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Mark Huber Telecall – September 15, 2009


From Kauwila:  The entire, unedited, telecall is uploaded. I’m not splitting this up at this time, but will eventually as time and energetics permit.
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MARK: Well good evening, everyone.  This is Mark, and Beth is on line and Kauwila is on line and Rama and Tara are on line.  We have quite a program tonight.  We want to do some things that we did not have time to do on 9-9-9, but are related.  As most of you know, we received questions and visions about post NESARA, post landing.  That was the intention of 9-9-9 special session which was difficult to arrange, difficult to execute, and yet it served a very useful purpose, and I can tell you that we had plenty of responses.  We were flooded with good responses.  One of the responses was so good in terms of post NESARA energy exchanges on both financial as well as other levels that we talked to Ashtar about it.  We are going to be discussing this as soon as we hear Rama and Tara’s report on the Faction 3 News of the day.  So Rama and Tara, if you are there, I would like to ask you to take the microphone now.

RAMA: Hi everyone.  I guess I’ll grab that talking stick and begin yapping.  In the last day or two, we have been sitting in this shaman circle, if you will, working with the Angels and the Fairies and the Devas, the Elves, the Dwarves, the Gnomes.  All the Galactic beings, and our sister Cynthia in Atlanta has been working with that and a whole group of Moorish folks here as well, passing on the energy into the light of the most radiant one.

TARA: There are 20 of us.

RAMA: 20 of us sitting in this circle and the energies were just incredible.  Highly credible in the sense of the magic that’s unfolding, as we are witnessing the unfoldment of what Dr. Greer spoke about last Friday on 9/11.  Interesting that he chose 9/11 to make his little visit in Ashville where he was an ER Doctor for quite a few years, and he saw all kinds of stories that, just let me tell you what he said:  “We don’t have to debate the fact that we are here, they are here.  Let’s go over that one.  The fact is we need to begin the conversation talking about how we and us and them, so to speak, can sit down at the table like this, passing the talking stick, and begin the Department of Peace right now.”  Dr. Stephen Greer, Dr. Stephen Bassett, Richard Hoagland and so many others are passing that talking stick to make it happen right now.  I noticed that in the last week or so, the craft have been coming and decloaking everywhere.  There was something like 20 states and including quite a few other countries.  Every single day there has been a decloaking over a city or a state.

TARA: Or more than one.

RAMA: More than one, yes.  Today I had a bit of an experience at the Atlanta Airport where I went into the Starbucks to use the WiFi on this device.  I logged into the Daily KOS.  Great website.  Check it out [at] There was this TSA man standing next to me, that’s all I’ll say.  He looked at me kind of over his shoulder, and he said, oh you know about the KOS.  I said yes.

TARA: TSA [Transportation Security Administration] is Airline Security, Airport Security.

RAMA: This TSA man looked at the Blackberry and said, oh you go to that website Daily KOS? and I said yeah, he is a friend of mine.  He said, you know the KOS?  I said yeah.  We get our orders from him.  I said, so do you know about, you know, the big story that 9/11 was an inside job and the whole war on terror is a fake and we are already in that moment?  He looked at me and went, shush, have a nice day Sir, a little cloudy, watch that rain.

TARA: And the KOS also told Rama that he told the whole security to leave Rama alone.

RAMA: That’s right.

TARA: In the airport.  That’s the big switch.  In other words, that security force Friday night, they were and we all recognized it.  My, my, the weather and the security in the airports and that’s not even a small deal, because Atlanta, GA is what they call the Riyadh station of the United States, which means that every night, the banking transactions that go to the Central Bank in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia are counted up there.  That is something between 18-20 million transactions, excuse me, billion or something, I don’t know, some outrageous amount of communications.  I’m saying, the gig is up in terms of taking the bankers and all of their profiteering along with the insurance folks and all of theirs.  Along with prime mortgage, and all of theirs, along with 9/11.

I mean there was even a fake propaganda setup story with Alex Jones who is a Jesuit there.  He is being very much used right now and he’s really got himself between a big pickle and a little pickle.  I’ll just say that he interviewed, you might say, another clone of Bush, Jr.  Not the one, another one just for this op.  That clone was trying to convince everyone that, please don’t kill me, there were no weapons of mass destruction.  Never mind all the millions of people who died and I mean millions.  Please let me live in prison for the rest of our….   Now we are being asked to give divine compassion, yet we are also being asked to discern with wisdom what Mother would do, what Mother would say.

RAMA: And I would in a sense not speak for my granny, but I’ll let her speak for herself in a little while, but I would go so far [as] to stand on a couple of claws and say that it is in the moments that we are witnessing right now, the energy of that heart [inaudible] we all have to get into.  In the sense, what touched me so greatly, and I had a hard time crying my eyes out sitting at Dr. Greer’s.  He said, it’s not about getting out there; in order to get out there, you go to go in through here, through the heart cave.  That is how you get to the place where we sit down with our Galactic brothers and sisters and pass the talking stick.  Create the Department of Peace right now, and he said, you get out there and spread this message far and wide across this planet.  Be not afraid.  They hold no more powers here.  Only in the sense where seemingly what they are trying to create is an atmosphere separation, so to speak.  In that place where they are trying to discredit Mr. Obama in comparing him to like a kid, a pedophile, going to a kindergarden. Yesterday, they were discussing what he did with the financial stuff.  I mean, I heard this strange character, Neo Borg, on the radio.

TARA: Who?

RAMA: An Atlanta talk show host who is friends with Shawn Hennessey and Rush Limbaugh, and he compared Obama, you know, descending on Wall Street like a pedophile going to a kindergarden and that is not what is going on.  What is going on is the neocons are going to the place in which they are going to have to face their own creation.  That is why I say from the sense of what Mother has to say, in terms of these guys.  You know, do you want a French cigarette, a cup of joe, or a blindfold to the last rites?  I would have to say, ultimately it is up to Mother in that sense.  I pass her the talking stick.  What she would say as I might be so bold as to say, is these folks have to deal with the creation they’ve created in their own hearts of that place, that sliver of Vader that they have to look at, and how wide that sliver of Vader is.  Whether it is a tiny crack or the Grand Canyon.  They have to deal with that, not Mother.  She just reflects back all of what they have in their heart.

MARK: Right now, again I want to go back and mention that we were asked to do the 9-9-9 Council Meeting, because they wanted to get input from potential representatives.  Earth representatives to the Galactic Councils and interfaces from the ground units, and also find out how they dealt with certain energies.  Mainly the Galactic energies coming in rather strongly.  As in other cases, they wanted us to ask around, the people’s visions and questions.  We have been collating those and talking virtally with them because we couldn’t get all the stuff done in one session.  So we’ve been working on this pretty much non-stop.  One of the contributions that came in, many of you will be interested in this, because it is a unique discussion of the financial and other energy exchanges post NESARA and post Landings.  That means, after we’ve already got that, now what’s it going to look like?  How are we going to interface with the Galactics?  How are we going to, what’s our vision of how the whole thing works, the energetic exchanging between us and each other and between us and the Galactics?  This is just a proposal.  This is just an introductory thing.  The program itself is a quite extensive and we will be sharing portions of this, but it is usable and doable as we go along.  But right now, we’ll read the introductory statement.

This is a person who lives in Colorado and has been connected with a very [high], you might say, security organization, and she has 3 files that she sent us.  She said, I’m a bit lost right now because the Gatekeepers (who were a part of her organization that she was connected with) stopped contact with me 2 years ago.  I know they still monitor my phones, emails and view my activities through the TV when I remove the towel from the screen (means that she puts a towel over the TV).  When they send satellites too close to me I get sick to my stomach because I feel too much energy.  High amounts of energy always do make me sick to my stomach.  She just accepted that as the price she has to pay for being a part of this very high level financial group.  I do not fully know who I am, because when I do have spiritual clarity, it is just for the purpose of passing on information, then it seems to go away.

I seem to be a person who understands the written word, and sees hidden codes in the writing, and interprets that information along to higher dimensional beings that I have been involved with.  But when I am not in that mode, I do not know who I am.  By the way, this person is in the legal profession.  They have only said that I have done a lot of things to help a lot of people, but won’t tell me what the results [are] of the information I have given to help.  Some Lightworkers have told me that they have seen me on the ships.  I sometimes hear in my heart that I was a warrior and I fought in the bloody mess in the higher realms.  I suppose I have been drawn to the Gatekeepers.  They found me and called me up because they heard of the legal work I was doing to help the Farmers many years ago.

She has been involved in this for a long, long time.  So she was involved in Farmers’ claims and many other parts of this.  So right now, she was just looking to see where she could fit in, and they’ve been reading our posts and said the Faction 3 information agrees with what she has been taught by the Gatekeepers.  I believe the security network represents the Red Ninjas, and I know the head man whose name is Ricky and I know he is a remote viewer, but I’m not told much beyond that.  I’ve just tried to put all the pieces together over the years.  I am sorry I rambled, this and this may all fall to the floor, but I have at least made an attempt to reach out instead of staying a recluse as I was told to do years ago.  I want to be of some value now.

Well, I will tell you, we looked at her 3 attachments that she proposed, and this has been well thought out indeed, and we will be presenting more on that, because it is something that Ashtar told us, this is exactly what they are looking for.  A well thought out vision that can be practically implemented, and to have, a full you might say, business plan worked into them.  In other words, they’ve been so well thought out and so well vetted, that it is almost a cookie cutter solution for people to discuss.  To use as a talking point to discuss.  So we will be putting this out as separate attachments, one each time, and you can look them over, and you may want to discuss them in your local areas.  But this is the kind of thing.

This goes not just on the level of money, it goes on the level of all kinds of energy exchanges, and how this is self regulating you might say.  And also, it dovetails very nicely with Jacques Fresco and the Venus Project, so you can see there’s been some many years of high level thinking with the organization that she worked with.  I think you will find it very exciting when you read it and see how rounded and pragmatic and well thought out it is.  And continuing on that line, of asking the Council based on questions we received from individuals, questions, we decided that we would go around and talk to individual Councils.  Beth, would you care to introduce the first one?

BETH: Sure, I would be happy to.  We raised the questions that she brought forward as an outline for suggestions for post NESARA, and we went to visit one of the first Councils.  We went to see the Arcturian Council, and we asked them if they would give us a statement regarding what they see as their role helping us on Earth post NESARA.  So I would like to share what we received from them now, and I want to start it out by saying…. I first want to read part of what she wrote to us and we read this to the Council at Arcturus.

Here is a proposal from a GRT_Intel writer:

The dynamics of a group are a Source of Creation, but a group by itself can not expand its consciousness without a leader and observers.  Expansion of a group consciousness occurs with the awareness of leadership’s movement of the observer outside the group, moving towards the group.  The observer’s beliefs are of the utmost importance, as the movement of the observer along with the belief energy will be transmuted upon the group as a unit or molecule, and the group unit will expand in consciousness and comprehend the observer’s love, will, and direction of truth or light, thus creating or generating more fluency and currency, called synergistic energy exchange.  This acts like a business transaction, so this creates the need for fluent group management, as groups can then evolve into different types of networks and different types of currents or currencies or cosmic consciousness.  The result is an expanding of Higher Awareness of Self and I Am creation.  This becomes a rhythm of expansion of the Energy of God and Co-creation of collective energy.

Post NESARA a new model will be put into place.

