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Saul – Your New Leaders Will Have Great Visionary Capabilities


08/26/2009 by John Smallman

As the power and influence of the controllers of your world crumble, fall away, and dissolve, the way is opening for many delightful surprises to occur. A large number of good, competent people are about to awaken into awareness of their divinely gifted abilities as leaders and guides for the Golden Age which is almost upon you

They have been in training for many earth lifetimes and now their training will be put to excellent use. It is important to realize that the work they will be doing requires total honesty and integrity, and this they most certainly have. Up until now even your most well-intentioned leaders – governmental, corporate, religious, or academic – always had additional private agendas that frequently distracted them from their duties. These new leaders will have no conflicts of interest, but instead will have great visionary capabilities and the necessary skills to explain their vision clearly and concisely, so that all on the planet will know why change is absolutely essential and understand how it is to be achieved.

The divine energies enveloping Planet Earth and all her inhabitants are causing a stupendous reversal of attitude, from one of ‘each for himself’ – which has prevented many brilliant ideas and plans from being developed and put into practice – to one of widespread cooperative enthusiasm. This will allow the necessary changes to the way you live and interact with each other on the planet to proceed very swiftly and efficiently once they begin. Problems that have appeared intractable and frequently even led to war, will be dealt with quickly and smoothly to the full satisfaction of all concerned. The results of these first cooperative successes will demonstrate to all that trust and integrity combined with willingness and enthusiasm are, without doubt, extremely effective means to bring to all on the planet the services necessary to release them from the grinding drudgery of daily survival, so that they will have the time and the energy to enjoy their creative abilities.

Using your creative abilities freely and easily for personal satisfaction is how life is meant to be lived, and this how you will live in the very near future. The exhausting labor-intensive physical work that has for so long enslaved so many will mostly be unnecessary, resulting in great benefits to the health and physical energy of all. Tiredness and the need for sleep will all but disappear as your lives come into balance and alignment with the new energies available to you. And the few remaining chores that need to be taken care of, such as waste disposal, will be dealt with in a quite new and effective manner.

All will be free to live a life of joy and satisfaction that has never before been seen on this planet. There will be no division or separation between a wealthy elite and a struggling working class. All will have in abundance what they need to maintain a very comfortable living standard, and complete freedom to explore and develop their creative skills and talents, which will bring not only great satisfaction to themselves, but also enjoyment to those with whom they interact and socialize.

Addictions of every kind will fade away as people will no longer be driven to seek escape and respite from lives of intolerable misery. Joy and contentment will fill the lives of all on the planet, as the trials and tribulations with which you have lived for so long finally come to an end, and fade from your memories like morning mist as the sun fills the sky.

With so very much love, Saul.



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