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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – Sept 17, 2009


RAMA: Oh my, another wild day on planet Earth/Terra Nova.  What is being said out there on so many levels, that I’m going to dive head first up the rabbit hole as it were, where Cynthia McKinney today was laying it out in lavender at a protest.  I believe it was connected with the Grady Hospital in Atlanta where they want to close this hospital down and all the dialysis patients have to go somewhere else.  They are not getting their funding and I don’t know if that was the place.  I came in in the middle of the show, and Cynthia McKinney was out there laying it out and talking about why she had been kicked out of Congress for saying that the Bush and Cheney Administration did 9/11.  She was talking about how this President is bringing Universal Healthcare.  Yet, all the talk out there coming from the right, they can’t handle the idea that an African American man who was born at 19.5 degrees is saying what needs to be said.  I’ll take it to the next level.  This has been orchestrated by the Galactics so, in a sense, it has already been pre-planned, yet they meaning those 13 families don’t want us to know the outcome.  We know that 2012, you know, is already here.  We are just watching the after-effects of what is happening.  And in this little corner of the Elven Kingdom it’s reverberating out.  The freedom is already here, yet we are watching the ripple effect affect different realities.

Cynthia McKinney, Al Sharpton was there, Michael Sante and Spearhead, Ziggy Marley, Jimmy Carter were at this event speaking about the apartheids going on in Palestine.  How the Israelis have not been slapped down hard enough for what they did to Gaza and the Palestinian people last Christmas.  It is only now coming up in the UN. Too little, too late, Lady Master Nada said.  It is moving to the higher levels where whether folks want to know it or not, the nukes in Israel have already been neutralized by Captain Ashtar and Admiral Sananda, so it is kind of a moot point to threaten us with these things.  Yet boys will be boys, or young Reptilians in the sense, they don’t mature until they are at least 1,000 years or more.  They are a very long lived race, the Reptilian race. Hundreds of thousands of years they can last in stasis sometimes.  It’s like the frogs that go into hibernation. They are our brothers and sisters, and I am saying that the small rebel bank, like Benjamin Fulford has said, the ones who did 9/11, is over right now.

I just wanted to also say, re Tom the Ring Tailed Cat, I talked to him this afternoon.  He was saying like it was being said on that radio, the conversation out there.  What is coming from the right and all the spider webs that go out from that right wing spin that are not telling the truth.  That is about the fact that a man who has been ready for this mission for over a thousand years has stepped into his mastery and is doing it and people don’t like it.  Well, like what Captain Ashtar has said to me personally, you don’t have a say so, sir, you carry out those orders or you will be scrubbing the work coils with a toothbrush, and I said yes sir, Commander sir.

TARA: Oh gosh, I wanted to read his words [Benjamin Fulford] because he was quite descriptive, and from his viewfinder he has been sitting with the high royals and their financial shenanigans, especially with the oriental part of things, especially Japan.

[Tara reads Benjamin Fulford’s Message dated 9/15/09]

A special thanks to the criminally insane morons who carried out the 911 attacks.

Although my heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones in the 911 attacks, and to the 1.6 million Iraqis and countless Afghanis who died as a result, in the long run those attacks were probably a good thing for humanity. The very arrogance, brutality and stupidity of those murders will be seen by historians as the tipping point that woke humanity from many thousands of years of slavery and ignorance.

The sheer incompetence of the 911 attacks, and the countless clues they left behind, led many to start to question the official explanation.  Little did they know that by doing so, they would eventually end up going down a rabbit hole into a bizarre world of secret societies and occult evil.

Many people who were completely unaware of this ancient, evil secret world government woke up and joined battle against them.  We were lucky to find the guidance of the brave few who have been fighting them all along in a desperate rear-guard action.

We will also owe an eternal debt of gratitude to the Chinese people who, at the very moment when things seemed most desperate, stepped in to help.  By doing so, they tipped the scales and sealed the fate of this ancient satanic cult.

The people still under the hypnotic control of these beasts will soon be woken up.  Once the Feds go belly up, the media machine they used to keep these people in a trance will also fall.  The truth shall then set them free.
[end of message]

TARA: Let’s change that [1.6 million] and this is from Joe Wilson’s mouth to our ears through Rama.  He said this 3 years ago, he said 4-5 million Iraqis aren’t here.

RAMA: And over 1 million U.S. soldiers dead.

TARA: Somewhere he said it could be closer to 2 million of our U.S. soldiers dead.  So just to correct the numbers.  Honey in the heart, 13 thank yous and no evil.  I remember there were write ups about the underground, Chinese red and green underground, and they would take this [ancient satanic] cult, as they say, down without a single bullet being shot.

RAMA: I remember that, and what it has to do with is the energy of Chi Woo, and this is what Bruce Lee was teaching in his last days before they took him out.  I believe also that David Carradine was not hanging around in Thailand playing around with sex stuff.  I believe he was being taught the final moments of the Chi Woo Mastery because he was going to need it to tell the truth, and yet and still, I don’t know everything about David Carradine’s death.  It was a murder, I know that.

TARA: Yeah.  That’s pretty clear change, clear change of the degrees and the angle of the completion of the circle of life.  For freedom’s enactment and anything else.

RAMA: Jackie Chan carried on the lineage of the Sho Lin Masters of what Bruce Lee brought to the West.  The Book of the West from Lao Su.


SHIRLEY: Tara and Rama, I want to read to you Benjamin [Fulford]’s little report for today.  Have you seen that? Is Tara and Rama there?

