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Ashtar Telecall – October 20, 2009


Well good evening.  Nothing like starting out with a little bit of chaos, is there?  If you think that there were some chaotic disruptions, just wait.  Things are going to get extremely confusing and somewhat seeming to be conflicting in information, in other words there are those who are going to try to fill you with the same old, same old stuff, that F-E-A-R stuff.  There are those who are going to proclaim a new day has dawned, and the truth of it is, it already has.  The sun is shining brightly on all of you, and on all of us, and on All Of the One We Are because, Beloved Ones, that is what is proclaimed, consecrated and given total 100% permission for.  And guess what?  No dates, but the time is NOW.  So take that in and let it swirl around in your auras, your beings, all of your bodies, and see if it doesn’t resonate.  Perhaps it will open up even more understand ing, perhaps it will facilitate, oh my goodness I better get on with this telepathic practice because it’s now, and so on, and if it does, this is wondrous, indeed this is fabulous, this is exactly where everyone needs to be on their paths.

Now we are going to give you a little bit of an explanation that perhaps you need to have in order to be able to further explain not only to your own wondrous selves, but to others who might question.  Now why are they closing credit cards accounts just because they are bankrupt?  Don’t they want my money anymore?  Well the thing of it is, they have loaned their money so many times, and when you go into the market place and you use your plastic to charge something, the bank then has to pay the person you bought whatever from, the full amount you have charged.  You can make a what they call a minimum monthly payment, MMP, but the banks aren’t supposed to do that.  They have to pay the full amount minus of course their fees.  We are not going to put judgment on that but they make a lot of money on their fees.  And they make eve n more money from you when you pay the interest because all you made was your MMP.

So that is why, Beloved Ones, they are breaking down.  There have been others that have quietly gone before.  The Voice herself had the Ashtar card – it had my name on it –  and that place went broke several months ago and so she got a letter from the bank involved that said “Well we are not going to have your account any more, we are closing all the accounts because you see our backers, our sponsors, don’t have the money to pay the people that you’ve been charging with.”   So it makes no difference if your credit is excellent or not, don’t take on any responsibility for this, this is why we are telling you this.  It is not you, Beloved, who has engineered this entire cataclysmic chaotic ending.  Well the bank thinks its pretty bad, but the top people that have been living so well off of your dollars.  But the truth of it is this is a blessing for the entire world because it puts an end to all of this stuff, and paves the way for you-know-what to be announced.  And for everyone, every man, woman and child on Planet Earth, those who are not born in this moment but will be in the next-   No dates – it paves the way for everyone to receive abundance, so much abundance, that there are things that are just simply going to disappear from the face of the earth.

Let’s talk about crime, shall we?  That which you call crime, you know, when somebody wants to take someone else’s money.  Well who have the biggest thieves and robbers been anyway?  The ones that used to be called the robber barons.  Baron Rothschild was the one who really got it going.  He set the pace for the modern day age back in the 1800’s as you measure time, which there isn’t, and of course before that there were others.  And it has been going on for centuries really -this business that I have and you have and guess what, I am going to take what you have so I have more.  I’m going to have it all and so on and so on.  Well that’s over.

So do not be getting down in the dumpies about these poor banks that have to close their doors and close your credit accounts, because it has to happen.  You see this is going to, on the surface of things it’s going to create a lot of chaos and this is just one area of life.  The whole 3D lifestyle is going to change.  But this is just one area and there’s going to be a lot of chaos.  There is a date coming up this month when a lot of hammers are going to drop or whatever you want to call it.  And on the surface of everything it’s going seem like it’s chaotic … ahhhhh … what are we going to do, we’re broke, and now we have no credit, and we can’t borrow to pay our way anymore and so on and so on.  Well, guess who put you in that position in the first place?   Well of course you helpe d with your complicity.  Did you create, did you mastermind this whole scenario?  No.  You did not.  Not as individuals.  You simply volunteered to be here and to keep a positive heads up, beaming, happy, smiley, joyful, uplifted attitude when all of this happens.

And so when your neighbor comes to you and says, “Oh woe is me, what am I going to do?” You are going to look them in the eye and you’re going to say, “Rejoice, and be glad in this moment because you are free.  Free at last, thank God almighty, free at last.”  And who do you thank there?   The divine beings that you all are, because you see you took a vote, and you said, “Hey, this has got to stop, we are going to ascend, and in order to ascend we have to get past this stuff, and you see this stuff has to have its final say.  It has to, shall we say, hang itself with it’s own rope.”  So you, Beloveds, have stuck it out and given lots and lots of rope, oh you industrious, ambitious rope makers you are.  And now it is time.

