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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – October 22, 2009



RAMA: Greetings all! Where to begin? I’ll just say, I’ll start with what Stephanie Miller and the Mooks were talking about this morning. Where the only thing left that these guys have, are ancient stories that they have twisted from the truth about our brothers and sisters who got lost a long time ago upon a star. It’s bigger than that because it is about Full Disclosure and it changes everything. It changes our history and herstory and how we interact with each other as beings and half a being. What I heard today was just so incredible in the sense that everything is being exposed. Dick Cheney was “indicted” as an unindicted war criminal by Ron Reagan on both MSNBC and on the radio and Tara…..

TARA: I was just watching and reading on Rachel Maddows. She is saying that the illustrious Dick Cheney is in such fine health and he is back. Then she said, then there are all the wonderful statements about how it’s good to torture in this country and then she went to a commercial. She said there is going to be a huge download of stuff tonight so we are just here.

RAMA: The way it is being described in the circles that I’ve been speaking with, and I spoke with the KOS today and he just said, all is moving forward as it should be and it has everything to do with Full Disclosure like Dr. Greer has talked about for so long. We can sit down with Ashtar and Sananda if those be the representatives that are sent to Earth. It could be Valvalarian again. I’ve heard rumors of that and the KOS didn’t tell me that. These people don’t age, they just shift forms, and take on a new form when they are tired of the old one. You know, just for a change of day, you know, change of clothes. Thom Hartmann was laying it out in lavender about universal healthcare and how people who are losing their homes are also going homeless out there. The crazy stories that are going on that are just beyond compare in the sense where they are making fun of these folks up there in Colorado. Balloon boy and such, and there are some pieces to the story that haven’t been told.

TARA: A lot of pieces.

RAMA: I have heard stories of the father of “balloon boy” and he was a serious researcher connected with CSETI. The people, James Gillian and company.

TARA: What’s that?

RAMA: Our friend Quan Yin goes up there. It’s in….

TARA: Oregon? James Gillian’s place? Elise went there too with all the folks.

RAMA: Right.

RAMA: What is being said, is that these folks are crackpots and that is not necessarily the case. You know how the media twists stories. It is in a sense, deeper than that, because this entire week they are bringing up on almost every show on the radio, different little slices about Galactic First Contact. This is so imminent, I don’t even know where to go.

TARA: Wait, wait, wait….

RAMA: Go ahead Tara.

TARA: Yeah, because [of] Barack Obama. This is important enough to just read this. This came out at 12:27 am October 21st yesterday from the Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner which means it is actually 3:27 am Pacific, 6:27 am [not evening] in New York time so it came out last night.

[Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner Article dated 10/21/09]:
“An official announcement by the Obama administration disclosing the reality of extraterrestrial life is imminent. For several months, senior administration officials have been quietly deliberating behind closed doors how much to disclose to the world about extraterrestrial life. Dissatisfaction among powerful institutions such as the U.S. Navy over the decades-long secrecy policy has given a boost to efforts to disclose the reality of extraterrestrial life and technology.

“The impending disclosure announcement follows upon the secret implementation of a year-long openness policy on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Over the period February 12-14, 2008, the United Nations held closed doors discussions where approximately 30 nations secretly agreed on a new openness policy on UFOs and extraterrestrial life in 2009. The openness policy was implemented but never publicly announced due to threats against UN diplomats not to disclose details of the secret agreement. The secret UN agreement was based on two conditions. First, UFOs would continue to appear around the world; and second, the openness policy would not lead to social unrest in liberal democracies. Both conditions have been satisfied, making it possible for the next stage to begin – official disclosure of extraterrestrial life.

“Obama’s September 24, 2009 chairing of the UN Security Council meeting on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament signaled his emerging leadership role in tackling major global issues such as nuclear weapons. The Nobel Peace Prize was an important step in giving global legitimacy to President Obama in making an extraterrestrial disclosure announcement. Obama is therefore poised to play a prominent role in the increased global governance that will be necessary after an extraterrestrial disclosure announcement. The timing would most likely coincide sometime soon after his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech on December 10, 2009 in Oslo, Norway.

There have been various sources that have revealed deliberations are underway to make an announcement concerning the existence of extraterrestrial life by the end of 2009. These include Dr. Pete Peterson, a whistleblower who has recently emerged, revealing high level discussions have taken place concerning announcing the existence of extraterrestrial life. In a Project Camelot interview, Dr. Peterson revealed that “Obama is planning to disclose the reality of ET contact by the end of the year; and that most, but not all, of the ET visitors are friendly.”

[Tara: Do you know something about him?]

[Rama: He was at the Awake and Aware Conference or maybe he was going to show up and something happened.]

[Tara: He came on after awhile I think. Yes he did. He came on after.]

Another source is David Wilcock, a prominent researcher of emerging scientific paradigms. Wilcock has been told by additional independent sources that extraterrestrial disclosure will take place by the end of 2009. He furthermore claimed in a Coast to Coast AM radio interview that “a 2-hour international TV special has already been booked that will introduce an alien species, similar to humans, to the world.”

[Tara: We already know that. These Setonians are the big ones.]

[Rama: And they are the refugees from the planet Maldek which is now the asteroid belt.]

[Tara: They were the ones that contacted Hitler and Hitler got to know how to clone a way, way, long time ago even before 1933. FDR declared bankruptcy of the United States as the Constitution for which it stands and representing the people. Then [he] placed the Nazi fascist regime called Corporate Fascist State, and then brought all these 100,000 Nazis after World War II, after dropping two nukes, when Japan was already flagging that they had surrendered before they did it [bombs]. Then designed the blueprints for 9/11 in 1946 with Nicolas Tesla’s information (stolen patents). Then we go on from there. All of that is in that Disclosure you know. This is ET disclosure time.]

In addition, popular NASA and space researcher, Richard Hoagland, has publicly come forward to reveal that the October 9, LCROSS ‘bombing’ mission of the moon discovered an ancient base at the moon’s South Pole. Reviewing the scientific data achieved by NASA’s LCROSS mission, Hoagland concluded, also on the popular late night Coast to Coast AM radio show, that “LCROSS is part of a carefully constructed campaign to prepare the populace for imminent disclosure. The President of the United States will soon announce that scientists have discovered ruins on the moon, he added. Nobody saw the LCROSS debris plume because the probes struck a building which swallowed the effects of the explosion.”

Finally, two independent and confidential sources have revealed to me that face-to-face meetings have recently occurred between U.S. military officials with one or more groups of extraterrestrial visitors. This has allegedly led to confidence being built for future cooperation with the extraterrestrials that will be formally announced to the world public either at the end of 2009, or early 2010.

In conclusion, a diverse number of sources and events point to some form of extraterrestrial disclosure being made by the end of 2009, or early 2010. Official disclosure will most likely emerge in either of two scenarios. One is that President Obama will announce the existence of extraterrestrial visitors, and describe one or more of these to the world. This scenario is supported by Peterson, Wilcock, and my own confidential sources. The second scenario is that an announcement will be made concerning the discovery of artificial structures at the moon’s South Pole, as revealed by the LCROSS mission. This scenario is supported by Hoagland.

Which ever of the above scenarios [Tara: or a combination of all] is used for announcing the existence of extraterrestrial life or technology, President Obama will figure prominently. Behind the scenes, powerful institutions are ensuring that nothing derails the planned disclosure announcement. [Tara: Called the White Knights Military, the U.S. Military including at the 38th level, the Ashtar Command, everybody.] The disclosure will follow upon a year of greater government openness on UFOs in accord with a policy secretly developed at the United Nations. [Tara: being disclosed] If extraterrestrial disclosure does occur at the end of 2009 or early 2010, President Obama will lead an unprecedented effort to promote global governance through the United Nations. The Obama administration and its supporters are poised to take a bold step forward in helping our planet [Tara: now listen carefully] become an interplanetary [Tara: galactic] culture that openly deals with the challenges posed by extraterrestrial life. [Tara: to be developed at hand].

