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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – October 15, 2009


RAMA: Greetings everyone.

TARA: Greetings everybody.

RAMA: It has been a quite magnificent day on many levels that the energies are moving up in octave faster than any of us can keep up with. It’s creating and canalizing that which is anything but love. It is coming up on all levels for everyone to heal. I am saying it in a way in which it’s got to do with the biggest story that’s never been told about our Galactic Friends. How we move and have our being in this time. I would say it is one in which we should love all, rather than go to a place of anything but that.

What I’ve been hearing today in terms of the big story is there are all kinds of little shenanigans going on from the dark side which wants to create anything but love and it is futile at best. The octaves of energy are moving up so fast, it’s all exposing itself for what it is. Thom Hartmann spoke about this today in a good way where he was talking about the healthcare bill and how it is imperative that we move forward with universal healthcare. At the same time, we are behind other countries that are ahead of us, and how all of this comes about is the exposure of the criminals at hand. The criminals that started this mess, and it goes even before 8-9 years as we all know and it is coming full circle.

The stories that are popping up are too funny, but too tragic, because it has to do with the great empire that is falling at its knees and it has nowhere to fall to. We need to love the empire, yet send it on its way. What has been told to me is how the different folks spoke today. All the talking heads. This goes to the level in which we have to put it aside, our issues, as whatever they may be concerning whatever we might be. I’m leading into how this goes into the Galactic level. If we can’t get along with each other whether we are blue or black, green or white or yellow or, you know, polka dots, it’s at that place, hate will not bring it forward, it will create the dissolvement of that which is an energy out of its time-space continuum. As we are, and who’s to say that we are not in 2012 right now. I’ve seen stories that we are already in 2012. Whatever we think, therefore we are.

It is imperative that we watch our thoughts, actions, words, [and] deeds. As we would spread only love. That is what comes back, and it is at that level that it is being done, instant karma-wise on the 3D as [_____ Lengold?] has talked about. Every 20 days as we approach 2012, things are going to get even more intense. If you think it’s hot now, oh my god. It’s being told at such an intense level, that there are so many people moving in this octave up into that higher frequency where we hook up with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, and it is happening on the different media, and at the same time, in the way in which people communicate and connect with each other in progressive cities, I would say. Even in these red states, things are changing for the better because it is at a higher level.

At the same time, what Thom Hartmann spoke about today was, you know, it’s such an intense time, and the energy that is being put out about this guy in office who just happens to be African American, it is pushing everybody’s buttons. It is at the place in which we’ve got to go beyond any issues of anything other than this is One of us. Equal in every level. You have to get past the idea of this guy wants to sell us down the river. It is not so. Like so many people have said, this guy, he was groomed for this for over a thousand years. He knows every step of the story, yet he manages to stay alive. His family manages to stay alive and there is an energy that is honored in that office. It is the Office of the Christ. Archangel Michael holds that position over the White House. He won’t let anything happen to this guy and it has to do with us coming back to a wholeness and balance and love, because it is at that place where we take the quantum leap over the issues of race and color or species even, because we are on the verge of Galactic First Contact and it has already begun.

In the sense, we are they, they are us. They are already here amongst us, and we need to love each other even more, because there are things that we haven’t even yet discovered about ourselves. The universes in the cells. We know less about the inside of a cell [and] we know less about our brains. When we start functioning at full capacity, we are God beings and these brains are better than any computers that can be created on this planet. We are a living technology of Adam Kadmon that goes to the level in which it is at that God level, and then we move into the place where we are Suns.

TARA: Well, I wanted to say that tonight, it went another level with these bankers and these mortgage guys because Senator Barney Franks came on the Keith Obermann Show. He showed how the shareholders don’t have a say-so, and that the company that we’ve been hearing can raise their principals and their interest and anything else and add fees. President Barack Obama put it out that that won’t continue, not here and not now, anymore. The pressure of hearing from the Senator like this, and Barack Obama gave him acknowledgement too along with Senator Chris Dodd. I think it was interesting because he was raised by his grandfather. His grandfather was fallen. I mean everybody, even the guilty who do not want to continue with this insanity, are coming forward to try to help this happen. That is where we need to understand too, this isn’t so easy.

RAMA: No, it’s not.

TARA: This isn’t so easy. We really are in the unknown. The whole planet is orchestrated yet the divine Galactic Forces are oversighting everything. Yet there is still an unknown as to the total outcome until each and every one of us wake up and steps up to the plate as this process proceeds forward. So in the name of all of that which is good and for the highest good of all concerned, may every single one of them pass every test and may we also send them unconditional love.

RAMA: And I want to take my heart in my hands and ask for a serious call for help right now.

TARA: Yeah, nothing from nothing is nothing which is everything.

RAMA: We need to seriously ask for some help right now. Thank you.

TARA: Yes, and we have just one or two more readings to complete which have already, you know, helped us in the past. Anyone who would like to have a reading, maybe that would be a good way to exchange right now as you might need some kind of exchange for assisting us and we love you.

MARIETTA: Okay. We are glad to hear what is going on there. Mark, is there anything you want to say right now or do you want to wait until Mother speaks?

MARK: We would like to come on just before Mother, if that’s okay, and just give a real brief… we got a little message from the KOS tonight just a few minutes ago and he wanted us to put it out and we want also to talk to Mother about it, so we wanted to put it just before she comes on if that’s okay.

MARIETTA: Well, that was the plan, but I was leaving space for change if that happened. We would also want to remind everyone that Mark has been asked to schedule another call on [October 18th] this Sunday on Talkshoe and that will be at 3pm EST on Sunday afternoon. The same Talkshoe number that we’ve always used. You can do it online or you can do it with the phone number 1-724-444-7444 and the pin is 45609#.


CAMILLE: Beth and Mark and I think I sent an email through Beth and Mark and for Tara and Rama. I wanted to get some clarification. I also sent a website from Rense. There is a peace room, it’s called a peace room that is emerging, and it is an infrastructure that is supposed to be used with a computer system that works synergistically. I had looked up the woman who brought it into existence and the founder is Barbara Marx Hubbard. I had looked up her name and I found some information, but it seemed like she was affiliated with some organization.

TARA: I’m sorry we haven’t been able to get back to you. It has absolutely been a long term thing. Although I do want to say that Barbara Marx Hubbard is comprised. I will just say that. She has been bought and she is an elitist, and there are big warning flags in terms of her playing right now into the light community at this moment in time. So, God Bless all the things that people have had to do to stay alive. Yet, I’m just telling you that with love. I don’t know what we want to do with that or where we want to go with that from there. If you were to be involved with something like that, then you would really have to hold the light because you are the one in the know and [to] correct things that aren’t. That’s the only way I can put it.

