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Review and Progression of Events (8/9/09): Next 48-72hrs


8/8 Lion’s Gate PreOp Summary from Beth:

The time is now. Back around the middle of June, the A-Team started working together with the Ashtar Command to work in field Operations on the multi-dimensional and an inter-dimensional environment, far more complex, far more rich, than anyone has any idea. We have not heard from our current 3D scientists, they do not understand, about the operation of portals and vortexes – how inter-dimensional portals work.

Today they are so panicked and freaked out that they will go to any expense, right now, to try to prevent the public from knowing about star gates even, star gates anywhere, much less portals. That is why they are going to so much trouble to provide disinformation. The A-Team continued their work and joined with workers from other parts of the World. This was lead by Madame X and her Andromedean Team. The Group she is affiliated with works from the Mothership from Andromeda in conjunction with Ashtar.

This Ship is now here and prepared for First Contact. Through all these Ops in June and early July, we were aided by nanites, communication, and computer technology from the Ships. The Ops were Guided by Ashtar. We had a World Healing on the Summer Soltice, and worked with the Lemurian and Atlantean Solar Discs.

We placed a boulder sized multiple faceted pink diamond, brought here by Sanat Kumara from Venus so long ago, when he left his Twin Flame, into the area of Crete known as the Pangea Islands in the waters of the Aegean sea. This large pink diamond is violet on the edges and pulses pink from the central core and has flickers of rainbow colors throughout. It will float there. It is a collector and a transmitter of energies and it opens the invitation to the children to revisit Inner Earth for training now. We had brought with us a similar, smaller, diamond as a gift to Inner Earth which will remain here connecting the circuit for the one floating on the Surface of the Aegean Sea.

This was after Ashtar turned the ZeroPointModule generators, located beneath the stepped pyramids in the Mideast, up to 100% power. In early July we had a healing for all of the Divine Mother issues affecting the World. On July 7th, Mark, I and our friend Leela anchored in the 7th Dimensional energies on top of Mt Shasta in communication with Lord Adama in Telos, located below us in the inner earth there. Leela is a master etheric grid worker and that was a highly successful operation. We would have loved to enter, physically, and were told that the 7D anchoring was a higher priority opportunity that our triad provided.

July 14th, after healing the Divine Masculine issues effecting the World, we met at South Point, Hawaii, to anchor in the Twin Flame Heart for Mother Gaia and Vywamus, as well as all those living on Earth. That was completed on the July 21st eclipse, with the anchoring of the Divine Feminine.

July 26th brought the Galactic New Year and Kau’ila visited O’ahu and joined with Pele in clearing out the old polluting ways from the Island. The A-Team also worked together to clear out the area from the volcano on O’ahu, through the Earth to the Great Pyramid in Giza. This conduit is one Ships travel through inner and multidimensionally. During this time we assisted with deleting/healing old Time Lines and resetting the New Original Lumerian Timeline. This is what was necessary to remove all old programming and pave a way for our Twin Flames to return.

In doing this, we are now able, in female/male balanced bodies, to attract our true(TF) love, each one of us. It is at this time we begin the work of integrating; we cleared and cleansed, and reset into the Master Hologram, the Plant Kingdom, the Elemental Kingdom, the Devas and the Nature Kingdoms and the Magical Kingdoms. Every aspect of these is reintegrated, after being healed of all separation, lifted up to the 100th Dimension and brought back whole and reset into the Master Hologram.

July 30th we worked with Soul Integration for every person on the Planet. This affected all those in our Planet and Galaxy, as well as our Universe and the Super Universes beyond. Everything is being restored to unity within our Selves, from our Monad, through our lineage, considering each soul creation, made whole again, and upgraded with the pink platinum light of all inclusive love. As this occurs, we join together to raise the heart light and purposefully extending our light out to each soul extension, meeting that soul again, filling it with love and light, remembering it in reverence, loving it, and moving on to the next one. We do this for each one, bringing each one back to Love included within ourselves. There is full joy knowing that every soul, ever in existence, along our DNA lines, is purified and empowered back to love.

We did this work with all people, all Kingdoms, knowing that everything less than love can no longer survive the 5D energies of Earth. We invite All in Creation into 5D Higher Energies now.

August 3rd we started to work with the Golden Crystal with greater intensity, using this energy to clear more and more of the inner conduits, portals, stargates, located in and around Earth. We worked on setting into place the New Plan and updating the Earth Matrix Grids along with the crystalline infrastructure which makes up the interior of Gaia.

August 5th we coordinated efforts, in night work, with the Ashtar Command to guard the Golden Crystal as it ascended for three days out of the chamber below the left paw of the Sphinx. When it reached its Zenith on August 8th– the peak opening of the Lion’s Gate– we met together to work with our counterpart Andromedean Team and the galactic ships.

The work we do is what Mark and I and the A-Team have been sharing–much of, with our GRT family.  I will only say that we are working almost 24/7 on outer and inner planes. You are neither required to accept or deny. Suspension of disbelief of who and what each and all of us truly are is the best way to open to the wonder of who each and all of us are. Get ready! You’re gonna get a mind-blowing experience each day hereafter.

