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Meet with Elders’ Council in Aegean Sea, Sept 23/09


With Metatron, Ra, Sananda and our Twin Flames, we go to The Elders Council in the Aegean Sea.  BethT/MarkH

Greetings, One and All.  Elders Council Speaking:

We hosted the Kumara commands last night.

You may not realize that there are thousands of us living in Inner Earth.  We are overjoyed that we will be returning to the surface to be with our families.

Many do not understand this as they have never been told about us.  We have requested anonymity before now.

We have had, most of our time here, contact with Ships and visitors from other stars, but in recent times not many from the Surface.  Many of our people were living on the Surface, but they lived lives virtually undetected by your history.  We lived in rugged settings, away from others.  Now all of us will return to our family on the ascended Earth, with all the magical kingdoms and the realms opened for travel.

We at Inner Earth have been the Keepers of the Akasha.  Mikos, at the Library of Porthologos, at Inner Earth, holds crystal holographic “movies” of the histories of all times.  We work with the Hall of Records at Shamballa.  The dolphins and whales agreed to incarnate into seaborne bodies, and to act as the Keepers of the Records.  They travel between inner and outer seas through portal openings.  They regularly go back and forth.  They hold holographic memories and reconnect inner and outer on their migration paths.  They have been holding the flame light for humankind on Earth until humankind could, each one, hold it for themselves.

That time is a breath away. It is done.

Our next Mission is to help the new children, and those on Earth who are wanting to know more, learn holographically in their dreamtime.  There is no part of history we cannot show you.  You may come here out of body, in dreamtime, or as a remote viewing.  Come to us, ask questions, ask for training on new topics.  We are eager to help all looking for answers.  Anything you are not sure about, ask Mikos, and he will steer you to the right answer.

Blessings on Your Way,
~The Elders Councils, Inner Earth, Aegean Sea


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