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Ashtar Telecall: September 22, 2009



Ashtar addressing the September 22, 2009 Equinox teleconference:

“Well good evening.  This is a most remarkable moment in this history/herstory of Planet Earth.  We shall have speakers tonight who will enlarge upon this topic a bit.  But first we want to say to all of you who may not have been able to give full attention, focus or visualization to the beautifully-done announcement sent by our Beloved Brother Sananda and given, of course, by that A-team member Master Mark and corroborated by Masters Tara and Rama.  Yep, confirmed!  Mission accomplished!  Fabulous success!  So where did this inspiration to do all of this come from?  Well, it was decided long ago as you measure time, eons ago, when the Kumaras first committed to coming to this planet to hold the light until the planet, that is the kingdoms, and most specifically the human kingdom upon this Planet was able to hold the light for itself.

“Now this, of course, results in an exponential increase in the light, does it not?  We have the lights that the humans are becoming, more and more as they recognize more and more that that’s who they are anyway.  We have all of these wondrous energies that have been coming from the universe, from the great central sun, from your various starseed family members, home planets, and of course the light that has been here all this time, the Kumaras.  And so we honor each and every one of us for co-creating this most astounding, auspicious and awesome event which has occurred.  Yes, there were successful pictures taken, documentation, you know, for your 3D friends, but we know that the connections have been made and they are there.  Messages in your fields if you have not received them yet at this moment in your Earth ti me, will open, we’ll get to that.

“We are going to have some fun tonight, you know, we are going to do some exercises.  But this is solemn and sacred, Beloved family.  This is a huge event in the sequential flow and it’s all downhill from here if you want to know.  It’s all done anyway from our grand observation point.  And if you are feeling a bit of a buzz, a bit of a tingle, a bit of an excitement, go for it!  Keep it going.  Welcome it.  There are messages that have been brought here, sent here, actually just have come on the wings of Love for each and every one of you, and if you are having a little trouble accessing those messages, we would like to remind you, and we’re reminding fabulous Fran as well, not that she hasn’t got quite a bit on her plate, but we are going to remind her anyway, the last three e xercises that were done, that is on our last three family calls, are going to be grouped on the website .  How’s that for a plug?   I do know what this advertising business is all about!   And they will be grouped for your easy access, and we invite you to go at any time you choose and do those exercises.  You might want to do them at different times on your clocks or even on your calendars because they are pretty heavy-duty exercises in that they lighten you up so much that you may want to just spend time in the bliss of each one individually.

“Now why we are suggesting this is because, Beloved family, they were a co-creation. You asked for it and we brought it through.  Because you are so ready to go beyond.  You’re all living outside of the 3D box anyway; you just may not know to what extent because we know there is a lot of chaos out there and we know it can be pretty tumultuous at times for you.  Now we gave you some insights as to the separation that will be taking place.  And there is a lot more information out there right now.  It will be joyful for all, it will be comfortable for all and nobody is going to grieve because somebody is no longer there.  Now how this can be, hmmm – that goes into a bit more science than we normally do, but suffice it to say that your bonds never really will be severed and on some level you will all know that it’s all ‘A-OK’.

“Now the next thing we want to mention to you is that regarding this the number – the word has gone out to the sub-conscious, the consciousness that is conscious awareness on the part of all of the beings on the planet and everybody’s scrambling around to get into the Ascension line.  Well, not everybody.  There are still a few resisters.  Just send ‘em Love.  Oh go ahead and give them a blast right now from your heart to theirs.   Love, love, love, it’s the most powerful, powerful energy on the planet, indeed in the universe and, Beloved family, they need it.  We shall give you some insights quite briefly.  Do not take this in except as a compassionate observer and turn on your love beams right now cause here we go.

