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Mark Teleconference – August 2, 2009


[Here is the transcript to Sunday’s Conference Call with Mark, Beth, and Kau’ila. Please note the this is missing the Q&A section. It was very important to get this part out first, asap.]

Mark’s Conference Call
August 2, 2009

MARK: Well good afternoon everyone. Another exciting series of weekly events this week.  So progressive and exciting, that we are amending our proposed venues for the conference call as we speak. So if you’ll bear with us, I think you’ll see how this is all progressing. To start off, maybe it would be a good idea to have Rama and Tara fill us in with a little bit of the outer world stuff before we connect into the inner world stuff. So Rama, would you care to make a little introductory?

RAMA – Okay. In the last 24 hours or pretty much last 48 hours, Jack Rice on the Jack Rice Show, has just been laying it out in lavender about the crazy neocons of the right wing who are trying to call Mr. Obama a man who hates white folks which is absolutely the furthest thing from the truth. What Jack Rice came right out and said, “This cup goes all the way back to the issues that have to do with the former administration called war crimes and 9/11”. He brought it back to center this morning. He was just saying, I suspect Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame and Sybil Edmonds are going to be talking anytime during this week. He said, “The reason I have that feeling is, Mr. Eric Holder, Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald and Mr. Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame all had a little chat in the last 24 hours”. That is between you and me and the lamp post.  I am just saying, things are moving right along for war crimes tribunals right now.

In terms of First Contact, I would just say, we are so close as this next eclipse comes up with the approach of the steps of August leading into the 8-8-8 Lion’s Gate. As the energies are moving up in intensity, it is utmost to remember to love these ones even more. The gloves have come off and it is just time to deal with it as Mother sees fit. She has four on the floor.

MARK – Before we go on, Tara did you want to have anything you want to add into that report?

TARA – I think the simple answer is that everybody was hearing and did you say what you heard yesterday? Because what show was that on? Where Patrick Fitzgerald and 9/11 was brought up?

RAMA – That was on the call last night where someone saw on CSPAN 2, there was a book review about Triple Cross and they were speaking about Osama Bin Laden and Patrick Fitzgerald and how…..

TARA – And 9/11.

RAMA: There were folks working in the N_A, C_A [CIA] for Mr. Tim Osman aka Osama Bin Laden. He’s part of the Carlyle Group – James A. Baker, III. He is going to hang with all the rest. The Carlyle Group is going to be totally cancelled.

TARA – The Carlyle Group is Bush Sr. and Bandar Bush. That’s Saudi Arabia becoming a fourth.

MARK – Henry Kissinger.

TARA – And Henry Kissinger. Yes. Project Paperclip which brought 100,000 Nazis up from Argentina. Don’t cry for me as Evita said with Peron. Providing sanctuary with the triangle between the Vatican and the Illuminati and governments all over the Earth has been checkmated on the regular news pretty much. Remember that the Vatican Black Pope ordered 9/11 through their representative here in the United States, which is always the one who is the Arch Bishop’s Cardinal of St. Patrick’s Cathedral right across the street from the Rockefeller Center and the Council on Foreign Relations. Then Cardinal Egan called up Joe Biden.  I mean everybody mistook Joe Biden for the dog Bo when Barack Obama was talking about him last May. I’m just saying that Joe Biden is in trouble, you know, he’s in trouble. He got the order from Cardinal Egan and then he gave the order to George Tenet. Ray McGovern has been speaking quite freely about George Tenet on “Free Speech” and let’s love them more.

RAMA – This is why when we say that Patrick Fitzgerald, in a sense, the crimes of the century are needing to be explained. The only way you go to this is like Thom Hartman described it. In order to have a Superman, you got to have an arch criminal. So George Bush needed to create an arch criminal and it was called Osama Bin Laden aka Lex Luthor [fictional super villain/archenemy of Superman].

MARK – In that same venue Rama, we have to have a solution. The Goodly Company.

RAMA – That’s what it appears.

MARK – We have to have a special prosecutor. Well, we’ve got war crimes trials involved. We’ve got international jurisdiction and crimes and criminals so we have to have two special prosecutors – one in our venue, which is Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald (although unannounced) and one in The Hague, none other than Lady Master Nada who is the International Special Prosecutor with powers to dismiss, arrest or otherwise deal with all the criminals.

RAMA – That takes it to the next level where Lady Master Nada is the best lawyer in the galaxy. If you have the right retainer, she’s your woman.

MARK – Well we’ll let the KOS and Sananda speak about that.

So now moving on to another part of our conference call here. We did want to put a little bit of current news in there first. You could tell from all of these events and how large they connect groupings, they all go back to 9/11 and before. But the preparations for 9/11 are just as important and that ties the tail to the donkey. Since that tail is pinned on by Sybil Edmonds and others, she had a group of 100,000 whistleblowers backing her up with their own details and stories. The evidence is not lacking. The people coming forward is not lacking.

RAMA – First hand.

MARK – The venues are not lacking. We have our own court and we have our own prosecutor. We have the international criminal prosecutor who just so happens to be one who executed an Executive Writ of the International Court of Justice on September 30th. Her counterpoint on the highest levels here stepped in and prevented us from being bankrupt or actually from declaring bankruptcy. We are bankrupt in the old system, which is a good thing. So here you have it. You see how all of these pieces have been orchestrated to come together at just this right moment. What is this right moment? To get into that a little better on other levels, I would like to invite Kau’ila to come on and to give a summary of messages that he has received this past week from the King of Swords. So Kau’ila are you present?

KAU’ILA – I am present. Aloha everyone. Yes Mark, we received quite a number of messages. Of course last week about this time, I had just returned from Oahu where we started the operation to bring in all the original Lemurian, the New Original Lemurians on this original Lemurian Timeline – the new one. So everything in the past is gone. This is the new timeline.  There is some energetic things that are happening where clearings are needed to be made and several other things.

I’m going to start at the 25th of July.  The King provided a message about the Galactic New Year in which he said, “Happy New Year to the New Galaxy”. He did say something interesting about the Platinum Pink Pyramids that everyone has been talking about.
KOS – This guy [myself] had been seeing Platinum Pink Pyramids upside down pointing into the Earth.  Yes, this was and is a roadway, a path shower if you will, for the day marchers coming out from Ka’ala [Mt. Ka’ala, Oahu] and the 44 million NOLs [New Original Lemurians] – not the Florida football team.  Hah! Coming into the gate at Ka’ena  [Ka’ena Point on Oahu – western most point of Oahu].  But even more has this PPP perimetial march covered Oahu and now reached to all the islands and spreading throughout Pacific prior Lemuria and in one day will reach every corner of the globe.  [It looked like it was going west he said and would cover the entire globe – these Pink Platinum Pyramids.]  Yes.  One day.  But what is time for this group of 44 million NOLs walking on PPPs.

My point is this.  The PPPs Pink Platinum Pyramids have this function.  They only permit the essence of love into this planet.  You knew that but they also reflect back if you will any dark intentions and thought and transmute immediately the vibration energy of love back to the sender.  This love reflection intensifies by the upside down pyramid like little reflectors or corner type reflectors.  They do intensify the thought emotion pattern sent with dark intent into the intensified multiplied exponentially beam of love back into the field of the sender.  We will not convey technical mumbo jumbo or technical details here.  Suffice it to know those open to transmutation rapidly learn lessons and move with the Pink Platinum Pyramid light.  Those that resist know that they will not explode but do not be surprised when radical reactions of physical, emotional and what some call violent nature start tomorrow [That was actually on the 26th I believe was a Sunday]

KAU’ILA – At that point, I am going to go now to a message that started coming on the 29th.  One thing about that that was the last point on July 25th, he [King of Swords] said, “Keep in your joy as even transformation came in the O’kule [Hawaiian for thought] that it may seem to be is matching

[Lost Kau’ila]

MARK – So what he is talking about here is a massive cleansing, clearing.

