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Mark Huber Telecall – September 29, 2009



MARK: Hello everybody.  Welcome to another interesting follow-up to some very interesting experiences of the last week.  As we have been indicating since the 9th of September, 9-9-9, a lot of things happened that moved us into a power position where a lot of the equipment that is needed for planetary cleanup and our ascension can now be powered up.  Basically, we’re going to be talking tonight about 3 subjects that we’re all going to be talking on.  As always, the subject of NESARA will be a factor, and as always Ascension will be a factor, and as always the Galactics, a Galactic presence, and that Disclosure will be a factor.

We have been getting for some time here, especially since 9-9-9, that we needed to have a little larger perspective update, because a lot of information out on the Internet is so old, and a lot of it is disinformation and most of it is fear based.  So we said maybe we could help out a little bit in clarifying some things if we went to visit with appropriate knowledgeable folks.  We went to Mars and the Moon and paid them a visit in the proper company, and asked them to share with us what the situations there are and what they are going to be.  Because we know it’s all part of one thing called Our Ascension and Peace.

So to start it off tonight, I will be starting off with some information on Mars, and Beth will join me on that, and then we’ll introduce some information on the Moon, and we’ll go through that.  Then we’ll introduce Commander Ariana from the Andromedan Mothership.  This will be the sequence and following that Kauila has an important piece that he just got from the KOS and he’ll be sharing that, and you’ll see without our coordinating, it’s all going to work together.  When Rama and Tara come on, they will also be sharing some Hard News and again it all coordinates, without our intending it, it just happens.  So first of all, let’s get on with the subject of Mars.

CINDY: Mark, Tara and Rama are here.

MARK: Okay, would you go ahead then with the Hard News and then we’ll follow you.

TARA: We’re right here.  I can tell you my part and that is from what we had a discussion [about] here after Rama got a text message from the KOS today.  The ships are ……… and awakening the planetary beings up here in a very exponentially radical path of decloakings that are going on all over the place.  I mean just in a personal way, decloakings I’ve never seen in my own eyes before.  Fully huge displays.  I would call them [is] performances where they know you are watching and they are showing you who they are.  They are spinning their colors and they are getting bigger and smaller and moving closer and farther away.  I’m showing you that this is beyond a question of a doubt, something of a higher vibration.  A nature that doesn’t leave a question of a doubt in one’s mind.  I was saying that just to Rama, that we’ve had so many people wake up around us while we were going through the Eastern Seaboard.  I mean it’s 2 months now that we’ve been doing this and people have said to us, every step of the way, they’ve seen such decloakings in our presence.  I would have to say, that is for me too and Rama too, that he’s never seen such definitive things.  I mean it’s easy for us to see.  Mark, you know, we go outside and we look up and there’s 5 ships in the sky regularly any time of the week in Santa Fe.

MARK: Right.

TARA: The noticing of it by people who don’t do that normally is what is happening in our experience as we’ve [been]  gone for the last 2 months.  Rama is getting in the car.

RAMA: I talked with the KOS today through the text message technology and he basically just said that what is going on is the ships are showing up all over the planet, unprecedented decloakings.

TARA: Yes, I’ve been telling them about that.

RAMA: And the Iranian Republican Guard, supposedly there is a story out on World Net Daily and some other websites trying to say that the Iranians shot down 2 craft, captured the pilots.  It is all misinformation, disinformation.  The right wing scheme machine is spinning it like nobody’s business ’cause they have nothing else to talk about except is Obama born at 19.5 degrees or was he born in Kenya.  He was born at 19.5 degrees.

TARA: That’s not all.  The biggest issue is the banking issue and the biggest banking issue coming up right now, it has been in the news for awhile, and it has to do with the Bank of America.  When Merrill Lynch went down, the Bank of America did some very shady deals, and the Bank of America is the bank of choice from which we are going to payout our NESARA blessings, everybody.  So that’s very important that it comes down to the way in which the old Bank of America has been functioning corruptly and committing economy high treason with Merrill Lynch in particular, because way back in the early 90s, the KOS told us that Merrill Lynch was the auditor for the Bank of America when it was [time] for NESARA to be enacted and for our blessings to be paid out.  We knew that way back, even before 1993’s court case was held.  That was way back in 1991-1992.  I mean there was a literal possibility way back in 1992, October, then when they started….

[Talkshoe started recording call at this point/Administrative talk]

MARK: Okay.  Let’s go back to the visit to Mars by Beth and Mark and friends.  When we go, we go into meditation, we hook up our team in meditation and then we make a jump to a location.

[Beth and Mark visit the Mars Council]

Well, we were going to Mars and we were jumping towards the 3D Mars and a certain place there.  However, as we jumped, we ended up in a shuttle craft driven by Ashtar, and in the jump seat next to him was the KOS and they were laughing and they took us into an inner tunnel at Mars.  They had to intercept us because we were going to the wrong place.  So as we looked in the distance, there was a domed city.  A very, very tall dome in the interior core of Mars.  The door on the side of the dome opened and we were allowed access because of the folks who were there in front of us with the right codes.  The architecture in the City here is minimalist and futuristic.

There are floating oases with water and green plants.  It is very lush inside.  The structures they float on are artificial, but the living things are fully natural.  Sunlight is tunneled in from the surface and the dome city is full of sunlight.  We enter a building which has no outer distinguishable characteristics.  Inside is a meeting room with a large monitor and other screens surrounding the table and chairs on all the walls.  These monitors are connected to the Ships.  There is a Galactic Federation Symbol on the wall of the room.  As we entered this room we meet Commander Korton and Commander Mon-Ka, the Mars Council, Ashtar and KOS.

Commander Mon-Ka addresses us and the whole body, and by the way, he is talking to all of you because that is the purpose.

Dear Friends, You have been expanding your understanding of higher dimensions.  You know a little about parallel Planets and you have been exploring stair-stepping the dimensions and also Higher Octaves.  In exploring these ideas, minds have expanded to a place where we may talk to you about how things really are.  In preparation for First Contact, one must expand and mature their thoughts regarding how things work.  When your Hubble Telescope views and photographs Mars, it is sending back 3D photographs of a burned up shell of a Planet.

Long ago there was a ‘change point’ at which time the people and the Planet of Mars evolved into a Higher Dimension.  When you link with us OOB, as now, you are linking with us in a parallel dimension, a Higher Dimension.  As Earth ascends (as do the individuals on Earth), all who choose to ascend will travel through the ‘change point’ on Earth.  You are traveling through this now; it is a process.  Everything you have been discussing of late regarding Earth changes, like individual ascension, as well as politics, world peace, end of pollution, eradication of disease, and the end of financial slavery and the bringing of justice to all, lead up to moving through this ‘change point’ for Earth.  When NESARA is announced, it is a beginning of change, not an end of the old regime.  [Mark inserts: There is a lot of difference in these 2 thoughts].  It is a beginning of living on the parallel Earth, the Higher Dimensional Earth.  It is what you have been calling the Master Plan or the New Plan [Mark inserts: And sometimes Terra Nova].

The Face on Mars is an implosion of our Gateway Temple; it is the face of Creator.  Earth going through this ‘change point’ means… it is moving to a Higher Octave.  Earth will remain the same, only it will be perceived from a Higher Frequency.  Those not ascending will not join us on Terra Nova.  They will instead go to a Planet in a parallel dimension of a different frequency because nothing is lost.

MARK: There are no judgments, there is no loss, everyone gets their choice.

BETH: Now Mon-Ka continues:

Here in this meeting point, in this room, we are not speaking to you from the old shell of the 3D Mars perceived by your current technology, no.  You are seeing us in a meeting place which is on the parallel Mars, in a Higher Frequency.  We greet you with cheers of celebration.  We are very pleased you are able to perceive us this way now.  A large number of you are asking for change and [are] able to understand how things truly exist in this Cosmos.

We on Mars continue to work and evolve in our underground domed city.  We, along with 10 other Planets (in various phases of ascension) along with the 12 Planets which make up your local system, are participating in the plan for terra-forming Mars back to its pristine condition.  We Planets have a long history of telepathic communication.  We also traveled in spacecraft to Earth and the stars and the 12 Planets in our local system. There were times after Earth became inhabited with dense form humans that our relations were not always civil. We are evolving past that time now.

I work with the Galactic Federation as a protector of Earth.  I work on the Saturian Council and work closely with the Ashtar Command in furthering Earth’s Master Plan for Ascension.  All of the Planets in our ‘time space realm’ are firing up our crystalline cores and preparing for the Great Shift back to love.  Everything you are experiencing on Earth, we too are experiencing in our own way.  Everything you do effects us.  If you are successful, so are we; we cannot abide a failure.  There is a joint effort from the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds to see to it that nothing stands in the way of Earth Ascension.  This is a very exciting time, and we all celebrate with you.

I am working with Sanat Kumara from Shamballa using their Hall of Records.  It is here that we have digital records of every human on Earth.  We work with Commander Soltec who heads up all Intergalactic Communication.  We join our work with the Silent Watcher on the 172nd Dimension with their communication system.  Ashtar links into them with Hatonn and the Protection Forces.  ALL of these share Intel with KOS and Korton, Commanders of the Protective Forces of Earth.  They work with the Cosmic Secret Service.

