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Saul – The illusion is Losing its Appeal for You


09/16/2009 by John Smallman

Time is a concept with which humanity is besotted. It is a major component of your illusory reality, and just as unreal. Releasing yourselves from the hold it has on you is very important because it is one of the foundations of the illusion. Once you let go of your belief in linear time — of sequences of events, of causes and effects — the illusion will start to lose its appearance of solidity. It really is very fluid and flexible, and you are not anchored in its unfoldment, even though you believe that you are, and therefore experience it as flowing past you as you gradually decay and crumble.

The illusion will dissolve when you no longer believe in it, and time along with it. But you will not, because you are immortal, eternally living sentient beings, presently playing with the illusion. The illusion is losing its appeal for you, as it seems that you are becoming increasingly controlled and manipulated by its rules of engagement. You appear to be being swept along by time at a pace over which you have no control, and which leads to your destruction. It is not a happy situation; you want to live; you hope you will achieve happiness and security, and yet you know that your life will be terminated and that there is nothing you can do about it.

Maybe you believe in reincarnation, that you have had previous lives and will have further ones as you tread the wheel of karma. But that is not a very satisfactory situation because you keep losing your identity, which appears to be the one constant and most necessary experience that you can rely on in your short life. And anyway the universe is winding down, and life on Earth will soon be impossible because the environment is becoming severely unbalanced and will no longer provide conditions that can support life.

And it is all due to the ravages of time. As I have said before, if you are completely focused on something you are doing and enjoying, you become unaware of passing time. Your body may demand your attention, seeking food, drink, or a bathroom break; otherwise you could spend a very long time totally unaware of time passing. That is the experience of living in the ‘now’ — the eternal unchanging moment of pure awareness, without care or worry. However, as long as you believe in the illusion and continue to rebuild it in every moment, you will find yourself constrained by the limits the physical body appears to impose on you; and as time passes, you will apparently decay and crumble into nothing.

The amazing thing is that there comes a moment during your decay when you choose to separate from your body and find yourself very much alive…but lost, unable to communicate with anyone. Your focus is still on the illusion, but not having a physical body anymore your communicating abilities have ceased.

This is the Wake-Up moment! What is going on?! You can shut down your awareness out of fear and take a long sleep to recover from the shock, which ‘in time’ you will, or you can open your awareness to the presence of the loving entities who surround you and are with you to welcome you home. And in that wonderful moment you will realize that time and the illusion are gone, and that you remain — complete, perfect, and deliriously happy!

With so very much love, Saul.



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