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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – September 24, 2009



MARIETTA: Rama are you there?  We would like to find out from you what you experienced today and who you talked with and all those sorts of things.

RAMA: Greetings.  Oh my.  Well, in the northern Georgia forest here, the Elves are speaking up and saying, it is time for justice, time for peace, and it’s coming to pass.  Obama today, or maybe it was yesterday, he came right out and said, I am putting both paws forward and we are on the way to dismantling our nuclear devices.  And as he puts it forward, then it steps into the realm where Great Britain is getting ready to dismantle two of their nuclear submarines.  That’s [the ones], you know, that have ICBMs on them, and then, you know, it might be Russia’s turn and China and France and so on.  And as that happens, it creates the opportunity like Dr. Greer talked about the night of 9/11 of this month, saying, we already know ETs are here or whoever you are called, or us.  We don’t have to debate that; let’s invite him/her to the table so we can continue the conversation to create peace, and then we can heal our environment, our economy, our very lives [inaudible].  It is coming to pass in spite of the right wing ski machine that is pumping fear.  Billions of dollars every day to create the idea that Mr. Obama is the Anti-Christ and that’s the furthest thing from the truth.  At the same time, don’t take my word for it.  Follow your heart and listen to what is being said on a global scale.  When you tune into folks that are like Project Camelot, David Wilcock, Mark and Beth, I mean OMG, there’s so many.  Michele Eloff, and I would have to just say, Lord Kuthumi and the folks that come through on all levels.  It’s happening.

What is occurring is our Galactic Friends are showing up because the talking stick has been passed.  And now this guy, the Sirian Commander, has said, let’s dismantle the nukes, and as I put this forward, let’s create more of those powers of healing this situation and the feelings.  On many different levels, this goes to a much deeper place than just about the Cabals and the Banksters, and the deliveries which are non-existent until after NESARA is announced and not before.  I’ll say that what is going on, on many different levels, is that our friends are here and they are joining in the conversation, and the next step is they may be showing up on these calls, they may be walking through society, and it can happen all at once as we continue to do what Dr. Greer asked by spreading the word that our friends are here.  They are us, we are them, as we remember who we are as the heroes showing up, it changes the game.  It’s over 80-90% of people in America believe that the Galactics are here and they believe that they have good intentions, and that has to do with changing the timelines that have occurred right now.  The timelines have been changed as of this last new moon and the equinox, and the game has been changed, and Metatron is calling the shots, and I would not mess with Metatron and [his Twin Flame] Neptha El-Ra.

TARA: What about Queen Noor?

RAMA: Queen Noor spoke today at the UN and she was talking about the same thing that Obama spoke about. Dismantling the nukes, and she is part of something called Zeropoint Project [referring to Global Zero] where she is carrying on the legacy of Lady Di and Dodi of dismantling all the bombers [inaudible], and all the [land] mines that have not been detonated throughout the world, and creating an atmosphere where our children can live in that safe [inaudible/interference].

JENA/PA: On Tuesday, a lady I know who works for a bank, she is an accountant in a bank, a letter or an email crossed her desk that said that the FDIC was bankrupt, so this is great news.  At least they are letting their own people know that they are bankrupt.  Everything is down and dissolved.

RAMA: It is all true and it is coming to pass.  I firmly believe that Obama did what he did at the UN because it is time that we changed the process in which we do exchange on this planet, and it is moving from a greed-based economy to a resource-based economy where the resources are infinite.  Comes from infinite precipitation.  We are going to be taught how to do Galactic Trading, which is a form of barter.  As our currency changes from the rainbow bills to other forms of currency, because there is gold, there is platinum, there is something called platinum.  It is not a joke, it is for real.  These are all metals on the atomic scale.  Step into the realm of radio, I mean, gamma ray radiation, but it is entirely safe.  Alchemical gold is used as a currency in Galactic trading.  If you were to measure it with your currencies on this planet, it would appear to be [inaudible] as plutonium, but it is not.  It has something to do with the particles of the alchemical gold.  This is why they want us to forget about our inheritance which is within our own blood.  As we step into our frequencies of the light body, we get gold blood.  Just like St. Germain and Mommy and Daddy Ballard talked about in the Green Books, and it’s for real.


SHIRLEY: I want to give people the website because they may want to listen to it themselves, but Benjamin Fulford’s latest interview with Jeff Rense [was] taped last night and I just listened to it today.  He was kind of in shock; he was trying to explain to Jeff Rense that he had a visit from a man who represented the Black Pope, you know, from the Vatican, and that he had come to tell him this most incredible story that it’s just unbelievable and he was… I think it’s this Leo [inaudible] guy again [who] told Benjamin that, you know, the elites are kind of in an uproar because they have been in charge all these years, but, he said, there was this plan.  I think he was talking about Planet X or Nibiru.  That there is a system that goes around every 36,000 years, that for the last 26,000 years, the elite people have been given the job to keep control over all the people of the world and do all their evil.  So Benjamin was pretty upset about learning this because it seemed to be new to him.  So Jeff kept interrupting him, and then Jeff said, what is happening right now with the financials?  And Benjamin was saying that, you know, you can’t trust these people at all; he was going by what he’s been told that September 30th,  you know, they are bankrupt, the Federal Reserve Corporation of the United States.  He expected something to happen on October 7th and then again on October 27th, and they he thought there would be almost total chaos by November.  So if anyone wants to listen to the whole interview, the website would be
because that lady was able to get the interview and put it on her site.

So what you are going to see is several different titles, so you just click on the one that says Ben Fulford, and then from there you’ll see Ben Fulford Interview 9/23, and then you click that on.  And then it’s in like 2 different little you tube things that you would listen to.  Those of us who have listened to Ben in the past, you can tell he’s kind of, I’m going to say upset because I don’t know a better word.  I’m learning about the evil that these people have been in control of all these years, and how this man came to see him in Japan, representing the Black Pope, to give him more background of why they’ve done these evil things that they have done.  He is real agitated with them and wants them to totally be arrested and taken down.  So that is what you are going to hear, and then again, he talks about the, you know, September 30th, they are still going to be bankrupt.  They are already bankrupt.  October 7 and 27, I guess those are dates that payments are due and they aren’t going to happen.  Anyway, I just wanted to share that in case anybody wanted to listen to him.

BIGWILL: There is something I want to talk to Rama and Tara about, and my question is, the color red.  The First Lady wore a beautiful outfit yesterday and it was stunning and the outfit was red.  I noticed something about Michelle Obama and my question to Rama and Tara is, the question is, is she being protected in the sense of her pregnancy?  Is there, in other words, has she been hologramed?  That is my question.

RAMA: I will just say that the First Lady is well protected and it has to do with holding that Office of the Christ. Archangel Michael is calling the shots on that one, and when you step into that role, it’s what St. Germain speaks about in those Green Books.  This is an actual Office of the Christ that the President holds, and it was set out by George Washington who was actually a Deist.  They didn’t follow any real religion except the higher Deity and Nature and Nature’s God.  This is what the Founding Fathers were based in their understanding about, and I’ll just say Mrs. Obama was wearing that dress letting everybody know, you know, this is all the way.  All the way.

