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Metatron – The Energy & Transformational Akash of Grand Canyon – Womb of Mother-Earth


Archangel Metatron Channel
The Energy & Transformational Akash of Grand Canyon – Womb of Mother-Earth

Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light. And so we come to you at this time in a moment of wisdom, your wisdom, and the collective faith of  all wisdom.  Dear Ones, it is wisdom you seek and wisdom we share. It is the role of Spirit to offer you perspective and possibility. It is your role to discern that which resonates, and apply it to your lives as you seek your own inner truth, your own path to SELF  Divinity.

And so we speak this gathering on the Grand Canyon, truly one of the most powerful energetics of the planet. A spectacular lotus energy, one that is of great intensity, yet expressed within a magnificent harmonic that allows for a gentle receival by those fortunate enough to explore its depths. Within the rims and depths of the vast isolation of the great chasm, are some of the most pristine and benevolent energy fields of the living earth.

Now, the Earth is a living ,conscious being, and Gaia her sentience. There are certain places within and without your Earth  that are living libraries, information repositories we would say. These are not simply registers of the past, indeed they also  contain information regarding the  present,  future and all of their probabilities and parallels.  These living libraries only occur in special environments, environs that perfectly synergize all of the elements, earth, air, fire , water and ether. Within these frequencies, indeed, one also has the ability to learn immensely about themselves. Such locales are indeed rare. The Grand Canyon is one of these, the largest & most complex library on your planet.

In a true sense, the rafting through these fields in the canyon core is a rebirthing process, regeneration within the chakric womb of Gaia .The expereince of the Grand Canyon within its depth literally takes on thru all the ages, rock ages, of the living start of Mother Earth. Each age tells its story, and the unique energy therein opens the chakras in a unique and potent way as to both receive the messages and transform the human. Each one then absorbs the energy of the integral earth as revealed in the canyon. It is the life force of the earth, Akash, that makes the expereince so openly transformational.

You see, ether, the fifth element, generates a panacea, an  essence we term akash or adamantine from the inner realms of the planet.  Akash occurs in great abundance in the Canyon and provides a bounty of benefits, beyond its tell-tale energy of well being.  Etheric akash is indeed the rejuvenative elixir of life, and is merged synergistically within the ionic plasma of the dynamic river. Thus it is, in your vernacular, the fountain of youth, a dynamic regenerative force!

As such, visiting the Grand Canyon in any location above or below is a beneficial experience in terms of its effect on the human energy field. A vast energy is emitted and amplified within its substratum, condensing and rising to the rim where it spills over and feeds an enormous vortex that circulates for hundreds of miles.

Yet it is only within its depths that an incredibly more powerful energy pools.  These energy pools in the base of the canyon are  quite unique in their individual identity & expression, because  above the rim, all of the individual aspects are somewhat blended  into the  massive spinning vortex that contains them all. The floor of the canyon, the portions along the bottom between the towering walls are ten fold more powerful than the upper rim of the canyon, containing concentrated energies that are in a continual state of regeneration. You see electromagnetic energy, the basic source of ley energy, flows symmetrically within the pancaked layer of each stratum. When that stratum is sliced open at the cliffs and walls, that energy flows into and amasses within the openings of the Canyon, where it is in boxed containment. It is charged further with the energy of all five elemental forces, and uniquely so with the addition of  the most rare element, akash…etheric life force.

The  ionic field created by the brisk flow of the copper rich river amalgamates with akash. This creates a uniquely gentle stabilizing force that allows for the human electromagnetic field to interface extremely expansive energies without fissuring under acute pressure differential. As a result, the human EMF is so enhanced that it is quite unlikely for one to experience negativity within this kinetic cornucopia, and quite likely to experience a deep epiphany. As such ones auric field is expanded and dimensionally redefined with a greater paradigm.

One would not expect such a ‘raw’ landscape to provide such a nurturing embrace yet truly the Canyon is  Gaia’s womb,  indeed  nurturing occurs, a true rebirth is  provided by the serendipitous harmony of its stark dichotomy. Is that not a paradox?

Those of senior age, those with slight  infirmities who may have doubted their veracity in signing on for  such an arduous adventure  soon find themselves bursting with robust vitality…rejuvenated! Accordingly myriad benefits are enhanced, including a revitalization of the body physical, indeed the life force, the libido is greatly augmented. A clearing of the emotional field, a realignment of the chakras, mental exuberance, and a vast expansion of the auric field will occur, indeed must occur in these natural forces.

