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Saul – There will be some shocking revelations.


08/02/2009 by John Smallman

Good Morning my Dear Saul.   Reading “The Long Emergency” [a book by James Howard Kunstler]has left me feeling drained.  So what have you for me in the way of an uplifting message? My pen is ready.

Good Morning John.  As you well know the main stream media does not report the good news, and there is much happening that is very good, so do not spend so much time attending to the media.  Of course it is draining, especially when you make a depression sandwich of it by reading “The Long Emergency” and “The Economist” in between on-line visits to the BBC news web site!

There will be some shocking revelations.

Tremendous changes to the Earth and to your mode of living there are about to occur; they need to occur, and they are for the long term good of the planet and all the life forms she supports.   The massive slaughter of animals and of each other which takes so much of humanity’s time and energy will cease.  You have been despoilers and destroyers for far too long, and that insane period in your earthly existence is rapidly drawing to a close.

The new era for which you have been hoping and praying is almost upon you, and it is essential for those of you who are awakening to hold most strongly the intention that the Divine Will be done, and to keep it most clearly in your minds.   Divine Energy is flooding your planet at this time to assist you in bringing in the new golden age of peace, joy, and abundance, and it will be with you very soon.

There will be some shocking revelations, that will remove the last foundations upon which the power and deceits of the ruling elite have been built, allowing the dramatic changes that are essential for the new era to come into being to take place.  Your dependence on the wholesale slaughter of animals and the burning of fossil fuels for your existence will cease abruptly as other forms of food and energy which are totally benign replace them.

You will be amazed at the rapidity with which this new era comes into being, bringing peace and joy to all.  You have been praying for it, hoping for it, and intending it from the deepest centers of your being since the beginning of human existence, and finally now the intensity of your desire is becoming powerful enough to bring it about.

Continue to hold and intensify your longing, as this increases its strength, which is God’s Divine Will for you.   You yourselves are bringing in the new era by the intensity of your yearning which is magnified many fold by the Divine Energies that envelop and enfold you in every moment.

Know that it is impossible for you to fail.   Failure is not and never can be an option when you are supported by the Divine Will, as you are in every moment of your existence.  You are infinitely loved and what you are bringing about brings great joy to God our Divine Father, and therefore to all of His Creation, as we are all one in Him.

With so very much love, Saul.



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