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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – July 31, 2009


Mother Sekhmet’s Conference Call
July 30, 2009

Transcribed and Edited by your transcription team: Annie, Jan, Gwen, Nancy, Adithya, Shirley, Stephanie, Andrew, Barker and Katie

Part 1: Roundtable with Tara and Rama

RAMA – This morning Stephanie Miller had on a few Congress people who let it rip and said in no uncertain terms, Health Care priority one. It has to be completed now. Whether they go on vacation or not or it appears. It may not necessarily be what it is, yet every three days, the gavel will be banged on the podium and the session will be held in Congress. What is being said is that Obama will get this done.

The way people are talking out there, Health Care [is] Priority One. On a larger scale, it is kind of interesting because people have been speculating about this in certain ways. I don’t know if its divine timing or if it is Mother calling the shots along with Alcyone.

TARA – Well, we’re in the Mayan Calendar New Year season since the 26th. Mother does come on a Lion’s Gate every year.  This 8-8-8 is the end of the 2009 banking year, which is 811 and then if you look at the numerology of August 1st through the whole month is about 9/11 everybody. Rama didn’t you say you heard on somebody’s show on Air America, that by the 15th or so, that these guys [Congress] could go on vacation. That everything would be from the 15th in the Liturgical Calendar is the Assumption.

The Assumption is the ascension of the Divine Mother. For the sake of understanding, the Theosophical Living Bible paraphrase describes that as the translation out of limitation. Which means that the mission accomplished of the prophetess, the Divine Mother, for all of humanity ascended with her.  The merging of Heaven and Earth with her, together.  Remember that these goodly company ones, never die. In other words, we remember our walk.

RAMA – Stephanie Miller brought in something that she got real serious about. And at the same time, the Divine energy is coming in. What she was talking about was that how Health Care is so priority one. First Ed McMahon left the planet, then Farrah Fawcett, then Michael Jackson. On a larger scale, Divine energies are making things happen. So that all of this is brought front and center, in the sense that the total transformation of how we do health care, how we care for everyone on this planet in Divine grace, beauty, joy, love, and wisdom.

Thom Hartmann had on Governor Don Siegelman. Governor Don Siegelman came right out and said that Karl Rove, George Bush, Dick Cheney – all are going to hang for high treason because of what they did to Don Siegelman was the fact that they put him in jail unlawfully. He was a sitting Governor and he said that they did 9/11.

Everyone, it has to be brought right into the forefront so that as this is released, everyone understands. First and foremost, Karl Rove outed a covert CIA agent, who was under cover, plus all of her people scattered throughout the Middle East. Don Siegelman is saying this is not something that you just slide over and say a slap on the wrist. This is high treason.  It is at that level, he is saying, these people have to bring it to Divine justice and grace.

How this is done as a nation is we, like Augie said, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”. That is what is going on at a such a level.  It is only about love.

TARA – Including every single person, no matter what position in the board game, that helps in a polar universe, there needs to be polarity. For the sake of coming to one common denominator, one planet, one love, and one peace.  Michael Jackson today is being talked about today and yesterday, that there is a murder involved here.  Today, they are talking about a fourth son that has been out of this whole thing and they have these glasses. His father was saying, he can dance just like all the others, you know all the Jackson boys.

And that was left with that for the father. Yet this is a bigger arena now that they are getting into here because it has to do with 9/11 right now. So these guys are being implicated that they were using Michael Jackson and they intended to do it at this time. Along time ago, before this boy was even a thought, it was a deal made with Joe Jackson. He was already in so much trouble he went ahead with it.

This is the sacrifice, the Law of Sacrifice at the end of the deal.The King of Swords said in 2003, in the Coca-Cola commercial, that was not Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was alive and well, so he could come back and discuss what happened to his nature of his being and for what reason.

RAMA – The very fact that he was going to get NESARA announced and tell everyone about the prosperity programs. How we were going to have a new treasury banking system based in gold backed currencies, $10 million for every man, woman and child on this planet. All hunger ended, all disease ended. Everything so that our galactic friends could land and greet us in love.

TARA – Indeed, the next step is upon us very quickly now because the 15th, his final cut of all of the London scenes that we saw on the media at what he [the clone of Michael Jackson] passed over. The clone was in excruciating pain from that. I mean, you know, Rachel Maddow brought that focus from the top down and you could see that his scalp was burnt severely.

KENNY –  I’m down here in Florida and we haven’t had a tropical depression let alone a hurricane down here. And I just read on the CIP that there hasn’t been [any] earthquakes in a few days. Is the reason why is because HAARP is not working no more or is it something else?

MARK –  We did an operation, and Beth will talk about that shortly. Maybe we’ll just defer that until then, but the short answer is that we have re-balanced the Master Hologram Matrix for not just this planet, but for [this] universe and beyond. This is something that well… we haven’t seen it, let’s put it that way, and its not completely done by any means. But what has happened is that by going into the Master Holographic Matrix heart center, and through that into everybody’s heart center. This was done on a universal level and beyond.

Because it ultimately involves not only this Super Universe, but the other six Super Universes as well. And we don’t even talk about that because we’re not there yet.  There will be plenty more information coming out. But naturally, if we went in and took away most of the myasims and most of the negative conflicts within this hologram. Then was past history. This was smoothed out and balanced and cleansed.

What we have going forward is less need for drastic Earth changes. The moderation in that is going to increase, as Mother will probably tell you later.  This is a seamless process now. We’ll talk a little bit more later about what these new planned changes are in the Master Hologram. But the short answer is, because of the changes that have just been done, we are all being impacted by this and we have more to deal with, but we have much more abilities to deal with it.  It’s much finer and less contrasting than before.

LINDA – This is Linda in Texas. Over the weekend, they had a movie called “Storm” and it was talking about how the government was using the HAARP and everything. It’s really a good movie. It’s actually to be continued this coming weekend. But it was showing how it was a Senator or somebody that was manipulating these people, manipulating the weather so they are putting it out there what has been going on.