So when this news starts to come out, try not to giggle too much, but you know you can smile and you can beam the planet and you can reach out to anybody who is in despair about this happening and you can say “But wait, the best is yet to come”.   Oh no, I am not saying that I am rejoicing that you just got your credit cut off, I’m telling you that there’s good news, and it’s coming.  You don’t have to tell them that you are happy beyond words that their bank is closed, or that they’ve got their credit cut off or whatever, but you can reassure them in a loving, compassionate, and obviously a ho-oponopono way.

And by the way we would like to take this opportunity for a little bit of an unpaid advertisement.  We certainly hope that you will be doing lots of ho’oponoponos, cleansings, dendrite removals, clearings of any kind, meditations, and if you like, prayers, and all of you Reiki people out there start doing the distance Reiki and we are asking that you direct it at the bank employees and the people of good heart and goodwill who have really been innocent in all of this drama.  They’re just following orders.  When your credit card company does something you don’t like, like raise your rates, call them up and talk to the person on the other end of the line.  The Voice did once and that person said “Well I don’t like it either.  I just had that done. I have three accounts with my employer and they did it to me too. And I don’t know what I’m gonna do.”

And there you have it.  Most of the employees, the people that make it work for the robber-barons are as innocent as you.   Now when we say innocent we are talking about on the surface of things, remember you have all had some complicity in this, and you all kinda got together and said, “Ok how are we gonna make this end? Oh great, let’s get into what you call the credit-crunchies.  And let’s have all of this disaster and out of the ashes will come the Phoenix. And you know all about that don’t you?  So be happy everybody and if we are tickling your funny bone a little bit with this, it is so that you yourselves will lighten up and be aware that this is going to come SOON, very soon, it’s already happening.  And just like we are telling you it’s already in the works, and you heard that from the Masters themselves, the ones called Tara, Rama and Mark tonight, the A-team members, we are telling you this as well because we want you to understand It’s Real.

When you get a bill from your credit card company and they just want you to happily pay them, what is it, 19% interest or whatever, that’s Not Real.   We are not telling you not to pay, we are just telling you that is what is becoming the unreal false, fear-based reality that’s on its way out.  Because people are going to start knowing there is a huge amount of information out.  We mentioned last time if you don’t normally watch the news or read the papers or whatever, you might want to watch Keith and Rachel, and more and more brave ones are speaking out, and they are starting to bring to the attention of the people various researches that have been done, various knowledge and information that is now being released.

There is a gentleman in the country of Japan who is much, much on the internet these days.  He has a lot of knowledge because he understands how this system has worked and he has much knowledge about who the dark hats are and what they have been up to.  There are many others.  Even some of your financial journals and magazines are starting to print interesting articles that are true.  So we are not going to dwell on this at any great lengths, we simply want to tell you, yes, it’s happening, and you are going to find the financial world to be in the leadership of this chaos that is coming.  Because the robber barons think the whole world turns on money.  We know differently.  We know it turns on Love and it is perfectly OK to have abundance, but it is not OK to rob othe r people.  So it’s ending.

So congratulations and kudos and academy awards and roses to all of you because you’ve stuck it out.  You have come this far and whether you count yourselves as in the poverty level or not, makes no difference, you are going to be a very wealthy being, but the fact of the matter is you’re here, you’re family, and you are on the verge of being able to implement and manifest and create and bring into reality all of the Loving visions that you have for helping the planet and all of the kingdoms to heal.  So get ready.  Get yourselves in shape.  Do your last bit of your house-cleaning because if you think you’re busy now, just wait.  It’s happening.  It is real.

And of course we have some others who would speak tonight but we have a little something that we’re going to digress on.  We are going to take a little journey.  Oooo goody.  You can fasten your seatbelts if you want but you really don’t need them.  We just would like for you to take a journey and the journey is Now but it’s what you might call your Future a bit.  We are going to take you to the place where these wondrous women have answered the call, these four who will be joining the one who is already there, in the land called Lemuria – Maui.  It is yet another place on your geographical map that is Lemuria, and you all know about the South American place/places, called Lemuria, that were part of Lemuria.  Well here is a place that is ancient and we called them to come for a visit to see if they liked the sparkling waters, to see if the temperature was just right, to see if they enjoyed the sunshine and the palm trees and the people that they met.