In answering questions, we have said, that as Planet Earth rises to the 5th Dimension, nothing that is not love will be able to survive the upgraded high vibrational frequency of the 5th Dimension. Any “stuck” or repressed energy that is being held in the emotional, physical or mental fields have been brought up with the surge of Light energy from the Golden Crystal through our energetic system.

This has meant that many of us have had to deal with emotional issues that have been repressed or only partially processed. Please do not feel discouraged if you feel sad, depressed or angry. This is a process of deep clearing or purging that is aligning the sexual or creative energies with the Heart. The return of the Twin Flame Heart to Earth spearheads this merging of mind and heart.

As the energies are uplifted, and a new balance level is integrated, this will make way for clearer feelings of intense Joy and Peace on a deep level, as well as an increased sense of wholeness and well being as you enter the space of the New Earth.  In this way, Body and Soul are integrated into a balanced Twin Flame Heart and reset into the Master Matrix Hologram, in full unity, with the Cosmic Christ(crystal) Consciousness which finds expression on the Earth through those of you who have opened yourself to this process.

As the GRT family weighs in on the massive upheavals of late, take into your own discernment what TRUTH is for you. Healthy conversations help us clear out old beliefs and replace these with actions based in love and forgiveness. Relieving the emotional field of vibrations not able to survive 5D is necessarily hard work. In doing this you prepare yourself for upgrades in your Mission. As we continue to explore our own Inner Truth; as we each continue with our Inner Planes work; we will approach our fellow GRT family members only with love and appreciation. Many of us are already experiencing these intense feelings of Bliss and Joy as the lower chakras are cleared, and aligned with the Heart and the higher chakras that are the pathways of the Soul, and healed and set as a New Hologram. In doing this work, you have prepared well for the coming new Infinite Love energies now emanating from the Central Sun directly to us through the Source gifted Golden Crystal. Ashtar will, on the next conference call with Susan Leland, speak to all of us more in honing our own discernment. This is a very exciting time for the GRT family to grow in tolerance of other’s beliefs as well as continuing to behave as balanced, loving Examples of Peace, at this challenging time of change.

Mark’s A-Team report from 8/8 Peak Lions Gate:

I see we were all on the Ship, the A-Team along with the Andromedan Team and others from the Ashtar Command. Everyone was checking the work on a Galactic Level. We kept refreshing our light rectangles and synchronized and harmonized any distortions. This is such a quantum celestial movement, constant checks must be done by super light computers. Talking to Alcyone, Mother Sekhmet and thanking everyone participating, sharing in linking our energies to the perfection of the plan.

As we get green lights on every level, we even check the galactic levels. The tweakings that took place were very subtle and when they started turning solid green, super computers were doing super fine adjustments until all was “GO”. Metatron then came and set into place the final movement of the Golden Crystal into its permanent position. When that was done it is essentially irreversible.

This Golden Crystal is connected to Source. There is no going back. There is no way polarity will last. People will experience immediate feedback when reverting into duality reactions, and we will instantaneously correct. The same people, who would have written a skewed message, will now find that increasingly more difficult over the next 3 days.

There are Crystal Seed Packets gifted yesterday to all of us, and each one has had their soul record scrutinized and scanned. The particular seed activations they experience will be the best possible. Instant manifestation will become possible. It will not be imbalanced as we have to join in a regular consensus  reality of unity.

Not everyone is aligned yet with Cosmic purposes. They will be assisting others to manifest for those who are ready now. Manifestation will be noticeably improving. The linkage of visioning, feeling clarity, unity; these will have to keep feeding into the new matrix now that the Golden Crystal has been activated by the Galactics with super light from the Great Central Sun, with a frequency so smooth, that those prepared will start experiencing night travels, day travels and a very few will begin teleportation through virtual reality visioning.

Some of this stuff is so abstract; one must put your hand in front of your face and feel what is real. The more we do that we will attract to us our Highest Possibility. There are our Twin Flames and also the joy of reunion with our Families, whom we have worked with for eons of time for this.

Because we are no longer centered only on Earth, it is a homecoming for Brotherhood and Sisterhood of our Cosmic Family communing with still Higher Realms. We do not yet have names to put on it. It is a vast Collective of Cosmic Groups we connect with.

It is a convenience to appear as a singlarity, but truly there are Collective Consciousness expressions we will be able to feel with our restored sensors which we cannot yet define. Some of these expressions are our own higher aspects. They could not do this for us. They had to wait until we demonstrated our readiness to do this. They presence Infinite Love and do not strut around like ego-personalities; they work in partnership with us, from the ships and beyond.

That is not what people see. They see your energies, your desire bodies and what we are thinking and feeling is revealed in our auric color bands.   Whether you speak of the 1st 2nd or 3rd Harmonic, many are not yet ready for this, but are available in the higher Harmonics. As we reach new levels of preparedness, through the emanations of the Golden Crystal which has now begun pouring in infusions and diffusions of love to the planet. Things must happen rapidly. How rapidly? That is a linear question which cannot be answered. Metatron said last night that changes will appear within 72 hours. The earth’s coming of age is at hand.