CINDY: I’m sure they can hear you, they probably just muted to keep it quiet.

SHIRLEY: All right.  I’m going to read a few paragraphs from Benjamin Fulford today that ties into what they were just talking about, plus I had a question based on the last sentence that he says today.  He says:

[Benjamin Fulford Message dated 9/17/09]

The disintegration of the Federal Reserve Board and its Satanic control grid continues.

The 2 million-person march on Washington, and the corporate media attempts to ignore it, are clear signs the Satanists in Washington D.C. and elsewhere are losing control.  When formerly respected mouthpieces such as the New York Times or Wall St. Journal blatantly lie and say it was “thousand” or “tens of thousands,” they confirm even to the most skeptical that they are just propaganda mouthpieces.  The corporate media control grid is falling apart big time.  The people made it clear when they shouted down a CNN reporter, instead insisting that CNN report the truth.

Death threats by George Bush senior are apparently being sent in all directions but, you cannot kill the truth George.  Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel lost face big-time after flying uninvited into Russia, threatening to destroy the planet and getting into a shouting match with Russian President Medvedev.

There are already signs, though that all the posturing and threats are just negotiating tactics, Israel has sent an Ambassador at large to negotiate with the Dragon family and is asking for technology to turn the deserts green. M&A negotiations can often get extremely intense and involve lots of shouting matches and bluffing, especially when the deal is just about to be closed.  Hold on to your hats folk, there is more turmoil ahead.  Expect the best but prepare for the worst.
[end of message]

SHIRLEY: The last couple of sentences is what I want Rama and Tara to comment on.  So one question is, Would the Dragon family turn around and help design this Israel?  That is one of my questions.  Then it says M&A and I don’t know what M&A stands for.  The last sentence is what I would like Rama and Tara to comment on.  In Rama and Tara’s mind, what would they suggest people to do when he says, expect the best but prepare for the worst?

TARA: I’m very sorry.  We got disconnected Shirley.  Can you repeat it, consolidate it or whatever you wish?

SHIRLEY: Well I’ll just kind of sum it up.  First he’s talking about the Federal Reserve Board and the satanic grid, the control grid continues to disintegrate, and then he talks about how the mainstream media is lying about the 2 million-person march in Washington, because they are saying it was thousands because they don’t really want Americans to know how many fellow Americans went there to protest.  And then he mentions that George Bush Sr. is sending out death threats in all directions.  That the Prime Minister of Israel lost face when he flew over uninvited into Russia threatening to destroy the planet, if you know, Russia wouldn’t let them bomb Iran.  And so then the final paragraph where I have 2 questions.  Benjamin is saying that these people are posturing because it is kind of like how they negotiate with each other.  He says that Israel, and here’s the 2 parts, Israel has sent an Ambassador at Large to negotiate with the Dragon family and is asking for technology to turn the desert green.  The one question would be after all this has been going on behind the scenes, and Israel did not get the right to bomb Iran from Russia.  For Israel to be sneaking over to try and negotiate with the Dragon family who I think is one of the groups that have all the money who is willing to help people.  So that’s one question, and he talks about how, I’ll just do the last sentence:   “Hold on to your hats folk, there is more turmoil ahead.  Expect the best but prepare for the worst.”  So I didn’t know if you had any, either you guys or Mother to tell people what to expect or what to prepare for, so that when this happens, people on the call will kind of be prepared like he says. That’s what he said today and that’s today’s post.

RAMA: What we can say about that, Shirley, is you know that they will expose their paper asses.  At the same time, what occurs also is the roundup that comes from the forces of light who step in at this time from all sectors of all the universes, because we all have star seeds here and we are all waking up together like Solara’s Surf Report. The surf is like at the point where, you know, the waves are going up and down out in the ocean, and it is choppy with the energies out there, and it has a bit to do with I’ll say, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto right now.  It has a lot to do with what is occurring on many levels where, yes, the 13 families are shit out of luck.  They have to realize that love is the only answer.  How they do that is to surrender to the energies and stand down, only in the sense as what they put out, the Chi Woo, is going to come back and bite them in the butt because it’s been millions of years they have sent that energy out.  It is natural that it is coming full circle, and Mother is there to also be the pitcher [catcher] to receive them because they are her children.  At that level, no matter what they do, they have to face her, and I would say that what is happening right now is the ancient dragons realize they have to move to higher octaves, so do the 13 families, yet they want to do a deal as Tony Soprano would put it.  I give you some technologies to make your deserts green, what do you give me?  Maybe about 10,000 souls or something?  You know, what’s the deal here Tony?  I don’t know.  I’m giving a metaphor here.  I am trying to say they have nothing to bargain with because there are no deals.  It is about love and nothing else.

SHIRLEY: I wanted to just confirm that to me it seems that Israel has sent an ambassador to negotiate with the Dragon family.  It just seems so bizarre that you know, that at this late date, you know, maybe they are begging for help, because the Zionist Jews are behind everything, and I guess they feel the Dragon family with all that gold [could help them].  I don’t know, I was just kind of confused about that.  Maybe Mother knows something about, behind the scenes, about that issue.  That’s all.  Thank you.

TARA: Shirley, when you say the Dragon family, do you suppose he is talking about the Chinese Black Dragon family?

SHIRLEY: I get the impression that they are talking because when Benjamin talks about the Dragon family, he’s referring to whatever family in the Chinese that has all that money that was willing to help the world.  So it is not the bad Dragon family, it is the good Dragon family.  So for him to say that Israel has sent an Ambassador at Large to negotiate with the Dragon family.  That sounds like a surrender of some sort.