RAMA: I just want to say, if that would occur, as this is occurring, the Captain or the Admiral or the Lavender Lad have not told me who is going to be the spokesperson for the Ashtar Command or who may be the representatives. I’m going out on a limb here, but the neighboring folks across this solar system, across this galaxy, I would say the Venusians, could be the Uranians, could be the Jupiterians, could even be the Vulcans. This is no joke. These are real races out there. Gene Roddenberry just wasn’t pulling things out of thin air. He used to come to Giant Rock and listen to George Van Castle and many of the other early channellers. Gene Roddenberry and his wife who played Diane Troy’s mother, all have had UFO experiences or Galactic First Contact. That’s how this story in the ’60s began to change the ideas of how people thought about different races or cultures. If you notice in the first series, all the different races [were] represented, and I don’t mean to use that word, I mean the different cultures, that might be a better word. It moved on to even alien races or cultures. As we learn how to interact with each other with mutual respect, peace and understanding, we become the 33rd member of the Confederation of Worlds.

TARA: I wanted to say that also right now this is being dovetailed. Remember on October 12th, Barack Obama gave a talk? Oh no, it was a Friday event on October 9th….. [interruption]. Let me just say, look out for financial interests of ordinary Americans, he spoke on Friday about this and to be able to, and this is very important, enforce these new rules across the board. That’s why the Galactics are coming because they are going to be the peace officers that will see to it that the enforcement of everything that needs to be done is done on Earth as it is in Heaven. It’s called the sovereign militia forces, 16 million strong Galactics and 4 million White Knights on the ground.

Today, and we will go over this tomorrow, as soon as this happened, today, Michael Moore’s action plan, 15 things that every American can do right now. You’ve seen the movie, now it is time to act. Thursday, October 22nd.

Dear Friends, This is the first question I’m constantly asked after people see my movie. Okay, so now what can we do? What can I do? You want something to do? Well, you’ve come to the right place because I have 15 things you and I can do right now to fight back and try to fix this very broken system. We’ll go over those tomorrow. I’m just showing you, that there are organizations referred to, to make sure this job gets done. This is what we are seeing. God Bless Us All, it is happening everyone.

RAMA: It is happening.


SHIRLEY: Poof puts out a report every Sunday, but he put one out this evening. It is just one paragraph so I wanted to read it and then have Tara and Rama make a comment about it. It is just one paragraph and it’s today.

POOF October 22: I understand the world went to commodity-based currency officially yesterday and the US was going today. Ok, so this is like the setup for deliveries, as when people start accessing they will be doing so into the new banking system. Also just learned as of 10-19-09 the world is no longer accepting FRNs [Federal Reserve Notes]. We must pay in gold bullion until the new currency is engaged. Expecting deliveries to begin about any moment now. Some recent receivers of their docs [documents] were told in their letters they’d have access by the 28th [of October] which means our deliveries would have occurred because we are the key to them being able to access.

SHIRLEY: You know, he doesn’t usually put something out during the week, but that’s…..I mean, if it is true, is a pretty important message so I just wanted to share that.

RAMA: I would just like to respond with reservations in the sense that I would just say that what Casper and Poof say is coming from Faction 2, Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate members.

TARA: They are not members, they are interlopers.

RAMA: They are in bed with them.

TARA; They are not in bed with them, they are controlled by them.

RAMA: Part of that is true. Yes, we are on a commodities-based currency and it could even be gold-backed, yet no one has discussed this. I asked Thom Hartmann off the air this morning, are we on a currency that is commodities-based such as gold or silver? [Interrupted]. What I heard from Thom’s mouth and he just said this. You know, he said it to me over the phone, it wasn’t on the air. He said, what you are discussing, I cannot go any further with because it is involving a process that is ongoing right now. That is as much as I can say without getting myself and my wife hurt. You know, I just said, okay, thank you Commander, Namaste and he was cool. That is as much of it, as far as I can go with it, Shirley. The other part about deliveries, no deliveries until after NESARA is declared and announced, the Galactic presence is declared and announced, Peace is declared and announced, then and only then do packages go out. That is the rules per the KOS.

TARA: Yes, there will never be deliveries according to Casper so that is to just know that. Whatever he is noting, he is being told what to say and that is that and just note what it is. Remain neutral and just know, and this is the rule of law, arrests take place first and then NESARA is enacted as law. In other words, it has been law by Clinton’s signature on October 10, 2000, and the Congress in an undisclosed gathering called by St. Germain, being met with getting aboard the starship of the KOS. Being surrounded by the White Knights and you might say, that they knew that they were disarmed in that sense. They didn’t have guns like what the Ashtar Command had and they were in that undisclosed location. At that point, they voted 100%, every last one of them, for NESARA to become law. They knew better and that is what the rule of law is.

It has to go by those procedures. Because we have the Galactic Ashtar Command as members and you know, that’s oftentimes why others don’t even recognize Ashtar or Sananda at all. I am telling you that the Sirians don’t, and that, for whatever reason, has to do with that we are aware that the Pleiadians, which is the Ashtar Command comes with the Pleiadians. That they have a special dispensation by Mother, Michael, Metatron and Maitreya. Lord Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ, is on the ground right now in a physical body as the 10th incarnation of Krishna, literally. He is in the south of Pakistan, and he has been spoken about coming here for a long time and he has been here for a long time and now it is all coming to pass.

I want to make one more comment, that in 2010, the Avatar we knew as Sai Baba will call Congress over there in Persantimillion, and the world leaders will be meeting there to do what Barack Obama is talking about here, to literally be capable right here, right now, [of] implementing what we just read. That Barack Obama is going to make this a world [an] interplanetary galactic civilization and it will operate from the U.N. From the U.N., the delegates will travel together from the world to Persantimillion to do the next step.

SHERYL/Mt. Shasta: There is a new series starting on November 3rd and it’s called “The Visitor.” Is this a series to scare the population or to make them aware that something is about to happen?

RAMA: Well, if you remember back in the 80s, there was a series called “V The Visitors” and it was about this lady Dianna who was a Reptilian and her group of craft who were actually exiles from their home world. This is a remake of this series called “V The Visitors.” It is not pretty and it is not speaking of the light. It is an invasion fleet and that is not where Obama or the Galactic Confederation of Worlds is going.

TARA: And that also has to do with what was said here about the ETs, that almost all of them [are friendly], yet there are some that are not friendly. There you go. The Ashtar Command will completely override these guys because they do not have anything close to what they have [Ashtar]. They are millions and billions of years in advance of these guys’ technology even what they do have.

JILL: I came across the most obscure, incredible article about an hour ago and I would really like to just share the highlights of it and if we think we like it, I will share the rest of it tomorrow night. If you would be so kind. This is entitled “Obama, A Mushaba Warrior of Light and Love.” It is written by this Grand Master of Martial Arts which he has held that title since 1984. He is also a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and featured in the documentary film “Warrior Within.” He goes on to say, I’m looking at this and saying holy cow, but he just goes on to say with the highlights. That everybody is talking about Obama right at the moment as being very harsh lately, angry if you will, using his own words. But in fact, his feet are firmly planted into who he is and what he is now. This has now happened and Obama is taking things to another level of engagement. President Barack Obama is a Mushaba Warrior of Light and Love. Obama is preparing to make some very important bold and mind-blowing moves in a public way that will tear the fabric of lies and deceit to shreds. He will tell it like it is and he will reveal some very well kept secrets that will shock the American people into disbelief. Obama will introduce in time coming, some of the extraterrestrial people that he has been in contact with since his presidency. Obama was pushed and pushed until he knew it was time to unleash the Mushaba Warrior that he is. I want the American people to be prepared at a moment’s notice that great change is near and there will be upheavals and there will be shakeups everywhere in the world. The Mushaba Warrior is on the warpath of Light and Love and he is wielding the sword of Mushaba Truth everywhere he goes. The information that has been secreted away and hidden in the Vatican basement about the Mushaba people will soon come to light and be shared with the entire world. Mushaba is a highly evolved civilization in the Pleiades Star System of the Seven Sisters. Obama will be seen soon by all the world as just a man [who] is working for the forces of Light and Love. He was trained on planet Mushaba, his home, which is his point of origin before he went to Sirius. I can read more tomorrow night if you guys are interested, but I was just thinking holy toledo, was that ever a powerful article!

