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Mark Huber Telecall – October 13, 2009


MARK HUBER TELECALL dated 10/13/2009

MARK: Good evening everyone, [welcome] to another episode of this is your life. We’re going through about everything that is possible to go through. From one extreme to the other. From one spectrum in this dimension to spectrums outside of this dimension, and I hope you are all having fun doing it because it is the most exciting thing we’ve ever done. We’ve done a lot, but this is the most exciting thing we’ve ever done, and doing it together just makes it the best of all, because that’s the only thing in the past that kept it from succeeding was we split up and we didn’t do it together. This time, we have succeeded, we are succeeding and we will continue to succeed because we are united for the highest good of each and all of us. No one is left out [who] chooses to be included and this is a very, very important milestone that we have reached.

In the last week or so, we have seen escalation in so many areas, and we’re going to look tonight, in the beginning, we are going to look at events in our outer world as well as the events in our inner world, and as well as how these things fit together on the surface as well as subsurface. Our most exciting thing tonight that I would like to tell you about, is that we will be talking in some depth about the new us. That is the crystalline structure that we now are mostly expressing through, and in addition to that some titillating subjects will be, well, how about Twin Flames? How does this work in this new structure and new timeline? What about Cosmic Sex? What about birthing new children? How are all of these things going to be different? Well, the simple answer is, they are going to be quite different and it’s all good.

Everything that we are losing, everything that we are leaving behind, is a less attractive way to do things. Everything we are engaging and embracing and out-picturing are all of the exciting, joyful ways of doing new things. Things we haven’t done since we descended into matter, except that this time we are both. It is not a matter of being in matter or in spirit, we are both. It is not a matter of having male and female alternations, it’s a matter of having it both together. It’s a matter of integrating all of these things in such a balanced way that we are assured of a solution. It is about taking an original 13 defragmenter, and [we]  became 12 separate tribes, separate in terms of experiences, separate in terms of agendas, competing with one another, until we found all of these things did not work. Now, we [have] finally reached the place where we can show the way and become the way and out-picture the way it does work for everyone. Not just one, this tribe or that tribe.

To start off tonight, I would like to ask Rama to come forward. There’s been some exciting news today in the 3D world and I would like to ask Rama to talk about what he found out today.

RAMA: Greetings everyone. What’s been going on today is the House and the Senate are dealing with this healthcare and it is too little, too late. That’s the way Bernie Sanders has put it. Senator Olympia Snow threw her vote in, yet the way Thom Hartmann and the way everybody else is talking about this is, it is not exactly what we need. Yet at the same time, it is something that is in a sense, moving in the right direction. In the way many, many folks, including the KOS said today, it’s coming to this place where the biomedical military complex along with the drug companies……

TARA: Are being fully exposed.

RAMA: And the organized crime which is the Mafia, the Vatican, and these folks lean on Senators and Congressman to vote certain ways, and the lobbyists are hitting them every day.

TARA: And President Obama gave a speech. He basically indicted them. He didn’t say this is economic treason, yet that is the setup in his words, and the way he said it was according to the rule of law, everybody.

RAMA: The way Randy Rhoads was putting it today, and I talked to quite a few folks behind the scenes, they are not happy with this bill, yet at the same time, it is a sign in the right direction. I know it is inching at the right place, yet the one and only thing that will change all of this is NESARA and that is momentarily right in our face.

MARK: Rama, let me ask you a question here. We found out about an experience today that one of our so-called Democratic Senators had a surprise in his office. You want to discuss that?

RAMA: Thom Hartmann talked about this today. It was his crazy alert for the day. It was a story about a Ninja that showed up in Senator Joe Lieberman’s office.

TARA: Oh this is good. What is a crazy alert?

RAMA: Well you know, there is crazy stuff going on out there that’s not being told on the regular news cycle. And the way Thom Hartmann put it, this Ninja showed up and said to Mr. Joe Lieberman, “You know, I’m placing you under arrest as a war criminal for the crimes that have to do with 9/11 as well as voting for the war. As well as all the genocide that you have participated [in and] with, by eliminating certain families who voted against your best interest in your so-called eyes.” This being, this Ninja, delivered this message and Joe Lieberman pushed a button under his desk and called for security. Yet by the time they got there, this guy was gone. The story on CNN was talking about how they captured someone dressed as a Ninja. Two different beings.

MARK: Well, Rama, that same story, you talked to the KOS and so did we. He said a little bit more about that. You want to elaborate just a little more.

RAMA: He said that this was a message to the dark hats. The next time that we show up, your head will be in your lap and that is quite plain how he put it.

TARA: Although it will be within the proper preparedness from within the White Knight operations that are now going on.

RAMA: Right.

TARA: We are really in Star Fleet Academy, everybody. I would say so. The first rule of law in a spiritual economic function would be to call the Councils together, and that means I want to meet Mother with her tail, please.

RAMA: Oh my.

MARK: Interesting that you should mention calling the Councils together because all of us were up on the New Jerusalem last night. [We were] called to a Council of Councils. Everyone we know was up there and they were talking about next steps.

TARA: I think it’s because there is an energy from last week. The tone was set. Barack Obama gave this speech on Friday. I would like it if you would just give me a moment. I’m only going to read a sentence or two. So if you would be so kind, because he said: “Part of our reform effort involves putting in place new safeguards that would help prevent the irresponsibility and recklessness of a few for wreaking havoc on our entire financial system.” That is an indictment for high economic treason, and he follows it up and he nails the financial industry and their predatory practices, and when he gets to what they do in the healthcare, he is basically indicting them. And he’s saying here: “The new consumer financial protection agency that I have asked Congress to create will just have one mission: To look out for the financial interests of ordinary Americans.” Did you see that everybody? The one mission is to do that. What he is saying is that he is setting the example, and he also couples that [with ?] before now, remember? He said he is here to end the proliferation of nuclear holocaust, and today, Amy [Goodman] first thing this morning, I’m here to end the practice of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

RAMA: That’s right.

TARA: This is in tens of thousands. Well, you know that we are more than they say. Probably more like 80,000 there. That’s 800,000. That’s very good for enabling the light now. He said it will be charged with setting clear rules of the road for consumers as well as for banks, and it will be able to enforce these rules across the board. And that means, the KOS everybody.

He’s talking about the White Knights, and it’s the same person that Benjamin Fulford was talking about when he said something else. He said there are groups that have all the ……….. that we need to make a clean start which is what is NESARA law. It’s a clean start that’s already in place for that. Everything that we have been witnessing, the world has been witnessing since October 1, 2008 is on the records along with those 100,000 indictments following them up.

So one last sentence here. They are doing what they always do. He said, all of this has not stopped the big financial firms nor their lobbyists from mobilizing against change. They are doing what they always do. Descending on Congress and using every bit of influence they have to maintain the status quo that has maximized their profits to the expense of the American consumers. He goes on and says, the Chamber of Commerce alone, in the last 10 years, has spent nearly half a billion dollars on lobbying and lobbyists. He said he’s going to get the job done.

MARK: You’re going to hear more about the lobbyists because I believe he said something like, there’s 6 or 7 lobbyists with hundreds of millions of dollars, [who] go to each Congressman and lobbies them and hands them legislation they want to see implemented with a pat on the back, a wink and a nod, and a little bag.

RAMA: Right, a big bag full of money.

MARK: And Israel alone spent like $320 million each year to lobby our Congress, so all of this is what is coming up. So when you hear them speak the word “lobbyist”, now understand that this is exposing the whole scam. They are all complicit with it and it goes back to guess what? 9/11 is an inside job. So it’s all coming to pass now, and the other part of that is, of course, the other big shoe, the biggest shoe not talked about, is the Galactic presence. That too is now beginning to fall. You are seeing it all across the Internet. You are seeing Awake and Aware conference with [David Wilcock] Project Camelot in LA.

TARA: On November 8th. You know the rest of the stats everybody? November 8th at 7pm there is going to be aired on the SciFi channel, 22 on our dish, but you have to look at the SciFi. David Wilcock’s film and it’s called Dawson’s Dreaming or something. I’ve got to go get it.

MARK: He has a film called Convergence, but it’s not coming out yet because he got a very, very good writer [written by Jim Hart – a co-writer of the movie Contact, starring Jodie Foster] who will guarantee that it is going to be a blockbuster. That is in process and it is being rewritten right now, and it’s going to be a real blockbuster in terms of the content and in terms of the impact that it will have on society, because when he’s done, they won’t be able to cover it up because it’s all scientific.

TARA: It’s called the Whale Dreamers and it will be on November 8, 2009, 7pm MT, 9pm EST something like that everybody. David Wilcock and it’s the SciFi channel. I would watch that because the Whale Dreamers was a film a number of years ago in England.

RAMA: Whale Riders.