BILL – This is Bill from Minnesota. This morning at 7:00 National Public Radio said that Colin Peterson, who is one of the legislators from the Minnesota governs. He stated he hasn’t been holding any town council meetings in his district because he says about 70% of the people believe that Bush had something to do with 9/11.

MURIEL –  About the Health Care Program, you know, I keep reading things on the net and Obama hasn’t even seen the whole thing yet. Yet he’s pushing it. A lot of people feel this will hurt a lot of people and hurt a lot of children. Rama, Tara, could you answer that for me please?

RAMA – Once you are a double agent, you’re always a double agent until you’re not.

TARA – And that means that the Fat Lady gets to do the singing and that’s Mother Sekhmet. I would just say hold the light for 8-8-8 and you’ll see everybody arrested. They’ve already been doing massive arrests behind the scenes. In terms of the health care issue and connection with Tim Geithner. I’ll tell you something, on John Stewart two nights ago, or maybe that was last night. He had this British man with the dark hair and this guy.

This guy had a picture of Tim Geithner looking like he had a polo shirt on.  Then they said the house behind him – he can’t sell his house and its $1.6 million dollars on the open market. Then, he’s talking [lost connection] and he’s sitting in front of an audience as if its one of the shows. So the people are the people in the audience.

So now he’s got the setting and the next thing he does, is he has another picture. This one is of Tim Geithner and he looks like he has a shirt and a tie on. So that one is on the right side. Then he starts to do the instructions like they are in a classroom actually and they are all students. And he says, now this Tim Geithner with the polo shirt ought [not]  be a very happy camper with this Tim Geithner over here with the tie. Because it seems to me, the guy with the tie is the reason why he’s going to be foreclosed on and can’t sell his house. I mean that was so perfect. That image is getting across and remember these guys together are a team and John Stewart was 40% for everybody who comes to listen for the news.

BIG WILL – I want to ask either Mark, Rama or Tara, “What is the status of the Gulf of Aden?

RAMA – I will say that the status of the Gulf of Aden is that they still are continuing the fake story about the Somali pirates out there. Yet, that whole drama about the Gulf of Aden is the fact that all the star gates are opening up all over this planet – as what the different operations that these folks, the A-Teams have been doing all over this planet.

What is going on is the highest levels of energy.  It’s interfering with the GOP in exile and their Area 51 technologies.  There’s glitches in the system. Just like in Baghdad with Kellogg, Brown, and Root; and Halliburton and Bechtel.  All the people that built the Baghdad bases for US soldiers – it is booby trapped. People have been dying taking showers. I’m just trying to say, all the energies are being corrected as we move up in frequency, so it has to start at the top. All technology of the darkness stops.

SONYA – Two things I just wanted to share. A friend of mine watches Rachel Maddow.  She told me the other night that Bush [Junior] was on the Rachel Maddow Show and he said, he saved us from Cheney. Can you imagine that?

The next thing. Yesterday, they had a show on KPFK, which is National Radio [Editors note: is their website], and they tell you the news as it is. And this woman, Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips were there. They were ex-CIA and they were both de-programmed. They’ve been talking for 20 years on the shadow government. And she says, now finally the people are waking up en mass on issues of 9/11 and the knowledge and after 20 years she says, they are finally seeing results and she went into detail about everything.

Talking about Cheney’s mean spirit. She said that she was abused, by her father, the whole Masonic Lodge, the government. They used her for pornography. There was no Internet at the time, but they did it through pictures. And this woman has survived and she is extremely sane. I mean she is amazing. She said that in Gerald Ford’s government, Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense, and old Bush Sr. was head of the CIA. And at the time, they were already performing all sorts of tortures. And she said the worst torture – human hunting game… and they used her as the nude prey.

RAMA – That was called duck hunting – Dick Cheney.

TARA – Remember when Dick Cheney went and shot his so-called friend? He actually shot him dead, on the spot and that’s why there was no report until 2 ½ hours later, so that they could make the exchange of the clone and everything else. Then have this thing walk out of the hospital four days later. The other thing is that they were going duck hunting for her and that’s where the KOS stepped in or she wouldn’t be talking about it. For everybody to just know. She was referring to that moment.

SONYA – Yeah, Absolutely. Oh my gosh.  Everything she talked about was just amazing. And everything you’ve been telling us about, the Black Pope and the abuse. The CIA using all these mental, mind programming. That’s what they were talking about. Mind Control – CIA Mind Control. And she was one of the two that was able to re-calibrate and de-program and come out sane.

TARA – You know what? Dennis Kucinich actually put that HR something, I forgot the number, he was the one who actually told us about it when he came to Santa Fe. That was a long time ago. 1993 or so. Yeah. I’m just saying that these guys were checkmated by 14 good members of Congress who spent 6 years with the King watching from the ships these guys.

In other words, there have been witnesses from the ground, in the atmosphere, with the Ashtar Command. It has been going not just for 30 years, not just for 60 years, not just for 400 years. For the whole time, it never broke. And the light also went through the cycle thing and never died. Now you want to say Mark, I hear something brewing? No?

SONYA – My question here is, what is going on with Eric Holder and the two prosecutors that were appointed?

RAMA – I’ll just say that they are moving on that and it is behind the scenes. The biggest story that is out there right now. Tom the Ring Tailed Cat sent me a message saying that the four of these folks, Obama, the Professor Gates and the Officer who arrested Gates and Joe Biden. They were all sitting around there in the Rose Garden or wherever it was in the White House grounds. What Tom the Ring Tailed Cat told me is St. Germain appeared for a second. Told all four of them, it is time that we are all ONE race. It is called humanity; it is all colors of the rainbow. Work with that thought.

PAT – I wanted to follow up on Sonya’s first question about Bush coming on Rachel Maddow saying that he was protecting us from Cheney. I think in a certain sense, that was correct because as I understand it and Rama and Tara know the details on this, at least some of them. But there was a plan to assassinate Bush and install Cheney as President at which time he was going to declare Marshall Law and have himself declared Dictator of this country.