And the one who gave them the green light in the human body was already there and living there, and she got there because she was there on a vacation with some friends, and the friends said “Oh this is a lovely place but I couldn’t live here”.   And she said “Wait a minute.  I could.”  And she did.  And she does.  And so she is the inspiring light that is bringing the other four.  And yes, they have been in chaos.  They all have had to disrupt their lives but it’s worth it.  They have all had to part with possessions that they have enjoyed perhaps since their childhood, but it’s worth it. The Voice in particular is leaving a relationship of the one you call marriage of 43 years, but nevertheless, she’s going.  The others are going, because they answered the call, because they had the courage to listen and instead of saying, “Oh no,” and 100 reasons why they could not, they said “Well, why not?  Let’s see what we can do.”

And then that was all we needed of course because we just rushed in and started opening doors for every single one of them and saying, “Yes, yes, yes,keep going and keep going.  Don’t quit.”  But they had to keep going through those doors, they had to keep pursuing even when things didn’t seem to be going quite as in as jolly a way as they would have liked.  They had to keep going.

Now why are we telling you all of this preparatory to this journey?  Well you will see why when we get to the journey’s end.  But what is the reason for you to be hearing this, beloved ones?   Well because we know there are a great number of you who are hearing similar calls.  And all we are going to say is if they can do it, so can you.  Whatever the call is.  If it is your passion, if it is your guidance, if you know in your heart that it resonates with you to do something, it may be simply creating some visions that you can utilize and bring into manifested reality when you get your abundance.  If you don’t have some plans on the drawing board, you might want to get busy on that.   Not that we are telling you what to do.  Oh no.  We don’t do assignments, we simply do inspirations.  O r as the Voice got used to calling them “incomings,” and then something more would be unfolded.   We never inspire you to do more than you can do.   Of course we see you as unlimited and you may not quite see yourselves in that light just yet, but believe me you are.  You have each and every one of you a divine guidance team to guide you and to help you to realize your own divinity.  Use them.   It’s the greatest resource the world has ever seen.  Use your guides.  Listen to your inspirations.  Think with your hearts.  Communicate from that space.  And stand tall and if needs be, have a little communication with yourself.

Stand in front of your mirror and say, Well who?  Me?  Are you sure that you are calling me to do this?  Are you sure that I can do it?  And then you in the mirror is to say back to you “yes, yes, and yes.”  Quit doubting and quit saying yabbit.  We have discussed yabbits before.   I would love to do that yabbit, I’ve got this or that. You see my big toe is swollen and I couldn’t possibly do that today.   That’s a yabbit.  Cleanse out the yabbits.  You think you don’t have a yabbit dendrite package? Think again.  Check it out, you might.  We are not saying that everyone does, we are just saying you might.  Disintegrate the roadblocks.  Call forth the Violet Flame if you need to, call forth th e Blue Flame of Truth to know what it is that you’re called upon to do and to know that you yourself are calling upon yourself to do this because who’s part of your guidance team?  You.

We are so thrilled to be together and there will be many more together-nesses.  And so all we ask that you do is take the time with yourselves, Beloved Ones, take the time with yourselves, and get very clear on what it is that you have passion for doing, because the days as you measure them are very short until you are going to have the means to do whatever it is you want to do.

So it might be nice to make a list or be real clear, draw yourself some pictures or create some visions now.  We know, this was all supposed to have happened years ago like in 2001, and we know that you have been waiting, sometimes patiently and sometimes without quite so much patience.  Check it out, see if it resonates with you.  It’s happening now, so be of great cheer, give yourself a standing applause, you are here and you are about to launch into the greatest mission that you came for.  Get your house-cleaning done you don’t want to be carrying any baggage that is unnecessary, and anything that might be considered negative baggage, believe me, you don’t need it, it’s not necessary.  You have walked through your experiences and if you are not quite to the other side yet, you will be, with intent to be there. &nbsp ;

If you’ve got some traumatic dramas going on in your life right now, do your ho’oponoponos and bring yourself to peace because the peace that passes all understanding is about to descend upon the planet.  It is your gift to yourselves, Beloved Ones.  Go now and find that peace within and keep it in your consciousness and these few days or weeks of chaos will move all around you but not into you, and you will not be at all slowed down in your missions by whatever happens out there in the marketplace.  So there you have it!