“There are those who insist on wearing the dark hats still.  They have super-glued them on.  They are not feeling very happy right now with their fellow dark hats because everybody is very busy attacking if you will in some manner or other, everybody else who is still wearing a dark hat.  What has happened is that the light has penetrated so much and it is so beautiful that many, whether super-glued on or not, you know they got out that remover and they – you know what you see in a graduation, when the graduating class takes off the cap, they flip the tassel and they take off the cap and they toss it into the air because they’ve graduated.  Well this has been happening particularly in what they call the lower ranks of their organizations.  So support from among them is leaving.  They’re all real busy calling them traitors and blaming each other and really the ones now, we are talking about the ones with the super-glue still in place, they are really, really having a most tumultuous time of it.  Their dollars are gone.  And guess what?  They may have credit cards but you know who’s bank have issued those credit cards. Some of them are even getting notices, ‘We’re sorry, but we have to limit your spending, you’re cut off.’   Because there are some honest beings, high-level, high-vibe, from the heart beings who are in place in those banks.  They are with St. Germain.  And so as their world crashes around them, we ask that you send them Love and Compassion.  And above all else, keep that red carpet rolled out and invite them to take off those dark hats and come on down, or up, we should say, to the light.  In the heart is where it’s at.  And if they can catch a bit of the flame and allow it into their own hearts, that flame can grow.  Nothing is impossible.

“Alrighty now let’s talk about the ones who haven’t got a clue.  They are not dark hats, but they are not committed to the Ascension process either.  They are lights, but perhaps they are not burning as brightly as they might.  By the way, the very youngest of children you need not be concerned about them because they are Indigos, older Indigos, younger Crystals, Rainbows are on the way and here in some cases they all know they are lights.  They’re going to make it unless there is a specific reason for them to leave their bodies imminently, but not to be concerned because you will be meeting them anyway, and they’ll still share all their wisdoms and their love with you, and they will be back.

“So let’s talk about the In-betweeners, you say that you have a son, or a daughter, or a mother, or a father or somebody, or maybe a whole big group of somebodies who think you’re just you know out to lunch, over the edge, over the top, and all of those things you are so fond of saying.  Well, you are over the top. You are over the top of the 3D box.  Congratulations!  That’s the ‘in’ place to be.  So keep it up.  Keep soaring higher, higher, higher.  You are going to be regarded as the wise one in the group, because it’s turning out that you do know what you’ve been talking about, and they haven’t.   But they will.  So we are telling you once again, ‘Get Ready.’ Can you feel it in the wind?  It’s there.  Do you have some goose-bumpies, some tinglies, some messages coming through, ‘incomings’ and all of those kinds of things that tell you that the sequential flow of events is like a rushing river now, or the waterfall going over the edge and when it hits the bottom which is the cool pond, the refreshing, the pristine clean pond below, that’s it.  Everyone’s invited in for a swim and it’s the waters, Nesara, Golden Age, and face-to-face hugs with all family.

“Those of us who are here now and, yes, we are here, hello, we are here, we are there we’re everywhere and that is why we can do multiple communications with you.   There are many voices who are starting to get the messages that we are putting out and broadcasting more and more, and that is why this wondrous group [Joyful Awakenings Yahoo Group]** has been formed and [the moderator] Master Bill is a Master – send him your stories and he will put them up for you all to enjoy.  Send word of it to your friends, send the link if you will, invite people.  The numbers are growing exponentially already and this is your place, Beloved Ones, to gather together in your communities and with family of fellow flyers.

“And we are talking about flyers now.  You’ve got all of the equipment, you’ve got the wings, and you’ve got the wind under your feet.  You are not slogging through the tar pits anymore.  And if you think you are, that’s an illusion. Get over it.  Do the exercises and fly.  We invite you to fly aboard the New Jerusalem at any time you choose.  The Arcturians have their ships to welcome you for whatever healings and evolvements and Ascension preparations into high gear that you might desire.  You have already some of you and more and more of you will go on to your home planets or stars, your galaxies.  Continue.  Make these contacts.  You are the leaders.  Beloved Ones, without you and the other Lightworkers and lets call it ‘bringers of the light’, ‘holders of the light’, that kind of thing, because to say ‘work’ kind of implies that it might be a bit arduous and we don’t for one minute mean to diminish the sacrifices that you have made to be a holder of the light.