RAMA: This is the Red and the Green [Ninjas], Shirley, and the Sho Lin Masters who work with the Hong Kong Blondes and those families.  It is tied in with Chiang Kai-shek’s wife and the nation’s project, Nationalist China.

TARA: With all the gold to just the nationalist party [which] was put up into these rollovers, hedge funds which what this has been.  It’s really not been about the money, it’s been the battle of good against evil and what would prevail.  Literally in terms of which direction.  That’s why he said [inaudible] expect the worst.  They meaning the Galactic brotherhoods and sisterhoods of Light, are orchestrating this dance to allow the public to see how far this darkness will continue to go, yet they will not allow them to pull it off.  They will not.  It’s already done.  It is beyond the ability to reverse it again in their favor.  A light veil and the anchoring of [interference]

MURIEL/HOUSTON: There was something on the net today about the U.S. Navy is going to conduct a massive atmospheric experimental test with the filthy dirty clouds that have God knows what in it, and they named the things off, and I wondered if they have done that.  They were going to do this in the Atlantic and Pacific and in the Gulf.  Does Tara or Mother Sekhmet or Rama, do you know anything about that?

RAMA: I know something about that and I also know that the Galactics have neutralized all of it.

MURIEL/HOUSTON: Well thank God.

TARA: It can be the most ugly descriptive scary thing.  Please, it is their last hurrah.  This endeavor to overpower cannot work so don’t give it energy.

MURIEL/HOUSTON: Thank you so much.

[Guest Speaker Lloyd Mear]


MARK: We’ve got two messages from Ashtar.  We’ll let Beth go first with the message that we received from Madame X in Peru this morning that came in last night from Ashtar, and so Beth if you want to start with that one and I will follow with the one we got today from Ashtar.

BETH: Yes, this is Madame X and this is Ashtar speaking through her.

Message from the Ashtar Command
Cusco, Peru, 9/16/09 to Madame X

ashtar2This is Ashtar.  I’m here today to honor each of you for listening the call, for being free and being who we really know you are.  We honor you/your beings as One on the New Earth.

The father/ mother represented by the ancient apus of Machu Picchu and Qoa, the son, the children of the sun, representing the galactic family, the Kumaras, are back and walking on earth to create the new solar realm on your world.  The new world is here.  No going back, and it is supported by love and only love.

You have asked so many times, what is next, what you have to do and when, we can just say, you know, follow your heart and listen.

My 3 solar beings will be in Qoa on the 21st from 9am till 9am the 22nd.  We will be there as all the Commands, the Solar Council and the source, to anchor the Temple of the Eternal Flame on a physical place.

Qoa has sent the solar disc to Machu Picchu, Peru, to open the new Golden Age in the place created for the new humanity. Qoa will hold the Temple of the Eternal Flame, to tune your planet to higher and higher dimensions and realms.  My children of the sun have been prepared to complete this mission in perfection.  You know there is no time and can’t be any errors.  The time is now and we’re ready…as also you are…

The crystalline heart of the Galactic Mother in Qoa will have the eternal flame forever, as representation of all creation, all galaxies and constellations.  As you anchor this, also anchor in your hearts the ALL in you.  You carry the cosmos, the source, so look inside and feel…be it…

The path is open and bright, covered with roses and sparkles of golden diamond light all over.  You’ll see our ships and first contact will be initiated.

We bless each of you and love you with the most infinite love…

I AM Ashtar representing the ALL.

MARK: Thank you, Beth.  I just want to say that it is a hard word to spell.  The island which is actually located high up in Bolivia adjacent to Lake Titicaca, it is part of that complex.  It is spelled Q-O-A and that is a very, very sacred place and it is the diamond heart of the Mother.  As part of the ops earlier with the team that is located there and will be located there again on this coming equinox next week.  We heal that heart that had been damaged in an Orion attack, and as a result, all of the native peoples across the planet felt that and responded and helped, and also are now attuned to the fact that we are all coming together once again to participate.  When Beth and I talked to Ashtar this morning after reading this, we asked him to comment on that message and also on some experiences and things that happened here yesterday, last night in fact.  Up until about midnight of last night locally.  So this is his message to us:

Last night, the Twin Flames Sunat Kumara/Lady Venus, Metatron/Nepthy-El-Ra, and Mother Sekhmet/Alycone made an unexpected visit to you, Mark and Beth, at Mark’s home, knowing that you were talking on the phone while connecting with your own Twin Flames, on the inner levels, at that time.

Now this morning, a message comes to the A-Team.  This message is an additional confirmation for both of you.  The Kumaras are back and walking on Earth.  Yes!  Believe it!  You have been told by Metatron, you have gotten what you wanted:  The Planet HAS returned to LOVE.

Every day, the work that is needed changes.  Each day there are new potentials.  You all, on the A-Team, are experts at asking and allowing.  You are steadfast, never giving up, and never without a passion to keep going night and day. This is what makes you the A-Team.  To follow One’s Mission means wanting to do nothing else and allowing nothing else to get in the way.  We are grateful for your unwavering devotion, All.  Keep being in this Now Moment and follow each new Guidance perfectly, as you all do.

What are the names of the 3 Solar Beings?  The Children of the Sun, The ancient parent Apus from Machu Pichu, and their son, Qoa.

This is happening with the devotion of those working in Peru with the A-Tea.  It is a sacrifice on their part, and we bless their hard work and loving devotion to facilitate this happening.

This is another connection with Source, through the crystalline bodies in you, right up and connecting to the crystalline Earth Grid and the rest of the Cosmos, as All That Is.  It is You and YOU are It!

