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Saul – Your Deepest Longings Are Very Shortly to Come to Complete Fulfillment.


08/05/2009 by John Smallman

Your life as a human on Earth at this time was neither accidental nor coincidental.  You are meant to be here at this moment in time. Your life path was most carefully planned before you incarnated, as were the life paths of every human who is on Earth today.

This is the time in which enormous changes to the planet, humanity, and all the life forms Earth supports are scheduled to occur.  Events that to you may seem random most certainly are not.  Everything that happens in this illusory reality, that humanity is constantly building and rebuilding in order to maintain it, has been most carefully planned.  As you build and rebuild this reality in which it appears to you that you are living, you integrate into it the changes and the events that you experience in every moment.

Your plan, which is divinely guided in every moment, is to keep raising your level of conscious awareness of your Divine Heritage, your Oneness with God, the Being of Infinite Love and Intelligence Who created you all in joy for His and your eternal ecstasy.

It is totally natural for you to long for an existence that surpasses in wonder and exhilaration anything you have attempted to imagine, let alone actually experience as humans.   Falling in love gives you a tiny glimpse, an almost unbearably insignificant sense of what it is you feel life should provide in every moment, but then brings you down with a thump whenever you fall into doubt and anxiety about your loved one’s feelings for you.

Your deepest longings, longings that words can never express, longings that you have mostly buried so deeply in your subconscious mind that they are now inaccessible to you because you came to believe them to be forever unattainable, are very shortly to come to complete fulfillment in your lives.

You all truly have been following your paths and working very hard indeed to raise your frequencies, your levels of consciousness back to the level at which God created you.  And this is the level at which you resonate in perfect harmony with your Loving Father.

He knows that you have fallen asleep and into a dream of loss, hardship, and pain.  He awaits your awakening with infinite loving patience because He knows that it is inevitable.   His love for you is so powerful and all encompassing that it is impossible for you to remain asleep.   You are going to awaken into the wonder of being eternally in the light of His Divine Presence.  And that moment is approaching very rapidly indeed.

With so very much love, Saul.



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