“The Kumaras have come but they have always been here holding the light.  They have passed the torch to you, Beloved Ones – not to leave, but to return again at this Equinox time in, shall we say, a more public way, but their Spirits have been here all this time holding the light.  And when we say they have passed the torch to you, we simply mean you’ve been holding a torch and they have just lit it up a bit brighter for you, so it is a sharing of the light.  You have answered the call, you have stepped forward.  Kudos!  Bravo!  Kumara Roses for all, because Beloved Ones you have dared to Love, you have dared to live your Truth, not necessarily entirely, but because you’ve opened your hearts, you are indeed honored beyond words.  We don’t give medals in the Ashtar Command, we give crystal light.  Feel your bodies filling with it even more.  Love beyond words we have for you.  Always have, always will.  Let it amplify even more in this moment.  Welcome it into your beings and know that we are the ones that we and the world have been waiting for.

“And I, Ashtar, commend you and thank you heart-to-heart for all that you have done and all that you are about to do.  Whether you see it or not, you will.  I shall be happy to speak with any of you who call upon me, or you can call upon the Voice if you wish, to further clarify your missions in the coming days, because you have stepped forward and because you beam so brightly you will be attracting many, many to you, and it is simply to love them and to present to them the truth of who you really are, in joyful peace, in welcoming celebration, and as a facilitator and leader of the grand changes which are taking place even now on Planet Earth.

“And so I, Ashtar, now shall leave this center stage – there is one who is just bursting with love and joy and radiant beams, and it is so appropriate that she come forward on this day of days, that which you call the Equinox.  There has never been one like this.   There never will be again on Planet Earth, as far as the measurement of the energies of  Ascension and Light are concerned, because it is only going to get higher and higher.  But we have to tell you Beloved family, Ashtar Commanders, it has never been this high.  Well done, Beloveds!   Thank you, and salute!

Mother Gaia

“Beloved citizens of Planet Earth, I salute you all.  Not only who you are in the human body, but all that you are, the light from the stars you bring with you, and I see it so clearly in you, and I have depended upon you, and you have answered my call.  You and the Lightworkers who got the message, who committed so beautifully to my healing, that I could even better be your place as we ascend together.  I AM Mother Gaia and my twin, Vywamus, stands at my side.  It is unbounded thanks that we have for you, for all of your efforts, for all of your connections and your communions with the all of Planet Earth, below, on and above.  It is for the clearings, the cleansings, it is for the communications that you have given even if sometimes there has not seemed to be an answer, even if sometimes you send your hearts love to an animal kingdom, or a plant kingdom, or a mineral kingdom, and the next moment you hear of some destruction or pollution or poisoning of that kingdom.  Without your love, Beloved Ones, that kingdom might be gone forever.  And yes, there are some which have disappeared but only in the appropriateness that they have done their job with you, for you on Planet Earth, and there is no need for them to ascend with you.

“Some of you who have been with this telephone family for quite a while, may remember that Ashtar once gave a poem to the mosquito who was about to come extinct.  Well let me tell you my children, the mosquito is one of my children as much as you are.  But there will be no need for mosquitos to bite humans and animals as the Earth ascends and the mosquito is perfectly comfortable at the thought of not going on.  However, we will tell you that the mosquito might live on, in that which is going to be the replica of 3D Planet Earth.  So you need not cry for the mosquito, but simply honor for the attention to certain matters that the mosquito has given.

“Some of the things that have been done on Planet Earth have been for the health of the planet.  Now we are not talking about the spraying of DDT, but in some cases in an environmentally conscientious way, animals, members of the animal kingdom such as the mosquito, have been repelled, in a way, which is not so violent, they simply have not procreated because their environment has been changed in a manner that has been more cordial to them.  Now this does not happen very often, in most cases it is the raping, plundering and pillaging of the planet which has disrupted the chains.  You know about the chains, the ecological balances have been disturbed.  The toxicities have been huge and in some cases over-whelming, so as to cause diseasement and even death to many, many bodies, humans, plants and animals and of course the mineral kingdom has been violated repeatedly, but these, all of these situations are changing.  We are happy to say that the balance of Love has tipped the scale.  Planet Earth is now more clean, cleansed than not.  And this is a wondrous, wondrous situation indeed.  And as you realize what that means, you will see more and more evidence of this.  You will perhaps be more and more in communication with the other kingdoms and with the human kingdom telepathically, and this will in turn facilitate your communications with your families from the stars and the planets beyond earth.