The Kumaras bring the Venusian roses, lighting your path back to Love.  The Sun’s golden light has every color of the diamond rainbow trained on you, for your success.  There is an energetic resonance in this liquid-love light!  “The Force Be With You”.  There is Great Celebration!

Qoa is used to seeing ships flying in and out near his portal home.  After this anchoring of the crystalline heart, during the Equinox, more and more ships will be seen, and will be landing, all around the Earth.  They have begun, and will continue.  It is time now.  This will lead to decloakings and Mass Landings.  Believe It!

The Equinox brings with it an opening.  This opening connects the celestial bodies to their crystalline core.  The planets around you, with Earth, are firing their core to pulse synchronization with yours.  In doing this, Higher energies will penetrate Earth and all who live on her.

There are many things happening in the financial and political systems on Earth.  Things are heating up.  The Equinox passes a sequence of events which makes it impossible for the old timeline to any longer exist.  This MUST be replaced with what is new.  New Government, New Money, New Laws enforced.  This will bring massive changes.  This is happening now.  Believe it, rejoice in it, tell others about it, raise your energies and keep them high.  Be Love and Only Love.  Ignore that which tugs painfully at your heart.  Stand in trust knowing your gut feeling is your discernment.  If it “feels bad”, it probably is.  Wait.  Be the mature Galactic Humans that you are, and know that what you see reported is not always the Truth.  The Truth shall out.  We are poised and we are ready for the perfect moment.

Blessing to all,~Ashtar

MARK: This was at just about noon today that we got this last message.  Then we also got something we wanted to share with you that was very exciting to us, and I hope it will be for you also, and that is, we went up and visited with Lord Arcturus.  He brought through some brand new information on the crystalline body.  This is the new body that we are all switching over to.  And of course, we have told you before and I’m going to emphasize it now, over 51% of the planet has upgraded at least to the 51% level which is critical mass.  But the crystalline upshift which is all the ascended realms are in the crystalline format, and that’s the only way you can ascend.  So all the emphasis now will be on opening this up, and I can assure you we can talk about this some more later, but this is where you want to be because it works differently.  When you listen to what Beth will tell you now on the crystalline body, I think you will see why it is so important to understand what is happening. Beth do you have that with you, and would you like to share, Beth?

BETH: Yes.  Thank you very much.  Mark and I have been talking about this since 9-9-9 when the Earth grid contained more crystalline by firing up the emerald and the selenite grids that among others are perfecting our bodies.  Our bodies are switching over to crystalline as well and this is a part of ascension.  We contacted Lord Arcturus and asked him if he could please explain it to us better, and this is what he said about the crystalline body.

[Message from Lord Arcturus] Inserted from

The Crystalline Body

In the human body model of 3D there is a brain and heart, energy centers called chakras, organs, muscles, bone, infrastructure, and this is all connected by a tube system, arteries, veins, lymph and nervous system.  In the old system, energy was filtered through the chakra system.  It was easy for the chakras to be influenced by exterior stimuli and they would need frequent realignments, or recalibration.  It was easy to upset the balance in the system.  It was easy to fall into ill health.  There were vulnerabilities; this allowed advanced implants and other things to create blocks and imprison the light from entering the body.

Now that the Earth has fired up the connections in the Emerald Crystal Veins and Selenite crystalline grids, there is energy pulsing directly to Gaia, through the golden crystal and out to all energy points on the Grid.  This results in a circuit of energy circulating back out to the Central Sun.  This pulsing is an infinite track, and cycles or pulses out as a heartbeat to Source.  This connects us directly to infinite love from Source.  It is this love that is pulsing to the Earth.  This love from Source, in higher doses, directly coming to us, is transforming every creation on Earth.  Everything is being affected down to the cellular structure.

Our bodies are also receiving high energy directly from the Central Sun.  This is causing our bodies to transmutate.  The energy from the Central Sun is causing a fission in our cells, in our bodies.  This fission is a mini nuclear transmutation.  What once was sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, and others is switching from alkali metals to liquids, synthetics, such as halogens, and noble gases.  Our base substance is evolving elements.  Our atoms, forming our bodies, are now made of other elements.  The Cosmic Rays bombarding our Planet and bodies are also made up of these new elements.  Everything in the Universe is in a reciprocal recombination.  The old base atoms are combining in new ways.  The genetic makeup of these atoms are changing at the level of cellular division.  New cellular pathways are being formed.

It is this reforming of the cell that is changing the body over from being a dense metal to being liquid light.  Liquid light does not carry disease.  Liquid Light does not die; it is immortal.  Liquid Light vibrates faster and exists in Higher Dimensions.  Those not ascending, by choice, move to an environment which can support their metallic-based body structure, a place like Herculobus.  Those choosing ascension will experience the transmutation into a crystalline liquid light body structure.

The transference of the body into crystalline looks and acts differently than our old body template.  Now there is a central shaft running from the crown opening at the top of the head, down to the opening at the bottom of the base chakra at the perineum.  This shaft is a transducer.  It receives and transmits light and love frequencies. This shaft is the central core of which every grid line of energetic pathway in the human body exits from and enters to.  It is like a rail system in the body.  The infrastructure is made of pure golden light, in which all colors are possible.  The crystalline atom structure transmutes the light out to the body, around the body, and back to the core shaft.  There no longer is waste.  All things no longer needed by the body exit out of the body, through the shaft, and become more light.  It is returned to creation.  Now energy, instead of pulsing through the dense energy centers, rides up and down the central core shaft.  It pulses through the energy centers, as before, but now is refined light.  The vector for this light is love, and it is what we refer to as The Source, OR The Force.  This is the light love energy that connects everything to All That Is.  In this model disease no longer exists.  In this model, bodies can no longer be controlled by implants, chemical mind control, or other means, as in the past.  Surgeries will evolve to being Light surgeries.