TARA: This is going to take this to the ascended place that we need, because these whales and the demonstration of already finding a human at 4.4 million years old changes everything, because the whole Darwinistic all of science is out the window. We have galactic intervention that has been recorded, and that’s what they are preparing the public for, and it was on a 2-hour special on the Discovery channel. There is no turning back everybody, and it is a roundtable of scientists and all kinds of people that are making it count where we need it in an academic way, as well as now Barack is saying, we are calling on our flag officers and the joint chief of staff. I mean this whole thing of…….. We were told years ago that General Meyers, although it looks like he’s isn’t back in here because he is going to do the job that he is going to do now. He is part of getting this announced. This is a real good thing.

MARK: Well, if you pay attention to the timeframe as we’ve been discussing this over the last few weeks. We said watch this full moon that we just experienced, and between that full moon and the new moon which happens in October on the 18th of this month, between that timeframe, look for events which will become very clear to people who don’t see anything happening. Things are happening that are unprecedented, and they are happening right and left, and sneaking up on people [who] are just so used to being asleep when then listen to the news, that they don’t notice when something changes that is discussing this. All across the planet right now. In big cities and in little cities and everywhere, sightings are going on of craft. The word is leaking out. They are all over You Tube []. They are all over the Internet.

RAMA: These are everyday people [who] are experiencing meeting the Galactic folks, and I mean, I can attest to this driving. Just seeing it on the highway, you know, and other people are seeing it. They are looking at you, they are looking at it and going holy shit.

MARK: Well anyway, all of this is a way of saying, you are witnessing history right now. This very day, we saw several things. We saw Benjamin Fulford today come out with a blog, and in that blog, remember he is in the high level Japanese government and he has a Japanese family so he is very, very vulnerable. He is a counselor, consultant, policy level of that government and what he said today, in case you didn’t hear it: “You know, it’s time to call the Emperor to task.” He said since the beginning, the Emperor has been a shill, a puppet for guess who?

RAMA: The Queen of England.

MARK: Yes.

RAMA: The fake Queen who never was sworn in or coronated on the regal Stone of Scone.

MARK: So this is what he is talking about today and he went on. I am not going to delay this any further with that. You can look it up yourself and we will have it on our website, that particular thing. The point is, it happened today. These things are happening today. Last night, the big multi Council meeting, today the actions and the KOS told us today that this event that happened in Joe Lieberman’s office and did make it on CNN, did make it on Thom Hartmann. It was reported. This is not the first.

TARA: It is not going to go away and Joe Lieberman did write 9/11, [Rudy] Juliani, Hillary Clinton and all of the rest of them.

MARK: So pay attention now. The truth is starting to get on the news and of course MSNBC is one of the places. NPR with Amy Goodman and some of the alternative radio stations. Air America is printing and speaking of truth, so if you have to, look around to see if something is true, see what they are talking about.

RAMA: Montel Williams. Montel across America, he tells it like it is like Rachel [Maddows].

TARA: Oh good.

MARK: So you have many more choices. They are all names you would recognize and they are all, shall we say, being briefed by the KOS. So these people DO know what is going on. They can’t talk about NESARA so don’t ask them. Until Lady Nada actually gets up with the official announcement, they cannot talk about NESARA. You can though, but they just can’t confirm it.

TARA: What you can notice is the things they do talk about in the way they say them, with your ears listening and your eyes wide open and your higher sense perception, you can pick up that this is a necessary piece to the puzzle, and this person is helping getting this law enacted. Law has been law since October 10, 2000 when Bill Clinton signed it that way. This being the final step, enactment is all that is left. Gold is in the country. Indictments are ready. Lady Master Nada is at the UN. World Court procedures are rumbling very rapidly into the forefront.

MARK: Well okay, we got across the spectrum here about outer news, but now we also have to talk about Galactic events inside the Earth, above the Earth, and around the Earth. As you all know by now, everyone on this call knows, we are all them. They are all us. There is only one of us here. We came from many, many different locations throughout the universe. We are all Star Seeds. So all that elitist stuff we can throw it away now. Some are awakened and some are not yet awakened. Everybody that wants to will be helped to wake up and remember who they are. Nobody is left out unless they choose to NOT take the steps to fully wake up and participate. So this is a wonderful, wonderful moment in time that we can say, anyone who chooses will be given a pathway to their full awakening and full remembrance, and to keep on choosing the right path and you are guaranteed to have ascension in your future.

So that being said, we want to go back to something we talked about recently and that is the Galactic operations. As you know, on the Equinox, we talked a lot about this. We are going to continue to talk about it because the same folks are incrementally involved in the other operations that are taking place to clean up not only the planet, not only the inner planet and all the pathways connecting, but also the Moon, Mars, terra-forming of the solar system and all the related operations. Converting the sun from hydrogen to helium. All of these things are going on and changing the magnetic fields of all the planets so that everything will be restored to pristine original blueprint structure before we are done.

The particular thing that I want to talk about briefly here is the operation on the Equinox which, first of all, was a full First Contact event. Our team on the ground, we call the Andromedan A-Team which is another abbreviation for A-Team. But they are the Andromedan Ascension Team, and the three of them, the 3 Kumaras, is another sub-title for them. Because they were fully merged with….., and they were fully taken up into the ships, and then they were fully, shall we say, dematerialized and cleansed and returned and integrated over the next, took them about 3 days to reintegrate, but they reintegrated that, and they are still in full contact with the Andromedans there and others including the Sanat Kumara and the fleet there that are located in Shamballa. One of the key things that affects you and me, and all of us, is the fact that they took a brand new ship and they took it down into the crystalline core of the Earth, and brought also new codes for the solar disk, and they had to decode the old one and recode the new one with everything we need to have in order to ascend this planet. Of course the first piece of that is crystalline structures. The core of the planet had to be crystalline and that had to be recoded then activated. That happened on that day.

With that happening, many other things became possible, and one of them is, of course, we announced that all of us, the average on the planet, immediately became 51% crystalline converted, or it said in some circles, Christed, which means the structure of a Christed being or crystalline being became possible for all life on the planet. That has continued to progress. Many Lightworkers are beyond 80% converted over, and a small number are over 100% and continuing on the ground. Before this is done, every particle of matter and spirit on the planet will be converted and that is a full ascension pathway, because the crystalline structure that we will be discussing a little later on tonight holds more light and cannot be destroyed. So immortality is coming and we already have cellular immortality, but this is of the divine.

So this is part of our subject tonight. That operation. A follow-up on that, and many portals are being opened up. One particular portal that was just opened up this past time, was the brand new one. Newest in the sense of being opened up and activated and cleared out, happened in Indiana, and I would like to call a couple of people that were present there for that. Marietta Robert and Kauila.

KAUILA: Aloha. I can tell you it was a magnificent event. For those who can go to, you will see a list of all the videos basically that were taken in Indiana. If I may make one comment about I was looking [at], I’ve taken several photos on the GRT Yahoo Group, but I also have been looking at, first of all, walking to a vortex one. My youtube page. If you look at that, we were seeing craft coming in all in the photos. There were many, many light craft appearing around the sun, and as I was walking into the, towards where the vortex was, in that first video especially. If you look from the sun, you see a number, I mean a huge number, this is prior to the operation, but a huge number of different-colored light craft. Primarily they were purple light craft that were appearing before the operation even began. The other thing that was notable to me on the way from leaving Indiana going to Illinois where some of my family lives, I went there to….and I was just observing, but there was a huge number of craft. There were 2 or 3, at least 2, large, large ones over Chicago and Gary, Indiana and there were many, many smaller ones that appeared on the way. I also was seeing this morning where I’m staying now, many small sort-of-like cloud craft in the sky. These are cloud craft. The way I recognize them is by the heart joy that comes when I see them. There are quite a few appearing here.

I am noticing that quite a few people that seem to be behaving in one of two ways. They are either very open and very respective, or they are like in this bubble. They are starting to go into a bubble. I noticed this with some people when we were driving, and I just noticed [inaudible], but there is a huge amount of light coming in right now. How can I classify it? It is huge. It is greater than top-huge. This is Metatron-huge. Melchizedek-huge.

Anyway, the operation was very successful. It didn’t take a long time, but from our own viewpoint and also from Marietta Robert’s viewpoint, we had a companion that joined us, that joined me when I started walking out, and this was a small golden cat, and this golden cat was just running and meowing once in a awhile and running with us. As the operation progressed, if you look at the actual operation videos, there doesn’t appear to be a lot happening. But the first part of it you hear, the first sound that you hear, is the kitty cat. I call him star cat, [inaudible], he meowed and he jumped. I picked him up in my arms. That was the first part of the operation. Just walking with him to get something I needed, walking over to the vortex area. Marietta was holding the center of the vortex. She was at that point. She was doing whatever she was doing. The kitty cat then walked right over to her and sat down with her and then meowing quite a bit. So the operation started and when we went through the operation, the kitty cat became quiet and at peace.