TARA: The Ruby Ray is the ray of the west anyways.  The active principle of meditation, taking the necessary actions to bring peace and love, and goes back to civilization’s development, for heaven’s sakes.

RAMA: The red doesn’t mean/read anything.  The message is crystal clear.

JACKIE: [inaudible/interference] The story was that the FDIC may need a bailout, but that is very interesting how they mask the whole issue.  Rama, you mentioned earlier, you said something about Project Camelot.  I was curious, I wanted to ask you if you listened to that interview on that website by Dr. Peterson who was a scientist who worked out of Los Alamos for a number of years.

RAMA: Yes we got to hear that, and it was very amazing stuff that was said throughout that whole day.  I didn’t get to hear Saturday’s, yet what I can say is that as that guy Duncan McGee came forward along with many others who spoke up and said, yes, I got turned into an android soldier and now I’m coming back to balance and love.  I need your help, folks.  It is the only way I know how to do it.  Yet, don’t ask me any questions and I can’t give you any answers.  If you try to hypnotize me, I might kill you, but I’m still asking for help, and how we do that is Ho’o’ponopono, and when one is harmed, all are harmed, and when one is helped, all are helped.

There are many more android soldiers that are being unplugged by the Borg matrix who are waking up and asking for love.  Robin Young today on Here and Now on [inaudible] was talking about this guy today that wrote a book [interference].  This guy that wrote a book [interference/inaudible].  It is the reality in which [getting purposeful interference].

I just wanted to say that what is being shared by so many, I mean Michael Moore came out on Amy now, on Democracy Now.  Go see his movie, Capitalism, a Love Story.  This is the whole enchilada like he said.  When you start dealing with the concept of the capitalism and democracy, we come into the understanding about mob rule, and Ben Franklin said, a republic if you can keep it.  This is a republic, this country, and St. Germain has already said, it is the I AM race that is bringing this forth.  That includes all of humanity as Global citizens, and I would take global villages on a journey, an incredible journey with the jaquar medicine woman that kicks butt and takes names.

What is going on, on a larger scale, the light has already won, and we are seeing the ramifications of this as the equinox passes, and what occurs 3 days before, 3 days after a new moon, full moon and even the equinox solstice.  Energies are going to get wild and going to get weird and shit happens, excuse my language, and ships happen too.  And this what Michael Moore was saying, capitalism, this is our big issue and it goes directly to the Banksters, the bankers’ manifesto.  What St. Germain……. when they gave them the [inaudible/interference] to the Medici bankers who were the merchant bankers of …..

TARA: And they were working for the Rothchilds, then called the Bauer Family.

RAMA: Right. And the Medici bankers were what we would consider upper middle class people right now.  Now with a home and kids and 2 cars and that ain’t too shabby as Thom Hartmann puts it.  Yet they had to do with the working poor which were Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim and we don’t even want to go there.  And that’s what is going on in [inaudible] and places all over this country right now, and this is why on a larger scale, like St. Germain said and all these folks.  After NESARA is announced, everyone on planet Earth is going to receive $10 million dollars.  There is enough food, enough water, enough air and more than enough love and enough Hasheesh to go around.

[Marietta & Dennis talk about fasting & PXP – please listen to MP3 for more details]

SONYA: Hi. I have been working with a healer for almost 4 years now and this lady pretty much saved my life. That was when I was extremely ill with environmental illness, and friends were, you know, coming to visit me and I was basically checking out.  I am back with the will to come back yes, but without her help I could have never done it.  She is amazing at working with the emotional issues of the body and helps you relieve the stuff that is back in the subconscious.  There are things we don’t even know that we have, so I would like to share her name if anybody would be interested in calling her.  I never thought about it before, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind doing this, because she is a real server and she is not a money-greedy person.  She charges very little and she is flexible when somebody doesn’t have any funds.  She is just an extreme huge light.

MARIETTA: Well everybody knows my phone number so they can call me and I can refer them to you.

SONYA: Okay, I can send it to you then?

MARIETTA: All right, we’ll get it connected that way.

SONYA: There is one more thing I wanted to share quickly.  Many of you probably know who [Dr.] Leonard Horowitz is.  Yes.  Have you seen this?  He filed charges against the Rockefellers.  It’s a very short article.  If I can read it, and this is all intertwined with 9/11 and the Trade Center.  It’s a little ring from New York and they are all involved.  Can I read it quickly?


SONYA: LOS ANGELES, CA — Drug-industry investigators have uncovered documents exposing an international drug ring, operating from New York City, is behind the H1N1 swine flu fright and vaccination preparations.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane, an investigative journalist, have released evidence in legal affidavits that leaders of a private global biotechnology “trust” are behind the pandemic flu, including its origin and alleged prevention via vaccinations. Their documents, being sent by attorneys to the FBI this week, evidence industrialists are operating a crime ring within the “Partnership for New York City” (PNYC), and are behind the pandemic’s creation, media persuasions, vaccination preparations, and health official promotions.

“David Rockefeller’s trust, that engages several powerful partners on Wall Street, including media moguls Ruppert Murdock, Morton Zuckerman, Thomas Glocer, and former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Jerry Speyer, are implicated in advancing global genocide,” Dr. Horowitz wrote to FBI directors.

“This ‘partnership’ controls biotechnology research and development globally. Health commerce internationally is also controlled virtually entirely by this trust that also exercises near complete control over mainstream media to promote/propagandize its products and services for the drug cartel’s organized crime. This trust, in essence, makes or breaks medical and natural healing markets, primarily through the mass media companies and propaganda it wields for social engineering and market building,” Dr. Horowitz wrote.

Among the revelations from the Horowitz-Kane research are those linking Larry Silverstein of Silverstein Properties, Inc., and the 9-11 terrorist attacks, to the drug cartel’s geopolitical, economic, and population reduction activities. Mr. Silverstein, leaser of the World Trade Center who authorized to have Building-7 “pulled” [taken down, charges detonated] is a chief suspect in the “9-11 truth” investigation. Silverstein is currently landlord and co-partner in the biotechnology trust founded by David Rockefeller and implicated by these new discoveries.

Given the unprecedented nature and urgency of these findings, Dr. Horowitz has posted his affidavit for public review on, hoping wide spread dissemination will prompt governments worldwide to cease mass vaccination preparations to avoid becoming accessories.

“The last time I contacted the FBI I warned them about the impending anthrax attacks one week before the first mailings were announced in the press,” Dr. Horowitz recalled. “It took them 6 months to respond. When they did, they made me a suspect in the mailings. This time I am warning the Justice Department a month before the deadliest genocide in history. I’m praying they’ll take kindly to my appeal for a PNYC investigation, and Court-ordered injunction, to stop the vaccinations for public protection.

