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Ashtar Telecall – October 6, 2009


“Well, Good Evening Everyone!  It is so delightful to be here.  It’s chilly out in places.  Fall is coming and what a Fall this is going to be!!!  Ah-ha, let’s get right to it, shall we?  Now, for those of you who already have your mission clearly in front of you, kudos and congratulations. We’ll be discussing this a bit more in detail, but we do want to pause for a moment and assure you that all of the various reports that are starting to come to the surface or that are starting to make the little moving headlines on the TV screens, are simply what you might call teasers, or the tip of the iceberg, however you want to see it. We do love your expressions, you know we try to get as many in as we can.

“What is happening beneath the surface of all of these is first of all historical/herstorical, there’s never been such a pace of change on Planet Earth as what is happening right now.  Pick a topic, any one.  You want to talk about the environment, you want to talk about Ascension, you want to talk about healthy food, you want to talk about the bankers, and the monetary systems and the politics and the animals and all of the Kingdoms of Planet Earth, you want to talk about healing, you want to talk about new technologies, free energy, big travel, whatever the topic, headlines are starting to appear.  And if you are one who does as we often advise regarding the news, you might look for the good news coming toward you in your emails on the internet.  You might want to subscribe to one or more of the truth-telling email lists, if you haven&rs quo;t already, because it’s worth it.

“Now we are not talking about the gloomy doomy down-in-the-dumpies, the fluoride and all of that, you already know all about that.  We are talking about the news of what is happening.  Realities, proof, and all of the things that you know anyway but are now coming more into what you call public domain.  And it’s time, isn’t it?  We told you that the news broadcasters are doing a radical about-face.  You see they have all of this pressure, they have had all of this pressure, to spin, to make excuses, tell half-truths, make up lies, cover up and don’t tell what’s really going on particularly in the halls of that place you call your capital, Washington DC, and in the other capitals around the world.  Well guess what?  There’s big giant house-cleaning going on in those halls, the windows are open, the doo rs are open, all of the glass is being shined up, all the dust and dirt is being removed, and along comes the wind of change.  Or we should say winds, because it is a pretty big under-taking.  Being swept out by these winds of change are all of the lies and the untruths, and all of the power and control dramas and yes, those who have perpetuated them in the name of ‘power to the chosen few.’  Well they chose themselves; you didn’t.  And guess what, they’re done.  And you know that anyway.

“But what is so refreshing here with these winds of change is that the world is starting to know it.  Now you may not be aware in your own surroundings, in your own atmosphere around you, that is friends and family, because maybe they are not talking about it yet.  But you know if you started to bring up something about, oh, the banking system needs to be changed, you might be pleasantly surprised to hear that they would like to hear your ideas on the subject.  And go ahead and borrow [from us], start with Nesara and go from there.  Recommended reading popped up on one of the conservative talk-show host shows, a particularly interesting character was the host of this particular show and somehow it got by him.  He must have been asleep at the switch when this advertising was accepted, and what they were advertising was, guess what?   The Creature From Jekyll Island.  Ha, how is that for showing up on an Illuminati program?

“Well, things are happening everywhere and that’s just one tiny, tiny, tiny example of the fact that people are waking up.  They are not wanting to be known as the sheeple anymore.  The consciousness has been, shall we say, cast upon so many times in so many ways, softly and sometimes, as with the case of the tsunamis or 911 and so on, it’s been rather violent, has it not?  There’s been violence, loss of life, and great sorrow and grief which, in it’s own way, has brought the world together in a higher state of consciousness because of the sharing and the heart-to-heart reaching out and coming together as one.  And remember that anyone who is caught in any kind of disaster, whether man-made or not, is a volunteer.  And while it is entirely appropriate to grieve and to be saddened, it is also entirely appropriate to thank and express gratitude to those who leave their bodies in these what you call disasters, and it is to honor them for their courage and their service because they have helped to bring the consciousness to a higher level, a plateau, if you will, of Oneness.  So pause whenever you hear of some such event, and give thanks to those who have participated on the front lines so to speak, and know that all will be reunited anyway soon enough as you yourselves beam up into the higher realms, which is of course your Ascension destination.  And is that not jolly?