After it was over, the kitty cat was a golden kitty in the sunshine, in the sunlight, and was taking care of herself like a kitty cat does and was very quiet. After the operation, I never saw the kitty cat again so it was a very sacred operation in all parts of it and it was hard to completely describe it, but definitely there was a balancing of that vortex. It was an almost brightening of the energy. Sort of a transfer, but definitely an opening and brightening of the energy that was coming out there. So I don’t know if there is much more that I can say, but if you are interested in looking at that, there are very interesting photos on the GRT Yahoo Group under Ops Photos Kauila and also at the So you may want to check those out.

MARIETTA: Just as Kauila said, this vortex has been here for …….and we have been aware of it for quite a long while. We were always told it was a one-dimensional doorway. Of course, we had always expected that everything was coming from the sky. More recently, maybe understanding that it’s also to the Inner Earth. We have an organic farm here and we work a lot with the little ones. I mean that is always a definite part of what we have here. You know, we were given a light energy pendant and also a planetary harmonizing Arial. These were not things that Robert and I and Bill figured out, they were given.

We do know that this planetary unit, when those are built, they are almost on all the continents. We know that they are used to anchor the grid system. It gathers the random, scattered non-coherent energy. The energy being non-coherent would be like when a heart is in fibrillation, it is using energy but it is not doing work, or static electricity, that would be non-coherent energy. It gathers that non-coherent energy, reorders it and puts it back out as universal energy, and it creates a dome over this space that each of these planetary units are designated to serve. We do know that it works because when we first installed it, they actually scrambled the jets and black helicopters and flew over here to check out what this energy was, but at least that was good validation that something was happening.

As we’ve been working with this energy, I’ve always been very connected to Peru, and before this last weekend’s experience, I kept hearing the word balance, balance, balance. Mark suggested that this was a way, why I was getting that, it is a possibility that this is the center between Hawaii and Peru, and we did, I mean I’ve always been connected to Peru and the solar disk. Then Kauila brought some soil from Hawaii and he sprinkled some around and told me to work with it. I also did the 4 directions and heaven and sky. I had some left. He said, you’re supposed to use all of it and I said, I don’t think so. I think this needs to go to Peru as symbolic to connecting all of these, so he will be taking that to connect there. A small bit of effort, as Mark reminds us, as we do a small bit of effort in the center of the Earth, we can really change a lot on those ends. So that’s why we are being told balance, balance, balance. So that’s [how] you know what’s been happening here.

We are waiting for instructions of course as we receive them, to assist in the change. It has been a very interesting experience just working with it for so many years, and now feeling it and understanding more why I have to be here. I mean you know, there have been so many people that have said after Robert died, aren’t you going to sell the farm? I mean absolutely not. I know that this is my job and I am to be here, and so it’s wonderful to now begin the understanding of the purpose and reason that we are the anchor here.

MARK: Well thank you, Marietta. I wanted to ask you if you have noticed any differences since the operation opened up that thing. I first want to mention that part of the operation was not just to activate, but first, as you know, with so many of these other operations, you have to go in and clear out the conduit. She mentioned the balance point there between Hawaii and Peru. Well, that means that there are conduits that connect those, and they are energy conduits through which very, very high frequencies and energies are going to be traveling. So that was the first stage. To clear those conduits. Open them. Unblock them and then the activation took place. Have you noticed any difference since then in terms of the energies that you are picking up there on the site?

MARIETTA: You know, I mean my energies are changing so much as well. That’s one of the fascinating things that I’ve been watching. It is just like there is lots and lots of activity in terms of getting…..of course I know that my job right now has been changing from all the air and water purification in the bookstore and all those things we’ve had for sale now. I know that I’m done with all of that. What I am being shown in my vision for the future of this place is to be an education/demonstration experimental place for people to learn. To come to learn sustainability and I know that as we have been told, we are moving into the communities, the smaller villages, that they all have to learn sustainability. And what has been very, very prevalent in the last few days since this, it’s even more active of people calling, and somebody refers somebody else to me here to find out, how can I start converting my land? I’ve got this, you know, farm that we don’t want to doing chemicals any more. We want to learn sustainability, and nobody, I’ve asked all the farmers around here, and none of them can tell me what to do, so I’ve known that that was what I was to be doing, but even in the few days here since we’ve done the activation, it’s even been very much obvious. Because when all the people have been referred to me by somebody or somebody else, it is just an interesting chain of events. I know that I’m on the right track with that because of the assistance that I am able to give other people. The one thing that I did notice, I’ve always been connected to the solar disk. Those look different, I’m not sure exactly what it is, Mark, maybe you can help with that, but I know there is something that is….., I don’t know how to explain it. Can you help me with that?

MARK: Well, I’m not sure what aspect exactly you are talking about. Are you talking about the feeling of it or the look of it?


MARK: Okay. In a minute, I’ll ask Beth to give her comment on this. But to me, the feeling now is one of smoothness. I feel this imprint quality that is surprising. When we did the operation on the Equinox, I was instructed, and Beth was to get with me, and we did this by her being on the cell phone. We can connect that way and go out of body together. The difference between them, because I was right on the local Lemurian sun disk, solar disk that is here and not far from our house, by being there and feeling how that connection was then, and we jumped from that platform to Peru, so we were there with our people on that end (Madame X, Lolo and Felix). We were with them when this happened. Now we didn’t experience it the way they did because we weren’t in the physical.

We were out of body so that makes a big difference, but we experienced everything they did including being turned inside out and dematerialized and rematerialized, which actually felt pretty blissful, because we weren’t in a physical body. It is much more contrasting when you are in a physical body because you are literally seeing all of your parts come apart, and you realize instantly if you didn’t know it before. Of course anyone that has been out of body does know that you are not your physical body, but when you see all yourselves floating in and out around and spreading out and you also then, at that point, you reconnect with the oneness of everything.

Now the difference between the experience that happened on that day and subsequent is that feeling of the Lemurian and Atlantean energies coming together on an energetic level of what I would call a marriage. It’s so beyond our concepts of marriage because instead of feeling, oh this is that, that is this. No. There is a feeling of a smoothness, a seamlessness of every bit is constantly present. You don’t have to go look for it, and Beth will be talking about that a little more later on, but that is the primary experience that I had that was different. It is wonderful, folks. I mean I know that there is a lot of people on the call that have experienced this in one form or another. You can never be the same after you have [experienced this]. That is what it is. I can feel that vortex where you are, Marietta, and how long has it been since you and Robert actually started becoming aware and going to the various aspects to create the dome there?

MARIETTA: That was back in the ’80s. I can’t tell you exactly when it was, but I would say probably, very probably by ’84. Now we had been aware of it before we went to Arizona in ’75-’76 when I went out there to finish my Doctorate to finish my sabbatical. We had some idea, but we weren’t advanced enough in our spiritual studies or whatever to really understand. Because what Robert noted, was where the deer always laid. We have a lot of deer in the woods and they always laid right on the vortex so he had put a rock there just to mark the spot, and then that’s when we began either understanding and/or starting to focus with it.

Your word of smoothness, that’s very good. I think that would help. You asked me what I was feeling about it. One other really interesting thing that happened: the farmer who cuts my hay had mowed the woods back there and in using the brush hog, he knew that there was a rock there, but he had one of his boys do the mowing and it actually sliced off the top, it’s almost like this, whatever you want to call, the top of the pyramid was sliced free of it, and I was told to bring that up here by the house, and we also have….there’s a spot out here that is a sacred, special spot for Robert and me, and I was told to put that piece of it right here in this rosebed by the house, so it will be interesting to see what else has happened.

The second thing that we did, when we had the stargate conclave here, we were told to use the second unit and place it in a different way. I mean, these are all lined to magnetic north wherever they are on the planet. It has been fascinating to see how that part has changed through the years as we’ve built them for the different continents and the different places where they are around the world, and even the ones here, I have to reprogram the master unit here because they are not all, the alignments of magnetic north aren’t the same as it was 15 years ago. I mean you all know that already, but that’s just another validation of that physical phenomena that has been changing here. But smoothness is a very good word, Mark.

MARK: Well thank you, Marietta. This is, I just want people to understand as this process goes forward, guardians like you and Robert have been in place for a long time, and that’s part of the reason for that. These places had to be protected until we were awake enough to understand their importance, and as these new portals all around the planet open, then people’s missions which they didn’t quite understand in some cases before, will become completely understandable, because this has to be done in balance and it has to be done with love. So only people who care and who are strong enough in their being to stay in balance are these guardians, so it’s a very important job. It’s a very important role and we thank you for sharing with us your story.

MARIETTA: You are very welcome.

MARK: Beth, I would like you to come on now and give a little announcement of what is ahead.