CAMILLE: Because I sent an email. I mean it seemed like the way they were going to build the computer system, you know, using artificial intelligence it sounded like, and synchronicities. It was done in a globe with all the sectors of societies interlinked. I was wondering if it was a foundation or system to implement within the One World Order. Because I went and saw her speak in person twice when she launched her new video, the Vision, and she did kind of mention the Christ consciousness, but saying we can’t say that out in the open. I don’t know if it was because of me or what, but I did want to ask her because it was a very small group of people, and I did want to ask her if she was truly of the light because she is appearing [to be]. I understand what you are saying, Tara, and I’m not sure if I should get involved or not get involved or what, because they are going to build a base out here in Boulder.

TARA: Right now, just lay low is what my suggestion is and you might continue to observe. Did you say you heard about this on the Rense?

MELISSA: I need to say something about Barbara. What I need to say: I don’t know if you are aware of Dr. [Stanley] Monteith. He spoke several years ago about Barbara Marx Hubbard and I took notes on his entire lecture. She has been comprised for a long time. She is one of the elite and she believes in reducing the population to 350,000 people or somewhere in that ballpark. She is a pseudo Lightworker. She is bringing people in with certain words and ideas and images and theories and concepts and supposedly precepts, but when you are actually under her whatever, under her guidance, it is really another story. She has been revealed by Dr. Monteith a long time ago as far as the New World Order Plan and Agenda. I’m talking about 6 years ago and I wouldn’t share the air that she breathes because it is completely false, a total falsehood.

TARA: She has been comprised a lot longer than that Melissa. She has been comprised for 25 years.

MELISSA: Yes, you are right. In the year 2000 is when I heard that interview with Dr. Monteith. Dr. Monteith wrote the Brotherhood of Darkness. That is the book he wrote.

TARA: Yes, right. I am familiar.

CAMILLE: So what I did was, I looked her up on and it came up with Satanic and the schools and saying that, you know, she is at the very bottom paragraph. There is only one story on her. This father of whoever is on the board, I don’t have it in front of me, of this you know, all these Satanic groups that were interlinked and so forth.

TARA: Now you know, and I’m just going to say to the both of you “good research.” I’m glad that you paced it out and now we send them love. Unless you’ve walked in a child of an elitist families’ shoes, let us not judge what has been going on with this woman. I will say, Barack Obama is leading the way in terms of how real true justice will take place, and you will see the results now because Jupiter went direct yesterday. That means his entire, every speech that he’s ever made and what he has said he will do, he will do. Now will be the time for it to completely come to fruition. So God Bless us all and stay in alignment. You are doing great.

CAMILLE: Then I shouldn’t be a part of this group, because [of] my intuition, and just a confirmation that I should not be a part of this peace room?

TARA: Absolutely. You are absolutely correct and send her love from a distance. Remember that song? From a distance….

MELISSA: Don’t compromise your energy. Keep your energy focused where it can be best used.

MARIETTA: Thank you for listening to your inner guidance.

CAMILLE: I just wanted to share the website in relation to what we were talking about. It is called and they are called the foundation of conscious evolution.

MARIETTA: I want to mention that I got a notice from Dennis Kucinich that he is going to be on the Jay Leno Show tonight talking about the healthcare. He said, we won’t stop talking about it until we get it done. It is interesting that people are actually using the entertainment media to help educate people as it were. So for anyone who has the opportunity, it will be on here while we are on the call and I don’t have any way to record things, but if you do, you might want to think about that.

JACKIE: I just want to say that I know there are a lot of new people on the call now. As people start to awaken and get more involved with what is really going on and the big picture…. If you are on these calls and what is being discussed resonates with you, we all have to be really, really careful with the Internet because there are a lot of people who are presenting themselves as teachers. About the word teacher, and I would like for the A-Team to chime in on this, just whatever you want to add here. There is a lot of discussion right now on the Internet about ascension, but it is not all the same. Some of it is about planetary ascension and some of it is about cosmic ascension. So I just want the A-Team to kind of go through that and explain it maybe, especially for the new people.

MARIETTA: You are right, there are a lot of new people and we have quite a large group now. There are things that maybe I take for granted that everybody knows because we’ve been doing this for several years now, but don’t hesitate to remind me if I forget to tell people how the system works and maybe places to go to learn how everything, you know, how to get some information. Mark’s new website [] now is a starting place to collect a lot of information and that will be a way how you can find out how to tune in to these calls. We are recording these as well as on the other evenings as well. Last night, Beth did a call and that was recorded and that will all be posted on this site, as well as the things that Rama and Tara are doing on Friday and Saturday. So this is a place [new website] where you can view a one-stop-shop and will be able to find how you can listen to the recordings either on your computer or on the phone.

BILL/MN: Rama, would you or Tara, would you know, the last couple of days, the pilot that landed that plane in the Hudson Bay in January, he is being interviewed. He is still talking about birds brought that plane down. Is that true?


RAMA: No, it’s not true. Angels brought that plane down.

TARA: Well, he got a lot of help. The Galactics, remember? Let’s go back. The reason he is saying that is because he has to, and everybody needs to know that. That’s going to end pretty darn soon right now because his life was actually saved and everybody’s on there. The Ashtar Command came in and they met this black helicopter that had a magnetic particle beam weapon aboard it that was going to completely take the whole place [plane?] down. They came up there and they put shields up around the whole thing and cancelled their operation and took it out of harm’s way. In the last second, in the very last second. There is footage of these things. Of course you haven’t seen it on the TV yet. So that is just the last message of the dark side trying to keep this from coming forward. Keep loving them more, Bill.

BILL/MN: I got one more thing. Yesterday, there was flash on MSNBC showing what appeared to be a space ship over Moscow. It was so short, I didn’t get to hear anything about what it is. All the words they said, they showed this flash for probably about 3 seconds. It was something big, huge and round and it looked like it might have clouds or part of a cloud, but it [has] got to be more than a cloud. All they said was, it was a real phenomenon over Moscow yesterday and I’ve heard nothing more about it since.

MARK: If I may, I would like to make a little comment. This has been confirmed as a phenomena of the third kind. At the same time as this was happening, we have a member on our group who was driving around in Detroit, Michigan, and an exactly similar phenomena appeared in the sky and was there for a substantial period of time, like a half hour.

TARA: In other words, you are saying it is real.

MARK: Yes I am and it’s not just in one location. It’s not a weather phenomena.

RAMA: What it was Bill, was the underside. I mean it is literally what you are seeing, it is a circle of light spinning around as the shuttle bay opens at the bottom of the craft. There are you know, magnetic doors that open and then the shuttle craft come out of the larger craft.

TARA: Oh, littler ones can come out. I mean it was huge Bill. I mean at least a thousand miles in diameter over the whole city of Moscow, and that’s not the first time that happened either. It happened a couple of weeks ago over Moscow and that footage is still on the Internet from back then. So now we’ve got more than one place having this happen which is a lot of these types of larger crafts over different parts of the planet being reported on the same day. So yippee!

AHALA: I wanted to ask Rama, Tara or Mark about the report on the Galactic Friends about Benjamin Fulford’s update for today.

TARA: Would you tell us what it said? Would you read it for us?