So there was a plan, but it was foiled. And I can’t go into those details, but in a sense: Bush was correct. The other thing I wanted to add was that in this country, the way our political system is set up. Actually the Secretary of State, and the Vice President has more real political power than the President so you know; I think it is good to keep that in mind. Joe Biden is just not a non-entity out there. He is extremely positioned and powerful and so is Hillary whether they are clones or the real deal.

JIM – What can we expect? Can we expect the National Health Care Plan to go through prior to NESARA or will it be after the announcement of NESARA?

RAMA – I’ll just say, it’s prior.

TARA – Yes, because that’s the issue that brings the 9/11 up. Then you got to ask what did the bankers do on 9/11 morning? Same ones that did to us like Tim Geithner.

MARK – I would like to add to that. Whatever is past now, is only the opening wedge. It is giving to the people, indicating to the people, also indicating to the pharmaceutical companies and to the insurance lobbyist industry that the old farm is going to dissolve, disintegrate and be removed. But it is an opening step and as soon as NESARA is announced, then the next step of that will have an infrastructure that can be quickly amended toprovide even better without any of these things that are in the program now, to be concerned about.

They will be removed so everyone of these things are the tools to lever us closer and closer to what NESARA will bring which is a totally improved and less expensive system than anything we now have.

FEMALE – I have a question about why is the issue of Gates and Crowley going on? What is the whole purpose of this?

RAMA – On a bigger scale, I will just say. The story that is going on here about Gates and Crowley is [inaudible]. Ron Reagan and Montel Williams brought it up this afternoon.  Look at that issue. Ron Reagan, Jr., he was a son of a white guy, the President of the United States. Montel Williams, he is a black guy. He’s got four children that are of different ethnic races. What Montel Williams came right out and said, “I had a conversation with my children about reality 3D in terms of the fact about different issues concerning different sectors of humanity. How people look at each other differently because of this issue”. This very issue that was brought up with Gates and Crowley. Montel Williams said, “It goes back to what Mr. Profit Noble Jew Elite brought forth at the Pan American Alliance in 1928”.

Yes. We are ONE and this goes deeper because the story about the Moors [has] not been told. They were the original people here before the Europeans came. That story has to be shared to heal this drama.

TARA – Which it means it points the finger all the way to the Vatican. 9/11 was ordered by the Vatican Black Pope, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, who is no longer anywhere to be found as of the 29th of January 2003 – the signee of the World Trust which is the Trust of St. Germain, and St. Francis of Assisi, for the children of the Earth comes to pass. St. Francis of Assisi shares that role with St. Germain. That St. Francis Assisi lifetime, there was you might say, body hopping going on.

Two beings being necessary, only the spirit energies of it. It means that in one body, the full understanding of the Halls of Records by Lord Kuthumi with his 76th degree as a White Lodge member, which is going to the Halls of Amenti. That means, those of us who remember that never die, are remembering it now. In other words, when Mother talks to folks about their lifetimes, there is no problem whatsoever about that. Because Mother and our energy now has been married together.

Oh one more thing, we are going to roundtable in terms of being in law you might say. We have not been in law, we have been under legal ease and the wrong law which belongs on the sea. The Admiralty Law is now been on the land, yet it’s gone from the land and it’s been gone from the land along with all these characters that used that and covered it for everybody. We’re back – we’re all back everybody. And this is 2009 as above so below is what that means. The number 11 is the end of all illusion. Okay everybody ‘as above so below’ means the end of all illusion where heaven and earth merge as ONE being again and no more deaths and no more sorrow. ONE LOVE.

PHILLIP – This is Phillip from Virginia. I just wanted to let you know I was reading Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book ‘The Serpent of Light’ and he went talking on you know,videos around here and there. Some of the information he’s briefing about the nature of the true ancient ones, earth changes, and ET’s.  On page 254 in this book, I saw what’s supposed to be a very ancient prophecy from [a native tribe in North or South America]

What they are saying on the date of August 16, 2009, there would be an undeniable extraterrestrial presence on planet Earth that could no longer be hidden or denied. And I want to follow that up with a thing I just saw. I got that information yesterday and then on the television just an hour or two later, there is a new movie being released and it’s called “District 9”. It’s about UFOs coming to Earth and being very troublesome and causing pain and terror and difficulty to the people of planet Earth. They are trying to isolate, allegedly, the government is trying to help people by keeping them separate from these bad aliens.

And it’s all about fear and death and all that and it’s going to be released on August 14th. Isn’t that convenient? So that tells me that the control people that have heard that prophecy are trying to do things to offset it and put people in a fear spin about it. With that, I’ll just give you that information. Get the word out on your blog sites if you will. Don’t buy into the fear.

MARK – What Drunvalo said in his book on that page 242 or whatever it was. What he is talking about here is that there is ET galactic presence that has always been a part of our history. That has always been the guardianship of this planet and this whole universe and Ashtar is in charge of that policing, if you want to call it that.
Now, as far as current coming forth of ships and things. You mentioned that you saw that and then you got this other thing on TV. Yesterday, we also had pictures of the astronauts doing extra vehicular activity on the  International Space Station. At the same time, they were seeing this 75,000 foot towering cumulus stack. Which had no attachment below it, which is not in nature. This is not a natural thing. It was there and you could even see shuttle craft coming up from below into it. This was a Mothership.

Then today, this morning at 2:22am in Hawaii, Kau’ila who will be on a little later, described a lighted, mountainous cloud, that was shining right down on the water and had two eye wholes so it made a perfect face. Streaming light down to the water and he drew it. The same thing is seen in Machu Picchu.  The same face is seen in Sugarloaf, in Rio de Janeiro. It is also seen in the islands of Vietnam.

What I’m saying, these are ETs decloaking and this is already happening. That whole thing you saw on the TV was an attempt by the Cabal to turn around and say we’re the good guys – they are the bad guys. There is no truth to that whatsoever. It is the other way around. They are the only thing keeping the people from knowing. So don’t put that out.

TARA – So don’t tell your friends anything like that. The best thing to do is to tell them that the Galactics have been over lighting this experiment and the experiment is there and we are them. We are the Galactic Humans.

