of everything that has happened and is happening, so there will be no hanky-panky or cover-up of what actually is going on here.

MS: We would concur that all of that will be shared with the populace on the planet. Has to do with how Full Disclosure occurs, in the sense that we cannot seriously buy the issues of the misqualified energy of what Fox is putting out. Yet every now and then, Shepherd Smith, he’s the only one..

TARA: Yeah. He’s the White Knight in the midst of the vipers there.

MS: Yes. Every now and then, they open up about the Galactics.

MARIETTA: One of the questions that was sent in, people would like to know a little bit more about Joe Biden. What his role is. Is he really a good guy? How much can he say? Is he to bring up a lot of this stuff in the past? Could you comment on Joe Biden?

MS: Joe Biden voted for a fake war. Congress never declared war. He is guilty of war crimes.

TARA: He also passed the orders from the Black Pope representative. In 2003, he passed the orders to do the 9/11 event onto George Tenet and the CIA. He’s going to have to answer to that.

MS: We can just say that Mr. Joe Biden will have to answer just like Mr. Bush, Jr., Mr. Cheney for what has occurred called High Treason on all the levels. How we praise, respect, thank and love the subsequent actions is how we ascend as loving beings with that reality in our understanding, if you will. How do you love a war criminal? Bring in him back to wholeness? What if it was one of us? It is indeed. It is that place where Ho’oponopono. Whatever I may have done throughout eons of time, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. It is that place in which we must go, and it filters out on all levels.

MARK: Mother, could I ask you a question?

MS: Yes.

MARK: And I would ask this of Marietta also and everyone out there. In the last several days, there seems to be a pronounced, I mean a significant, very noticeable increase in the number of integrative dreams about other timelines and other fragments of self that are surfacing in very powerful ways to help, well, myself, I can speak for myself in particular, clear and embrace. Just like what you were talking about with Ho’oponopono. Elements that are so wonderful and could not stand on their own on other timelines because they are only fragments, but integrated within our greater self, they are a joyful and very valuable precious to me, inclusion. Could you comment on this?

MS: The synchronicity of this has to do with the veil being lifted now and you are removing your own veil. Only in the sense, remembering all the pieces of the story, as you put all your particles back together that were fragmented. As that heals on all levels, everyone gets to know all the family in the soul family, including Twin Flames, so that we’ll get to look each other in the eye and say, welcome, well met.

MARK: Thank you Mother.


ANGELSUE: Oh Mother. I was yearning for the toning and having all of you do that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That was a thrill.

TARA: That was beautiful, thank you.

ANGELSUE: Perfect timing as always. All right, I’m finished. Thank you.

TARA: Aloha, thank you very much Angel Sue. Thank you Mother.

MS: Yes.

MARIETTA: Is there anything else that would be helpful for people to practice, Mother? What can we do? Who should we listen to? Several people have asked this. People are doing psychic readings, attempting to bring through information, and a lot of it is conflicting. Can you give people some guidance as far as how to discern? I know everybody needs to do it for themselves, what’s right for them. But there are several questions about how do we know what to believe, or how do we know discernment, how can we develop discernment? So can you give people some helpful hints about that?

MS: We can share with you the understanding that as you are watching, let’s say, Amy [Goodman], and the stories that are being told on Democracy Now, and you will resonate with the truth and sometimes it is the ugly truth that war is not pretty. And if for 7 days the world would get to see what Amy shows every single day, there would never be another war on your planet, ever. We would have say, you are witnessing what is opposing that viewpoint coming from the liars, as your media is controlled by five corporations or less. All of the ……..[banisters? barristers? bankers?] that got out of the boring game of just doing banking, and got into gambling casinos, throwing out all of the checks and balances of how you do business.