BETH: Hi everybody. This is Beth. How are you tonight? Mark and I and the A-Team all have a very exciting announcement. We’ve been working with a media expert who is a GRT member named Scott, and he has launched a new website for us, and this one is interesting because it is everything in one spot. We hope this new website will make gathering all the information out there easy to ask us and a more fluid flow. When you come to this new website, you are going to see that all the posts from our Yahoo Group are featured in the center of the front page, and so you no longer have to join to become a member of Yahoo Group to read all the posts.

On this [new] website, there are also links to Mark’s website and also to my website. There is a place where we will list upcoming events, and there is a badge for Talkshoe, all of Kauila’s photos and films and all of our youtube videos are all on the same page. There is a section where the MP3s from all the conference calls are. You can just click a link right there on the page so everything that Tara and Rama, Mark and Beth, the A-Team, Kauila, everything we are all doing is on one page together. We also have a link to website.

We would like to invite everybody to join, to come to this new website. If you would like to become a member, it is a one time signup and by doing that you can join in on the chats. There is a chat. There is a spacebar at the bottom of the page. You do not have to join to look at the front page. Everything is accessible and the name of the new website is, so welcome everybody. Thank you Scott, for the excellent job you did putting this all together. This is a cohesive social networking website where every [inaudible] and chat more about what’s going on out there, and be in touch with everything we are doing all in one space. So we are thrilled to start this new endeavor. Mark, did I leave anything out about that?

MARK: The main thing that I just want to repeat. You didn’t leave anything out, you did a great job. We are so excited about this because many people on our other site have talked to us about how hard it is to find things. This is all on one page with hot links that take you directly to where you want to go and without leaving this site as well. So you don’t even need to sign in unless you want to post things, then you have to. But other than that, you can use all of the services we now have without the nuisance that you have on Yahoo or the difficulties of getting to Talkshoe. It is right there, it has a widgit right on that page. So this call tonight is right there, you just go there and it’s a simple thing. While you are doing that, if you want to get in a chat room, you can do that at the same time.

So all of the same things we’re offering anywhere and everywhere are all here. We are looking for feedback and we are, as I said, we are quite excited with it and we hope it will allow many more things that we haven’t been able to do, to be done. Including certain videos and graphics that Yahoo makes very difficult to share, so we invite you all to come there and to look it up.  We will be mentioning this again on Thursday night in case the people on stargate roundtable are interested. Now, we’ve got to move…..

CINDY: People in the chatroom are already going into the website and saying, thank you and Go Scott!

MARK: I like the Go Scott! We have these other projects that we are trying to interest him in. Tonight’s main feature is one of those and we’ll talk more about that later, but right now, we would like to introduce that general subject which is the crystalline body and the holographic blueprint, and if I may, I’ll start off and feature what we did, is to consult several experts. The first one we went to was St. Germain and we said, St. Germain, how can we go about this so that we make sure that we get the basic information that will help everyone understand what we are talking about, and get it from different perspectives, and then tie it together in the end? He told us to talk with Lord Arcturus. [interference] Okay. He suggested starting off with Lord Arcturus so that is what I’m going to do. Then we’ll move on to Metatron.

BETH: Mark…..

MARK: Hello.

BETH: I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I noticed we are halfway through the call. This may be a good time for a break before we start into something long.

MARK: That’s a good thought.

MARK: I want to get right into it if I may, and as I suggested, this is on the crystalline body and the holographic blueprint, and this came directly from the universal expert on this who is Lord Arcturus. This is Lord Arcturus speaking. First of all he begins with the description of the crystalline body. I hate to repeat myself, but I want to say, this applies to every single person on this call and every one you know, because we are over 51% of the way there, folks. Nothing can stop it and it is what everything, what every great Avatar…. This is the format to returning to the higher spiritual dimensions. So first of all, let us begin at what this is.

Greetings. This is Lord Arcturus.

LORD ARCTURUS:  We begin with a description of the Crystalline Body.

Begin at the crown at the top of the head. There is a portal opening where liquid light comes into the holographic system. Another name for this light is The Force. It is vibration, light and Source Love combined. Source Love is the basis of Life in All That Is. It is the ‘Spark of Divine’ that is in every living thing. It is in minerals, plants, animals, and humans; it is in every atom and subatomic particle. It has intelligence. It has Free Will. The Force, the particles of Source Love, are carried on an electromagnetic radiation of light and vibrational frequency shown as wavelengths. This electromagnetic radiation of light is the Cosmic Rays. The Cosmic Rays are emitted from the God Source of All That Is, through the Central Sun, down through space, and into the crown portal at the top of the head. This introduces colors and sound vibrations, encapsulated in particles of Source Love, which penetrate the electromagnetic circuitry in the top of the head. The Force moves through this circuitry, in a spiral fashion, exciting the particles of Source Love in the centers of the brain. The next portal on the path of Cosmic Ray penetration into the body is the pineal gland, hypothalamus gland, hippocampus, and pituitary gland. These are simply electromagnetic pathways to allow the Force into the energetic portals running from the top of the body to the bottom. As the Cosmic Rays enter the body, they are transmitted to energy transducers along the electrical grid meridian system running through the body. These are transduced to the nadis, a smaller electromagnetic path circulating the Cosmic Rays through the energetic systems governing each organ.

After the Cosmic Rays enter the crown portal, they penetrate the electromagnetic transducers in the brain (the pineal gland, hypothalamus gland, hippocampus, and pituitary gland). This connects the Rays to the 24 Elders surrounding the Throne of Grace, also known as the 12 pairs of cranial nerves. This brings the Cosmic Rays into all the senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling. These senses may be experienced on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th and 13th Dimensions, all at the same time. The senses may be experienced on the Inner Planes, interdimensionally, and the Outer Planes, multidimensionally, simultaneously and synchronistically. The 12 pairs of cranial nerves represent 12 masculine and 12 feminine electromagnetic ionic exchanges which join together, pulsing particles of love through every sense in the body. They then pair up as the Love Source moves through them, pulsing out, and the positronic energy results. The antimatter Love Source is stepped into particles of light and vibration which pulse out to all the other subtle bodies. This marries the Source Light infused through the senses into the Etheric body.

MARK/BETH: How does this impact the existing physical structure? Does it impact the existing until it becomes fully crystalline? From the multidimensional cosmic pineal, pituitary centers, where the cosmic light comes in?

LORD ARCTURUS: Each individual body is now in a state of evolutionary change. Some have advanced further than others, and as ascension takes place, the new body systems are phased in as an individual is ready. The old physical body in 3D had the use of two strands of DNA holding up the genetic codes, to reproduce offspring with two strands of DNA. As we have evolved, the dormant DNA have been reactivated, and now there are 12 strands of DNA holding up the genetic codes of the physical body. Now that we have 100% crystalline bodies, the dormant etheric strands of DNA are now activated. There are 12 physical strands of DNA and 10 etheric strands of DNA.

Physical reproduction happens through replication. Etheric reproduction happens through antimatter light production. This is how the 5D human galactic is positronic and etheric. Now that the physical and etheric DNA are available, it allows the crystalline body to hold more light. Now we are not only undergoing cellular replication, but also antimatter light transmission. These working together form new body structures. These new body structures are the basis for the amino acid-based, electromagnetic ionic exchange in the crystalline body.

In the beginning, with the activation of the 12 strands of DNA, it increases One’s ability to have better energy and clarity. It is easier to release old patterns as well as blocks to the energy centers. One may hold more light in their body and use larger amounts of their brain as a result. Now the body, instead of having 7 chakras functioning, there are 13 chakras open and the potential for more.

The 3D model of the body had organs dependent on hormones released into the bloodstream throughout the day and night to regulate functions in the system. The brain and nervous system depended on the transmission of insulin and blood sugar homeostasis in order to function. The new system relies on transmission of cosmic rays illuminating the Force, which is pulsed through the electric portals. This light exchange has an ionic basis of which amino acids are built up and broken down in the system, regulating the functions in the body systems. It is the carboxyl group on the amino acid which will change in the crystalline body. It will be formed from atoms which are not now seen in the basis of 3D body amino acids. These new amino acid structures are capable of carrying more light. It is the Force, holding light, vibration, and Source Love which is then carried on the atomic particles in the new amino acid structures. This is the Liquid Light, pulsing through the body, through the portals, through the meridians and nadis, flowing through the central conduit, lighting all the energetic centers, and the organs which makes the 5D body different.

As our Ships come to Earth, [as] we land and can bring our light computers for healing, more and more people will migrate into their fully awakened 5D bodies. Some prepared ones on Earth have managed to initiate the migration on their own. Many on Earth have cleared the Annunakai Seals, or blocks placed in the body to block off the energetic system governing the organs. For Ones experiencing cancer in their organs, they often have self-imposed blocks, or the Seals are still in place. When we arrive with our technology, we will be able to remove all blocks from any who ask. This is available to any who now ask. We may take you to the Ship in dreamtime, with your physical body at home and your etheric body on the Ship. We go into the etheric body and remove the Seals, thus opening all the energetic systems. Many on Earth have activated their 12 strands of DNA. When we arrive we can activate all the dormant DNA, what is called the “junk” DNA. This too, is available now, for the asking and will be performed in dreamtime when One ASKS and ALLOWS.