MARK – Yes and those ships are US. Understand [those are] their dates, not Mother’s dates. We don’t speak for Mother; she will speak for herself. But 8-8-8 is the Lion’s Gate and it is far more powerful than anything we’ve seen before.

TARA – Ever before, that’s right. This is a unifying factor because the world gets to experience Mother together – all of us.

Part 2: A-Team Ops report with Mark, Kau’ila, and Beth

MARK – Well, considering that we want a backup here and we want a good backup. We’ll do our little update first and then ask Mother to back us up and correct anything that we may put in that has any distortion.   I want to say first of all, a little backdrop.  Very important things happened in Hawaii.  One of the most important things, after the basic duty work was done, was welcoming in a new original group of Lemurians.

That means we had to first reset the template.   To do that we had to have both the masculine energy with its empowered feminine aspect and the divine feminine with its empowered masculine energies so there would be a balance in the solar disk, one Lemurian and one Atlantian.  Kau’ila was directly on the planet. at that moment anchoring in this aspect.  He was visually in touch with what was going on. as well as working with Pele and also Mother and Ashtar and the King of Swords and everybody else that was involved.

The King of Swords assigned him to this task to be the man on the ground.  I would like to first invite him in to say a couple of words on that.  Also, I think he has a surprise message that he will give you tonight.

KAU’ILA – Aloha everyone. So my experience on Oahu… just briefly. The preliminaries were that the Lemurian Solar Disk in New Mexico was to be activated in a way that colorized it.  We saw a crystal blue color coming in, but when we looked at it later, and we thought, wait a minute.  The word colorized.  That means all colors.  It means to bring in all hues of the rainbow meaning all the different colors, all the different races of the new Lemurians that would be coming in.  So the deal was, first of all, the new original Lemurian timeline began on the 21st.  Then this crystal blue light started pouring in at a point called Ka’ena – the west most point of Oahu.  This created a tsunami of sorts, a crystal blue energetic tsunami around the island of Oahu.  That was to last for some time,  I think it was a half of a day.  Then it would descend upon the island and basically start clearing a lot of things out.

So my job was to go to a place called the Wai’nae Mountains.  There is a mountain there called Mt. Ka’ala.  That’s the highest one.  At first, I thought I had to walk up there.  Fortunately I didn’t have to walk up there.  When I got there on [July] 22nd, which was Wednesday, just after Noon, we went directly, basically directly, out there and kind of checked out the place.  At 11:23 p.m. or 23:23, I was at a place –  I wasn’t sure where it was going to be.  Eventually I was led to a Heiau, a sacred temple location, that was my point as far as me actually viewing something.  I was there and when the time came, I was moved to get out of my car and to go under a Plumaria tree. Which happened to be white flowers with a gold center.

I don’t know the exact actions I took, but all I was there for was to open my hands, open my arms and there it was.  I saw these 2 peaks, one might have been Ka’ala.  I don’t know what the other one was.   I saw Beth on the left, Mark on the right; they were opening this gateway.  We were all opening this gateway. There was this huge number of what we call Menahune.  (The Menahune are small beings who are famous here for building roads and bridges and things like that.)  What they did this time was to build a road made out of upside down pink platinum pyramids – 3 sided.  This roadway just kept going.  I saw them.

They went all the way out to Ka’ena Point.  Shortly after that, I saw a group. Now all this time we had been hearing music – sort of Native American music – then eventually turning into Hawaiian drums.  So all this time, it was like going.  The drums were sounding – all different kinds of drums.  These were what we call Night Marchers.  These Night Marchers were marching all the way out.  They were both men and women.  The women were slightly larger than the men.  They all went all the way up to Ka’ena Point, on this new platinum pink roadway, that the Menahune had built.  So this was kind of going on all night.

I moved out, drove out farther on Ka’ena Point and slept out there in my car.  I was guided to go before sunrise.  I walked out to Ka’ena Point starting about 6:00 in the morning.  It took me roughly an hour. I stopped along the way and was observing things, craft and all sorts of beings that were appearing.  As I was walking, I got that I was making a video.  I got that there were millions.  They are giving me a number; 44 million of these new Lemurian beings coming in.  So as we kept going and we got to Ka’ena Point, I found the place where I was to place these pearls of Pele [pieces of black lava].  So I went up to the point, where I was supposed to be. Before that, I called Mark and Beth and touched base with them.

So I went out to the point and exactly at 8:02 AM when they were to come in. I was almost in the ocean.  I was on a rock right in the middle of the ocean area there.  My arms went up and I don’t remember if I said anything or not.  I might have called a Hawaiian chant, I don’t remember.  So this was done.  As soon as that happened, I saw again another gateway open up and the Native American music sort of faded out.  All this Hawaiian music was now playing.  All the Hawaiian drums, the Pahu, another kind of drum, the Ipu Gourd.  They were all playing.

These were coming in on the pink platinum roadway that was built by the Menehune and they started going out all over the island of Oahu.  As I looked at it later, there were several places where they were going.  Primarily, at first, it looked like they were going all the way through Honolulu and then they were going out to the east point of Oahu where there is an island called Manana or Rabbit Island.  They were actually going all around the island, different locations around the island and so that was really the first part.  These beings, I didn’t really stay there and watch. There were 44 million of them so that might take a little while.

They were first doing their operations on Oahu and that was a little of corporate energy, a lot of let’s say destruction energy – lot of things that had done harm to the environment, basically harm to the culture that was being erupted and starting to clear.

So at that point, it was like, I ended up driving to Manana Island, the east end and placing some more pearls at a lookout to that island.  When I did that – this was like in the middle of the afternoon – when I did that and opened my arms again, these beings, nature spirits started pouring in.  They were pouring in.  So a lot of spirits, cleansing spirits, mano[sharks] and the dolphin and hunu. There were many, many kinds of spirits coming in and I didn’t connect exactly which ones they were. So that was, in whatever it was, 5 or 10 minutes, that is a quickie message overview of what happened. [Kau’ila will be giving a more expanded overview on Mark’s Call on Sunday, August 2]

Just a side note, I knew things were falling apart the next day and that night.  Next day, I knew I had to get out of there.  One of the things that happened to me was that I went up to Tantalus, on top of the mountain and I started trying to climb a tree. I did and then all of a sudden, I slipped when I was trying to come down.  I ended up hugging the tree and scraping myself up.  So that was a clear indication that things were started to fall apart on Oahu energetically.  So I got out of there that day and came back over here.

