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Saul – What You Perceive is a Massive Illusion Involving all of Humanity


08/12/2009 by John Smallman

Perception is the tool you use to make sense of your environment. It is conditioned by your family, your culture, your religion, and by the very environment in which you grew up. It is in fact trained or imposed. Consequently, what you experience is not reality but an illusion, a massive illusion involving all of humanity.

Before you decided to experience life as a human you knew this. You knew you were choosing to experience existence in a vast illusory reality, and that deep within yourself – your true self, not your human form – the bright flame of that self burned eternally and inextinguishably.

Your purpose as a human is to awaken out of this illusory dream and help your brothers and sisters – all of God’s beloved children – to awaken with you.

When you relax into a state of calm, peaceful acceptance of the present moment, allowing thoughts to flow through your awareness without your getting caught up in them or focusing on them, that inner flame brightens, strengthening your peace and reminding you of your intention to awaken. At first it is just a slight feeling that this place of peace into which you have relaxed is different, special. As you come to know it better you begin to get a sense that life indeed has a purpose and your curiosity is aroused.

You begin to notice that some of the people with whom you interact have an air of calmness and stability, and this intrigues you. You begin to ask questions, visit bookshops, and do Internet searches to discover what causes this calmness. Maybe you revisit the teachings of the religion into which you were born, seeking guidance and information.

Eventually you realize that while the paths others are following are very interesting, none of them feels quite right for you. You increase the amount of time you spend in your place of peace, reflecting on what you have learned, and possibly meditating to further quieten your mind. Over time your perception of life as a human changes, because your search for meaning has shown you that many of the beliefs that controlled the way you lived were mostly opinions and assumptions that dissolved when you investigated them. This left space in which your intuition – your true self – could make subtle suggestions to act as nudges to help you awaken.

And so now you are beginning to wake up as you come to realize that there is indeed a purpose, a God-given purpose, to life. And you know you are alive, accepted, and supported in every moment because you are an essential part of All That Is.

With love, Saul



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