SONYA: Anyway, the Rockefellers are cornered right now and it is another family that is going down.  If you want to read the affidavits, it is under

BETH: If it is all right, I would like to weigh in just briefly on the last conversation about the body changes and the emotional clearings and the spiritual clearings.  On the Ashtar-on-the-Road call, Ashtar had mentioned that folks can ask to go to the Arcturian ships to get help with clearings, and there is more information about emotional and spiritual clearing techniques from the Galactics available at my website.  Everything is free and some people may choose to approach it from that direction, so I just wanted to remind everyone that is available. []


MARIETTA: We invite you to share your journeys and experiences.

MARK: Okay, if you don’t mind, we’ll go ahead and get started.  Beth & I will be alternating on this report.  First of all, I would like to tell you what it is about.  As you know, we all have the equinox.  During that, a lot of things happened starting the day before.  So from our South American A-Team members this is a direct report, on the ground, full First Contact Experiences from 9/20-9/23 and continuing.  Our South American team members, as you know, have worked with us on many special ops during these last 3 months in particular.  They were uniquely qualified to do this particular op.  During the whole period of that time, we included other ground units in Hawaii which was Kauila in Hawaii, Mark in New Mexico, Beth in central US, and the major unit in the Southern Peruvian Andes Mountains at the 14,000’ level which consisted of Madame X, Lolo and Gerardo.  There is a high altitude lagoon there that is called a sacred lagoon for very good reasons.  The latter location is very isolated and it’s remote from electricity and internet.  So this is a high mountain, 14,000’.  It is right at the very top of the world, if you want to say.  It is also, to get there, it involves hiking, climbing and bringing in everything that is needed during the stay.  So this is not for wimps to get up there.  It is ancient and sacred land that goes all the way back to Mu in terms of civilization.  With only a small number of people in that area.  Now, I would like to give you directly, Madame X’s reports.  Beth, would you handle that?

BETH: Sure. This is the accounting which was given to us by Madame X:

In this remote area of the Southern Peruvian Andes, there are 3 vortexes of energy, portals which carry different energies and have different purposes.  The lagoon–at 14,000′ elevation…hides an underwater crystal city, which has kept an intra-terrestrial civilization alive for eons of time, since the original Kumara ship landed there.  Those Beings of Light are like the ones in the Ron Howard movie, “Cocoon”.  They have been the guardians of this Light throughout the ages… until 5.05pm yesterday 9/22.

The ancient Kumara ship–below the lagoon–completed its dematerialization back into atoms, and went back to the Source.  A New Starship was brought here, and went into the crystalline core of the Earth through this portal. The sphinx mountain here is connected to the one in Egypt, a place with a golden crystal and a hangar full of craft and instruments for tele-transportation; all equipment has been activated again and is now ready for use. All Beings who in ancient times went into the Inner Earth to live are still there as masters of the White Brotherhood; this place is also connected to Lake Titicaca.

Everything has been now changed to the new timeline of the Kingdom of Mu.  The sacred cave, Kingdom of Mu, solar portal, has now been opened and sealed.  Platinum crystalline energy is now restored in Peru as in the ancient times.  We’re back!!!  When we arrive on the night of the 20th, we stopped at the high lagoon, and there was a big golden pyramid on top of it.  Different lines of light, crossing lines, all over the mountain.  There were very large ships, like balls of fire, nine of them.  The spiritual Guardian of the Lagoon said, Thank you, we are waiting.  We notice that we can see up in all the mountains; they have a face and spirit never seen before here. We see and understand many old places, such as the Kingdom of Mu, how they were in ancient times.  The sky was speaking to the mountains, too.  That night there was a huge ball of Light there, and we could see we were in a big circle of light and everything turned Platinum.  The starships’ staff members were working with our physical bodies, to get them prepared to experience the work.  The energy was very high, and inside our bodies it felt like we were spinning.  Then we slept.  There was a very large ship over the house, bigger than the house; beings went back and forth all night working with us from the ships.

MARK: Then Madame X continues her report: On the next morning of the 21st, we had to climb up huge rocks to get to the area containing the cave portal that we were to open.  There were Tibetan people and also many inter-terrestrial people waiting for us when we got to the cave.  Inside the cave there was a complete microweather change, from dry and barren it shifted to a waterfall, with huge green plants.  Nothing grows at 14,000′ outside the inner ecology of the cave.  The Peruvian Andes was the center of the Ancient Civilization of Mu.  That cave is the only remnant of the Kingdom of Mu.  That portal had to be open.  The Kumaras were in Mu in ancient times. Because of ages-long use, by multiple spiritual groups, of Mayans and others, we needed to cleanse the cave with a fire.  The smoke was going up, dancing and creating a clearing.  Inside there was a huge hole that appeared, and we saw the Sun, from Source, come through this cave.  Great Beings of Golden Light were present, and waiting, as before in the ancient times of Mu.  They had come back to be with us for this special event, now. The energy was so strong that [Madame X herself] could put her hand into the energy of that disk – it had substance.

There was a Clarion Call going through the heart of all present.  This opened the Solar Gateway there.  Suddenly, after this, we saw all these beings coming to the surface.  It was a Celebration of Joy.  Many of these souls will be the new children.  Afterward we went back to the house to have lunch.  We had tea and were waiting for nightfall on the 21st.  Suddenly a huge wind came up around 8PM, with rain, and Lolo said, “It is a Ship.” Suddenly all these lights were coming through the house, the wind was very strong and it came with a bit of rain, and we asked for information about what was going on.  We were then informed a 9:09 pm scheduled contact was needing us to begin our preparation, calling our Twin Flames to work with us in these powerful unions, and they did join us.

BETH: An hour before the scheduled time, we were outside the house and the Big Ship began shining ‘landing lights’, over the area, on full power; its energy blissed us out.  There were no other lights in this mountaintop area.  Over the darkened mountains, imagine the brightness of the Sun and the rays illuminating the darkness. There were 9 Command Ships here.  There was a big circle or ball of light on the ground next to the house, and almost all the mountain was lit up, and we saw rays of light beaming very strongly.  We were talking and holding hands, screaming–with joy and excitement, like children.  Suddenly energy came out of our bodies; it looked and felt like electricity.  The vibration came from the earth.  They were here.  The Ship was totally integrated into the Earth under-world.  It was the biggest Ship that has ever been here on Earth.  The vibration was very high, the highest I have ever experienced in this lifetime of many experiences all over the world.  The atoms of my body were separating completely, and I couldn’t stand up on my feet.  I was feeling so much joy, so much Love.  I have been completely disintegrated and expanded in and throughout all of the Ships.  I was mixed with all the Commanders and Masters and was One with them, literally One with the Cosmos and everything.  I see the dots of atoms moving with the electricity.  We became Light Stars.  We were also large waves, and the spheres were us as well.  Also we were the empty space or void that holds all Indigo-blue; never changes; never moves…silence, stillness, bigness, all at the same time.