So what I was saying is, this energy that we started connecting with. Actually we started connecting with that pink platinum energy back when we were in California. It was showing up all over the sky and all over everything we did. Then the King of Swords came out in his next message and he was talking about it. Then everyone we talked to was talking about it so we knew that this Pink Platinum Pyramid is infinite love coming from Source. That’s a big one. So you don’t get much better than that which means that’s pretty high up on the transmutation/transformation scale. The really, really good news about that it’s based on infinite love. If you’ve ever stirred up a pot that had settled and you wonder what you’ve just done because when you stir it up like that, all the clarity in the water disappears. This is not what this is.

This is a different thing. This transmutes all of that and then it had not been present. So what then do you experience if it’s not the harshness of the old way?  What is it? What we discovered is this progressed very gradually until even up to this morning. We had about 5 hours of conference calls this morning where we were experiencing this. What this is it is transmuting out is everything that’s leaving. What you actually experience is those changes not the actual detoxification process itself, which is a new thing and a great thing. That’s a very big distinction. So when you think of platinum pink power, think of it as infinite love releasing you from that which has weighted you down and which will allow your consciousness to expand into entire connections with your higher self and the collective higher self of all of us.

The main thing with that is you have to understand, we have actually shifted into a new aspect of this phase – a finishing aspect, a complete aspect of the first phase. The first phase goes all the way up through our announcement.  Now everybody will be publicly aware that we are in a new, we are in a completely public as well as a private new space. So that’s the importance of this Pink Platinum Pyramidal connection.

There is another one that goes with that and it’s a very high crystalline white blue. You will see that. We saw it in the oceans. We are seeing it connect in. This is a combination of Archangel Michael. It is also a combination of the Blue Fire and the White Flame.  These are balancing transmutation/transformation aspects that are very, very high. You will be noticing this is how we join the Earth and the oceans and the sky together. I just wanted to let you know about that because this is very, very different. We are in a completely different thing. What you will see, what we talk about today, through all of us, is a totally new possibility.

KAU’ILA – Aloha. I will continue. We’re getting several messages on one day. All of this is that everyone is integral to this ascension process and we not only integrate with it, but we are affected by it as well.  So that you know, in many cases sometimes we’ll be reading messages, but because they’re from different people. This is the King saying this. If you will in a way, reflect the path walker so sometimes you really have to start using your own intuition or your own higher sense to realize that certain messages might be colored by the one going through the experience.

KOS – So here we are again. Ramping up, ramping up, ramping up.  Many cards are being thrown up by such a number of pundits and such.  Why we address this now is that many many many are drawn to the zing-zing it brings in several ways.

KAU’ILA – As Rama said a lot of this is coming to the surface.  All of these things are last ditch effort to try and create some excitement – some zing.  What we were saying at the end of that message, the last part of the message that date.

KOS – So you have seen the clouds with the moon over your ocean tonight [referring to K-man tonight observing moon lit clouds].  Quite the display.  As the eyes of the Moon Light formed in the tall head, were you not pleased?  Yes you were.  You will know more as the day progresses.

We have called you one more time for today as this Master Plan has unfolded to a critical, if you will. Our collective understanding for your groups that have formed has clearly indicated that many have progressed mightily to stages that require little more revelation as to our presence.  Yet there are still larger numbers, if you will, of the oblivious ones, knowing almost nothing about who they really are, and scoffing at these ideas that there could be anything but themselves.

Such is not their “fault”, if you will.  As the hiding of these knowledges for these decades has become a fine art, and a psychological operation of worldwide scale has kept many many truths from them. Why? Out of fear.

We can say to you that as you adjust each moment to what is occurring you will be peacefully placed into your roles as co-creators of the new Plan.  Why do we speak of a new plan?  Each stage has its own vibration. Each step has its own harmony.  This includes all of you.  When dissonance occurs, as this planet is encompassing a variety of mis-enchanted ones, the plans are in continual adjustment.

However we have found it necessary to adjust the Master Plan in some rather significant ways.  These are as best we can describe to you, thus… Enough of who you would call double hats have chosen the path of the White Hat, that extreme political adjustments originally thought necessary have not been needed.  On other levels, in numerous other populations around the globe, shall we say stickiness more severe than originally thought would occur has occurred.  The Tar-Pit phenomenon was not desired, but seen as a possibility, remote.  This has come to pass in a number of communities.

“I got in but I can’t get out,” they say.  Do not know what they mean by this either.  As they languish, and feel they can not consciously choose their path of release, assistance is to be given, so the stickiness, stuck-ness, may be resolved and removed.  We would say, watch for a cooling, followed by a rapid expansion of activities and energies in some parts of this world.  Cooling of emotions we say, followed by rapid expansion to break some at least from the tar pit.  Freezing of the tar allows it to be shattered, just as a piece of rubber when dipped in liquid nitrogen shatters when struck.

As this one observed on the last island ops, rapid expansion leads to a rapid release of energies needed to bring even more into awareness of themselves, and their higher path opportunity.  Not so clear to explain.  But you will see this in many seemingly quiet communities, where all is “peaceful and nice” “and the children are all above average”.

Rapid cooling, then BANG the tar is shattered.  We will not say what the BANG is, as each locale differs in needs and quantity and density of tar to be banged.

In a very short time you will be aware of these, world wide.

KAU’ILA – All of these operations are in support of what appears to be a major shift in the islands of Hawaii, which, of course, we are at about 19.5.  This is the center of Lemuria and this is the New Lemuria.  So for many, many years, of course, Oahu is considered like Hawaii.  It’s the center.  Oahu is called the gathering place.  That is where Honolulu is and so many, many people will think of Honolulu.  That is where Diamond Head is.  You will see the beautiful pictures of Diamond’s Head.  But there is a major shift and I would like to read this to you.

[Note: comments in brackets, [ ], are inserts by Kau’ila. LSD = Lemurian Solar Disc, OLTL = Original Lemurian Time Line, PPP = Pink Platinum Pyramid.]

KOS – We welcome you A-Team on this [this is yesterday] 11:11 day of light and peace.

We welcome you with our hearts of the Pink and Platinum Crystalline Energy that you have been an essential part, and always forever more will be.

Your X-Madame KaTurNeh o Ka La finds here way often to our LightWorkers at Giza, [in Egypt] and she has seen and assisted in so much, so much.  We are not even able to share all of that now, but will soon become evident to you.
Giza connection to the LSD & the Galactic Port of All at Kauai. [the portal].  K-Island, K-Man, Special K, both.  She KaTurNeh [another name for Madame X] has seen another component (“Com” with, “ponent”, poner, to place), to put with.  Pyramid shaped island. Draw triangle, look map.  You see the island in Lemuria new?

[And this is referring……if you look at a map of Hawaii, the one island that looks most like a triangle is the one called Lanai. It used to be famous where pineapples were grown. Dole Plantation owned that for many years. And referring to Lanai, the King says,]


We say “quiet island”.  As little visited is she by the masses.


What else to tell about these islands?  And associate connections?