We tell you that within the walls of this creative crucible, this planetary womb, is contained every telluric energy resonance on the planet, in a magnificent umbilical feed. There is a resonate harmonization that  sings every vibrational tone  into a chorus of orchestrated symphony. How can such  vibratory energetics not be  extremely healing to the mind-body & spirit  of all  within this space?

This is why the Canyon has been recognized by many, including those of LeMuria and Atlantis as a frequential ‘Garden of Eden’ .

Planetary  Libraries & Harmonic Oscillation

Layers of earth as they amass on the planets surface , especially crystalline rock,  record  every vibration within their fields. That is how & why certain areas are of perfect elemental symmetry are  Planetary  Libraries.

We have spoken about the Law of Harmonic Oscillation before, the aspect of similar mineralogical  frequencies naturally attracting and activating one another. There is another aspect to this that involves vibratory resonance within time-space continuum, which includes geological ages. Specific surface exposed stratum from the Precambrian class, for example, will naturally align with other surface exposed Precambrian stratum, not just because of similar mineral construct, but also because of similar time-sequence vibrational  imprints. Vibrational imprints of a specific time era will include the magnetics of the planets, stars, cosmic  alignment frequencies as well as mankind’s vibrational forces during the vast epochs of surface rock.. Do you understand?

Now, as you may have perceived, the harmonic oscillation of certain of these areas is in alignment with Egypt, the Himalayas, and Tibet.

This trait is amplified further in igneous and metamorphic forms, because these formations are more crystalline in composition and thus produce a greater electromagnetic field, you see? It is the Harmonic Oscillation process that aligns the Grand Canyon to Egypt and Tibet. We will speak more of this later.

Inner Earth

The Grand Canyon indeed has many entrances into the chasms of the inner world. As we have told you, your Earth is truly not spherical. It is flattened at both poles. Your planet has five distinct shells (not four) within its structure, one inside the other. Between the layers of the outer three are great chasms, some of which have flowing rivers and have illumination from ionic fields, much like the northern light phenomena that you term auroras. One of the largest of these stretches below the Grand Canyon for an expanse of over 800 miles in length, by your measurement, and is over a mile in height. The Atlanteans in the height of their technological golden age, were well aware of the peoples inhabiting these chasms, and indeed interfaced extensively with them in the construct of the extensive tunnel system.

Do you have questions?

Question to Metatron: Yes, thank you, I have several. First, you have spoken about the energies fields found along the 277 miles of the Colorado River within the Grand Canyon. Which areas are most potent?

AA Metatron: There are dozens, and so to answer your question regarding which are most potent, we assume you mean which are most beneficial, yes? And so we answer that the degree and priority of assistance depends to some extent on the person.  However, it must be said that the course of the canyon along the river, stages the rafters in a regimented common process. It is meant to be so. The rebirthing would otherwise not occur in the correct sequence. Now within that regiment, the seeker will receive what is most needed and that will of course vary according to the individual’s level of light quotient, intent, attitude and needs. In terms of field potency, the area of the Vishnu schist formation  is extremely powerful, such that it is the primary generator of the highest frequency vortex and the center of the higher dimensional portal. The area of Blacktail Canyon is one of the most powerful portal stargates on the planet, in an extremely congruous alignment to the Pleiades. Those capable of raising their frequency to higher levels can experience what you term as astral travel within this area, far more easily than in other locations. This because by the time the Vishnu Schist of Blacktail Canyon is reached, after 3 days of staged expansion and balancing on the river, the auric field is cleansed, and thus in a crystalline merkabic state. The mind is clear, the body is robust, and therefore the body-mind-soul trinity is in a rare state of unified symmetry and thus clarity. Do you see?

Now, the akash elixir, is an imperative ingredient  in this process. Without its abundant presence, the rebirthing would not be possible to all, because the intensity of the telluric forces would be too great. The akash is in greater abundance in the Grand Canyon than any other locale on your planet. It is in fact being generating in greater abundance now as your planet begins its transformation. It is generated through areas of tectonic stress, particularly around certain volcanoes such as Mount Shasta and Hawaii’s Kilauea. But nowhere is it generated in such quantity and held so purely  in place, as occurs in the canyon. This essence is extremely beneficial to the human EMF and emotional and mental components. It aids in synergizing them into perfect symmetry and balance. A very rare , very aligned state of well-being occurs, as such.