MARK: Lady Venus descended into our midst and spoke to us telepathically.  “This is an Ionic Electromagnetic Field of electricity, creating everything in your bodies; you are existing in these electric bodies.  They became bits of Light.”  Then we saw the structure of the ship.  This ship was NOT in a physical form.  It does not have a material structure.  Lady Master Venus said, “You are Light, we are Light.  We can now look at each other in our original form.  We are light, electricity and power.  This is True First Contact!”  All of the Higher Command Ships are now completely transparent.  These ships were emanating light.  The A-Team, in the physical, were Shining Light.  You may remember that ascended, antimatter beings, have been called “Shining Ones” when they showed up on the Earth.  And now the A-Team said, we can see each other glowing brightly in the super-dark night.

Madame X took pictures of the 9 Command Ships while they were on the ground.  First Contact has just happened.  These Command Ships do not have physical forms.  Orbs or ‘sparks’ are coming out from the 9 very large ships.  The dimension they are coming from is all Light, and is completely transparent.  We felt like we were connecting to an electric outlet.  Sparks were going everywhere.  We knew that we were representing the 12 Tribes of man, and every person everywhere on this planet.  The Ships Commanders’ were sending filaments of light, from their Ships, to each other, and they formed a large star.  Then this became “the Gaia Star, a Ship of Light”.  Venus merged with and filled Madame X’s being, and she couldn’t talk.  Lady Venus told them that we can learn to materialize and dematerialize.  Material is 3D she said, “So you were expecting a body?!!… and that is not going to happen!!!  We are all Light.” We were holding hands, [this is the A-Team speaking] on the floor, as large geometrical forms were made; [metatronic geometric shapes] and they move fast and change colors and morph, as the energy was raised very strongly here– like a ‘cosmic blender’.

BETH: Lolo reporting her experience:

As the Commander from Venus spoke to us, there were a few big sendras [sounds of boots] made around us.  We feel strong from the feet up, the energetic lines of the body were filled with a platinum liquid; this was felt very strongly in our bodies; we received charges like thunders, as this energy– which continued super-strong–felt very cold inside…to the point it was very uncomfortable.  I didn’t have sense of a body in this moment.  It is as if my body was not there.  I couldn’t ‘find’ any part my body.  I was totally opened, spread out into many particles.  I was watching all that was happening, and felt very much surrendered to the experience.  I was observing all, and experiencing the cold, liquid-platinum energy, vibrating so high, and shaking with much love.  My mind has never imagined this quantity of the higher degrees or levels of love, which we were now being, and my mind was changed, beyond words.  It felt like such a big difference.

We then began to reintegrate with our bodies again.  My body muscles hurt a lot…we were ready to lie down in bed… Lolo and Madame X asked [Felix], in the room back in the house, to review all the new information.  This was truly Galactic Information and we were trying to figure out what was going on, trying to talk, trying to figure out what had happened.  We were so tired, we surrendered, and we don’t know really what had just happened; a feeling of total trust and innocence is one of this A -Team’s characteristics.

A Ball of Fire on the Ground is what people in town reported seeing.  Many were scared, they wondered if there was a house on fire.  The following day we were integrating back into our bodies.  They were still coming out in pieces of light.

The very large New Kumara Ship was like a solar disc; it ‘shrunk’ to go back through the Solar Portal back to Tibet–where the annual Wesak Festivals are held.  [Sanat Kumara’s fleet has a base in an inner dimension in the Himalayas].  Sink Mountain was the next place we went…[it is a local place that mirrors the Sphinx in Egypt, and has underground connections to it].  We got into this mountain through the paw of the Sphinx, just as in Giza. We are going to engrave new information into the New Solar Disc, at the conclusion of this Op.

Masters from the White Brotherhood are at Center Earth.  We also saw many larger ones with Lady Master Venus, who explained, “Everyone talks about love–from your heart–and that it is a frequency.  She said the frequency of Love is the frequency of Source.  When you learn to open your heart, and open to the frequency of Love; that is when you…. The multi–9 pointed Star–in the frequency of Love– creates more essence of the frequency of love; so there is more liquid love-light frequency in your heart.”

Lady Master Venus is here.  She says we here [A-team] were half-Venusian and half-Andromedan [hybrids].  She is in the middle of the star.  The Star is the new symbol to open.  In the beginning it is a 9-pointed star.  Once it starts spiraling it creates more points.  According to the energy in your body, it is a multi-pointed star; it could be up to 1000 points.

Madame X is also the Venus Commander; she was ‘shining bright platinum light’, making her totally transparent. She was channeling as one with the Venus Commander.  Her voice was so sweet, a tone of love…vibration.  The old coding is gone.  The new coding is here.  We are coding the information for the new solar disc.  With everything we do, we engrave the new information.  We are creating a new energy of “ionic electromagnetic energy”.  We are re-creating our antimatter vehicles.  In the future, when we travel, our physical body stays as in a coma, then we will go out like light; then wherever you go, you re-materialize your body again.  That energy holds the unity of the Twin Flame energy.  It is what keeps us connected.  When we do this we are switching from matter to antimatter.  Now we can do both.  We can dematerialize, and materialize any time we want.

The A-Team was in a kind of shock because there were many things happening at one time.  This was a disappearance from a limited reality into what is called Naugal or Non-Ordinary Reality.  This is a multidimensional and interdimensional experience all at once.  Internally, we are a specific portion of the Eternal Flame.  The pink flame is platinum crystalline.  Platinum crystalline is what the Venusians use–it is from Source. This was a coming-home for these A-Team members.  In Mu, everything was crystalline, in that original time.  The Crystal Home is here; the crystal bodies are back.  Be Super-Happy!  We are back, we survived; We did It!

Lady Master Venus speaks: “First Contact will be like seeing Balls of Light.  You will not see something flat or material.  This is not what you think it is.  Get ready for some real information.  We can materialize and dematerialize when we want because everything is based on energy.”  Lolo accepted and held the power of Love and Light, and she is the ‘Keeper of the Mountain’.  She was shaking for two days after this experience.  She is a now a completely different person.  By tomorrow, they will all be more integrated.

LOLO stated: “I am no longer the one I was before going to the hacienda on the mountain, where I experienced Love, Truth and God.  This changed me totally. ”

Lolo concludes her report: The new energy also opens more of the heart to a bigger space of Love.  The Truth: LOVE EXISTING IN THE HIGH SPHERES IS NOW…HERE, on Earth.  We are now integrating new info, integrating new essences.  The Kingdom of Mu, it is ancient and it is back.  It is great to be together to recreate the New Timeline together; all of us working together is what makes it possible.  We, the 3 Kumaras, here in Peru, will be receiving more information today, and in the next days…about the Solar disc which is going to be recording the new codes, by the Twin Flame Kumaras, couples manifesting the higher quality of love manifesting on this planet.  Twin Flames will soon be walking on this planet to bring back perfect divine relationships and to ground the new higher tones.  We will then go back to Qoa and back to La Hacienda Lagoon, Crystal Temple (the ancient masters are waiting), and with the singing of the New Children of Light, this will be accomplished.