We have to say, what resonates in your heart in these most tumultuous times. Remember, feel with your heart. It is think with your heart, feel with your head, and feel that place in your awareness that: does this make you have many orgasms in your heart? or does it make you want to jump in a hole and hide. That is what you want to think about. If the news coming from Mr. Shawn Hannity or Rush [Limbaugh] makes you want to pick up a shotgun and do something not so nice, we would just say, it is the place in which you must understand, these guys, the only heart they have is fear. They are so afraid of themselves and us in the sense they have built monuments of darkness. In the sense of what we would do to them. In the sense of that anger that has been brewing since your teabag Town Hall meetings. The ideas that you would wear automatic weapons to a Town Hall meeting with a President who wants to speak about universal healthcare. Where is the idea of safety awareness?

The misunderstandings of what you might be hearing out there resonates with the place in which the ones that are pumping this are so afraid of themselves, and what may have occurred in the sense of not forgiving self for whatever may have been done throughout any given number of lifetimes. In an instant, it can be resolved by loving it, in loving presence. It is what the Captain, the Admiral, would do. In that sense, we would take less [inaudible]. For instance, Madeleine Albright, yet they are criminals. We would take them in, put them in bed, give them some warm soup, sing them a song, let them feel a moment of incredible wisdom, love, forgiveness. It is how we heal that last dragon inside self. If we could find the song of Gotar for you to hear, you would hear how a dragon gets healed by his own loving presence. It is that understanding in which what we could say, not to go off on a tangent, Marietta Robert, wanted to just share the fact [of] the misunderstanding, misinformation, what to believe. You got to trust your heart. It is coming from a most unlikely source, and if it feels like it makes your heart tingle with orgasmic joy, it is okay. If it makes you want to mourn and feel as if you want to cash in your chips, slit your throat, it is not of the highest order and you put it in the trash, push delete.

MARIETTA: What I’m hearing you say also, it is important for people to ask to have guidance, to ask to go on the ships, to ask for healing, to ask for all of these things, knowing that these things are possible. Getting rid of some of the fear. We are speaking about the experiences that you are all having. The dreams. So when you are retiring, taking some quiet time, we’ve heard Mother mention many times, ask, ask, ask and you receive. So we remind you that that may be one of the things. Sometimes we go into a blank space and just be there, but remembering that it is possible to make a request.

MS: Yes. And we would just say, on the level in which what you want to believe, and what not to believe, as you watch the commentators of your various media or your elected officials or unelected or usurps. Don’t know what to use as the word, only that your ship of state as been usurped by fear, and it is now being replaced with love, and it is no accident this man, the Moorish African man, only in the sense, [is here], interesting that would be of the nature in which change comes about. Yet we do need change. It is about changing self. That’s how we do that. That [inaudible] to create change within self made all of this happen. Like Mr. David Wilcock said, the random number generators all lined up. That was not done by us. It was done by energies of itself. The Metaclurians if you will. The Force. It said, it is time for peace NOW. It is the time for peace, so make it be. No overrides. Everything else.

As peace is declared, NESARA announced, we show up, it is the end of the story, but the beginning of the story as we show you how to be all that you already are. We just give you a little wink and a nod and a gentle help and say, try this one out. We want you to think about going from this location to that location and don’t think about how you do it, just do it. Think about where you are and then where you want to be and you’re there. How did you get there? It is just one second, next second, you are there. But you are here. It is that place, we are everywhere and nowhere. Like our beloved friend, Svami Ji said, he had to give Mr. Stalin a little visit about being here and nowhere else so that Mr. Stalin would wake up. Even this guy right here unfolding the fact he has such a crisis on his hands. Afghanistan, the place where empires go to die. This is a place of the energies of ______[Sai?]BaBa, the Buddha. It is the place in which you honor the energies of the middle path. We only say, follow the way of the Buddha. Shalom.