When we come to Earth with our Light Technologies, surgeries, computers, and machines, we will be able to correct imbalances in the system. Impediments to the progress of continuing with the migration will be corrected. There are other processes the new body may go through, mainly, dematerialization and a light infusion from the inside out. Activations and Attunements such as these are able to jump start and accelerate the migration process. This migration will continue in each individual, at the rate they chose. The migration process involves activating more DNA, opening more chakra centers, anchoring in higher cosmic rays, and a conversion from the hormone-based system to the amino acid-based system.

When the amino acid-based crystalline body is functioning at a certain level, it is then brought into an interface with the computers on the Ships. These computers are coordinated with those at Shamballa, Porthologos, and Soltec’s Silent Watcher computer interface. When this is available to an individual, there are more and more augmentations which become available. This is where levitation, teleportation, telepathy, as just a few, become available.

The migration involves how energy is moved through the body in the energetic centers called chakras. As more chakras are added, the system becomes more refined. We also will see a migration of the organs. We will now gain the ability to live on liquid light. There will be much less and then no waste coming from the body. The bones’ cells will be augmented with nanocrystalline diamonds and the joints will not wear out. The muscles will derive their energy from nanocrystalline structures. The organs will be augmented as a part of the migration. The organs will streamline as they no longer rely on hormones to function. The actual organs will change over time to function as light transmitters. Some will shrink in size as their functions diminish. All of this migration is event-based, not gauged by linear time. As we come back to Earth, we will be able to assist dramatically in this migration process along with complete healings of the body structure.

MARK/BETH: In the 12 strand chakra system, still the old system, can you move from there into the 12 stranded system – How do you get to the 12 stranded etheric system? Then you have moved into positronic etheric fullness. How do we activate the final two etheric strands of DNA. How does it work? Is that the 13th Gateway?

The etheric body is the energy blueprint body that is the energy blueprint that the physical body follows. [It is] the subtle part of the physical body. The Etheric body has 12 strands of DNA. The physical body has 12 strands of DNA. This is a correspondence to the 24 + 1 Elders sitting around the Throne of Grace in the physical brain, the cranial nerves. The energetic pathways of the cranial nerves each pair up, male and female, forming 12 pairs. The etheric body and physical body have 12 pairs, male and female, transmitting electricity, vibration and Source Love from the physical to the etheric, from the etheric, to the physical. When everything together, in these two systems are flowing freely, through all of the 12 pairs, through the senses and the body systems THIS OPENS the 13th GATEWAY. This is the gateway through which Higher Gifts manifest as an integrated part of the positronic etheric body.

MARK: That means, you have fully integrated all of those others, then this takes you to the 13th Gateway. So how can we move forward? Do we have the 13th Gateway activated?

Lord Arcturus answers: Yes, the 13th Gateway activation was opened the day you asked to go to the 172nd dimension. One was needed before the other could be accomplished. Before that, in this lifetime, you had both accessed the 100th dimension on your own. The day you visited the 172nd dimension, it felt funny, wobbly. You know, you felt that deep down in your body. You both had your 13th Gateway opened then. He’s talking about Beth and me at this particular moment. As you trained in X-7 which is an advanced training center here on the planet, you had more chakras anchored in and activated and more DNA strands anchored and activated. You both now are at 100% crystalline. Kauila, Lolo and Madame X also. You have achieved this for volunteering for operations. You were given what is needed to perform that which you generously volunteered for.

There are 12 strands of DNA in the physical and 12 in the etheric. These are matched pairs. There are 12 strands in the mental and 12 strands in the higher mental. These matching pairs when activated allow one to remember everything which happens at night when out of body as well as have full recall of all past lives. We connect the 22-24 for both of you today. So actually, part of this, when you do these things and ask these questions, you better be ready because sometimes they say, well, are you ready for this now and you say yes. He said, the last 2 will be activated at an event fit for each individual when it is time. In other words, it is still an individual process. You determine it. There are 12 strands of DNA in the emotional and 12 strands in the crystalline and all of these are pairs. When the 24 paired up, the body is cleared of all emotional blocks in the physical which unleashes the ability to travel farther away from the physical body and see more on other dimensional travels. We can activate all 24 in both of you now. Some of these pairs were already activated for your training that we just mentioned.

So Beth, would you come on and take this a little bit further. That was Lord Arcturus. You want to talk about what Metatron had to say next?

BETH: Yes. Hi everybody. Whenever we are listening to Mother Sekhmet, she is always mentioning that we are beings of liquid light, and Mark and I asked Metatron to please explain that to us as it corresponds to the crystalline body. This is from October 9th and Metatron says:

metatronMETATRON: Everything in the matter universe is an image projected from anti-matter. It exists first in Anti-Matter Light Form before it manifests in Matter form. Every thought and feeling starts out as a light frequency and is transmitted onto the reflection in Matter.

I would like to describe liquid light in one example found in the body. The red blood cell. The red blood cell has a nucleus and cell wall as well as organelles inside the cell. The red blood cell is considered a liquid tissue floating in a salt water plasma. There are 100s of amino acids found on every red blood cell in the body. There are millions of red blood cells in the body. This makes tens of millions of amino acids, just found on the red blood cells. If each one of the amino acids has a carboxyl group, which changes the type of atoms contained inside, to transition [to] metals and noble gases, you are going to see a light explosion in the body.

Today look at the average red blood cell. It is like a round inflatable intertube with a dip in the middle, instead of a hole. It is somewhat like a bagel, with a depression instead of a hole in the middle. It squeezes out its own nucleus and floats as liquid tissue in the salt water of the blood stream. It carries oxygen and carbon dioxide on its back, like on a floatie headed down the river. Now imagine these floaties, tens of millions of them, suddenly are all lit up, like twinkling stars in the night sky. These are your new crystalline red blood cells. The DNA and RNA which are in every one of your cells are made up of amino acids. All of these will too light up, liquid light pouring through your veins, pumping through your heart. The amino acids in your skin cells will begin to glow, and there will be a higher dimensional light on the surface of your skin which has you looking radiant and younger. It is just enough to give a rainbow-colored twinkling radiance to the surface of your skin.

Every one of the trillions of cells in your body will be lit up and capable of carrying more light than ever before. This is liquid light. This is light floating along in the salt water of the system. The connective tissue will be filled with light, the cells making up the organs. When One sees inside this Ascended Body it sees sparkle lights everywhere. Before, it was dense flesh with dark features and everything surrounded by a kind of maroon liquid. Now the liquid resembles the sparkles and twinkles in the Milky Way. The flesh is pink, not dark. It has platinum light reflecting rainbows on to every surface. It is of a Higher quality. This crystalline body lives on liquid light. The foods will be plant foods rich in light, like seaweed grown on the surface of the sea while the sun shines down, and water to drink. Little else will be needed.

Every cell making up the crystalline body is an explosion of flowing rainbow light radiance. The cells in the body are alive with light. The crystalline body is a transition between the lower dense body of physicality and the Higher antimatter body of light. These bodies are raised up into crystalline and healed and maintained with different frequencies of light. The Arcturian Healers are by far the most advanced in this. They will assist millions who ask in transitioning to the crystalline body blueprint, bodies made up of pure liquid light.

[MARK/BETH]: Question: This sounds like something that one should be able to see, now. Why can’t we see it now?

Everything in the Matter World is a reflection from Anti-Matter. Each thought and emotion a person has is reflected on the Matter World. As One believes, they will see. Mass decloakings will play a major role in us seeing these changes in the physical. As consciousness is raised up, as old ideas dissolve away, and the new timeline takes hold, THEN we will see these changes in the physical. We will perceive them as they now are. When the consciousness raises up and a concerted effort from your Galactic Family is projected to you, which raises your love quotient, and your joy factor, when you are no longer in survival mode, THEN your Matter World will reflect the changes from the Anti-Matter World. You will be orgasmic, ecstatic joy and this bliss will be reflected in liquid light which you will be able to see.

MARK: Well that sounds like what Mother has been talking about forever. About where you are heading for, speaking to all of us, is orgasmic bliss and joy in every cell of your body. Now how many cells are there in the body?  How about a hundred trillion? That’s a lot of sex. A lot of bliss. A lot of wonderfulness, and you think you might be able to do more work, to enjoy it more, and to have more leisure time to appreciate who and what you really are that was given to you because you are part of Source itself?