Joy will be abundant as people hear Lady Master Nada instruct them that their new found wealth may be used to improve lives of all on Earth.

Every man, woman and child will feel inspired to add their creative energy to these new projects.  Joy, pride, and love will run rampant.  The new-found freedom of it will have people giddy.

The new conscious collective will look and function as a lotus blossom.  The whole is represented as the fruition of all that is possible, which is a holographic and infinite representation of fractal energy.  The core is the love found in Oneness, the pestle and stamen, the male and female balanced core of synergistic co-creation.  The petals each represent another section, another program, another part of the New Plan.  Each petal has its own fragrance, and as it opens to wholeness, all are able to sample the sweet, succulent smells coming from that new creation.

The Galactics wish to provide mentorship on beginning the new process.  We offer suggestions and models that may be utilized.  These will be step by step processes.  As the World releases the old model of servitude, it will be challenging to see new solutions to old problems.  This is where the Galactic Council comes in with non-judgmental guidance and support as Earth segues in its own new approach.  This new model will be an approach that works for everyone.  We will be teaching discernment.  We will show, by example, how if a new design works, it is able to grow, evolve, change, and be all inclusive.  As long as it is feeding more light to itself and sustaining constant increase in growth, it is indeed the right model.  This is our role now.

There are advanced models of abundant co-creation, which up until now have not been shared in this time and this space.  As each Human Being receives their packet (as long as they are 51% positive, they will receive a packet), as each One comes into abundance, it comes with a mentor who will teach new facets of abundant co-creation heretofore not understood in 5D.  Everyone will be upgraded with the skills to make choices which will benefit All That Is.  This is how we know that the New Plan will work.  Each person who participates sees quite quickly how Being Abundant, Acting Abundant, and Sharing Abundance only brings more abundance.  Everyone will want to play the new game.

Namaste, ~The Arcturian Council of Light

MARK: Thanks Beth, and I think maybe the next one to share is the visit to the Lyran Council.

BETH: Yes.

MARK: As many of you may have already heard on one occasion or another, the model that we represent in a physical structure [Adam Kadmon] was crafted on higher dimensional levels, and again through a Lyran conference that gave them resulted in them having a name that the rule of Lyra was often called as the source of our current Adam Kadmon.   So this might be of special interest to say that was where many of us got our start in the matter universe, even though we previously existed in anti-matter.  So go ahead please.

BETH: Thank you.  Mark and I did these visits to the Councils a few days apart and it says:

To the Council of Lyra we ask:

We are now visioning through all of the Round Tables from above and below, we are envisioning Twin Flame here, male female balancing spirit.  And we understand this is visioning an energetic system matrix that is holographic.  What we are asking:  we want to bring forth something new, something that includes and benefits us all.  Something that joins us in a joyful peaceful loving harmonious way.  How may we proceed?  We invite the AFERs, progenators, a collective, Ancient Elders who originally gave us this model in the 100th Dimension.  We are getting our energy from the Great Central Sun, and we want the angelic/galactic/awakened human to be one.  We want to be energized and activated within Source, which we each have within.  We want our new Earth Plan to honor all, from all, out into co-creative sensual reality.  From the heart-mind and equal armed radii, spiraling up through the dimensions, in a never-ending healing harmony, embracing change, being the change.  This is all inclusive; we all have a beautiful divine purpose. When we open to that, we have a holographic perspective instead of a linear perspective.  We want representatives of all, who can talk about the substraights and quantum entanglement, which effects the omniverse which is expressive, so we can see the blank slate technology, so we can envision the higher dimensions to look for ways to recognize all energies, all frequencies.  So they too will change.  Their Source Level Guidance is getting best visions, best hopes, best dreams, where we can co-create together, so all value the highest dynamic of the coconsensus reality.  Will you help us present this, or express this, or describe how we get from where we are until we get to the new Plan, where we do it with reverence and love for all others?

Headquarters for the Ashtar Command (Ashtar, Soltec, Hatonn), a 12 D World where we sprung up into the Adam Kadmon template; this one holds the greatest capacity to get the job done, to take us back to the hundredth dimension and beyond.  This will take us back to the Godhead.

We bring representatives of the natural and magical realms as well as sound and light.

We arrive at Lyra.  It looks like a cosmopolitan city.  There are tall buildings with twinkle lights.  One of the structures is a geodesic pyramid.  We arrive at a large building, and an enormous door on the side of the building opens so we may “fly” into it, and we land on a platform there.  As we disembark there are greeters who welcome us and gift us with flower leis.  It smells tropical and fresh here.  The inside of this landing area is royal red.  We walk past a thirty-foot-high statue of Mother Sekhmet as we are ushered into the round table room.  Here the Lyran Council Members sit alternately around a table with AFERs.  The AFERs are quiet a bit taller than the Ones from Lyra who are humanoid. They all stand as we enter the room.  We bow Namaste and take our positions at the round table.  We ask them to please comment, if they will, on any portion of the above question.

One of the AFERs stands up to address us:

There are Councils all over this Universe who have been meeting recently to answer this same question.  This is a very important question.  No longer will there be allowed an energetic frequency of exchange which has the ability to be controlled.  We are looking at creating a model of energy frequency exchange (money) which is all inclusive and flows in and out in a never ending rhythm.  This new exchange system has a requirement of being immortal, being infinite, having the ability to evolve.  As the needs of the organism evolve, so too will the energetic flow evolve to meet its growing needs.  These Councils have been meeting so they may come up with some viable models.  These models will be brought, in love, light, balance, freedom and reverence to Earth.  These potential possibilities will be brought to roundtable discussions which will be viewed by all throughout the World.  We will have roundtable meetings and we will have mentors to work with anyone wanting to know more about these discussions.  We will have expert representatives from all parts of the World meeting, post NESARA, to implement ways to put the New Earth Plan into place.  This new plan with be the highest possible, spinodal joining of balanced holographic representation of the Whole.

One of the Lyrian Council stands and continues:

Thank you for bringing us this question today.  We wish to offer our perspective on this important question about energetic exchange.  The next step in this process of earth and individual ascension is to dissolve the old matrix core fear beliefs surrounding money.  The whole point of NESARA is to remove the survival programming from our consciousness, wipe it clean.  After this, joining monies will become the balanced fulcrum approach to providing all that is needed to All That Is.  The first concept to teach those on Earth is sharing, pooling, flowing, and sustaining the energy through cooperation.  All will have everything they need.  No one will be left out.  This will be an exercise in Divine Love.  It must be implemented as a co-consensus reality.  In order to introduce this possibility all fears of lack must be completely removed.  This is why we are moving to a metals-backed currency.  There will be a tiered approach to energy exchange.  Economics 101 will begin as a metals-backed currency, and after many years of All on Earth having all they need, we will evolve out of that low level dynamic to something even more substantive.  We will do away with money as we know it today and move to a system of debit and credit exchanges.  There will be no currency standing in for the energy exchange as time goes on.  We will realize it is not necessary.  We will grow to the point of understanding that love is its own currency, as is light.  There are others, colors, sound, and others still.  The new currency exchange will happen in tiered phases, and the Ones creating it will be the ones to determine when the next phase may be phased in.  As this continues, the old dissolves and is returned to light for more creation.  The beginning of this is to decide the importance of each needed solution, its place on the priority list, and the means by which it will be distributed.  This is not as complicated as it sounds.  We of Lyra, with the AFERs Elders, are at your service for counseling.  We cannot do it for you, but just ask, and we will help you include all the necessary co-creative forces, working with all elements involved, to solve all the necessary changes and not allowing any unintended consequences.  We will do this as a group in All That IS, to deliver love, light, color and sound, in a balanced holographic model to all on Earth.

Another Council Member from Lyra adds:

We now wish to be available to help all the Leaders, who will head up these Councils on Earth, to begin imagining ways these things may be accomplished.  These may begin, as has been proposed as:

Integrity Team’s Round Tables can be established for many purposes, namely:
1) To replace the banking system as we know it.
2) To replace the government divisions as we know them.
3) To replace state and city and governor systems as we know them.

Integrity Team’s Round Tables will serve as a Trustee of trusts, who as a group can be set up as:
1) Teams – Representing functions, such as a type of lending
2) Divisions – City and Town counselors
3) Sections – Representing groups of states
4) Possibly Arbitration Boards

We wish the Leaders of Earth, those serving in the Galactic Federation, and other associated Groups, to begin to imagine the possibilities of how they may serve in one of the above capacities.  The purpose of being embodied now on Earth is spiritual service.  There is nothing else.  Once NESARA comes, it is not a holiday present to squander.  It simply removes you from servitude to the cabal, and feeds, clothes and offers the security needed to move ahead, to evolve out of “jobs” and beginning to do your “work” as spiritual service to a New Plan for Earth.

We salute you!

MARK: Well thank you, Beth. The next one we went to, we actually decided to talk to St. Germain and discuss especially changes between now and the NESARA announcements.  So this is a little different than the others because we wanted to discuss the overview that we had been having, to see if he could come up with any suggestions or changes, refinements that we were using.  And we had been trying to get to the Andromedans, but because they are a very, very advanced, scientifically advanced, the only word I can say for it because they are so far advanced, is that it difficult to translate their terms into ours, because when they send a representative to the ships, to one of the Motherships, they were in humanoid form, and we know that is not their normal form, so it was hard to translate what they were saying into a form that made sense to us.  So we went to see St. Germain.  I just want to… I’ll tell you the first part of what he told us, and then what we asked him to give us, whiich was an overview about the different groups.  Some people may not be clear about……they would like a thumbnail sketch about what these different peoples are because these people are all coming here.  They are our brothers and sisters who have had a role in our development for eons and eons of time beyond your counting.  Many of us have passed through these different civilizations on our way around the universe, so we have ancient ties with them as well.  In any case, we asked St. Germain about the between time between now and NESARA’s announcement.  Here was his advice:


St. Germain:  During this short period, it is important to be kind and compassionate.  It is important to send more love and then still more love.  Judge people less.  Preferably not at all.  Ask for the highest good to come in every situation.  As these days wind down, there will be a last feeble attempt of holding onto the old, creating chaos and lots of misinformation.  There will also be those required to wear two hats.  White and dark.  We talked about that.  We call them double agents and you know who they are, many of them.  You don’t know who all of them are, but do not allow this to sway you from the truth.  Use discernment in every situation.

In this regard, in particular, if somebody prints something that’s another source like Faction 1/Faction 2, we would prefer that you not ask us to interpret what they are saying.  They are the best interpreters of what they are saying.  We report Faction 3 information and we are very happy to discuss Faction 3 sources and information.  Rama and Tara and all of us can talk to these ones (our sources) and the A-Team members can talk to some of them.  We are happy to discuss what we have purview over and access to, but not other people’s things.  That’s okay for them to say what they will because this is the time for us all to exercise our own discernment.  To use our heart instead of our head.  Feel it.  When you put 2 messages side by side, if one of them creates fear and talks about catastrophes, the probably is, it is the dark or it is some misguided soul who has picked up this information through conduits that are less than clear.  Almost anything you are going to hear that puts you into depression is dark-tainted.  Whether it is intended to be that way or not.  So keep that in mind.  Rather than ask someone else to do your thinking or growing for you, just deal with it the best you can, because that is part of passing your own test right now.  You have the skills.  That is what we want to emphasize.  Everyone here has many, many, many lifetimes of gaining the skills.  What many of us are lacking, is trust in our own intuition.  The trust in that our skills are here, and they will be coming increasingly and are becoming increasingly more available to us, and the more we use them in a positive way, the more they will grow.  This will happen very rapidly here in the near future.

