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Mark – Re: Changes Will Soon Take Place, 8/16


Mark.. if i may ask a question..

‘They talk of events coming soon that will change things, expose the truth; yesterday, i rewatched Steve Rother, where he mentions  – an event will be coming your way….

Do you feel this ‘event’ is an internal thing coming;bringing so much Light?

Or is it an external event?

Thanks much,


The events are both internal and external. How each experiences them will depend on how fully each is in touch with their inner. For others, the events may seem to be an awesome external shock that they will feel deep inside their cellular cores and it will astound them.

These more asleep ones may find themselves briefly unable to process the magnitude of the changes. However, since these are truly BOTH, they will find ‘something has been added’ to their  intuitive heart’s ability to feel and know the truth, no matter how shocking.

A small percentage will be so dazed that they will need help from family and even professionals until the reality is accepted. Everything has been planned to awaken and provide all manner of assistance.

The public arrests, which have already begun, will be the first shock; then Announcements; then decloakings everywhere around the planet. Peace will be declared and all war will end, as there will be no one to fight!

Those are the external big events.

DNA upgrades are continuously activating in each and all of us, according to our ability to accept them. All who ask, open, and allow, will be uplifted in conscious awareness participation.

Well known White Knights–even though not labeled as such–will quickly calm and address all the concerns of everyone who will listen. Thirty six hours of broadcasts have been prepared by Lady Master Nada and the teams. Of course, NESARA is the key infrastructure through which all the changes will be outpictured, in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. And then in a carefully planned manner, around the planet. Each of us will then add substance to those provisions through our own capacities to act in our local areas as ‘Points of lighted presence’, further anchoring the truth for all to see and engage with.

We will have much more to say on these matters as the events unfold.

Ships will begin to land and the equipment to clean up our atmosphere, water, soil, seas will be brought forth, quickly. All will have galactic advisers and start to remember who they really are.

Then the joy will be uncontainable.

Everyone is equally loved and will be uplifted by all the means that are in these plans and actions.

In fact, we are each essential elements and are affecting the timings and the outcomes. We are becoming a consensus co-creative reality in which there will only be “us”, some better known than others, yet all involved and needed.

Mark  P.S. Posting of this is suggested, as others may have similar questions.

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