My goodness all is NEW, nothing as “before”, as no more any “before”.  These holograms of old have already “disappeared” as the timeframes work are gone.  These Hawaiian spirits from previous, Ka iwi  [which are a word for bones] are gone.  No moah, as u say.  Some not vision “Hawaiians” upset for bones are missing, so go to police, court.  “Where did they go?”  “Auwe”, “Auwe”. [which is a cry of sadness] They will soon learn the bones mean nothing anymore.  That line of time is nada, no mas.

PP road s all covering this precious pearl of the Universe. This reminder to walk the path of love UN-conditional.  Yea to you.

44MM [44 million] original Lemurians… Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Hawaii, Kahoolawe, Pacific, Japan, Asia, Antarct, Europe, Africa, Atlantic, Americas, Pacific, back to Ni’ihau gatekeepers of true Hawaii…

[Ni’ihau is a very small island west of Hawaii which is basically kept pure Hawaiian. And so they are talking here about the path of the pink platinum pyramids and the original Lemurians going in that sequence and I believe we will be posting this, someone, on the GRT-CIP so you can read the whole thing.]
Kauai port of All for all be all see all YES!!

K-Man now asks, “So Lanai?”  Yes Small but sweet (Pineapple Island, now de-corporated)  Capstone Island of the New Pacific.  Sacred Ceremony.  Cap of all you have done. Dates for later.

Clear Clear Clear we say go to the gardens.  Port of All in Kauai.  No dates No need for you will know, you do know, stay loose, nene goose, loose caboose, no more noose.  Hah! and Hah!

Please ALL of you are desired for these parts and this includes the one in Japan-Jose.  Garden garden garden green green green, be in your Garden Garden Garden green green green, be in your Garden Garden Garden shimmering green with shimmering pink pink pink.  We say it thrice for that is nice, begone the ice, no more the dice, as you know…(Hah! no rhyme surprize!)

King of Swords
Ka iwi, the bone (actually, Na iwi, means bones), carcass, core (as of a speech); “The bones of the dead, considered the most cherished possession, were hidden…” (Pukui, Elbert))
“auwe”, “Oh my”, “Oh dear”, a word spken to express sadness, sorrow, grieving

KAU’ILA – So there will be another operation coming up before too long and what I wanted to say, I’m just going to summarize this last one. What they were saying was, the imbalance in Hawaii is because everything has been focused on Oahu and there is so much corporate development. And the King was pointing out, we’re looking at an operation on 8/08 at 8:08am.  This 8 was also drawn over the islands. So the way the 8 configured itself, the X part has been over Oahu, the crossover and the two islands within the upper portion, Ni’ihau and Kauai.  Then the lower portion, basically, encompassed all of the other islands. Which is quite an unbalanced situation energetically for many, many years since Hawaii was basically stolen from the Hawaiians.

So after this 8/08, which is the Lion’s Gate, 8/8 Lion’s Gate. After the shift, which he said perhaps on 8/8, it definitely looks like an 8/8 event. The shift crossover point will complete and the center will begin to center in Lanai. So what will happen is, instead of being…. [interruption]. So let me just conclude by saying, that the balance is returning back to Hawaii and the center of the culture, or whatever it is, the energetic center will be Lanai. And that brings geospatially a much better balance.

The last part has to do with what they call, there is a cleansing, or not a cleansing, channels between Hawaii and Giza have been cleared.  Now there is going to be a, it’s like an energetic sort of bullets, we saw bullets traveling from Hawaii to Giza.  The capstone there then alights with a beam of silver blue light all over that hemisphere.  Now, also, there is a channel or connection at the pyramids at Giza and the Twin Flame Pyramids which are at Galveston, Texas.  The King of Swords makes a point to say, “Yee Haw!  Thanks Big Will”.

The capstone there will also beam the silver blue light all over that hemisphere.  What this brings about something they call the Planetary Coverage Plan (PCP) and no accident it’s called this.  PCP is known as Angel Dust in the drug world, but Angel Dust is exactly what it is.  This involves a dusting of the planet.  Pink Platinum sparkly dust, invisible to many, but breathed in and regenerated health of mind, spirit, body which occur much more rapidly now than ever before.  That’s as of 8/8.  There will be visual changes in all beings of all types, of all species and greatly, greatly accelerated.

One last note there for Big Will and anyone from Texas. It says, “We note that Texas will be lit up as never before.  Prepare ye for major revelations in that glorious state.  Soon to achieve its true glory of the western beacon of light”.

MARK – Thank you Kau’ila.  That was a good exposition. Many of these terms, because they are new will sound new.  Yet some out there, have been getting inklings for some time, about variants of these colors.

We are in a new 13 chakra crystalline system and it goes to 13 dimensions. That’s not too surprising. There was originally 12 tribes, it was stated.  However, they were all fragments of a lost tribe which is the 13th, which is US.  As the 12 come back together again now, you will need and therefore you have in place, a 13 chakra crystalline system.  So you can see everything has been prepared for at the very highest levels for a very, very long time and we have been progressing.

We have been progressing not just on one level, but we are expressing through 12 different primary DNA fragments and they in turn each have 12.  Just like 12 octaves, its exactly.  Each step has 12 divisions within it so when they come back together, they form the 13th overtone or octave or oversoul.  Any way you want to look at it, but its united. It is total unified and not separate. All separations are totally is if they never were because at one time, they never were.  So half the true will set us free, literally, without any doubt whatsoever that will be true.

So if these terms are a little new, just sit back and allow them to come in. And those, we have plenty on the call who are astrologers and a goodly number of those are aware of, whether they practice it or not, the 13 constellations.  The one that has been missing from the mix, just like the calendars have been set off so they could not be accurate – the 13th constellation which is called Ophiuchus.  We’re not going to go into that now, but understand every one of these things have their correspondence out in the universe.  When you put everything into alignment with that, you’ll see the minor adjustments that it makes which become major in the summarization.  The arithmetic accumulated energies that sum up to something very different than what it started.  And this sums of with something that is very directly aligned with the Galactic Center.  Having said that, that is just introductory.

I would like to go now into, just move us up to 3 days ago because what started happening 3 days ago has been in constant motion. I don’t even want to tell you the number of hours per day we spend in meditations and conference calls about these changes. On the 31st of July, I received an email from Madame X and that email so stirred me up with resonances that I knew instantly and communicated the same thing to Beth who is on the line here and will be speaking shortly. I would first like to ask Madame X to come on and read her email or whatever portions of it that she feels free to, because it is very, very vital and it also tells you how these things unfold.  In your life, in our life and how we all get the importance of certain things and we follow-up immediately and we have been pretty much in constant motion for 3 days since she stirred our pot up with this very, very powerful lucid dream. Madame X would you care to share with us?

MADAME X – Yes.  Blessings to all.  I just wanted to share my experience that started on July 31st.  I was gone from my body for 4 hours and my dog was sleeping next to me and decided to go where I was to see what happened to me.  I was asking Alcyone all night for guidance to know what happened to me and where I was that required all my consciousness.  All they said was that I needed to be alone, I needed to be in silence, and basically locked into myself.  I was awoken up at 3:33am in the morning by a sound that was very soft but at the same time very loud.  It sounded like a coughing sound, and I found myself walking on the Giza plateau in Egypt.  I saw many people going to the Great Pyramid and I asked why I was there.