“All of these things are related you see – you humans cannot ascend without me and all of my kingdoms that are scheduled for Ascension and that is the vast majority.  And yes, we are talking about your kitty cats, and your puppy dogs, and your horsies and all of your beloved plants and yes, your crystals that you love so much upon your altars and in your sacred places.  We are all going together, Beloved Ones.  You consider that when you are not up on your ships, you are soaring, but nevertheless a part of the good ship Planet Earth.  Where you go, Planet Earth goes.  And where you choose to be is on an ascended Planet Earth and from there, the stars are your world, and there is nowhere that is not open for you to journey to.  And if you desire, you can return to Planet Earth and have more adventures of the most delightful and loving kind.  Planet Earth is only going to get more delightful and more loving.  And we would say a word about what we mean.

“So if you wish, you can close your eyes and you can go into your elevators if you choose, your crystal ones, breathing and being joyful, and as you step into your crystal elevator you can hear the music and the welcoming – welcoming you.  Each and everyone of you has your own crystal elevator, and each and everyone of you is so welcome and the crystals of that elevator sing to you and perhaps you feel a nice buzzing and an uplifting even as the doors close and the elevator rises.  We are going to the ascended Planet Earth.  That, Beloved Ones, is your destination.

“We will go and arrive together, even though each of you has your own elevator.  And while we shall give you some ideas of what you will find there, this is your vision and co-creation.  It is not expected nor is it required that you envision it exactly the same as anyone else.  It is not expected nor is it required that you focus on the whole picture as we give you some very brief overviews. You may want to stop and just simply smell the roses.  Kumara Roses will be a part and they will grow in all of the gardens of Planet Earth, so if you want to stop there or at any other place, you are perfectly welcome to do so.  This is your journey, Beloved Ones.  And so, rise in the elevator and be joyful with this rising, and I, Mother Gaia and my beloved Vywamus, shall greet you, each and every one of you.

“So let the elevator door open and step out to greet us with hugs, perhaps there is a lei of roses for you as we welcome you.  And now let us walk a beautiful path together and you can stop and admire all of the beauty along the path.  Sparkling crystal clear and pristinely clean waterfalls and ponds and rivers and yes, perhaps you are by an ocean.  There is no water on Planet Earth that is not crystal-clear and wondrous, wondrously invigorating.

“And as we walk together upon the path, feel, feel the wondrous rays of the sun, the sun that shines constantly for you because there is more than one and know, know that the scientists upon that sacred mountain you call Haleakala [Maui] are monitoring and seeing that the temperature stays balmy for all of you.  No more freezing cold unless you choose to go on the replicator, that is to the holodeck, where you can experience whatever you choose.  No more blazing hot, so hot that you have to stay in a tent, shielded from the sun.  No matter where your elevator has brought you the lands flourish, the earth is cleansed and full of nutrients to support in a natural way all that grows there.  Now look closely and among these wondrous gardens you may see some dancing, you may hear some singing, you may stop to chat along the way with a deva or a fairy, if you’re by the ocean you may wish to hug a mermaid and, oh look, you may catch a glimpse of unicorns and Pegasus and all the wondrous beings, because they are ascended with you and everything is so warm and so joyful.   And now you may wish to see where it is that you might dwell, and it sparkles and shines and it is exactly as you imagined it.  And if you go inside you will feel a freshness in the air and yet it is warm – just perfect for you.