So now, let’s get into our elevators shall we?  You know that beautiful crystal elevator, there it is in front of you now and the doors are open and you know its your very own elevator, you have been in it before whether consciously or not, and the walls are sparkling with the crystals and all of the colors that you love so much, and look the ceiling is too, and so is the floor.  There is no need for any artificial lighting, it is so bright and beautiful there.  Feel the warmth and you might feel the scent of a flower or something that you particularly enjoy.  It’s all there and it’s all custom done for you.   If you want to hear some music go ahead and hear it.  Get in your elevator and let the doors close behind you.  Now as we told you, you not only have a destination to go to but it is the next moment.  It&rsquo ;s already done but you have this thing called time.  So this is going to transcend time a wee bit, and take you to a place, and that place is going to become very familiar to you.  It already is.  And so when you know that your journey is over, you can allow your doors of your elevator to open, and oh my goodness, you are on a mountaintop.  Only this mountain is a volcanic one that does not erupt anymore, and it is warm because the sun is shining and it is beautiful and you can see all around the place where you are, where this is, and this is a sacred mountain, and it is called Haleakala.

Now be there together because everyone is now stepping out of the elevators and notice that there is a huge welcoming committee.  I, Ashtar, am there in my light body but you know me, and here comes Sananda, Mother Mary, and the others you know so well and love so well.  Here is St. Germain and Archangel Michael and all of the ones you know by name, the Ascended Masters, and here are the Angels, Mother Gaia, Vywamus and all of the kingdoms and everyone is here on this mountaintop.  And you notice that there is a crystal kind of a building and as you watch, the door opens and out comes Sanat Kumara himself to welcome all of you to this part of Lemuria.  And now it is to look out upon the kingdom that this is, and see the sparkling blue waters and the waves crashing against the shorelines where the rocks are high, and the waves create a spectacular and po werful freshness, the surf is high in these places, and look out upon the lush green valleys and see that the crops are now diversified and that all is grown organically and see the members of the animal kingdoms all in peace and harmony with each other, and look out and look under the waves of the sea, and see that the fishes and all of the sea life are happy and joyful, the waters are crystal clear and pristine, and see the dolphins dancing in the waters, and see the turtles along the shore coming along to rest in the sand and in the rocky places and see them going back into the waters so clear and pristine and refreshing and invigorating.  And see the buildings gleaming white and know that you have been in this place before perhaps eons ago, but you have been here.

And know that this is a homecoming celebration, this greeting, this group.  Accept the leis and the flowers and the Kumaras have roses to give you, and know that you are being welcomed home to that place called Lemuria, and that even though it is a slightly different time, that it is all real and it is happening.  And now either in your own merkabahs or a shuttle that comes for you, come down to the sea in the side of the island where the sun sets and enter into a place of healing.  You may want to avail yourselves of the services that are there or you may want to just be a visitor and see what wondrous technologies are there, and see and feel the love of all of those there who are there to facilitate whatever it is that you might desire, or whatever it is that you might want to learn and take back with you to wherever your home destination is.  This is the Future of this place.  We see it now and it is to come.  A place where you can come for restoration, for relaxation and reinvigoration and yes, for revitalization if you choose, and it is one of many which will come around the world, but we have brought you to this place where the winds blow softly, the sun shines and it is warm. The sand is golden under your feet and the waves and the waters are alive with joy and love.

Welcome home, Beloveds! Welcome home to this land which is now the living Lemuria.  Stay as long as you like, relax and refresh yourselves and we invite you to return particularly if you live in a place where the winter climate can seem a big harsh and cold, or wet or windy.  Come back to this place of sunshine and joy.  Your climate will change to be much warmer, much sunnier and much more joyful for you to be if you are feeling that you would like to have a change, and if you want to stay with the snows and the rains there will be places upon the planet where you can do that as well, and as we have said, there will be healing places all over the world where you can go for these technologies.  We simply are placing them in this golden place, this golden, green and blue sky and blue waters place, and that is a place that we shall be in evidence and we welcome you to come. You will know when we are there.  You will know when the time has come for you.  And in the meantime just take the trip in your elevator and enjoy the warmth of the sun, the warmth of the sand beneath your feet, the invigoration of the waters, and the breathing of the fresh clear air particularly up on the top, the tippy-top, of what you call Haleakala, a most sacred mountain indeed.