MELINDA HAHA: I just wanted to share that oh, between say 4:30 this morning to about 7:30, I had a lucid dream. In this dream, there was, like there were a lot of airplanes. All kinds of different airplanes across the sky. In the past when I had dreams like that, you know, my logical mind was saying we are being invaded, but when I woke up and thought about this, I just, what impressed me was this was a time of transition. There was a great change and of course the planes being in the sky had something to do with the spiritual atmosphere. The interesting thing was, I and other people were stopped alongside the road and we were looking at…. I was looking up and saying, oh look, look, look what’s happening. As I was looking up, it was like this flower similar to the way a Mum [chrysanthamum] and the flower petals go up in a cluster. This flower that was coming towards me was this beautiful dark bright, I don’t know, magenta pink, but it was a pink to lavender kind of color towards the bottom. Underneath it, the strange thing about it to me was it had something that looked like a body of [a] snail, and the way I know that it was very soft, that it was almost like a bird floating or coming towards me, but it had this flower on its back. It came and when it got close to me, it was like a butterfly. It’s a butterfly that would kind of swim close to me, and it came, and it had a body of a snail-looking, part of this being was kind of like a purplish blue, and it came and it just like stuck onto my cheek and I kind of pulled it away, and it was like a very soft body. Then I just like [inaudible] and it flew away. I just left kind of giggling and thinking it was just like something kissed me, and so that’s my dream. I thought it was very unusual, and I was thinking throughout the day, this must be some of these elementals and fairies. If anybody has anything they would like to share in commenting to that. I just woke up feeling good from it.

MS: What we can tell you, Melinda HaHa, these are wind [and] fire angels that came to kiss you on the cheek for thanking and acknowledging their presence. Energies of the wind and fire.

BOBBIE: Mother, I am so in agreement with you that now is the time for peace. So my comment and question would be:  there seems to be a lot of meetings going on concerning Afghanistan right now and the troops and all. I don’t feel good about Joe McCrystal and I certainly don’t feel good about Bob Gates. However, Obama seems to be really taking precaution and a lot of thought to this. So my question is, what is wrong with him just calling a halt and cease to this so-called war, bring those troops home, and what would be the flipside of that coin?

MS: What we can tell you about this is, like we have said, Afghanistan is the place where empires go to die. Full of star gates and it is the land of the Buddha. It is a most interesting place. Afghanistan gateway to the east, and like Mooney has talked about in his lovely messages, is about opening up the flowers of the heart and Kabir of peace. The messages of what has occurred. It is the awareness of the understanding [that] you have been fed the misqualified energy of the fact that [what] occurred on the morning of 9/11 where the elements of your U.S. government along with military rogue agents did 9/11. Did not announce NESARA. Blamed it on the Islamic world. Pre-emptive invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. Was not about oil. Was only one directive. Control the star gates. We have to just say, all of the dog and pony show being revealed.

Mr. Obama [is] dragging his feet about putting new troops in because something is about to crack. Is it our presence that will be discussed? And the very fact that as soldiers get sent over there, their real mission is disclosed once they get there, and are debriefed and are sworn to secrecy at the other end of a gun. In the sense, you will only disclose what we tell you to disclose, otherwise you will be missing a head. Because it is only about control of the star gates. Mr. McCrystal, Bob Gates, these are all war criminals tied in with the Bush/Clinton crime family that will pay for their atrocities of genocide. We will best leave that up to the best lawyer in the galaxy called Nada [Lady Master Nada]. And we would just say, how this game is done with peace in the capable hands of your Lavender Lad, beloved ascended Master St. Germain. And all of these 160, 180 countries that are waiting with baited breath for the money. Wait a little longer.  Not yours. It is the people’s.

It is about how the hat has been turned around. The people, 99% of the planet receiving what they need. The other 1% have to deal with the ramifications of Mr. Patient. Only in their concept of the thought of: so afraid of asking and getting told no and expecting a no before they even asked. That is why they are so afraid to come tell you about us. If they asked, of course, they would have been given an understanding of how things are in the universe, yet we know…. Did not mean to go on a tangent. All of this is tied in with the stories about us, fake war on terror, fake war on drugs, fake war on the money, on anything that is black [inaudible].

MARIETTA: Mother, is it the generals or those in charge of the star gates? How many of the other soldiers have learned about that or have been told or discovered it? Can you comment on that?