This was the explanation – “All of the pyramids on the Giza plateau are activated and ready.  All mountains and their spirits have been connected. All solar disks are connected.  All oceans are one.  When this happened, then the biggest portal will be opened – the real Lions Gate.  The biggest celebration of light is coming.  They are all preparing the alignment of frequency for the Lions Gate.”

I saw a temple under the Great Pyramid connected to the Sphinx.  In the center of a temple I saw a huge golden crystal emerging.  They told me this is going up like everything else and our time is vanishing.  This crystal will be beaming up to the Source in conjunction with everything else that beams energy. Once it gets to the heart of the Source, it will produce a huge explosion of golden light. It will be like fireworks, and the beginning of the new Golden Era.

I was asked to get into the crystal, melt into it.  I was pulled high up where I saw two masters waiting for me – Sanat Kumara and Melchizedek.  They told me they represented the Solar Council, and I was invited there to make sure I understood we are ready to make the shift into a completely different reality where we can dream and we can fly and do lots of things.  It is time to talk, to share, to give, and to be working with them side-by-side.

I came back and saw Mai Lee.  She held my hand and said, “We have worked together many times, and it is time to reconnect with the natural kingdom”.  I saw butterflies, flowers, stars, hearts and all kinds of tools to move around and have joy.  She talked about his crystal ball.  She said it’s a ball but of energy.  It changes colors to create what we want.  It is time to use that power.

I saw Imhotep and asked him to take me to his healing temple in Sakhara to heal me of whatever is left to be healed in me. I was in there for a while. I think we all were in Egypt where the beings of light have activated the huge crystal, which is connected to Source.  We are ready.  I was asked to remember everything and told to support the work that you do, the A Team, and more _________.

We will get more ways to start traveling meaning we will learn to teletransport and to ___________ to talk.  In reference to Hawaii, I have no idea of the islands because I have never been there.  But I feel there must be one that is shaped like a pyramid of the mountains which are part of Lemuria.  This is all of my experience and I hope it clarifies things that have been happening all this time. Thank you.

MARK – Well thank you Madame X and for all but for a few that haven’t yet heard her voice, we want to remind you that she is a very, very powerfully active member of the A-Team who has been working on many of these planetary operations and is involved in the one she just mentioned which is upcoming probably around 8/08 on the 8th [August].  So that 8-8-8 08, but no dates as the King has said and Ashtar.  No dates, no nukes, and no flukes.  Approximately at that time for estimation purposes, we were also in another one this morning which we’ll talk about later that involved her.

So now, I would like to ask Beth to come on. Most of you know Beth Trutwin. That’s T-R-U-T-W-I-N for you who don’t know her last name.  Everybody just calls her Beth and she is one-of-a-kind.  She is a very one-of-a-kind being and came from the Omniverse a very long time ago and has come back as a walk-in in this lifetime and had to boot up herself with massive assistance from Metatron and Lord Michael and others – Lord Acturus, Dr. Lorphan from the Sirius Council.  They managed, kicking and screaming, to drag her through all the initiations and keep expanding her capabilities every single day.  She was a nurse; has been a nurse for 16 years of the most high level intensive practice with the leading edge surgeons in the United States in transplants. So she knows a lot on the physical level and knows even more on the universal and spiritual levels. So Beth, could I ask you to come in now and discuss…. And I want to preface that with as soon as I got this email from Madame X, I knew immediately on ethe phone.  So I sent the topic to Beth and we talked about it.  Then we got together on an audio conference call and we discussed this and said we got to take this up immediately and connect this with the higher dimensions.  What is going on here that affects the whole planet?  And not only that, but 8-8-8, the Lions Gate opening that we all connected with. So are you ready to take over to tell them what we did, Beth?

BETH – Hi. Good afternoon. If it is all right, I would like to read the transcript from the meditation we did on that day. I typed it as we were going. We received information from Sanat Kumara regarding the true Lion’s Gate and it directly ties into and expands on what Madame X was explaining to us about her vision.

MARK – Just a second Beth. Some people don’t know who that is. He is also known as the Ancient of Days.  [He] is the first one to come here from Venus (and leave his twin flame behind reluctantly) and to come here and volunteer to stay here until the planet ascended. There are seven of those in his family who came here and are in service in many different ways.  You would know all of their historical names if you heard them depending on what part of the world you live in. Now we call Beth with their twin flames the Council of 14 from Venus. They are a very high council. A very warm and loving council and they are joyous at being able to come back together again and complete our ascension process with us. So thank you for allowing me to put that little insertion in.

BETH – My pleasure. I will also add, I believe there is a recent GRT-CIP from a channel whom many of us follow. It was also from Sanat Kumara, I believe in the last few days. So I would like to share this now.

We join with St. Germain, Merlin, Sanat Kumara, Lord Melchizedek, Lady Nada, Metatron, the Blue/Violet Being, Serapis Bey, Imhotep, Ashtar, and Madame X.

Go into that Golden Crystal 6 pointed star.  We are forming two interweaving triangles. We have the Light Rectangle around the 6 Pointed Star and Pink Platinum Pyramid connecting into what is falling away and the New Descending through the blue platform where we can enter that Golden Crystal to Connect with St Germain to take us to Sanat Kumara and Melchizedek, Metatron and Neptha El-Ra.

I see Sanat Kumara and Melchizedek. I see Metatron. We are their Guests in this space in the Higher Realms. I see the rest of our company including Madame X.

We ask them to please explain the True Lions Gate:

SANAT KUMARA – There is a Temple below the Great Pyramid, in the Sphinx Paw, in this underground Temple is a Golden Diamond multifaceted Crystal. You have entered into the Golden Crystal core and launched to us from there. It is here in the core of the crystal where the True Lions Gate originates. When activated, this connects with the power points, the pyramids, the Mountains with their Elemental Guardians, with the Oceans. By connecting together in the heart of the crystal, the Portal is open to magic. With this portal open, the old reality dissolves. It gets smaller to a point when it is no longer there. This means that limiting thoughts will dissolve. This means Ones not meant to be here will shift to their new place. This all happens in a flash. Instant knowing, if you can dream it, you can do it. With integration of all the Kingdoms on Earth, The Highest outpicturing is possible.

We call you all here today. We Masters Prepare to Work Together, with you, the Ambassadors. We wish to integrate into the Master Hologram the Highest Possible Outcome for the Greatest Good of all. We bring you here to show you the significant importance for this now moment. In the Moment, the golden crystal activates, lights up, is set afire with illumination and radiation of energy out from its core. This creates an alignment of frequency.

This golden crystal, activated with the Platinum Pink Pyramid of light, allows Alignment with Source.
There is no more filtering, no more distortions. Earth is sovereignty with Source and All Beings upon her, in all Kingdoms, are free to have Self Expression with the Highest magical qualities and No Limitations of any Kind. In the Balanced masculine and feminine energy, everything is integrated back to Oneness.

It is from this place of Balanced Oneness with Source with a New Plan, set into the Master Hologram, where perfection prevails. Nothing can interfere with this happening.

What will it look like? This is the climate in which Earth changes can take place, this is a place where all races come together as One. This is a place where abundance is a given. It is so much more than that. Even these ideas have become limiting.

MARK – Thank you Beth. We’ll probably mention just a couple more things and we’ll finally go back to the importance and significance of this very, very, source origin crystal because it had everything to do with ALL of our futures. It’s coming up. All this that we’re talking about, if you pay attention to the dates we mentioned. Of course we say no dates, but some dates are already known and you can understand those.