What is being reported has happened, but it is not always what happens.  And it may be hedged in various ways to spin agendas.  Be aware.  Worry begets worry.  Love begets more love.  Celebration that we have come this far is the best way.  Be the change that you want to see in the world.  If you want to see more down-in-the-dump days, then you are not changing anything.  If you want to be the one that stands up and says, I can feel changes within me, I don’t know what they mean just yet, but I like the fact that I can feel that movement.  I didn’t feel movement for years, now I am.  I know something is happening.  It is something that simple.  Be the change you want to see.

Get your house in order.  Now they keep repeating this a lot lately.  Continue to do joyous things with and for others. In other words, surround yourself with joyful people who are doing positive things.  If the Galactics came tomorrow, ask yourself this.  Would there be junk for them to walk over if they came to see you, if they came to meet you?  Would you drop everything and pack for the nearest paradise for a rest or for a few days without any great strain? Think about these things.  Or are you so bogged down, none of this would be possible and you would have to say, well, come back next lifetime.  Think about it.  Organize your priorities.  Act through love, during this period prior to everyone being crystalline, which is by the way happening faster than you can think about it.  What about the dual systems that are competing?  In other words, old paradigm carbon-based chakra systems versus the new crystalline ones, which you have to have become [crystalline] in order to ascend.  The planet as a whole is more than 51%.  We talked about that before, what you can do to increase that percentage rate to get you up to 100% as rapidly as possible.

All Galactics are 100% crystalline.  People need all the help they can get to upgrade so when you take it up higher, small things are toxic quickly.  When you take it up higher, small things are toxic quickly, which means the higher you go in consciousness, small errors and small things become very, have big effects.  So thoughts, feelings, actions, words.  Be mindful of each of these.  Intuition and feelings are the best way to guide yourself.  Yes, yes, yes.  People are having a hard time.  Some have the sniffles.  Even Beth.  This is a sign of change.  Sniffles are draining away the old.  Some have relationships or financial issues.  Some have both.  There has been an epidemic of this right now.  There is a reason for this.  Wave it bye-bye.  It is time to release, release, release and open your heart to receive the new, the now, because all the old must go.

We’ve talked about the 2 timelines we are on; they are overlapping.  One of them is fading and will lose energy and will be gone.  The new one is the only one you want to be on if you intend to ascend.  It is the only one that will ascend, because it is based on 100% love, 100% peace, and 100% crystalline.  Some are having life-altering illnesses at this time, and this is a time of review and decision, so always ask for the highest and best for all involved.  Not trying to determine what that is.  Simply asking for it, because we cannot interfere in the lives of others beyond asking for their highest and best.  Now we acknowledge that anything toxic (actions, words, deeds) will be felt deeply.  Alter actions, words and deeds to reflect love, love, and more love.  This is the key.  As the old system competes with the new.  As winter dawns into spring, allow the old system to dissolve and become light creation.  To go on and to make something new.  That is the solution to being kind to yourself and others, as the crystalline bodies are upgraded into each one and as we become our now selves.  Now here’s a brief overview.  A short overview of each of the different…..

BETH: Mark, I would like to add something here please.  When we were speaking with St. Germain, we were thinking about when First Contact happens, we will be joined by our Galactic brothers and sisters and our family.  We have to remember that everyone who is on Earth now does not originally come from Earth.  Our Galactic past, over lifetimes in other star systems in our universe, and as when we went to St. Germain, I know, because when we go out of body and visit these groups, we get to talk to them, we know their flavor, we get to see what they look like.  I would like everyone to think about, did you have a past lifetime in any of these areas and perhaps part of you is a hybrid?  Maybe you are more than one.  Maybe you came from more than one of these places.  So as Mark reads these from St. Germain, the purpose of asking this was to help others to get acclimated to what that feels like.  What each group feels like for them.  That’s why we are sharing this piece.

MARK: Yes and thank you, Beth.  This is so vital now.  If you could see it from where we are looking from, and the people we, Rama and Tara and all the rest of us, were looking at and talking to, you would understand that there is so much activity going on.  There are meetings going on day and night on the Galactic levels as well as the local levels.  Everyone is on high, high states of readiness, and there are so many things happening on every single day in bringing this to a head as quickly as possible.  It is beyond discussion.  So these people are not only going to be here.  I want to add one more thing before we talk about the individual groups of them.  In addition to being here, when the decloaking happens, this is before they arrive, just the decloaking of the ships themselves, we have often talked, that everyone on this planet including the dark are going to be raised up in vibration about a half a step.  Going from 3.5 to 4.0 is a half step.  Going from 4.0 to 4.5 is another half step.  So you can see wherever you are, it doesn’t matter, everybody is not the same, but wherever you are, that is a full half step and that is a lot.  It took us a very long time to get the first step up from 3.0.  Now we are doing this step very rapidly so they are going to be coming as they decloak after…….. When you hear about arrests, you can just about expect almost immediately, maybe simultaneously, you are going to hear from our own media here in the US, not just in foreign countries about sightings.  Massive sightings over big cities across the planet and it is going to be impossible to prevent that.

So when this particular effect is going to take place, I am going to tell you, we had several experiences recently in which they have beamed in.  They are in the room with you.  I am telling you that the effect on you is that your whole body starts amping up, and your heart and your core knows that you are in the presence of high beings of light because tears start to come to your eyes.  This is all positive, but it is so unexpected and so different from what we are used to having.  Rama and Tara and Dyanna also, about their visit with triple Sri, I call him.  And that was one of the effects there, is that they realized they were in the presence of an immortal and a being of very, very high refinement.  They didn’t pass that to everyone there in that gathering.  Beth and I met with him up on the ship when he took us to see the Dalai Lama, and he also had that same impact on us.  So be aware of it.

When this decloaking takes place, you are going to have that experience as if they were standing right in front of you.  Because the ships are going to be radiating, since they come from the higher dimensions.  These are not 3D craft we are talking about.  These are higher dimensional, bio-organic, very high consciousness congregations of energy, and they will and they can shift the planet right there and they will shift us up.  What we do with it will be up to you, but that’s before we even have landings.  So understand, this is not coming in the future.  Almost everyone here on this call is certainly going to experience this.  A very few might decide that they don’t want to stay around for this, but most will and they will experience it, then they will experience much of what the rest of it is that is going to be very wonderful.  So Beth, would you talk to us a little bit about the Pleiadians and Sirians?

BETH: Yes.  I just want to add that many of us may remember that we are Galactic extraterrestrials and we are living in human bodies.  So when these [beings] from other places come here with the mass landings, there will be instant surprises and memories that these are your family members.  St. Germain said to us regarding the Pleiadians:

A brief overview of our Galactic Brothers and Sisters:

Pleiadians: Many of you reading this originally came from the Pleiades.  They are masters of nature.  They love magic.  In their society family relationships are important.  You are their family.  They love you.  They want to do everything to help you.  Pleiadians enjoy the arts and artistic expression; they love beauty.  They strive to help us consciously integrate infinite love and divine purpose into our individual expressions, and expressions in Earth.  Pleiadians will be here in humanoid form.

Sirians: Sirians have for a long time held great halls of knowledge, libraries and universities.  They are experts on all things etheric.  This is the place to go to discover the etheric realm.  Sirians have a society of temples, onion domes, sandy beaches, sentient gardens, places to ponder Oneness and All it Is.  The sunset here is often purple and orange.  Now Sirians are evolving to host those learning about Universal Self Governance and Peace.  Sirians will be here in humanoid form.

Arcturians: Arcturus is a very large planet and has three blue moons.  The planet is also blue.  Arcturus is vast and has famed Amethyst Mountains.  There are many colors and textures represented here, finer, pastel colors.  Arcturians are Master Healers and Masters of Light.  Arcturians are famous for their devices for healing and they delight in sharing them with those on Earth.  They are our family and look forward to everyone having access to those things which make life-struggle end and turn things back to Bliss and Joy.  Arcturians are a Group Consciousness, and when individualized, still hold this Group Intellect.

Andromedans: Andromedans are the great scientists.  They are known for their work with light.  In their true form they are 100 foot tall Rainbow Light Beings.  They resemble the Aurora Borealis.  They are pure white light accentuated with the full rainbow of colors.  They are a Group Consciousness, and they do individualize and work on the ships in humanoid form.  Andromedans will be sharing their devices, knowledge, and technologies to make this a place of much less struggle.  They are the Grid Masters and Masters of Light Sound Harmonic Holograms.

All of these will come to Earth in humanoid form at the beginning, and then will slowly reveal their other forms, as people are ready.  They will project love from Source, through their hearts, as to allay fear of the unknown (or unremembered).  You can do this now to the fellow on the street, as well as those in your family and friends.  It is never too early to begin this.

Post NESARA there will be something for everyone.  There will be exchanges of energy of every kind, and some you haven’t thought of yet.  Some of these exchanges are technological, environmental, love, artistry, music, magic, co-creation, healing, transportation, information, and on and on.  The reason there are 1-2 Mentors coming for each person is they will be attuned with their own family member who has come here to welcome them home.  These Ones will guide us in what is most appropriate for each one.  We will be honing skills and learning new skills.  These will broaden and be taken out to more and more people interested in learning new things.  No one who asks will be left out.  I recommend you find your joy.  Whatever brings you the most joy, is what you are best at.  In the New Plan, you will learn things you now no longer remember.  In order to discover your best skill, you must know what your greatest joy is.  This sounds simple, and it is.  If you have not pondered your greatest joy lately, if you have trouble, day-to-day, finding joy, my advice for now is to start there.

Blessings, ~St. Germain.

MARK: Well, I hope that these very short introductory type of things [are helpful], and we had one final one that we wanted to give you.  This was our most recent and most difficult until we finally figured out how to do it.  This was actually going, instead of going to the ship, we decided the thing to do was to go directly to Andromeda.  For those of you who don’t know it, our galaxy you might think is pretty large, but theirs is 400% greater than ours.  That’s a very important thing to keep in mind, that these are very advanced societies.  They don’t have houses.  They do have ships, but they don’t have houses and Beth we can talk about that a little more.  Why don’t you tell them about our direct visit there?

One of the key things in making this possible was to reach within our self, and I would say to all of you, whenever you see something new, understand you are a hologram.  Everything out there is inside of you.  Every single thing, and when you reach in to talk to yourself, you can invite that part of you that represents whatever energy it is that you are communicating with or what [inaudible].  Ask it to come forward and help you do that.  That was the first thing we got an insight on.  The second thing was, they are a very scientific thing.  If we went into the same format as they are at, which are a hundred foot rainbows, then we would be able to understand their explanation as well.  So that is exactly what we did and we added one more thing.  Metatron and Nepta El Ra (his Twin Flame), when we were doing some Twin Flame work for preparing for future Twin Flame meeting here on the Earth and working together, connected us up.

They designed what they call the Sun Star and it cuts the heart of each of us.  Meaning Mark and his Twin Flame and Beth and her Twin Flame, and then connected us together as a single paired unit.  We call it Sun Star 4.  That is what we represent.  This is 4 beings who have worked together in the past and are in residence now to work together again, and this was very important, to have their help.  We did find out more about their identities and our relationship with them before we did this, so we were in pretty high space by [when] we decided to do this.  I would add one more thing, Beth is in another state and I am here in New Mexico, so we are not physically together, but we do this on an open phone line.  And asking Archangel Michael to shield the line.  So then Beth, you want to describe that visit to Andromeda?

