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2 Messages from the Ashtar Command – Sept 16 and 17-09


Message from the Ashtar Command
Cusco, Peru, 9/16/09 to Madame X

This is Ashtar.  I’m here today to honor each of you for listening the call, for being free and being who we really know you are.  We honor you/your beings as One on the New Earth.

The father/ mother represented by the ancient apus of Machu Picchu and Qoa, the son, the children of the sun, representing the galactic family, the Kumaras, are back and walking on earth to create the new solar realm on your world.  The new world is here.  No going back, and it is supported by love and only love.

You have asked so many times, what is next, what you have to do and when, we can just say, you know, follow your heart and listen.

My 3 solar beings will be in Qoa on the 21st from 9am till 9am the 22nd.  We will be there as all the Commands, the Solar Council and the source, to anchor the Temple of the Eternal Flame on a physical place.

Qoa has sent the solar disc to Machu Picchu, Peru, to open the new Golden Age in the place created for the new humanity. Qoa will hold the Temple of the Eternal Flame, to tune your planet to higher and higher dimensions and realms.  My children of the sun have been prepared to complete this mission in perfection.  You know there is no time and can’t be any errors.  The time is now and we’re ready…as also you are…

The crystalline heart of the Galactic Mother in Qoa will have the eternal flame forever, as representation of all creation, all galaxies and constellations.  As you anchor this, also anchor in your hearts the ALL in you.  You carry the cosmos, the source, so look inside and feel…be it…

The path is open and bright, covered with roses and sparkles of golden diamond light all over.  You’ll see our ships and first contact will be initiated.

We bless each of you and love you with the most infinite love…

I AM Ashtar representing the ALL.


Last night, the Twin Flames Sunat Kumara/Lady Venus, Metatron/Nepthy-El-Ra, and Mother Sekhmet/Alycone made an unexpected visit to you, Mark and Beth, at Mark’s home, knowing that you were talking on the phone while connecting with your own Twin Flames, on the inner levels, at that time.

Now this morning, a message comes to the A-Team.  This message is an additional confirmation for both of you.  The Kumaras are back and walking on Earth.  Yes!  Believe it!  You have been told by Metatron, you have gotten what you wanted:  The Planet HAS returned to LOVE.

Every day, the work that is needed changes.  Each day there are new potentials.  You all, on the A-Team, are experts at asking and allowing.  You are steadfast, never giving up, and never without a passion to keep going night and day. This is what makes you the A-Team.  To follow One’s Mission means wanting to do nothing else and allowing nothing else to get in the way.  We are grateful for your unwavering devotion, All.  Keep being in this Now Moment and follow each new Guidance perfectly, as you all do.

What are the names of the 3 Solar Beings?  The Children of the Sun, The ancient parent Apus from Machu Pichu, and their son, Qoa.

This is happening with the devotion of those working in Peru with the A-Tea.  It is a sacrifice on their part, and we bless their hard work and loving devotion to facilitate this happening.

This is another connection with Source, through the crystalline bodies in you, right up and connecting to the crystalline Earth Grid and the rest of the Cosmos, as All That Is.  It is You and YOU are It!

The Kumaras bring the Venusian roses, lighting your path back to Love.  The Sun’s golden light has every color of the diamond rainbow trained on you, for your success.  There is an energetic resonance in this liquid-love light!  “The Force Be With You”.  There is Great Celebration!

Qoa is used to seeing ships flying in and out near his portal home.  After this anchoring of the crystalline heart, during the Equinox, more and more ships will be seen, and will be landing, all around the Earth.  They have begun, and will continue.  It is time now.  This will lead to decloakings and Mass Landings.  Believe It!

The Equinox brings with it an opening.  This opening connects the celestial bodies to their crystalline core.  The planets around you, with Earth, are firing their core to pulse synchronization with yours.  In doing this, Higher energies will penetrate Earth and all who live on her.

There are many things happening in the financial and political systems on Earth.  Things are heating up.  The Equinox passes a sequence of events which makes it impossible for the old timeline to any longer exist.  This MUST be replaced with what is new.  New Government, New Money, New Laws enforced.  This will bring massive changes.  This is happening now.  Believe it, rejoice in it, tell others about it, raise your energies and keep them high.  Be Love and Only Love.  Ignore that which tugs painfully at your heart.  Stand in trust knowing your gut feeling is your discernment.  If it “feels bad”, it probably is.  Wait.  Be the mature Galactic Humans that you are, and know that what you see reported is not always the Truth.  The Truth shall out.  We are poised and we are ready for the perfect moment.

Blessing to all,~Ashtar


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