Beth correct me if I jump ahead here, but that experience with the higher councils then took us into a session with St. Germain – Beth and myself and St. Germain aboard the New Jerusalem. Well, we talked about some of these things and also how these connect in with some of the other operations and missions that we had with the A-Team and with others that are, you might say, they are equal, but they have to all be connected before we can, until all the radials, spokes in the wheel are connected, we can’t put them into full operation. They exist right now separately and they have to be released from the illusion of that separation and reset into that new time moment in the matrix so that we can all join together again as ONE. So this is a process. It is an unfolding process of perceiving and then releasing because what we perceive in this moment, it’s immediately released in the next because it goes to a bigger vision. It goes to a bigger connection and then you go into the connection with the one with the all.

These are not fanciful thoughts. These are just as concrete as you are driving down the street or stepping out of your door. And when you step out of the door or your house, you will see you are a part already of a much larger reality and that goes on and on. So Beth, are you prepared to discuss the questions from you and I to St. Germain, where he got into the many ops that we’re doing almost on a daily basis?

BETH : Yes. I will continue now with in the same meditation that St. Germain gave us more information.

ST. GERMAIN – Madame X, Mark and Beth ARE INDEED the Goodly Company, along with a few others, Lolo, Kau’ila, Terrance, and others still.

The Fellowship is here and game for any and all venturing out past the Shire. In the time of Serapis Bey in Egypt, you three were working with Serapis Bey. He was a High Priest then, for the Light. Beth knew an aspect of this One in this lifetime. Remember the Botanical Gardens? Remembering your connection today is part of what is next? Visiting the Plant Kingdom. Serapis schooled all of you in the Avatar Trees, their Light Bodies, and the uses of all the plant kingdoms for food and for medicine (among other things). More on this subject later.

Today: Today the three of you linked your Intention at the Golden Diamond Crystal with Serapis Bey. You three brought your key codes and fire codes in to the Master Hologram for a download of that energy. Now you take your new upgrades back to all the Other Kingdoms. Once there, you may align each kingdom with Source energy. Gone are distortions. Gone are mis-creations. Gone is the old. Now it is possible to weave the new plan through every layer and every level. Good job. Well done. Beloved Ones.

BETH – That is the end of that message.

MARK – Did you want to then go into St. Germain’s outline with the many ops of these various kingdoms that we’re involved in now?

BETH :  St. Germain asked us to continue and to connect with him with instructions to go into each kingdom and in the days since then we have visited the plant kingdom and also the deva and nature spirits kingdom.  Would you like me to share about the plant kingdom Mark?

MARK:  That’s what I was hoping you would volunteer to do.

BETH :  St. Germain gave us instructions before we went to the plant kingdom and I think this is something that can be used by anyone wanting to connect with the plant kingdom. If this is read in a transcript and used as a prayer or meditation, it’s a wonderful way to link up to the plant kingdom on your own which is a delightful thing to do.


Please drop down into the plant Kingdom. Start under the sea with the seagrass.
See all the fish there whom feast on the succulent Sea Greens.
Travel over the African Plains and feel the hot sun on the tall yellow grasses at the foot of the Mountain.
Visit the flower blooms high in the Alps.
Visit the verdant grasses in Mountain Meadows on Iceland.
Visit the Canyon trees deep in the heart of Mexico.
Visit the Ancient Ones holding the Light in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Go to the Amazon and walk on the tree boughs a mile in the sky.
Walk at the tree roots where a whole ecosystem abides.
Visit the Gardens in France and in Greece in the rolling hills.
Remember your favorite trees, the Leechee Nut tree with red fruits and the Buckeye tree with colored nuts and all your favorite trees.
Now go out West and you will see the Giant Redwoods and Sequoia trees.
Feel their Majesty.
Soak in their Light.
Send All Your Love.
Spend some time with the modified plants, clearing and blessing.
Spend some time with every seed grass leaf fruit root and flower that cover our beautiful Mother.
Carry this all up up up to the new Master Holographic Matrix through the Golden Diamond Crystal rising up through Gaia’s heart.
Every miscreation, every broken piece, every fragment must be restored.
Activate the Master Hologram with the New Plan set into place for the Plant Kingdom throughout the Earth.

BETH – Following that, Mark and I did a meditation and linked with the plant kingdom. I think this is a wonderful thing for everyone else out there to do. It is a very beautiful and personal experience for each one.

MARK – Yes, Beth. I ask you to go ahead with that as to the, at least a summary overview of, let’s just suffice it to say, that we each went in and you might say, you took one path, I took another path, we criss-crosseduntil we get all [seeds] collected. When you collect a single seed, it is a representative of that species and so when we got, so I would just like to say, what we did there, was to collect all of these [seeds] and to bring them with us and then take the flight, if you wish, down into Giza again and call upon Serapis Bey who then guided us to the Golden Crystal. Which is also, you can call it an elevator, you can call it a star gate, you can call it a portal, [but] it’s much more. It can all be described as a few sampled usage of it and that’s why its been guarded where it has been for as long as it has been there. We used it sort of like an elevator. Would you like to describe that process Beth and what we did with the representatives that we brought with us?

BETH – I think you may be able to give a better description of that part.

MARK – Okay well, mine will be shorter. You know one thing.   I call myself the cane-tapping blind man so I can keep tapping and tapping around and getting the echoes. I can feel them all and with that I get pictures of what I am feeling. So I get feeling pictures; Beth gets visual pictures. When we put those two together because when we are doing this, we are an empathic resonance. So we’re both feeling what the other one is feeling and sometimes the words are identical, but the pictures are somewhat different except at certain points.

In this particular case, you might say like Santa Claus, we had bags of seeds and representative samples of each of these species. The question, okay, now what do we do with them? So we were instructed by Serapis Bay to take them inside the Golden Crystal.  So just like a star gate, it opened up for us and we walked into it and then it began to rise.

Then we had to talk to each of the species and say, “You are the voluntary ambassadors, representatives of each of your species.  We must ask you one more time, are you of your own free will willing to represent your species and represent it voluntarily in joy and then to communicate back your experience to each and all of them so all of their DNA programs can be reset with yours?” They all agreed.  The GMO plants were the most surprising because they said, “Oh you are sending us so much love, love, love. No one ever sends us anything except aversion and anger and judgment. We are enslaved in these GMO (genetically modified organisms). We cannot get free without your help. Yes we want to be free. Yes, we want to communicate this to all our species. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

Then, as this [Golden] Crystal is rising up and when it hits the heart of the Earth Mother, it suddenly dropped the baggage. All those missed programs, all of those DNA manipulations just disappeared as if they were never been there because the divine essence chose to embody its true divine blueprint. And that was very, very powerful. Tara did you want to say something here?

TARA – When you’re done, I just do. I want to talk a little bit about, there is an 8-8-8 Lion’s Gate event in Central Park in New York City. And there is a very important power point there, so when you’re done.

MARK – Yeah. I didn’t want to get to that yet. Let’s see. Okay, so then the Crystal rose up to that place, we all dropped any remnants and any of those judgments. Us against them or them against us. Or anyone, any shame or blame or guilt or anything for any of that because that no longer exists. That was removed and there are echoes in this because this takes time to work its way through all the population. They had to go back and communicate with their whole kingdoms, their entire kingdom.

As you heard in Beth’s travel description, this is vast. It goes to the minutest plankton all the way up to the Sequoias, Redwoods and those giant Amazonian trees that have been there undisturbed because no one even knew that there was anything in there or any way to get there. Only in just the last couple of years has there been any potential for that and they are going in and finding this now.  This is a very, very powerful thing and that’s why we were only doing one of these at a time.