[Message from the new Lemurians, read by Kau’ila] We are the 44.  Call us the 44 million. You may call us whatever name suits your heart.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Our time is here.  Our time is now. We have encompassed the island of Oahu.  We have brought back all of the native Hawaiians.  All of those who are seeds and who are grown beings to regenerate this beautiful place.  We have started here because this is a gateway to the entire planet.  We not only go around the planet, we also go through it.  All of the canals, all of the channels you call them, have been cleared.  We connect directly to Giza.  We connect directly to the home of Obama.  We connect directly to the Sirian Commander.  We connect directly to all of those who seem to have gone before us, but are here now.

Thank you for your help.  Thank you for your help.  Thank you, all of you, for bringing this light or holding this light, for sharing your light and continuing to do this as we come through.  We have encompassed, at this moment, the islands of Oahu, of Molokai, Lanai, Maui.  We are entering the Big Island of Hawaii.  At the end of this operation, we will also go to Kauai, but the first thing is these islands here.  After this, we go west, we go west, we go west.  We will be known. We will be known. Thank you again.  Our message to you is Mahalo.  Thank you, gracias, in all languages, thank you.  And so it is.

BETH – Hi everybody.  I want to highlight that in this past week, we’ve had some discussion in our group regarding all the many changes that are affecting the planet right now and what does all that mean.  I would like say that the changes are so broad, so wide spread that it’s affecting everything on the planet.  So all of the teachings that we understand and have known before, some of them are becoming outmoded – they no longer apply.  Together, we are creating consensus reality as the new Earth.

Mark and I did some work with this idea in mind. In other words, we’ve been talking about the Master Hologram being completely changed.  What that means is that all potential possibilities are now raised up to a higher level of possibilities.  We have co-created this together as a group.  One of the exercises we did this week was, we went into the Master Hologram.  We worked with monads and oversouls with everyone on the planet.  We worked with all of our soul extension and we worked with the Masters, Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, and Lord Melchizedek  We worked on clearing away all missing items, broken fragments, and repairing and healing these things.

Lord Melchizedek went through the soul extension review for each soul on Earth, which represents all lifetimes.  Each one of us, has several soul extensions existing in other dimensions and all of these were worked on, cleared out, and blessed.  That intention was reset into the Master Hologram and that changes everything.  I’m sure we will talk more about this in detail on Sunday.  I just wanted to shed a little light on the fact that, the exercise we did tonight regarding stating that we do not accept that the flu is spreading, etc.  This is exactly what this is talking about.  All of the things we hold as programming from before is no longer true.

There is a new plan set in place and several of the channels coming through are reporting on this.  Now is the time to educate ourselves, empower ourselves, learn more about ourselves as we reset our intentions as we co-create this new reality.  It’s only going higher and higher and there is a lot of new information out there.

MARK – I will just briefly note a personal experience. I had all kinds of egg on my face, because the way we normally work is for Beth and I to go into meditation and in some cases, if we are doing a broader operation that Kau’ila and Terrence come in with us and Madame X and Tara and Rama and of course that means Mother, Maitreya and Metatron.

This one had all the usual suspects, including Lord Melchizedek.  So shall we say, the 5 Ms we like to call them, were there and were participating.  Without all of the harmonics of each of these things, you can’t do any of this because it is all ONE.  What you do with ONE affects all the others. So when we align ourselves from the heart of the Master Matrix Hologram. We are asking for all balanced energies – twin flame energies, twin heart energies, twin soul energies – all of these to join us.  All realms, all kingdoms and evolutions including the magical ones which have been called by too many, a myth.  They are as real as you are and maybe even more so because there are a lot of holograms running around.  Anyway, as a result, this started something new and that is what Beth is referring to.

When we were guided into the master matrix because we were asking this question: how come are these separations occurring?  When we know this is intended as a planetary ascension process, NOT this group and not that group.  All these separations and all these divisions.  Yes, different people move at different rates.  As a result, when we were listening to some of the new prognostications on the subject of what happens now and how different things are altering the planet that is actually correct.

The new energies and a new plan is emerging.  When we went into the Master Hologram and did what Beth just talked about, a whole new potential then came forward and is part of what we are now calling the New Plan.

Since then, more ramifications and amplifications and clearings of the old that was part of the old divisions is occurring every minute, every day.  I mean it’s amazing, if you feel it, how much is going on.  As an adjunct to that, bringing that to today, just before this conference call, Beth and I were doing some clearings, and cleansings and other conferences that took us up to Sirius.  They took us up to the New Jerusalem and with all this, we thought we were done and came back to our bodies and out of meditation.

I said to Beth, “Wait a minute! We didn’t get that download that I asked for.” We got in some ways more than what we asked for, but we didn’t get that so I thought Beth was going back in because we talked about it.  But instead, she got a disconnect of some kind and was told not to reconnect and just to allow me to do it alone.  So here I was with my training wheels on and no guide markers there.  So I’m just apologizing in advance. This is a new thing.  I love it, but I have to just say, I’m only going to give you a picture.

First of all, see a spherical hologram that includes the whole Sixth Universe, not just this planet. Everything is contained within the Master Matrix Hologram of Nebadon, which is this super universe – one of seven.  Now, come back to planet Earth.  Go into the Earth Mother’s heart and look from the way she sees things, the way she feels things.  Understand, anything that is out of alignment, out of balance, out of gender balance, matter or spirit balance is going to affect us all.  So what we did is then superimpose, first ourselves (because we have to be cleared to do this).

Then secondly, we expanded that to each other, then we expanded it to the planet, and then aligned that over the Master Matrix Hologram and asked, at this point, I would say, a higher energy took over for me.

