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Mark/Beth’s OOB Experiences During Full Moon 10/3 & Peru Op on 10/4/09


We’ve been filing individual reports connected with the multiple Ops. These last ones were really interesting as it also is connected with the changes we are going through as we are becoming fully crystalline(Christed) beings.

Moon Op Preparation:

First of all, starting around Midnight on Oct 3rd, Mark had done a cleansing hot bath with baking soda and sea salt and then went to bed as he was being called Out of Body to join with Beth for the Full Moon Op. For those who don’t know the logistics of different locations, I will point out that Beth lives in the Central TimeZone while Mark lives in the Mountain Time Zone and we coordinate by cell phone connections before and mostly during Ops. We link together and go into meditation. Beth has learned how to type on her laptop keyboard, taking notes so we have as close as possible exact quotes of who is speaking or involved. This has made a tremendous difference in our joint work.

After the Ops, Beth will send Mark her rough notes and we then smooth out the messages and descriptions. If we did more than a single OOB, we will then try to consolidate and identify by name, the questions we ask them and their answers.

We want you to know some of the mechanics of our joint work so you can better evaluate and understand that this involves many, many hours–not minutes–of work, that will stretch our/your inner senses beautifully. Soon, many of you will be reporting your own similar experiences. It’s closer than you think.

On the Moon Op night of the 3rd, both Mark and Beth worked separately to link with our TwinFlames which is necessary to do the Ops and prepare for Ascension’s challenges.

Mark–while dreaming just before wake up–lucidly experienced being blended with his TF…and NOT wanting that to end. This involved no errant thinking, he was awake, aware, and centered in wonder!

When you experience this you will appreciate how Mark was still immersed after 1.5Hrs.

Then, to have THAT one, standing before you blooming the finest colors you’ve ever enjoyed . That is magical. That happened again during the 4:44PM Sun Meditation we did as part of the Peru attunement Op.

That happened two consecutive nights in a row, lasting through Sunset and then, continued hiking down from the summit of a local mountain and persisted as Mark was driving home with her beaming her colors at him in sequences that did not stop. I could feel my own colors blooming and beaming back at her. That warmed my heart, and I felt these colors brushed over my face across a rainbow spectrum. I could see it outside and feel it inside.  There was nothing to do or say, just enjoy. Mark

Beth: In connecting with her TF, she imagined a conduit of energy running through the center of her crystalline body, from crown to perineum, connecting with all the energy centers. She pictured the energies starting at her base chakra. She thought of all the areas in her life causing blocks and releasing them, moving up the conduit, breathing and reflecting to any blocks in any of the chakras, up to the crown.

She looked at issues or imbalances in basic needs, ways to accept and express emotions; strength to conquer her dreams and goals; extending kindness to others, carefully considering the effects of words spoken; seeking guidance and having learned the importance of Self-Love. At this time, all of her energy centers were open and white crystalline light was flowing through her conduit. She then connected fully with her TF and was prepared for the Moon Op.

We connected by telephone and in meditation, we proceeded OOB together, for our night work on the ships.


Mark and Beth were on a medium size craft with KOS in Earth’s Atmosphere. KOS worked as Earth Galactic Supervisor overseeing the Op. Mark and Beth with their Twin Flames, worked with the Eagle Command. There was an Away Team on the Moon disassembling old programs and structures run for a long time by the Zeta Reticulans. The Eagle Command and A-Team were coordinating the dismantling on the Moon, guided by computers from their Ship. There was a coordination between the two Ships to get the physical work on the Moon done. Commander Soltec, Director of Communications, had his Ship and Crew working in Space between Earth and the Moon overseeing communications between the three Ships. Everything about this Op went smoothly, with no interruption of flow during the work. This was a great success, more work will be done, according to schedule.


Mark and I join in meditation. He is on a mountain peak in Sante Fe NM and I am watching the sunset over a midwest prairie in Minnesota.

We go to the Island Qoa, Peru.  6 small ships raise from the water surrounding the island. Ashtar is on one, Commander Ariana from Andromeda is on one. Sanat Kumara is on one. There is a strong presence of Ships around us where we are.

Mark and I are taken up in a blue beam onto her Ship by Ariana.This happened in our higher light bodies and we experienced being dematerialized and reassembled. That felt like freedom, and was very blissful and ecstatic.

Then we all join together, on the New Jerusalem, with Ashtar and his Twin Flame[Athena], St Germain, Metatron, Madame X, Lolo, Kauila, Felix, Mark and Beth.

We talk about how close we are to mass decloakings,even while individual decloakings continue in spurts around the planet.

I then see us in the smaller ships with this group, we enter the Mu portal in Peru and arrive at Oahu,HI.

We open and enter the Oahu portal and travel under the Earth to open the portal under the Giza Pyramid.

Ashtar says that these portals and areas have now been reopened.

This will help realign and connect more of the tectonic plates and bring them  into place in support of the New Earth Grid. There will be more Ops to follow in an exact sequence as more portals need to be opened and more realignments will be needed. In this manner the effects will be buffered so that no catastrophes are experienced. We are terraforming the earth back to pristine condition according to the original blueprint. We are excited that this work can now proceed. It has been ages and ages since this was last possible.

This was another successful Op with many galactic commands involved. We are cleaning up blocked energy conduits; correcting inappropriate alignments and each increases the support for Terra Nova’s unfolding. The New Solar disc decoding and recoding–primarily accomplished by Madame X,Lolo,Felix,guided by Cdr Ariana & Cdr Dyanna of the Andromedean Command, who are the universal experts on this work involving the pure crystalline light and sound technologies being inserted into the crystalline core of the planet and thence to all crystalline particles throughout the planet including all of us.

This is what makes it possible for all of us to hold, and radiate, more divine light and continue towards our full physical immortality, ascension process over the next 18-30 months.

This has NEVER been done before!!!

Please keep the big picture of how each and all of this is advancing and changing ourselves, our planet, our solar system and whole universe. Everything is divinely decreed, and we are each unique pieces of co-creative and collective experience that has been proceeding towards this destiny goal for billions of years.

Fully awakened, immortal, co-creators will be the result. And, it is all being done with Infinite Love. Our Twin Flames are becoming an increasingly important and critical part of how balance is obtained and sustained.

In some manner or other, we will connect with them, directly, when the mass landings occur. We are very close to Mass Decloakings. That will awaken our connections to our higher inner Self and our TFs and prepare us for the landings which will come within 7-10 days after Arrests and Announcements.

Infinite Love is dissolving and releasing our old attachments to pain, suffering, lack, guilt, judgement and duality, NONE of which is a part of Terra Nova and the the New Original Lemurian Time Line. Those attachments is what we are now experiencing. We need never experience them again. We have succeeded. The New is Now. Fence sitting time is over. That will only ensure removal, to allow more time to awaken on another timeline.

It’s very simple:
Accept Love and Peace and Joy Now, or understand that you are choosing more of what we have all experienced that is being removed. There is no judgement either way, as we are all divine beings, heading towards the same reunion with Love, Truth, Self, and Source at our own rates.

Mark/Beth & A-Teams


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    Speaking of decloakings I got an email today that quoted David Wilcock’s blog saying that disclosure was immenent that tv time had already been booked along with fantastic videos and Et’s that were humanoid had even lined up. Some of it was even on UTUBE I think. Is there any truth behind that? I am thinking it would only be Faction 1 or 2…but it sounded terrific. Anybody?

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