You have heard of Project Blue Beam and FOBOS, the artificial satellite as well as secret satellite stations and on and on.  Ashtar and his Protective Forces have dismantled or neutralized all of the mentioned negative nanite technology and systems put into place as a subversive measure to Earth Ascension.  These negative influences have been removed, and the final tipping point is arrests.  We require all negative influences, all those involved in deception, greed, genocide, injustice, to be removed. as they are not able to ascend into the parallel frequency with Earth.  In the words of KOS: “It is happening now”.  Bless You All!  We rejoice in your Knowing!

MARK: So there was a lot that he said there. Thank you Beth. He talked about the dismantling of the weapon stations which are part of Project Bluebeam. He talked about artificial nanite technology used for negative purposes. He talked about a lot of the things that are there on 3D, they are part of the 3D Mars, and related local areas that they have. You’ve heard about the International Space Station. That is only one. That is the public thing, but the military had 6 more stations. Secret ones that they had built. All of this had to be neutralized and much more before everything is completely safe for everyone.

So now we went from Mars, which was the first place they wanted us to go because it is the furthest out, and the next place we went to was the Earth Moon, as we call it here, Luna. This is an artificial space satellite. It is not a celestial body. It was brought here by the Orions’ as a piece of artificial intelligence. The moon now holds several Army bases and recreation sites for ET visitors. The Zeta Reticulans have also had habitations on the moon. This is over long periods of time. There are domed structures built on the dark side of the Moon. There have been published photographs taken of these. []

There have been both actual as well as fake landings on the Moon (both of them). At the time of the first space landings, negative ETs felt it was a bad idea to have man join them on the Moon. These ETs have been working for eons of time with the dark hats of Earth to control the population in different ways. The dark ETs on the Moon worked with their partners on Earth to control all science and technology on Earth, to help keep humans in slavery. This is hard information to hear, but it is true. We are bringing this to you because that time is over now. They have worked with the Secret Government to have mind control in many forms over Earth inhabitants. This is all coming to an end. Ashtar is seeing to it, along with many working in partnership with the Galactic Federation. It is a big job.

metatronMetatron:  There will be a New Moon added to our Moon, Luna. This will be a celestial body, a true body, made up of particles from the asteroid belt, through galactic terra-forming technologies. The old moon will remain as it is… with a few important adjustments. All of the negative ETs will be removed from the Moon Surface and their outposts will be dismantled. Much of this is already done.

There is currently a negative ET Programming pulsing out from the Moon which is responsible for lunar cycles. This effects the sea tides, and also menstrual cycles in women. When the final ETs are removed, this negative programming will be abolished. With the new terra-formed second Moon, there will be a balance of phasing, and the menses will no longer be necessary for any women.

The new additional Moon will come to Terra Nova (that is the higher harmonic of Earth) to balance out the growth cycles, the magnetic poles and a constant worldwide temperature will be the result. Other positive changes will be the end of reproductive ovulation and cycle timing. This is a condition that was held in the 3rd dimensional body. When the Anunnaki placed implants into the fallen human race, the goal was to block all connections to Source and co-creation by higher means.

They attempted to create slaves who had as little connection to Source as possible, without completely destroying them. These implants were not included on the level of the 2nd Chakra. This 2nd Chakra was left with the sexual drive in place and the ability to experience bliss through orgasm. In addition to this, an artificial pulsing went out from the Moon creating a 28 day cycle. The goal was to have humans desiring as much 2nd chakra contact as possible for the purpose of procreation.

The Church reinforced the necessity to marry and have many children. The purpose of that was to attempt to limit offspring [this makes no sense so something is missing here] so this was forbidden as a sin against God. All of this was from the Illuminati. All of this was the “dream come true”, the way to bliss through marriage and compliance with producing more servants to the Anunnaki. This is what was programmed into the Earth Human and we have worked hard as Galactics and Humans to dissolve the old programming and awaken as many as possible to higher beliefs.

The New Moon will balance growth cycles, create a peaceful temperate environment across the planet, and completely abolish the need to bear and have children, as those in the animal kingdom do. The possibility of having a child born into the physical from the realm of light will now be the norm.  This means that couples of all ages will be able to bring children into the world and all children will be wanted prior to coming to Earth. This will be an avenue for the Highest Light Beings to take on a human form and enter Terra Nova for the purpose of bringing Higher Gifts to Earth and advancing her even further, in a shorter period of time. This is possible today. We are on Terra Nova. The Crystalline Body coherently supports this light co-creation. And as we’ve told you, the planet on average, exceeded 51% crystalline migration. This is when the celebrations begin..

We know that many other Planets have more than one moon and now Earth will have two [moons] also. This is what makes all the other necessary changes possible. Having only one Moon is an imbalance which must be corrected to have harmony on Earth. Once set into the Universal Grid, it will effect a balanced change on everything within your local solar system. These changes are underway now and will be in place within the next few years.

MARK: This information was given to us by Metatron because we wanted to back it up. And now I’ll let Beth come in and tell you about a message right after that one, that we received from [Lady Masters Venus and Ceres]. We were doing this in meditation, we came out of meditation, we were still on the phone. Suddenly I noticed these beings in the room. It turned out to be Lady Master Venus and Lady Master Ceres, sometimes also called Demeter, who were here. Lady Master Venus is now speaking so Beth do you want to take it there?

BETH: Yes. Lady Master Venus wanted to add to the information we just received about the Moon and she said:

venus224Lady Master Venus: This information has to come to light so that women come into the knowing that the moon phase has been there to keep them in economic slavery, and this has been used far too long by the darkness to keep women away from their Divine Birthright of co-creation. There has been a worldwide climate of responsibility for offspring falling on woman ill-equipped to be responsible for this. Naturally this leads to under-educated children, perpetuating slavery in menial work. This is what has allowed the apparent riches of the world to go to a small few.

All of the inner turmoil of this has created sexual diseases that are deadly. Not only that, but perpetuation of AIDS has made children orphans, as their parents died off, and has turned the Mother’s breast milk into a killer toxin. We mention these things to bring them to the surface for clearing and blessing.

We acknowledge them, we give thanks for the lesson’s learned, we bless them as they are dissolved forever. This process brings a balance of the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine. We send all the issues surrounding this love and only love as we evolve past the old imbalance of masculine/feminine co-creative balance.
~Lady Master Venus

MARK: Well after this, this has been occurring now over the last couple of days. This morning, actually around noon today, we decided to have another talk with Commander Ariana of the Andromedan Mothership that was present in Peru during the Equinox. She was actually supervising that operation on the 21st and 22nd of September when the Kumaras returned. This is Ariana speaking.

Ariana: The Earth is being returned to its Pristine State. On the Equinox 21-22 September 2009 Gaia and Vywamus were ascended. This was the beginning of Terra Nova. Step by step Mother Earth will be restored to her full abundance and full beauty.

Our Andromedan ship, working with the Galactic Federation and the super computers of the Silent Watcher on the 172nd Dimension, is working at Center Earth to restore Earth back to what it was before the nuclear destruction on Earth eons ago.. Everything is being restored. The Andromedans will be sharing their devices, knowledge, and technologies to accomplish this. They are the Grid Masters and Masters of Light Sound Harmonic Holograms. We are the Ones who have the technologies needed to reset the Solar Disc with the New Coding which will manifest on the physical as a New Earth Grid. This is not possible without first correcting the imbalances in your moon. As this is done, Earth changes will occur.

Have you lately noticed unusual flooding all around the World? Have you not noticed the Philippino typhoon with massive flooding within 3 days of our Center Earth activity during the Equinox? After the typhoon left Manila, it gained strength in the South China Sea, then striking the shores of Vietnam. It is not Gaia’s intention to bring harm to anyone. This has been a compassionate and loving great giveaway by the Souls who lost their lives, and they are not all gone. We had rescue crews out assisting them. The Truth is, the tectonic plates in the sea beds are being reset from the old destruction pattern to those of Terra Nova. This is a sign of change for those looking for it. These storms, with two more following, raise the sea bed in some places. This evens out the distribution of the electromagnetic force coursing through the Earth Grid and it is along the ley lines of the Ancient City of Mu where this is happening.

When our Mothership entered through the old Mu remnant cave portal, the center point of Ancient Mu, it opened the previously closed Gateway to Center Earth. Our partners in this come from many places, with a concentration of Sirians. They are the ones who fashioned these tunnels long ago into Inner Earth. Opening that Gateway was essential to allow the New Codes to flow unhindered over Earth Grids in this area. There will be additional A Team Ops where other portals will be opened and New Codes added by our coordinated computers and technology and further Earth changes noted.

BETH: There will be a coordinated Team Effort to clean up your current Moon, Luna. There will be a Galactic Federation Team made up of Andromedans, Pleiadians, Arcturians, and others, who will remove renegade stations, disassemble negative coding, and make other adjustments to the Moon. This will be done around the time of the October 4, 2009 Full Moon. The changes will be phased in. These changes will again effect the seas and there may be more flooding as serious and significant Earth changes in the seabed floor are made. The shifting of the Earth Axis is then able to be reprogrammed.