So it guided me in a way. I saw outside of this, these other three harmonics of a beautiful platinum pink heart in a heart shape.  It was outside of these others so I knew we were going further with this.  As I looked, I was looking at what appeared to me, to be the Master Hologram.  I was asking for a download to tell me more, to show me more than I already had.

What I noticed in this particular thing today, just before we got on, I saw what appeared to be, bands of color.  These bands were like filters so that they are permeable, which means energy can get through them.  Just as energy coming from The Great Central Sun, Alcyone, comes down through Helios and Vesta, through Sol, as opposed to the old time when it came to Sirius and had to be stepped down there.  Now we are getting this directly from The Great Central Sun and this is affecting the Master Hologram directly.

So these higher harmonics suddenly start showing up in there and before I saw gaps.  Now this time, it was morphing as I was watching.  It would not hold still because there are still possibilities and permutations for this to go either further or to contract a little bit.  No matter what it is, it is greater than what we thought before.  I saw three bands and a possibility of a fourth.

The first band looked like it had three layers in it or frequencies of one color and then there was a buffer band which is just a more concentrated filter.  Then the next one looked like it had five and it kept morphing like it could change if we grow enough, fast enough, that it could become as many as seven equally smooth and seamless bands.  In other words, the people within those bands, those souls within those bands, would all be working together.  That’s one way of saying it.

Like if you turn different channels on your TV or radio stations, you are going to get slightly different messages. The one message that comes down is going to be coming from the top.  So looking at that, then there was another band.  It looked like even the possibility of a very narrow further band beyond that.  So if you just see colors, if you just see circular colors expanding from the center and expanding from the top simultaneously in and out.

These are potentials and I cannot say what this is.  We’ll ask Mother, who is going to come on next to drop a word of wisdom onto us, or perception, insight because this new plan is still forming.  Every day a change takes place, it’s upgraded. And last moment is no longer this moment.  We release this moment so we can be in the next moment.  It is just a constant thing as the King of Swords has said, “Bless and then release – that’s over”.  That is so one minute ago.  Be in this moment.

Part 3: Mother Sekhmet’s Talk

MS – Greetings wondrous beings of incredible joy and love, light, [and[ peace. What is unfolding here on this planet, now, is the time for peace, for love. This is the biggest issue and it is being brought forth with all of what has been said by the K-Man. That Mark, everyone [has been saying]. We can just say, that what is the understanding from the Captain and the Admiral, we do not have to do world evacuation project where in 15 minutes or less, you pack your bag and we leave. We are not going there. It has already been deleted from the program.  We also have to say what is unfolding here in the moment of how you get your wings, if you will, or as the Captain said on Tuesday, he is in the recruitment chair and he may be just showing up in your yard.  So no dates, no nukes, but be aware, you may have a frequency in your back yard. The cat hair is standing on end; your hair is standing on end and your neighbors are going “ooh! Homer Simpson got a new toy.”

Yes, it is not a joke. This is serious as a heart attack now. Hardball as Chris Matthews put it. First Contact [sound cutout] comes peace. And in that understanding, we get to sit down, talk turkey and it is about how we create a global community based in love, truth, wisdom, peace, freedom, justice and Beauty, according to Moorish Law before the original inhabitants of this land before the Europeans got here. With all due respect for all life forms, we honor what is Caesar’s, we honor what is God’s.

It is in the sense of what the man came here, the Admiral, to share in that form as you might say, the sun of ancient eternal and supreme of days as he brought forth the Moorish Law of Truth, freedom, peace, justice, beauty and how it’s coming about.

In the sense that this man who people have an issue with. Was he born in Kenya? Was he born in 19.45 degrees? It don’t matter. He could have been born in Hades; he’s still going to do the job. It’s all complete with a ribbon on it. Already has been ordained, like Dr. Richard Hoagland described in the hyper dimensional physics. This man was designed for this mission, a thousand years in the making, is already complete. We are witnessing the great unraveling of what is occurring here. In the sense, all that has been hidden, unraveling. It will not stop until we all ascend.

It is in that sense, not in the understanding, we have to watch that which is known as Meguido – the Plains of Meguido. Not going there. We are talking about incredible flowers, fields of flowers and all these magical realms that have already come forth. You heard the K-man say: the Menehune are hard at work 24/7 doing it.

And 144,000 times ten hundred thousand times, ten hundred thousand to physically manifest now. It is about joy and love. Only that. It is the highest vibration, that can bring in this frequency. Most of Earth already getting this in the sense of an exponential wave coming across with these frequencies that came through with certain [inaudible] another one coming up on the Green Taras.  August 5th another eclipse.

TARA – Actually, Mother, that is the Feast of Our Lady of the Snow. She brought snow and roses grew right out of the snow on August 5th in Guadalupe.

MS – Very interesting.  That day we have a little story we have to share about this one we speak through. He wanted to test out the energies today in terms of how one is everywhere and nowhere at all. He decided to merge with a tree and he merged with the tree quite literally. Put his hand through the tree – became one with the tree. In that sense, we became the molecules of the tree.  It is learning how to, you might say, take your molecular structure, at the nanite level or particle level where Dr. Quantum and “What the Bleep” is talking about. Let it talk to those molecules and those particles moving at the speed of light and faster. They respond to love instead of hate and that is what is moving this matrix of living light, living love across this planet.

We have to say: yes, the efforts of what has been done by the four people today, who out of a great misunderstanding tried to come together and create peace. Whether it was a round table or a square table, they all sat and shared the talks of the day – the news of the day. As we learn how to communicate from that level of frequency of unconditional love, we can ALL be ONE. Not to use the cliché, but YES we can create peace on this planet right now and this is what this being said.

It has to do with that frequency that has been generated, by what is stored in the energies when this man took the stage. All the trillions of orbs over Grant Park, no accident these events are occurring. First Contact is so extremely imminent. We know its late for people that got to work. We are just saying, as we are witnessing what you are seeing just incredible magic right now. Everything that you were taught about not believing in the magic, turn it around and know that your imaginary friend, all the creatures that we saw as children, they are all back. Time for party.