So one of the next things that we said, well, St. Germain said, you might want to go now and talk to Lakshami, and she is a Goddess of Abundance, and she will be able to tell you more about the 13 chakras and how these energy systems work within the crystalline body structures. So sure enough, a few days later, we were able to. You know, the funny thing is, a little side here, whenever St. Germain sets up an itinerary, they are always waiting for you when you get there. It is a wonderful setup thing. So when you ask, they set it up, they fix it so when you get there, everything you are wanting is there and you have the best person possible to give you that information. So here we go. We go out of body and there we are with Lakshami, Goddess of Abundance. She says:

10/10/09 Greetings. This is Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance.

I come today to speak on the 13th Gateway and how to open the way to through to the crystalline body.

We are at a place in progression where we are ascending into lighter bodies. To accomplish this, our basic atomic structure is transmuted to bear more light. Every cell is lightened and lighted. The flow of electromagnetic ionic vibrational frequency speeds up the body’s tone and resonance. This will help to accommodate the flow of Source Love particles through the body grid, the central conduit running from the crown to perineum [which] connects the electric transmissions through the body portals.

As the body activates more strands of DNA, physical strands, etheric strands, emotional and mental strands of DNA, it has a greater potential to receive and transmit light. This also increases the body’s ability to have light as a major food source, living on less food and water, and also partially on light.

In the Central Conduit are the contact points for the Energy Centers, controlling the organs, called chakras. The chakras’ role is to balance and regulate the organ functions in the body. The chakras also act as a portal opening for The Force to come into the centers in the body from the Great Central Sun into each organ, gland and cell. In the ancient Indian culture, seven chakras were understood. In other cultures, a 13-Chakra system is known. There are more than 13 chakras. As one progresses with Ascension, more and more chakras are anchored in and activated. For now we will discuss the 13-chakra system. The 13 chakras include physical and etheric chakras. When 1 through 13 is open, and flowing with the Force, One is entering the 13th Gateway and transcending the physical. It is in this state teleportation takes place. When teleportation takes place, in an instant, One leaves the body behind, leaping to a new place, and the physical body follows. This is possible when One opens the 13th Gateway. It is mastering the physical, while integrating the etheric, which makes this possible. Activating the senses, from the nervous system in the brain, allowing the Cosmic Rays to flow through these portals and connect each of the 13 chakras in the central conduit, lighting all the pairs of DNA, is the key to walking through the 13th Gateway. This makes dematerialization of the body possible.

13: The crown, third eye, throat, three heart, solar plexus, sacral, base chakras, with the 4 chakras extending out, from the heart, around the top of the head, and into the back at the level of the heart. The three heart chakras connect to the sun star Merkabah of the heart. The 4 chakras extending from the heart, back to the heart are the etheric chakras. [Mark inserts: You’ve heard of the 3-fold flame. That’s what the 3 hearts are about]. By regulating the energy flow from the physical chakras, to the etheric chakras, this is the basis now for abundance, for co-creation, for birthing life from the light realm, through the heart.

The 4 etheric chakras are the Celestial, Galactic, Universal, and Cosmic chakras. Integrating these 4 etheric chakras with the 9 physical chakras makes Co-Creation possible and brings unlimited abundance. This is a key to Ascension. Know no limitations now.

[Mark inserts: Did you hear what she said? She said that the 4 plus the 9 is 13 and integrating these. What have we been talking about? The 12 families, the 12 tribes. Bringing these together in the right way, integrating them into one is what we are out-picturing on Terra Nova. We are out-picturing the integration of the 13, of the 12 tribes [uniting] forming the 13th which is another Gateway].

There is an exercise one may do to open the energy portals, or chakras, to the Divine Source Love, for the purpose of bringing Higher Gifts to Terra Nova.

[Mark inserts: That’s where we are folks. We keep saying this. We are on Terra Nova and what we make of it, it’s our responsibility and we are accountable. I’m going to give you this brief meditation and we are going to print this out. This meditation, I would especially say, take out, and we hope later to have some graphics with Scott’s expert help that will show this to you or so you can grasp it more easily. But first of all, just relax.]

Take some deep breaths, center your energy. Imagine first a red Merkaba spinning at the level of your base chakra at your perineum. [Mark: In other words, just picture one wheel there spinning around and see it in a red color, but moving swiftly.] Move your breath, or life force, up the central conduit, to the sacral chakra and imagine an orange Merkaba spinning at the level of your sexual organs. [Mark: This is just above the other one]. Move the Force, with your deep breaths up to the solar plexus chakra, and now you see a yellow Merkaba spinning at the level of your naval. [Mark: Again, you are still keeping the others there, you are still breathing and through your breath you are gradually taking them up one level at a time.] Feel the Source Love entering your lower heart chakra, your middle heart chakra, and finally your upper heart chakra. Now you will see a brilliant golden sun star, which is multifaceted, spinning at the level of your heart. This activates the Source Love and pulses it through the central conduit to every cell and atom in your body, out to the etheric chakras, and to the extremities; it pulses out the palms of the hands and the bottoms of your feet. Taking in shallow but rapid, pulsing breaths allow the etheric chakras, celestial, galactic, universal and cosmic chakras, to circulate out the sun star Merkaba of light, from the back, up and over the energy centers surrounding your head, and now breathe them rapidly in a pulse motion back into your heart. [Mark: They went up first to your head, now breathe them back into your heart]. This integrates the etheric chakras with the physical chakras.

Now slowly breath into your throat chakra and imagine a blue Merkaba spinning at the level of the throat. Slowly breathing, bring the Force up to the third eye and see a violet Merkaba spinning at the level of the brow, between the eyes. Bring the Source Love up through the crown chakra [Mark: Just like you did a little while ago] and see a golden white light, like the brightest sun, spinning Merkaba at the top of the head. Now see the electromagnetic, ionic, light and sound frequency, from the cosmic rays, flowing both from the Earth Core, through the central conduit (masculine energy force), and also from the Milky Way core into the central conduit (feminine energy force), and circulating through the heart sun star, [Mark: Which connects the other parts of the heart] out around the head, and back into the heart. This pulses in from below, blending in the heart, and in through the crown, blending in the heart, also flowing out the heart and around the head, and back through the heart.

This forms the shape of an Egyptian Ankh. The Ankh Cross represents immortality, male and female, balance. [Mark: As you know, this is Isis and Mother Sekhmet.] It can also represent zest, joy of life, and energy. It’s the looped cross that means fertility and life. This is the key to unlock unlimited abundance, immortality, co-creation and birthing from the light realm. It is the key to invisibility, telepathy, and teleportation. All of the Galactics possess these, and now you are ready to remember and know these also.

Peace and Love, ~Lakshmi

MARK: What a gift. Quite a nice description and actually a pretty simple process, because it’s just like walking up a flight of stairs and then looking down and using the light just as you would anything else, and bringing it in and including the Milky Way and also the central channel of male force. So all of these things come together in [a] very simple [way], I mean, the talk may sound complicated, but when you see this in motion and you see the colors and you see how easily you can see each one separately and how they blend and interact. So this is what we are going towards, and there is one final piece I believe. Beth, would you like to [share that]. We met with Metatron at the end of all of this and he came through with one more piece. This is a piece that I think many of you have asked questions about and want to know more about, so he decided to give us a full thing right on this alone.

BETH: Yes, thank you very much. I want to make a couple of comments before I talk about this next part with Metatron. One thing is, that tomorrow night on Wednesday night, there is going to be ……, I’ve had several emails sent to me with people having questions about healing. Ashtar has said we need to empower ourselves with information on self healing, and there is several ways the Galactics have shown us to do this. I have scheduled a call, a free conference call, opposite of Meg Hoopes every other Wednesday night and tomorrow night is the first one, and there is all the information on the new website. There is a dialup number from the same company we used for Mother Sekhmet’s calls and there is an access number for you to put in. There is almost an hour of me talking about the self-healing techniques that have been given to us by the Galactics and how to use them to heal yourself.

Also then, we will have an hour of questions and answers so that people can ask me specific questions, and I would like to finish it with meditation, and I think it will be appropriate to do the L Meditation tomorrow night together.

The other thing I want to say is, we’ve had, I’m about to read this Metatron piece, and he talks about Cosmic Sex and he talks about birthing from the light realm. We had some calls from Mother Sekhmet and she mentioned that President Obama and Michelle were expecting a baby and we’ve had several questions from people saying, why aren’t we seeing signs of this? Why aren’t there announcements about this and what is going on with that? I can’t possibly presume to speak for this couple as it is a very private matter. I’m not trying to do that, but I want you to keep those questions in your mind as we read this piece from Metatron. Mother Sekhmet was asked this question on one of her conference calls. Somebody said, you know, how can this be? Mother Sekhmet’s reply was that she would not comment on that without consulting Metatron. When I heard her say that, I said to myself, aha, I should ask Metatron this question. I can’t say that we have the answer to those questions, but keep that in mind while I read this next piece.

metatronMETATRON: Now we may begin to explore Cosmic Sex. Cosmic Sex is making love with a partner and experiencing orgasms in every energy center. It means having orgasms from the root chakra up to the crown, in successive waves, flowing on and on, and lasting an hour or longer. Each couple will experience this a different way, in different degrees. As it is practiced more, more light can build up and be released to share with your partner. This may be accomplished standing up, and holding one another. It may happen lying face to face on your side. Other ways are possible as well, as you practice. This practice is only for two partners to explore Higher Realms together. Both must be prepared and both must be devoted to the development of their partner, with love as the only motivation. If these things are missing, the experience will not be a success. Penetration is not necessary to have Cosmic Sex. It is recommended you try it without penetration when you begin. This way, you remove your old way of enjoying love making at first. This helps you build the skill of Cosmic Sex, and then integrate the two together, only after the skill of Cosmic Sex has been explored, practiced, and there is a deep level of confidence from both partners in the new skill.