AHALA: Benjamin Fulford Update October 14, 2009:

fulfordMore about the Queen’s visit to Washington and all the lies we are being told

Recently I was contacted by a lawyer who said he represents an Asian “dragon” fund and also works for the Queen of England. He is directly involved in the arrest in Italy recently of two Japanese who were carrying $134.5 billion in gold backed bonds. He said the bonds were owned by good guys who wanted to develop free energy technology and end poverty and do other good stuff. In relation to this incident, the Vatican sent Leo Zagami over to Japan to discuss with me, among other things, these bonds.

The story I was told by Zagami was bizarre in the extreme but I will pass it along in case it helps shed light on the total confusion that seems to be prevailing right now. According to Zagami, the Illuminati or the committee of 300 are a group of interbred families who have been ruling humanity for 26,000 years according to a pre-arranged plot. All world “leaders” according to him (I am pretty sure he was sent as a proxy for Count Hans Kolvenbach, the black pope and still the real power behind the Vatican) have been actors. That is why we use the term “acting president,” he says.

According to Zagami, the plot ends in 2012 and the secret government really does not know what will happen next. He said one faction, known as the Thule Society, was behind all the wars and the nastiness that was going on. They control the Nazis and much of the Islamic world, according to Zagami and other sources. Their leadership consists of George Bush Senior and his cabal. Their goal is to make Obama a Muslim God king of the world, he says. Their plan was for a 1000-year Reich to begin in 2012, he says.

Although Zagami was raised as a Satanist, he struck me as sincere in his wishes for a better world.

After our talks, several other Vatican-linked people contacted me and sent me assorted secret Vatican books and documents. If these books are true then it appears that there are some people around today who have been alive for thousands of years. We are currently analyzing the books to see if there is truth to all this.

In any case, the Vatican promised to cooperate in a campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and to allow the development of hitherto forbidden technology like free energy. They said that until now humanity had not been considered “ready” to have this technology.

Following this visit, the lawyer for the Queen and the dragon started negotiating with Vatican-linked bankers. The lawyer told me the Israelis had sent a special ambassador at large to argue that the first free energy plant to turn the desert green should be built on Mt. Sinai.

After that a Syrian and a Turk linked to the Thule Society contacted the lawyer and said that if they gave the technology to the Israelis first they would obliterate Israel.

My suggestion to the lawyer was to take the Solomon solution and offer it to them both simultaneously. The Israelis reluctantly agreed but the Syrian and Turk said no. Later, a different group claiming to be a “moderate” Thule society faction contacted the lawyer and said they agreed to begin constructing free energy plants to turn the deserts green simultaneously in many different locations. The Israelis reluctantly agreed.

After this the lawyer called me and told me to call the Bank of Tokyo Mitubishi’s president and ask him to release a $2.13 trillion dragon bond. He said the money would be used to finance the new technology so I agreed to call.

He also told me I needed to call Queen Beatrix of Holland and get her to sign off on the bond. I did not call her but, in any case, she would not sign off on the bond. Holland is a very nice, tolerant and liberal country so, even though Queen Beatrix is married to a Nazi, I am not ready at this point to label her as one of the “bad” people.

In any case, then the lawyer tells me the bond had cleared because Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke had signed off on it. This, of course, disturbed me a lot but I said OK so long as the money is spent on turning the deserts green and that it must not be spent on war.

Following this, according to Casper, the Queen and a “dragon lady” show up in Washington with other bigwigs and lay claim to trillions of dollars. The only problem was the money then went to the Feds and not to the planet earth. So of course, the whole thing was stopped. I suspect the “dragon lady” went along only because I gave the green light and I hope the Chinese make sure she is guilty before doing anything harsh.

No matter what, it appears the European peoples have been living under a totalitarian Babylonian system of absolute monarchy disguised as democracy. As a Canadian I always respected the queen as a benevolent and powerless symbol but would never, ever accept her (or anybody) as an absolute dictator.

There is talk in England now of having the House of Windsor abdicate the throne and be replaced by a new King from a different family. Maybe we Anglo Saxon people would rather be free again than live under an absolute monarch.

This is the situation as far as I can make it so far. There is lots of talk about UFOs and portals to other dimensions and other fantastic stuff. I will believe that when I see it with my own eyes. However, I do know we humans have the technical ability to turn the deserts green, replenish the oceans with fish, end poverty and stop environmental destruction. Our current Babylonian tyrannical leadership (via money printing presses) has caused incredible destruction to the people and living things on this planet. If we replace that leadership, we have the potential to enter an age of prosperity and progress beyond our wildest imagination. So remember, no matter what information and disinformation is thrown your way, keep your eye on the ball. That ball is our true Queen: Gaia the Planet Earth. That is who we are fighting for.  [end of Fulford]

AHALA: And that is it.

TARA: Wow. There were a couple of things in there. This is again another discernment process knowing that Benjamin Fulford is a good guy, yet he is at the highest level of these 13 family elitists who have been meeting with him and using him as their financial adviser to the Japanese from the United States for at least 35 years. What he has yet to say gets mixed in with what he is saying that is really good.

RAMA: I would say that there is a shakeup in the wind and it has everything to do with a group of folks that Benjamin Fulford only knows as an unknown group of foreign investors, who have quintillions of dollars, and that is St. Germain, Ashtar, Sananda, [and] the Galactic Confederation of Worlds. I’ll call a spade a spade. You see what I’m saying here? It has to do with St. Germain has the final say-so. The dual society, the other families don’t have a say-so because St. Germain said, may you pass every test. They didn’t pass their test because they didn’t share it with the people. It is time to share it with the brothers and the sisters.

TARA: Well, and the exaserbation of the issue of healthcare at the expense of the people not receiving their healthcare, and the heads of these insurance companies taking all the money. $2 trillion? Tell me what…..[interference]

HELEN: I just heard a report that the way the structure is now, the insurance has been [inaudible], the CEOs etc. are making the money. Are making $2 trillion per year on the healthcare system the way it is now.

TARA: Yeah. They just said on Keith tonight, that each one of the heads of the boards and the CEOs are getting something like $743,000 each this next time and that means all those guys at the top.

HELEN: Yep, and, with the structure the way it is now in the bill, they will even get more through the government, so we need to really rally our legislators to change this stuff.

TARA: Yeah, and there are only a few legislators that are good. Right now, Tim Franks is one and of course, Bernie Sanders is another. Dennis Kucinich and he’s not on the roster on the TV so that must be a real White Knight intervention to get him on there because it is not on the listing tonight, yet we will be recording it.

UNKNOWN: What is a dragon bond?

RAMA: A dragon bond has to do with the Rothchild’s gold certificates.

TARA: Yes, because they are all dragons and their gold certificates are what they are talking about. Everybody in the elitist world knows exactly what that means. It means the 13 family money bag of goodies for them.

UNKNOWN: Oh. Okay then, thank you so much.

TARA: You are welcome.