“So, the voice and Fran watched a movie the other night.  It was an old one, they had seen parts of it or not at all, but in any case it was a very good look at a Light body.  So you might want to tune in and rent that one.  The movie is called ‘Cocoon’ and it was a delightful movie in it’s time although treated as somewhat preposterous in it’s concept.  Well guess what?  Watch the movie, invite a friend who maybe isn’t as quite awake as you and see if they do not connect in some manner with those who come in the Light bodies.  Times are changing.  Nothing is as it has seemed to be.  Truth is what is emerging in every area.  So be on the lookout for it.   You do not have to watch the news, but if you do, watch the ones named Keith and Rachel, you’ll get more truth there than anywhere else.  And know that the time is so short when the order of the day will be to broadcast to us only truth.

“Now there are many behind the scenes who provide inspiration for this.  And we will mention one, you know Archangel Michael, Sananda, and of course St. Germain, and we shall add one more to this jolly group of truth tellers and truth inspirers – this might send a little shiver of recognition to some of you.   Let’s face it, most all of you, hmmm, all of you have had some experience or another with the ancient civilizations of Egypt.  If you have, you might be well-acquainted with this one, her name is Ma’at.  She symbolizes or represents Truth.  And she is another one who is reaching out worldwide to provide some energy, some impetus, if you will, for bringing truth to the forefront and shall we say exposing all which is not truth in so doing.  Now, there are those who are going to have a very rough time with this, bec ause first, before you can start availing yourselves of all of these different things, the healing technologies, the free energy technologies, the helping people around the world in so many wondrous ways, the growing of pure and wholesome foods to nurture and nourish and heal your bodies and so on and so on.  What do you have to have first?  You have to have Truth.

“You have an expression, ‘It’s going hit some people like a ton of bricks,’ or some people are going to feel as though the winds of change are hurling them against some kind of an impermeable wall and there they are.  Splat!  Because the Truth seems to be somewhat devastating to those who are really, really hooked and addicted to the lies.  Let’s talk about those addictions, shall we?  Let us imagine – let us take a little journey shall we?  You can close your eyes if you want to – and just breathe a little bit.   Now we are going to do a little out-of-body visiting, we are going to drop in.  So just take a few deep breaths and if you want to, you can use your elevator.  You’ll have to give your elevator some very special instructions though because your crystal elevator generally takes you to places th at might be considered to be like paradise.  And believe me, we are not traveling to paradise on this one!  Not this time.

“Where we are going to go is into an average home, an average home that has a fundamentalist Christian philosophy, a home where the radio is tuned faithfully to that one who rushes and gushes the lies every time he’s on the broadcasting networks, and sure enough, as we drop in you might hear him in the background.  Now the first thing that you are going to do is notice how absorbed they are in the lies that they are hearing.  They get their fix from this, Beloved Ones.  And be not in judgment now, we are observing.  Perhaps this is someone you know, perhaps not, at least you don’t know them as being a part of your intimate circle of acquaintances, friends, family and so on, but just take a good look and feel, or rather observe, the kinds of energy that are here.  Now, let us suppose that you bring the winds of ch ange with you and you open your tool kit and all of a sudden a great wind goes blowing through the room that you are all in, of course you are all invisible to them, they are pretty low-vibe and you are high-vibe, but that’s OK.  So let the wind blow through, and the wind is bringing change, and the change is the end to the lies and the beginning of truth.  And imagine if you will that they are hearing their hero, that rushing guy, all of a sudden start telling them ‘Folks, I have a confession to make, I have been lying to you all of this time.  Nothing that I have told you is really true.  I have been covering up, I have been lying. I have been telling you all these lies so that my buddies could stay in power, because that’s my source of power you see.’

“Just imagine now.  Allow yourself to observe the feelings of this group, this family, that has been so dedicated and addicted to the lies.  And if you are having a little trouble seeing exactly what is going on, we will help you out on that.  They are in an advanced stage of panic, pandemonium, chaos, and as the enormity starts to sink in, they have what you might call withdrawal symptoms, because they are no longer going to be fed and nourished and nurtured with the lies that have been told.   Now fortunately for them they heard their very biggest hero himself proclaim himself to be a liar, so that’s a help.  But the reality of it is you are not going to hear too many of the liars confess to being liars, not at this point anyway.   So you’ve been given a little bit of an advanced picture, a little vision of what it’s going to be like when people are suddenly being, shall we say, swept up in the changes resulting from hearing truth for perhaps the first time in their lives.  Just think of it.  Just think of it.  Now you multiply that out by millions and you have the makings of some real chaos.  So the reason that we are painting this picture for you is that we wanted to do more than just give you a few words, oh yes, there is going to be big panic when you know what gets announced, or when the truth starts coming out.  Because the two will be simultaneous.

