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Meeting with the God of Gods on the 176th Dimension 8/24/09


PreMeeting aboard the New Jerusalem for instruction by Ashtar on 8/24 before  Beth & MarkH’s journey to 176D:

“You are invited tonight to meet with the God of Gods on the 176th Dimension. This meeting will be to describe what Ascension means and how this information may be used by individuals to further their Life Mission on Earth.” Ashtar

Beth and Mark journey to the 176D inter-dimensionally transported by Erendahl, Mark’s ancient Immortal Winged White Horse friend, from the Magical realm.

“Greetings. I am the God of Gods.”

I wish to communicate with you tonight about Ascension. From this 176th Dimension, the Omniversal level, you may see that everything in the Universe appears as points of light. None are greater than any other. From this place all are Divine, All are Love. From here only the Highest and Best is visible. From here we see each person’s true Form, their Highest Form.

Ascension is a term used to describe the natural progression of the pure essence imbued into every living Being. Everything naturally follows a path to ascension. It is much, much easier to ascend than it is to descend. From this Omniversal Level we see the SuperUniverses and what is beyond. It appears as spiraling out of a hub and spinning out as a wheel. This wheel has multiple levels and layers and shoots off in all directions. Each star and planet, represented as another point of light. On each one of these, the inhabitants, likewise, individual points of light. These each have intelligence. In them are  trillions of cells, each cell being sentient. Each one of these cells, within each Soul, on these Stars, is made up of particles and subparticles of light, each one of these has intelligence. This is what is called the Force. This is the energetic light harmonic frequency which is transmitted to and received from every living intelligent particle in All That Is. From the 176th Dimension, it is easy to see how all things are connected.

These particles can be measured, to a degree. We could explain the interworkings of all things in mathematical equations; such as velocity and acceleration, friction, and rotation around a fixed axis. These mathematics could be plugged into a computer system to explain the fractal ascensions represented by the matter universe. This is far too inadequate and limiting an explanation. Those living on Earth now, are used to judging things by measures. Earth beings have all but forgotten how to judge things based on multidimensionality. When something is measured, it may be explained in its most rudimentary form, matter. It is easy to forget that matter is not the only form.

Take the human body and look at the interdimensions and multidimensions. Use this model as a microcosm to the Omniverse. In the Adam Kadmon [human template] we have: bones, nerves, muscles, lymph, arteries, veins, organs, skin, hair. Each layer may stand alone as its own system. Imagine these are the interdimensions and going within will bring you to each new dimension within. Each of these, blood vessels, spinal cord, organs, all each have their own intelligence, cooperation, communication, a universe unto themselves, each one.

Now look at the subtle bodies which extend outside the physical body; etheric body, astral body, mental body, casual body, monadic body, logoic body, monadic blueprint body, mayavarupa body, electromagnetic body, gematrian body. Imagine these multiple layers outside the body and nested one in the other as the multidimensions. It is possible to enter each of these levels, each of these dimensions, interdimensionally and multidimensionally. Now imagine Planet Earth. There are interdimensions and multidimensional layers to the Planet, as well. The Earth has forms on her which are similar in function to the blood stream, nerves, brain, heart, as in the human body. She also has higher energetic dimensions extending out from her. On this Omniversal Level it is easy to comprehend that each particle, each entity, each planet, each galaxy, each universe, and grow outward and out ward and swirl inward and inward, again and again, infinitely. We are all Connected. We are All One.

Now what is Ascension? That Force, that energy which comes from Source and is transmitted in undulations, into and through and out to each particle, beholding intelligence, is effected by one CONSTANT in the Cosmic Creation: LOVE. Ascension simply means the transmission and receiving of higher levels of Love. Everything that IS gravitates toward Love. All That Is, constantly moves toward Love.

How may that be used by individuals today?

The more it is comprehended, accepted,and integrated that ALL is LOVE, the more love there is.

Earth Beings now, will benefit from talking about this constant in the equation and applying it, in different formulas, to solve problems. It would be of benefit to talk with as many as possible about trying new formulas which allow for inclusiveness, more variables, more diversity, and more love. Through this approach, applying the New Plan, will become the path of least resistance. This raises each particle, each person, each star and planet, each universe, and all that is beyond. Vital Force+Love=Ascension

I AM the God of Gods

Mark and Beth discussion of this experience.

As life expands, now, there is more space around our particles which allows more flow of light through and around all our particles. As Net Light increases the more we can accumulate and hold allows our crystalline systems to stabilize at ever higher vibratory rates and includes many higher frequency bands, resulting in greater radiance and attracts and holds more and more higher vibratory Light which continues to send out more electromagnetic spirals. Ripples and waves go through our planet, people and life in a never ending exchange from the smallest and nearest to the largest and farthest and back again.  We call this our dynamic flux field, inside and outside our physical vehicles.

The elasticity of our many structures determines the rate and magnitude of our consciousness expansion. Liquifying calcified, constricted and compressed bands allows our energy bodies to expand like an accordion, to facilitate becoming more cosmic. Our true essence is part of a liquid photonic flow system of perfect health and immortal nature. We have started the grand reversal and will have the opportunity to achieve that when the ships land.

There is a consciousness loop outside the body, a cellular membrane consciousness inside the body, which connects with that outside the body. The human body is a dynamic organism which can quantum shift, as we are proving now. We are able to connect  interdimensionally and multidimensionally through this consciousness.

We agreed to descend into density, we forgot that interconnectedness. However, we were promised by Creator, that at the end of this Grand Experiment, we would have our full consciousness restored as we ascend into the  higher dimensions.

Now we have achieved much clearing and are about to see and feel the inner and outer reflections of our collective advancement.

We have been guided to meet with many from those higher realms and to share these journeys with all asceding ones who read these posts and want a fresh perspective on the often confusing truth of who and what we are and the purposes for which we’ve joined together on this one little planet, at this unprecedented moment in which both Matter and Spirit; Male and Female are restructured into fully balanced co-creative ones on this new master matrix holographic timeline.  It has begun.

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  1. adrianIII says:

    I wonder when the concept of “gods” will finally fall into disuse. Perhaps it will happen at the same time that spiritual leaders no longer need military ranks or royal titles. What do you think?

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