So there we were and we completed that thing and then we went up to the bridge on the New Jerusalem to talk to St. Germain to get a post operation, shall we say, a wash-up. So Beth do you remember that one?

BETH – Let’s see. My, I don’t know. I’ve got a blank, sorry.

MARK – Well, the sense of it was, we went up and he told us, yes, this is exactly why we have set these operations every few days. We had originally planned on communicating with all of them at later date, or earlier date, but that had to be deferred because the other priorities came up first. So what we have been doing between now and actually 8/7 in our case, is to get as many of these in as we can. So that was the first one of this type that we did.  Then yesterday, we did one for the plant kingdom. Do you want to talk about that one? Wait a minute, no….

BETH – The Devas and the Nature Spirits?

MARK – Yes. Do you want to talk about our pre-briefing with St. Germain on that one?

BETH – Sure. This is St. Germain talking.

ST. GERMAIN – Thank you both for meeting with me tonight.
The Devas. Ah! Little is known, yes? A full spectrum of things? Including the Angels…
God, angel, spirit, demi-god, celestial being, deity or any supernatural being of high excellence.
Nature Devas are responsible for ‘things’ such as fire, air, rain and trees. Most of them assumed a minor role, and then later their deities rose into prominence. These higher Devas control much more intricate tasks governing the functioning of the cosmos and the evolution of creation. Some, such as Lord Ganesha, have such tremendous tasks under their diligence that they are sometimes called themselves Gods, under the Supreme One God.

So, you see, Devas are the Mystics who make Magic.  Som Devas you know?  Pan, Thunder Beings, Glenda – the Good Witch of the East, Merpeople, Thor, Mercury, Haaton, Horus, Ganesha, Hanuman, Leprechauns, Wizards.

Visit tonight with these magicians and play with them and create with them.  The dragon slayer may want to visit the eastern Dragons still guarding the magical misty mountain in the Himalayas.

The elemental Spirit, IJAR, is a Deva, and so is the mermaid from Java. Both you and Mark live with Devas? Yes.

You both have a relationship with them. You both understand how to make magic happen.

You are invited to explore Merlin’s crystal ball. Look into it.  What do you see? It can show the past, present or future. It only reveals what the looker must see.
What color is it now?
How can this be used to make magic? Both of you try it now.  What do you see?
Let this be your launch point.
Play with the Devas.  Make Magic.
Remember Now.

St. Germain

BETH – Also, the thing is anyone and everyone can do this as long as they have this feeling of a connection with the Devas.  Did you say something Mark?

MARK: No, I was just listening to the silence.

BETH – Mark I was wondering if I could talk a little bit about the other meditation we did because after we visited the plant kingdom and we got a feeling for those mis-creations and distortions, then we felt an urgent need to clear that for all the people.

MARK – Thank you. I just spaced that one out. That was very important. That was one of the most emotional ones we’ve had yet.

BETH – I would very much like to read this meditation if that’s okay.

MARK – Please do.

BETH – This one everybody is talking about going back to Source with love.  It embraces everyone on the planet just like we did with the plant kingdom. We did this clearing and blessing because we felt it was necessary to join with the higher realms and bring this to all people on the planet.  So this is what we did in that meditation.

[Original Meditation]

We Invite: All of the women and men who have accepted a lesser position, it has to GO. It is a distortion in the program and it is up for restructuring. We must have balanced matter and spirit, balanced male/female, balanced female/male.

All the distortions in our DNA lines, we call the Mighty I Am Presence, to be sure this goes back, being cleared all the way to the beginning, and this is restored to the original Blueprint, and goes through the Twin Flame of all, and is brought back into the Master Hologram that we are activating now, The New Plan. This must NOW be healed and released, healed and released, healed and released.

We release all the illusionary programming, ESPECIALLY the poor pitiful-me Ones! We are acknowledging all parts that need blessing back to Source. We are thrilled and excited that this has been brought to us. This will spread, inner and outer, simultaneously, synchronistically, holographically, in harmonious polarity-balanced complimentary partnership of All That I Am and All That Is, The ONE, and therefore All That I Am is Love. I am Love and I am Free. This is the Truth. I share it gladly with All I Am.

We call each time, full balance, full partnership, no need to receive or allow or join in through our work without the Balanced Partners of Each.  We release the reflections of all times and places of all distortions from before. We choose to release it out of love. We release it collectively and individually, from Source, which is Love and only Love. We invite all to the Galactic Round Table, and release anything that would separate anyone from their Divine Source.

We start with Peace. We call Peace forward Now into Each of our Hearts, into each of our Centers, into the Master Matrix Hologram Heart and Center.

We call the A-Team, all our connections and side-connections, Metatron, Neptha El-Ra, Council of the 14 which includes all the Kumaras and their Twin Flames, KOS, Lady Master Nada, Lord Michael and Archangel Faith, St. Germain and Cassiopea, Dr. Lorphan, Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone, The Balanced Partners of Each and All, we Invoke.

We see a Spheric Chamber, electricity going out from a central focus, like daisy petals, multidimensional spherical geometry. This is going out in all directions, and we place boundaries. We sacredly call it together within the sphere of the heart focus, which we choose, and these ones, which come forward to be surrogates for All That Is.  These are our infinite partnerships. Each petal contains a silver cylinder; this way everything that happens to another, happens simultaneously to the other.

We allow Lord Metatron, Dr. Lorphan, and Lord Ashtar to dissolve the “Distorted Programs”. We ask the “Distorted Programs” to be included, and we go back to Source and seal them with Love. We bring clear coherent light, to be brought through it and brought back up through us. In the Essence of the Heart of One, back to its origin.

The old paradigm is leaving. We ask AA Michael and AA Metatron and their Twins to work on both ends of these, as well as Dr. Lorphan, Lord Arcturus and their Twins, and the rest of the Goodly Company, to work on this, Our Intention.

We see all called here standing around the Globe. We see the Earth Lighted up! We see the Earth Lightened Up! We see Circles, Spirals and Tears from all the Ones invited to be Lenses for this Moment of Focus. We see Earth being free from these “Distorted Programs” as we carry this back to the Master Hologram. We see each person on Earth, loving themselves, loving each distorted program in them, releasing it, clearing it, loving it.

We see how this frees up Mother Earth as she ascends. We see how what were problems are now solutions. We are free.

We are love. The color bands are pulsing through the heart of the Earth with passion, reverence and appreciation for all, the Service each One has allowed. All the reflections are blessed and released and all points of origin are blessed and released, and the burden of carrying this further is blessed and released.

Now I see Madame X and her Twin Flame.  They are in matching white gowns and they are wearing their Angel Wings. They Are Dancing. They say,“We acknowledge this was ours, we carried it, and we waited until today in The Lion’s Gate to release this.  This was the plan all along. We Release this for All That Is!

We see an energy projected into, through and around the villages, the towns, the cities, around the World. We see it run through governments, schools, healing places. This energy blows away all mis-creation of thought and deed as from any “Distorted Programs” as before.

We see the Souls of each one here bathed in Infinite Love of this Portal Opening, the Lion’s Gate. We see the Love Energy pulsing to Earth with such a force that nothing can stop CHANGE. We see every heart light lit and pulsing with pink platinum light.

We carry this, the New Plan, free of distortions or mis-creations, back to the Godhead. We see this on all Dimensions, in all Kingdoms, in all places, in all times.