Cosmic Rebreathing:
Cosmic Sex begins with both partners facing each other and focusing their attention on their partner’s energy centers. Begin in the root chakra. Feel the emanation of light energy coming from their base chakra. Now feel their base chakra through the eyes in your heart. This is done with ego only as an observer. Feel their energy and feel if it flows freely through the central conduit running from their perineum to their crown. When your partner feels your energy, and you theirs, when these two chakras are free flowing, move up the central conduit to the next chakra. Feel with your heart this energy running through your partner, [and] only when the breathing is easy and there is a resonant connection with your partner do you move forward. Feel the energy center of the base, sacral, solar plexus, lower heart, middle heart, high heart, throat, third eye, crown, and the etheric celestial, galactic, universal and cosmic chakras.

Only allow your attention to go to the next energy center after you have felt an energetic spinning of energy from the other person in their next chakra energy center. You should move forward in unison and wait for the other person to be in harmony with you at each new level. Talk to each other, if needed, to stay in sync with each other on this energetic exchange. You should feel a warmth in your own body as they focus on your energy centers. You will also expect to feel a magnetic pull and heightened energy between your corresponding energy centers.

After you reach the chakra at the crown, allow the etheric chakras to light up and spin, or however you can feel it. Just know it is happening and do not move on until you have sensed this. Start from the front of the heart, and circle around with the chakras above the head, into the back at the heart level. This will fully activate the sun star in the heart, the multi-pointed Merkaba. One may at this point, or any time along the way, be feeling intense energy in the chakra centers as the two become one. You may feel explosions of light and you will likely have orgasms in your heart, to begin, and in the other areas of the body, as you practice this more. With Cosmic Sex, it is customary to run up and down the energy centers slowly, and repeat. Cosmic Sex is a deep commitment to fully opening your partner to experience love. It is not about what you can get out of it. It will only be enjoyed if both partners are ready. If you are in this kind of relationship now, and have never tried it, you may feel inspired to do so now. Cosmic Sex is something that is practiced in many Galactic civilizations, where Beings are incarnate in physical bodies. It is practiced on higher dimensions.

Bringing in Children from the Light Realm:
Children Born from the Light Realm come into Co-Creation to partners experiencing Cosmic Sex. These children can only come in when both partners agree to stay together to raise them, in a joint partnership of parenting. These children are born out of the heart, not the birth canal. That old way is the less desired way; it is the way it is done in the animal kingdom, not the Kingdom of Ascended Beings. Procreation, Birth, and Sex are still possible the old way, but as these new options are explored, and fully understood, the old ways will fall out of favor. It will not be easy to set aside old beliefs about swollen pregnant bellies and birth with pain after a long wait. It is almost impossible to believe this can change. It is not necessary to see the whole new process as it works right at this moment. As you are ready, you will understand more and more. Children born from the Light Realm may come in at an older chronological age than newborns gestated to 40 weeks. They come in effortlessly, and this happens with the couple there, on the Ships. It does not happen at the time of Cosmic Sex. There is a gestation period that differs from Birth to Birth. There may be twins coming as well. Each couple and the One coming in talk about the details, telepathically, about details of gestation, age when born, and timing of birth.

Each family will be able to have as many children as they agree to, together. These children may come in to parents who are past the age for birthing the old way. It is not typical, in fact, extremely rare, that a child would come into a single parent. That is an old pattern. These children will come to Twin Flame couples who have prepared to live with a Higher Being coming to Earth now, as a joint venture, born of love.

All of this and more is possible with the new crystalline body. This is what it means to be ascended, the opening of new gifts. The Twin Flame Reunions are happening now, because the infinite love expressed through these relationships will raise the Planet and all on her, up into ecstatic orgasmic joy.

This raises the potential possibilities for every man, woman and child to desire and explore experiencing more love, more co-creation, and evolved light expressions. These are the experiences of an Ascended Earth. This love carries us to Cosmic Ascension.

MARK: Quite a mouthful, Beth.

BETH: Yes it is.

MARK: Well, as you can tell, this is the future that all of us now can think about. This is not only to think about, it is already with these meditations, you can begin to practice some of the aspects that allow you to reach that level in which this can happen. I can tell you, I asked my high self without knowing what I was asking for, to show a meditation group. To demonstrate to a meditation group 25 years ago, these concepts. They didn’t bother to say what it was, they simply caused it Cosmic Rebreathing. Not rebirthing, but rebreathing. It is a very interesting thing to experience, and at that time, unfortunately, most people were not ready for it because they were still stuck in the lower chakras and they could not imagine that something could be so far beyond that. That, once they experienced it, they would never go back to the old way again because this lasts up to an hour. These orgasms go on and on in trains and believe me, you are not thinking about anything else when this is going on. It is very, very amazing and wonderful and I highly recommend considering learning how to prepare for this, because it is coming faster than anyone can accept right now. When they come off the ships, folks, it starts almost immediately. These reunions are going to be work and they are going to be play and they are going to be creative, co-creative and they are going to help the whole planet to ascend. A matter of fact, we can’t do it without it. It is an essential part of it and that came quite a long time ago from Mother Sekhmet. And now you see, as we are beginning to get this information directly and to be able to apply it, we are far beyond what we thought we were and yet we have unlimited potential ahead of us. So welcome to the 5th dimension, first steps of that, and to Terra Nova and what is available with the crystalline structures. I know there are a lot of people out there with questions. Beth, do you have anything else?

BETH: I’m ready for questions, thank you.


CINDY: Is this group or information aligned with the information from the Book of Keys by Enoch by J. J. Hurtak?

MARK: Well, as always, we always take a deep breath when this comes. In part this is correct, but in part it goes beyond what he was talking about. This is something that we have all read, this material. Especially his second book where he is talking about these stages that we are going through now. The pits of Sophia. This is where they overlap like the Valentines’ Ale circles happen in the heart center. Just like we are doing now, we have these overlapping systems of carbon and crystalline. We have matter and spirit, we have male and female. When they meet in the center with an equal amount of activation and balance, the system is already precoded to open the flower and that is our sacred heart center. When that opens, everything becomes accessible.

TARA: And I just wanted to say, this whole year is the number 4 yellow self-existing seed which creates the flowering that we are talking about right here.

MARK: And today is guess what? A 13 and a 13 4 which is exactly Mother’s number, it is my number, it is our number. We are the 13th tribe so we are right on target, right on time. It is the foundation for everything that comes ahead of us. Well, it will be coming. A certain master a certain couple of thousand years ago said, seek the kingdom of god within and all else will be added. Did he lie? No, he told the truth. We just didn’t have the pictures or references in our own being to understand what was being given to us then about our future. Well, that future is now and we have to ask for it, we have to allow it and we have to embrace it and celebrate it. That is the way we move forward.

ALPHA1: This is for Mark or Tara or Rama. Here in Texas for the last 7 days, it has rained steadily. No sunshine whatsoever. The temperature has been in the 60s and my question is, of the timeline, is this in the plan for us to have straight 7 days of rain?

TARA: Well, I can just say, you got your turn down there in Texas. We went through 2 months of solid rain everywhere we went through the whole eastern seaboard. It has just moved into the central time zone. God Bless you. And cleansing by frog medicine is a really good one to look at. Cleansing and really cleansing inside and out.

MARK: And remember what Commander Ariana of the Andromedan Mothership and Commander Dyana of the Andromedan Mothership said. We are stretching and realigning the tectonic plates now as well as activating new energies. This is with the crystalline structure of the Earth and the new codes of the solar disk. As a result, you can expect unusual weather patterns. However, you will find these are not catastrophic. They may be miserable, but as she said, think of frog medicine and understand all this will pass. It is only to pave the way for what follows this, and when we end up, yes, it may take up to 2 ½ years, but when we end up, we are going to have another moon and we’re going to have 72 degree temperatures yearround and we are going to have magnetic balance. An axial tilt [of] zero. So all these things are coming, so these are steps to get us back to where we can terra-form. This is a form of terra-forming right now that we are undergoing. This is as mild as it can be made and still accomplish it. It is not catastrophic and when you realize what it is accomplishing, you can celebrate it. Every time, because it is a proven movement that is happening.