UNKNOWN: Yeah. There is actually, Benjamin Fulford has a 3-line thing on his blog today about Queen Elizabeth advocating the throne. He said the parliament has a closed session [closed to the public] for the first time since 1688.

RAMA: Praise Jah.

TARA: Wow, that’s huge.

RAMA: The real Queen will come back.

UNKNOWN: Nostradamus talked about that. In the end time, there would be no more royal family in England.

TARA: That is correct. Actually, we have not had a royal family in England running the show since Queen Elizabeth stepped up to the throne because she is not British. She is a Rothchild. Hathberg/Rothchild.

RAMA: She is German.

UNKNOWN: Actually in his blog, he says her name, the family name was Battenberg.

TARA: What?

UNKNOWN: He says that the Windsors are actually German and changed their name from Battenberg a century ago in order to appear more English.

RAMA: I believe you are correct, Lady Master.

TARA: Spell that last name.

UNKNOWN: Battenberg.

SHIRLEY: Why don’t you read the last sentence? I want her to read the whole thing because there is more to the little story. In fact, that is what I was going to bring up to Rama. It is just one paragraph, so could you read the whole thing please?

UNKNOWN: Sure. It says, Queen Elizabeth may soon advocate her throne. A [inaudible] in the UK royal family says the parliamentary debate is closed to the public for the first time since 1688 because they are debating removing the House of Windsor from the throne of England. The Windsors are actually German and changed their name from Battenberg a century ago in order to appear more English. The Earl of Wales is the leading contender to be the new King of England, however, the debate is still underway and nothing has been finally decided.

I actually saw an article at Rumor Mills News where somebody said that he had been Googling the Earl of Wales and he couldn’t find the name anywhere. This guy actually sent a letter to Fulford and Fulford said that all he knew was, it was someone. He didn’t know anything also about this Earl of Wales, but he knew that it was somebody who was more English.

TARA: Whoa.

MARIETTA: Shirley, did you have more to say about the Benjamin Fulford information?

SHIRLEY: I just wanted Tara and Rama’s opinion on the fact that whether they would truly remove her, because that probably wouldn’t happen unless there is a NESARA announcement that brings down all the [cabal] people. The fact that there is somebody else they are considering doing it, so maybe Mother will have some insight on that too. I thought it was kind of……

TARA: I’m sorry Shirley. I can say a little bit about this. We already know that the Queen has been dead since last March or something. That means something. Every single one of these ones that you are hearing, these reports that Benjamin is giving from, they are all dead. They are still pushing agenda to cover this whole story up and try to find a way to deceive the public again into believing this is reasonable. There is nothing reasonable about it as you could see on the bigger story; they have an intention to create a thousand-year race for power. It is all not happening. All of that is now in the hands of the Galactics, Inter-Galactic and the White Knight realms of Earth.

RAMA: No more furors ever again.

TARA: Never, never, never again and by the time we get to October 28, 2011, no one that still is around here with these ideas in mind can withstand the love. That is the way it is. Out of mercifulness, it has already begun. Those that are not ready, remember they made their own judgment about when people would be ready. That was the first thing and even at that, it’s true on a certain level. You can see amongst everybody right now. The more the truth comes forward, the more that those that don’t want to look at the truth, resist. Right now, we are at the point of lunacy. At the point that people are saying, do these people have 2 screws? What is with this? And now there is a break through because these people do have something to hide. Yeah. Like these people just made another killing to the point of now $2.1 trillion and the American people are not buying it.

Keith Obermann said it and everybody on these programs with Keith and with Rachel are not mincing words. They are interviewing people. Rachel especially. She’s back tonight. She has interviewed people that know that they are about to be gone and they haven’t got a choice. That’s a very important thing to observe. Same thing with John Stewart. He’s interviewing people that know they are not going to make it. Rama has spoken to many people that already know they are not going to make it too, yet still and yet, they are trying to help even though they know they are not going to make it. That means that Mother is taking notes, you might say, and she’s the ultimate, I don’t want to use the word out of humor, but decider at this point. May we all pass that test because we are all our own ultimate deciders. We know what we need to ask for forgiveness for. Some people would rather not do the forgiving, and those are the people who are the ones we need to love beyond what we thought we had the capacity to love, because they don’t have access to it anymore. It’s a very, very……

SHIRLEY: Tara, I just wanted to bring one more subject up before we go on. Do you guys read the Mike Quinsey channellings? The man from England?

RAMA: I do every now and then.

TARA: Not every day, but yes. We put them on our website.

SHIRLEY: There’s a new one.

RAMA: Was it good?

SHIRLEY: I mean yes. A lot of people are really excited about it because he normally doesn’t talk about timeframes, but to the world, he told yesterday, between now and Christmas, Obama will be sitting down on television with a series of announcements and about disclosure. So that was an actual timeframe because he said between now and Christmas this is going to happen.

TARA: Thank you Shirley. This is very good, because, remember, David Wilcock said the exact same thing. The word disclosure has to do with the presence of our Galactic Friends. He said the exact same thing, he said between now and Christmas, and he even added one more statement. He said, I know the exact date, but I can’t tell you. You know, when we were doing our reports and every time we would ask questions like this to the King, Mr. X or Tom the Ring Tailed Cat, Rama would get an answer back. We can’t tell you and if I told you, I would have to kill you. So that is how serious it is. When you hear this coming from people at that level, they know. They know the KOS and they are telling you at another level by saying that same phrase. So then we can add one more thing and that is that the KOS has always told us, that when the disclosure of the Galactic presence is set, it is a simulcast with you know what? NESARA, yes. Okay Mark, did you want to say something?

MARK: I wanted to tell you that tonight we were contacting Ashtar to get an update or message that he asked that we come to see him about. On the way out of our body, we got intercepted by the KOS and he took Beth to scroll through 54 pictures on MSNBC and chose one picture. He said look at number 27 and he said, in the background, well before I’ll tell you that, let’s just call Beth forward because we took this story, we checked it out and this is from the KOS directly, and then we got that picture and credited it and now it is on our yahoo group and also on our [new website] So Beth if you are on, can you give them the message that the KOS gave us tonight?

