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Isis/AA Michael: What is Happening As You Ascend


“The universe rearranges itself to fit your picture of reality. As you think and believe, so goes your world/creations.”
~ Archangel Michael ~

The universe appears and disappears every four-quadrillionths of a second. Each particle of light within the universe explodes every four-quadrillionths of a second and in the explosion, seven rays of colors are sent out; these being the seven rays of the spectrum. As there is an explosion in that particle of light, there is created a vacuum at the center of which must be filled; that vacuum being a magnetism. The explosion of light creates a radiation or radiance; the explosion being the origin of all magnetism.

Every particle of matter is but a magnetic point in the universe which has drawn to it certain particles of light from one or another of the colors or a combination of the colors. Each particle is but a color caught in a magnetic trap, and the color being moved into that point of the implosion does become a particle of matter.

This occurs not only in each particle of light but on a larger scale, creating suns, stars, galaxies and planets; where there is a radiance and space there is that light; where there is substance and matter there is magnetism. There is magnetism and radiance in varying proportions, and these proportions of varying degrees create different densities of matter or space or vapor or liquid. The universe and each part of the finest particle of light moves at a rate that appears and disappears, explodes and implodes every four-quadrillionths of a second; and this occurs not only in space, but in each physical body, each particle of matter. Therefore, if every particle in the universe is exploding and imploding at a rate of once every four-quadrillionths of a second, it may be said that the universe appears and disappears every four-quadrillionths of a second.

The energies of the radiance and magnetism are such that they are subject to the focus and imagery of those consciousness’ which direct them. And it is for this reason and this purpose that consciousness can change images from moment to moment and the mind can have domination over matter; and those who can develop their concentration and their imagination to high enough levels of vibration, through moving into that which is called the subjective level, are capable of psychokinesis . . . using the mind to control matter, and are capable of manifesting that which they imagine into physical form by moving through a series of universes, each four-quadrillionths of a second . . . moving through the corridors of time.

isisWhat you are doing as you ascend as these energies change is experiencing many trans-dimensional effects at this time. There is a sudden rushing of the soul “within” as the dimensional changes are taking place. It is like a massive catching up period; a massive ‘awakening.’ Lightworkers will feel the interruption and energy drain of these events, as well as sudden increases of energy, as you become exhausted as you are inter-dimensionally traveling, trying to incorporate the ‘new’ energies from the dimension you are ascending to.

I have the greatest compassion for all who are willing participants during this transitional period in the earth plane. I also want you to know that you have not been forsaken by those who are watching over you. They do not intervene into what the soul has chosen to experience in its many forms and dimensions it travels in. But [we who are watching over you] do try and guide each individual and steer them back to the right path when they stray. It is of course, each individual’s choice as to whether or not to follow that guidance.

Lightworkers on this plane are experiencing many trans-dimensional effects at this time. There is a sudden rushing of the soul as the dimensional changes are taking place.

The dark forces are trying to drain all forms of energy to be able to meet their own destiny, and fear feeds their capability to drain energy from you . . . the Light bearers. The dark forces are now rushing to complete whatever their agenda needs to be brought to fruition. The dark forces know their time is growing short and believe they have waited too long to complete their agenda, and therefore have become predators of energy forms in order to meet their goals. Do not feed their ability to create chaos. You have nothing to fear but fear itself!

As Lightworkers, you are traveling at such a high vibrational speed bridging past to the present, to the future, as time, as you know it, runs down and ceases to be. This means many of you are traveling through different density levels as fast as you blink, think, or even breathe . . . that’s faster than your speed of light. And at this speed you are not retaining the memory of all you do.

Once the ascension has been completed all energies will once again be in balance. There will be peace and beauty beyond your ability to imagine even in your wildest dreams. So hang in there, as the Universe rearranges itself and you travel to a wondrous world!

I am with you always!

In the Light of the ONE,
I AM ISIS “Lady of the Light”


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