We can expect that with the firmament changes will come melting of the Pole ice. There will be a redistribution of fresh water on Earth so the desert areas will have adequate water. There will be a temperate climate in all areas of Earth. These changes will be phased in in the next 2-3 years. These changes will have a positive effect on the human body which will be noticeable and undeniable. Everything is raising in vibration as the electromagnetic ionic grid changes come into effect for Earth. No longer will the effects of war be allowed to remain on Earth. Everyone will have access to clean water and abundant food as we move into mass landings.

All of the Children of the Sun will know Peace, Joy and Love. The next Earth changes will happen in a planned effort. All of the Ancient Portals of Earth will be reopened and this will affect Inner Earth as well as the surface. We 9 Commands head up this part of Earth Ascension. We thank you all for joining us in meditation. When you focus positive energy to Earth as she changes, the effects go smoothly and with the least disruption needed. There will NOT be any Earth changes which are catastrophic. Earth Ascension has been completed in a peaceful manner. The necessary readjustments to the tectonic plates, ocean floor, mountaintops, Earth Grid, and her Electromagnetic Ionic Field will occur with minimal disruption to everyday life on Earth.
Namaste,~Commander Ariana, Andromeda Command

MARK: That was a very important communication that we received today and it was a follow-up, and I just want to remind you to pay attention when you read this later. I suggest that everyone read this transcript and actually if I may be so bold as to suggest it, all of these transcripts now because they are talking about ongoing changes that are taking place. The next one, I will just reiterate, is going to take place on October 4th during the full moon and this affects the tectonic plates. I just wanted to remind us what she was saying. She is saying that some of these separations in the tectonic plates since the time of Mu, those connections that have been broken and lost, these have to be restored, so this is a step-by-step process of doing that. And one of the ways in doing that is to bring the tectonic plates back into correct alignment, because the Earth is going to be pristine again. It affects all of her energetic flows and some parts are still cut off in a true sense from other parts. So that needs to be corrected, and it will be done with minimal disruption over these next 2-3 years, including the Moon and Mars.

All of that is part of this one process, and this got kicked into high gear during the September 22nd Equinox in the operation in Peru which also involved other locations in Hawaii, in New Mexico, in Central United States. So you can’t do something of this magnitude without it affecting other points, and we had to have teams. Point people on the ground who have connections to the portals there to, shall we say, be a stabilizing influence, so this could all go off smoothly which it did, and you will be hearing more about that. As a matter of fact, I would like to ask Kauila to come in now, and he has a very interesting message from the KOS which actually is also today.

KAUILA: Yes. Aloha everyone. It is Kauila from the Big Island of Hawaii on the Kona pride and beautiful magical Kingdom Park, the children’s Kingdom Park. This is really what we are in a sense entering now. I did receive a message today from the KOS. I wanted to precede it by the last part of message from the Pleiadians. This ties into what the KOS communicated to me today. This first part is from the Pleiadians. There are 2 parts originally which have been posted. The 3rd part I just wrote it up today. It was given to me on 9/18 so this is before I even left for the island of Kauai, actually the day of my leaving. I was in a natural food store over here and here’s what they said:

Pleiadian High Council 9/18/09 Part 3 in Island Naturals Food Store:
We are grateful to meet you again in this venue that honors the green natural organic devas of our realm. Please, we ask you to keep your awareness on the higher creations abounding all around you, within you, in every plant that continues to cleanse your/our planet, now Gaia-Vywamus. We have been most active clearing, adjusting, upgrading currents and growth grids to harmonize and continuously up-resonant with the changing DNA energy structures of every single nanoparticle on the planet.

This up-resonance stands now in a space such that any lower vibration within any thing or person or animal instantly pops to the surface for rapid awareness and cleansing. This is why so many, especially you of the trained-sensitive-to-higher-energies essence are sensing a revulsion to all processes, and so forth, that are no longer “welcome” here. This means you often are NOT feeling comfortable or at ease. Everything, everything, everything non-resonant with the crystalline vibration is and/or will be “in your face” right away, right strongly. This immediate awareness allows immediate clearing.

Just as the density of a cork does not “resonate” with a pool of water, it rises to the surface. Then the wind may blow it away. If you release it – try not to grab it and hold on, [releasing is best]. Let go, my dears, let go.

We are not giving dates to this one for our appearance to all in the personal sense. We have had personal appearances already with this messenger, and with this we say, these have been fruitful beyond compare. Our Light communication channels are now quite open. We have a special series of channelings for all through his connecting with us at Kalalau.

This is such a thrivingly joyful time for us as we meet again. Equinoxically speaking, we seize this resonant moment to burst bubbles and burst forth. Come come come and be be be with this abundant joyful party and resonate, ring, sing with joy this next week. We will sing along side with you. You love us as we love you.

Blessings and sweet music to you,
See you on Kauai!

KAUILA: When I arrived on Kauai, I believe it was on Kauai, it should have been on Kauai, and this short message from KOS came through:

kosMessage from KOS on 9/19/09:
We welcome you this day to the place of food and new environments for all. Perhaps strange sounding words. A new food has entered your realm and has been flowing through taking many forms. This is what one might call the food of heart, the food of peace.

When we told you of the healings occurring naturally with no effort during these times, we have also to say that every soul experiences this whether knowingly or unknowingly. Can we tell you, you are being healed now? Yes, we can and do. Now we go on and say fear not for flaring ups of what seem old illness or discomforts of any way shape or form. Much arises for clearing, as many have mentioned before. All the clearing taking place has created and is creating vacuum if you will for the crystalline healing frequencies into the DNA that is configured now perfectly to move into corrective phase.

As we appear with you such healings, which are simply energetic alignments with the original Lemurian health pattern, spontaneously manifest. It is time for the true Universal health care to establish now on this planet. It is, and it is finished.

Preparing now to enter the land of the magical dragons and grand Pleiadian entries, this one has found his place at the following place for encounters after what you call Equinox. As this one tires somewhat we ask him to finish later.

KAUILA: Which we did [finish], which was today. It was a wonderful trip. There were many things happening. I encourage you all to go the GRT message board and check many of the audio updates and some written updates that were posted all during this journey on Kauai and later on Oahu. Today, this morning, the KOS gave me another communication, a slightly longer one.

kosMessage from KOS dated 9/29/09:
As the sun now alights upon this one’s computer, we say to you, the Solar Disc New is alighting and has alighted upon each one of you. We are aligned with a brighter path than even you can comprehend. As the balance has swung over to the other side of the Equinox, the movement toward the Light has accelerated. We also say that the movement WITH the Light has accelerated, again. More more more continues to awaken in this Light of the New Solar Disc.

Much happens within the course of this next week, and the coming month you call the October brings the Fall, if you will, in the fall season of Northern climates, of those figures that have initiated and/or enabled those events that have become your so-called history in the past 8 years. This opening to the actual events’ truth lines is not possible without your awake-n-ing.

Why we are together today is to assist some of this group to understand that we are very close to the full en-Light-en-ing, on the grandest of scales, to your Higher communities, much to the shock and awe of billions. Ye shall awake to the Truth of your Worlds. Ye shall awake to the Truth of YOUR World. Ye shall awake to the Truth of YOU. Yet the Divine, if you will, timing, if you will, is to be followed exactly, that all may awaken together and follow the path of Gaia-Vywamus’ Earth ascension.

Now we bring to you the events of your being some like to call “healing”. We prefer the word “realignment”. As the NOLTL has come and begun and continued, the teaching tools you have called “diseases”, rather dis-eases, have served their purposes and are no longer needed to those on the NOLTL*. Thus re-alignment of the bodies previously aligned with older timelines is called for.

Much is being discussed within your group about our healing “technologies”, if you will. These may be of assist to many, and we suggest all that attune and resonate with these to follow their Guidance. As we are very aware of the stickiness of some thoughts to the former healing technologies, resistance to change from those thought paths is made difficult for any who continue to bind to them.

We have one very Universal solvent for all. This is water. The water of conscious thought in line with the NOLTL. And the water of the physical sense. Both internal and external application of the water element carries our healing technologies today. You may not understand that these past few years have required a complete transformation of all Earth systems as to avert major environmental shifts and damage, for clearing and cleansing of dissonant energies and components, and concomitantly has occurred an upshift and complete re-attunement of this element called “water”.

We explain this thus…..Always have inner Earth vibrations laid within the Inner Earth. These were kept protected from outer influences for had these arisen to the outer discordant Earth sphere, such pure, if you will, energies would have been disrupted beyond repair, and would have required many more of your years to regenerate and realign with the NOLTL. All facets of ascension would have delayed, and that was not an acceptable situation for or within the Ascension process.

Gravitational fields of the planet have also realigned, largely, to the NOLTL. Thus we suggest that all purification of water be carried out via simple gravitational methods. The NOLTL requires no “pushing” or “pressure”, if you will. Likewise, many methods to remove particles from the water are based upon “pushing” or “pressure”, and are thus not in harmony with the NOLTL. We suggest avoiding these methods. The water obtained from them is always an-harmonic (out of harmony) to the NOLTL, and requires re-adjustment. Why de-align, so that you must re-align? Simple removal of particulates with gravity via a paper/graphite filter is sufficient. We have asked K-Man the Khemist to assist us in this matter. [More to come later about this….yours truly, K-Man the Khemist]

So here are our suggestions, at this time:

Ocean water resting, swimming
Fresh water, river, lakes, resting, swimming
Rain showers….stand or sit or lie in them
Showers of fresh water from traditional water flow devices (not as aligned, however)
Drinking of water each day, from gravity filtered sources, pure water, no bubbles, no additives

Please understand that the joy of living is to be embraced. As we sit and love and enjoy our mocha and coffee, all that engenders deep joy and peace and love is welcomed. The “hermit in a cave drinking only water and eating only nuts and berries” is NOT required! Hah!!!

