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Sananda on Ashtar Telecall – August 11, 2009



Greetings beloved family, it is I, Sananda, and I stand before you in truth and in love eternal and infinite.  And I welcome you to this sacred place, this altar if you will.

And I recognize your courage and your bravery to stand here with us to become one with us in that part of you which you might call your conscious 3D beings.   And we welcome you to bring yourself up and out of that vibration which you have done so beautifully and to take your place as conscious citizens of the Galactic Federation representing all of Planet Earth and as conscious inhabitants if you will, dwellers of that which you call the fifth dimension place of consciousness.  And so we are here now, and we ask that you stand and simply repeat if you will out loud or to yourselves and just affirm and I will say the words for you.  I have not done this before with this group and if you sense a bit of a stronger voice at this time it is because my partner, the one you know as KOS, is here also, and is so pleased and honored to be with us in this way.     And so I say unto you, here are the words:

I come before my family

My family of the Galactic Federation and beyond

And I stand in representations

Of all of Planet Earth

And all of her kingdoms

And I stand here to affirm

That I now join myself

As a member

With the members

Of the Galactic Federation

And all of its representatives

I do so with my heart

And with my conscious mind

And I bring all of my being

Into this union

And I resolve to do my utmost

To live from this day forward

In the highest dimensions

And realities

Of truth

And joy

And love

Eternal and infinite

And love I AM

And joy I be

And this is the greatest gift

I give

To Planet Earth

And to the galaxy

And to the one I AM


As it has been stated so it is done.  Beloveds we overflow with Love and Joy for you.

Now take a moment to enjoy this moment, this great event, and this grand giving that you have done.  I, Sananda, thank you on behalf of our three honorable witnesses and this great company here with you we say to you thank you from our hearts to yours and Namaste.

(Galactic Anthem plays …..)


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