BETH: Okay. Hi everybody. This message this afternoon was a big shock to me and I’m still shook up from receiving it because of the energy I was feeling when it happened. So like Mark said, we were asked to meet with Ashtar. We went to meet with Ashtar and I saw the KOS was there and he said, I have a message for you and I said okay. Lately I’ve been posting these news stories on the Yahoo group and when I do that, I am being guided to the story. Many times they are buried and I would not have found them unless I did an extensive search. But tonight, the KOS, like he has done several times before, the KOS said to me:

kos[Breaking Faction 3 News Update 10/15/09 KOS Message for Tonight 10/15/09]:

[This info can also be found here:]

Beth, please open so I may bring a news story for tonight. I am shown a picture of an army corporal keeping watch at night. There is a StarGate located in Afghanistan in the picture, behind him. Above the StarGate are approximately 60 StarShips. KOS comments on the picture:

You have said, Beth, that EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING, and KEEP LOOKING AND YOU WILL SEE the news out there. I wanted to share with the Group, this photo of the real reason there is war in Afghanistan. In the Mountains, just behind the head of the corporal is one of the Many StarGates in the region. These Ships fly by this StarGate, and others, just about every night. They come out of the StarGate from Inner Earth. They have reached Inner Earth from many places. They come out of the StarGate to bring Peace to the area. They are known to help victims of war, on occasion, it is not their main reason for being there. Our Soldiers see them on a regular basis. The Soldiers from UK, Australia, and Japan have been open with their governments about StarShip sightings over Afghanistan. Our government knows about these as well, but it is forbidden to discuss it in most circles. That is about to change. President Obama has been waiting for the withdrawal of other countries from Afghanistan. He has been waiting for the OK for disclosure. The day is fast coming. Although the gag order was lifted on Lion’s Gate 8/8/09, many are cautious on how to proceed with it. Now here is a blatant photo of the U.S. Army, aware of troops viewing nightly sightings of Ships, buried deep in a slideshow on an off-page on There will be mass landings, including war zones. The soldiers will be told it is time to go home. The Time For Peace is Now.

MARK: I hope you all realize that this is not us talking, this is the KOS. He knows when this is all happening. He knows what is there. He is telling you and so is everybody else. It is being suppressed actively, but it will not be suppressed much longer and he has the say-so when that okay comes, and it will be implemented by our media and our military and our president who is just waiting for the signal to go. In addition to that, he said, I am just repeating a little because these are important statements he is making. This is the president, the chairman and the joint chiefs of staff stood upon TV and said, this is the deal folks, we are about to announce something and when we do, all the troops are coming home at once!


MARK: I mean this is the biggest thing. The ships are there. They are coming from the Inner Earth. He made all these statements tonight and he said, everybody knows about it, and when they come up when the signal is given, they will tell the troops to stand down and go home. They will be given, he did not mention this part, but they will be brought home by the Galactics!


MARK: Is that good news or what? Is that something happening or what?

TARA: Well, that confirms it at the ground troops level if anything else.

MARK: So this is very, very good news. As a matter of fact, I would like to ask Mother as soon as she comes on and that is why we waited until now to tell you the story, which we barely got credit up thanks to Beth, just before we came online tonight. So we would like to ask Mother to confirm what the King is talking about and maybe to shed some more light on this subject.

MARIETTA: Mark, when I was reading the transcript, and by the way, we thank all the transcribers who are working overtime to get all of this printed up, I saw the report, was it Tuesday night, of some of the things that I had said and they talked about the fact that I said, we have always been told that our portal here was an inter-dimensional doorway, and got printed as a one-dimensional doorway, so it’s an inter-dimensional doorway. We have never thought about the ships coming from Inner Earth. We always assumed that they were coming in from the sky, but we understand now that this is a portal to the Inner Earth and we hear over there that they are coming that way, that really is exciting to be here. I wonder what I’m going to get to see and [inaudible]?

MARK: You know Marietta, when we talked about your portal there, I told you that I was receiving information that said, this is to open it and to clear the conduits so two things could happen. One, it can balance the energies in the Madrid fault line there, and capture those energies as stretching and other things happen. And the other thing was, that beings would be coming up through that portal from the Inner Earth. Even though that was a misprint, it is really not wrong because it is the one portal below, or the inner portal that they will be coming to the surface [through]. Unlike some people who say, we are going there. The only people that are going there will be going there for certain training, but not to live. It is strictly, we are talking about Telos and the Agartha network. All of that time is ending now. They have only waited until we could be in the 5th dimension on Terra Nova and awake so that they could come up, join us, help us ascend, then we all ascend together as ONE FAMILY. There is only one family here so you do have an inner portal and it is coming up from the Inner Earth as well as the other things, so I thank you for mentioning that.

MARIETTA: It is just so exciting for me here and all those around here when we have known about this inter-dimensional portal and the fact that we have Stargate Re-creation Center as a place to relax, renew, refresh and regenerate, to recreate the life and health you choose. That is what we said about this Stargate Re-creation Center. Not even knowing what a stargate was when we named it. We couldn’t figure out what to call the place and that is what we were given, so it is really a revelation time for here to understand that you’ve been following guidance and instruction, but now to really be aware of what, more of what it really means. I thank all of you to help us understand this.

MARK: Marietta, before you go, I just wanted to mention to the folks out there that don’t know the job that you have been doing. We are all familiar with Harmonic Convergence, but as I recall, you and Robert were there on the spot starting your star gate duties 4 years before that or at least 3 years. About 1984 wasn’t it?

MARIETTA: We have been here 51 years. So we have been on this land and knowing we had to be here. We found where the portal was, yes. We were already holding a lot of gatherings and meetings here before the Harmonic Convergence. So it’s, you know, as I say, we were following instructions and not always knowing what the full meaning of it was. That is the exciting part now, to understand. I guess maybe we had very good guidance.

MARK: Well, and that picture by the way, a couple of pictures of the opening or activation, further activation of the clearing of your star gate is on

TARA: So Marietta, I just wanted to say, if you’ve been on that land for 51 years, everybody, think what you were doing in 1958.

MARK: I was deployed in Korea.

TARA: Oh my God. God Bless you Marietta for being aware at that time.

MARIETTA: We came back. Robert was in the Army during the Korean thing and we came back to the farm here right after that. That’s how long we’ve been here, so it’s been a wonderful journey.

TARA: Yes, and it is going to be more wonderful now. You are going to get to use that place in the way it was prepared for, and it is going to be one heaven of a ride.


TARA: Mother, are you here?

MS: Yes.

[Invocation of Mother Sekhmet]

TARA: We ask at this time that the sweet voice and the firm voice of truth that Mother brings to our circle be heard and resounded through the entire Earth and out into the universes and the galaxies and all of the heavens, and that the Clarion Call of Mother now bringing back neutrality, bringing back leveling of the playing field, the Mother within each one of us strengthening from this voice of truth. Mother, I am so grateful you keep coming, and you keep coming, and you keep coming….[laughter] Yes, it is your fat lady singing in there. I love you.

MS: Greetings children of Ra. It is time you get to know who you really are. In this moment of resurrection, transfiguration is occurring. You are being given back that which you have always had, yet the illusion that you never had it, it is about what you are as sons/daughters of Creator sons/daughters. It is at that place in which, yes, you are experiencing planetary ascension, physical ascension and whatever comes with it. All of it and you are with it. That is all we have to say because it is about all of us going home together. We are in one boat, one canoe, sky barge, whatever you want to call it. Light Ship. It is what we came here in. What we are going in. This Temple of the Living God/Goddess, All That Is. The Merkaba.