BETH: Sure.

We leave and leap to Andromeda.  Andromeda is a Gateway Galaxy.  It is a translator of light and energy.  When there it feels dreamy; it is overwhelming how different the energy here is.  There is a sea of millions upon millions of pinpoints of light, each its own star.  There is no planet here, only star lights.  This is a place where consciousness is translated into Higher Dimensions.  Our consciousness is expanded here to the Cosmic level.  That is the feeling One gets.  It is the knowledge, with every fiber of the Being, that we are each and all these, extraterrestrial, Starseeds, Source, Light and All There Is.

Post NESARA, post Mass Landings, when you come to live with us, what will be the main thing you want to share with those here?

We wish to give holographic lessons on the Ships of the Impulse, inside, each One.  This Impulse connects us back to Source Light, Source Energy, Source Love.  By experiencing this, One may transcend the human condition and see All is One.  Andromedans are a Group Consciousness, or a Collective Consciousness.  We are sentient and we blend ourselves into One Light.  As we Create, we CO-Create together.  We pulse our thoughts back to Source and what we have thought comes back to us as formless form made manifest.

We will help Earth humans recognize there is nothing outside of themselves.  This sounds so simple.  We will holographically represent, for even a small child to understand, we are each connected.  We will be able to teach Ones to master instant manifestation on the physical.  You must ask and you must allow.  You may learn this now with us, if you like.  Before going to sleep at night, just before sleep comes, ask, with a grateful heart, to join us on the Ships and learn instant manifestation.  We will show you in dreamtime.  Ask to remember the demonstrations.  Write it down.  Practice it.  Don’t worry if you do not get this the first time, keep trying.  I assure you, it is meant to be fun.  Any stress brought into these thoughts will co-create more stress.

We will, after Mass Landings, bring those who wish to see, here to Andromeda, just for a short excursion.  Seeing this will help Initiates understand their connection to abundance.  Those who Master it, then may, I say even, must, teach it to others.  It is about connecting to Love and pulsing it back to Oneself, by impulses of liquid rainbow light and love energy.  You have done this before.

By Mastering this, anything in the New Earth is possible.

Namaste. ~The Andromedan High Council

MARK: I just wanted to say that when we came back from this, because, remember, we went from the same form that they expressed as 100 foot tall rainbows…..when you go up to the higher dimensions and you are touched by that quality of refined energy, intelligence and love, you bring that back, and that is exactly what they want us to do.  They want us to bring that back and it affects your individual life and your expression almost immediately.  So when we came back from that, first of all, we were higher than a kite because we had succeeded, we understood, and we felt that we brought back the message that we could communicate because everyone here is interested in what they had to say.  I believe that you will see that that is correct.  Everyone here is interested in connecting with Source.  Everyone is interested in touching Source Love.  Everyone is interested in manifesting, and sharing that and teaching that so no one needs to go without.  They have invited you to do that.

They invited us to come to their ships during the night and ask for instructions, and we will do that, and I suggest that any of you that are interested.  Just go into your own inner self before you go to sleep and make sure you are in a positive state.  If you are not, what you will be bringing into the manifestation astrally, if you want to call it that, is something you do not want to create or co-create more of, and that is your negative thoughts.  If you can get into a positive state before you go to bed, then do it.  If you are not feeling in that [positive] state and you don‘t know how to create that, then I would suggest that you wait until you can be.  You might be in the morning, might be during the morning meditation, that’s okay too.  You can go out of body any time and go up to the meeting while you are in meditation.  So use your own situation, but always try to get into the highest vibe space before you take these actions, and you’ll find very good results.

We asked a couple of other questions because we have been puzzled.  Beth alluded to one earlier.  I don’t know if this is the best time to talk about this right now, but I might as well introduce the subject.  We asked Metatron about the subject of Hybrids and also the subject of Twin Flames in the case of Hybrids and how that works out.  How to look at that and also how to deal with that and what is the purpose of that.  Beth, do you happen to have that information handy there what he told us?

BETH: It will take me a second to find it.

MARK: Well, we want to go ahead and share this now, because we are dealing with many different locations from which we have all, different ones of us, have come from many different ones as a singular identity and also some of us have come as genetic hybrids at some point.  I know there is a lot of disinformation about that so we just wanted to be able to continue a little bit of information to help you put that into perspective.

BETH: I have this ready now.  I was speaking with Mark and I was commenting that many times we talk about our Twin Flames.  I feel this is universal.  I have experienced this.  I know sometimes it brings feelings of fear, feelings of fear of the unknown.  Also some people are in relationships now.  There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding Twin Flames so we have been asking more and more about that.  We shared some stuff on 9-9-9 about Twin Rays and Twin Flames, and this was kind of a follow-up with Metatron regarding that.  We asked Metatron to please explain what happens when Hybrids come together, and how does it affect the Twin Flame relationship, and Metatron said:

At the time of Creation there is one cell which divides immediately to two, one male, one female, all the rest [all other parts identical] the same.  This is the Twin Ray.  This is in formless expression above the 352nd Dimension.  When the Twin Ray comes into embodiment, it does so on a lower octave, below the 352nd Dimension, as a Twin Flame.  These two, the male and female, both of One Cell, are Divine Complements and never separate.  They are incarnate in form, and having spiritual experiences in human bodies on Earth, Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, etc.

The Twin Flame Soul is Indivisible.  What happens at a merge, where a hybridization occurs, is a change in the DNA structure.  However, that is the “form expression” becoming a hybrid, not the Twin Ray.  The Twin Ray is always the Indivisible Twin Ray.  All other forms are an intermingling of the DNA in form.  Then you have this happening in 10,000 directions all at once.  NOW you have some confusion setting in.  When there are so many relationships which join from 2 Twin Flames, it is as if the Heirs of two parent cells, in a latter generation, married to form something new.  It is a Soul Aspect joining of two different parent cells, or two different Twin Flame couples.  YES!  This did happen to integrate the 12 families, and it was an agreement to do so, and about 10% of the 144,000 agreed to do this.  That was all that was needed to blend what was needed for the healing.

Hybridization occurs when some parts of the original DNA are left intact and a small portion is replaced with something new.  Imagine cellular mitosis.  See the genes in the cell replicating and making perfect copies, as well as dividing into two.  Hybridization is done in a lab setting and is where, during mitosis, some, a portion of the genetic material is removed and another form all together is sliced in.  Then the next mitosis of replicating and dividing includes the new genetic implant, and this divides and divides again, forming a hybrid.  When these hybrids are made, it is with the greatest compassionate love of inclusion.  It makes it possible for the fallen Ones to make their way back into the regal line, the Rose Line of Christed Beings.  It reintegrates the fallen Ones.  This makes for an Angelic/Galactic/Human hybrid.

At the time of the destruction of the Aurora Constellation, I reconstituted each Twin Ray back to their original form, the Twin Flame.  At this reconstitution, all aspects that were present fell away, and went back to Creation to be made into something new.  The slate was wiped clean and the Soul Aspects to that point dissolved and there was a new beginning.  This turned into another attempt that was thwarted.  Now we are on the seventh go-around.  We are sworn to Be Only Love Now.

MARK: Thank you.  I think that when this is read carefully after you see the transcript and you go back, there is a lot of information in there you are going to have to think about even though it was brought through rather quickly.  But when you can read it, you’ll see there is a lot more information in there, and many of you may feel resonance within yourself with some of this information.  The main thing to understand here, that no matter what you see, it was a choice that was made and it was made out of Love.  And the purpose of this is to create pathways and this is a voluntary service.  No one is forced to do this.

This is a voluntary service so that the whole family has a pathway.  You don’t have to do it for them.  You only need to hold the light and be that light, and they have a pathway the same as everyone else.  Some of them may take longer, it doesn’t matter, the point is they have a pathway, and this is a form of loving service, which is the only way to heal all the dysfunctionality that has existed in the past 6 creation completions of this experiment, so this is healing everything.  When we talk about the New Original Lemurian Timeline (NOLT) which we are now introducing, and we are actually through everything that we do, we are imprinting it with new possibilities that did not exist.  And all at the heart of it is Love and then it is also Peace.

And every time we go up now in crystalline activations, there are two things going on.  One of them is going to 100% crystalline where we are migrating from carbon-based to crystalline.  As I said before, the planet itself and everyone on it is greater than 51%, so we have a critical mass of people asking for this and a critical mass of people receiving this.

In addition to that, we have our own DNA activations which are increasing Our capacity to use our abilities.  To access internally our own wisdom that we set aside as we descended from the higher realms and now as we are returning.  So we have these two separate things that are happening.  So when the decloakings occur, it will be a major, major boost.  I think if we said this every single time, a lot of people would say, I had no idea that this is what you were talking about.  This will activate for many people who are prepared, who have been preparing.  This will activate their internal circuit of knowing and perceiving their own inner guidance.  So these ones will then rapidly spread this understanding throughout the culture, across every culture on the planet, and then we are going to see some really big changes.  Really amazing things, and all the new children are going to be waking up blink, blink, blink like that and are going to work and start to spout wisdom that is going to shake the whole system.  They won’t put up with lies, they won’t put up with distortion, and they [inaudible].

Well Beth, that is the part of that, that is the main part of our program.  I think now that we can consider some other things here.  I would like to ask whenever she [MS] is ready to come on, I would like to ask that Mother Sekhmet a little bit later on to come in.  Right now, I would like to ask Kauwila to come on and tell us what he has been receiving.

CINDY: One thing I would like to put in about what Beth is talking about.  She said there are 300 some odd dimensions.  I would like for everybody to be aware.  That is not a crazy number that Beth pulled out of the hat.  Before I met Mark and Beth, about 2 years ago, when I was at the Library, I was guided to pick up this book called Suddenly Psychic and it is by Moreen Caudill and it is her experience.  She had been a high computer programmer and she had very high security clearance for our government and she programmed artificial intelligence.  Well a few years later, she was guided through spirit through a friend to go to the Monroe Institute, and this is company that teaches you how to make your brainwaves go higher into different areas, and she happened to be a natural on this.  In her book, she talks about going into like the 258th dimension and the 300th and some odd dimension.  So my point is, don’t think when Beth and Mark talk about it, it’s a bunch of hooey.  There are other people who have no clue who Beth and Mark are, who are not aware of all the channelings, they have had this experience themselves.  So that’s my two cents worth everyone.

BETH: Thank you Susie.

CINDY: I also go by Cindy.

