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Breaking News Update: KOS Msg 10/1/09


FYI. Note: The full moon is on 10/4/09. Mark

“Welcome Everyone,KOS here”:

We are laughing because the waves are so High.[On the beach with Kau’ila on the Big Island of Hawaii].

We are at the high tide, close to full moon.

During these next three days we see events occuring in your life, physical eyes, and within.

Remain in the glorious place of the most high.

Call on us in spirit and thought. We do much work with people in sleep time and in higher times at times when we don’t even know it

Great ‘buildings’ have toppled. ‘Mountains’ have fallen{lies}… things you used to think are no more.

This time, this time is the New Time – The New Line, the New Part

All of you, please, please,please, thank you, thank you, thank you, for following your Higher Self.

Walk a new timeline with all of us.

The rapid ascension will happen within the next three days-it is special in that you may progress rapidly [expect equally rapid detoxing]

My recommendation to you is to cast away thoughts of the flu, and fly!

Take the natural remedies as you are lead from within; the stories concoccted are not a vaild line anymore!

Aloha, Pele is with all of you.

Any transformation you desire she will assist you, any creation you put forth, she will assist you

I missed many words, not the best transcriptionist. Beth/Mark


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