We have one other message to finish writing down, a precede-er to this one, so we leave you now.
Blessings, KOS
*NOLTL = New Original Lemurian Timeline

MARK: Thank you Kauila.

BETH: Kauila, thank you so much. What a great message, that one.

MARK: Now you can see how this ties everything together along with what Rama and Tara were sharing about the financial changes. You remember in Kauila’s message, Kauila just shared with you that today is the 29th, tomorrow is the 30th and the next day is the 1st of October. If you’ll go back and read that one section, he used a capital F when talking about the beginning of the Fall of those ones who have up until now exerted control over resources, people and everything of value to them. He said, and I quote, “This begins the Fall” and I think you can understand now what he means by that.

We know there have been arrests and there are continuing to be arrests, and what has not happened for the most part, is public announcement. Rama and Tara also got messages from the KOS and he said to them that now, and they left a message for me on my machine saying, Now the galactic presence is the key. As this now is being exposed and is being revealed, that is what is required for this next step. So now, we’ve had 3 things. We’ve had arrests, Galactic Presence announcements–a revelation or disclosure, and the final thing is NESARA’s announcement. Now, of course, no dates, no nukes, and there are no flukes in any of this because it is all orchestrated. We are in the right place. We are doing the right things. We are achieving and/or fully on target. We are now on Terra Nova. Gaia and Vywamus whose ascension was the purpose of the Galactic Rescue, if you want to call it that, has been accomplished. So everything that needs to happen is happening.

Twin Flame reunions are beginning to happen because of the NOLTL partners balancing out in the full moon and eclipses, I mean the 3 sequential eclipses that took place on July 7th,  21st and then August 6th. What this did in those, plus the [on] midpoint during July 14th, they setup a balance point where while the position was in neutral, this allowed new balances to come in. All of these have happened. Now we are getting into the active ascended state of the planet and this is also a process. The KOS told us at one time, and this is an old quote, when we reached this point, we would be more than 51% complete. That’s all we can say about dates, but when we were talking today, this information about the tectonic plates and the changes there meant that we are rapidly reconnecting all of the major …….. and all the major bodies on this planet into a single harmonious communication system. That includes the planets in our solar system, and that in turn affects our sun which is switching form hydrogen to helium and is well advanced in that, and so are the other planets’ gravitational fields. All of these things are indeed happening.

These storms mentioned are telling you this is evidence. This is what the effects from these operations are accomplishing, and you noticed that most life no matter how difficult it is, is relatively undisturbed. Yes, there is a financial meltdown and that is already in the process of being taken care of. Not in the way the dark hats would like it to be done. Not bailing them out, but bailing us out, the republic. That’s us. The corporate world is theirs. So on one hand, you have what looks like the bankruptcy of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, and yet St. Germain is actually supporting the structures that are needed to bring all the gold that’s here, to back it up. All the bills are already present, the new money, here. Only the corporate world of the old false government is falling.

So be prepared for announcements of any kind at any moment. This is underway, it is happening and YOU are part of it and that’s the good news for today.

Kauila, did you want to say anything more?

KAUILA: How did you know? Hmm. You could be psychic you know. I just encourage those of you who can access the photo section on GRT [to do so]. There are several photos that appear on the day of the Equinox that I just took. I’ve taken pictures of the sun before, but never have I seen orbs or spheres of any kind in any photo I have ever taken that I have looked at, that I’ve seen on my computer, that have so many orbs. [inaudible] The reason I mention this, all of this is so, you know, [it is] seemingly new, and of course it is new. It is all a completely new timeline and we can talk about the wonderful words of Edward Cayce and all the psychics that have said different things, but I will so bold as to say, all of that is finished. Tomorrow has nothing to do with what’s happening right now. We are on a completely new timeline.

What really woke me up, what really hit me, [was] when I first arrived on Kauai, the last trip to Kauai, one of the things about Kauai, it is very close to this little island called Niihau and Niihau is very Hawaiian-protected. In other words, it’s only lying close to you, [they] only speak Hawaiian and it is Niihau Hawaiian which is slightly different. I really had no connections to Niihau on that last trip which was in the early part of August. So what happened on this trip was the very first time I went up to Waimea Canyon Overlook. This is where some of the seeds were planted on the last operation. Two of the seeds. What happened was, the first thing that happened when I was up there, I saw Niihau and it was very clear. The last time, it was all cloudy and you couldn’t see anything. This time it was clear. There are several [times], almost the entire trip, anytime I looked west, I could see the island of Niihau.

It was usually very clear, crisp green and the energy was so original and I really know that this is significant because this Hawaiian portal, this new original Lemurian portal, really spoke of this through Niihau, which is like the crown chakra of the island, and all through this trip I was meeting people that look very Hawaiian, but not quite traditional Hawaiian, so it was Niihau[ian]. That was their speech structure. It was a little different. They were talking, I said wait a minute, I don’t recognize this. [inaudible] But the fact that the Niihau presence was coming through means that the new original Hawaiians are being allowed to come out and they are being [inaudible]. I know, Mark and Beth, after this connection in Hawaii and when we were talking about this, rainbows were coming out all over the place. When I was talking to Mark about it, a rainbow came up. When I made a video, all of a sudden with Niihau in the background, a rainbow came up. So this is a very rainbow period, a opening period, we all know what’s going on. It is very very very here, very very real. So at this time, that is all I have to offer.

MARK: Beth, did you have anything here at this point?

BETH: No, thank you.


CINDY: Mark prefers questions that are relevant to within the last week of what is going on or about Faction 3- NESARA. Anything else Mark?

MARK: That’s pretty much it. Anything to do with Ascension and this process that we are going through in revealing the truth, not because we are trying to say “ain’t it awful”, but because the corrections are underway, and it’s time to let people know what it is being corrected and why it is taking so long. You can see all these layers and levels involved in this whole process. It was at one time an overwhelming job where it was almost written off. Now that we are into it, we want to print this stuff that tells you about the solutions rather than the problems. Sometimes we have to reveal the situation first, and we are not going into this to go into all of this stuff that is wrong, we are going into what is being made right on the planet, and with the amount of light and love that is growing, that is the heart of the new original Lemurian timeline (NOLTL) and that’s a very important thing to keep in mind. As you are looking at the subject matters, ask yourself, am I aligned with the old timeline or am I aligned with the new one?  And which one feels better to me?

DORIS: I have had 2 remote views. I didn’t know at first, but it was to Mars. I don’t know why I was there, but it was Metatron. I asked please who is speaking to me and it was Metatron. What I was seeing was just the red earth, and there were people walking and in the background there were buildings. This is new for me. It is only since I met all of you that I’ve learned how to do this. That was the other night. I think it was 3 or 4 days ago. It was just as I was awakening. I must have just come back. Okay, that was number 1. Now before that, maybe 3 or 4 weeks prior to that, I was meditating. I found myself again on this red planet. I never gave Mars a thought, though, because the buildings I was seeing, they were like ruins of Greece or Rome, but the colors were red like Sedona, in the desert. They were right up close, and standing was Yeshua in his white robe and he seemed very, I don’t know, sort of like anxious. He was frowning a bit and looking down. I could see on the bottom step of this temple that he was standing on the steps of, there was a lion lying and also in the upper right hand corner on the top of the steps, there was these fallen pillars behind them. There were 2 little like thrones and a woman in deep meditation or prayer and next to her was a man. The man was looking to her and had his head on her shoulder and he seemed to be looking to her for comfort or something. But she was in this meditative state and she was not about to come out of it. The last thing, on the right hand corner, a head of a tiger came in. I know this is all interpretive. You know, I realize. It wasn’t until last Sunday, I guess it was, I was explaining to 2 male friends about these things. I said, I just don’t know what I would be doing on Mars, and they are the ones who said, Doris, it sounds like Mars to me. So now I am coming to you because with what you said. When you said Metatron, then I knew because Metatron has been coming to me for a long time. So I wanted to ask you about that. I mean do you have any thoughts about it? Did I travel there or not – sometimes I question my self.

MARK: Well, there is several things that could be said, but mostly we don’t want to get into personal things here on this call. I would encourage and congratulate you for the progress you are making. Don’t be too concerned at this particular point. Just pay attention to what you are seeing. The biggest suggestion is to note the feeling that you get from it. What you see is not nearly as important as to the feeling you get from it. That will lead you to your higher self into better cognition about what you are seeing. I have seen things that were very crystal clear to me, but they actually happened many thousands of years ago, and then there are things that are current, and I suspect that you are reviewing your traveling at night and you are reviewing a lot of, in some cases, your own history and also other aspects of you that have been connected with these events and these beings and these places. It’s a good process. It’s a very healthy process. It’s one that we are all going through in one way or another until everybody is connected with the multi-dimensional context in which all of this is happening. Remember there is only one moment and it is NOW, so all the other past, present, and so-called future or present perfect are present. They are here. They are altogether at the same time and we are on all of this. So as we become more familiar with who we are and how that connects, that integrates and releases that energy into this moment, and this is very, very good. Because that is a very healthy way to integrate all the past, present, and future into this NOW moment, because this is zero point that we are going through, and as we do, we are connecting. We are the hub that is connecting all that we are into this moment of NOW, and will continue to do so as we progress up through all the higher and inner aspects of ourselves. So that’s all I would like to say about that at this time. I hope it helps. Thank you.