Now in addition to the metamorphically crystalline  Vishnu schist, the  Zoroaster Granite within the Canyon  is also extremely potent . The silicate component with the  granitic field acts in unison with the Vishnu formation. The granite serves as the  receiver and the metamorphic shiest as the balancing anchor for a  tremendous portal within this area. Most of the extra- terrestrial  craft that enter and work below the canyon, enter through this portal. Indeed it is a stargate to the Pleiades, and an entry portal to many from extraterrestrials realms. It is also a time gate.

You ask about other areas of benefit. The Havasu area, along the Little Colorado Creek is also extremely beneficial in terms of physical and emotional healing. It is teeming with those of the Fae, the Faerie Kingdom and the Devic water sprites. The Fae within this location are  of an extremely tangible and harmonic resonance, easily discerned, and add that element of lush richness to the plant life. Indeed this rich devic energy  expresses itself in an uplifting joyful vibration, a sense of gentle well being to all that enter. It is the perfect afterglow to the intensity of the Vishnu energy.   The blue green waters of Havasu are embellished  with unique arrays of fortifying minerals, including copper, calcium carbonate, and magnesium sulfate, what you term Epsom salts. The color of the water is in itself is very healing very soothing, its mineral content is suspended and dissolved to an almost colloidal liquid, and allows for optimal absorption into the body physical.

Likewise the area of Deercreek Canyon is extremely healing, containing a plethora of devics, of the elfin nature, joyful in expression. All of these positive beings add to the vibration of these pristine areas. The Redwall Cavern site is also quite noteworthy. It exudes  a sonic vibratory resonance that is most conducive to deep mediation and out of body travel, that you term astral travel experience. The sands within this erosion chamber are also extremely vibrant and mineral rich. Well for one to cover the body in this sand for a 30 to 45 minute periods. Quite enriching as well as detoxifying.

These are but a few, the Canyon indeed is a cornucopia of beneficial energies, quite unique to this area.

Does this answer satisfy you?

Question to Metatron: Yes, thank you. There is alleged information  about a supposed discovery of an Egyptian or Tibetan  cave in the Canyon .  Did the discovery of such a  cave occur in 1909 in the Grand Canyon?

AA Metatron: Absolutely! It did indeed occur. A cave was discovered in early 1909, and revisited several weeks later, with a larger expedition, including anthropologist and assistants. It was however, neither Tibetan nor  Egyptian, rather Atlantean. It was part of the extensive labyrinth of tunnels that the Atlanteans built that circumnavigated the planet. This was done in an age of great technological expertise, and was built with technology primarily from Sirius B.

As we have told you in previous sessions, your planet, while not hollow per say, contains great open chasms, some of which are massive, and indeed inhabited by the blue-skinned humans, who ‘descended’ into the inner earth from LeMuria. They are indeed human, but at a far more advanced cycle in their development. As such they operate in the 4th thru 7th dimensions. Several groups of extra terrestrials also work within these chasms.

Question to Metatron: It seems surprising that in 1909, the government would have sought to hide the incident. Was this in fact covered up, and if so why?

AA Metatron: The discovery of the opening was ‘covered up’, in your terms, only after the third entry, the  expedition that included the Smithsonian team. A catastrophe occurred that led to the death of most of the team, and as a result the event was suppressed, the entries  sealed in  a third &  fourth visit specifically for that purpose in 1911.  Only the first two expeditions actually explored the cave.

The initial discovery by the one called Kinkaid, was rather uneventful, other than the tremendous excitement of the explorer, who saw the artifacts and the Atlantean hieroglyphics and statues, and recognized them as being from an advanced civilization. He did discover  statues, tools, mummies and drew diagrams and maps. Kinkaid  spent two-three days exploring multiple surface chambers, and departed with his drawings and descriptions, and indeed photographs..  He departed after four days because of the lack of nearby water, and the arduous, treacherous climb and distance from the river.

The second entry occurred within 8  weeks of the discovery and included a hastily gathered team of eight members, including two military guards, and two academics. During their extensive explorations and mappings, they descended further and were drawn to an amber light pulsing in a circular chamber containing a massive hyper-dimensional generating  complex used for transporting within the tunnel system.  Most of these are dysfunctional relics, but some  are maintained and undulate into power when  triggered by surges in the dimensional fields. One such is under the Sargasso Sea in the area you refer to as the Bermuda Triangle…not in the waters per say, rather below the sea in a remnant of the tunnel system.. These exist in a dimensional lock, and can only become physically visible in 3d at certain times of excessive magnetic activity.