CINDY: To go up to a healing, do you need to call upon a special person?

BETH: Yes. I would like to say, you can simply call Ashtar and say Ashtar, please take me to the ships for the healing that I need. Then you can state the issues that are bothering you in as much or as little detail as you want, but you must ask and you must allow. Ashtar has said that it is good to ask in a thankful manner and a grateful way. Always remember to thank your guides and the healers for helping with the healing that they are doing. Ashtar has also said that often you will be gong to the Arcturian ships and that is very true. Another healer is Dr. Lorphan from Sirius. There is more information about that at It mentions all the healers. All the self-healing techniques and everything that is there. The more you ask for, the more help you are going to be able to get. So the thing to do is ask for everything you can think of. You can keep it specific or as general as you like. It will work and you will receive this healing.

CINDY: KAREN/Netherlands says thank you for all your hard work and that she really appreciates it all.

CINDY: Could you ask Mark if he knows about what Dr. Cody has in store? Could we get that cleared up? He has talked about healing.

MARK: I am going to ask Tara and Rama to answer that because they have been communicating extensively with that individual.

TARA: Well, my part of that is, these are technologies that are going to be many different levels and layers of healing centers.

MARK: Many of you out there represent those.

TARA: Yes. As many as there are of you can represent it and remember and know yourself. There is going to be and there already is, intervention first. I have to say it from the responsible end of our galactic brotherhood and sisterhood of the Ashtar Command. Within a month after the enactment of NESARA, there will be sweeping changes that the Galactics will implement, and the entire atmosphere, all the things in the Earth, the winds, and the waters and the soil will be completely transformed with this cosmic light we are talking about. It will completely provide the activation of that pineal gland, so that right now the etheric readiness is being integrated. I would say from the time of 1974 when the world symposium template was being laid down. There are at least 500 million different light technologies and centers that are being synthesized right now in our being. This is just like we’ve said, we’ve got trillions, it is just not fathomable, of cells. And you are having trillions of ecstatic orgasms in every cell. When the capacity increases, I’ll just say, the lay of the land changes very rapidly.

RAMA: It is done.

TARA: So what we are doing now is where knowing that anybody that has a business plan out there, [it] is being changed radically by enactment of this law. The protocol for the new spiritual economy will be set and then we’ll go from there, so let’s…..

MARK: Take one step at a time.

TARA: Play it by ear, meaning keep your ear to Mother Earth’s sounds as well as that coming from the stars.

MARK: And many of the star seeds here now, especially the younger ones, came in with the capacity and the knowledge to change their own DNA and also alter their neuronal hookups so that they may deal with one condition and they will be able to heal it themselves. So the self-healing is the most single, most important form of healing that we have ultimately. That is what my highest self told me, ultimately all healing is self-healing because there is only One of us here. As we get to experience that and recognize it and remember that, we’ll see that nothing is outside of us. All the technologies will help us move in that direction, but they can’t do it for us. So understand that’s why the Galactics keep telling us, over and over again, you must ask, and you must allow, and you must embrace. Because if you don’t accept who and what you are, you’ll simply uncreate it. This is important. There is no instrument external to us that is valuable or more important as the one inside.

You came in with the most valuable instrument, the most valuable means, the most valuable self-healing capacity of anything in the universe. That’s why we are here and that’s why we are waking up the way we are, so we can remember who and what we are. That’s going to come very quickly especially with the decloakings. That is the first major stage planet-wide, where people will be stepped up, raised dimensionally half a step, and open their hearts and remember they are not what they said they are. It will be so ecstatically joyful. As they look around, even a short time between the decloakings and the time of the landings, people will have progressed as if they were different persons. The personality will no longer be the ruling element. It will be the soul. The soul will be embodied, it will be awake and will be integrated in. It will be a joy.

CINDY: This is basically a statement and then I’ll go to the next question that is sort of related. It reads: David Wilcock stated on Project Camelot Awake and Aware that he knows the announcement for NESARA will happen around November 8th . So do you have any comments on that?

MARK: The comment is the same one that all the Galactics have said forever. No dates, no nukes and no flukes.

TARA: That was an incorrect understanding. David Wilcock did not say that. What he is going to do is he is going to show a film on that night, and that will reveal something of a galactic nature of the whales and as humans in two different kinds of vehicles, two different kinds of bodies. The symbiotic and harmonic relationship that we are all ONE. This has nothing to do with announcement dates. It has to do with the actual climate that is required for the enactment. What he did say, is he knows the date and as to what he knows, it is before Christmas.

MARK: That is where he kept the generalization in there. Others have said specific things. The truth is, they don’t know either. If they really knew, they would have a gag order and they would not be able to give it.

TARA: What we do know is this. We were told that the presence of our galactic brothers will be in a simulcast of the enactment of NESARA law, and that leaves a lot of room for understanding the procedures in certain ways that we must just surrender to.

MARK: And we know that the galactic presence is a big thing and that this is actually in process right now. All of the various venues talking about this or telling this, [it] is every single day now. Get ready folks, get ready. It is coming quicker than you can imagine. We are not just going to be talking about this; we are going to be demonstrating this. There has been a two-hour timeframe where much of this will be discussed and that we are looking forward to very much. Every one of these steps we are taking right now. Last night and today, we took another step that was another serge of energy that almost knocked us flat, but all of this is part of that thing. We can’t get beyond this step until we go through this step and integrate it, and that is the fail safe because we want everyone of us who chooses it to make it. This is a way to ensure that nobody is left behind that wants to make it and it is all happening now.

CINDY: It has been printed in various places that the banks are going to start closing October 25th through November 1st of this year. What is your take on that? What information do you have about that?

MARK: Well Rama, do you want to speak to that?

CINDY: Seven days approximately.

RAMA: I have heard rumors that there may be a banking holiday. Nobody wrote it in stone so it is…..

TARA: Although I will just say, it sure looks like it sure has something to do with the mix.

RAMA: The answer is flowing in the wind, yet it affects everything/nothing.

MARK: What we can say is this. When and if there is banking holiday, if you want to call it that, there is nothing to fear. It has all been completely engineered so that the overlapping [happens], as one system goes down, the other system comes up. St. Germain, Lady Master Nada are in charge of the timing. When they say it is right, it will be done and it is already there. It is already in place. So what will happen is that these doors close on one door, certain things that people do within the banks are changed. It is a kind of way that I can put it, but at the same time, in most cases, we will probably have ATMs that will still be operative and bank by mail can still be done in many cases. So it is only walking in the bank and talking to the tellers and that kind of thing, that will be a little delayed or a little more difficult, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible.

In any case, this is all going to be explained by Lady Master Nada and her team when announcements take place. There will be 36 hours of broadcast that will tell us all the main facets of what is going to happen so that nobody needs to have any fear whatsoever about food or any other thing. There will be no riots in the streets, there will be no Martial Law. None of that stuff that the other “Ain’t it Awful” folks are saying out there. It isn’t true. It is all misinformation/disinformation, and just plain they don’t know. The answer is that you are all loved, you are all protected and you are all going to be better off than you are now and by many factors. So be in cheer because if you hear that this happened, it is a time of celebration, not a time of fear of running to the bank to make a run to get your money out. The only money that is in there is paper that is only based on nothing.

TARA: I do want to say that the KOS has always reserved that wherever Martial Law is needed, the White Knights would use it. I think they used a piece of their Martial Law authority on Bush last year on the 2nd of October when he tried to declare Martial Law, and those flag officers whisked him right out of the public eye to his room. Go to your room!

MARK: Right. This is not what the people are talking about. This is a very orderly, very orchestrated and absolutely no more is done than needs to be done to get the job done. In other words, you can sleep well. You can sleep safely and knowing that absolutely the purpose for this all to happen is for you to be liberated. It would be silly to do it any other way than this because you are the goal. You and all of us together are the purpose for this whole thing happening, and it has been so carefully planned, you couldn’t slip an error through it if you tried. Every backup is in place and it is all right down to the decimal point, so we’ll let it go here at this point.

TARA: Resistance is futile.

MARK: You will be assimilated into joy and love.

BETH: We would like to say that many people have been anticipating the video tapes that we received from Peru. It took us a long time to get the video uploaded from the camera to the computer and then transmit it back to the U.S. Scott got that video and edited it, we did not add any voice to it, we only posted it on the blogs (Madame X’s details of what happened that day). This was a full First Contact. Full decloaking ships, and so we are launching this video tonight with the new website at The video is on there so the video is on there for you to take a look at. So thank you for your patience and thank you Scott for editing it and getting it on there. So that is all. Have a good night.

CINDY: Thank you for joining us tonight on this call. Thank you everyone for your time and for all the work you do.

Transcribed by Shirley Cull and edited by Mary Sherritt


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