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Emmanuel/Langa: Massive Awakening 10/24/09/; Contact is Made with Those Who Call 10/13/09


Massive Awakening
October 22nd, 2009

Questioner: You have mentioned that soon a massive awakening will take place on this planet, could you please elaborate on that? Thank you.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth,

For a massive awakening to take place, first there are some old ways of thinking that you must get rid of.

In order to help you to change your way of thinking, your planet is about to experience one of the most revealing moments in mankind history. The quarantine set upon your planet by the Guardians is about to be lifted at any moment, and you will be able to meet your Galactic brothers and sisters.

You will know without any doubt that you are truly part of the One Family. When you sense the unfolding feeling of not-aloneness that comes with this revelation, everything related with your cosmic connection will become clear to you, and then the awakening will occur.

Questioner: Thank you. Will this meeting happen in the physical plane? And if so, how?

You will meet your Galactic brothers and sisters in all planes simultaneously, including the physical plane. At this very moment there are more than one million star-ships around your planet and everything is going according to the Confederation’s plan. On each one of those ships are thousands of volunteers, highly trained, who are working eagerly to bring about the change needed for massive awakening of your collective.

Questioner: Thank you. Are these brothers and sisters humans?

In your Galaxy, there are more than five hundred planets with human life members of the Confederation, however, the Confederations is formed by many kind of beings.

Questioner: Thank you. Are some members of the Confederation third-density beings from Earth?

No. There are humans from Earth in the Confederation, but they are no longer in third-density.

Questioner: Thank you. Will this encounter with unknown beings bring fear and negative effect on people with religious beliefs?

The most fearless state-of-being is needed to receive all the benefits that this encounter will bring into your existence. You are surrounded by the beyond, that beyond is the One God. It is outside you, it is inside you. It is in your consciousness, not in your beliefs. You should go on erasing all that create any belief system in your mind. Belief systems are not based on your own experience; therefore they do not produce awareness expansion. Get rid of them even if you feel wretched, it is worth it.

Questioner: Thank you. I understand that some of these belief systems were created by negative entities living on this planet in order to dominate humanity, how these entities will react to the massive presence of Confederation members on Earth?

Not some of the believe system, but all of them. The war between the dark and the Light is at consciousness level, and although the war is not over yet, the negative/dark entities have already lost the battle for control over your planet. That is why the quarantine will be lifted soon.

Questioner: Thank you. How can we as third-density humans fight the dark forces?

With Light. The negative/dark entities are just a self-aware low vibrational portion of All That Is, which consciously have chosen the service to self as their way of life. They are like shadows, if you run away the shadow will follow you wherever you go. The only way to get rid of these shadows is turning on your Light.

Questioner: Thank you. Could you please be more specific on how to get rid of the dark ones?

The negative/dark entities can only live/operate in a low frequency reality. This low frequency rate in your plane of existence corresponds to the vibration of fear. And fear is nothing but absence of Light. If you raise your vibrations toward the Creative Principle of Love and hold the Light of the hyper-dimensional Christ Consciousness in your Heart, all fears will disappear from your reality, and with them the dark/negative entities.

Beloved Lightworkers, you are on Earth at these shifting times because you have volunteered for it. There is no such thing as coincidence, nothing occurs by chance, there are reasons for you being here and now. You may not know those reasons at conscious level, but I assure you they are in harmony/resonance with the Cosmic Plan. In time you will see how the Plan is unfolding. Until then, hold fast to your Light, spread Love freely onto the collective consciousness with no strings attached, this sets up a energetic flux that will constantly increase the vibratory frequency rate of the collective consciousness. Once the flux gets going, it will not stop.

There are truly exciting times ahead for Mankind; my unconditional Love goes with you.

I AM Emmanuel.

©2009 Langa



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