The catastrophe occured when six of the expedition members were unfortunately exposed to severe radio-magnetics that essentially dematerialized the two nearest the unit when the generator auto-powered on due to a tectonic energy surge. The other four were critically damaged from the residual effects of the tremendous dimensional warping fields produced. The effects were similar to the injuries sustained by those in what you term the Philadelphia experiment.  Kinkaid and the academics died within hours, despite hopeless efforts to save them. Only the two military men posted at the surface entry survived. Both were deeply  frightened. (Subsequently, the relay complex was put into a frequency that effectively placed it in a dimensional lock.)

Afterward, the government sent a third & fourth party to the entry area, and sealed it . The  area is still off limits. In the early 1950’s the area was opened and reentered and explored by government agencies.

Question to Metatron:  You mention the ‘Atlantean Tunnel System’, did the Atlanteans have access to the Grand Canyon? And if so for what purpose?

AAMetatron: Indeed! There was access not just to the Grand Canyon, but virtually to every area of the planet, both surface and interior. But while Atlanteans utilized the system, it was not  of  Atlantean construct. Many of those you term Atlanteans, were not of terrestrial origin. It should be understood that the majority of those involved in the technological  development of the tunnel system were of Sirian, Arcturian and Pleadean origin, but they lived in the Atlantean areas, and interacted quite freely and openly with those of earthen biology. Many of you, including the channel,  experienced Atlantis originally as extra terrestrials. Eventually many of these  took on human biology…becoming entrapped somewhat within the time sequence of your  Blue Planet, becoming captive to the grid in essence.

The  Grand Canyon was recognized initially by the  Atlanteans for its myriad  mineral deposits. Of prime concern was a invaluable  phosphoric compound infused with akash. This compound was very rare, only occurring in certain conditions and  formations.  The Atlanteans had the technology to locate, congeal,  and preserve this living  semi liquid akashic compound, blue green in hue. In the vernacular of the ancients it was termed  as the philosophers stone .It had a relatively brief ‘shelf life’, and once preserved it was rapidly transported to the Temple of Healing in Poseida. It was  an essential ingredient in the  complex rejuvenation process, for healing terminal maladies, and for vast expansion of mental capacities. . It was highly prized, and is mined yet today by those of the Pleiades, Sirius and as well as mankind from the future. Does that surprise you ? This scarce compound exist primarily in the areas of the Grand Canyon, Arkansas, Brazil, Tibet and eastern Siberia .Its greatest abundance remains in the area of the Grand Canyon, where its matrix compound was seeded. Its greatly prized value was the initial reason for the extensive tunneling to the area.

In time, all of the attributes of the Canyon were recognized and utilized. The Atlanteans as well as LeMurians had communities in the Canyon chasms. Although most were initially for mining, others were developed soon afterward that included temples, rejuvenation facilities, and what you would term monasteries for the guild of scientist priests. The tunnel system was completed approximately 38,000 years ago, in your current measurement of time sequence, soon after the initial construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The pyramid observed in the Canyon was part of the Temple and Monastery complex.

There were and are many hyper- dimensional generating units, like the one that Kincaid’s party discovered, in the area. These units are and were of Sirian technology. Some were for transport to other relays within the tunnel system. Transport relay stations were dispersed along grid points to certain locations such as Egypt, Tibet, Poseida and Og. Some of these were specifically for material movement, and other prototypes for transport of personnel through a hyper dimensional warping within a fourth dimensional matrix. Others were for developed for movement to and from the future, used essentially for time travel, in your terms. We have told you before that aspects of Atlantis were truly from the future, pulled into the past.

The Atlanteans calculated, designed and constructed earthen grid works within architecturally created sacred geometric grids utilizing natural telluric powernodes to assist in stabilizing and maximizing the energy flow within these symmetrical grids.  These are in effect earthen grid systems somewhat of the ‘Reshel’ classification. One of these connects the Canyon’s Temple of Isis to the Pyramid at Giza.  An energetic resonance exchange occurs here and in other areas of the greater vicinity within these numerous earthen grids. Boynton Canyon near Sedona is another of these that is very ‘Egyptian’ in visual feel and resonance. Within other sections the axialtonal and Reshel-type grid connections are to the Yaluzhangbu Grand Canyon located in Tibet.

