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Tonight’s Excellent Adventure – August 19, 2009


Mark and Beth will be sharing this adventure tomorrow night on MotherSekhmet’s SGRT CC. We have asked her to add some more to this as it applies to all our future Ascension processes. Mark/Beth

Mark and Beth, with their Twin Flames, together:

We arrive at the 44th Dimension. We arrive in a round room. It is a dome room with a pointed top. There are chairs along the wall facing out. They are very elaborate chairs with scroll work. The walls and ceiling are white and the chairs are white. Our clothes are white. This is a significant detail because the statement is this is a archetype representation. We are actually visiting a place of formless form.

We have invited you here tonight to tell you more about us.

We are the Lord Most High Governors Council.

There are 15 Members of Our Council. We are appointed by those from the Universal Guardians.

Our Council Members, after accepting appointment, agree to serve a minimum of 100,000 Earth Years.

Serving on the Council is considered what you would call a ‘part time job’. We are able to serve on the Council, while at the same time ‘living productive lives’ elsewhere. Some may serve on more than one Council at a time.

We are the Silent Watcher. We are a sentient database. We are what the Ashtar Federation uses to sync their computers to. Everything that happens in this Universe goes into our database. We have liquid crystal databanks. Any detail down to the subquantum level is detected, recorded and saved. This is done with light and sound frequency through liquid crystal storage capability.

By being the Silent Watcher, we use the information to determine potential probability and possibilities. Nothing is set in stone. Every action and deed is fluid. As each new bit of data is analyzed and recorded, evolution of cocreation occurs.

Our Council, The Lord Most High Governors Council, have meetings at regular intervals. We are a collective in formless form. We are a Group Consciousness. We review the data and recalibrate conditions on Earth according to what has happened and how that effects the next potential possibility. We come together in meetings to decide the Highest possible outcome related to the configuration of all the bits of data. We are operating from a place out of time. We work by seeing the collective whole and adjusting things to match the level coming in. It does make a difference when actions are based in love. That is palpable here. It does make a difference when there is a light quotient of greater than 51%. That is how the Silent Watcher judges Free Will of the Individual and the Mass Consciousness. Every detail is recorded in the database. When there are prolonged feelings of love coming through many on Earth, at one time, it effects the recalibration of our computers.

Ashtars fleet of ships, as well as those visiting from other places, make up over 300 trillion ships. This many ships in Earth’s atmosphere, all at once, change the possible potentials now. This is a signal to us. They all would not be there simultaneously if not supported by us. Each of these trillions are as the trillion cells in the human body. Each one must be in harmony with the others or it will be extracted, either by by choice or intention.

Ashtar works in coordination with the Intergalactic Federation as well as the ACIO and other groups. All of these groups base their actions on data they receive from the 15 Members of the Lord Most High Governors Council.
There are times, as in resetting the Hologram, and Timeline Consolidation where we are granted privilege to set into place permanent changes in our Universe. This means, as Earth Ascends, every thing, absolutely everything else in the Universe, also Ascends simultaneously. This is where the expression, ‘send love and only love’ comes from. The more love that is brought into through and around our bodies, the earth, and the grids connecting all, the more it will effect All That Is.

When decisions are being carried out on Earth it may effect very important elements in other areas in the Universe. What is happening on Earth is effecting far more than you understand.

The job of The Lord Most High Governors Council is to Counsel all who play roles as Lords. You have heard the expression, ‘Lord Michael’, ‘Lord Arcturus’, ‘Lord Ashtar’, ‘Lord Buddah’, there are many many others. These are the Ascended Masters and Archangels which have obtained the status Lord. There are many many levels above Lord. It is a delineation of the responsibility for that individual for their Spiritual Service at this now moment. Those in these roles, look to us for their Guidance. All who are on the Lord’s Most High Governors Council have already served hundreds of thousands of years at the level of Lord or Lady at some other place in time. We all are constantly moving, changing, and evolving into new roles.

There are protocols, directives, and instructions in place at every level to ensure each Soul is represented fairly and treated as they should be. There is no judgment here. It is a matter of allowing Free Will in every case and allowing all to move together in a rhythm requested by each person. The Silent Water role is to assure these protocols, directives, and instructions are enforce at all times. This is how cocreation and the Divine Law of Attraction work. Everything you think, feel, and do is monitored and recorded into the databanks. As time goes on, the data is analyzed. Those working from a low vibration attract and experience things from the low vibration, those working from a high vibration, attract and experience things from a high vibration. Fear is a low vibration. Love is a high vibration. Be mindful each now moment, what is allowed to be in your Being. Choose well.

As Ashtar and those working with them, sync into our database, for instructions on how to move forward, they have no control over the speed at which thing happens. If you can see and understand how this works. This is what is meant by We Are One and We are All That Is and Every thought you have effects the Whole Universe and We are all gods and We are all Creators. Think about it. Act Accordingly.

Blessings, Beloved Ones.
~The Lord Most High Governors Council.


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