MARK: During the initial Equinox contact time on the 21st, around sundown here, we got there about 8:00 pm,  I was directed to go to the location of the old Lemurian Solar Disc here in New Mexico.  On First Contact, 9/21 evening, I called Beth on the phone and had her link up with me.  This is the way we do a lot of things together. She was with me on the cellphone even though she was in Minnesota.  So we knew we had to prepare for the event.  We also connected in that manner with our Twin Flames first, and then as a unit we projected to Peru as ‘twin pairs’ called the ‘Sun Star 4′, referring to the unique method custom-designed for us by Metatron and his Twin Flame, Nepthy El Ra.  We then linked with our group in Peru, and at the same time, with Kau’ila on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.  Kau’ila has returned from Kauai to Honolulu and is there now, and will probably be with us a little later on the conference call tonight.

After the ‘Kumara 3′ in Peru have time to fully reintegrate and process their film evidence and provide it to us, we will then share whatever was recorded.  They did get pictures and other things.

We will be reuniting with our respective Twin Flames when mass landings occur–after arrests and after Nesara’s Announcement–and so will many of you!  They will be ‘coming’ off the ships to meet you.  We will have more to share about that in future conference calls.  We will follow this initial report with further interpretation of what happened by Metatron.

The reason we did this (ask for Metatron to speak to us) is because this affects every one of us on this call, every one of us on this planet, and people have not been properly prepared (in our opinion) for the magnitude of change that this represents.  We are returning to a status that only the highest beings on this planet have experienced in eons of time.  So if you will allow us, we will now invite Lady Master Venus with Sanat Kumara and Neptha El-Ra with Metatron (both Twin Flames) to join us now.  We have had an accounting from the A-Team experience in Peru during the Equinox.  Lady Master Venus shared with them new information about First Contact. We ask Metatron to please answer some questions regarding what happened during the Equinox.

Here is Metatron:
Dear Metatron, please explain [what] Lady Venus spoke of re the Ionic Electromagnetic Field of electricity.  She said we are electricity and power, connecting with the frequency of love, with Source, to make more liquid love. Please will you clarify this for us?  So here is Beth’s channel of the answers.

BETH: Metatron described what was happening regarding this Ionic Electromagnetic Field of electricity.  I know many of us have been feeling this in our body this week.  This is what I believe those changes are.  It started on 9-9-9 when the crystalline grids of the Earth got fired up again.  This is Metatron’s reply:

The Crystalline Body is in place.  Everyone’s cells are shifting over from the old carbon base.  The rate at which the shift occurs is individual.  Inviting the experience into your realm speeds up the process.  For those who are not aware, as long as they are 51% positive (ascending with Gaia/Vywamus), their bodies are now in process of shifting.  This was a heavy ionic alkali metal-based body.  This is the body which was created for Divine Beings to experience the lower dimensions.  The Crystalline Body has an atomic make-up with transition metals, (including platinum) semi-conductors and inert gases.  These new atoms carry the codes for holding the light. This creates a hologram which is made of vibratory light.  Source Frequency shoots through the Crystalline Body at an exponentially accelerated rate.

This structural complexity, found in the Crystalline Body, creates an internal need for articulation.  There then is a core shaft acting as a conduit running through the center of the Crystalline Body.  This is where if we open the heart–by raising the love quotient–we may bring in more Source frequency.  Now that the body has new structural elements; the chemical process of breaking bonds has changed.  The chemical reactions happening in the body change.  This conduit affects all of the energy centers in the body, the organs and the systems.  It affects the cells, the mitochondria, the DNA, and the balance of hormones.  As Source Frequency increases (also known as “The Force, aka, the Love Frequency”), there is an accumulation of light.  This happens in a spiral.  An analogy for this is a snowball rolling down a hill.  The Source Frequency increases and grows as the spirals quicken, and this ignites Light coursing through the system.  When this happens, it can be felt as an accelerated vibrational frequency.  When we accomplish this increased spiral of Source Frequency, coming in from the perinium, from the Core of Earth, and at the same time coming in from the crown, from the core of the Milky Way, then we increase our love quotient.

This pulses out to the energetic systems in our body.  The Crystalline Body structure connections grow in geometric progression, according to an exponential curve.  The electric connections, we call them portals, along the electric body system, connect with the Source energy coming through the central shaft.  This ignites the Source energy with an electrical force.  Then it jumps to the cells in the body, made of a new atomic base which ignites with light.  This liquid love light then is able to dematerialize matter into antimatter.  This is known as the “Ionic Electromagnetic Field” and it is how the Crystalline Body operates.

MARK: A comment I would like to make at this point, is to remind all of you, all of us, that we all came from these higher realms.  We had these other bodies then.  All the ones in these higher realms have the same vehicles.  Some are still higher and more refined as you go up in octaves.  Now at this particular time as we complete this, even those divisions are being integrated, in the sense that the human Galactic and the angelic are all going to be one.  There are no more separate octaves beyond which you cannot go, so the whole of this reality on the highest levels are going to become one.  This has already begun on the September 22nd equinox when Gaia and Vywamus Twin Flames did a spin, and this ascension eternal flame is now in the crystal core of the Earth and connected to and with that Golden Crystal that we and Metatron and all of us worked together to imbed into the Earth’s grid on 8-8-8, the Lion’s Gate.  We will go back to what was said by Lady Venus when she spoke of a multi-pointed star, in the frequency of love, which creates more essence.  Lady Venus advises opening the symbol of the 9-pointed star.  We asked Metatron to explain more about how the opening of this 9-pointed star works and he replied:

Expanding out from the Crystalline Body, the electricity is filtered through seven electric-based light bodies (etheric body, astral or emotional body, mental body, causal or higher mental body, buddhic or intuitive body, spiritual/atomic body, and light body).  These seven layers of subtle bodies are interrelated, and they all affect one another and also our feelings, emotions, thinking, behavior, and health.  Each one has its own unique frequency.  In the Crystalline Body, at the energy portal of the heart [is where] the 9-pointed star is located in the body.  It is through this portal of energy where one merges with their Twin Flame on the electromagnetic level.  By doing this, higher functions are then accessible.  Connect with this, and as the energy grows, there will be a spinning, emanating out of the star.  This spinning will increase the number of points in the star.  It is when this energetic connection is made, when the heart portal flows through a higher amount of Source Energy, and more liquid love light flows through, that the ability to change matter into antimatter comes to be.  The 9- pointed star merger happens in the heart, and accelerated spinning happens; it feels like we do not progress until after this happens.  Please help us understand how it works?