That is why so many of the formations in the Canyon were given Egyptian and Buddhist names, albeit in modern times by explorers who were consciously unaware of the reason they felt compelled to assign such appropriate nomenclatures to the formations. The resonance and connection to these places is quite real, very tangible. In others areas of the greater Canyon vortex, the axialtonal grid connections are to the Lake Titicaca area of ancient Og, modern day Peru & Bolivia. The underground chasms and tunnel network are equally vast in the area of Cusco and Tiajuanaco. Although units for transportation were available, certain adept were able to translocate within these fields between the locations mentioned, simply by utilizing the Reshel style grid system. Indeed there are several potent pyramids built by the Atlanteans within the Canyon, most now covered by the sands of time, one yet remains on the surface.

There are certain groups today whose purpose is to rediscover the design and utility of Reshel grids. They are well along this pat, yet much remains to be understood. Reshel grids are in essence a stabilized, self-generating energy pattern, utilizing specific geometries. These not only link powernodes, but also are the frequencial keys to the planetary and stellar grid system. These are capable of housing stargates and time gates.

The tunnel network of the Atlantean past was in its prime for over 25,000 years. It fell into disarray after the demise of Atlantis some 12,000 years ago. Subsequent tectonic movement and shift collapsed the global network, although some portions still are intact. Few are maintained. The Sirians and Pleiadeans in specific areas have reestablished some of these. The inner realm LeMurian races no longer need them, having ascended to a state where they are capable of translocation through pure thought frequency.

We will add that the inner world chasms that exist below the canyon are among those closest to the surface of the planet. These extend for literally hundreds of miles and are occupied not only by the blue humanoid race of highly evolved LeMurians, but also contain bases for those from the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda and Arcturius. One of these connects to a massive chamber below what you term Groom Lake in Nevada. This area will become more important in the millennia to come, as it will serve as an evacuations point when the necessity arrives to seed other planets. There are interactions between the four primary extra terrestrials groups working within the benevolent Galactic Federation  with scientist of certain governments today in this area. The work with the Federation  is for the benefit of mankind. As we mentioned earlier, in millennia to come this area will be key in the technical  development of seeding of enhanced DNA humankind into other worlds.

Preserving the Canyon

Now, past periods  the river  course in the canyon was much longer, double its current length. It was shortened considerably over time through volcanics, and tectonic shifts.  More recently in your times   the canyon was  flooded into lakes by the placement of the reservoir at Lake Powell and Lake Meade with the construction of the two dams. The area below what is now Lake Powell, regrettably was among the most stunningly beautiful sections of the Grand Canyon, and contained energy fields that are not replicated in the same manner elsewhere. However, the green copper waters held within Lake Powell remain quite bountiful in healing quality, and all who recreate in this Lake benefit immensely.

There will be a time in the not too distant future when water shortages will motivate corporate government concerns to build a third dam. This must not be allowed to happen.

Rebooting of Planet Earth

We close by telling you, that the Canyon should be viewed as a great benevolent energy, one that enhances all who visit. There are many such places on the earth, but none quite so varied, quite so concentrated in auspicious advantage. Dear Ones, your planet is on course, it is well, it is where it should be. So often you speak of healing the Earth, yet we tell you it does not require healing, rather the Living Planet is healing you. The changes that are coming do not require healing, they are not the result of a planet in disarray. Gaia is strong, and on track. The planetary transitions are in truth a graduation required in order to hold the higher dimensional matrix required for the Ascension. These must  occur, but  they need not occur in global cataclysm as occured at the end of the 3rd world, in the sad demise of Atlantis.  We tell you the current path is  that catastrophic change will not occur on a global level. There will be regional events, some you have already seen. The polar shift has already begun, and it can complete itself in a relatively smooth transition.. The polar caps will melt, the water will rise, but this must take place in the new paradigm. It is the rebooting. Trust this truth. Be well, be happy, and find joy in these rapidly ascending times. Treat each other with love and respect! Honor SELF ! You have waited a long time to be here and guide this heralded Ascension into the fifth world and fifth dimension!

Many areas on your planet are already in the fifth dimension and beyond. Many of these infinity points offer you profound insight, renewal through  love and joy. The Grand Canyon is among the most potent of these. Indeed it is the generator, the wind beneath the wings of so many powernodes in this sacred region, which include Zion National Park, San Francisco Peaks  and Sedona. Truly the Grand Canyon is the Womb of Gaia.

I am Metatron, and you are Beloved !

…and so it is.

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