NONMEMBER: This is for Mark. Mark, today at noon, we got a news bulletin about a tsunami in the American Samoa area. To my calculations, I think that we have what is called Atlantis rising. Is that not true?

MARK: That is an interesting question and it was partially I think answered in Ariana’s, the Andromedan Commander’s message, in both her message and also in Kauila’s message from the KOS. These tectonic plates and the crystal core of the Earth are [experiencing] energetic changes. First of all, the shift from carbon to crystalline. In case people are still thinking we are talking about the carbon core, yes, the metal core of the Earth. We are talking now about the crystalline core which is a whole another shift point. It is like being in a different octave, but this does have physical effects. The ship did fly into the core of the planet. They have the technology. They are one of the most advanced in the universe on these subjects. So their assistance was essential in doing this. However, no matter how small the changes are, the land is rising. That was mentioned. Yes, Atlantis and Lemuria are both part of the restoration of the Earth. The restoration, the upliftment of both of those that sank, and the people that are still here from that, some of us on the surface and some of us on the Inner Earth, will be coming to the surface of the Earth, and we will all be reunited because in the ultimate end of this, there will only be ONE of us. No one will lose any individuality, it is just that you will remember that it has always been that way, and that will give every person on the planet such an upliftment [from] anxiety and [of] peace to know that the family has never left them, never will leave them, and they are the beloved part of that family. So yes, land is rising, but it is being done in such a way because of the incredible help we have here from throughout this universe and even beyond.

CINDY: ANGELTHECRYSTAL. They are trying to get the pictures from Peru done. It has been a little tricky to get them posted on the website so, yes, they are working on that scenario. What can we do to connect fully with our Twin Flames in this new paradigm?

BETH: Hi. One of the most important things to remember about connecting to the Twin Flames is that there is much inner work that can be done. Many of those have issues about romantic love relationships from all the things that have been programmed into us from our society, from religions and from different sources. So this is an important time as our bodies are changing over to the crystalline body, things are coming up for clearing and it can be very emotional. So facing up to issues surrounding romantic relationships and love and relationships in general is an important step not to skip over. Another thing that can be done is to go into meditation and connect with that part of you that is indivisible. That complementary self that needs your Twin Flame. It is a part of you, so you can tap into that energy in meditation. As you feel that energy of bliss and joy and love and you connect with that energy on a regular basis, then the next step is to get into telepathic communication with your Twin Flame. So it’s important to start a relationship with your Twin Flame in the inner planes before you meet them in the physical. That is the first step. So clearing and blessing, preparing on the inner realms, becoming the best self that you can be and then connecting with your Twin Flame energetically first, then after that telepathically. That is the basis to start. The other thing is for those of you who have a hard time meditating, you can connect with the Twin Flame Meditation that is on my website. It has Kauila’s music from Hawaii. It is very soothing. It has me speaking a guided meditation that will help you connect and see your Twin Flame. So if you do this meditation on a regular basis, you will connect on the inner planes. Then we can anticipate and look forward to the day that the ships land. This will start the reunion on the physical. So if you want to connect with that Twin Flame Meditation, you go to It is also posted on the home page of That is an excellent website. Thank you.

MARK: Madame X and Lolo are listening to the call. I just got an email and they would love to be able to come on, but they don’t know how they can talk on line.

CINDY: They have to have a computer headset that has the microphone and it has to be plugged into the right places of the computer. Like mine has to be plugged into the back because I have an older computer. It has to have a headset that is made for computers with a microphone on it.

MARK: Thank you. If they have that, maybe they can try to do that, but if they don’t have it now, we can discuss it later. These two, by the way, when we mention Lolo and Madame X, and Felix is the third one, they went through the solar initiation. They were on the ground and they went through the solar initiation on 9/21-22 and fully, fully, experienced complete dematerialization and all the things that went with that. They were filled with light and merged with everyone and then came back and reintegrated, and they will be happy to tell you more about that process. I am thrilled to have them on tonight. Thank you for joining us and we hope you stay if you can.

UNKNOWN: Is the planet Nubiru, Planet X still coming?

MARK: Planet X, Nubiru, is Mother Sekhmet’s ship. It is here now. It is not coming, it is here now. It is in our solar system. It is in orbit, and using hyperdimensional physics they have been able to position themselves in many locations. This is something that is hard because you have not been, none of us have been, taught about some of the anti-gravity and hyperdimensional physics principles that allow weight and mass to be virtually neutralized so that they did not disturb the orbit, the oceans, or the tides or anything of the Earth. Much more is going to be said on this subject, but they are here now and there is no disaster coming from them unless you happen to be a renegade Annunaki refusing to come back to love. These are only renegade Annunaki, these are not all beings who came from Nubiru. Matter of fact, most of them are of the Light. So I wanted to mention that so thank you for the question.

CINDY: There’s some new people on the call, so can you clarify how the KOS can be talking to, let’s say, Rama on the phone, then he’s channeling to Kauila? Can you explain how he is able to do both?

BETH: I would be more than happy to answer this question. I also connect with the KOS on the inner planes and he channels through me. KOS is an embodiment of the template of Sananda. Not only that, he is a real person incarnate in a human body. He works with the Secret Service. He works at the White House. He has a family and a life so he is a being who is here, living here and he text messages Rama on his phone. Not only that, he is a higher being. So when I connect with him on the etheric, he is able to be in many places at many different times because he is the template of Sananda. When he channels to Kauila and through me, and Mark, then it is because he is this special being that we are able to receive messages from him. So that is how we receive messages in that way. Did I get that right, Mark? Would you confer?

MARK: Pretty good job. I would just say that when you say template, you are referring to the physical template. We all carry certain templates. We have physical templates and we have templates on higher dimensions like with our high self. That is this case. There is both. We are all multi-dimensional beings. We are all star seeds here. There is ONE family here. We have all these abilities. As the man said 2,000 years ago, all these things that I do and more, will you be able to do now. This is the now he was talking about and this is true. If you read what Madame X, Lolo, and Felix wrote, and …..will continue to release more information now. We are even hoping to have a youtube presentation on the subject when we can get some film clips to go with it. But if you will just consider that anything you are hearing about [who] is “doing”, as David Wilcox said, there is nothing special about me, but I worked hard to become the amazing person you see before you. All of the ones here worked hard to be here. No matter what it looks like on the outer level. That’s about to end because we are on Terra Nova now. This is so important to understand. You don’t need to give your power away to anyone. You are a genuine divine being like every other one and so are we. We will all sit, that is the term of what Roundtable is all about, we are all going to be sitting in a metaphorical sense, at a Roundtable and we are passing that now. We are passing the talking stick and sharing ideas and Mother talks about this all the time. The reason she does is because this is the new way, this is the new plan. It is not top down, it is not bottom up. It is round table, round level. The only difference is that some have learned how to bring forward a little faster than others. But if you will listen to what the KOS said even today, he is talking about a moment that is coming here shortly. That the reason for connecting the tectonic plates is so that we can communicate with the whole Earth.  Then the way the next step takes place is, when those channels are connected and open, the ships above the Earth like Commander Ariana’s Mothership, like the Kumara ships and all the other ones from key places of all the commands, they will be here simultaneously and they will be decloaking. At that point, this connection, …….. crystalline core, remember everyone here is crystalline now to a more or less extent. But all are more than the half way point which means nothing can stop it. We are all that so the whole planet is that. This communication will increase and in many cases blow it wide open. It will happen everywhere and that is the fastest way to get it done in a balanced way, [it] is to have it happen everywhere at once. So this can happen and all of these ops that we are talking about are steps to make that possible so that everybody is included, and nobody is left behind who chooses to come with us, and to bring that forward and activate all of their abilities.

BETH: Mark, please may I make another comment about the KOS?

MARK: Please.

BETH: King of Swords (KOS) is a code name and he is head of the Faction 3 and is working at 38 levels of secrecy above the President. He coordinates a 4-million person worldwide militia and they work with the Ashtar Command. They work with the protection forces at the Galactic Federation with Commander Horton, Korton and others. They work with those in Shamballa with the Hall of Records. All of this is connected into supercomputers and everything is connected back to Soltec, who/which is connected to the intergalactic communications. These are the forces working in our government behind the scenes in closed-door meetings along with St. Germain working with the International Court of Justice in the Hague. Also KOS’ Twin Flame is Lady Master Nada and they will ensure that the NESARA sums are issued safely. The announcement and the implementation of NESARA comes under the KOS, so when we are looking at CNN and MSNBC and we’re looking at breaking news, we can be sure that the Galactic Federation is working behind the scenes, and what they are reporting [is] not necessarily what is happening, and that is where the KOS comes in.