MARK: I would say also, this lady whom you just spoke of.  She went through their gateway program while Robert Monroe was still on the planet and writing books and all of that sort of thing.  In its last stages, the Monroe Institute was somewhat co-opted by the Cabal and that was because it was too effective.  Not because it was ineffective, it was because it was TOO effective.  So they wanted to start clamping down on it and using it for only their people, and they sent a lot of their own people to that institute.  In his last book, just before he died, I’m trying to think, Beyond….. Anyway, I don’t remember the name, I read all of his material and I did talk to some of those people in the program and who were handling the instruction.  This is very effective material up to a certain point, and if it had not been for the fact that the Cabal wanting to suppress it, it was exploding.  Then they begin to calm it down and fear people to safer ways in lower levels so they didn’t get into talking about things like she and Beth are talking about in her book.  I would just say to you, anyone who wants to read that, I would highly recommend doing so, and remember to get it published, though, she had to leave out certain things, because she worked for them and she was trying to be as independent as possible to get the information out.  Knowing if anyone got some of the basics that they would then be able to take that on their own and go and find out what she could not, what they would not allow her to talk about.  But yes, she did know about all of this, and as Beth has said and Metatron told us before, the original Twin Ray of everyone, which has never fallen.  That is the original essence that is formed.  The first point in which it comes into form that is below the 352nd dimension is the form of the level of the Twin Flame, so it is the same as the Twin Ray except one is an octave above it and the other is in form.  In other words, it comes in and incarnates in lower dimensions.  That is an important consideration to make knowing that your Twin Ray, as you work your way back up to that level, your Twin Ray has never fallen.

BETH: I would like to add something about the dimensions, please.  I would like to say that in the Judeo-Christian Model they speak of the higher dimensions.  They mention it in the Bible and the Torah, but they speak of it with different words.  But if you will Google the higher dimensions, you will find them in religions throughout the world.  Not just one, but several, and it is fascinating to read about if you are interested in exploring that more.

[5 minute break]

KAUWILA: Mahalo.  I wanted to wish you all a beautiful day.  A beautiful day as I’m sitting here in a place of delightful travel, being between, let’s put it this way, I’ve lost my former residence.  I was very strongly guided to move out.  I was there at Kilauea for the 9-9-9.  Right now, after staying for 2-3 days with some friends in Kailua-Kona Town [Big Island of Hawaii], the guidance was to come to this park that I’ve never actually been in before.  I’ve passed that many, many times.  It is like a little piece of a magical kingdom right here.  Talking about all of this that is going on right now, is that the communications are from the higher councils and the higher star systems.  The beings from the higher star systems [are] over here right now.  I’m looking up at this wonderful castle that I will post photos of as soon as I get to an Internet place.  So I just wanted to share with you those wonderful vibrant feelings of life, green plants, papayas, and kukui [nut] trees.  So beautiful.  We were given a message from the KOS and I would like to read that.  I have been getting some communications from the KOS today and will come after that.  So this should take about 5 minutes or so.  This is 2 parts.  The first one arrived on 9/11/2009.  I was up at the town called Hawi which is at the very northern top tip of this island.  Is says:


September 11, 2009 (Part 1 of 2)
King of Swords on this Awakening Day of 9-11-09

As we sip espresso at the Hawi Coffee shop [in Hawi, Hawaii] we are in our new Heaven today.  This is a celebration of freedom in the NOLTL*.  This is a celebration of freedom from the paths of the past.  This is a celebration of the Awakening Up of All of Humanity to the real 9-11.

We are at 9-11-9 and also 9-11-11 [2009=11].  Completion, new beginning, completion, new beginning, by four.  Much has led to culmination of the 9-9-9 event, an 11 day.  Today is a 13 day.  Master numbers that point to a now-unstoppable conclusion.  Freedom for all, Freedom by all, Freedom as All.  Can we say more?  Yes!  Here it is…

At many locations today you see the flags half staff honoring the transitioning awakening spirits that operated on behalf of all hue-manity.. .to begin the dissolving of the prison planet which has been “Earth”.  We say that the honoring is appropriate for we tell you these souls have not “died” but are alive and return to you shortly.

Quite amazingly the country in which the 9-11 grand masquerade occurred on 9/11/01, is by large still the most asleep to the truth of that “day”.  Yet more and more have awakened.  As the liars and dark-part players more & more exposed, the people of US have now agreed to the opening of the cover.  The lid is up.  Now is the time.

Pink Platinum ships come as their cloud form to K-man today.  We changed intensity of pink to show our colors.  Star craft also appearing as stars-points of flashing lights, connecting with hearts to hearts.

Embracing passions and joys is ALL for now, for those at the forefront.  Release all, and be.  Now we are saying, all else is no more.  We do not even speak of following the non-passion- heart-calls.  These must be released.  We give nudgings, final choice yours.  All heart-calls supported, ego calls lead only to ass-ended results [that is, referring to “Ascension” vs. “Ass-ension” ].

Have you not heard this before??

Love has everything to do with this day.  Niceness has nothing to do with this day.  This is the day that the sword has made.  This is the day that the Sword will grade.

So it is.  Peace Love and Joy embraces you all, today.

King of Swords
September 13, 2009 (Part 2 of 2)

King of Swords here finally to share this part 2 of a 2 part series of joy-leavened bread for the Spirit.

You have achieved many advances as the unfoldments into the Light awarenesses have come to you.  As we say, much can be decided in the lower realms that mean nothing.  They are but like the chaff of the wheat that is allowed to float off into the wind, never to be seen again.  Where is the wheat berry, you ask?  Look not in the chaff.

As many are still chaff-ering on the TV radio newspapers, we advise those of you aware of ascension opportunities to leave this alone.  Let them weed themselves out.  No need to listen to all of that, eh?  Nay, we say.  ‘Tis but a distraction to the Heart.  And the Heart is why you are here.

We stay again in Kailua town home town of this one writing my words to you.  A rest from the road situation is helpful to the Spirit.  Yet all travelers love their travels and their travelings.  We are indeed traveling in a most rapid and rapidly shifting way as we are on the way to the land of the Heart and the grandest of all adventures.  As a Love-based economy nears very very very near, and a Love-based systems of governance and finance present themselves ever closer to the entrance from the theater side stage, more and more feel this in these ways: jubilatory heart vibrations; argh, upset, disgust feelings about these un-harmonic systems lived with on the planet for hundreds, thousands of years…time to get them out, now;


Continuing this message from another location, we have to say to you this…accept as you can the seeming upsets that enter your arenas locally, globally, and first of all, personally.  These upsets ALWAYS come to teach about yourself.  All are tools, as dark spots enlightened and brought up, may not be “likable” or “nice”.  Experience briefly any dark emotions, release, and learn the lesson and move on.  This happens rapidly for many many many.  Sweet sweet sweet the results of these lessons.

Survival is no more a concern for any.  We say that all now have the opportunity for ascension with Gaia/Vywamus with care not at all for survival.  This manifests quickly now.  In a short short time, the idea of “working” to survive is gone, an echo from seeming deep long ago past time.  Essential as we now center as a group race community for only one purpose…Ascension.  Of course you know this.  We repeat many times to continue point-imprinting.

As all dark corners fade into nothingness, the Light shines them away, and complete support for each and every living being comes into evidence and knowledge and all live with only deep assurance of cared for and joy of growing through passion for living passion for rising.

This is only transition as well, yet we have all waited years years years for this moment.  You all of you are the chosen ones.  This is now including all that are here.  Even dark hatters have opportunity for this.

So we say to you, come with us, be with us, be in your heart centers.  See from the higher realms, know from the higher realms.  What a time, when there is no time anymore.

Blessings to all, Namaste, Aloha, Mahalo (Thank you),

King of Swords.

KAUWILA: And today, just receiving this short piece [from KOS]:

September 15, 2009, 4:22 PM, HST

We say as we sit in this magical park of wonder with green plants and papaya trees and palms and grass and a castle of play for the tiny bodies, Aloha, to all.  Such is but a glimpse of the magical world you are about to BE in.  Our suggestion to you now is to partake of this magical world in all of your dealings…your thoughts, visions, sights, feelings, missives, writings, everything.  My what magic is occurring!  It has all occurred, you know.

[next part channeled live during the call]

We are here in this moment with all of the Higher Beings, these ones who have come from way far off, you think.  They are way way close.  They are right here with you.  We are all together now.  As this one feels the chill of knowing that we are all together, know, too, that this chill, this chicken skin, these goose bumps, as you call them, are for you as well.

Thank you so much, thank you so much, for saying “Yes” to Ascension, for saying “Yes” to this Higher contact, for saying “Yes” to the new ways, for saying “Yes” to finding, following, being, your Passion, your Love, your Joy.  We say again, many Mahalos, Aloha to all.  Thank You Thank You Thank You.  Be in this beautiful place that is You, and All of us.
King of Swords

MARK: Thank you Kauwila.  I very much appreciated those messages.  I hope everyone else did.  If you notice the dates that he showed, all of this has been happening since 9-9-9.  We want to continue this because this is so important that you see things that are possible now that were not possible prior to 9-9-9.  Many of the things that we are seeing in our own lives and many things being reported by others, are speaking about this positive development. There are others out there speaking about what they call the negative development.  That is an old program and they are still on the old timeline.  If they continue to do that, they may very well miss the new timeline that is gaining in strength every single moment now.

We got a message from Madame X who is back in South America and in Peru.  She wrote to us today a short message that I would like to share with you.

[Message from Madame X]

I’m in Hooscow [Cusco?] today and they flew along there so they were watching all the energy there and she was feeling so far away from here because of all of the involvement with the ops for the last 3 months.  But we are all so connected, no matter where we go now, we can feel each other.  She says, I can feel each of you and you have all been a great support to what we needed to complete.  The 12th and 13th.  Now she is writing in our time on yesterday and that was when she returned from Lima [Peru] to the United States.  As soon as she got off the plane, she felt this huge surge of energy, a new energy which her body had not experienced before in that location.  And so she felt like she could work with this because now she was coming as if she was a stranger to it even though that was her home. She had two of her other workers who have always worked with her in that area as well as in other areas of the world. One of them we reported, Lolo, which Kauwila has worked with as well as Madame X.  They met with Madame X and the 2 of them, 3 of them actually, cleared all of the Pacific . This is over time now.  They put light and strength into the Nazca fault lines to avoid another earthquake.  As she was going over this area, they checked it and they also cleared the cosmic clock which is located along the coast in front of Lima which is the rightful position for the sun disk which she used for those operations before located there.  It has to be in that specific location to function with precision.  When all this was done, we saw a path of pink platinum light from Hawaii to Peru.  Waves of light coming through the ocean.  Done.  Thanks Kauwila for holding the energy for clearing the Lemurian path to Peru.  Hawaii is connected to Paititi, the Golden City and that was many of you know, Paititi is an underground city where Tesla went. After you might say, they setup a thing so he could be free to do his research underground and any of you have already heard us say that he is not only there, but he is immortal now.  He will be coming back fully to share all the continued research that they have done and to tell the truth about what they took away from us.  The scientists that he worked with.  Many of whom also substituted clones so that they could be dead and not interfered with.  But yesterday, Madame X and some friends flew back to Cusco and along the Andes, they were looking at how all the mountains are now opened up and the energies are flowing.  Rainbows cover all that area.  The Rainbow Star Children are back again.  They will be ready to go to Lake Titicaca during the equinox celebrations and preparations later this month.  The 19th and 20th I think are when they are doing their ceremonies.  And this is linked to many people in different places.  Especially to the ones in Egypt and Malta.  She has organizations in several areas in Europe and also in Egypt, she has worked with for many years.  So I just wanted to thank you for all your support when I am in the USA for being my new family.  Galactic Family is reuniting and I’m so happy with what is coming.  Much love and we will keep in touch.

Madame X

MARK: So I thought you might be interested in what her experience is and what is happening in her area because we are not just local anymore.  All of these main Motherships are here and they are here to stay.  And they will be as Ashtar told us on 9-9-9, we are coming, he said, we are coming here to reintegrate as a Galactic Society completely on the Earth.  We are not going away.  This is our home.  We are coming here to be with all of you until all of you ascend and then we will each have our additional duties in other places, but we intend to come here and we intend to live as Galactic Humans on the planet, and this is the same for all of these others that we are talking about.  We are families that are coming back in reunion.