When you figure out, and many have already figured out, how to shift this Adam Kadmon into a Merkaba vehicle. Physical craft that can be seen, tasted, touched, felt, and experienced. It is what you are evolving into. As you become the suns you used to be as living plasma energy, how long do suns live anyway? Longer than we can count and we can count for a very long time. Has been going on for so long. We haven’t lost count. It is at the place in which, like we have said, you have come back full circle with us. We are you, you are us, and taking your place at the roundtable at Galactic Councils. It is inevitable. It is what is happening right now with this exposure of the flimsy excuse of, “be very afraid of the swine flu, it is going to get you”.

At the same time, we are in your skies every single day. It is creating quite a stir. How do they want to spin it? It is only the ones in which they have to look at themselves for what they have done and we have to say, judging not, least you walk in those shoes and nobody knows what the Green Torah has said. What it is like to walk in an Illuminati elitist’s shoes? You got a glimpse of what Svengali went through and other stories that are more horrendous. We don’t need to talk about pain, torture, abuse. You are witnessing it every single day with the homeless female Vets coming home. There are more and more coming back. Mothers of children have to be dealt with now, immediately.

The Goddess enters in the sense, we are moving into a circle cycle of energy where the Goddess takes the reins. Patriarchy can take a back seat, and don’t like it? Deal with it. Has to do with the last ……. 26,000 years. It is only that energy of the male that has been out of sync so to speak. It is the circle cycle of Yuga. Yet we understand the last Yuga calling. It is that aspect of us, and yet and still, calling our consort named Shiva and in some of the stories, you see the dancing Shiva bodies that are consumed by the Fire of the Puja ceremonies. We are simply reversing the roles of what we all do with each other. In the sense of God/Goddess of All That Is, but before too long, yet the patriarchy using the energies in the wrong way out of the time-space continuum. Now it is coming full circle where the Goddess gets to step in. We mean that Gaia merged with Vywamus.

So much of what is occurring in your sphere of influence right now has to do with each and every day, moons are shifting in a way in which you’ve been given the opportunity to come back to wholeness and love. In the sense of more and more frequencies upping in octave so that total exposure of that which was hidden getting into the noonday sun. All these games that have been played by our children of Ra, that we would just say, they were deciders and now they are the decided upon. Now the roles get reversed. We are the people sitting at the top of the mountain, and being given by the Lavender Lad the riches of Solomon. How we are dealing with this in this present time? As one of the ones who sing on that Galactic Council, beloved Ascended Master St. Germain. He has his dealer hat on, paymaster, he doles it out, nobody else, on any level. Anybody else who thinks they have something to do with it, is sadly mistaken. This has nothing to do with the human factor. Everything to do with a level in which what was given by this one to the 13 families. In the sense, they were given a message, may you pass every test. In the sense, a formula how he was taught how to create lead into gold and back again. How to create abundance, infinite supply. Being given out to WE THE PEOPLE.

No accident, you are seeing our craft. The young corporal seeing ships in the vicinity of the gates. So many stories have to be told about how we enter and exit the planetary system like you watch on Stargate SG1, Atlantis, now Stargate Universe. What little you have been told about the vast system of gates scattered around your planetary system. No accident. It is so. Got a stargate on the Moon, one on Mars. Maybe one on every single one of the planets of the system of Sol. Can’t say. Up to all of you to figure that one out. It is about how we all get home, and home is this place in the heart cave. It is a small wayward band of our wayward children [who] want to control these gates and they have no idea. It is like giving a 2-year-old a, what is it called, a Hummer. As you can see, the Hummers are not very good in the sand. What you need are craft like what you watch, Luke Skywalker, OB1, land speeders that take a little visit to the Space Port. Things that hover. Anti-gravity is the key. Not digging into the sand with the tracks. [You] Only go farther down where the scorpions greet you.

It is the nature in which all the lies have to be revealed. It was never about weapons of mass deception or the stories of oil. It has always been about the star gates and how to control them. How to reveal this in a way in which would be fun? How about an alien invasion and we would be coming into your circular planet and your lovely Black Ops would take us on? Yet it is futile to even think such a thought. The craft, we only come in peace, yet we have the ability to defend ourselves and it is not without good reason. Why have we not landed on your White House lawn yet? YET. And we would have to say that with the Y-E-T in capital letters. And as you have been speaking about, the Sirian Commander [is] already in negotiations with folks that want to complete this as much as we do, and how that comes about we cannot say, yet it is like your friend, David Wilcock said, moments, mere moments, seconds in that sense of how close this is.

As this occurs, your troops come home because there is nothing to defend. As there would be a standing army here on the soil, no standing armies in the time of peace. Has to, what is it called? It’s a commission and retire in the understanding there are militias that would be [the] guardianship along with the local sheriff to run the township according to what your founding fathers setup as a republic, if you can keep it and we will see to it that you get to keep it. Hmm, very interesting that this [name is inaudible] would be worried about his reputation at this time in the midst of all these events. And we would have to say, they are already gone. Only what is being said out there. How do we break the story? How do we talk about it in a way that the context of the story can be shared in a way that Joe the Plumber and Dave, everyone that has been in the factory making the steel, working at a place in which like the song John Lennon said, the working class hero is something to be. It is that place in which what is being brought forth. WE THE PEOPLE being in power with the ability of God Consciousness [who] have the abundance to carry it forth. No screwups this time because the Lavender Lad is orchestrating the story. We wouldn’t want to cross him on a bad day. We will leave it at that as the news media says.

TARA: Well Mother, do you know more about the Battenberg family name instead of the Hathberg family name? I mean obviously they are both Jewish names, but…..

MS: Battenberg: German Jews, wealthy class, merchants, upper Meneche connections of what was taking place with Mr. Rothschild ages ago.

TARA: Well what about the Hathberg that’s being said for so long and now all of a sudden, now the name has changed.

MS: It has to do with the cover-up and the….

TARA: Hathbergs are Rothschild, Battenberg are Rothschild. They are both are in the same family tree, just slightly moved over maybe.

MARK: Maybe alias.

MS: Alias upon alias, alias upon alias.

TARA: Oh, so you think the Hathberg was an alias for the Battenberg now?
Oh okay.

MS: Alias for sure and then they changed it to Bush. Maybe it is the fact that the genocide that goes so high in the sky behind the name. How you live with that? How you sleep at night? How you get up and look at yourself in the mirror? Without feeding yourself the biomedical, military, medical complex with enough pills and injections so you don’t think about the murder you are going to commit within the next 30 minutes. That is how these people live and we would not wish that on any soul. Yet, at the same time, they made a conscious choice to wear that dark hat to do this and create the story in which we share now. Where you get to wake up and say, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. And yet, you must go to where you must be dealt with according to your crimes against the universe, and we wish you well on your journey. Good day. What can we say? It is at that place, [inaudible].

MARIETTA: Is there anything else Mark?