MARIETTA: Where did you find that article?

JILL: Where did I find it? I found it at www.mushabacenter.com. That is a little bit difficult to read off of, but this came off a forum. I think what I would like to do and I can ask Mark when he comes on, I can email it to Mark and maybe he can post it on the forum. It would be a very hard link to give you over the phone, but that is where it came from. But their quote also is, when you speak Mushaba, every atom of all living things trembles with the fullness of your light. So there we are, and then I also found another one that talks about the being that has overlighted Obama as well. So let me get these together and I will send them to Mark and we’ll see about getting them up on the forums so everybody can read them. I mean, this knocked me off my chair.

MARIETTA: Thank you for sharing that. I had the Mushaba information as well so I am glad you found that.

BIGWILL/TX: Rama, you had mentioned about several of the ETs and not good ETs. My question is, is there a listing or will Mark have a listing of all the ETs in our solar system or beyond our solar system? Is it possible for you to list them so we have it out there on the website?

RAMA: Thank you, Big Will. I will just say that it is in the understanding that these beings, they are not part of the Confederation of Worlds. They will not, in a sense, be able to participate in the involvement of Earth as the 33rd member of the Confederation of Worlds. It just simply won’t happen. They will be placed elsewhere and they will be taken under arrest by the intergalactic forces, to put it in a nice way. I hope that answers you.

BIGWILL/TX: Marietta Roberts, I want to know too what Rama has said. Rama said that the bad ETs will be arrested, but what I wanted to emphasize, will there be a listing of all the ETS and can they put them on Mark’s website so they will be there for me, all the ETs?

MARIETTA: But when you think abut how many there are, it could be a very long list so I’m not sure if they will be able to do all of it. I mean we are learning a lot as we are going, so I’m sure…. The other thing is, what about tuning into your higher self and inner knowing and you’ll know if it is good energy or not. You are all advancing very well and are learning and trusting yourself is a very important thing. Sometimes we [ask] questions that we already know the answers [to] if we just tune in. I encourage all of you to honor your own knowing and allow your higher self and your inner knowing to come through when you need to have an answer.

TARA: Big Will. This would never do for a list like that. Remember, we are ending time as we know it, and you are going to the telepathic state, and that is what the energies that they have been pouring into us all over through the portals on this planet since 1987 has always been about. When you reconnect with your true origins and remember there is not one single living soul on this planet including the group souls of all the animals that did not come from the galaxies before they got here. So nobody is from Earth. We are all galactic humans. We happen to be a part of the Ashtar Command called the ground crew and what we are doing is going without this linear stuff anymore. No more lists. This is the training that is here right now. You go there and you deal with your inner knowing, and this is on a mass conscious basis. No excuses. No one is ever going back to not knowing. As a matter of fact, the truth is, there is no one on this planet that hasn’t known. Everyone has knowingness. What we are doing is uncovering the traumas, [and] that unblocks ourselves from knowing that.

AHALIA/MASS: You had mentioned earlier about the Sirians not recognizing the Ashtar Command. I didn’t hear the rest of that. Could you elaborate a little bit on that?

TARA: The Sirians were in the Orion war, and those who came to the planet Earth have trauma from that war and they don’t remember Ashtar and they really don’t even remember Sananda Kumara literally, they don’t remember these things. That is all inclusive and that was for good reason too, because those who were engaged in the Orion war, meaning the Sirians who came here, they are responsible for things [so] they needed to come here with their galactic memories uncovering it for themselves, and take the action that they know they are and remember they are members of the Ashtar Command. That will come as they are, you know, able to and/or as it is revealed to everyone at the same time. In the meantime, that’s the explanation for the moment because there are many more entailments.

DARRYL: Someone mentioned that Nobel Drew Ali had taken back the land mass and I was wondering if that could be elaborated on?

TARA: In 1928, Nobel Drew Ali already did that and he did that by taking a mandate with him from Turtle Island, USA, representing the Moorish nation of all of Turtle Island. He went to a conference of the Americas and it was held in Havana, Cuba and he represented like I said, all of Turtle Island with this mandate. What they called the Secretary of State Hughes went down there to represent the United States Corporation, and the mandate was granted by the entirety of those present from all of the Americas. That means the land was given back to the Moors before all of the rest of this is history, and the story that we have been rounding these guys up for doing. So the land is, by his doing, Nobel Drew Ali, that is the prophet. He is a true prophet and he also prophesized that it could be as long as 70 years before the people themselves would be free to pick up. And Moorism is not static. That means no matter what color skin, understanding the Moorish religion is a religion of the divine Mother which is the Law of One that we all call from Mother. We came from Mother’s womb. No one else is here. In other words, the entire world’s people, no matter what color, creed or culture are Moorish people, and that is what is going to happen with the announcement of the presence of the Galactics, and we are really in that simultaneous moment right now.

TRANSCRIBER SHIRLEY: Would it be possible to know the other 32 members of the Confederation of Worlds?

RAMA: I do actually have a place on the Internet where you can find this. I will go and find it first and then I’ll tell you all the website tomorrow.

TARA: Very good question, thank you.

RAMA: It is an actual linear map. I think they have a picture of it. I have to make sure the website is right so I don’t want to say it and make a mistake. To be continued….


MARK: Well, let’s start off with Ashtar. We went there late this afternoon, a matter of fact, a half hour before the call, so this is the latest information from him. This is Ashtar speaking:

ashtar2ASHTAR: Greetings. This is Ashtar. Now that we are seeing evidence, even on television, that major changes are underway, be assured, the time is near. I ask you – are you ready? Are you prepared? Have you cleared your house, your business, your mind and your heart? Have you sent Ho’oponopono to yourself and to all the situations needing healing? If you have not, do so now! There is much to come which will bring the relief, the change and love you have so greatly desired, for such a long time. Each person will have a Counselor who will know your entire Soul record, and be able to help you into your new life and your Mission in the best way possible for you. The Best Way Possible? Is it not true, when things are clear and healed, it brings with it more potential possibilities? If you are dragging your wagon behind you, does it not close off potential possibilities? Believe me, these are the final moments. The article mentioning President Obama taking a global role is in alignment with the truth. Dr. Peterson, Richard Hoagland, and David Wilcock, all mentioned here, have been given the go-ahead to reveal the truth, as everything is coming to light now. It is time. Welcome to the new timeline! Many of you listening to this are more excited that this is the time for change point, than ever before. I ask you, are you prepared? I request of you: Be Prepared! Follow your heart, you know what to do. Thank you for following through with what we always said would not be easy. Your family is here, and reunions are now. Salut! Ashtar.

MARK: That is a pretty powerful message. He didn’t mince any words. He did restate the things that Rama and Tara told you earlier. He did restate and mention the meetings with the president and the cabinet, and that senior officials have been steadily planning the best way to reveal this. Now he told you three names of those who have been given the go ahead to reveal more. He said the same thing to each of us. Be prepared. The KOS added, listen, listen, listen. Listen within. Don’t listen to the [inaudible] out there of other people’s opinions because as decloakings occur, you will be able to hear an inner voice coming from your own inner divine self telling you, it is now. Here is your upgrade. Follow the instructions exactly and do it now. It may only be open your heart, be grounded and hold the light so that the people who don’t know, that the shock can be absorbed as they are given much more than normally they would ever have a chance to get in one gulp.