KAUWILA: Yes, this is Kauwila again.  Thank you.  We just wanted to say as you were sharing the message from Madame X, I have requested guidance about a coming up.  I will be going, leaving actually late Friday night to Honolulu and then to Kauai, and the reason my guidance is somewhat different dates, but now I have got the guidance.  I will be on Kauai from the 19th through the 24th, and I just wanted to invite all of you to share in helping to hold that energy.  I don’t know what exactly will be happening there, but this is going to be the equinox over here on the 22nd at 11:18 in the morning.  The guidance is clear to be here at the equinox and I know that is the equinox date.  There will be quite a bit happening.  I don’t know what, but I just wanted to share that with you because as you say, we are a planet-wide group and of course a Galactic Group.  We are all working together and really follow the passion.  Following your passion.  If you have a deep desire, a deep passion.  Oh my goodness, I want to go here, follow it because it is taking you where you need to be for a given moment for a given operation.  We are all doing operations, not just the A-Team.  Everyone is doing operations.  The more you follow your passion, the more fun you have.  So thank you for that.  Back to you Mark.

MARK: Tonight, I have asked Mother Sekhmet to come on line and to comment on some of the current events and we may all answer questions at that point, but I think it is kind of important because of the rate of increase in activities. Some of the information we were talking about tonight.  Why don’t we ask them, Rama, Tara and Mother to come on to share something more on the subjects we have been talking about.  Anything you want to say Mother on any of those subjects or anything else between now and NESARA’s passing that would be interesting to this group.

[Invocation of Mother Sekhmet]

TARA: We ask at this time for the sake of all concerned here and anywhere in any universe at this time for the hierarchy, for the brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light, for all of us as members of this hierarchy as well as the Ashtar Command ascending to higher and higher understandings of our mission together.  This world group service that we are about in terms of post NESARA information and understanding, that Mother, thank you for coming to bridge that gap you could say, between heaven and Earth and help us to integrate with what’s happening for all of us right now. Greetings Mother.

MS: Greetings wondrous beings of incredible light and joy, peace, abundance.  It is unfolding as expected.  We will say that magic in the most wonderful kind going on right now with the upliftment and all of what is occurring in the sense of the awakenings going on across the planet.  Whatever you are, whoever you are, does not matter what side of the fence you sit on.  All have to breathe the same air, drink the same water.  We are in the same ship, same boat.  This boat going to ecstasy and joy.  Would be wise to comply with the laws of Love.  Ain’t no other choice in the matter. What we have to say of the current events after 9-9-9, it is ongoing.  The energies each day of this month 9/11 day, it is something we heard rolling around in the brain cavity here.  What we understand of the perimeters of what you asked Commander Mark and others.  Where are we at in the current status.  We would say it is at the place in which what has been said on the various calls, welcome well met.  You are developing your abilities nicely, yet Professor Xavier might give you a few tweaks on how to shall we say, teleport out, teleport back.  Get the fine tuning.  Be able to walk through the walls and create the imaging that you are the wall, you are the spoon or whatever you wish.  It is how you move through the molecules.  Maybe you are a particle.  Be that particle and travel to where that particle goes.  We would just say, play with what is unfolding in your dimensional space at the moment for nothing is as it seems and change is the order of the day.  Not to use a cliché, but we are change.

It is the very nature of what we bring as coyote medicine 13.  Uncomfortable subject if you will where what comes up is that 13the floor.  Why are there no 13 floors in your current dimensional realities in terms of elevators?  What are you afraid of?  Of coyote medicine, jaguar medicine man or woman.  Matters not.  We would say, wild side and how that is embraced is expect the unexpected where it is least looked for in your reality.  That is where you will find it.  The energies that are coming in at this time on your planet are creating such a radical shift in the ones that are awake.  It is our craft coming in and showing you what we can do within your dimensional space, and at the same time, the right wing team machine continues to pump out the fear about anything except the matter at hand.  And what we can say to these ants, remember the heart space, it is the only way you get to go home, because to get where we are, you got to go through here.  It is facing your own demons or angels if you will.  They are all there for you to look at and get in touch with.  Get cozy with if you will, and how you get cozy with them is how you heal it for all.  That is happening all over your planet.  And it is spreading like wild fire.

The frequency where it is not a matter of debating us, it is about you and the resistance from certain places this comes from.  Like we represent 13.  A bit of a reality that is only talked about in hushed circles and of our highest so-called elected officials or unelected or appointed by the finger Vader for whatever reasons.  Given funny names like Czars.  We would say to the effect of that reality, understand that even they are shaking in their boots in the face of Vader.  The sector of that illusion of Vader holds no water anymore.  It is simply the programs that are running out of electricity juice.  You might say, the nanites are going into shutdown, recycle, reboot.  And when they come back on line, that which was will be no more.  It will be a program that has been replaced.  We move on to something much more enjoyable to talk about, called Satuga.  We are entering the circle where we sing our songs, share our stories, express what it is to be a Galactic Human.  Whatever form that might be to taking on the color of, in that sense what you are you?  In the sense of the expression of 24 codons going off all at once.  Quite a psychedelic light show we might say and to watch it from our vantage point, we only have ecstasy and joy to witness.  We thank you, we love you for what you are doing.

It has shaken the tonals to their very foundation.  This is why we can come in as a clown, the shaman juggler fool.  The place in which we can be coyote medicine.  Shake your tonal up and bring in the nagual so you look at that funny pout that is on Mr. Joe Biden’s face.  You got to know what is seen on that man’s heart, we would not wish on any Vader or elected/unelected official.  It is about lightening that place where you are loving that energy.  In a sense, this being so much love maybe to creating a smile.  It is that simple, that stupid.  To create that concept where you would just sit with this face and love and more love.  What does it bring up inside you?  Confusion?  Confusion is good.  It creates that spark of chaos.  It fuels that fire.  It will do wonders for your complexion.

MARK: Well thank you, Mother.  There was one question I wanted to ask you to comment on.  It has to do with the Basil 2 & 3 compliance on September 30th, the end of the Fiscal Year.  What happens if they do not have or are not in compliance on that date?

MS: We would have to say it is a matter for beloved Master St. Germain.  It is his affair whether the banks are compliant or not.  They are playing a waiting game and they love to create the idea that the economy is moving upward, onward.  Yet we all know, it has to come to the place where you stop playing with the phantom economy that is based on spit, and you get down to brass tacks.  [Mother taps 4 times] Tangible gold.  What do you got for me? How many gold nuggets are we going to trade for that craft over there that you want to ride on?  Huh?

TARA: Mother? Isn’t it true that since the 1st of October of last year, that there is no way that the banks and what they do or don’t do is really what’s going on.  Once it went inside the hands of the KOS.  It went into the hands of St. Germain so that…..

MS: We would say that banks are compliant and they are playing….

TARA: For what’s been arrested.

MS: We would just have to say, banks are compliant.  They already have the rainbow money.  What they are playing with is with your head in the sense to create the illusion of the up and down and all around, and come the 30th of this month, Mr. Lavender Lad maybe just pulling the rug out on Wall Street and saying, we are going to discuss hard matters of state.  We don’t know, we are not giving dates, but he has been seen in the last 24 hours.

TARA: Who, St. Germain?

MS: In the Capitol, yes.  So we would just say, there is an interesting man in a Lavender suit in the lavatory 16 hours ago.

TARA: Laughter.  So what we are really setting ourselves up to do with compassion is the final accountability.  Public accountability.  It is already so far into it, Mother.

MS: Yes, and we would say that Mr. Chris Story has pieces of this story, yet not the full story for we must talk about how it is called phantom economy and the 35,000 whatever loans.  All games and….

TARA: 35,000? What are you talking about?

MS: We would like the 35,000 back.

TARA: For that small thinking to end?

MS: Yes.  The loan matters not, you will be hung out to dry as part of the Banksters as well.  You do not play with Caesar and Jesus in the same story.  Only one master in this one.  The mighty I AM Master in here, not anywhere else.

MARK: Mother, thank you for that.  A lot of people were asking that question in various forms.  Another question we have received.  One dealing with, it is very easy to answer, but it has to do with when the arrests are made, ships decloak, and NESARA is declared, people are saying re children.  What if this happened tomorrow or whatever that big day is, and our little children are away from home?   Could you reassure my heart as it is pounding just thinking of it. They need to have a heads-up from you that those children will be safe in Kindergarten or something else when this happens.

MS: We can tell you it’s like many of the stories you’ve heard that have come not just from our mouth, but from others that spoke about this long before we started coming through this guy.  Lady Master Tuella, Sister Dedra, Dr. Daniel Fry talks about all of this.  Jordan Castle.  When the Galactics show up.  When this begins as NESARA is announced, then your children may be in school, may be on the bus or various places about.  We will just say what has been said, you will begin to hear the incredible music that is the music of the spheres that cannot be created by Area 51 or anything created of darkness, for it is only through Creator Source in that sense, the celestial hearts are weighed.  That kind of music comes from a frequency resonance.  It is that place of the standing calamar [?] wave which creates out of itself. You could say the Metachurians create a tone, and that tone goes out across the universe.  Single chord is struck and it continues on infinitum.  May combine with other tones and other octaves as others join in this celestial song.  And what has been said, that you will hear choirs of Angels and then some.  This has to do with [what] has been created by Source.  Creator Source that comes from the Office of Christ energy which we are all part of.  In that place in which [all] that dwells in the heart, ruby ray masters reside.  Of which Lady Master Nada, Sanat Kumara, ancient eternal supreme opus dei called paschats.  We would say that your children would be in school and they may just take the teacher and Kindergarten for they have not yet curbed the tongue, and they will just say, Miss Johnson, how come there is 40 Angels around you?  And it is going to be quite a shock to Miss Johnson.  And it will just be, other kids will say, I see them too.  Oh I see them, it’s not 40, it’s about 80 here.  It will continue on infinitum in the place of wonderful places of just sharing that magic, that joy.  Looking at each other, I can see colors around you.  Oh my.

TARA: Okay so Mother, you are saying that the energy of the expansion of everybody’s aura including Mother Earth will be like that egg or yeah, a level.  We talked about that level…..

MS: We are saying an expansion of awareness that is unprecedented in a place you understand or know.  Yet it is that ecstasy when Twin Flames come together and create that Kundalini spark and it is what we are all made of.  In that place in which that resides helps to create that wonderful magic so the children [will] not [be] afraid.  And in that sense, no technology of darkness will be, in the sense as peace is declared, we show up, it is a moot point for that to continue.  For it is out of its time, space, continuum.  Part of the logic of Quantum Physics.  We hope that answers the question.

TARA: So that the children are going to be more than safe.  They are going to have that experience of joy and they will spontaneously tell the adults around them what they see and what they are hearing.

MS: Yes.

MARK: That was a very excellent answer, Mother.  Thank you very much.  That touched a lot of issues and even though that has been addressed before, we are so close to this now that it’s good in a way it comes up, so that people can be assured that this is wondrous happening.  This is not a negative happening.  This is a joyful happening that we should all just open our hearts and allow our self to feel it.  I’m just wondering Mother, would you care, if you would be willing.  People out there haven’t had a chance to ask some more questions and I wondered if you would be able to stay for a little while and answer some more questions?