“And there may be a replicator there if you choose to have one or you may simply create a table in front of you and put upon it anything that you desire.  You may invite Masters to come and sit at your table and converse with you.   Everyone is ascended; it could be your brother who ascended with you from Planet Earth.  (It may be I, Ashtar.)  It could be anyone you choose at any time.   And if you choose there is wondrous music playing or perhaps some of what you call art to gaze upon and enjoy.  Oh yes, there is a place that is so beautiful, it just beckons you to come and dance on the floor.  You may wish to access the library, it is as easy as calling forth anything you choose to know about.  You may wish to go to a meeting of community and greet everyone there with hugs and love.  Tonights speaker might be a council, a council of Arcturians perhaps, coming to share the latest information with you, or it might be your kitty cat who has some wisdom, or one of the children who is so joyful and delightful, it is hard to stay in your seat long enough to listen and you don’t have to.   You can stand up and dance as a community and, oh yes, there are sacred gatherings as well, gatherings of community throughout the planet, simply gathering to share their love and their light and knowing that we’re all One, we are all Love and Joy and Peace on Earth ever and ever without end.

“And so we ask you to just be in joy, to bask in the love light of the wonderful sun, to be delighted with all that is going on around you and within you, to bring in front of you to your presence loved ones, friends and beings you have not spent a great deal of time with but choose to do so now; they will gladly come when you call because they are coming to you, Beloved Ones – Love you are, and no one can resist the call to love.  There are no dramas here or traumas but only love and joy and yes, play.  You are all wise old souls and at the same time you are wisdom.  You are the wisdom of Planet Earth.  And all is well and wondrous in your world, and there may come a time when you will volunteer to be an ambassador, an ambassador representing Planet Earth.  Perhaps you will go to sit on a council of other Ascended Masters, angels, guides and all beings.  Perhaps you will answer the call to go to a planet which has yet to make its Ascension, but where you will be recognized as an Ascended One, there to advise and help and most of all to just share your love light in assistance and facilitation of all that is to happen there in order for that place, that planet to make its own Ascension with all of its kingdoms.  And be assured, Beloved Ones, if you go there, I go with you.  We are never needing to be separate or apart.

“We are together in this great loving healing that is happening now even as we speak, and Beloved Ones, your coming here and taking this journey is another step forward in this grand healing of the planet.  Your very presence is helping to anchor the healing of Planet Earth.  Your coming to the higher dimensional Planet Earth and beaming it back to where the Earth is now, is helping it to advance even farther upon the Ascension path.  And if you didn’t know that before Beloved Ones, know it now.  That is why we encourage you to do this journey as often as you choose.  It is the help, it is the facilitation, it is the loving co-creation from you, Beloved Ones, that is making all of this possible.  I could not be cleansed without you.  And as I become more and more pristine, more and more cleansed, I in turn can help you with your own healings, your own cleansings.

“Just breathe the pure air that surrounds you now in this wondrous place we have come to.  Feel the wind brushing your cheek, feel the ground beneath you in gentle loving high vibration.  Feel the Oneness of all of us, feel the hugs that I have for you.  And now connect with all of our kingdoms on Planet Earth, and if there is a loved one from any of the kingdoms, including human, who has passed out of the body, feel that ones love and hugs as well.  Because now we are all united in this higher dimensionality and if you have been missing someone, feel the joy of reunion.   It’s all come together, Beloveds.  It’s all done.  We are together in Oneness, we are together in healing accomplished.  And everywhere that you go, your lovelight goes with you and is felt by all.  And if you have a moment where you don’t feel such a bright light shining within, stop and reconnect, and call upon me to light up the ground beneath your feet, and call upon your family to brighten your atmosphere that surrounds you.  Know that We Are One, that as this Ascension takes place we become one in Kingdom, never to be separated again.  And so I, Gaia, Vywamus and all of the kingdoms of Planet Earth stand with you in Oneness, in Joy and in the perfection and sacredness of the loving One we are.   And so linger for a moment or more if you wish in this high dimensional togetherness.