It will all be loving. There will be absolutely no rackafrat involved. If that is what you get, then that is what you do. You may simply get the message, go outside and look up and open your heart because your heart is probably going to blow open and you are not the only one. Almost everyone on the planet is going to experience that same thing at the same time in every country around this planet, because as we have said, there will be many millions, yea trillions, of ships and each one will have members of your family aboard. And I don’t mean somebody else’s family; I mean your family. Your genealogy. That which brought you here for which you volunteered. That is what you will be hearing and then you will be also finding out that as the ships, within 10 days afterwards, start landing in waves, guess who will come forward? You will be told exactly where to go. You will be told exactly who you are going to meet and exactly what you are to do, which is basically open your heart and recognize your own family, because your heart will tell you absolutely this is your family and no one else’s.

It will tell you that perhaps the person walking off that ship right directly towards you is your Twin Flame. I kid you not. These are scenarios. Of course you are not prepared, if you have not been asking for that, then you won’t be asked to come forward and meet them. So nobody’s dignity, nobody is being demeaned here, nobody is being pushed. That is why they said, listen. Pay attention to what you hear and if you take your mission upgrade, you will get the knowledge, or rather I should say the remembrance, [that] you yourself agreed to before you ever came in, and it will be creating so much joy in your heart when you hear it that you will hardly be able to stand, because you will really recognize then that all the waiting is over. All your doubts and uncertainties are over. Well, as we say, let the good times roll.

Now, we have a second part tonight that also Ashtar, the KOS and Metatron asked us to do. On Sunday, we did 4 hours with 2 hours from us and 2 hours of Q&As on the material of “Going Home.” You understand as the days and moments increase right now, you are going to hear more and more of this, and the reason is, is because it’s your family coming here and they are here, and now pretty soon you are going to see them in your skies and you are the one who is going to be the expert because your heart will tell you the truth, and that is all you have to do, to speak your truth when others come to you for help, because some will be in shock and just won’t know what to do, but their heart will be open so you won’t have a problem because they will be listening very intently. Very intently indeed, maybe for the first time ever in your life, and you will know exactly what to say because you’ve been listening and as you listen, guess what? The veil of forgetting will be lifted and you will remember who you are and what that mission is that you have been itching to do for so long.

So tonight, we are doing the final one of a series on our solar system which included the other planets, but we left out one and that is the planet of Saturn. This is where Lady Master Nada, there is where the Solar Tribunal meets and it is a very important one. I get to meet my Father Ra at this location so it is a pretty exciting one for me too. Lady Master Nada’s Twin Flame, the KOS, was there. Lord Kuthumi, Ashtar, Mother Sekhmet, Alcyone, Metatron, Neptha El Ra, Archangel Michael and [his Twin Flame] Faith and another fellow sitting right beside me here, Rama and St. Germain were with us. So we will let Kuthumi tell you a little bit about going home to Saturn.

kuthumiKUTHUMI: What is going on on Saturn? Rings are changing. Can you tell us anything about Saturn’s Shift? The changes on Saturn being observed by imaging vessels launched on Earth, are different from what is happening on Higher Dimensional Saturn where the Solar Tribunal is located. Saturn continues to Ascend, as do all the Planets, in the Milky Way Galaxy, holographically. As Earth ascends, and massive changes come into play, be assured, large changes are happening all over this Galaxy. What affects The One affects the All. Saturn, right now, is expanding. The rings around Saturn are consciousness in form. They represent walking through the Gateway of Creation. Saturn is the Gateway of Creation. Each Planet has its role in the Galaxy, and Saturn is the Birth Place of Life. Those who come here, do so to experience creativity and love. Saturn will now invite those from Earth to come out of body to investigate and co-create from our Gateway here, back to life on Earth. This is done by invoking the Co-Creative Force to flow through its origin on Saturn, to your heart and out into your World. Any may come here now to participate this way. The Rings on Saturn are changing and that is an indication that Saturn is expanding, growing, and may now accommodate all the new Souls awakening on Earth to Create More. Saturn’s Soul Service is facilitating Creation from Source. ~Kuthumi

MARK: That was the end of Kuthumi’s message and now begins the KOS.

kosKOS: Anomaly bubble: Quite a few different time-coded bubbles to be synced in with our Ascension. Good and not quite ready – positive Soul record – just kinda sleepy. Seemingly late starters-will suddenly wake up almost completely. The setting will be vastly more supportive. Everyone gets half a step shot – lifetimes of work will be accomplished in a heart beat.

MARK/BETH: Please tell us more about this?

KOS: Everything in All That Is has intelligence. Every thought and feeling anywhere effects everything else. Fear begets fear. Love begets love. Saturn is a focal point for thoughts to come into form. The mind-heart connection is born here. It would resemble, to those on Earth, a large computer. It would seem like something from the Matrix movie, something mechanical and cold. It is not like that, but describing it other ways at this time have limitations. The Silent Watcher is a Council of Lords, each with their own Higher Presence. They extract their conclusions from data drawn from an enormous system of sentient computers. This is tracked by all of the Intergalactic Ships. [Mark: By the way, that comes from 172D down to Shamballa where the KOS receives his information and also sends it back out to the ships so it is a complete circuit]. Saturn is, in a metaphorical sense, a hard copy of All That Is. [Mark: Pretty big job.] Everything that has been created, in All That Is, is recorded here. The libraries here hold the stuffed zip drives. Saturn is a Capital City in the sense of the place where the documents are kept that the Laws are written. It is here where the high Councils join to deliberate. Saturn holds the Solar Tribunal. The balance of law and order in the Universe is decided and enforced from Saturn. The anomaly bubble helps in making sure that all who want a chance to continue on this timeline, who are good and slightly sleepy, are allowed the chance, as is their birthright, under Divine Law. There is a cutoff point where everything which is incongruous mercifully returns to Light to again become a part of Creation. Saturn is the birthplace of Creation. It is the ordering of Creation which requires the review and the enforcement of Universal Laws. It is born from the deepest love and compassion that we monitor and weigh these things here. ~KOS

MARK: Now I mentioned that question to him [KOS] about the Anomaly bubbles. These are like islands that are like bubbles, but they move at different rates and in different time streams and yet they are all part of the ONE. So if someone is a little sleepy and needs a little more time to assimilate the information of all the changes taking place, the Anomaly bubbles allow for that to happen. Yet, they can still join us for the final Ascension party. That’s a wonderful thing because everybody gets exactly what they need at the rate they can absorb it. Beth, would you like to come forward and speak for Lady Master Nada?

BETH: We also asked Lady Master Nada a question. Has all the adjudication already been heard on Saturn? No more probation. The timelines are getting collapsed and erased. In the sequential flow, when is zero point? Now or 2012? An often avoided subject…

LADY MASTER NADA: The cases on Earth of the dark hats, being reviewed, case by case, from Saturn IS now complete. We must not move forward on Earth with arrests and announcements until the precise right moment. If we did, there would be irreversible unintended consequences. When the arrests and announcements take place, everybody may be assured, it has proceeded as it should, the Planet has returned Back to Love. For far too long, the misrepresentations have kept women and men of Earth asleep. Waking up is a delicate process and it is being handled with great care. There can be no missteps now. We are in the final seconds of time, before the Truth is revealed. Bless You, as you send more love and beam the light. Zero Point, when all things come together, merging into complete Oneness, electromagnetic and ionic balance is now. There is no need to wait, no reason to believe it is in the future. Every day you will notice more and more evidence of this. You will see decloakings of Ships, you will see your Galactic Family in their true form. You will see instant healings. You will see people around the world all believing in the Race of One. You will feel and know we are at the Zero Point Now. ~Lady Master Nada

MARK: Would you continue with the KOS message?

BETH: KOS added a comment and he said:

kosKOS: Saturn is a place of Creativity and Great Love. I will take you to the Temple now, where Ra’s Staff with the crystal is housed. The Temple of Ra on Saturn has a vast walkway leading up to the Temple, with massive gigantic columns and it reminds me of the Karnack Temple Complex near Luxor, Egypt. The Guardians at the Temple of Ra are fierce looking saber tooth tigers. They block the path as we approach the Temple opening.