BETH: Metatron made this reply:

Earth Ascension is the time when the Crystalline Body, and the Crystalline Core of the Earth Grid return.  These are activated to Higher Aspects of existence by merging with their Twin Flames.  It begins with Gaia/Vywamus, and this is done.  First Contact brings the beginnings of Twin Flame Reunions.  Our Twins will literally walk off the Ships to join us again.  This is necessary for the human body, the Light Being, to continue on a path of Ascension.  As one happens, the other is attracted by resonate magnetic and electric frequency.  The two indivisible complements join again, not only as light, but also in the physical.  This happens at the perfect time for each individual; no one is left behind, no one must wait.

MARK: In the trifold flame of the heart, the blue, gold, and pink, the pink flame is platinum crystalline.  Lady Venus told the A-Team [that] platinum pink crystalline is what they use.  It is from the Source.  Please clarify this for us?

St. Germain has spoken about the Crystal Cap, Crystal Armor, Crystal Cross of 1000 Suns; he has said this is the mantle of freedom and the cloak of invisibility.  This Crystalline Body and making the electric connections, combined with the “Crystal Cross of 1000 Suns”, is the key to changing matter to antimatter.  The Crystal Cap and Armor describe the central conduit with energy flowing in from the crown.  THIS is freedom.  This is the ability to move from one world to another, traverse the dimensions and travel interdimensionally.  The “Crystal Cross of 1000 Suns” is the connection from the crown/perineum combining with the connection going into the heart portal.  This forms a cross through the center of the body combining with the heart and extending out through the arms.  When this connection occurs, it is the light from the Great Central Sun emanating directly into the Crystalline Body, and combining with the heart portal of Source Energy, which connects with every energy portal in the body grid to ignite matter and change it to antimatter.  It is in this state where the higher gifts are obtained, including invisibility and teleportation, levitation, remote viewing and out of body experiences.  The trifold flame in the heart, the blue, gold, and pink, are part of the seven-fold flame represented by the 7 Holy Kumaras.  These Kumaras held the blueprint for all this time, so we could integrate the seven-fold flame back into the Crystalline Body, which connects with the Source energy pouring through Earth’s Crystalline Grid, and out to the Universal Grid and the Cosmic Grid.  The trifold flame in the heart combines the platinum pink flame of love with the blue flame of wisdom and the golden flame of peace.  These are what Lady Master Venus has said are used for this process.  When the seven flames of God are combined, in this electromagnetic ionic process, the seventh is the violet flame.  The violet flame transmutes everything.  It is the liquid love light which makes everything possible.

MARK: Rama referred to this earlier when he spoke about the conference, the Awake and Aware Conference in LA, where what you might call enhanced soldiers were asking for help, and this is what he was told.  The Violet Flame transmutes everything so there is hope for them and they did right in asking for help..

Gaia and Vywamus completed Ascension on the 22nd and now Earth has the crystalline core.  Therefore the Planet now is coded on Terra Nova.  Therefore is it now Terra Nova?  Are we living on the New Earth now?

BETH: Metatron replied:

Yes!  Precisely.  It is the coding of Terra Nova, through the Peruvian Solar Portal, engraved onto the new Solar Disc, penetrated by the energies of the Kumara Commanders, into the Inner Earth, and out to Surface Earth, which is THE sentinel event which will CAUSE Earth to change to a Planet of Worldwide Peace where no pollution exists, where all know Abundance of the God Source, every kingdom, every realm, every dimension.  It is this sentinel event, this great celebration of the Intergalactic Federation, which makes it IMPOSSIBLE for Earth to continue on the Old Timeline.  Terra Nova is here.  All of these are obtainable now.  It Is Done.

MARK: Well, after this experience was over and the A-Team were looking at this portal, they were seeing points of light from the Higher Beings.  They knew the lights were Twin Flames.  These bands of colors with two points were part of a dyad.  Is that correct?

What they were seeing, said Metatron, was the Twin Flame representation of each of the Higher Beings there.  In order to facilitate the energy required for this event, each of the Higher Beings were required to be merged in with their Twin Flame form.  This is usually how they work when they are lending their energy to any event.  It is only when communicating through a single channel when they individualize into Being forms we recognize, such as the Angels, Archangel Michael as an example, or Buddha, for an example.

MARK: If this kind of light merging happens on the 9th Dimension, please explain how this happens on 5D?

BETH: Metatron replied by saying:
You are a multidimensional Being.  You have a holographic representation on 5D.  Now understand: on 5D you now exist in a Crystalline Body.  This Crystalline Body, when ready, has the ability to travel multidimensionally and interdimensionally.  It is able to teleport, bilocate, levitate, and more.  By merging with the Twin Flame, through the heart, through the multidimensional star, this makes it possible to participate on Higher Levels, higher dimensional frequency planes, not only 9D, but 100D, 352D, and beyond.

MARK: “Lady Venus explained to the A-Team: First Contact will be seeing Ships as Balls of Light.  You will not see something flat or material.  This is not what you think it is.  Get ready for some real information.  We can materialize and dematerialize when we want because everything is based on energy.”

So we asked Metatron, please will you tell us more about this?

[Metatron replied]:  As we ascend out of 3D reality, into 5D reality and Higher, we become the light that we are. We begin to see we are multidimensional Beings.  We open our hearts to experiencing Higher Dimensional frequencies.  It is no longer necessary for Higher Beings to appear to you in their dense frequency forms.  We all rise up into the light.  We are able to communicate in the language of light.  A maturity sets in, fear is abandoned, and we may present ourselves in our true form: Light Beings.  We travel with filaments of light which are a shell to travel the dimensions in, a sentient shell.  This is our true form, formless form, living light.

BETH: We asked Metatron one last question.  St Germain, and President Obama (the Sirian Commander) are both in NYC and Philadelphia today.  Is it likely, since we are one week away from the end of the Fiscal Year, something may change?

[Metatron replies]: There are no coincidences.  Everything is happening with a sequential flow.  It is like dominos falling in a pattern.  The next domino cannot fall down until it is struck by the adjoining domino.  Everything that needs to happen, to see the changes you look for in the World, IS happening.  One of the greatest things that will occur, is, after arrests, the media will be required to tell the truth about every event as it occurs.  Throwing this shackle off humanity is one of the greatest next-steps to freedom.  Until then, do not believe everything you hear, and guard yourself from mind-control transmitted over the airwaves.  Know that behind the scenes, meetings are taking place to put these things into effect.  Know that it is impossible to stop this from happening now.  This IS happening now.

MARK: So this was a long report and we thank you for patience, but we felt the magnitude was too great not to follow it up it with that additional conference with Metatron.  It took about 30 hours thus far to put this together and we still have the pictures and other things to come as soon as the A-Team members there can get them to us.  But it has taken them 3 days now just to stop emiting light and be fully, you might say, [returned] to appearance of physical.  This is not your everyday event that happens and you just go back to doing your work. They were almost unable to function except as a group for 2 days, and even when they got back, they could not eat for another day.  It was just too much going on inside the body, but they were the whole time, they were in joy, they were in bliss, they were in love and they saw it in everyone and everything.  And everyone around them that came from the village saw it also, so these are first reports of a non-fictional First Contact.  Forget everything that you may have heard from us or anyone else up to this time.  We are they, they are us.  Terra Nova is here NOW and everything, the timeline has begun, Gaia and Vywamus are ascended.  They have completed their Twin Flame merger.  All of this happened in this time.  Yet there has been much to prepare for it and much that will follow it.  The work is far from done as you well know.  Until the arrests and public announcements, we cannot have NESARA, we cannot have what we call the landings.  So in the interim time, there are things going on every single day including this day and night.  Know that Mother will follow us and we will be asking her to comment on any of this that she may be able to add something to, to help all of us out.  If we have time, we would like Kauila to share a little bit about his trip.

