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St. Germain on Ashtar Telecall – August 11, 2009



Greetings beloved family it is I, St Germain, indeed I have been with you on this grand journey.  And if you are still there it is time to get back into your crystal elevator and rejoin the family for I have words of love and honor and thanks for you all.   Indeed you are representatives now certified, accredited, however you want to see it. We are so grateful to you for taking this step.   You will feel ever more the gratitude and the connections and the communications with all of your galactic family and your families beyond this galaxy as well.  We honor all of you and we can assure you that you shine even brighter for doing this. You have the colors of the Galactic Federation in your fields whether or not you originally came from this galaxy or another, you are now officially representatives of the Planet Earth, of this galaxy and a representative to the Galactic Federation for Planet Earth.  We greet all of you in awe.

As you know I have had more than one identity on Planet Earth and others in other places.   I have experienced indeed some of the challenges, the pain and suffering that you have as an occupant in a human body, and I can tell you all Beloved family it has been well worth it, for it has brought us to this day of togetherness, of affirmation of our togetherness. our oneness and our joy and our purposeful mission together.  We are with you even more as a result of your courage, your dedication, and your willingness to come forward and join us on these high high levels to bring your love and your truth, your honor and your integrity and you shined because you have reunited yourself with your own identity and your own truth of who you really are.  And you shine forth throughout the entire universe with your radiant colors, with your flags flying high if you will, and so we overflow with the joy and the inspiration that you give to us, the magnificence you are and the sacredness and the honor with which you have brought yourselves to this moment in our time together.

You are indeed successful in all of your missions. You are being activated even as we speak with assistance to maintain your 5D perspective in your entire consciousness.   It will be easier for you when 3D tugs and pulls at you. It will be much easier from this moment on to bring yourself back up into 5D and not to get pulled in, and remember we are a team, we are one, we are family and we are here with each and everyone of you. Call upon us, we are joined, a holy sacred bond of the highest love and purpose.  We are here to serve you, we are here to serve with you even as you are here to serve the world and the universe beyond.  Joined we are together – let it reflect into every consciousness, every part of your consciousness, every part of your being, and let your connections, your communications and your communions with the one we all are, be constant and ever increasing in each moment.  And so we salute you Beloved Ones and we say to you beautiful wondrous beings of love and light you are, you have fulfilled your mission in this moment divinely, devotedly and joyfully for all.   Thank you Beloved Ones  and Namaste.

Thanks to Deborah Urquhart for this wonderful real-time transcript.


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