KOS ceremoniously requests our Party to be allowed to enter the Temple, with Ra’s permission, and we are allowed to pass. Once inside we see the monks and priests who work here, guarding Ra’s Staff. This Staff, which is gold, has an ankh at the top. I see the All Seeing Eye of Ra. One may move forward here, and there are rings of light; it is an opening to a Vortex; One may step into it and Co-Create with All That Is. It is through the merkaba body, with 13 chakras, and the crystalline electromagnetic ionic physical etheric body, one enters here. All construction and destruction is housed here and may be experienced. One must not enter until prepared to do so. It is not a guarantee of a good experience. It requires a pure heart and when I focused on the crystal, I can see it is a Gateway of Creation.

BETH: The next person we see coming towards us is Ra. Mark, would you like to read that part?

MARK: Thank you Beth. It is a special pleasure to read your Father’s statement. Ashtar and Rama have that experience too. Anyway, we asked, The rod of Ra, what is its purpose now? It is like an extension of his power? Is it a focusing lens? Here is Ra’s answer:

RA: Those who come to this Temple, and are prepared, may enter here and Co-Create a new world. The only limitation is your imagination. Be careful what you ask for, this is a very powerful creation point. Only the prepared, entering with mind-heart connection, fully anchored in Love, pure of heart, will enter the Temple. Please, Mark and Beth, the Sun Star 4, enter the Creation Portal with me now.

MARK: As we do this, we meet the Eagle Command.

THE EAGLE COMMAND: We of the Eagle Command represent Saturn on Earth. We soar above and keep an Eagle’s Eye on the horizon. We symbolize the One Race and the United States takes this as their symbol, as do many other nations on Earth. We work with you in creating a New World of Peace. You will meet us now, in our true form, as the Galactic Family returns to join their Family on Earth and our continuous presence is acknowledged. We act as one of the Galactic Protective Forces on Earth with our origins on Saturn.

COMMANDER ARIANA FROM ANDROMEDA: It was the Andromedan Mothership which helped AA Michael and Ashtar gather up the Reptilians during the A-Team Ops. We brought them back to Saturn to go through this portal and return to Light to become New Creation. ~Ariana

BETH: I would like to add another part when we were visiting Ra. He took us through an exercise, do you mind if I read that part?

MARK: Yes of course, that was an important one.

BETH: When Ra takes us into the Creation Portal, Mark and I and our Twin Flames are holding hands and Ra brings into the center of us, into that circle, Earth in a merkaba. We see Earth, there, spinning in the center of our circle. Ra asked us to bring the love of Archangel Michael into our hearts, and then project it out into the Earth before us. We did this and we waited until the energy had built up strongly in our hearts, and the glow of love went into the Earth. Ra tells us, it will continue to spin in suspended animation as it ascends and it will manifest love going out to Earth continuously from this sacred place. We see all the places in Earth where there is war, or pain of any kind. Ra tells us, this exercise we have done, beams love and light continuously to Earth as she continues to go through changes now.

A couple of days after this, then Mark and I went for another journey. When we got to this other place, we looked around to see who was here. We saw that the Lord of Sirius, Lord Arcturus, and Dr. Lorphan had joined us. They bring the suspended Earth, which we left at Saturn, to receive love, constantly, pouring and projected from our heart, infused with Lord Michael’s loving energy. They bring this same Earth, which is receiving this in suspended animation, as a constant beam, into our gathering. They place it there and we stand around it and hold hands. The three of them take Lord Michael’s love energy into their hearts, combine it with theirs, as we had, and then send healing energy to everyone who needs it on Earth. Every person, every flower, tree, animal, down to every cell and atom on the Earth. Now this Earth spins receiving Michael’s love energy, healing energy, and Source love, to prepare for the changes coming now.

MARK: Well, I was thinking of what was said then at the time about how it looked after this process of sending love to the Earth. It looks like the Earth is covered in flowers, all part of the One, a Large Flower. It stalk is leaning toward the Spiritual Sun, towards the Light. All the Watchers are watching the new buds open. All of these flowers are the Children of Ra. All of these are echoes of the Mother and Father of God. We are all seeing it together and it is time. There has never been a more delicate work than is now. Too much and it doesn’t emerge, too little and it doesn’t grow. As the Seed breaks through the soil, so it can find its place in the sun, it is watered only with a fine mist. The effects of even a fine mist are so strong. With everything you do, you hold your breath, because it is affecting every flower. Each much be given a chance to take hold and grow up towards the Sun. Each one reaches, and they are all reaching toward each other, whether they know it or not. When we get done, there will only be one flower and it will be exquisite.

After we visited this, we asked tonight [of] Ashtar if he would help us craft a very short but visual meditation that we could do with everyone on the call who was willing that would simulate what we did there. Beth, I would like to ask you to lead that meditation now, if you will. It is very easy so anyone can do it. It is very simple and yet it is very powerful. We experienced it.

BETH: Thank you everyone for joining us in a brief meditation. If you can center and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths. It is very powerful what we are doing together with our thoughts. If you desire, please join us now in meditation, to raise the love and light of Gaia, Mother Earth.

SunStar Meditation: Allow yourself to relax and imagine the blue Earth spinning just in front of you. Join hands with all the listeners of this call. Form a circle around Earth. Now please bring in the Blue Flame of Archangel Michael, bring it in to the center of your heart. Allow Michael’s Blue Flame to circle around in your heart center and build the love and light inside your heart. Feel Michael’s heart flame mixing with Source Love, and Your spark of the Divine, inside your heart. See this love and light projecting out from your heart and emanating to Earth. She is spinning around in front of you and this love and light is going out from each and every one of you. She is receiving your love and your light, from your heart core. We can all see, coming from Earth, areas where there is fighting, areas where there is suffering and pain. These rise up from Earth and are absorbed and dissolved by the love and light going out from each of us. The Blue Flame, from AA Michael, flows through your heart, to the Earth, dissolving anything not congruent with love. We co-create our consensus reality of a World of Peace and the reunion of all our Galactic Brothers and Sisters of the light joining in love.

BETH: Thank you everybody.

MARK: And so it is done.

TARA: For seven generations on to now.

MARK: Beth, did we have a short, brief message from Kauila?

BETH: Yes.

MARK: Okay. Do you want to share that?

BETH: I would be happy to. We have heard from Kauila from Peru today and we would love to share this message with you.

KAUILA: We have finished a final piece that was not completed at the sacred ruins site here above Cusco, last night. We are now set to go to Quo Island this weekend. Much preparation is required and I can tell you it will be astounding operation.

It is unlikely I could describe how well this group works, and has been working together for years to get to this point. Four of us will go to Quo for a completion piece again that was not able to be completed at the Equinox, because the team needed completion with the 4th person, namely, me. I have bought some clothes and been given some clothes just for this trip. It is very cold at night on Quo, maybe -20 F, but warm in the day.

It is a multi-step process to go from here to Quo, and I can tell you, no one else except these three here could arrange this. I am a key part of the mission, and I am the fourth required ingredient.

You may ask all to hold this operation/mission in the Blue light of the New Solar Disc, of the Earth Terra Nova.

You may share this with the group.

Aloha, Kau’ila

MARK: Okay, well thank you, Beth. That is our report from the A-Team here and one member of our group who joined the three other members of the Andromedan team, the 3 Kumaras now with a 4th Kumara, Kauila, and they will complete a process there that, if I may say so, started a thousand years ago and was not able to be completed until now. So this is a very soul-warming experience for them for the first time to be together again in the physical and to go at the heart of the heart of the Earth Mother’s portal on Quo Island and to complete their work. We know it is already successful and that it will be a transformative experience for our brother, Kauila and the 3 Kumaras, so we wish them all the best of luck.

TARA: I wanted to say something about Barack Obama because it was a thousand years ago when Barack Obama stepped onto the planet to prepare for the mission he is doing right now and lead us. He was Arkbar the Great in India, a Mogul King. In that lifetime, he was overshadowed by Lord El Morya which means he knows exactly how to lead. In Avalon, Arthur was also overshadowed by El Morya and Arthur knew how to lead and he didn’t die in that time either.