MARK: I would add Beth to that. You left out that he is also in charge of 16 million in addition to the 4-million- man worldwide militia, [as] he is also in charge of another 16 million Galactic Humans who are fully operational and have their full abilities. They have full telepathy with each other. They don’t need radios. They can use them, but they don’t need them. So they can all act worldwide as a single unit. They can travel in and out of the body. They can walk through walls. All of this is true. They can shapeshift into different forms and they have all been trained on the Galactic levels for this specific job, and all our jobs are the same:  to support, love, with peace, in joy, of the Earth and all life upon it that chooses to ascend. It’s that simple. He has enormous responsibilities and he has many helpers. It is his job on the ground. He is in charge of all the human forces on the ground for the Ashtar Command and beyond, Hierarchy, and all the higher councils. For those who want to share that, yes, he has reunited with his Twin Flame, just as many of us are in the process of doing. Ones who haven’t done it by then, many will be doing this when the ships land. They will be walking off the ships in a manner of speaking and greeting us. When that greeting takes place, there will be a wakeup happening because they are already there. We are going there. We are returning to that vibratory level, and it is required that we do this as Twin Flames in order to have a balanced creation, co-creation. Balance affects everything, every thought, every action that we take. It is a wonderful time when everybody who wants to, and allows, and asks, and chooses that, is automatically included, but you have to ask.

BETH: Mark, I would like to add one more thing please.

MARK: Go ahead.

BETH: It is possible that the new people joining us who are welcome, thank you for joining us, may not know about your website that has hundreds of articles that are archived, and they may go to the alphabetical archive and read the description under the title name of all the things they are hearing about, but aren’t sure about what we are talking about. It has all been placed on a website and is all searchable. So please visit the website to review the things that you are hearing for the first time, because there is a vast amount of information, all from Mark Huber. The name of the website is

MARK: Thank you Beth, for that. Beth has a reason to know. More than I did, she was part of the 3 man/woman team (2 women and 1 man) who actually did the compiling and created the website as it is now along with Debbie Dubois and Tony Lukashuk. So she knows what she is talking about. She helped do that compiling and she knows how the search bar works. All you have to do is go there, type in the topic subject heading, and it will finish it for you and take you to all the things connected to that subject that are there. It may not be totally exhaustive, but it is pretty exhaustive.

NMS: Hi, it’s Shirley. I just wanted to get clarification on the world going to 70 degrees all around the world. Is that happening this year or in the years to come?

MARK: This is going to happen over the next 2-3 years.

NMS: Okay, all right, thank you.

MARK: Because of the Moon, we have to remove some things that are present now deeply you might say, at a deep subterranean level in the Moon. Some equipment and some beings. Then we have to, well there is just several steps in that process, but it has started.  You might say, all of the negative satellite stuff that the secret military put in place, that stuff is being neutralized and removed. That is part of all the operations that we’ve been doing. That is basically done so I hope that answers your question. Things are starting right now and there are effects from every one of these things, but that’s probably near the latter part of the timeframe. It isn’t linear exactly, it is rather a sequence and things have to happen in a certain sequence.

NMS: Okay, thank you.

CINDY: And for you people who are panicking, what about my snow skiing and such, there will be holodecks so you can go in and create the skiing adventure of your dreams, so even though the planet will all be at an even temperature, we will have ways to go do our fun things. So I just wanted to put that in for the new people.

MARK: Well also, Cindy, there is another aspect. By the time this comes about, most of the people here on this call, will be able to go anywhere they want by teleporting, and there are many incredible places out there in the solar system, the galaxy and the universe. And that will be accessible to you also, and tours of much of that will be available much sooner even though you haven’t quite mastered all the abilities necessary. So there are many ways of accomplishing and upgrading your preferences to things maybe you’ve never considered before that may be more exciting and satisfying than even the things you may be now thinking of.

ROXY: I was wondering if we’ll see any more arrests or if we’ll get closure with the Cabal and Karl Rove and them. I know that they are probably not here right now. Like Hillary Clinton. We see the younger version, when I know the older, kind of wrinkly version is long gone and even her clones are gone. She is probably a doppelganger or look-alike now or some sort of hologram, but I was just wondering for any new people on the call who might be thinking the same thing. Are any of the bankers going to be arrested, for the long standing things against society here in the US? Will there be any closure in the arrests? Will they focus on that and 9/11, because I know 9/11 is really coming out you know? Everybody knows about 9/11 in the world except most people in the U.S.

MARK: Correct. Well, to answer your question. Of course there is a simple answer. The first answer is yes. The date and the exact nature of that, for various reasons, has to be kept until it can be made public. I will say this, Patrick Fitzgerald, we’ve talked about this a number of times, has approximately 100,000 indictments that are sealed at this moment. Because the indictments are sealed, they cannot be announced publicly until they are unsealed. However, that does not mean they have not already been removed. Many of these, matter of fact the truth is, most of them have already been removed and those are physical holograms in their place. This is also true for thousands of head bankers around the world. All of this was necessary because if you don’t want to have a messy cleanup, you’ve got to take care of it in such a way that business can continue until it can’t, and then everything happens at once and it’s already done. When you see this on TV, when the announcement of the arrests are done on TV, you may have, I cannot speak for anyone else, I will simply say, if you listen to the message tonight that the KOS said, come the first of October, and he used the capital word, “Fall will begin”. Now you can interpret that any way you want to, but basically what he is saying in my opinion and that is all it is, an opinion, is that this is not only continuing, these arrests are continuing, more legal processes that resulted from whistleblowers like Sibel Edmonds are also occurring. Many of those deposed, depositions taken, they’ve been working 24/7 to get depositions and get statements from all of those beings who are named in the 9/11 conspiracy. That’s all it is. This is the biggest single event in our history, 9/11, even though much of it preceded 9/11, in many cases same exact parties, that all of this has to come out because it ties them all together. You won’t believe the number that are tied together, and you won’t believe how many layers, levels, and networks that they penetrated and controlled up until now. This is all coming forward. We start the new fiscal year; October 1st is 2010 Fiscal Year and that is what he was referring to, and it is reasonable to conclude that there will be some important public things happening on both finances as well as the subject of arrests. Now that we have had and are having, as Rama reported earlier, the most unprecedented number [of decloakings]. Today, this is KOS’ statement. All over the planet, we are having unprecedented numbers of decloakings. We detailed the big one in Peru that changed the crystal core of the planet, as changing the codes for all of us that are now keyed and coded for full Terra Nova. We have 2 timelines right now. The truth is, there is only one because people on the outer old timeline that are not in alignment, and that’s a key word, they are not in alignment with the new timeline and the core codes of the planet, will not be able to be here. And that is enough to say right now because we can’t give any exact dates. There will be no nuclear wars, there will be no catastrophes, there will be no stasis. There will be no evacuations off the planet. There will be no movement into the Center of the Earth.

BETH: Mark, I would like to add something regarding the question about arrests. We receive a lot of emails about people asking, you know, I’m not seeing any changes, I’m not seeing any arrests. Help me understand this. So after seeing that question so many times, I started doing a five minute check every day. So I go on the Internet, I go on MSNBC, I go on CNN, I check Newsweek, New York Times and Washington Post. I don’t check all of them every single day, but I just skim through it with my eyes and I look at the titles of the articles. Recently, I found an article on Friday, the 25th of September from [inaudible] Washington Post Defense Attorney working with the CIA counter terrorist investigation and he was talking about how this ongoing investigation…..


I would say that everyone should keep a roving eye and check out those places on the Internet behind the scenes because you are not going to see them on TV, but there is news everywhere. Every one of the news organizations have a search bar. So type in arrests, type in 9/11, type in CIA and see what you come up with. If you start that way, you will see there is more news out there than they are reporting on TV.

MARK: Yes, Beth, and if you want to add the information on NTR with Obama.

BETH: Right. There are other good sources out there helping like Daily KOS and others.

UNKNOWN: I have a question about whether or not Nubiru, if we could be able to see it with the naked eye and if in any way is it associated with the Galactic Federation of Light.

MARK: All of the positive Galactic Forces, they go by many different names because there are confederations of councils and many vast things, five hundred different ones and collections of many more. Andromeda alone is 400 times larger than our Milky Way Galaxy. So we are talking about lots and lots and lots of beings involved. The Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. As I say, many of these things go by many different names and it isn’t that important to get caught up in that. Yes, these things are all coordinated. On some level, they are all coordinated and they all have specific jobs and missions to do. Commander Soltec is in charge of ALL air galactic communications with the Earth and that’s a very important thing to remember. Just anyone cannot come officially to the Earth. It has to be approved by all of these councils who are linked up in real time, and they discuss in real time, in meetings, everything that is going on that affects their operations and their portion of the operation. Because there are trillions of ships out here that are involved. Not hundreds, not thousands, not millions, there are trillions involved, and worlds that are depending [on] and connected with our future and our past are very, very vitally interested in what we are doing, because the template we are now encoding and out- picturing affects us all. Not just on Earth, it affects the galaxy, the solar system, it affects the universe and beyond. So that’s why there is so many here willing to help us because they know, to the degree they help us, their future is going to benefit, and that gives them an input that goes into this. Just like each one of us have input, because in many cases we are their representative here for a whole DNA line. Each of us.