MARK: Mother, we were just wondering if you might want to share a little more about the immediacy of things. The KOS and Ashtar and I believe you and Alcyone are wanting people to understand. We have been talking about all this stuff for so long. That it has been so far in the future, that now that we are so close, we need to start thinking about, what if this were to happen tomorrow or the next moment, what would you be doing? How would you react? What would be your first thing you want to do and are you prepared to do that? Have you set things up so that you can be available should that happen? With the KOS providing this needle in a haystack right in plain view and the channeling he gave with it, and with the program we are doing this Sunday on “Going Home”. Mother, would you like to say a little more?

MS: You are putting us on the spot. [Laughter by all] We would only just say that it is no accident that KOS would be pointing this out to you and Beth and the others. That has to do with sharing what the real story is about. You have to understand that it is about the star gates [inaudible], the ancient city of Urok and what our wayward children did for eons of time. The mess. It is not simply a mess. Define mess? Out of the chaos comes order. How else would you be finding out about clones and other kinds of stuff? In the sense of figuring out how this operation…., and the funny little story about our friend hanging out in the trees a million years ago. The missing links here. What our children did called Inky and Lil. We are seconds away at what needs to be shared at a level in which we firmly have to say, the Sirian Commander would take the talking stick and you would share how we go about this in an orderly fashion for all to benefit from a mutual cooperation understanding. We have to share with you, you have to share with us. As ships’ counselors disembark and understand the only way that is going to happen……

TARA: What did you say Mother?

MS: Talking about landings and the ships’ counselors disembarking. About Sirian Commander Obama giving a speech, letting everybody know about the fact that our friends are here, and we had best be sharing it with the brothers and the sisters. To get it on the deepest levels.

TARA: I mean isn’t Ashtar going to be sitting right next to him, 12 feet tall or what?

MS: Maybe not 12, but maybe 9-10. Don’t know. Depends on the Captain and we would not speak for the Captain. He can speak for himself quite well.

TARA: Well I remember maybe a couple of years ago on God-Like Productions. They had pulled out of the archives [of] JFK Sr., a scene where he had come out on the stage, and right next to him was this guy and this guy was like 8 or 9 feet tall. He was supposed to be the guard or something. They took, I guess it’s like a [inaudible] photograph of it, and he was a total ET from another place, like a Sirian.

MS: Yes. It is in that sense, that your Commander-in-Chief already walking with many of us by his side protecting him to get this job done so that….

TARA: So the Galactics have something to do with helping him in terms of these years that he hasn’t been around? Is the witness protection part of him hanging out with them?

MS: Could be. Very much so.

TARA: I mean he isn’t exactly what people thought he was.

MS: No, not by any means. What we have to say, what you were sharing, Commander Mark, it is mere moments. In the sense, how do we deal with this? How do you share this with your folks tomorrow, at Wal-Mart, the factory, the laundry room, the plumbing store, the print shop? How do you talk about it? How do you work it out with your piece…..

TARA: I thought you guys said you would just decloak and we won’t have to do anything. Everybody’s jaw might have to get readjusted, but they are going to see it.

MS: We would have to say yes, that is the case. Still and yet, how do you integrate it in the sense we are not here as invasion freaks or force? We are here as family, in the sense brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers. It is at that level in which what we are coming from is a long lost side of the family. Had to take a journey millions of miles rather than thousands, to come, maybe millions of light years, billions of light years to get to where we could sit down, pass the talking stick, and share what we have to help you that you may have forgotten or haven’t discovered yet, because we are family. Yet the decided family will talk about it because we are a little different. Maybe a little green, a little blue, a little white, a little red, a little black. Doesn’t matter. Maybe we have tentacles or fins or fur. It matters not. It is about the mission.

What is being said here: what your……., we hope we get to come to Sainthood, but we don’t know since you are going to have to dismantle this fake idea of the Church, the Vatican. We would like to see Dr. King get a Sainthood, yet we don’t think he would want that. [Inaudible]

TARA: Are they talking about that in the Church?

MS: Don’t know. What we would also say, we heard an interesting story on NPR by the surviving children of Dr. King. In court battling over the remainder of whatever trust fund [is] left rather than sharing the understanding of what Dr. King brought to what was said here. Today, interesting Thom Hartmann brought it up today. Today Dr. King was killed. Wanting to share about the fact that he wanted the rights of the people who pick up your trash [to] have same equal rights as anyone else. They are saying, it is at that level right now, we are all ONE. It matters not who or what we are, we are in this one boat together as humanity. When we get that one, we can land and we can share with you and it is at that place. This guy, the Sirian Commander bringing you so that we can have that conversation with a talking stick rather than an atom bomb or a bunker buster or ICBM. Get what we are saying here? That is where it is at.


SHIRLEY: I have a question regarding Tony Blair. Mother, do you think everything will happen before he has an opportunity to become the first president of the EU because everybody over there, the Cabal is pushing for him to get that title. You know he is just a horrible [inaudible] that prestigious position before anything happens.

MS: We would just say, Mr. Tony Blair having to answer for the war crimes he committed on his watch along with the village idiot and Darth Vader.

TARA: Mother, isn’t it true though, that Tony Blair built his dust and told everything he knew back when to the KOS and all the folks and then he went and continued on his way.

MS: Still and yet, he is an international war criminal, just like Charles Taylor and needs to go to the Hague and go through the process and [be] charged. Tony Blair not from here. He is from Dracos. The constellation Dracos so love him even more as he is revealed in all his glory.

TARA: Full blooded reptile, right Mother?

MS: Yes.

SHIRLEY: So he will be, the people will know really what he has done in the past when everything happens?

MS: Yes

TARA: Absolutely.

MS: George Gallaway is going to be the Chief Witness on the prosecution.

TARA: He [Blair] had David Kelly murdered.

MS: Yes. Just a small piece of what else he did.

MARK: But, he’ll win the Tony award. [Laughter]

TARA: We’ve got the joke department in the background here. God rest and bless his soul.

TRANSCRIBER/Shirley: Mother, this week a very important message came through from John Smallman saying that our leader accepted Galactic help. For the last 70 years, the Galactics have approached every single president and they have all refused the help. Is this true that President Obama accepted?

MS: Yes, it is true Lady Master!

TRANSCRIBER/Shirley: [Jumping with joy] I love you Mother!

TARA: Ditto!

BIGWHEEL: Mother and Mark, I would like to know the significance of October 19th, 2009?

MARK: My brother’s birthday.

MS: Yes, his brother is going to be 90 years old and that is a big deal. And we would also just say October 19th-20th, the energies of the shifting. You are going from Libra into Scorpio in these next few moments.

TARA: That is in the old calendar, Mother.

MS: And Opelousas coming up as well.

TARA: In the other calendar, it is the Virgo until the 30th of October and then we don’t enter Libra until early November, yet in terms of ending the old system, we got to look at the calendar in the way it is, in the old way.

MS: And we would also just say, on this timeframe, it is in which the frequencies are rising to such a level that could be exposure of a big slice of the fact that Wall Street is cardboard cutout. In the sense, the 10,000 mark fake propped up. The Lavender Lad didn’t do it this time. We’ve got to say, they are trying to keep it afloat. Yet at the same moment, got to go to that place in which we shift the balance. We heard today, even Harrah’s Department Store selling 27K-something gold bars.