MARK: Well, I will add one final thing. It is sort of a self promotion. We have had many, many questions on our website and personally from so many people saying, oh, you are talking about going home and you are talking about these different places. Can you please help us with the timeline to help us understand the cosmology, the galactic history of the pertinent events, so we took our heart in our hands and went to Ashtar and Metatron and they said, we will be happy to help you with this project. We’ll start off and we will add pieces to it and hopefully, this may or may not happen, we may through a transformative experience this weekend our self, so who knows what next week will bring. But we would expect on Tuesday, if at all possible, we will deliver whatever, however much of this, and we will also draw on Tara and Rama’s experience and Mother Sekhmet’s experience to add and correct errors that we include even though we are talking to original participants in their own timelines by the name known at that time. We are time-traveling and jump-shifting to these locations to actually ask these questions, and we are learning something very important from this, because we were also involved. So be aware that next Tuesday, we may have another special program that will help everyone here to see a little more by description and feel the players involved and how we got here. Maybe starting 65 million years ago. Thank you very much.

MARIETTA: So Mark, you will be on Talkshoe on Tuesday and then Beth’s program is on Wednesday?

MARK: That is the program.

BETH: All that information is on www.galacticroundtable.com.


TARA: We ask at this time Mother, Michael, Metatron, Maitreya for diplomatic immunity in our civilization’s development in a way in which it will be the most blissful, wonderful, ecstatic experience for everyone including to the best of their ability to receive, those who are being made accountable. The connecting now of the world with our Galactic brothers and sisters, to be able to be so knowing in the hearts of all the people, that there will be no doubt left. We have been ONE and have always been, and we can be so glad that now we can renew our place in the wisdom of the ages, and thank you Mother for guiding us through this labyrinth, and I thank you.

MS: Greetings children of Ra. Indeed we are in these final few seconds of, remember something out there awhile back, it was called the promise. In the sense that when you came in, you read the fine print, knew fully well how the [inaudible] was going to do and the Maya Matrix to the point where, do you know who your father is? Your mother? Could they be replicates? It is in that sense, how through the veil go? Now, no more veil. We get to see you, you get to see us and we finish this.

It is about First Contact and we do this with love. Now is the time for peace. We are all Warrior Goddess Energy. Alcyone and ourselves included. It is in that sense that out of that chaos the order of the universe comes. It is that mixture of matter/anti-matter and back again. It is what you all are made of and this reality, this construct as Amorphous would call it. It is in a sense being shaken to its very foundation with what will be revealed in the next few seconds of your time as well as cosmic time. Things are approaching that point where our timelines will converge and you will see us, we will see you and it will not be about the story called “The Visitors” where you are a snack. Not happening. Cancelled that movie.

We come in peace and now is the time for peace. This is why the stories that are being told about everything except us. Even to the point where, a 6-year-old being involved in the mixture of the fake news and it is high time we would say that someone of the five corporations out there take a bold move and do what is suggested in the movie “Network.” Stand up and yell out the window, I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. I want universal healthcare now and a free planet. Free of war, free of anything other than love.

It is happening at such a level in which that is the word from WE THE PEOPLE on this planet, and it far outweighs the voices of the few who are that 1% that think they can buy a planet on credit. The architect doesn’t take credit. Cash only. Gold-plated platinum please. It is in the reality of what is unfolding here. You are being given the opportunity to make part of this story a reality by sharing the understanding [that] we all made a conscious choice to be alive, awake and aware at this time. No accidents. The soul groups that are listening and going beyond what you would call this conference. Circles upon circles upon circles. Triangles upon triangles of energies and things do move in the magnetic frequency of 3, 6, 9 and so on. It is how you create the sacred geometry that which makes up your pyramidal structures. What you are in the geometry.

All of this will begin to be revealed. In the sense as the Lavender Lad and the others, might be just the ones to break the news. We aren’t going to let that cat out of the bag. We’ll leave that up to the Sirian Commander. He is quite capable of letting it out himself, who will be joining him on the stage. We will only leave that to him, his wife and their children. It is in the understanding that we are all part of this, yet coming from him, makes it a little different as if it were. We would just say, all of this has to do with how that which was determined called power without love, now takes a back seat in neutrality, if you will, metaphorically speaking, get carried off to the Hague to stand trial. First there, then Dracos for what they have done. Even on Dracos, they have declared amnesty for all of their kin, and it still stands in that sense that according to Draconian law on their world, home world, they will be dealt with according to their laws. We will help in the transport of these intergalactic war criminals to their home worlds. Of what you understand, first and foremost, arrests. As you understand the process and how all of this fits together. Funny structures made of glass two miles high on your Moon and nobody knows it?

TARA: And they are artificial structures which means they were made by somebody.

MS: Who has the joke on whom here?

TARA: Who made them Mother, which group?

MARK: Orions.

MS: Yes. We concur.

TARA: Beings from the Orion war?

MS: Has to do with control without love.

TARA: In other words, another bunch of reptiles from Orion who tried to deal with controlling the Moon?

MS: There were many cultures that got involved with the conflict. Funny it straightened itself out as we are witnessing the new timelines. Yet, the small rebel band that is still staying, in terms of your fake Moons, it is that which has to be dealt with that seemingly is holding on with a hair’s breath. And we can truly say, they are hanging on by a hair, yet it is one of superman’s hairs. Very soon, superman will return and cut that hair with magic scissors. Bye-bye.

TARA: With love, yes Mother?

MS: Yes.

TARA: Let me ask a question before everybody because I want to get the bigger story. The Mushaba civilization consider their home in the universe of Nebadon, Pleiades, yet that is not where we came from. Before that, we came from Andromeda as it is the opposite of the galaxy here. So not only did the home of all these beings be multiplicitious in terms of periods before periods before periods. This galaxy was what everybody was concerned about. Not just from Earth, not just from our solar system, from all of the other super universes. Seven super universes. That is why the law of 7 is so important. All those areas of those rays as Beth and Mark have been giving us instruction. That twin rays represent the Elders of all of the different galactic star nations, and those are one of the 144,000, and that is a frequency.

There are those of us from the Ashtar Command that volunteered as galactic beings to have a human experience and to actually be able to be members of the ground crew, and that doesn’t make them have more advantage at all. Because it makes us have the advantage, and the reason for that is because we volunteered to do the mission, and that means it gave us the opportunity to have this human experience. There are still so many beings that want in on this experience right now. The baby boom never stopped everybody.

MS: No it didn’t. It spite of the GOP in Exile going rogue. It will not go over.

MARK: Mother, since that subject came up. When we went to visit Jupiter, we were told there that now because of all the changes in the consciousness of the Earth, and all of its citizens that have passed a critical mass point and [it] was accelerating now at light speed and beyond, that the new children from Jupiter would be coming in. Can you tell us anything about what they bring in?

MS: Yes. They bring in the ancient stories of Syria which is part of the stories of our ancient Uruk, Iraq, Baghdad and the Asuras in India. These were known as some of the demi-gods, yet they were also part of our wayward children from Nibiru. Men and women, godmen/godwomen, had wings just like Angels yet they were superhuman. You might also call them like the X-Men. The one named Angel. It is part of the reality. No jokes in the movies. In reality. It is part of you waking up to your galactic heritage mixed in with the angelic DNA and then some. What a story and it started out with Arty on your TV. Need to complete the story instead of talking about the Angelic presence here and Archangelic which you are integrated with. In the sense, all the kingdoms are coming home. Back to center stage where we all have a voice and we don’t have to hide in the tall grass anymore because of what we look like.

MARK: Mother, since you mentioned. Thank you for the information on those new children who are ready now and coming in to the Earth, and I wanted to ask you about Arty. Was Arty 12th dimensional?

MS: Yes. Could walk through walls.

MARK: And from where?

TARA: From Uranus, Mother?

MS: Yes.