“Truth is starting to leak out now – big truths, and there is a lot more on the way.  It’s been filmed.  And so it will be encapsulated and somewhat summarized but all kinds of truth is starting to leak out.  So as we said, next time you are in a group or you have even your best friend who is not quite as gung-ho for the changes and Ascension and so on as you are, lay a little truth on them and see what happens.  They might ask you for more, because the times are changing so fast.   And that’s just part of the life and lifestyle and mission of being a beamer.  Your lights are always on.  Did you know you’re beaming even in your sleep time, in fact sometimes you beam more.  Sometimes you beam up to your ships and then, boy, you are really a bonfire, a floodlight.  And no matter what you do or where you are, you’ve made a commitment, ah-ha, a mission, a commitment to be a beamer so even when you think you are down-in-the-dumpies your lights are still beaming.  You are still known by the great lights that you are.  And we said lights, you have many colors, many beautiful gleaming lights in your auras and guess what, they sparkle, crystalline sparkles, platinum reflections beaming forth from each and every one of you.

“So be joyful in that, Beloved Ones, and know that this beaming is a major, major part of your mission that you came here to do and participate in, and it doesn’t matter if you just amped up your lights yesterday or 30 or 40 or more years ago, you are all beaming and you all have great things to do.  So let’s talk a little more about missions, shall we?  These are missions possible.  These are missions in progress.  These are missions happening now. These are truths. All that you are doing when you beam is missions.  If you reach out your hand to help someone that you see needs some help, that’s your mission.  It doesn’t matter if you mow the lawn for a neighbor who’s got some kind of injury, or if you donate some money to help somebody who can use it, or if you feed a stranger who knocks on your door.&nbs p;  You are doing your mission, Beloved Ones, and you are doing it beautifully.

“Some of you may have a sense that it’s time to move somewhere, some of you may have a sense that one or more of your relationships are not high-vibes.  If you discern that it’s time to end a relationship do so with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude for whomever it is who is involved because that is the Divine Way to do it, because that is the healing way, even if it may not seem to be a healing to the other one, and because that gives you each the grace to move along your own paths whatever they may be, and most particularly if you are taking a fast-track path, and the other one is not, and you feel as though you must part company because you don’t want to be held back, do it with grace and know that you will be together again, and that this is really a gift to both of you because the other one will then be free, and who knows might be playing leap-frog with you at some point upon that path.

“So be your Divine Selves, beamers of Love, and let yourselves be guided by the principles we have been teaching ever since we have been coming through this Voice.  We shall repeat, ‘Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude’ and be teachers yourselves.  You influence the entire universe with every thought, word and deed.  Be conscious, fully conscious and aware of the influence that you have everywhere.  And that, Beloved Ones, is the grandness of your mission.  And as to specifics, if you are waiting perhaps for the other shoe to drop, get with your guidance team and find out if there is anything more for you to be doing in this moment or the next, and make your plans accordingly.  But do it from your heart because that is the only way you are going to be able to live in that high-vibe truth of who you really are.

“And so we come to that point in our togetherness tonight where we have yet another topic to explore.  And there will be an exercise for that topic, and we are going to have a speaker known to all of you, you are quite familiar with this one, but know that he does not stand alone.  We have the entire company with him to energize and that the one who most often loves to speak of Courage will be there hand-in-paw with this speaker and she holds her other paw out to you, that you may stand tall and feel the honor with which you are asked to stand tall and participate in this particular exercise.  Beloved Ones, its time to move some more mountains.  And so I, Ashtar, from my heart to yours, thank you for being with us in this purposeful mission, for attending to the remarks that I have just given and for being one together in heart to heart communication and communion.  We love you, Beloved Ones, and I, Ashtar, salute all of you Commanders and Family.  And so it is.  Salute.”


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