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Saul – Food, Shelter, Clothing, & Electrical Power will be Freely Available


08/19/2009 by John Smallman

Life holds many astonishing and wonderful surprises for humanity which will be revealed very shortly. Peace on Earth, for which you have been yearning for so long, will soon be a reality, and as the hot spots, the angry spots, cool down across the planet there will be a peace dividend: Those who continue to fight will go on extended R & R to learn to live without the stress and stimulation that the fear and anxiety of living under constant threat of injury or violent death provides.

As peace spreads and people learn once more the joy and the power of cooperation, the epidemic of recurring strife that has afflicted humanity and the earth for so long will end. New difficulties will arise less and less frequently, and old ones will be resolved. Ways of solving problems that only worked temporarily and led to greater ones as a result – for instance, nuclear power as a supposedly efficient, effective, and clean way of providing electricity, but which in fact also creates increasing amounts of highly toxic waste which you are unable to neutralize or safely contain – will cease.

Cooperation on a very wide scale will ensure full understanding of issues that need resolution, so that narrow political or corporate agendas will not be foisted on a naively trusting and unsuspecting populace, for the latter entity will no longer exist. All will be knowledgeable and informed; all will work together with honesty and integrity; and finally the phrase “For the greater good of all” will mean exactly that.

The times of deceit, manipulation, oppression, and coercion are at an end. All will be truly free to follow the path to which they are drawn because of their innate talents and abilities. The basic essentials that you require to live on Planet Earth – food, shelter, clothing, and electrical power — will be freely available.

Everyone will have the time, the energy, and the motivation to live creatively, develop their talents, and joyfully share the results. Depression, boredom, and grinding poverty will be gone, and so will the memory of those conditions. No one will have to be somewhere or do something that does not appeal to them. There will be no sense of duty or obligation as you have been accustomed to experience it. Whatever you do, wherever you go, whoever you spend time with will be purely because you choose with joy and enthusiasm to do so. There will be no disadvantaged, sick, injured, or lonely ones who need your care because all will live in perfect health and enlightened self-confidence, sure in the experiential knowledge that they are divinely loved and cherished.

Your freedom to be yourself, totally yourself, without any anxious need to present a face or attitude that is considered acceptable to others or to a situation, will release within you unimaginable quantities of enthusiasm and energy with which to revel and rejoice in every moment of your eternal existence.

With so very much love, Saul.


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