TARA – Well, you are the one. We are all the one. We are the magic together. So we maintain that high heart and higher mind. And remember, we are healing with our higher sense perception when we feel with our higher mind. And that’s very important because whatever hurts in the emotional body, it is a divine trigger for something tucked away and was traumatic somewhere in some lifetime.

When you are in your high hearts and you are feeling with your higher mind which is your higher sense perception, then you are both the witness and the witnesser. You are both the participator and the one that is observing the participation you are in. And remember that higher sense perception takes the first call and that’s what it means to: hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, or do no evil. You see goodness in everything. No matter how horrifying that it may appear.

MS – Yes. We just want to say, our Cynthia reiterates that every Wednesday. “Got to love them more.”

TARA – Well, Mother, I can ask [a question] before we pass the talking stick.  August 8 is always your day and we’re going to be sitting with the Avatar. I understand.  I’m just saying that’s a sign.  Mark and Beth and Kau’ila are going to be. Or Mark and Beth are going to be at Archangel Michael’s retreat along with Lord Lanto, Metatron and Michael.  Archangel Michael is the very first to come and you might say have that sword of Excalibur. And he guards the seat of the Office of the Christ of the seat of power which is the focus in Washington, DC where now we have the Office of the Christ filled with the Christ. And I mean, this going to go fast, right? I mean we could have an enactment process going on by the 8th?

MS – We cannot say dates. We will just say that what you are witnessing, first and foremost, the mad long rush, who’s going to be first to announce ET in your presence. Is it France? Is it U.S.? Is it Russia? We’re going to put our bets on Mr. O[bama]

TARA – Remember everybody’s already seen you know in Pueblo there they had two ships and they were right over you might say his left hand shoulder while he was talking to thousands and thousands. There were at least 25,000 people there.  Out in the open.

MS – It is so imminent in the sense that: what has been asked for on a global scale is a moment for humanity as a whole to just get centered.   Take an in-breath, take an out-breath.  As that happens on a global scale, its like, what is this, with Fire the Grid II.  Then what happens is that the magic goes [whooshing sound]  Ah and Oh my!  It is that way.  It is like what you watch in Star Trek and “First Contact” where there is that understanding.  It takes something that had implications of global nuclear war and you create peace.

A craft would go to a bypass – the pathway of a passing ship of let’s say another civilization’s origin.  Right now what is being done on a global scale on your planet.  This signal being sent out by quintillions of life forms 3D, 5D, 100D and the signal is being answered in multitudes of incredible waves of light. That is what you witnessed Mark – is bands of Light around this planet.  That energy in a way, helping to create what is often referred to as the rings like around Saturn.  More like etheric bands of incredible radiance of love.

Part 4: Q&A with Mother Sekhmet

CATHY LAUREN – This is a complicated question. I recently learned that the Rothschild families have basically taken over all major lay lines around the globe and have used them over the past 60-100 years to steal human soul energy through unknown technologies. This energy is what has made them the wealthiest people on Earth.

Can you Mother, send the A-Team to dismantle this stealing of humanity’s energy and free it up for the people’s use. It is so that every major city around the world has been rigged to send this energy to physical places where they store this energy.

MS – We will just say, that we know about the dark side’s soul catcher technology. Already has been transformed. At the same time, these energies that have been going on are redirecting themselves into such a frequency of intense love that it is creating this disturbance in the sense these folks called the rat children are not getting fed. The fear, that they desperately need for sustenance. Time for a fast eh?

TARA – And then Mother also, that kind of stuff is propaganda now of the dark side. And you know that certain things live on, when people buy it. So when you read stuff like that from now on. Remember, it is canceled and you make sure to turn it around by letting the people know that this is propaganda.

MS – Accept no energies except love.

TARA – They only stole the money and the people’s fear fed it to them.

MARK – I just wanted to make a comment. During the operations and since then, Metatron has had a few things to say and Lord Michael as well. Metatron embedded in the seabed up to the top of the highest mountains on the planet. Everywhere. Embedded a platinum pink pyramidal grid and network. He is going around and so are we. We are all working on this together.

There is only one of us here. So if you are being inclined to do this, understand that you are automatically a part of that planetary ground unit that is helping to bring this all about. But during these operations, it was very, very clearly stated. None of what you have just heard has any force behind it anymore. And that Metatron, Lord Michael and all the forces of light are absolutely 100% dedicated to ensuring none of that can happen.

CATHY LAUREN –  We keep hearing arrests are imminent. Yet if that is a precursor to announcing NESARA, then it seems many other things have to happen as well. So are arrests imminent in Earth terms?

MS– We will say that arrests are ongoing. This is why Don Siegelman, former Governor of Alabama got on today. Let it rip about the fact that Karl Rove unlawfully put a sitting governor in prison isolated detention, torture, and abuse. Just like in Abu Ghraib. And we are just saying, he went on to talk about this and it is ending NOW.

TARA – It’s the modern day Nazi camps, which we have been working in the last 30 years to end that rule of Nazism.

MS– Yes, the arrests are ongoing, anytime, anywhere.

TARA – It’s not going to be anything except public when there is a few more steps and they are not very long. We are at the very tail end. Remember the 100th  [the 2nd 100 days of Obama’s Presidency] day is on the 7th of August, which means 8-8-8. You are on Mother. You are on stage.

MS– And we will just say, that the 8-8-8 of what is unfolding in this year of 09 has to do with the frequencies of coming to completion. That nine energy coming to the next level, higher octave, so that we are at the place in which we are all equal with the energies.

TARA – Well solidarity with 9/11 is coming in 2 days everybody with the 1st of August. And its today is 1/11, tomorrow is 11/11 (the 31st), and August 1st is 9/11 and nothing else counts. And health care starts the ball rolling. And it won’t take long at all. Don’t anybody think there is a lot to do.