The body will be capable of more now.  There will be fewer limitations on what we can do.  We will have the adept abilities we have only dreamt of until now.  Telekinesis, levitation, teleportation, resonate telepathy.  All of this is on the level of light transference.  We now have the body to accomplish these, and more.  Every point on the grid, that which now acupuncturists access with needles, is an energy exchange point.  The light love force energy pulsates through these points of entry, these portals, through the body.  Healing now means accessing these light grids and keeping them flowing in harmony with everything else.  Light healing techniques will be predominate.

How does this interface with positronic antimatter?  What is the interface between matter and antimatter in the new crystalline structure?

The brain inside the new crystalline structure has no limitations as it interfaces with the intelligence of All That Is.  The new crystalline brain is positronic and etheric.  The antimatter light transference connects at the portal energy points to the matter parts of our bodies in a holographic representation, which still appears to be solid, but in no way is.  It is like a grid lattice of light, and at each connection is a portal which transfers light, in an event, from matter to antimatter, in an instant.

With the positronic etheric brain I am seeing 144 grid points.  How do we ground with the Earth?  Through the grid points, or the column?

There is a superconscious connection from the crystalline brain, through the Cosmic Light Body, the crystalline body structure.  There still exists an emotional body, mental body, auric body, etheric body, and God Blueprint body.  These bodies can come out of harmony; they can experience traumas.  We become one with our environment as the central column transmits and receives the Force, through the shaft.  We ground into the Core Earth as well as the Core Milky Way.  It is through the Earth Grids and the Universal Grids we are grounded. When we are done with one life experience, we will not “die”.  We will shed off the matter part of the body and travel as a light body to another location on the Grid.  Practicing the adept abilities is [done] by having the matter parts of the body coordinating with the antimatter parts.

Is there a Cosmic Anatomy, like the Cosmic Pineal which has locus on the Cosmic and Celestial levels?  Is there a critical mass which precipitates Cosmic Ascension?  Will these become integrated or buffered?  This has to do with the human galactic and angelic interfacing at octave levels.

There is a critical mass for the crystalline model to be adopted.  This has been achieved.  All will have the crystalline model now, all who chose to remain on the ascended Earth.  There is a buffering of energy and each person receives, at the perfect time for them, according to their own individual choice, how much and what they will receive.  This goes back to the Universal Law: You must ask, you must allow.

MARK: Beth, I know that this is pretty arcane stuff.  This new body, and people will need a lot of work to get familiar with the differences between the old body that most of the people think they have, but most of their body has already shifted, and will be doing more so in the coming days.  So Lord Ashtar and Lord Arcturus both invited Beth to receive this initial message, and encouraged her to teach some courses in terms of both the anatomical differences as well as how the new system works, and she has that on her new website or will have that completed.  Beth, do you want to give them your website address?

BETH: Sure.  I just want to mention that Lord Mear and Marietta tonight were both talking about how everything is energy and that it’s important for us to take responsibility for our own bodies.  There is a lot of new information out as our bodies are changing over, and people may be having increased ascensionitis symptoms and that sort of thing.  I’ve been asked to see if I can have these courses for self healing which is taking your own healing into yourself, into your own power again.  You will see roundtable discussions where people can ask questions and get answers about how to work with it for themselves, on themselves.  And that information is on my website,

MARK: You might want to tell them to put http in front of that because there are a lot of other titles out there like that, so they get to the right place.

MARIETTA: What you just read, is that posted on your website as well or is it on Kauwila’s site?

BETH: Yes, Marietta Roberts.  It is available on my website under Hot Topics the Crystalline Body.  Thank you.

KAUWILA: I sort of apologize.  When I first came on the line, there has been so much happening within just this trip that I was talking with Marietta earlier about.  You know, it seems like there is so much being brought up, in some ways being confronted by this whole world that is leaving.  I was trying to find a place to park right now.  When I first came on the line, I found a place and then somebody started a pump or something like that.  I don’t think I was muted so if you heard NOW WHAT?  I apologize if you heard that.  That is part of my own ascension process too.  There is going to be a lot coming so there is quite a bit coming out.  Old construction energies over here.  But right now I’m parked in a beautiful park, and I’m directly facing sacred Mauna Kea although I can’t see it because the clouds are out and mist is coming down.  There is a group of probably rainbow children playing soccer right in front of me, so that set the tone for this message.

[Message from Pleiadian High Command]

Last night I was strongly drawn to a spot a couple of miles north of the Kona Airport. I heard that I was to find the parking spot along the road that did not look like a spot, open my sunroof, and BE there. I was there from about 12:30 AM until 5:00 AM.

This was the Pleiadian High Command that summoned my presence. They communicated they were wanting a contact in Hawaii to receive instructions from them at the time of decloakings but first wanted assistance from ground crew for landing areas and protocols communication. As I watched several moving Light ships, I moved in and out of the sleep/dream state. I asked them to please give me complete conscious recall of what they communicated to me during this period.

Here is their communication, as I receive it now (after I am permitted to receive a coffee at Java on the Rock!):

We have called you here to place your heart with ours at this region of our island to begin the energetic preparation, as you night say, for the open arrival of our craft and Galactic council members to the region that is now part of the New Lemuria. There will come a new name for this region as it is so required.

