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Mark: Questions about Changes Post NESARA – 9/3/09


Mark first keep up the great work. Know that I do work with you in spirit. My questions to galactics, I will post to my contacts as well I will share [with those having] mutual interests.

How will we teach and embellish galactic society principle to the masses? How long will this take and what categories are best to start with?

Can we insist on municipal governments donate plots of land so the galactic’s can build healing centers and or housing for poor and homeless.

What is the best approach to develop and distribute new technologies such as replicators, communication devices and transportation alternatives as well as healing technologies?

We should get governments to give us land for technologie development locally and regionally. Will the technologie development be able to be maintained locally rather the regional issues?/

Why have the lightworkers been forced to go without financial support for so long without a mulititude of ways to bring funds our way. No it is not karma?

Thanks for your time and input send contacts asap to me in  BC



Thanks for your interest, personal and group involvement in the great work in which we are all engaged.

The first general answer to your questions is that Lady Master Nada, will be the one to announce on World-Wide-TV/Radio…NESARA. That will commence 36 hours of non-stop information on all related subjects affected by the changes which will commence on 9/9/9 when the upshift to 75% of Full Ascension crystalline power support capacity. Within another 36 hours after that information has been received, individual fundings will begin according to LMNada’s Announcement details…expected to be around 72 hours after Announcements.

Individuals–except for a small percentage of criminals precluded by serious unreadiness to participate in a positive manner– within US,UK,CANADA, and AUS will receive funds. An exact sequence of funding elsewhere will depend on local conditions. However, massive pools of funds will be employed in all areas to relief the basic needs and then new infrastructures and gov’ts will be established and monitored for honesty,equality and integrity. Everyone on the planet will have received individual funding benefits within 12-15months maximum of Announcement.

Because we will be rapidly changing the structure and nature of living everywhere on this planet most of what now is will be unnecessary and will be removed and replaced with non-toxic essential structures and practices.

We will be returning to living in communities of about 10,000, which will be self-sustaining; non-toxic with clean air,water, soil and without need for petroleum burning fuels. Since all will be generated locally, there will no longer be any need for buses, airplances, ships,trains or trucks. That will not affect the economies as all will have funds sufficient that work as it now exists will not be required to provide clean, non-toxic shelter, food, clothing and new communications means will be introduced.

Within 10 days of Announcements and Starcraft decloakings, we will have waves of ships landing around the world. The galactics will off load and implace 5D equipment and devices to clean up water, air, soil and atmosphere and all that will be completed within 30 days of the landings. Some work has already begun. We have posted some information about use of replicators. Understand that…initially…these devices and equipments will be under 5D+ security and custody.

The basic plans  and arrangements will be clearly delineated following Announcements. All immediate needs have been arranged  to be met by galactic assistance from the ships…during the initial days. There will be no essential shortages of necessities.

All of those who are interested and asking to help will be gladly contacted and provided with whatever is needed for them to advise others of how to obtain what is needed.

The Venus Project of Jacque Fresco is an example of knowledge that is now available to create self-sufficient communities that–once constructed, non-toxically–can be administered and maintained by as few as 7 individuals…for quite long periods of time.

Property ownership will necessarily change and all this will also be explained in the initial days.

New Healing Technologies will virtually replace existing invasive, cutting, burning and toxically medicating patients…allowing most hospitals to empty and be converted to the new procedures and methodologies.

All upon this planet had to sign an agreement to wait until all could be included with assistance. The ones who will be replaced have especially targeted the ones who want positive changes. We all knew what we were coming into and we all volunteered to participate until a critical mass had been achieved. That means that until 51%+ welcomed changes, we had to continue to work towards that. That goal has now been achieved and assistance can be provided.

Each step has a particular impact and the sequential flow has to be maintained at all times. We as a collective had to Ask for Peace. That happened on 9/1.

All existing suppression programs/endless loop tapes in the Master Holographic Matrix programs required representatives of us all to Ask. When we took all dark/light representatives back to Source, all the councils terrestrial, celestially and beyond had to agree. They did. Then the removal of all that was not in accord with Peace, Love, Unity and TwinFlame/Twin Heart balance was allowed to be removed from the New Earth Timeline Master Matrix.

All that occurs at 9:09 on 9/9/9 guarantees the solutions will be forthcoming.