MS– It is about this that we are speaking through the Temple of the Living God and it can be transformed into the Living Light, Living Love. What the man spoke about, in 3 days, it can be transformed into Living Light, Living Love. It is already occurring in every one of your cellular molecular structures. Those particles are moving so fast. That is why there are days that all you want to do is crawl from the bed to the toilet, back to the bed. And we are not going to go further. We are just going to say, there are many out there that are feeling that. And it is that reality in which, where in a sense, you are lifting yourselves up from the grave, if you will. Gabriel is blowing that horn. Better than Al Sharpton, you might say. We know Al Sharpton can sing a mighty soulful tune. And with all due respect sir, we know that Gabriel can join him in chorus I hope.

CATHY LAUREN – John would like you to expand a little bit on this number thing. He says that, “What is the meaning, if any, of seeing 1111, 11/11 or 1/11 or 111 all the time. I noticed that many others have seen this as well and also he adds, my I AM presence keeps telling me, all is nine. What is the significance of that?

MS– All of 1 and 9 are the same. It is the energies in which it has to do where we are moving into that higher octave of frequency of Living Light, Living Love. As we move into that nine energy, it transforms all particles of light so that everything moves quicker. It might seem as though time is slowing down, yet it is moving faster. And with that, the body changes increase in magnitude even more so. And we have to just say that as you go through this, remember each moment that it as you go into the next day. Let go of whatever occurred.

Like Dr. Harder said, “Begin that day anew and it is totally transformed. Do not carry what was from 24 hours earlier cause it is already in the Hall of Amenti being dealt with and transformed”. Got to move to what is in front of you in the sense that way both future and past are covered by being here and everywhere and nowhere. It is a bit of a paradox.

TARA – Well Mother, August 3rd is another 11/11. We are going to have a lot of 11s in this August.

MS– 11/11 has to do with the gateway. That is why you are seeing that number. It is a wakeup call for you and work with that as you go through that gateway.

CATHY LAUREN –  Here is an interesting question Mother on clones. Do most or all of us personally know and talk with clones and just don’t realize it?

MS– For many that are on the levels in which they are rubbing elbows on both sides of the aisles in the district, yes it is reality. Very much so.

CATHY LAUREN – Wow. Does NESARA have to be officially announced by the end of the 2009 government calendar year, which ends 9/30/2009?

TARA – Banking calendar year.

MARK – Fiscal.

TARA – Fiscal is banking, yes. Remember that banking institution that has been guided by this prophet is no longer here so by the first of October, which is in NESARA law, we’ll have a whole new banking system. So the new banking system is not based on the laws of greed, sex and drugs and MK Ultra programming. That’s why we must strengthen that understanding that Barack Obama is at the center of the circle, Council of Twelve plus one.

He and his bride represent the Office of the Christ of co-regency and not in the sense of Queen and King – only in the sense that everybody is King and Queen.  This particular consort couple is representing that King and Queen of all men and all women. So that means, I will lead, yet you will participate. You will follow. Follow me in your actions and be the Brides of Christ all with your twin flames and we’ll do a Galactic Roundtable. No more party system; remember that everybody. All God.

MS– The party of Love.

TARA – Yes and the party is partying right now.

CATHY LAUREN – That was good. Well, this goes right in line with what you were just saying with Obama and gates. There was a comment made a couple of weeks ago Mother, during Mark’s Sunday call, about Obama becoming Galactic.  It seems the date for that to happen was August 8th this year. Would you please expand on that?

MS– We could say that we’re not going to say anything. But we are going to say, he may just come out of the closet and have a press conference on that day and just say, Folks, we want to talk about a subject that has not been discussed openly for a long, long time. We go back to when JFK, Sr. began the story of how we are going to put a man on the moon and go beyond. We’ll leave it at that.

MARK – That is Barack Obama’s birthday – the 4th.

TARA – Yes and he’s a Cancer too. He is not a Leo on the true zodiac and neither am I. That is Mother’s sign of the whole zodiac – he Divine Mother Principal of the Shekinah/Emerald Green Ray of Healing. It is the letter Z – the completion of the entire serial alphabet.

CATHY LAUREN – I had an Ayurvedic astrology reading a couple of years ago. Here I am in the middle of August on the 14th and I’m told I’m a Cancer in the real zodiac. So you know the Eastern Zodiac. So I felt that was fascinating now that I hear you talk about you being a Cancer.

TARA – Wait a minute. The 14th is Leo. The 4th is Cancer, but the 14th is Leo. It starts – Leo starts on the 9th of August. Right after….Right after Mother‘s 8-8-8 – oh I’m sorry, in the Vedac. Oh yes that’s true. I’m a Cancer in the Vedac and in the Western.  Yes I think the Vedac is aligned with the old Ophiucan Astrology.

CATHY LAUREN –  Thom Hartmann is promoting his new book ‘Threshold:  The Crisis of Western Culture’ over the next several weeks. It has to do with topics that NESARA would seem to solve. My question on this topic would be: Is Thom’s tour over many weeks to prepare the public for the NESARA announcement versus explaining NESARA after the fact? Since he began this past Monday, I would say we have many more weeks before NESARA’s announcement.

MS– We would just say that he is announcing the book and how this is a transformation. Yet and still, transfiguration, transportation.  We will just say that he cannot give dates, yet he is preparing the way.  We will just say the time for this is NOW.

TARA – Remember, the King always told us, this could be so big of a surprise as to the time being cut short at the last stage here. For everything to happen that. Yeah. I was just going to say, that this is an example in seeing in no time. Everybody thinking there is all this linear stuff we have to do. Sorry, it’s all done already. So it’s just a shift in consciousness on a collective world conscious basis and the world’s ready for peace and love and everything else takes a back seat. And Mother make sure it is done.

MS– Indeed.

CATHY LAUREN – All right, well you know Mother, is Rama doing okay?

MS– We will say, the voice is going so we will all in parting, we will just say that as you are witnessing what is unfolding in these moments. Understand that we are approaching the fact that your planet is free.  You are free. The only illusion is the fact that there is this seemingly – veil, net, with the finest gossamer threads that holds – got so many holes in it we can see you and you can see us. It is already being rendered asunder so in a sense No Veil.

Yet it just seems that there is a bit of mistiness between you and us.  If you reach a hand out, there just might be another hand that will grab you. Just say, “Welcome brother. As-Salāmu `Aleykum”.


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