Our craft are already de-cloaking to you, as you know. We require an energetic signature in the essence of the 144th dimension and above that is still in formation process within the matrix of Hawaii islands especially the Big Island is needed to upgrade somewhat to accommodate our craft upon direct landings. This is why you are directed to the island of Kauai and the island of O’ahu. The six days of Kauai operation shall we call it, will be immediately effective in assisting the entire Hawaiian string of islands rise in energetic signature. The 2-3 days on O’ahu validates this increased energy signature on that island, as the effects of Kauai operation moves through the island chain from Kalalau Valley (Kauai), through Ka’ena Point and Tantalus (O’ahu), Halawa Valley (Molokai), Lanai, Haleakala (Maui), Kilauea.

Kilauea was activated/prepared on the 9-9-9, followed by sealing of this new grid and dissolving of old energetic structures by seeding of the Angelic Seed Salt Crystals around the Big Island. Thus the Island of Hawaii has been prepared, and once Kauai is activated as you might say over the September 22 1118 Equinox, at Kalalau Valley, a connecting ley line (shall we say “lei” line?) is formed that directs the upgrading of the entire island group.

More than this is not necessary at this time to know. Be assured that all of the visible “difficulties” many of you experience now are temporary yet necessary and very helpful exercises for YOUR upgrading to allow you to integrate fully and much more rapidly than otherwise possible, into this upgraded new 144th dimensional grid. Meet situations with depth of passion and depth of empathetic heart understand for your situations and all involved with them. These teachers are experiencing, in some cases, great painful suffering at the emotional level to help bring your upgrades to pass. They are essential to you now. Love them dearly, as you WILL thank them after decloakings.

We will have more to report with you after the Kauai/Oahu journey of this K-entity. Be assured, you have succeeded.

KAUWILA: So that was the report from Tuesday, and just as a follow-up, I also spent the night last night and I didn’t get any written communication yet on something that’s….. With your indulgence of a few minutes, they have something to say to you.  The first thing I want to say is that this morning after waking up, I was sort of guided down to the famous beach here called Hapuna Beach.  A very relaxing quiet long white sand beach and I went out there to just rest in the water, and low and behold in front of me, and I just want to say that you’ll never guess whose ship was there!  It was Ashtar’s New Jerusalem.  He has a very distinctive shape when they take the cloud shape, and very clearly there this morning, so with the message from Ashtar this morning from Madame X this all ties in together.  So I would just like to take whatever time they need, but this I think will be fairly short.  So if you don’t mind, give me just a few seconds to tune into the Pleiadian High Council.

[Live message from Pleiadian High Council]

Ah yes, with freshness we greet you my friends.  We are the Council from the planet Zarcon in the system called the Pleiades.  We have come here to assist you along with many, many, many as you know.  Trillions perhaps quadrillions of your Star Family.  We know that you have succeeded in your ascension process.  We are here to assist you through this phase into the new timeline that you have created.  We are grateful that you are here. We are grateful that you are working with us, and we are grateful that enough of you have opened to the possibilities and opened to the understanding that we are here with you now, so that we may appear in ways that ALL will be able to see.  What we’ve been experiencing lately is what you have been experiencing along with us, a dramatic change in your genetic structures.  Again, this is not just a simple carbon-hydrogen-nitrogen typical biological change, it is absolutely a much higher vibrational change as you have been; Lady Beth described it very well to all of you.

We say to you today, listen carefully to what Mother has to say.  We are working very closely with Mother Sekhmet and her clans  shall we say.  Her clan of pawed friends and pawed people.  All different people from all different races.  We are very attached, we are very close to all of the Devas that care for your plant kingdoms and your animal kingdoms and bird kingdoms.  All of the essences that you physically can see with your eyes.  We are so grateful that Mother is helping us today.  So at this time, what we shall say is that [which] will be communicated with Brother Kauila as time permits, and his space for communication is somewhat more aligned with what needs to be happening.  So thank you so much all of you.  We do say that we are very close as everyone has seen.  We are appearing already to many, many, many.  We are appearing many times at night, sometimes during the day, but however you are seeing our craft, they are indeed there.  These are not fictitious, these are not phantoms.  They are real.  They are real.  Mahalo for helping all of us to come before you as one family to join hands in this new celebration that you are soon to encounter.  Aloha all, Aloie Ho and Mahalo from all of us form the Pleiadian High Council.  Thank you.

MARIETTA: We thank all of you for giving us a report here.  There is so much happening.  Mark, do you have anything in the future here that you want to say or announce?

MARK: Well Marietta, I can tell you that we did not plan on bringing through anything near what we did tonight, but like you said, things are picking up at such a rate including so many different sources of information, that it is hard to keep up with it, and that includes what is happening within each one of us personally.  I can tell you that these events of this last week or so are quite impressive in terms of the amount of energy going through our vehicles now, compared to before.  So we will just say that we will wait until the next opportunity to share, and we will probably have our own conference call on the 29th.  In the meantime, if something more comes up, we may share a brief note on the Ashtar-on-the-Road [call] with Susan Leland this next Tuesday night, and then if there is still something more before our own call on the 29th, then we’ll talk to you about it and see if we can share a note next Thursday.