MS: Yes.


CARROTSTICKS11: Is this NESARA still slated to be announced by the end of 2009?

MS: We will not give dates, yet we will say, it’s our understanding of where we are at in the process, this is happening now in the sense it is no accident Dr. Greer shows up in Ashville and says hello, it’s time to begin the conversation with all of us.  How we begin to do that is to in a sense, supersede Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh [inaudible].  We understand there is a greater reality here and it’s not what is being said to us on FOX News.  It is that place in which you and I are ONE and you must take it there.  How we discuss NESARA’s announcement is happening in this moment.  It is about the frequencies that are at this place now where all over your world the ships come in, and yet your media got a clothespin on the tongue.  The clothespin is about to be yanked very quickly and we mean now.  This is why we believe Dr. Greer stood up there jumping out-of-skin with the energies coming out.  In the next 30 days we will talk about this.  He will be releasing a whole disclosure of one of the major stories that has been hidden for the last 50 or more years that only got touched on in some of these currency deeds.

TARA: What story is that Mother?

MS: About certain groups within your….

TARA: Government?

MS: Biomedical military industrial complex that has played around with MJ12 (Majestic 12). How this relates to your G20 and announcement process.  Your G20, G8, all of these groups know that the Lavender Lad holds the key and the Trustee.  He is the Trust Holder and he turns the dealer’s hat around and says, What is your call?  That is the place in which we answer this, for it is his call.

TARA: Who’s call?

MS: St. Germain’s.  It is that place.  It is happening now.  You are at a moment where the sands on the hour glass. We don’t know what to say except one minute you are here, next minute you are all behind the green door.  Already complete.  Not that green door.

MARK: Well Mother, another question that you can easily answer.  Dennis Kucinich today was talking about the prospects for a public option on the healthcare reform.  And he said that today that the Senate did not have the votes to pass a public option so when they get it, they will get a very toxic bill that will be shoved on the House because the public option will be removed because the Senate will not pass it – will not allow it – so it will not ever come up for a vote.  Would you care to comment on that issue?

MS: We would just say the public option and the whole process of what it is about, it is universal healthcare and it will get passed.  It has to do with what is being discussed in private circles where maybe on the front lines saying not enough votes to pass in the Senate, yet some mysterious folks could show up at the last minute to fill some vacancies.  We ain’t 60 votes.  Filibuster true.  No discussion.

TARA: You actually said a long time ago, there is someone within the Senate that has yet to be disclosed that is going to pull off that 60th vote..

MS: Yes and we will not say who that is.  We will let him reveal himself.

TARA: For the highest good of all.  For the protection and safety.

MS: He answers to the Lavender Lad and the Silver Councils.

MARK: Thank you Mother, that was a good answer and I only brought that in because Dennis Kucinich is one of us, and he is only saying that the opposition wants to use what they think is a lack of Senate votes to run through, to push through their own option which is very toxic to the unemployed and those who would be doing that.  Thank you for that clarification.  I know we were going to get a lot of questions on that subject if we didn’t ask it.

TARA: Mark?  I was also going to just bring it up here.  Remember who read those what they call them, indictments for war crimes to all of the people.  Dennis Kucinich did.  He did it for Dick Cheney first in November 2007, and then he has impeachment, that’s right.  What do they call them Mother?

MS: Articles of Impeachment.

TARA: Articles of Impeachment, that’s right.  And then after he did Dick Cheney’s in December, I’m going to say that Bill Clinton got leaned on and he made arrangements for Dennis Kucinich’s sister to be taken out in that December for doing that.  Then in January actually, it really did happen on the day, the 28th of January which was going to be…. What do you call that speech that President Bush gave then?

MARK: State of the Union.

TARA: State of the Union speech.  He actually did read those 35 articles of impeachment and they did not talk about it then.  Then he did it publicly on what was it, June 9th, then it went to July 10th, when he got up again.  I think on the 9th it was 4 ½ or 5 hours of reading.  Then on the 10th of June it was read again by a member of the Congress.  I mean someone who was in charge of doing that before Congress, and then on July 10th, he consolidated the whole 35 Articles of Impeachment against Bush, Jr. into one major discussion which was about 45 minutes or something.  This is no mistake that he is also the one from the very beginning that said universal healthcare period.  And that means universal, meaning not confined to western medicine either. The alternative medicines are included all over the world so I just wanted to point that out.  This is not going to get a half measure, right Mother?

MS: Yes.

MARK: Well, I only mentioned this because he is the one that made this statement that it could not pass, but on the other side, it would be 4 years before they could actually put in place anything else.  In the meantime of course, we know what is going to happen.  So it is for people out there.  Even if they hear this and they will because he said it, and get a little bit down in the dumpies.  The thing to remember is nothing goes into effect for 4 years. Only if the Obama plan was passed would something happen now and that would only happen for the uninsured.  People out on the street who don’t have any insurance.

TARA: And I just want to say that all of that is going to change because 9/11 was an inside job.  That’s why I pointed that out.  Even though Dennis Kucinich is seeing the way things are now, that’s the way it’s going to look.  And the ways things are tomorrow or whenever moment that the no dates, no nukes intervenes upon itself and 9/11 as an inside job takes the place of all the rest of this.  Everything in that moment.  Is that correct Mother?

MS: Yes.

TARA: So let it go and keep your dreams very close to your heart, everyone.

CINDY: Obama mentioned on the radio a major world event and announcement in September.  Can you please tell us anything about the Pittsburgh G20 Summit on the 24th?

MS: We could say that Mr. Obama along with Mr. Putin and others may be announcing our arrival.  Don’t know.  Not giving dates.  We are just saying, it is seemingly imminent.  This is why we have to bring it back to Dr. Greer jumping up and down on the stage saying what we have to share with you is so f’ing ecstatic.  You have no idea how big this is.

TARA: That’s what he said. He really did say that.

MS: Yes.

TARA: And he said, the way to go for contact with star beings is to go within the heart.  He said there is nothing more important than the people themselves do that right now and then speak up.  The actions, the verb modality and that again is what the Moorish teachings are.  Is that this is an action oriented.  In other words, be who you are and don’t let your light be covered up.  Let that light shine.

MS: And we would also say that in the event of what Mr. Obama may have to say as we would be revealed if you will. Would have to discuss how things are changed in your world, where got to talk about the gold that backs your economy, not the phantom economy.  That ancient duty requirement to discuss how this goes down, and the 30 hours of education where everything you have learned about fake economy, if you believe in and you learn what true Treasury banking is about.  Where something Lavender Lad tried to take these Medici Merchants long ago and they said, we’ll take it thank you very much.  F you and we will be on our way.

SEAZ: This is Shirley.  Hi everybody.  My question was related to the G20 people who are going to be here next week. But while they are in a conference in Pittsburgh, how come the President of Iran is going to be in New York.  That is kind of strange that he even keeps coming here, but he will be here at the same time they will be over there.  He will be in New York and they will be in Pittsburgh.  So I was wondering if there is anything you could share about that and why do they keep having these G20 meetings and the economy, you know, so close to so much turmoil.  Thank you.

MS: What we can, thank you.  What we can say while G20 spins the bottle and continues to talk about anything but the truth, Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad may be sitting down to meet with Lady Master Nada and Queen Noor to talk about zero tolerance concerning technologies of death.  Iran already has 12 nukes fully operational and armed.  We will just say that they are already been neutralized by Ashtar.

TARA: Well, they never had a delivery system though Mother and they never intended to deliver any.  Right?

MS: We will just say they have ways and at the same time they would try to do that.  Yet Ashtar already rendered it quite useless.  Yet in order to get things done in this world, sometimes you got to do things like scream a little bit or act a little funny.  Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad is coming to New York to discuss things with the UN Consulate in the sense of the “sanctions” being placed or discussed about, being placed on Iraq.  At the same time, G20 spinning the bottle to discuss all that is not being discussed.  What is my cut and how do I keep it from the people?  And how do we continue to keep this charade going?  Yet no charade.

TARA: That is why Lady Nada is sitting there also at the UN Security Council and why the International Court is open for business, which means that the World War Criminal activities are going to be held at that International Criminal scene, right Mother?  And from there, they will go to the World Court.

MS: We will say that what is being said is affirmative that has to do with the all encompassing story of what NESARA represents.  How it was not announced, yet you to this day, you are dealing with something in the sense of _____ Habeas Corpus.  The reality in which, are you really within the confines of safety of your Constitution as it is.  A republic if you can keep it.  Yes, you can keep it.  It is already done.  Yet they would love to hang out the veil and say it is not done.  Why it is occurring now has to do with these ones who made it their mission that they would see to it this be completed in this moment.  And it is no accident these events happening now to bring it up.  We find it quite interesting Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad choosing this time to come to New York and creating 2 circles of spin.  Yet all of it may be superseded.

TARA: That’s where Wall Street is, Mother.  You just got through saying St. Germain called to pull the rug out of Wall Street right there at ground zero.  Mr. Obama already called out Mr. Bloomberg for controlling the elections there and I mean Hillary stayed you know.  She stole the Senate and made sure to eliminate her only opponent who was John John.

MS: We have to say there is some heavy karma going on here on their part.  Yet at the same time, they can stand and can love it all and surrender to that love and heal it in that instant for themselves.  We have to say they are drama queens.  They love a passion play.  So [Mother taps 3 times] be it.

SWNJ: This is Joan and I am calling from NJ and my question for Mother is:  I have a lot of people who don’t believe.  I would like her to tell us something that is going to happen in the next few days.  Something really big so we can say, we told you something was going to happen, so now you have to believe us.

MS: We would just say, what you create within yourself is the magic that is unfolding in which you see through the different eyes that you have created within yourself.  We would say, you want to see change, take yourself on that journey where you step into the circle and you change your reality [inaudible/Cindy muting people].

TARA: [inaudible] in a sense that is asking for phenomenon.  And phenomenon is what Sabala said he would never come to the United States to show all that he does because that’s not where it’s at.  Phenomenon is not the proof.  It is inner radiant light.  Each individual lights their own light up and then it reflects back to those disbelieving collectively.

MS: We would say, you want miraculous change within self and others.  Begin to see the change in who you are.  Be the change who you are and you will see the faces shift and they will lighten up and not be frowned.

TARA: Stephen Greer said that too.  He said there won’t be anything coming forward to do the part of the people except the people.  And it is the people’s turn to do it.  Again, it has to be by them getting in touch with their inner beauty, their inner spirit.

WNCGOUT: Yes. This is Karen in NC. Mother Sekhmet.

MS: Hello.

WNCGOUT: Hello I love you.  I have a question as a Mother.  We talk about no dates, no nukes.  When decloaking happens and all of us step up a half step in vibration, how will that affect all the pregnant Mothers all over the planet and what changes will we see in the labor and birthing process for the children who are born after that moment?

MS: We would say that as the energies move up in frequencies, how the young ones are made manifest from the womb space is what considered 3D/5D will become much easier to the place in which [there is] no pain.  Ecstasy and orgasmic joy rather than bite on this and push.  We would just say of the reality of what has been in the sense of that place where things have been harsh.  Moving up in octave, how the children see this effected.  For the first time, maybe they get to talk about the invisible friends that are always here.  That always have been, and the animals get to share their voice in the story as well.  The language of the heart and how that comes about.  Circles right here. Every day miracles where you sit with your dogs, with your cat.  They look you in the eye and you interact at a telepathic level so they [are like] a good movie or a book to read, conversations with dog.  And it will help you understand the language of the heart.  It is a place in which that communication [is] on the physical angelic level.  It is about how we talk to you, how you talk to us.  Conscious dialogue already going on as the ships land, it changes radically where no longer will it be in a sense only in your head.  Hearing it from all other realities all around you, and your technology of controllers have no control over what you see in here.