It seems that the King of Egypt is dealing with matters of state. In the sense, if you got enough to go buy a gold bar in Paris, hmm, interesting state of affairs. Where is MI-5 and MI-6 if they are selling gold bars in the department store? It is interesting. It is about everybody coming back to that place. October 19th could be a very pivotal day. We don’t know what the day has in store for the world, yet we would certainly hope that NESARA NOW.

MARK: Mother, the day before which is Sunday, which so happens to be when we are having our conference call, we have a new moon and then only 9 hours later, the sun goes into Scorpio.

MS: We cannot tell you. Only that if we were to meet our tail, we don’t know how to answer. Only in the sense, don’t want to reveal the rest of the story. We will allow the ones that have to play it out have to play it out according to the script. We don’t want to get ahead of the script, mind you.

MARK: Yes Ma’m.

TARA: I’ll tell you what, Mother. This morning, Amy had this fellow across the pond. I forgot which country he was from, but he was an amazing man. He went really in depth in terms of the psychology of freedom and understanding how they are not getting to the point and how you are being, you know, how they are still attempting to put layers on top of layers and pretend, or just make you accept something less than your freedom. It was just a deep, deep insight. One of the things he said is about, in Norway, in Sweden, in most of the countries in the world, yet he mentioned Norway in particular and Norway is a very special land. Actually it is the most pristine land there is on the surface of the Earth right now. Second to none in that sense. These people have health insurance in the background. They have their banks in the background. These things are nationally owned where the people are the ones who really are in charge, and they hire not only the people who represent them in government, but they hire people to represent them in the banks. They don’t get to set the rules at the CEO level at all and the people do get to have that.

MS: We are coming back to common ground. WE THE PEOPLE, the commons, in that sense, not owned by a private trust or corporation, police department, fire department. Your every day, just WE THE PEOPLE, not privatized, [nor] setup like a Blackwater Operation. No.

TARA: We actually saw the worst of the worst in terms of fire insurance. The people in San Diego when we had the big fire that went all the way into Mexico. If they did not have a private insurance policy, they skipped over those people’s houses and they only saved the people who were paying them to do it and the rest of them, they just let their houses go bye-bye.

MS: That is why we have to say, Tony Soprano and the Family are out of business. Going to have to get a new job. Maybe that new job is being a chauffeur for who knows? Interesting how things can turn around when giving old dogs some new tricks to learn.

CAMILLE: I’m going to be kind of repetitive, I’m sorry, but I just wanted to get Mother Sekhmet’s insight on the peace room and I wanted to make a correction, it is But the peace room is being created by Barbara Marx Hubbard and what her intentions are and where do you see that going?

MS: That is an intention to lead you down the zig-zag path as the Hopi prophecy has said, leading to nowhere. We would just present it that way Lady Master. In the sense, you would not want to be involved in those frequency energies. It is a way in which to entice you, entrap you. That is how the [inaudible] elite offers you the kingdom. The idea of peace. What kind of peace? EICU ____ maybe _____?

TARA: Satanic. Lay low is the deal right now.

MARK: Or be chopped liver.

MS: Maybe it is time for us to have a piece of them.

TARA: Yeah, we’ve been waiting for that Mother, hurry.

MS: This is why the playing field is being leveled out now, and everybody has been witnessing the emperor that has no clothes and it is not pretty.

PENNY: I have a hypothetical financial question. With the time drawing near with the ships in the banking regimes, what are the consequences for those who maybe getting bank loans right now that might be using the funds to invest in stocks or real estate, is the first question. The other question is, if one occurs the debt, if one gets a debt just now in this late hour, is the debt going to be forgiven or does the Trustee put a date on when the debt will be paid, so that these loans that are occurring at such a late date, can they be forgiven?

MS: We would say to you in the sense that people playing at that level in which creating something out of nothing with the phantom economy as tenuous as it is, it is quite an interesting dance. We would not know how to say how the debt would not or would be forgiven. Only in the sense as these events unfolding now, it would not be wise to get engaged in any form of contracts as things are shifting so swiftly. May not need that process eh?

PENNY: Exactly and I agree with you. I had a dream once that the money that was the fiat currency was dirty socked and we cannot spend dirty socks so I agree with you fully.

KENNY/FL: I would like to ask Mother if the rip in the space-time [continuum] that happened in ’47, has that been fixed?

MS: Yes, the rip in time has been corrected.

JOANNE: I would like to know, Mother, if you can tell me if it is a wise thing to pull out of a real estate contract at this time or go forward and make the purchase for the house?

MS: We would say that if your heart is not happy with the process of the feeling going on, we only sense a bit of tenuousness in your voice. It is not knowing how, as the quarter is tossed in the air, how it is going to land. We would not be the ones to say how it is going to land, yet it would be wise at this moment to read everything 3,4,5 maybe 10 times over, and talk it over with the process in which if you [are] going to get a process where you purchase this home, you put the home in a trust.

TARA: And it has a particular kind of trust.

MS: Yes.

TARA : It needs to be not an offshore trust. It needs to be in a foreign jurisdiction offshore and there are almost no places like that right now.

MS: Yet there are a few and would be wise to investigate those few.

TARA: Mother, do we want to listen to Dennis Kucinich? He is on right now.

MARIETTA: If you think it’s good. I didn’t see it, but whatever you think. If you want to listen and see what happens.

DENISE/IN: Tara, it is a spoof. It is not a serious conversation. It is a spoof. I’m in the eastern time zone. I saw it earlier.

TARA: Okay, thank you.

MARIETTA: Maybe, it might have some value. But just getting him in front of the public, helping people to know who he is, for those who haven’t been aware, maybe there is value in that part of it as well.

ROBIN/CO: We are delighted and so excited that things are coming so soon, but is there any way that Rama can put in a word or any of you, to the higher powers to get these rogue agencies off our back? You know, that are stealing our property and paychecks. Arrests of them or some higher way to get rid of them, please?

MS: We will speak to KOS tomorrow concerning your situation Lady Master.

ROBIN/CO: Thank you, thank you.

MARIETTA: Do you have any closing comments Mother?

MS: Yes. We would just share with everyone. In these last moments of the understanding of what you are witnessing at such a critical junction of your planet’s story, it is her-story as well as his-story, and it is how we come together in a co-regency process where it is the order of the day. As that is occurring, the most wonderful events can occur. We can just say, that will supercede any of your other news taking up the day and rivaling the second coming of your Messiah. Yet you are all Messiahs. All 144,000 Avatars being brought into this place in which [are] being recruited for active duty. Starfleet Academy. At that level, we give you back that which you have always had. Just a little wink and nod and show you how to tap those heels three times. No place like home!

[Laughter by all]

Transcribed by Shirley Cull and edited by Mary Sherritt


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