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Sananda: Changes Will Soon Take Place


August 15, 2009

Beloved Lightworkers,

I come through this day to speak to you in regards to the timing of events about to transpire. Not only have celestial events been taking place but also tied into this, are changes that will soon take place within the hearts of all Humanity upon the Earth and within the Earth Herself. These events will be unlike anything that has ever transpired upon the Planet Earth before and you have been well prepared for these events.  Each of you will be going through the transformation with ease and grace and will even know what your role in these particular moments is to be.

On the Etheric levels in the Higher Dimensions, all has been planned and worked out for every eventuality.  Life is taking a decided turn for the better for all upon the Earth and there will be a joyous understanding as these plans fall into place. Much that has been hidden will be revealed to all upon the Earth, for as the great intensity of the Creator’s Love permeates the atmosphere of Earth, it will also enter into the energy fields and the hearts of all of Humanity and awaken all to Divine truths that have always been present but not seen, understood or recognized before.

It is well for each of you to stand ready to offer assistance during these times. Humanity as a whole will be needing stabilizing forces and this is where your assistance will come in. Spend time each and every day checking within your heart center so that you are always on track. The time for hiding your Light has now long passed and every one of you are even now declaring your true selves to your loved ones as your first step. Even though your family members cannot understand or comprehend what you are saying (those who have been asleep), nevertheless, your Light will be recognized and greatly appreciated during and as the changes occur.

Never in the history of your beautiful, beloved Planet, has there been such activity and desire to assist during these transformations. All stand by in joyous and loving anticipation to witness the Great Awakening. All is in readiness and awaiting the right timing. We ask each of you Beloved Ones to BE Love and hold Love steady in your hearts, remain centered and calm and in a receptive state that you may receive guidance as needed. Feel the wonderful emotions of joy and gratitude as much as possible each day, for this greatly helps, not only in your personal daily lives, but the entire collective consciousness.

You, the Earth team members, are all positioned in the Earth station where you will give the greatest assistance in holding and anchoring the high frequency energies that are increasing in intensity even now. Strive to anchor and connect each day into the crystalline core of Mother Earth, and spend as much time as weather and your personal free
time permits, in the outdoors, communing with nature around you, for the nature kingdoms are also rising with you into higher consciousness, and can also greatly assist you to anchor the Cosmic Light energies into the Earth. They do this all the time, all you have to do is acknowledge and ask for their assistance.

Know that each of you and beloved Earth and all upon Her are loved beyond measure.

I AM Sananda

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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