So It Is. Peace.

MARK – I know we didn’t plan this Beth, but I would like to ask Madame X to come on, if she’s there and to speak to her. She was in meditation during that time and to what her experience was, if she is available.

CINDY: Kauwila has dropped off the call.

MARK: Just go ahead Beth.

BETH – I was just going to say, if she was available, she gave us an update on the Golden Crystal this morning.

MARK – Yes, since Kauwila is off-line that means she is too.  So why don’t you just go ahead and read that.

BETH : After I read this, I think I can say, that’s all the news I have.

MARK – You can say it, but we’ll find out if it’s true.

BETH : I’m reading this.  This is from Madame X and she had received more information when she was doing her night work last night. It talks more about this Golden Crystal that we can all connect with when doing our meditation work.

”I felt the energy shifting instantly yesterday; it’s very mellow and sweet. It feels the same in the planet and out. What you/we did yesterday was very important, and it was needed.
“I’m still in Egypt, besides being in SG amniotic fluid chamber. I saw the Golden Crystal beginning to ascend, being revealed to people, by the 5th [August 2009]. It should be more than half-way back to the heart of Source and completed by the 8th [August 2009]. Once it goes back to the Source and pours all the energy down, it will be like launching a shuttle craft into space.
“There are 12 couples who represent 12 tribes and 144 or 144,000 chosen ones, beings of light on Earth who are guarding this Crystal as no one else carries the key to get closer to it, not only for the high vibration but for how sacred it is.
“We’re all part of this ops and part of those 12 tribes. The galactic family is getting reunited again.
This is probably the biggest task we had to accomplish, and the real Lion’s Gate will bring more changes. It seems like we know exactly what all this is about, and we’re called in service.

“When the Egyptians talked about the Arc of the Covenant or sometimes the Arc of Isis, a sparkle of this was there, a box where we can all access to this energy.  This temple under the Great Pyramid is linked to others where there are replicas of this Crystal. Those will also feel and expand the energy.

This is all for today’s report.

Blessings and much love,
Madame X”

MARK -Well thank you. As you can see, we’ve now brought you up to today’s thing. She’s talking specifically about the Golden Crystal deep underneath the left paw of the Sphinx.  This is the realm of Serapis Bay and you can Google that name if you want to find out who this brilliant one is – who has been in service and has kept his ashram or Tara what would you call his center there of Serapis Bay?

TARA – Serapis Bay has that eternal flame that’s in the paw of the Sphinx so that means you are connecting yourself with that paw. That’s a landing bay so you can actually get on board a ship there and go to the star Sirius. Barack Obama and the King of Egypt and the King of Swords and Lady Master Nada and Dodi and Di and Queen Noor and King Hussein – all these beings have been to Sirius. They’ve met Mother [Sekhmet]. They’ve sat on, you know, with Barack and you know with St. Germain. This is how important this is.

MARK – We’ll add one more to that. Barack Obama did go from Hawaii, when he was there, underground to Giza to the King’s Chamber.  These ones met him there and lifted him out of his body so that he could then see with his higher dimensional eyes to find the portal between the Queen’s Chamber and the King’s Chamber and go down to the Ashtar Command Base where he was then taken from there to underneath the left paw of the Sphinx and was taken aboard a shuttle craft and taken to Sirius A for a council – which just so happens he is the ninth member of that Sirian High Council of Nine – then brought him back.  He got his briefing from himself and his peers. Then came back here and was told, “Okay now do the mission”.

I would also say, I know she probably doesn’t want me to tell you but, Miss Beth was an Ambassador from Sirius at a time when I knew her in Egypt.  So she went through all the initiations from there from age 12 on as did I – and almost all the Goodly Company. We’ve all been through those things. One of the high priests that did those initiations was Imhotep and he is another aspect or iteration of St. Germain. So you begin to see how these dots connect with different names and different eras. Here we have Imhotep. We also have Sir Francis Bacon who wrote Shakespeare. We have so many other iterations.

TARA – Leonardo da Vinci.

MARK – Leonardo da Vinci. Yes, we have all of these connections.

TARA – Nostradamus.

MARK – Nostradamus. You can see then, in different times and in different cultures, people thought they were seeing a new being or god-like being. But in fact, he never died. He never died. He never died.

TARA – He never died. So did a bunch of us from Atlantis; we never died either. Let’s get this straight. Like even Gandhi didn’t die. In other words, they got rid of the body.  Yet, he was already out of it and ascended and witnessed the action. No pain.

MARK – So Beth’s name in that time was Princess Serena. So now the lid is off of that identity. Did you want to say anything about that Beth?

BETH – Just to make it clear. That was not an Egyptian entity. That was someone from Sirius, visiting from Sirius. They were able to freely go back and forth during that time between Egypt and other areas on the Earth and other, you know, stars like Sirius. The Sirians and Egyptians were in very close contact, but most of us know that. But Serena was from Sirius not from Egypt.  Mark was from Egypt.

MARK – Yes and a few other local villages.

TARA: I would just like to say this. The dolphins are also connected with the Sirians in Egypt. So these Cetacea are human souls that are helping us with the waters of life.

MARK – They were originally human, had a human form.  They gave that up in service to the planet and to all of us.

TARA – Well, actually, what happened is that the Lyrans were having a hard time when Jehovah came through town. Some of them volunteered to incarnate in Atlantis to help the light because the dark ones were destroying everything. Then, they went back, some of the souls, when Atlantis went bye-bye.  They went back to the Pleiades.  They hung out for awhile and then they came back as dolphins, whales and even as octopuses believe it or not.

MARK – All of these things – there are going to be many more stories about these, the true history.  It’s going to come out very soon and very fast. All of you out there are as much a part of this as any one of us. There is no difference. Every one who is here now has a stake or a finger or a toe in this creation.   In this particular course correction, let’s call it,we’re the Galactic Cleanup Squad that came back to take the eraser up on the chalkboard and erase with love, all because we see all the experiences we got from these reflections, and lovingly erase that board and then turn back to the class and say, “Mia culpa. We did it.  We’re sorry.  We Are All One and I love you”.

CINDY – Mark, a couple of things. What I saw on the Internet a couple of days ago about the pyramids around the world. Some archeologists and things have noticed that all these pyramids are vibrating so I thought I would put that out there. It’s on the Internet.

MARK – I would just like to recap right now.  The last things we were talking about has to do with the 5th which is the full moon just ahead of us through the 8th which is the star gate peak moment. There is more that goes with that that goes through the 12th and even the 15th of August. This is a progressive series of events. You will not want to miss and you will be affected by it. Many will be affected profoundly – life changing experiences. So this is one you shouldn’t just say, I’m too busy to pay attention to, I have no interest in this. I can assure you it is like having an atom bomb go off. If you are resisting it and thinking why do you need an atom bomb? It is because you are not answering your phone, you are not answering your email and you are not answering your door bell because the Galactic messengers are there.  If you don’t get this one, you will get that kaboom wakeup that will shake the whole planet. If on the other hand, if you’re out there on your surfboard and in the right position, you’ll take off like a rocket. So no fear, just an advisory – weather advisory. To climb up on your surfboard and get ready for a liftoff that will curl your hair behind your head, throw your cheeks back and you will be laughing the whole time. Now Tara do you have something to share on the 8/8?

TARA – Yes I sure did.

MARK – Okay, let’s cut it briefly to where we get to just the part that deals with this segment that we are talking about now, not the whole month.