MS: We can say that as you are of the understanding [that] many of our military are being told one thing when they are recruited and fed stories about getting $50,000, going to college to become computer literate. Once they get over in boot camp and mind control, and sent to a war that they never chose because it is a war. It is occupation invasion. Congress never declared war. What we can say about this is the understanding in which as folks are indoctrinated in one story about the fake reality of 9/11, Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda, Taliban wants to get over there outside the confines of USA. Let’s just say, in the sense of Baghdad, anything can happen. Just like what happened to Mr. Pat Tillman when he began to speak up about 9/11 was shot in cold blood by our own U.S. military for speaking out. Others electrocuted in Taliban in route, faulty equipment in the main bases. It is also the elements of the Djinn that were not honored by entering the gate, and we have to say, all of this has to do with quite a few convoluted stories that have not been told.

If you were to ask a few soldiers that have gone over there and have come back, and say, “you want to tell me about the real mission in Afghanistan?  It’s not about oil, it’s about star gates.” You might see that guy’s eyes widen and dilate, and would not say any more. They have been told, non-disclosure. If you ever talk, you and your family, seven generations up to now will be wiped clean off the surface of this planet. This is what they are trying to do is erase the memory of what we represent. We are you, you are us. Taking the gauntlet back with love and power. Your standing army, if you will, needs to stand down. Only the war is the war in the mind because Congress never declared war. This is why Thomas Jefferson said, in the time of peace having a standing army is the atmosphere for mischief. What you got, you don’t just have Dennis the Menace, you have Mad Max beyond Thunderdome. I have 3 camels, do you have 3 gallons of water you want to trade me?

UNKNOWN: Which star gate are we talking about?

MS: We are talking about the main star gates. Al-Aqsa Mosque at the Dome of the Rock as well as the other star gates at Kabul, Kandahar, Crete. Many other places. Any star gates in the Sadr City of which Mosque to El Sadr paid Shill. So much not being told to you of the ancient city of Ur. While the ___ continent of Pangea. Long ago where the story of the Moorish people, Tamil Nadu before Pangea broke apart, simultaneous events were occurring while your Moorish people were over here. Coming forth with the technologies of the light of Merc and Lady of the Sun [from Venus] and the ships of light. Our wayward brothers and sisters of Annunaki origin were in Mesopotamia. The Rook setting up the cloning operations of Abram and the age of Uruk.

[from Mark: Uruk( …. cloning ops of Abraham and the age of Uras :
{The Awakening of the Phoenix begins where Ádam Genisiš brusquely culminates, just after the sudden disappearances of Mamítu-Nammu (Nut) and her son Sa’am-Enki-Asar (Osiris) at the time of the great battle of the Age of the Lion, almost 10,000 years ago. At this moment of our narrative, the combat conducted by the two sister souls who carried at that time the names of Aset (Isis) and Asar (Osiris), is newly troubled by the disappearance and the sorrowful mourning for one another.  The history reported by the Egyptian funerary texts and the local legends spread by the priests who did not wish news of the death of Asar (Osiris), and the true conditions of his disappearance to be known, were only pale reflections of the reality.}]

The Annunaki warloads Anu, Ninherzog, Enki, the Lost Books. It is a story, sad one, of genetic manipulation, genital mutilation and more that we would not care to discuss. Only in the sense, what you have heard Alex Collier say, the children have become a food source and now we are here to level the playing field. We come at the end and the beginning of each Yuga. We are in Sat Yuga. No more stories of war. We do this with peace. [Apologies for spelling problems.]

MARIETTA: Thanks Mother for all your comments and answering all our questions.

Transcribed by Shirley Cull and edited by Mary Sherritt


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  1. I AM ANU a desendent of the proto-historic ANU of ancient kem I am pleased with the work that’s being done by mother sekhmet as well as the ressurected moabite nation .We are on a path to become just men and womb-man made perfect after the order of Mel-chezedek .Stay focused ,fearless, and full of love.

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