Beth’s A-Team report from 8/8 Peak Lions Gate:

I asked Metatron to please explain the significance of the Lions Gate and the Golden Crystal:



Opening the Lions Gate means the energy transmitted to Earth from the Great Central Sun will be transmitted directly into the Golden Crystal which is now firmly anchored by Metatron into the Earth Grid. The Golden Crystal is at the Apex of the Earth Grid.

It is able to receive and transmit energy. As the energies come from the Great Central Sun and move into the Golden Crystal, they are amplified and pulsed out through the Earth Grid network all over the World. This pure energy of Infinite Love is then absorbed by our bodies which have been changed to a higher vibrational frequency.

The new crystalline bodies, with your upgraded DNA, has opened the Christed Seed Packets in each just above our hearts. [These are seen as a golden droplet of light over the heart and can be sensed with inner vision] These Seed Packets have been placed there long ago and are not functional until today when this high level of vibratory Infinite Love was anchored into and around the Earth and directed into our seed packet, allowing it to begin pulsing.

All Ones who have prepared for Ascension have these Seed Packets pulsing inside them, in harmony with their heart, with the Earth, and with Divine Mother and Divine Father as balanced female/male Blueprints. There are several types of Seed Packets, Planetary, Galactic, Universal, Multiversal and Cosmic. Depending on the preparation you have done before today, will determine the Seed Packet you are working with. It matters not which one you are working with, no one on this Earth, who asks and receives will be left behind. Everyone is working at their own rate and all is in Divine Order. All is Love and We Are All One.

What does this mean? We are all Starseeds we are Galactic-Humans. Each one of us has incarnated from somewhere outside Earth. We come from one of the over 200,000,000 species variations here on Earth, at this time.

With the True Lion’s Gate Opening, we have returned to Immortal Bodies.

Long long ago we left the Antimatter Universe and incarnated here on Earth. “Original Sin” was simply forgetting we are Christed Light Beings.

Earth stopped being a Divine place of Creation for all to enjoy abundance and turned into to a place where humankind forgot they could lay down their human clothes and had Free Will to experience anything their Life Stream dreamed in the Creation of All that Is. This is called the fall. There was a division in heaven between the Elohi and Eloheim. As the descent into matter continued the fallen ones identified with their physical suits too much, their Earthly clothes, their physical form. [Adam and Eve put on “skin” to cover their Light Bodies].We fell into the matter Universe. We have now evolved back to antimatter.

Today we are immortal. We no longer need to identify with disease and complete healing is now possible. We no longer have to use up the physical body in order to leave. We are able to be Ascended without having to lay down outer physical ‘garments’.

We have entered the Golden Age where we have Free Will to come and go as we please. When we are complete with one experience, we may lay down our ‘physical garment’ and move on to another experience without death. We may travel multidimensionally, simply by stepping out of our body. We may do this in the sleep state as well as in an out of body experience.

Now is the time we remember we are connected to Source Energy, to All That Is and abundance without limitation is restored. We no longer need to depend on labor to provide our abundance. We are in the Golden Age where one may do their Creative Projects and share their Highest Gifts with the rest of the World, to Co-create a consensus reality where everyone contributes their Heart’s higher visions; shares in abundance, equally, and shares truth with others freely.

Gone is the time of fear from lack. Carried along by Source Energy, anything is now possible, as we put our heart into it, and devote our energy to it in significant amounts.

Now that we are all re-connected to Source Energy, absorbing tremendous amounts of Infinite Love into our bodies, this magnifies Like attracts Like.

Now is the time for Twin Flames to find each other, live and work together and Co-create in our shared work together. We have completed the work and need not wait anymore. We have entered the Golden Age where one likewise attracts our family members.

New Children will now be able to incarnate on Earth to partner in Co-creating the new realities on every level. As we clear and bless, transform our lives, dream new dreams, invest in larger and larger visions for what is possible for this New World, we enter into the New Plan on a wave of Infinite Love which will carry us into the Golden Age of Ascension of Planet Earth and All Beings on her. We Are All One!

We are immortal Galactic Humans in Christed Light Bodies, fully connected to each other by means of the energy of pure christed love. With each breath, with each beating heart, we join together, enveloped in the New Earth Grid Co-creating Abundant Peace and Love for All That Is.

Blessed Be, Beloved Ones.

Note from Mark: We will be posting an additional post-lion’s gate report shortly. Tune in to your own growing experiences and revelations and share them with each other and us.


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  1. anne6marie says:

    Thank you for this great summary, Mark and Beth. You are loved and revered for all you have done, in teaching and uplifting those of us in the GRT Family. We are sending waves of joy your way, as you have sent them to us. This goes also for Kau’ila and all the joyful ways he brings that same understanding. Surf, just surf, on those waves of love and joy, with all of us!

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