KAUILA: Aloha.  I am watching Mount Ka’ala [Oahu] which is where the operations really started.  The pink platinum roadway was started at Kaena Point.  It is very significant that I am here right now.  I am at a place called Pokai Bay in Wai’anae watching some waves come in.  There is a beautiful wind called a gentle breeze. But one thing I wanted to mention was during this entire, not the entire, but in the beginning when Mark and Beth were reading the communication from Madame X and the Peruvian group, there was a rainbow right over the Wai’anae Valley and that of course is the valley which includes Mount Ka’ala, and this has been rather an amazing journey.

When I was on the island of Kauai, there were certain places where I stopped.  It seemed like that there were certain keys to be inserted, certain things to be done if you will…… I was in a way expecting some things to show up.  That was kind of an old part of me, I believe.  Interestingly I spent that………originally as the ships came through the Peruvian gateway that they would later come through Kauai.

So what happened was, the morning following this original operation in Peru I came back to this valley, which is a sacred valley called Kalalau Valley and I’ve been there the last 3 mornings.  A couple of mornings ago, I came back and took some photos of the sky.  I felt like taking some photos of the sun and also took some photos of myself facing the sun, and before that, I said, well, wait a minute, there is nothing going on here that I can visually see.  So of course there’s not.  When I looked at those photos, the sun was surrounded by large orbs, large orbs of light, they are the same, they are all spherical.  I tried to count them; I think there were between 9 and 12 orbs that showed up in the photos, so I knew this was it. These were the ships coming in.  I saw many, many cloud craft.  The New Jerusalem has showed up every day I have been here.  Just now, the New Jerusalem showed up and now he has passed on.

As I was talking to Mark yesterday after these operations, I was in the last trip of Kauai, I kind of went on both the east side, north side, west side.  But this time, the valley is on more on the west.  You have to go on the west side to get up to the north side where the valley is.  So most of my time was spent on the west side of Kauai.  There is a town there called _______, several like that with Hawaiian names of course.  But in ______, the first night I was here, the first time in my entire life, I saw the island of Ni’ihau.  Some of you may know about Ni’ihau.  It is an island that has been isolated as purely Hawaiian.  People live there and they speak Hawaiian.  There is a family that actually owns the island, but they don’t let people out (?) except by invitation.  So it is very Hawaiian and they have tried to protect the Hawaiian culture out there.  So on this trip, one of the very first things I see at one of the lookouts is the island of Ni’ihau, and every day I saw the island of Ni’ihau this time.  When I was in the towns, I noticed the people I was talking with and listened to, they looked sort of Hawaiian but a little bit different, and they also spoke a little bit differently than a traditional Hawaiian.  I recognized some of the words, but later on I spoke to some people, and one lady said her family was from Ni’ihau.  It sort of lit up, oh my goodness, the Hawaiians, the true original Lemurian Hawaiians have come back.  All through this trip I was on that side and I was very strongly attracted to staying on that side.  Everything was there, my internet connection was there, the beach that I love is there.  All of these people, I talked to a couple of others about their families and their backgrounds and they had come from the island of Ni’ihau.  It appears that this Hawaiian connection is going to open up the crown chakra of the Hawaiian islands which is Ni’ihau, to a new opening up to this new higher dimensional energy if you will, that is coming in.  Anyway, just a connectedness.

As I was talking to Mark yesterday, we were talking and I was driving up the west side and I pulled over and I just said, you know, I’m looking at the island of Ni’ihau as we are talking here.  Then I was moved to pull around into another way, the opposite direction.  As I pulled around, there was a rainbow forming as we were talking over the island of Ni’ihau.  After Mark and I had finished talking, I drove up part ways up to the Kakalau Valley and I was making a video, just talking about the Ni’ihau and the different things we’ve been discussing and the ships coming in, and as I was talking, this is funny because my camera stand was actually my cookie. I had a cookie, a peanut butter cookie that was really good.  But I had to set my camera on top of it so I could film myself and Ni’ihau in the background.  As I was making this movie, I looked up and said OMG, as we were talking about Ni’ihau, another complete rainbow had formed, and later on it became a partial double rainbow.  So all these things were happening and then right now, I am back at Waia which is really a very Hawaiian town.  It is highly populated with original Hawaiian blood people.  So all of this is tying together, and my initial, I will say, ego disappointment of not seeing these wonderful complicated-looking craft coming out was just dissolved when I saw the photos of the sun surrounded by these orbs that were larger, much larger than the sun.  I believe a couple of these have been posted on the GRT website, yahoo group page.  They are in photos, Kauila’s Op Photos.

Right now, I’m in Oahu.  Oh yes, that’s right.  Sorry, I do know what I want to say.  As I got to Oahu, I just flew in here about noon time which is about 4 hours ago.  And unlike the last time, the last time I had like a local, family-owned used car rental place that I rented kind of a crashed up and ordinary looking car.  This time, that connection didn’t work very well and I ended up getting a car from Alamo.  The rates were very good and all that. When I got to the Alamo counter, the line was extremely long.  As I was standing in this line, all of a sudden, descended like from the ceiling was like a ceiling composed of upside down pink platinum pyramids.  They came down and enveloped everyone there.  I felt such a strong energy, love vibration.  And as I looked, they turned into platinum pink sparkle pyramids sparkling all over the place.  A very much lightness in the air compared to the last time I was there.  Somewhat of a heavier feeling [previously].  As I went up to get my car (Alamo used to say, we’ll find you a car and that’s it. Now, they allow you to pick your own car.), I looked at the line of cars available to me and everyone was the same.  They were all identical.  They were brand new Hundai Electras and the color?  Platinum.  So I was kind of OMG I was blown away, it is a whole new beginning.  I realized that this  is a representation that we are on a new timeline, we have the new Earth, Terra Nova.  How can I say this?  I’m looking at this new land that is forming right in front of my eyes.  I think I have said enough and I’m sure we’ll have more to report from Oahu as we continue operations over here.

[Invocation of Mother Sekhmet]

TARA: We ask at this time for the higher resources of high magic and those who work with this energy to assist, right now, every single whistleblower as well as every single criminal, and every single one of us who witnessed and also activately participated in the transfer of power now from that which was corrupt to that which is for the highest good of all concerned here now.  Greetings Mother.