BETH: Mark, may I please add something? I don’t know about the naked eye, but I know that Nubiru was caught on film on the satellite camera called the SOHO and this happened on August 16th, 2009 and that picture is on the homepage of

MARK: Yes, it is also on I didn’t mention it because people get caught up too much in the physical part of this rather than the higher dimensional part which is the true part. All of these beings from the higher dimensions are shapeshifters. They can travel personally across the universe by shifting from a macral model focus to a micro. They can go inter-dimensionally as they did in Peru. They went from above the planet to integrated with the planet, then going into the crystal core of the planet and then relocating. This is Kumaras’ ships to their internal base in the higher dimensions in the Himalayas and Shamballa. This is where his fleet is headquartered. What they are trying to help people do, is understand that more solid is not higher dimensional. More solid is lesser in the sense of when you get down to what our military uses, you are basically talking about metal and not ascended metals. You are talking about base metals. Even though they use titanium and many other exotic metals. This is essentially 3Dand 4D equipment. There is no totally satisfactory answer to your question. You will be experiencing all of those in the next 2-3 years and it has started now.

CINDY: This is someone relatively new to you and Beth and everything. Everything that just recently happened with Madame X in Peru. She, during her dreamtime, she experienced that in July and now that it just happened, she is wondering sort of like, is it for real because she saw it before it happened.

MARK: We can look at the future; we can look at the past. We can look into potentials, and potentials which are probabilities. We can travel into the future to deposit a vision that we want to happen if you have the right skills. In fact, many of us travel back to this time for this lifetime from in the future. We have a friend here in town who comes from 175 million years into the future. She is an Assani. We have named her before. She has 12th dimensional abilities. She can wave her hand and have you aboard a spaceship outside of some place many, many light years away from here showing you a view, and then in the next instance be sitting in a chair in front of her. This is a real physical person who has been in the same body for more than 300 years with all the abilities we’ve talked about. She can change her shape and shift into any form she wants to. She has a form and she is an Assani. For those of you that don’t know, that is a Zeta-human hybrid that succeeded and spiritually advanced fully. It’s a very wonderful thing. I happen to have an aspect of that myself so maybe I should disqualify myself, but that is one aspect of myself that is fully integrated and it is from that future which makes all of these discussions kind of interesting, because we are all going to be discovering that this is part of our nature. We are not just one thing, because in order to have peace galactically and universally up through all the dimensions, up through 100th dimension at least, many things [have to] happen, [and many things happened], and to heal those things many things were tried. The only time anything worked was when we looked at the hologram of all of us. There were 12 tribes in recent times and one so-called lost tribe, and all of these were fragments of an original. That original we call the 13th Tribe which is actually the blending and reintegration into one family of all the 12 different templates. That is what Terra Nova, that is what ascension, is all about. The 13th family healing their divisions. Part of the way that was done: 10% of the 144,000 originally took on and willingly volunteer[ed] to blend and genetically merge with the other tribes so that it could be healed from within. You’ve been told in every spiritual clear message, it is all within and that is correct. So it is an inside job. When we clean up our inside, the outside automatically has to reflect that. This is the wonderful thing about this moment that has never happened before. We had 6 failed attempts to accomplish this. This time we got it right and from the higher dimension, [and] you can see that it’s already happened. We are now experiencing the first stages of Terra Nova, and we all have total voluntary conscious [choice] to choose that or not. Nobody judges anybody. Nobody gets left behind unless we choose to. In which case we can remain as we are now and we can go to another timeline where everything will be exactly as it is here, but it will be in a different frequency that will not unite with the new Earth. So I hope that clarifies that picture a little.

CINDY: So when you are talking about ascending, a person has a concern about, well, what about the children? So could you elaborate briefly on that?

MARK: Well, Mother answered that extensively on the last call and we’ve asked that many times; the whole thing is, the children, every single one, is involved. Every single one is exactly the same whether it is a child. Just remember, just because a child is small or as Beth says, a short person, doesn’t mean they are not a full soul. Most of them, as a matter of fact, these children are ALL advanced beings. They come from the higher dimensions. The Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, etc. The new ……… children. These are all with enormous abilities. They can transmute any condition they have. They can change their own neurons and their own DNA. I mean and that’s what is happening and this is going to happen lickety-split. In families it’s going to happen, it is already happening and it’s going to happen very quickly. No child is left behind. No child is forgotten, but every soul has a plan of its own. We cannot control the destiny of any other being. We have no right to do that. Every soul has made their plan before they came in. They are fully equipped because their higher self and whole soul matrix and whole universe of life is backing them, so you need not worry about somebody missing out. Nobody is being left behind here. It is a matter of the soul choice, not the personality, but the soul. When the soul and personality agree to ascend, then every step that is necessary will come forward. It has to be accepted and allowed, but it will come forward. So that’s all I want to say on this because we’ve answered it several times before.

CINDY: When there was life on Mars that was talked about earlier tonight, was that human form like us being there?

MARK: Yes.

HEAVEN19: I was wondering, to Beth, when we meet our Twin Souls, will there be large age differences or will there be one of us married or things like that? Is that a possibility?

BETH: Yes. We have had this question ourselves. This can be a confusing area,so we have asked for these answer, and what we understand is that it’s going to happen in the highest and best way for each individual. And when our Twin Flames come off the ships, we can decide if we want to be in our higher light form bodies with our Twin Flame in theirs,or if we want them to come into the human form. There are Twin Flames coming off the ships into human form,  [and that] can be in different ways. They can come in as a walk-in; they can take on a physical form. They can come into the partner that you are with as their higher self. They can come in as a higher aspect of the partner you are with. If you are in a marriage and you are joining with your Twin Flames, and none of those are possibilities, some marriages, when Twin Flames come off the ships, and both partners in the marriage see their Twin Flames, some marriages will dissolve, but none of it will be in a way that is disruptive, hurtful, or harmful. Everyone is going to experience this in love. It will be a loving experience for each person. There will be nothing threatening or harmful, but I will say that if relationships need to shift and change, then these issues will come up. They will come up in the relationship and they’ll have to be dealt with. That is why it is important to go into the inner planes and work on ourselves, and don’t worry if you are with a partner, don’t worry about what they are working on or how they feel. That is their responsibility. Just be in balance within yourself and work on improving yourself, and work on coming to peace with love.  [Be aware], the idea of romantic relationships and some people need sexual healing. there are some people who have physical imbalances regarding sex and there are a lot of issues in the spectrum, but as you become brave and go inside and face your own issues, traumas and disruptions that need to be cleared out and we become more and more clear, we attract our highest partner which is our Twin Flame. I hope that answers your question.

NONMEMBER: Yes, Mark, this is Big Will from TX. How are you?

MARK: Just fine, Big Will, what’s your question?

BIGWILL: Okay, my question is this here. Two and half weeks ago, the news media reported that former Vice President Dick Cheney was having a back operation. How can a physical hologram have such a back operation when the physical hologram really has no choice to go to the Hague?

MARK: Well, there is an interesting set of questions here and most of it is humorous. Of course, even if it’s a physical hologram, because he is a physical hologram, procedures can be done to him. But you know, in almost all of these cases, what they are talking about is not the truth. This is a public thing and there are more twists and turns in this story than Carter has liver pills. Just be assured, this is disinformation and you are not being told what the true story is. But often they will do this in order to take the person out of action and in some cases, replace the hologram or make some other changes to get him out of the way for a while as something else takes place. So you don’t know exactly what this is, and I was told this is not the truth, and Rama knows more than I know, and I’ll just leave it at that right now. Yes, you are quite right to be suspicious when anything is announced that has to do with these holograms.

BETH: Mark, if you don’t mind, Big Will, I just wanted to add, thank you for bringing up this example. It is the perfect example. When I saw it on TV also, I laughed knowing it was a silly story. I just want to say that while you are looking for signs of arrests and you are looking into the news and checking the articles, read them carefully. If it feels wrong to you, it is more than likely it is disinformation. I hope more and more will read and watch and go with their intuition, knowing in calmness that everything is changing behind the scenes. So thank you.

BIGGUYLITTLEGUY: There are a couple of things that have occurred this past Friday night on the show called Law and Order.  They had an episode named Memo from the Dark Side, and to make a long story short, they actually used George Bush’s name and Cheney’s name on the show, and they were trying to convict the attorney for these guys because he changed the law or subverted the law to make it so that these guys wouldn’t get in trouble. At the end of the story, it was fiction, but they brought [out] the idea. The put and planted the seed in my head like these guys had something to do with something that was crooked. On another note, there was this Polanski thing where they are extraditing him back to the United States. A crime that he did years ago and they keep talking about extradition. Are these seeds being planted in our heads so when these arrests take place, most people, most individuals around the globe, they just don’t know what extradition is, or what took place here, or don’t believe what took place in the past administration, or are in denial of it. Are they planting these seeds so it is more palpable when these announcements take place? That’s what I am curious about.

BETH: Mark, may I reply to this please?

MARK: Go right ahead please.

RAMA: I would like to say something. Back in the 60s, I met Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate. I met Charlie Manson and the Manson family. Roman Polanski was twisted from the get-go, so was Sharon Tate. There were some energies going on with these folks where they had ties, if you will, at the time of Tate Labeanka murders. Sharon Tate was involved with Charlie Manson and others that had to do with drug running that was tied in with the L.A.P.D., and that is as far as I’ll say about it because it ties into corrupt judges and a whole law enforcement story going on in L.A. forever.

TARA: Murder in the highest order. Sexual perversions and killings afterwards. It’s just very [inaudible].