In the meantime, be aware of this equinox coming up, if you listen to Ashtar’s message and I would suggest people read those messages and the ones that [came through], including the one that Kauwila just did from the Pleiadians.  They are not only here, but they are talking about the landings now and so is Ashtar.  He’s not talking about something remote, he is talking about it has already begun, and these waves are going to happen and they are going to happen very quickly, so be prepared.  That’s what we are hearing every single day now.  Be prepared, because very much is about to pop, and we will ask Mother to make a comment on that, and with that, Beth, if you have any final comments, I’m through.

MARIETTA: We thank you for coming on and sharing all of this with us.  I can concur.  I’m having a lot of connection with the Pleiades as well, so we are knowing that Mother is likely sitting here just waiting to share some perspectives from her point of view.

[Invocation of Mother Sekhmet]

MS: Greetings wondrous beings of incredible love and joy, light and wisdom.  What is occurring in your world and in your beings is the Clarion Call of what our beloved brother Gabriel Ashtar Sheran did not know that you knew that name issued now.  Hmmm, it is at this time we would say that Archangel Gabriel is quite in tune with Sachmo and what that tune is about.  The joy of ascension that is in every heart happening.  We know the hour is great where the [inaudible].  We will be brief.  In the sense, we know we are a bit over the edge and got to get up and do it again tomorrow.  [inaudible] We will just say, all of what is occurring now is the time.  Now is the place.

Here, peace is declared across this world.  It is what is happening.  Department of Peace is being made manifest already in that physical place where we can come and share your talking stick, in the understanding all are welcome, as what you say in the beginning of these calls.  That is what it is about.  Passing this way of communication in order for all to be heard.  Whether we are Harmosque are Hoospila or Taliban or other names. Matters not.  How can we best put it?  We are one humanity, one voice, the single-hearted people within that hoop of the great circle of life.  When that will come, we are equal.  Matters not who and what sea you crawled out of or what wing space you may have shared.

The single most awesome thing happening on your world, yet your forms of communication are crude at best, yet they are getting quite sophisticated as these crystalline forms, true communicators of the living light/living love. That is what is being said by these ones.  Taking on these crystalline bodies.  Already happening for all.  And we will concur with 51% over the edge tipping the scales; that is already been said [and]  the light has won.  Like Dr. Greer said, we do not have to discuss if ET is real, let us figure out how we can best invite him/her to the table so we can continue the discussion how to create peace now.  And we can give you the abilities to get these teeth back, get the bodies back.

Hmmm, all of the numbers.  What you have heard from this great soul sharing his wisdom, combinations of this resonance frequency, resonate with numbers.  It is series of zeros and combinations of numerals of 9. Combinations of 9.  When you work in series 3, 6, sometimes others work with other numbers.  It is what you are [inaudible] to.  So have the 1212 or 11s.  It is what is your resonant frequency.

What is occurring in these moments that is so awesome to behold is that this light has clearly defined how this is coming about, and the time is now, yet they still play with the stories of anything other than our arrival and your ascension.  Want to focus on something called the “lost symbol”.  Why is it lost?  Matters not whether it was lost.  Never was lost.  You got it right here in the heart place.  That is the sacred symbol of all that is.  In 9-9-9 rather than the 6-6-6.

We have heard even today, folks who are a bit out there maybe listening to Shawn Hannessey and Mr. Beck and other slingers of mud.  That is just mud.  It is the place in which when we all get in the mud puddle, we have love puddle.  It happens.  That hutspa happens again right now.  What is occurring is we are all in the same cosmic barge boat together.  The sons and daughters of RA, and it is going through that frequency of living light/living love.  To the place in which you and I are ONE.  How this is happening is with the grace and beauty of all the universes making it so.  And it has created quite a stir amongst the nest of ancient dragon clans that thought they could hide for eons of time on this world.  Has stirred the very foundations of your mountain roots and all is a bit in flux.  That cosmic flux.  It is the chaos which creates new.  It has to be that way in this moment in time.

So like Solara said, go ride that quantum surf, you have to move at the particles of light, and visualize yourself moving in a choppy sea at light speed, and however that may seem to go.  Will not be as easy as a glass lake on a calm evening, yet we would also say, steady as she goes.  It is a moment in time as we approach this equinox with all the love we can hold and more for what is occurring on this world.  You will have your freedom, your abundance and your health.  It is all already been ordained.  It is happening now even as we speak.

Do not forget that there are many irons in the fire to spread it around, called the Lavender Lad, where he has turned his dealer’s hat around and is divvying up the pie.  We like pie.  [inaudible] It has to do with that infinite quantum reality that you are all in the pie.  It is how we go through it together when we began this cosmic dance 450 billion years ago, if you want to give it a number.  That is a big if.  We do not have a number.  It is infinite. Whatever you remember or not remember, all coming back full circle, and as you listen to the sound of that oneness in the heart, it is the sound of your homecoming.  It is occurring as we speak, yet for some, it is Andrew, the Angel of Death ringing the final sounds of the calling of the bell for last rites if you will.  What is it? The last rites of all that is old.

For it is you who has to go to that place to turn the page.  Already been turned, yet there is this great struggle seemingly between these ones through 5 corporations [who] run your media, 6, maybe 7.  It only takes 7 people to run the planet according Dr. Jacques Fresco, Venus Project.  We would say, we would love to turn it over to Mr. Jacques and only have 7 folks running the circular cities around your world, so you can get on with your business of ecstasy and joy.  Creating the wonderful magic that you create with your voices in unison as you sing your songs of joy, tell your stories of how we can join with the menuhunees, the angels, the hobbits, the dwarves, the elves.  All of our comparative realities are similar in nature.  Did you know all the Greek Gods were black as coal, honey?  Hmm, what they haven’t told you about your ancient her story, his story, that has to do with who we are. The chemists and that energy of what comes.

