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Sekhmet Addressing the Ashtar 07/28 Telecall


Sekhmet addressing the July 28, 2009 Ashtar teleconference:

“Well Good Evening!  That was quite an intro was it not?  Now we have a little fun exercise in mind, because you’re all up for it.  We did some scanning to know for sure that this was the appropriate time as you measure it, to bring this forth.  And as Ashtar said, it’s a 110%.  So let us proceed.  Everybody listen up, and you may repeat after me if you choose to do so.  This is what we call an inter-active inter-communicative exercise.  So I Sekhmet shall lead, and those so inclined may follow with their voices, or in some manner connect.  And so it is!

“I AM a Being of Love, and I know it.  And I now know that because Love is unlimited, so am I.  And so I move into this Golden Age, and I incorporate it into every aspect of my Being.  And I thank myself and Mother-Father and all those connected that this is so.

“I AM now empowered completely by the energy of Love I AM, to heal the World, and all the abundance to bring forth, and to teach others to do as I AM, and to know the Truth of who they are.  And so I welcome into my Being this Golden Age, and at the same time I give it all to the World and the Universe beyond.  And so it is, now and evermore, I AM!”

“Well Done!  Does anybody have those goose-bumpies?  Anybody feel a loving paw hugging or holding your hand?  What Joy this is!  What empowerment you have given to yourselves and to the entire Planet!  This is it, Beloved Family, this is it!  The World has waited for you and this moment of giving.  And so it is!  It is done beautifully, lovingly and most powerfully!

“And so we congratulate you, and we put our paws together with applause, and you must do the same.  Feel it!  Feel the Joy of it!  Feel the up-liftment!  Feel where you’ve brought yourselves now!  And know that there’s more ahead.  But I and my Paschats are with you at your service every step of the way.  Know there is no mountain you can’t climb, or any other place that you cannot go with ease, because you are Love embodied and by Love empowered.

“And so it is you have gifted the World even as you have gifted yourselves.  We are One together in this grandest of endeavors, and it is truly mission accomplished.  There is no room in any of your Beings anymore for anything that is a fear.  You have cast out all doubt, all fear, and you’ve done it with Love, so guess what it’s all transmuted to – even more Love and even more empowerment.

“Miracles upon miracles, it’s all happened, and you have only more miracles to create in every moment.  It’s done, and you are the Divine Ones!

“Now, don’t you recognize yourselves, Beloved Ones?  If you feel so inclined take yourselves before a mirror in your next now moments and roar.  You are indeed as powerful as we speak.

“Blessings to all, and there is one to follow who will provide additional confirmations as a dessert, so to speak, as the frosting upon the cake, even more Love is coming your way.

“I, Sekhmet salute you, and I stand tall with you!  My Paschats and I have many missions, but we are always with you in service, in empowerment, in mission, and most of all, in Love.  And so it is!  Namaste!”


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