TARA: Okay. That means that is a very, very big way for a race of beings from Uranus to come and bring a necessary interventive change with what was going on with the Grand Experiment. Remember, 450 billion years ago, the experiment began with us because we were all part of the Mushaba back then. And we said okay, we got to have some volunteers here. Who wants to have a human experience for how many lifetimes? Okay, here you go and we wrote our agreement, and those who made the Botiesofic Vow agreed to come if it takes a billion lifetimes, if it takes a trillion lifetimes. To come and remain the Botiesafa until the first shall be last and that’s what we are doing with these rug rats up there in power, and the last shall be first which is WE THE PEOPLE again are going home, and it is happening now.

MS: It is happening now in the sense that your, this one who volunteered to be of a mixed race if you want to use that word. Culture.

TARA: No ethnicity. I looked it up in the dictionary.

MS: Ethnicity. Very good. The Green Tara knows all, sees all.

TARA: Ditto, Mother. Whatever you know, I know and we are all knowing it better now.

MS: It is in the sense the Eye of Ra sees all, and it is no accident when you were speaking about the Rod of Ra. Another name for it called the Staff of Ra. It is if you remember the movie “Indiana Jones” and the Arc, the Staff of Ra in the Temple, and you watched the sunbeam come through the Staff of Ra. It is exactly how things work and this is no accident. Spielberg, Lucas and all the stories got to be told. R2D2, C-3PO, we have protocol droids on New Jerusalem that make C-3PO look like a mechanic from the 30s. Only making bad jokes, but it is the understanding how do you introduce us? We are coming 10-15 million years in advance of your present cultures and technologies to help you upgrade, where in a sense, you are closer to Arty than you are to us. We are taking a quantum leap here by shifting the DNA that is in a sense the extra added dispensation here. It is what is happening on an exponential level that the dark did not expect. [That] all of Earth would wake up at this time, was part of the key integration of the crystalline core. They did not expect this. We commend you, A-Team! [laughter]


MARIETTA: The subject is being raised [re] the 2 or 3 deaths at the sweat lodges that James Ray was involved in, in the Sedona area. Could you shed some light what really happened there? Maybe the purpose or maybe give us some insight.

TARA: Who was it?

MARK: Jim Ray. James Ray from Arizona. He allowed 60 people to go in a sweat lodge when nobody ever allows 60 people to go through a sweat lodge, but he is not taking any responsibility whatsoever. He has come out with a public statement even that says, well, in memory of those people, the best thing I can do is continue the business.

MS: We have to just say, what we know about this story is there are more pieces to it that have not yet been told, and it has to do on a bigger scale with other energies. Other than Mr. Jim.

TARA: What happened with Mr. Jim?

MARIETTA: James Ray was one of the people in the movie “The Secret” that James Ray was in and some of the others. Evidently, he was involved in the sweat lodge, but a number of people have come out and said, they weren’t doing it as a healing in the same manner that of course the Native Americans were taught to do it. There is a lot of stuff that is yet hidden, and that is why we were asking if Mother could inject some insight on it because it does seem like it is much deeper than what is being said on the surface. Of course, the media has crucified him in the process.

KATHY: James Arthur Ray? Is that who you are referring to?

MARIETTA: The one who was in the movie “The Secret” is what I understand.

KATHY: I believe his name is James Arthur Ray.

MS: We would concur.

TARA: Did you want to say something about that?

CATHY: No, I just wanted to clarify who it is because I can’t believe he put himself into a situation like that. I will look it up and find out.

MS: We would just say this is a story that is still developing.

TARA: And it does have everything to do with the enactment of NESARA. Everything that is coming forward does for one reason or another so you know, him being involved with that “The Secret” coming out is very important. That piece of it, so I still don’t quite understand what he was experiencing. I still didn’t get the story really clear. It just seems like there is something that is not computing about what really happened.

MS: We will ask the KOS tomorrow.

TARA: That would be good so maybe Mother you can come back and share that on tomorrow’s call as well. Okay. And Kathy, we welcome any research you come up with. We would be really happy if you would pass it on.

MARIETTA: Mark, you were starting to ask something when I was reading this question here? Did you get your thoughts completed there?

MARK: We will wait for Kathy to do a little more research and for the KOS to drop a little Faction 3 Intel into the hopper.

KATHY: I just wanted to say quickly, it is James Arthur Ray.

MARIETTA: He was the one in “The Secret” right?

KATHY: Right.

SHERYL: I just wanted to let you know, I am sending the information that I sent to Marietta to Tara and Rama and Mark, okay?

TARA: Thank you.

KAREN: I was just going to say, from what I heard, was he had an unusually large number of people in the sweat, more than what normally should have been there, and he kept the people in there far too long. You know, just staying there for hours at a time. They did spend an excessive amount of time in there. There are certain rules and regulations you should follow if you do a sweat. There was more, I heard, but that is part of what I heard had happened and I think I had heard that he didn’t allow them to leave. You know, like they might have wanted to. I’m not sure if that point was true or not.

SHIRLEY: Mother, I was wondering if you could give any personal updates about Benjamin Fulford, because I was just wondering if he was in any kind of danger now. He hasn’t updated in a couple of days and the last one he did share, he sounded very disappointed, because whoever he has been negotiated with in the past, has led him to believe, you know, that like the Queen of England, the Vatican, all of those representatives were willing to step aside in some way. I mean they don’t want to give up all their power, but they were going to be willing to help the people. It seems like in his last update, he has found out that it was basically all lies and exposing them to whoever reads his information. So I just felt that if you knew anything that you could share?

MS: What we can say about this, Shirley, is that Mr. Fulford understands the protocols in which when you are working with these ancient societies that work on the honor code, and it is the honor that comes from the great magnificence of the warrior of peace rather than war. It is the energy of the Chi that is moving this, and we will just say, he knows this, yet he is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

TARA: Mother, if he knows this, then he knows that would never have been true. It is just that obvious. He knows these people have never ever followed through and never intended to.

MS: We will just say that he understands that at higher deeper levels, he has to come clean about us. The final missing link that he will not discuss.

TARA: And neither will they.

MS: It is the final key to the story and I guess it will be left up to the Sirian Commander.

TARA: And what I’m also saying is that whether he believes in the Galactic Forces or not, which he has never ever spoken of, in any way shape or form, and even if he were to be confronted, he would have denied that, which means that he knows that he could never even begin to entertain it in their presence, and that’s who he has been sitting with all these years. He has been sitting with them.

MS: It may be time for everybody to get a little egg or maybe a lot of egg on their face and swallow their pride.

TARA: On top of all that, the question Shirley was asking is, is he safe?

MS: We will just say that is determined by his thought patterns and we will leave it at that.

TARA: In other words, he is safe if he has faith in the highest good of all concerned and allows this announcement deep into his consciousness.

CAMILLE: On October 19th, there is a write-up entitled Arcturian Court or posted in the Galactic Friends website and it talks about how we can go through step by step of ascending and how we become Mother Earth and that’s how we ascend together. It talks about how we align all of our bodies with the different levels of Mother Earth’s body. Can you comment on that, Mother Sekhmet?

MS: We will just say that there are many energies going on in terms of the methods of frequencies about ascension. Only in the sense as what your heart resonates with will tell you what feels, what it is the right energies.

TARA: Well, I could understand that very clearly, no matter what level one would be on, I mean I would understand that the substance we have inhabited literally, by volunteering. The human body is made out of the same elements coming from nature that Mother Earth is made of.

MS: Yes.

TARA: That’s why we are eating monatomic clay everybody. It comes right out of the ground and that is what it means to be one with Earth Mother. We are one with monatomic everything. That is the monad consciousness. Super consciousness. We all have a consciousness, a subconscious and a super consciousness. Three in one. God is all that is. So however it works for you, as this interpretation works for you, that is what the result is and that is the ascension process that we have all been going through for every single lifetime. Past, present and future. Now, it is cold turkey in terms of anything that isn’t aligned with that or is traumatized within the body, mind, soul, spirit being. That’s why Cynthia couldn’t come any sooner with that trauma clearing. Healed people, boom, just like that. Opened the heart and everything comes onto that. Mother, did you have anything else?