So breathe it all in, be joyful, be happy.   This place is there to welcome you because it is a welcome home, Beloveds.  All of this family has been in Lemuria at one time.  You all came here by choice.  You all came with a vision of service.  Now is time for your homecoming and even as you make your Ascension, Planet Earth will always welcome you.  Lemuria, Beloved Ones, lives in your hearts.  Let Lemuria speak to you once more. Let it sing to you.  Let it dance in your being.  Aloha.
And so it is.  Salut.

sanat-kumara-201Sanat Kumara

I am Sanat Kumara.  Ancient of days I am.  I have been here with you on this planet since the beginning.  I came, along with my family, to hold the light.  Our return has been joyfully greeted, that is, our return of our presence as a family.  And so as we came to that other part of Lemuria we really came back to all of you.  For even though I have held the light I have not been in evidence as a presence like I am now.  My heart and that of my family – we are all one heart you know – our heart is full as we join with you now in a way that is now possible to do, and yes, we and the others from the other parts of the galaxy bring you all of these treasures, these gifts, these technologies because you’re ready, because you have asked for them.  And not the least of these is the healing for you yourselves, Beloved Ones, your bodies, all o f your bodies, that you can reconnect fully with all that you are, the Spirits that you are, the Divinity that you are.  And so we are here simply to remind you and to re-welcome you to the ancient lands where you have been so long ago.

And yes, we shall be in many places on this planet in absolute facilitation, assistance and healing to assure that which is already known and assured and that is the successful Ascension of this planet.  So be joyful even if you have never felt it before, feel it now, feel the joy of the Ascension that you, Beloved Ones, have called forth.  Without you and your insistence that this time be the time to make it, to have it happen, to be participants and to co-create it, it would not be so.  And our official landing or return would not have happened; but it has happened. It is done.  It is a moment in your history/herstory that has been long-awaited and long anticipated by all of us Kumaras and now we are fully present upon your planet just as Sananda is here.

We Kumaras are here, our focus is upon Planet Earth and its Ascension and we greet your leaders and we greet you because you are the leaders in this. Your dedication, and beautiful prayers and meditations, your intentions and your work, because it is work to hold the light at times.  I know this from my personal experience and you know this too. And even as you have been asked to beam upon the world as it moves through this chaos that is about to become larger even than perhaps you can imagine, all is well, because you, Beloveds, are here as participants in all of this.  And so we ourselves are here to say, “Welcome.”  We called upon Ashtar to give us the next time to speak in this gathering and if you were wondering why he did not suggest that you get back into your elevators and return to your homes, it’s because you’re still here with us and we’re stil l here with you.

We invite you to make this a permanent situation in your beings, in other words to recognize our presence with you and to join in with us in the celebrations and the workings of the light for the planet.  We are partners.  It matters not if you came from the planet Venus, or from the Andromedan Galaxy or where, we have partnered deliberately to be in facilitation at this time together, coming together with Love and Joy and so we ask that you retain this connection in your hearts.  We are All One. We all are one under the magnificent sun that shines on Planet Earth, or we should say suns.  And you, Beloved Ones, shine so bright.  And even though the suns are shining brightly, we can still see your magnificent radiance.  We shower you with love and we only ask that you allow it into your hearts.  We are heart people, so from our heart to you and yours we say, “Welcome to Now” and Namaste.


Greetings Beloved Ones, it is I, Sananda, and I follow in the footsteps of you.  Beloved Ones, you have blessed us with your being here, coming together to partner and co-create this wondrous event upon your planet.  Without you it could not be and the planet would have plunged into a dark destruction again as it has done before.  But now, now, you with your beautiful hearts and your clear voices and your shining, beaming lights have ordained the success of this, this greatest adventure ever to happen.  Oh yes, there have been adventures, and we have all had adventures upon this planet, but now it is a new kind of life, of living, of loving.  Peace is declared for the planet and has only to be manifest in physicality and you can count the time in days or weeks, so fast is it coming.  And yes, there will be announcements.  And people will be amazed an d people will be shocked, and that which you have been hearing about the announcement of the Galactic presence is confirmed.  That is the time-line that you have established in co-creation with us.  So rejoice, Beloved Ones, let not any shadows dim your Lights, your Love or your Joy, because it’s now.   Always has been, and ever shall be.

So please do stand and accept the roses that my Mother holds for you.  They are Kumara roses in every color that you could possibly imagine and some that you will be in remembrance of as you open to receive them.  We are One, Beloved Ones, and we love you beyond words and we thank and bless every loving thought, word and deed that you do.  We are with you, we are bonded together in Love.  And there is nothing that can ever break that bond because there is no energy that has the power of Love.  So let us give each other hugs and loving thoughts and let us journey together now in these final moments.  The Golden Age is Now and it is about to be recognized everywhere on Planet Earth as it has been recognized below and above.  Because it is anchored in your hearts and in ours.  So let us join hearts, let your roses come into your hearts and let us look ahead to the next moment with the anticipation of Mission Accomplished!  And so it is, Beloved Ones, we are Love together. Namaste.


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