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BREAKING NEWS: KOS Message – October 15, 2009


Lance Cpl. Seth Ramsey, of Springfield, Mo., keeps watch from a tower during a night shift at a combat outpost near the village of Now Zad in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan.

Beth, please open so I may bring a news story for tonight.

I am shown a picture of an army corporal keeping watch at night. There is a StarGate located in Afghanistan in the picture, behind him.

Above the StarGate are approximately 60 StarShips.

kosKOS comments on the picture:

You have said, Beth, that EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING, and KEEP LOOKING AND YOU WILL SEE the news out there.

I wanted to share with the Group, this photo of the real reason there is war in Afghanistan. In the Mountains, just behind the head of the corporal is one of the Many StarGates in the region. These Ships fly by this StarGate, and others, just about every night. They come out of the StarGate from Inner Earth. They have reached Inner Earth from many places. They come out of the StarGate to bring Peace to the area. They are known to help victims of war, on occasion, it is not their main reason for being there. Our Soldiers see them on a regular basis. The Soldiers from UK, Australia, and Japan have been open with their governments about StarShip sightings over Afghanistan. Our government knows about these as well, but it is forbidden to discuss it in most circles. That is about to change. President Obama has been waiting for the withdrawal of other countries from Afghanistan. He has been waiting for the OK for disclosure. The day is fast coming. Although the gag order was lifted on Lion’s Gate 8/8/09, many are cautious on how to proceed with it. Now here is a blatant photo of the U.S. Army, aware of troops viewing nightly sightings of Ships, buried deep in a slideshow on an off page on

There will be mass landings, including war zones. The soldiers will be told it is time to go home.

The Time For Peace is Now.

TONY: I can’t seem to see the stargate KOS is talking about in this pic. Is it in the sky?

BETH: It is in the mountain. You must go into the mountain to find the StarGate.

TONY: Are most stargates in mountains/on earth compared to in the sky or do they exist in both areas?

BETH: Mark says StarGates are on the ley lines, and that is the important part.  The Dome of the Rock is one of the largest there is on Earth-they built a dome over it.



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