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Mother Sekhmet’s Niburu Caught on Film?


Here’s something you might like to ponder…It’s not a meteor…and it’s quite large. It was on the Soho satellite camera, last night [August 16, 2009].

Much more like this will become ‘Identified’ very soon. They are here with us now and will be able to have more contact after the arrests are publicly announced. That story will probably come from Spain and then be picked up by the rest of the world, including the US.

Last night the King of Swords told us that–incident to the Sibel Edmonds 6 hours of testimony on the record, that the Gag order on all media has been lifted!!!

The truth will start to breakout all over now. KOS has briefed the key media reporters…for up to 6 weeks…and has told them to go ahead and write their articles, books, plays, TV and Movie scripts and sit on those until the word was given that it was OK to begin publishing. We still have the arrests to be announced. That will follow shortly. We also need to have some world wide stories, news releases, with or without photos, on the galactic presence, escalating quickly to an Announcement…possibly by a head of state…on the 62 year coverup of this presence.

The article published in the Saturday online Newsweek edition of the 8/31 Newsweek-print-magazine, [found here:] is the first break in the exclusion from the corporate news of stories of this presence. This will quickly escalate into gov’t admissions of withholding of this information for ‘National Security’ purposes, to prevent panic reactions from religious and other frightened ones that have purposely covered up these truths to maintain their control of the mass mind perceptions.

After public stories of the arrests are published, decloakings will be possible and so will other Announcements…including NESARA. That will change everything. Within 7-10 days after decloakings there will be landings across this planet and our real work will commence.



SOHO, the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, is a project of international collaboration between ESA and NASA to study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind.

SOHO was launched on December 2, 1995. The SOHO spacecraft was built in Europe by an industry team led by prime contractor Matra Marconi Space (now EADS Astrium) under overall management by ESA. The twelve instruments on board SOHO were provided by European and American scientists. Nine of the international instrument consortia are led by European Principal Investigators (PI’s), three by PI’s from the US. Large engineering teams and more than 200 co-investigators from many institutions supported the PI’s in the development of the instruments and in the preparation of their operations and data analysis. NASA was responsible for the launch and is now responsible for mission operations. Large radio dishes around the world which form NASA’s Deep Space Network are used for data downlink and commanding. Mission control is based at Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.


Click on LASCO C3 under “Image Type”, leave the “Resolution” at 512, Click “Images” under “Display”, and put the “Start Date” in as 2009-08-16 and the “End Date” as 2009-08-16.  Click “Search”.

It will be the 35th picture down.

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Did you like what you read here? If so, please be kind enough to donate to support the cause (click HERE). It takes time and money to create a website like this and I love doing it so anything would be very much appreciated. And I’ll personally email you a free thank-you gift in returnmy 214 page ebook about debt, credit, bankruptcy, investing and much more!

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  1. All right, I have another one for you. Not only does the moon change position and the times when it shows up, it also MOVES. First of all we have ships from outer space all over the sky in the valley I live in, 60 miles west of Las Vegas, and this doesn’t have anything to do with the Nevada Test Site and Area 51. These ships are in place every night for many years now, posing as stars, but they are not stars and they don’t even look like stars. Art Bell used to mention them on his radio program but I didn’t listen to him so this info was told me by a neighbor. Focus on any one “star” you can see in the sky and it will start moving erratically around for as long as you watch it. The sky is full of them and you can’t see any actual stars but these that move. Everyone I can get to look at them sees them too, but most people are not at all interested. Are you kidding?? I go out every night and watch them awhile. They do change position occasionally from one night to the next. They don’t all look the same but they are all ufo’s or motherships. Some look like sparkling green or orange or red dragonflies with wings spread out and balancing or hovering with their wings. Others farther out in space look like white bugs zipping around on a black floor. They all have little red lights revolving around the bottom edge. They cannot be mistaken for stars by any stretch. But that brings me back to the moon, which also moves around. If you stare at the moon for a minute or two you will see it move a short distance to the north or south, almost every time. Sometimes it will jerk slightly down or up before moving north or even south. On a clear night when all the ufo’s are visible it doesn’t move as much, but when the sky is cloudy and only the moon is visible, not the ufo’s, it then moves around in circles, you name it, very much stronger. I have read on spiritual sites that the moon is a false moon, hollow inside and is essentially a space vehicle. Never would have believed that but now think it has to be that. I picture it now as a big round car or boat with a little man inside holding a steering wheel and looking out a little window as he steers. Read up on this at where he has much from the moon astronauts on this subject. I don’t know if the moon will move where you live but it does here in Pahrump, NV.


  2. Jason Fleming says:

    I live in Ojai, CA. I agree with you Carol. I call them flashers. Nothing in the sky looks like these things! I don’t have a telescope personally I would like to have a closer look. I have been looking in the sky my whole life wanting to see something. I never have. I’m still a believer, more like a knower that we are not alone. So many things happening rite now. Lots of photo on the net showing up of two suns in the sky!!! It sure to be the best show of all!!! Peace/Love/Light

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