RAMA: Like Alex Couler said at the end of his discussion, the children are a food source for the Reptilians.

TARA: We’ve become a natural resource. That’s what he said, yes.

RAMA: And it ends here and now.

BETH: Thank you, Rama. I would like to add another perspective as well. Tonight we were talking about these programs beaming in from the Moon, implanted and embedded programs controlling us. Females having babies staying in financial constraints, and also we have been talking about clearing these energies from the planet. Lady Master Venus was talking about that. So was Ariana. I noticed at this time these guys, these dark ones, are becoming very desperate. First we had a week of this guy on the news, several times a day, all through the day about this perverted sexual guy who took this child when she was 11 years old and kept her for 18 years as his sex slave. That story went away and then all of a sudden there is a new story about sexual perversion of a child, and this continues the fear and anxieties and all the things we need to clear from our systems in order to get ready for these Twin Flame reunions. So I would recommend approaching these stories with love, and just flood them with love, and that’s just another perspective of how I see it to keep this on the, you know, on the major news channels, it is just sex, sex, sex, to just keep us doped up on it so we can’t think. That is just another perspective. Thank you.

OREGON: My question was answered. I was wondering if my higher self was my Twin Flame so I believe my question was already answered.

CINDY: Are our Twin Flames a different sex than we are? Since they currently don’t exist on Earth, so there is normally only one Twin Flame on Earth and the other one is out and about doing something else. So are they a different sex and are there normally one Twin Flame on Earth?

BETH: Yes. The Twin Flame when at the moment of creation, when we are created, we come down as one cell; that cell immediately splits and is exactly the same except one is male and one is female. This is called the Twin Ray. The Twin Ray exists above the 352nd dimension in formless form. The Twin Ray does not have a body. When the Twin Ray descends below the 352nd dimension, they become Twin Flames. It is at that time they can don a physical body. Many of us who are working on Earth do not have our Twin Flames here because our Twin Flames are on the higher realms helping us with our realm and helping our ascension come about. If our Twin Flames were here right at this moment while we are doing our higher work, chances are we would run off to an island paradise and not do the Earth ascension work that needs to be done. So that’s part of the reason we are still experiencing the separations, because the work is so hard that it is better to have them working on the higher planes with us to help us accomplish this. But that is coming to an end soon. We will have physical reunions, but that has been the sadness and separation that we feel. As far as the Twin Flames, that core is one male, one female. Now I have heard of Twin Flame reunions happening in the physical when the Twin Flames have taken on same sex bodies. They’ve come into form in same sex bodies and have experienced a love relationship and they have had this experience, but it’s not….. Tara can explain that much better than I can. I just wanted to say that there are instances of that. There is no judgment and there are deeper definitions regarding this, but I don’t understand them enough to explain them. Tara does, but I hope this answer helps.

KAUILA: I have a short comment. Is it possible to have ascension occur in an island paradise? I sure hope so. Anyway, I just thought I would toss that in for a bit of humor. Aloha.


CINDY: Okay another question is: Why are we not getting a report in the media when the Gag Order was removed?

MARK: That is an easy one to answer. The Gag Order that was removed does not have anything to do with NESARA. It has to do with the Whistleblowers and the testimony that’s being given by the Whistleblowers, but no one and I repeat that in capital letters, NO ONE, is allowed to speak about NESARA. That part of the Gag Order [remains] until Lady Master Nada does it herself. That is the story and that is why you are not hearing things yet, because there is a sequence in which this happens. Now the media have been told that they can print the truth, but they cannot print NESARA because that has a specific effect and it’s announcement puts into motion certain things that cannot happen until their right sequence. Arrests have to happen first. Arrests are being made in many cases as was said earlier, and they are not being publicly announced at this time, and so what is not publicly announced, the media cannot talk about. Some of these things are off limits because they are out of sequence. Many of the media have been taken, in fact, almost all of them, the big ones, they have been taken for 6 weeks for briefings by the KOS. They know what is going on. They know the stories they will be writing. They know the subjects that they are going to specialize in. They’ve been studying this since 2003 as I recall it, and they are continuing to get updates, so as soon as the log jam breaks and they can be released, you will have every one of them that is legitimate [talking]. As soon as NESARA is announced, they have been told they ALL have to tell the truth or they are out of here, and that time is coming so quickly, but we cannot give any date because that would change the timeline. It is very quick now because all of the things are happening and it’s all out there. Decloakings are going on every single day in unprecedented numbers everywhere across the planet and yes, there are all different types. So somebody is going to blow the whistle and it’s going to be Lady Master Nada and the KOS who have that responsibility. They will be joined by, you might say, the highest people around who have to deal with these issues, like St. Germain and the KOS, Lady Master Nada and Ashtar, Sananda. All of these ones, these are going to become names that have far more significance in all of our lives. It is not a matter of something you can say, oh that doesn’t apply to me. Not true. All of this applies to all of us whether we know it or not, and that time is coming very, very quickly, but that is all we can say at this moment.

CINDY: This will be the last question of the evening because of the time. This person would like to know what coaching or tips can be given to enhance (collectively) meditation in order to align our self with this new paradigm.

MARK: You want to take that one, Beth?

BETH: Yes. I was talking about this in detail last night on a conference call, and I would say that right now one of the best things we can do is to align ourselves with our highest and best that we are, so each day when we meditate, we can bring into our mind those issues that day that are bothering us. And we can also look at how we are reacting to others around us. How are our relationships? Are we experiencing abundance in all areas of our life? Spiritual abundance, financial abundance, abundance with relationships, and the other thing is each day ask yourself if you are in joy. If you are experiencing joy, you are aligned with the new timeline. If you are not experiencing joy, there is a simple thing to do. Change something in your life. If you are looking at something in your life that doesn’t bring you joy, if you have a long commute to your job and it makes you hate your job, think about changing your job. Change everything that’s not bringing you joy. If a relationship is no longer bringing you joy, it is time to cut loose and move on and don’t be afraid to make changes. Keep changing your life until you are experiencing joy every minute of every day. When you do that, then you’ll know that you are aligned with the new timeline. When you are meditating, bring these things into your realm of understanding. Look at them, love them, and release them. Thank you.

MARK: Cindy that was the last question. I would just like to comment that Beth, did you give your information on your own class. On your healing class?

BETH: I have that now. On my website is a tab called Courses and I am teaching a series of classes regarding self-healing, self-healing with the Galactic techniques that have been offered by the Arcturians, the Sirians and others and the class is to help us. It’s another way of clearing the issues that we need to face so we can come to our highest self. So under my tabs, we have changed the Course to be every Monday night. So all the information is incorrect, so Debbie Dubois who is the Webmaster has a broken link to that page. So I will get with her in the morning because we need to update all the information, but just know they are happening every Monday and there is one happening next Monday on Talkshoe so you can join us then. And sometime later tomorrow, we’ll have the updated information available and the website is

MARK: Before we leave this window here, I would like to first of all announce that we have been successful in obtaining a White Knight volunteer to help instruct us total beginners in how to make a youtube film. Some of this information, Scott, if you are still on the line, we thank you so very much. Mucho Mahalo Brother for coming forward at this time with this explosive information that we want to get out on YouTube about the Equinox and about the information on the Moon and Mars and all the subjects handled tonight. And we hope to be able at some point to regularly have not only our transcripts and our audio, but to have the video as well, so it can be further distributed across the Internet for people who are interested in this subject matter. So once again, thank you Brother. You are definitely an answer to our prayer. That’s for sure. We look forward to receiving more information and film clips from Madame X and Lolo from Peru, and when we do, we’ll work with Scott on this and will put that into something that will be helpful to everyone. I just wanted to give thanks to that and to our transcribers who are doing hot transcriptions and also smooth transcriptions, Shirley Cull and Team, and to Mary Sherritt who is doing the editing of these transcripts. Thank you each and all.

BETH: I would like to jump in. Since we are thanking people, I would like to thank Cynthia Susan for her exemplary help with these calls and to help me with these questions on Talkshoe. I don’t want to leave out all the other volunteers that work to help us to keep up the Yahoo site, and Judy, and anyone I forgot to mention, I thank you for all your work

MARK: We also, we certainly are very, very interlinked now because we are all dealing with the Ashtar Command, we are all dealing with the subject of ascension, and our personal progress, and how we can do this better including meditations and all these things. So that all the Llght Workers on this planet can be the way-showers in becoming one harmonious family, and in that regard, Susan Leland, Ashtar-on-the Road, every other Tuesday night which means that will be next Tuesday night. Fran, Elise and your team. Meg Hoopes. All of the people that we are talking about have come out, and all of this is being done out of the goodness of their heart. You can’t believe the amount of time this takes. Sometimes to the point of exhaustion, but it is worth it if even one person finds information that otherwise [they] did not have and is able to use it to their own benefit, and their friends and others [to] help them to become aware. We thank you all for attending. We will most likely having a short update on Thursday night on Stargate Roundtable, Mother Sekhmet’s and Rama and Tara’s call. If there is more information, and it seems like there always is, we’ll have at least a short update at that time. Because that is our “cover first”, the first day of the new Fiscal Year, and we are expecting that some things may happen that day although we don’t know what they are. Thank you all.

Transcribed by Shirley Cull, edited by Mary Sherritt.


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