MS: We would just say, how this comes about is, in which your frequencies are unique to each ascension situation.

TARA: You mean of your particular soul?

MS: Yes. Soul group along with the entire frequencies that are surrounding that particular soul.

TARA: Yeah and yet it doesn’t matter where that soul is in that process. The ascension frequencies are here and in other words, ascension is available to everyone.

MS: Yes.

TARA: What is necessary is for the individual to have so much total faith in their own soul, in their own god/goddess self, in their own higher sense perception of the truth, their intuition and then have faith, and hope and love. Simple. The first three are always there and then you will learn, let’s put it this way, how to serve the Maya of all those ascension frequencies and that’s what we are doing. It is like practicing surfing only you are surfing on spirit. Pure spirit and spiritualizing matter as you understand that. You are the universe. There isn’t anything outside you.

CAMILLE: Yeah. That is what I’m saying. This article or this write-up with the Arcturian Corridor talks about how we merge our self in consciousness. Basically, it gives the steps. I just wanted to get Mother’s input and just tell everybody on that website, it has that ascension under Arcturian Corridor and how you can do that step by step.

TARA: Okay, what’s that website again?

CAMILLE: www.galacticfriends.com and it is titled Arcturian Corridor dated October 19, 2009. It talks about in the process, how we merge with the consciousness in co-creation merging with the consciousness of the Arthurian Council. Anyway, how in the meditative process, we are willing to merge with our Arcturian, for them to help us co-create the ascension process, and then it takes it through the process of expanding yourself and how the different levels of our bodies are also representative of the different levels of Mother Earth’s body and drawing in the light, and as we ascend, Mother Earth ascends. So we are the catalyst.

TARA: I was just going to add, Lady Master, that Lady Master Athena, Ashtar’s Twin Flame, works with the Arcturians, so you can work with Lady Master Athena to make contact with the Arcturians very easily.

SHAWN: Mother, I have a pretty conceptual imagination and I’ve been really taking on some huge thoughts about all of this, and I was going to see if you could give some insight to…. Here are the parts to my question and I hope you can pick up where I leave off, but we are infinite beings, always have been. We have knowledge beforehand and everything and we volunteered for this mission, and where am I going with this? Yet, we have free will in these physical bodies, so what exactly is the uncharted territory portion that we are experiencing that isn’t known beforehand?

MS: We will just say that the understanding of what you speak. Hmm, Jedi is in the ….. [interrupted by another caller]. What we can say is free will, that choice about free will ending. We are following Laws of the One. At the same time, what is occurring as we are moving into what you call uncharted territory, it is where you are taking a walk on the wild side with the Nagual in place instead of the Tonal. It is about non-ordinary reality calling the shots and that is called Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. It is uncharted territory for most humans where you walk with death on your shoulder as Don Juan has spoken about. It takes you to new levels of understanding in the process of this uncharted territory. You are moving quickly from 3D to 5D to 12D and on. After all, you originally were suns, plasma energy. Only took form in a sense of to communicate.

TARA: And to volunteer to walk and dance with this form and spiritualize it and everything else as it would be needed.

MS: You are spiritual beings having a human experience. Even for this voice box we are using for the moment. In the sense that we don’t need to talk funny through this box. We can show up. Yet, as the Sirian Commander can announce our presence, then we can stop talking funny like this.

TARA: Yes, and he was defined as going to announce it [with] at least two or more different beings from outer space. I mean we’re talking about more than one type of being right off the bat. That’s very interesting, yet you did say that would happen, Mother.

MS: And we would say that it would be more [the] human-looking of the species. We will be introduced in the right timeline.

TARA: Knowing that most of the star beings are human in their DNA, and they may be like part cat and part human like Mother.

MS: Yes.

TARA: They may be part bird and part human and that doesn’t mean anything except they are from a higher frequency. A higher body of gray wisdom. For instance, Quasaquoto is from the bird tribe. He is an emerald green feathered serpent so he is Reptilian yet he is bird. Even when you look at how we descend, [and] all the different species and the animal kingdoms descend, the birds come before the reptiles. Very interesting.

MARIETTA: I would remind you, for awhile there, everyone was doing an excellent job of emailing the questions in. That really works a little better I think because we have so many people speaking, and I think we get actually more questions answered if you would email them. So send them to stargatemarietta at gmail.com and we’ll see if we can get more questions answered, because sometimes 2 or 3 things may be all on the same subject so we can put it all into one question.

SHERYL: I just wanted to comment that the Arcturian Corridor article was sent out by the Galactic Roundtable. The Susan Carroll article on the Arcturian Corridor on the GRT and was sent out this week. Thank you.

TARA: And Mother wants to say something.

MARIETTA: Okay, we’ll let Mother, maybe she has a summary. We always ask her to do a summary for her part of it this evening and then we’ll have Kathy do the close.

MS: We would just like to put a serious call out for help at the moment to complete issues of importance to keep the household happening here.

TARA: Thank you Mother. And you can email Rama at www.koran999@comcast.net and then whoever has already offered that who has a phone, yet are on it for computer purposes etc., please email us again and let us know when we can use the phone and reach that way. It is important. Okay, thank you.

MS: We would just say that we are witnessing in these final moments, where the veil is becoming so thin that we can see you and you can see us, and there is no veil as well. It is just a word. Delete from program. It is at that which what you call Samhain, the crack between the two worlds when the veil is thinnest, if you wish to use the word veil.

TARA: It comes up on the 31st Halloween. Not very far away.

MS: And we would just say, expect instead of a trick, a treat, in the understanding of that which the dark side planned for you. Understand the light moving in with the frequencies. As the energies moving in at this time, for the goddess to take the gauntlet, if you will, and as harvest is occurring. It is a time for gathering in the circle honoring the honored dead and the brave fallen warriors, as well as warrior [inaudible] and the Goddess will take charge of the situation. High Priestess and in that sense, she holds that frequency as Isis and it heals the old past issues of what is occurring in this realm. In a sense, like you are witnessing with the completion of this circle of harvest time. This is one of your eight great Sabbaths and it is creating an opportunity for all to help manifest peace now. It is what is being said on all levels. This is why the Goddess is making this point here. This particular Samhain is opening the doorway wide for the first time in many eons of moments. Not that many for actual manifestation. Peace being declared and your U.N. becoming Galactic Roundtable Council instead of what your Lizzies had planned for it. And we would just call them Lizzies, it is a term of loving endearment. Larry the Lizzard, we love you even more. It is simply the understanding, as you understand this being, we understand him/her the Sobek. Sobek, the crocodile Goddess of the ancient land of Kemet. It is the frequency where it brings in the understanding of the Kundalini and the Goddess energy.

We will share in parting with you, a little chat we had with Lady Master Nada concerning the story about something called the oldest profession and the understanding [of] what this was all about. She made [the] point clear to the being we are speaking through, not about what your 3D call it, it is about Goddess teaching young men about the Kundalini activation of the understanding of the Tantra of Kama Sutra. It is that reality in which you get to the higher levels where you, them, can bring in your Twin Flame essence. Hope that answers a lot of questions.

TARA: Mother, before we go, I’m putting one more, and Cathy I hope you hold him when you do the closing. Lance Tracy. He really needs financial help. He has cancer and he really needs help right now. He can no longer eat, yet it can be put in an opening in his stomach. So the things we know that can help him, please email myself or Marietta Roberts because there is major stuff that can help him. So we need just a little financial help to help him because he has nothing.

MS: We will say, as we are witnessing these extremely final seconds with the story, be aware we will put a little magic out there. In the sense, as you know, we are a wild woman. George Curry may be saying something in the next few moments. We don’t know. We just saw a wild cat pass by.

[Laughter by all]

Transcribed by Shirley Cull and edited by Mary Sherritt


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