TARA – No, no, no. I’m not doing the whole month.

MARK – Okay, because we haven’t got time for that today.

TARA – What I want to say is that on this new moon total solar eclipse that we had July 21st-22nd occurred in early cyderial (?) Cancer and it conjoins the stars of the magical unicorn. I had to get that one out everybody. That means single minded and focused on exactly what the star gate of 8-8-8 is about because when we came into that, that was Egyptian New Year. So now you see. We’ve got our sun Sol and then you’ve got Sirius connected with the paws of the Sphinx and now you’re going to Banff.  You’ve got Archangel Michael’s etheric retreat [inaudible] Serapis Bay coupled there. You’ve got to go somewhere else. You’ve got to go somewhere else. Okay so now, the other thing I wanted to say, is when these new moons come in, there is a whole thing that happens. What happens is that as above, so below. This configuration gives you on 8-8 or 8-8-8 or 8-8-8-8 whenever you look at the time, gives you the infinity portal escorting you

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previous limitations. That is very important everybody.

MARK – Understand when she says Infinity Portal and what we say about the Platinum Pink pyramidal power – it is infinite love.

TARA – That’s right. Infinite love in the middle of your heart. That is what it’s talking about.  Fire in the middle.

MARK: Anywhere else and you’ve got some clearing to do and reach out.

TARA – Okay. It is a number of going beyond what you know to be your normal boundaries. As it takes you, it asks you to fly to the moon and stop by the Milky Way Galaxy on your way back. It is pure spiritual, atomic energy, pure power source. It is success, prosperity, big business of the new, in the new spiritually-based, knowledge-based economy that we are directing the traffic of with the added flavor of universal beings and universal blessings. It is finally remembering about your divine inheritance promised to you by your holy Creator. It is turning your nose up at earthly limitation and walking forward and upward into a place of opulence and bounty.

When we had this 22nd-23rd, at 21st-22nd this year, an ancient alignment took place there with the star Sirius. The star Sirius rises before the Day Star, our Sun issuing the declaration to all that the Atlantian, Egyptian, Sirian New Year has been birthed. This is a doorway of unprecedented opportunity to swim forward with a stellar surge of awareness that precedes the daylight. Since ancient times, Sirius has been known and revered in many cultures. In ancient Atlantis, the mysteries were based on information received from the Sirius Masters. After the third fall of Atlantis, the Sirian Mysteries spread into ancient Egypt.  As early as 3,000 B.C., the Egyptians started celebrating the heliacal rising of the star Sirius declaring this the New Year as the Nile flooded its banks in the time of the Great Lion and in the month of Leo.

I’m just going to tell you that it actually has been Cancer in the old Theocian (?) Astrology, which is Mother Sekhmet’s Emerald Green Ray. So the Emerald Green Ray of the Lion’s Heart Sekhmet. Sirius is the home of Christ consciousness. Not only for our planet and our solar system, but also for our entire Milky Way Galaxy. Sirius has always been a spiritual prototype for Earth and has played a vital role in Earth’s early evolution. Spiritual energy streams forth from Sirius into the heart chakra of our Sun. And then comes forth to Earth through the Sun’s ray. As the rays from Sirius arc into the Earth via the Sun when it happened on the New Year, there is an Atlantian, Sirian, Egyptian New Year.

We have another opportunity to activate the number 11 – eleven Christ seeds within. See, there’s that 11-11-11. These are dormant DNA encodings that await stellar emanations as well as configurations in order to open sealed soul records, truth of each life being held within the human costume. So on that New Year, as we went out, we would see the Sirius Star rise and asking you to move your awareness into the Galactic storehouse of knowledge which is the first and foremost. The money has got to be first – knowledge that’s money.

MARK – Tara, we need to cut that part of it short. If you have something on the 8/5, yes the August 5th full moon, not for last year. If not, we’ll move on and maybe come back to that later because we are running out of time here.

TARA: Okay, let me say this part then. This is what I want to say. Okay, on the 8/8 in particular in this year between Earth, the Sun and Sirius, powerful energies of joy, abundance and celebration. The solar feminine Isis/Sekhmet and masculine Ra/Osiris energies of wheel begin entering the planet through the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal. That has to do with now, the 9th of August because Leo actually in the true zodiac starts on the 9th of August right after Mother comes in with that 8-8 Lion’s Gate.

The 100th day when Lady Master Nada has been in charge since day 75 which was the Monday after the 72nd day, the Friday before. We have the 72-hour window there where the adjustment was made and we’re shooting for the star.

I just want to say that the location of Cleopatra’s needle, a tall Egyptian Obelisk is now in Central Park where on 8/8 they are going to do that event. This historic obelisk with hieroglyphic writings originally stood in Heliopolis in 27 BC when St. Germain/Imhotep built it there in ancient Egypt. Then it was moved to Alexandria, Egypt and, in the late 1800s, it was brought to New York City. If you’ve never seen or felt this energy, you will be in awe this Saturday in New York City Central Park in front of that obelisk.

On the 5th, that total eclipse, that total solar eclipse, it eclipses everything. It’s the full moon of August 5-6th.  Excuse me, a lunar eclipse.  I got it wrong. It occurs in the overlap area between Capricorn and Aquarius. It invites us to take personal responsibility for all our material and physical well-being. Not just for ourselves, but for our immediate and extended families and the Earth – the family of man. It is the location in the zodiac of legal agreements, partnerships and business and negotiations. The day after the full moon in our time of realization of the lunar theme, the moon conjoins Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune bringing expansive awareness and expansive information and inspiration to mobilize the dream awake as well as our deal.

MARK – So if you understand nothing more from this, you can see that on many different, from many different disciplines, from many different perceptual levels, everybody knows this is the one we better get. This is the one that’s going to touch us all and this is the one for those who are open and asking and allowing. You did not hear me say, do it. I said open, asking and allowing. Call that platinum pink power into your heart. Let it run throughout your being and you will be enjoying this very much. Especially pay attention now from the 5th through the 8th because you don’t want to miss those shots that will boost you on your surfboard. So Beth do you have any final comment on this segment?

BETH – No, not at this point, thank you.

MARK – Beth, I would like to ask you at this time, before we start into Q&A, to make an announcement about your new website.

BETH – My friend, Debbie Dubois, who is the Webmaster for has generously offered and is helping me design a new website. I wanted to say that I have been asked by Ashtar, Lord Arcturus and Dr. Lorphan to release all the teachings they have ever told me about self-healing techniques and those will all be published on the website.

Ashtar has said to me, “It is time for people to be empowered to do their own healings now”. There will be several self-healing techniques that you can use and work with. There are also new services being offered and that is coming through Ashtar. He wishes to speak to all of you in his family. So there’s going to be a lot of new information out there that is free and accessible.  There will be a huge amount of information because we can hold nothing back anymore. Everyone can get started connecting with their missions and individual plan. So I thank Debbie with her help with that. I’m not sure what day it will be available. It will be and there will be more on that.  It will be posted. Thank you very much.

MARK – Okay thank you Beth. I just wanted to add one more little statement to that if you allow me to Beth. Ashtar came through and said he is personally contacting leaders who need to be upgraded on their mission.  They will be directed to her and he will speak to them directly. He’ll come in and fully merge with Beth and speak to them directly on their mission upgrades.  There are a few other categories. His number one priority now is to get the leading edge Commanders to know what their mission is and to upgrade them because they are going to be getting these upgrades fast and furious now. I just didn’t want to leave that out.


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