It will be–for most–the realization of their most sincere visions and hopes.

All else will then follow in steps on 10/10/10; 11/11/11 and 12/12/12 as additional Crystalline activations of planetary crystals bring us up to 100% of Full Ascension support. Those wedded to the Old Timeline will quickly either change their ways or be relocated at various threshold points. However, all who ask and follow the internal guidance they receive will be included.

All must be at 100% Crystalline 5D+structure and activation for that final step. We will Fully Upshift as One Unified Collective Human Wave of Consciousness.

There is more than sufficient pristine land to provide for all who will be here.

When all of existing ‘toxic stuff’ is removed, our local needs will become easily manageable without need for far away resources. The Magical Realms, which are an essential part of Earth Mother, will be rejoining us and assisting us in discovering how to grow really healthy and wondrous foods and in bringing enormous delight back into every environment including the hearts of our new children–Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, Platinums, etc–who are ready to show us new ways to do everything with Love, and in Peace and Joy, that will not fade.

Replicators will be used to create and duplicate fully vibrant materials, devices and foods and will take the drudgery out of most everything. Nanites will quickly be introduced and then living structures will become possible as they are on the ships.

As DNA upgrades continue most families will become fully telepathic and new souls will be ‘called’ and prospective parents/surrogates/foster parents will volunteer to foster many new ones during the transition and Ascended World
New Era.

Anti-gravity lifting devices and various non-polluting vehicles will replace all existing transportation and we will not need roads…allowing all that concrete to demolecularized, so the planet can breathe again. Vehicles will be silent and require little to no maintenance. Travel to anywhere on the planet will be inexpensive and sentiently guided by Artificial Intelligence…so no accidents will occur. Weather will become 70-73degrees year round as the axis of the planet is restored to Zero Axial imbalance. Terraforming of the earth and other planets in our solar system has begun.

Accelerated holographic learning technologies are being introduced now to our New Kids of all ages…during their night ‘cycles’. This will be revealed soon…in greater detail, and they will demand these fully positive and supportive techniques be brought forward to replace existing schools and methods.

Beth and Mark have visited sites where this is underway. It is phenomenal what even babies can learn in a single session of this nature. Much of this is non-verbal instruction and can be augmented in various ways by prepared teachers.

Spiritual development is the most required element to achieve full ascension and this will quickly be possible as all basic survival needs are met and the DNA upgrades and activations restore capacities long ago lost that will be remembered, embraced and redeveloped with joy and delight.

Unlimited potential exists and this realization will catalyze everyone into action and dreaming new and more expanded visions. Dream joyously and dream larger.

More details will be forthcoming after 9/9/9. We are becoming the 33rd Galactic World and all that that implies.

MarkHuber/BethTrutwin, Friends and Family of One Representatives.


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  1. jackpotlady says:

    This is the best news ever. I am smiling ear to ear. My husband and my landlady and her husband are quite sure I am nuts. I am hoping that my mom lasts until then. She is in the hospital and quite out of it mentally. I want her to be here for this happy event but have no idea how long she made her life contract for. It would be really a happy event for everyone if she walked out of that hospital with her mind and her health restored!

  2. adrianIII says:

    Only four more days! :-)

  3. jackpotlady says:

    Minute by minute and second by second I am silently counting. Yesterday I was watching this wave of near panic and violent confrontations sweep the face of America. I had to think, what if Jesus were here? Are we the ones that crucified him so long ago? Haven’t any of us learned anything? Doesn’t anyone else see it? Were our memories wiped so clean that it is happening again? Awful thought to be eating my mind while the rest of me is still like the tail wagging the dog! Only three more days! Today I saw several saucer shaped clouds and yesterday there was a great big and very long cloud overhead that did not move in several hours. I smiled and I waved. Soon I tell myself!

  4. adrianIII says:

    So here we are!! What’s new?

  5. jackpotlady says:

    Maybe 9-9-9 isn’t quite over. I just read Sheldan’s take on things and once again I am hopeful. The energies coming in have made my dreams so lucid it is incredible. Last night I saw a big white bird with a saddle on it and somebody embarking on a flight. I don’t know who was going flying or why I had the word “condor” on my tongue when I woke up but it was really nice and I woke up happy and smiling! I also have been stuck on one song today, “Atlantis” by Donovan. Happy, happy, happy!

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