“And when you are ready, your elevator awaits. Bring the love light.  Bring the high vibrations right into your elevators with you and come back gently, knowing that you have made a change forever, or shall we say activated a change, which is lasting and infinite upon your return.  And knowing that I and Vywamus are here to welcome you to the higher vibration on Planet Earth as you come out of your crystal elevators.  Congratulations, more hugs are yours, Kumara Roses, sparkling like diamonds. Take them into your fields, Beloved Ones, take them into your hearts and know, know that you have been to the place where you already are, and it is yours to return to, always and any time that you choose and it is your Ascension destination.

“Thank you, Beloved Ones, you have helped enormously to increase the healing of Planet Earth and all of Gaia’s kingdoms.  And so it is.   Namaste.”

kosKing of Swords

“Greetings!  I am the one you call KOS.  ‘Cause I just had to drop in for a moment and congratulate you all, and I want to tell you that it’s all happening – now!  That which you are anticipating is but a breath away.  But don’t be breathless.  Breathe, breathe it in and have a jolly good time and I shall now take my leave.  I can be in as many places as I choose to be, but as you may have heard, I am a bit busy now, so I shall leave you to your busy-ness and there is one who would come who is overjoyed at the success, and at your part in this success of the many, many missions which are happening now.  And so it is.  Goody good evening!”

sanat-kumara-201Sanat Kumara

“Most beloved and esteemed family of Planet Earth and beyond.  I AM Sanat Kumara and I come through to thank you for the welcome that you have given us.  For the openings in your hearts which made this possible that this particular event has flown so beautifully.   And I do mean we have flown.  We Kumaras are here on Planet Earth as an even more connected presence with you all, and you have helped us to come with your readiness, with your courage and with your love.  We shall be very much in evidence in the days to come, and we thank you for joining us with your great lights and your courageous hearts in the many missions yet to come, or shall we say, to be actualized, because they are already done.

“Sananda, Ashtar and the Kumaras salute you for your bravery and your courage and we say, ‘Stay the course.’   There is so much to unfold and yet it is done.  And we have special words for those who answered the call, who have answered the call worldwide and most particularly in the sacred spaces, sacred places of the planet, and yes, for the four who went to the sacred islands.  These are leaders in your time to literally drop everything and go.  The A-team, the four, joined by one to make the 5 of the star, and all of you who are finding your missions.  They are coming into your hearts.  We ask you to listen, to open to them.  Nothing is impossible.  It is all real.  It is so much more real than that which you call the 3D world.  Listen to your hearts and answer the call even though it might at first be in a meditative state, and many missions are done exactly that way.  It could be an out-of-body kind of an experience or a remote viewing to gather information and relay it, perhaps just to relay it into your own beingness.  It might be an actual physical mission, that is where you actually travel somewhere.  Regardless of what it is, Beloved Ones, the calls are going out.   So even as you prepare for the next phase on your Ascension paths, we ask you to remember to listen and if you are not clear whether you are to stay or go, or what it is that is your next step, ask your guides.  You all have guides and they are particularly close now because the time has come for them to be close with you.  And you will get your answers.  And there are even ways that you can validate you answers.

“The more you lift yourselves up the more you heal, and the more you heal, the more you beam out healed energy for the planet, and you know that.   And what is that healing?  It is called Love and that is what we Kumaras have brought to this planet eons ago, and that is what we have shared and now you are joining us and sharing brighter than ever in every moment that goes by.  And we thank you and we tell you we love you.   We are never ever apart and you need never ever again have any sense of separation from the Love we are.  And it  goes beyond Kumara, it goes to all of the universe, it goes to that one you call the Creator,  Mother/Father God, the energy of the Great Central Sun, the Love That Is.

“I am known as Ancient of Days because I have been here for so long and now we are together even more – even more connected.  So share the Love and more roses if you wish.  There is a grand company here with us: Sananda stands by my side, my Kumara brothers, my beloved Lady Venus, and those who have served as Mary and Mary, and beyond that, Beloved Ones, you know that you stand with us also.  You all have Kumara light in you whether your origin is elsewhere or not, it makes no difference, because we are all reunited now.   One in Heart, one in Light and one in Love.

“Blessings to all of you.  We are with you always, together, in family, in service, in mission accomplished.  And so it is.  Namaste.”


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