No accident Miss Cynthia McKinney saying, you have a Moorish President, honor him for who he is with the wisdom that he brings.  Do not put him in the trash.  It is for one single moment; right now you have the key and the answers with the grace and the beauty of the dignity of the universe watching all of your actions 24/7. Yes, we know when and wherever you are.  We do not have to go into the finite details about sheets and pillows.

TARA: What are you talking about Mother?

MS: Talking about watching you 24/7.  Like what Dr. Greer said, no conversation private anymore.  We are listening to you and so are the MIBs, yet they hold no power, but they want to be part of the conversation.  Like Mr. Fulford said, it is quite a dance to watch as they watch all their gold turn to sand in their hands and then it gets retransmutted back into gold in St. Germain’s hands.  What a concept, what a trick!  It is the greatest trick that you ever imagined, because you all have the ability to turn it back to gold as well.  Upon that biochemical energy within you.

Zeon gas being introduced into your atmosphere.  Already all these Indigo Crystal children and crystalline forms creating wonderful magic right now, and has created quite a stir amongst the different factions as they watch their sandcastles turn into rubble.  No more secrets, no lost symbols, [inaudible].  The breastplate right here on the heart.  Use it to bring in the ancient energies of that what you understand is the art of creation.  You have that ability of all we speak to.  Do it, do it now.

TARA: Mother, I just wanted to ask you.  Well just make maybe a comment that one of the things that is most important of this whole discussion is finding the spirit principles and basing the new economics on those.

MS: Yes, it has to do with getting it out there to take care of the people.  And we would put a call out for help for these two to keep the phone working.

TARA: Well yeah.  We have some bills.  And also the vehicle that we have been driving that has been fixed in the past for us, and we still owe $700 there, and there is a request from that family that gave us the car to help defray that now.  So if people could consider helping at this time, it would be great.

MS: And our friend ET comes to the calls as well.  Hello ET.

TARA: ET’s Auto Repair.  It is true everybody.

MS: Everybody want to go for such a ride including this guy.  Yet it is about how we create this.  Right now, your UN saying over 1 billion people hungry in the world and this is unconscionable.  People going on the streets homeless.  There is enough for every man, woman, child to have universal healthcare, $10 million dollars in their pocket, and a castle for them to live in, and that is happening now.  We have to say, no more discussion.  It is we who are controlling the horizontal.  We control the vertical.  Sit back and listen quietly while another version of the Twilight Zone continues on.

TARA: Well Mother, yes, and the procedure of this……

MARIETTA: Questions regarding swine flu reports.

MS: We will say they are creating more than what is really going on.  Pumping the fear factor in the sense, are they really dead or are they faking the deaths?  Just like Michael Jackson and other stories, because these solutions of death have been neutralized.  We will just say, whoever is reporting news from the agencies that are tied in with the reporting on how the media station gets their funding from the 5 corporations who lick the boots of the Furor.  We will just say, if it is coming from the 5 corporations, it is not telling the truth that the vaccines have been neutralized.  That is how we respond.

MARIETTA: Well I, questioned when I heard the reports from one of our members here from Texas whether they really were deaths, or it was just hyped to get people into a lot more fear.  So you think they did that?

MS: Yes, they want to make ghost stories at midnight.  Already midnight.  Don’t want to make any more ghost stories.

MARIETTA: There is another question about how does Norm Chomsky fit into things?  Is he a White Knight who is still hiding?

MS: Norm Chomsky has always been activist White Knight, yet he has had to work within the confines of MIT.

TARA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is like having a Gag Order ten times over on you.

MS: He is one of our great whistleblowers trying to let the folks know that it is not about Brand X or Brand Z.

TARA: He has come out with statements that are a bit shocking in terms of not being in alignment sometimes, and that has to do with the same sort of compromise that we’ve seen in a number of others, when they got to do what they got to do. I guess.

MS: When they got leaned on.

TARA: Do you want to tell anything else about today’s conversations?

MS: We would just say like what was said at this protest, trying to close the Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. If we are correct with what we heard.  Cynthia McKinney and so many others speaking, showing their heart, saying enough of the fake war on the terror of the people, where the conversation has to come to how we can create the atmosphere for peace now.  NOW.

TARA: You have to arrest them first, Mother.

MS: That is what is being said.  The perpetrators that have done 9/11 is a hair’s breath from the news.

TARA: Yes, Sybil Edmonds is here again with some hard documents.

MS: And we would also say, seemingly it is already over, done and complete.  This is why right now there is a vacuum, and there is a bit of a vacancy if you will with the energies.  A bit choppy as we go from one transition to another.  As Mr. X has told us.  This great transition.  The last time we saw him in DC.

We would just say, this has to do with how this full disclosure comes about. These stories superceding anything that is going on on this planet, is our presence in your midst, and how everyday Joes decide how they handle that.  For what it brings is far-out ways, the news of the day, images of all kinds of events could come up through the one who we are talking through – this Temple of the Living God.  Yet we would keep it humble.  We would just say, like Captain Ashtar and Admiral Sananda have said, we come in peace.  We share that wisdom with you.  How we create that seed right now is we continue this conversation in the night work, where we go and share it with the ones who are a bit in confusion.  There is much confusion.  There are a few clouds around, yet don’t worry about the clouds.  The full noonday sun is already shining on them.  You just have to go, hey Dude, look up, there they are.  Namaste.

MARIETTA: We thank you so much for contributing all your energies and your wisdom to the call and we are grateful for everyone who has participated.


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