TARA: I was going to give the example of when you asked Carolyn’s young son, he took a picture and he just tuned in. Like in between worlds and the light became perfectly clear behind these…….. There was ice on a rock, ice on the trees, and the way the light came from behind and above when he took the picture it was like pure diamond light.  It was just all these diamonds coming out of this place in the trees where this…. I mean it was like icicles but the light made it just magic.  It was just pure magic.  In order for him to capture that, that means he had to understand that space literally.  So that’s what we are doing here, right Mother?

MS: Yes.

CINDY: There are 3 questions from Australia.  One of the questions is, is Australia going to be one of the first ones for NESARA.  He must be a newbie.  The main question is, Australia’s Prime Minister is there at the G20.  How aware is he of the Golden Age consciousness as well as the other G20 participants?

MS: We will just say that Australia’s elected officials are fully aware of what NESARA’s implications are all about and they will comply.

TARA: They are not very nice people and they know that they are in deep trouble, we’ll put it that way.

MS: St. Germain has Australia well in hand.

TARA: And it is one of the first 4.  The first 4 countries that will receive will the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.  So that is the answer to that.

CINDY: There was a child born on 9-9-9.  It was 9 pounds 9 ounces and then the time was at 9:09.  Is there any significance of that particular child?

MS: Yes. We will say that the being[s] of which these numbers are about are the fully integrated crystalline masters that are stepping in at this next turning, called the heroes, fully here will all their gifts and abilities.  We would not be surprised that within 6 months, this little guy levitating around the room, teleporting.  He will be hard to catch.

CINDY: Must light warriors end their sexual relationship with their unawakened bipolar ADHD schizophrenic lovers when the Twin Flame reunion is imminent.

MS: We will answer this in a way in which we understand about the frequencies.  It is about love and that frequency of divine star creation when you are in this place of that divine cosmic frequency of living light/living love, you go to a place where you bring it to the highest level, and it is about creation of the universes not getting off…..

TARA: And Mother, also I think all those descriptive psychological emotional and psychic aberrations.  There is always a reason why people are in those relationships.  It takes two to tango.  Remember it only takes one to change the relationship and not to judge the other, for the sake of healing it.  Just heal yourself.

MS: Love each other even more for whatever you may be going through.

TARA: Well yeah, but if that is really the case that those kinds of things are going on, yeah it has to be changed.

MS: Be the changer and the change.

CINDY: After the ships decloak and our mentors come to meet us, will they help us to figure out what training we want and what type of stuff will they be teaching us?

MS: What we can say, whatever you want to pursue in your divine complement of the whatever is within your soul template as divine career, whether you are Galactic and considered a musician of the celestial order or artists.  Matters not.  You will be shown how to use your gift abilities in the sense of what you are made of.  In that reality, it is up to soul matrix of self, how that works in the creativity of the moment.  We would not give it a tangible confine of the container, yet we would say, as you are led to follow a particular career in the Galactic pursuits as Galactic Ambassador from the 33rd member of the Confederation of Worlds. [do it]

TARA: In other words, integrate with your creativity by seeking out how you feel about how you think about yourself, and check it out in your higher self, about joy, right?

MS: Yes.

TARA: Then they will respond.  Seek you shall find, knock and the door will be opened, ask and it shall be given.  That is always the case is it not?  They are looking for us to initiate this process.  That’s what time it is.

MS: Yes.

CINDY: This is from Australia again.  This person has noticed that their politicians aren’t….. when you look at them, they don’t look like they are present or really here.  They also wanted to make a comment on the last day of parliament in Australia.  It wasn’t shown on the news, but the Prime Minister made this statement, we welcome the coming of the Christ Child.  Can you make a comment about that?

MS: Only in the sense that what we understand of what is going on in their parliament.  Maybe the folks who are just dreamers that have been [inaudible].  Coming out of dream time into real time.  Hello.  Now we can all dream the dream awake and share in the joy of the Office of the Christ being installed on the planet once again.  Avalon back, and maybe that’s the message of the people coming from that land down under.

TARA: What do you mean by down under Mother? Australia, okay.

CINDY: They are wondering if how soon will it be Sybil Edmonds says that 9/11 was an inside job.  Do you see that possibly happening within this year?

MS: We would say how Sybil Edmonds coming forward [has] already given testimony.  And we would say….

TARA: Yeah, she gave the testimony behind closed doors.  Then that was in March to only the good members of Congress in a secret undisclosed location, and then she testified publicly at a hearing or whatever it was, Mother. That was in July or ….. Okay it was in August Lion’s Gate period.  So she’s done the part that she’s to do before the announcement of NESARA.  The rest of what her part will be, will be after the fact of the announcement.  So it’s already.  Everything that is supposed to be is already, and there is no way that this can be stopped, like Mark has been saying.  Everything is timed to perfection and it is done.  So a lot of the questions, for the sake of the 2,000 questions that are being asked, remember that the questions are to be post NESARA as that’s the way in which we the people literally make it so.  There can be no NESARA, post NESARA with questions that assume that NESARA is not already here and after the fact.  That is a very powerful concept and we the people are the ones that collectively have both the responsibility and the ability to respond.  Mother?

MS: We will just say what is unfolding, NESARA is happening simultaneously with all that is happening now.  As peace is declared and we show up, ain’t nothing else to do except put the guns down and we begin to talk and heal this story once and for all.  Got to go here, the body is giving out.

CINDY: Thank you Mother.  A good question has been made and maybe there could be a call like this that’s just geared for Q&A so something to consider.  I want that to be said out loud so the person in the Chat Room knew I was bringing that up.  So is there anything else Mother that you would like to say before you go for the evening?

MS: Only that what we said in the great urgency.  We know the times of what you are experiencing and many realities we have no words to describe both the ecstasy and as Commander Ashtar has said, being down in the dumpies sometimes just so overwhelming.  Maybe you are thinking about jumping off that bridge huh?  We just got to say, don’t do it.  The best is yet to be right now and you turn around, take a moment and get centered.  It is here and now and remember in those moments where it may seem like you are utterly alone and there’s nothing there, we are there in that place of the aloneness.  It is called you and me in the void, and we have a quick talk about life and how that goes about is that place where you go to the very depth of soul matrix, and the key master says I will hold the door open for you.  Show you the door, you turn the knob and walk through.  At which key on the other side of that door of all of what you have asked for which is divine love.  That is all that there is.  It is that place in which you and I are ONE whether you wear a dark hat, light hat or a gray hat.  You all are ONE with ALL THAT IS.  It is how we go home together.  We ain’t leaving anyone behind.  You all asked to be here so we do it together in peace.

TARA: Rama may be back in a short moment if you want to hear anything he has been experiencing.  We have to wait a moment to hear.

MARK: I think Mother pretty much covered most of the subjects tonight.  I would say to people, understanding what you are feeling in your heart is more important than anything that any of us say and trusting what you feel.  It is your soul speaking to you now in ways you can hear it.  It may just be an impulse.  It may be something that you dare not tell others.  That’s okay.  You don’t have to tell others.  Just follow that impulse because it is going to grow and it is going to grow very, very powerful, and if you give it away to someone else, it won’t be as strong.  So trust yourself and know that you are loved more than you can believe and also that you have abilities which are very valuable.  A matter of fact, they are essential to the success to everything that is happening and everything that is going to happen.  With that, I will turn it over to Beth.

BETH: Yes, thank you.  I would like to mention that we only have one transcriber working on typing up these calls.  She works tirelessly and we are all indebted to her because there are hundreds of people reading the words after they are typed up after these late night calls.  Thank you, Shirley Cull for everything you do.  We appreciate it much.

TARA: Rama is back if there is a moment here.  Rama has a message.

RAMA: I was in that Northern place.  Not the Fortress of Solitude, but Shambalah the Greater, and it seemed like it was on the surface of the planet over Shambalah the Greater in orbit.  And I was in some kind of Merkaba vehicle that was spinning in a clockwise direction and it sort of felt like I was in a tetrahedron that was a dorje [?] and there was lightning bolts coming out of either end of the tetrahedron that were going across the universe.  Kind of reminded me of the Big Bang.  I’m not sure what this all means, yet that’s what I saw.

TARA: A new creation?

RAMA: Could be.

TARA: A new heaven and new Earth?

RAMA: I don’t know.

TARA: Did you hear a message?

RAMA: I only experienced that, so I am sort of in confusion which I guess is a good thing.

MARK: You said that you were on the surface.  That Greater Shambalah was there.  Were you with Sanat Kumara?

RAMA: I did not seem to see him.  It felt like I was alone and I was just witnessing that as an observer.

TARA: What were you witnessing?

RAMA: Being inside this tetrahedron that was spinning almost at the speed of light and lightning bolts shooting out of either end of the tetrahedron.

TARA: It’s more than 2 ends to a tetrahedron.

RAMA: Yeah.

TARA: Well, that’s just what it is I guess.  We are learning to be experiencing these multidimensional new things that when we experience them, they become part of the whole.

RAMA: Yep.

MARK: It’s obviously talking about change.

TARA: And willing to go there.

MARK: It was also interesting that it was on the surface instead of underground or aboard a ship.

RAMA: Right.

MARK: So thank you for sharing that Rama.

RAMA: Okay.

MARK: Namaste.

RAMA: Namaste.

TARA: Namaste.

CINDY: Mark, do you know when the next call is going to be?

MARK: Our next one will be scheduled for the 29th.

CINDY: Tentatively everyone. So that is great.


MARK: Thank you all for being here.  We are trying to get as many questions answered as we can and also to deal with the information that is coming in.  Some of these operations may not seem to some of you as 3D enough, but I have to tell you, every single thing that we are doing, we are going through a process very much like all of you are going through.  You will find very soon, you are no longer able to keep an interest only in 3D that, you can see what is coming, you know what is coming, you talk to the people who are coming here, and you listened to Mother tonight. She is talking about we can be in your face at any moment, and get ready for it, because it is going to be quite exciting and not anything to fear whatsoever.  Just exactly the opposite of all the disinformation out there.  I can tell you that we all know now that this is such a grand event that touches the whole universe and beyond and we are a part of that.  We are the most fortunates of the fortunates to be right here and to go on in the future from this experience not only as ascended ones, but also as ones who have experienced the hardest school in the universe and beyond and succeeded.  And everyone who graduates from this and all you have to do no matter who you are, is to ask.  You must ask for this ascension and then you must also choose to allow the help that you need to come to you, and it will come absolutely.  It is guaranteed.  So matter who you are, no matter what you have done or not done, you have a choice.  If you are a dark hat, it does not matter.  You can choose right now and ask for the path of ascension and you will be given help no matter who you are.  There is a perfect path and part of that is what we explained earlier tonight.  That is what the Hybrid Program is all about.  To give everyone a chance.  A new pathway that wasn’t otherwise possible.  Now it is possible for all who choose, ask and allow.  That is the final comment for tonight.  Thank you all.

THANKS to Shirley Cull for this transcription!

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