MS: Greetings.  We can say that we are of so little words that need to be said to Mark/Beth say it all with what is occurring on your world.  It is like the Captain said on Tuesday, already has begun.  Set an extra plate at the table like you do for Elijah and maybe that tea at 0400 hours will be hot and ready.  We will just say it is that time whether you know it or not.  Being called to active duty.  Your higher self is recruiting you for Star Fleet. Already happening.  What the Sirian Commander did in the last couple of days, just talking about creative energy fields which it can be made ___ and we would just say the order of the day is, now is the time for peace.  The events you were speaking about earlier……

[very noisy interference]

MS: We will say, what is being [said] about our craft coming in.  Our craft coming in will look like balls of light.  It is an interesting dance.  So many other forms that are pleasant to the eye in the heart.  This is only about orgasmic estastic joy, not about invasion occupation like it was done, what is it your scientists worried about? Whispering in hushed circles and corners, be very afraid of that which comes called ____ Wormwood, Nubiru.  Yes, already here, not to worry.  It is about the light of the noonday sun that exposes those gravesites of that dark side where it has to be exposed.  Your phantom economy being held by a single domino and we think we might be kicking that single domino into oblivian.  It is that place in which are ONE.  You have to take it [to] the level where we start a new way of creating economy based on love, truth, peace, freedom, justice.  It is a way where the riches are being laid at our feet, if you will, to create what is already being implemented.  Like we have said many times, we are visitors from your future time.  We have come back in time to let you know you made it.  As NESARA gets announced, the timelines get healed and this nightmare is over.  Already the seeds have been sown for this to come to pass and it is being made so right now.

What we can say, it is in these moments as we wake up to who we are, all that we are, as the heroes working with the prophets to shake the very foundations of these old structures – give them a new use.  This is why, speaking about this today earlier, global villages where we are just circles upon circles of global villages.  As we are evolving into that awareness, those circles, it creates the concept in which Dr. Jacques Fresco’s Venus Project can be made manifest, and everything is in a circle cycle where nothing gets used up.  It is this creating new energy all the time.  That is a place in which even that will dissolve and you could say, we are creator gods, we create the energy out of the love frequency [which] works with the Twin Flame energy.  All of what has been spoken about earlier, going back to the place in which all we did was work with that electro magnetic love energy frequency.  Did not need to speak in this funny way.  The energy spoke for us.


MARIETTA: There are questions about Michele Obama.  Someone is suggesting they saw in some national magazine that she had lost a baby or that she could not get pregnant.  We understood before that she was, so could you make some comments about that?  Evidently I have more than one question about her pregnancy and what is happening.

MS: We will just say, what is unfolding with those two, has to do with the magic of creating frequencies in which this lady is somebody to watch.  Working with the frequencies of the old Nubian energy.  Very awesome indeed. In the lineages of Isis.  We will just say that these 2 creating beings coming in from other dimensions and could be that we would say, there have been issues at hand.  Don’t know what they are.  Only what we could say is their reality in which what is happening within their private life, we would not pry, yet we would just say, what is unfolding is these 2 represent a line of energy that goes back to Sirius A/Sirius B.  The Dogon people and Moad. We will just say, all of the wisdom of what has come from the ancient Sirians dogon people will come forth about the magic of creation and spirit beings that become physical beings, yet we would wait for full disclosure to occur before we discuss these things without consulting Metatron.

MARIETTA: There is a question about bullet trains.  Are the tracks being set?  And the trains being built right now for high speed trains in the west, like from LA to San Francisco to Seattle, and when will they be operational?  They don’t tell me where they got this information or why they are asking. They are just asking about the bullet trains.

MS: We would say that as things evolve and increase in frequency, they may be used and still and yet, there will be craft which don’t even touch the ground.  They work on magnetic frequencies or light frequencies.  All of these things coming to pass.  Yet the energies of what has been spoken about these high speed technologies, yes, they are a way of moving around, yet they can be more efficient when we show you how to use it with anti-gravity where it is not an issue.

MARIETTA: This next question is not something that has currently been said.  I think it was back in August saying that Hillary Clinton commented on the United States of America not being a member of the International Court of Justice.  What was her goal?  Why did she say that?

MS: We will just say that lady is a wild dragon.  The dimensional traps that she has set up for herself in a sense of the schemes, webs that have been woven are enclosing around her.  Even though this is the clone of a clone of a son of a son.  We will just say, all of the events that this one is orchestrating coming from an ancient Annunaki programs that have already been deleted.  Timeline running its course.  End of take.

MARIETTA: Send any questions to www.***

ROXY: Yes, Mother.  I was wondering if maybe we are almost at the point where the announcements with Lady Master Nada and you know, prosperity for all, because things are really happening fast in the realm of people being, you know, put to the streets.  I was just wondering since we are in fact in 2012, so that would be here very soon, it seems like everything is coming to a close.

MS: What we could say about that [totally inaudible/interference goes in and out and doesn’t make sense].  Got to expose the darkness and it has taken all this time.  Now the Cabal is getting exposed about mass murder and genocide, and the Capitalism, a love story, but a hate story.  And it is about anything else but greed.

JOY: You perhaps have answered this question already, maybe several times, but I would like to hear an answer and sorry if you have to repeat anything.  My question is about, because so many people on Earth ground level are still concerned about the fallout from the abductions from much earlier in our timeframe.  My question is, are those well controlled or you know, confused humans who are operating those black engineered spacecraft.  What is the situation there?  I think that’s clear.

MS: We will just say, what is unfolding is the understanding in which these beings who have had a bit of a traumatizing situation in the sense of meeting Galactic citizens if you will, Galactic individuals.  We will say, these timelines being erased as the new energies coming in.  This is why it is unprecedented to see android soldiers coming forward sharing their stories and saying help me if you can.  The stories of people being abducted and having things put in them and many other [inaudible] stories, nightmares and then some.  We would say, all of it coming to an end.  These events [inaudible] people will get healed on their own accord as the energy increases in magnitude.

DEE: Earlier in this conference call, there was something said that something had to take place before NESARA gets announced.  I didn’t hear that.  I would like to know what the statement was.

MARIETTA: Mark, I believe it was mentioned that the arrests have to take place first.

MS: Yes.  Arrests.  We would say those arrests are ongoing across your planet.

UNKNOWN: What is the Gulf of Aden, about the 300 ships watching this thing going up.  I never did hear what happened.

MS: Oh, you wish to know about the Gulf of Aden.  Hundreds, thousands of ships waiting out in the ocean, waiting for the event.  Event unfolding in the sense there are craft coming out of the water.  And it has to do, not coming out of water, coming out of a vortex 30,000 light years across your galaxy.  [inaudible] Gaia/Vywamus to make sure that they have the energy they need in conjunction with the Wingmakers.  [inaudible] In particular, the Gulf of Aden, coming around with technologies that are not the nature of [inaudible – cutting in and out too much].  Getting help along the way.

MARIETTA: We thank you so much for answering all these questions from our listeners.


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