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Lolo & Madame X Ops Report from Machu Picchu & Colorado


M & 2Lo, Both were excellent summaries and also very feeling descriptions, from two different perspectives, which beautifully complement each other and warm our hearts with gratitude and appreciation for the beauty and clarity of both your perceptions. Here is what the edited post looked like.

Machu Picchu Ops–Report from Lolo in Peru: Thank you Lolo for this beautiful description

Aug. 16 – Sunday morning

It was 5 am, the sun was just coming out in-between the high pyramids green mountains, the river was low, the day was clear & warm.

I had a very healing night last night…all night long I was aware ..even my body was asleep…

Looking, releasing many old thought limiting patterns, living through my nervous system.  All ones related to romantic relationship that were just ready to be released. I have the feeling that was maybe a very old scar with tons of limited ideas and patterns that I thought I didn’t have any more ,I see this all together coming from more than 20 years ago .. all this chat, with limited opinions and unconscious way of relate to a love one… wow …incredible and a gift to love. I was totally amazed by this limited old way. I can see it like a dream of…years in the past listening to all my head talks again; all of it related to romantic partners.

As I was re-living those moments ,I felt in a moment…like nightmares that never ended …my god! THANK YOU ..for my ASCENSION techniques. ,, I knew that this STUFF was just coming out ,,of my system” leaving forever” and at the same time “forever leaving” this planet and outward for the rest of all humanity…acceptance ,surrender and tons of love were built in my heart from this moment on. Wow it was strong!

7.30 am we were dressed in white, with over dose of vitamin C; the backpack ready with the offerings for the apu machupicchu & magic tools …and some of the best delicious brownies that we buy in Ollantaytambo coffee shop.. With the train tickets bought for our return ,we went looking for my old friend that lives and owns a hotel ,we had a quick cold coffee, shared the stuff of our backpacks ,so we all have pretty much ok , and not so heavy loads.

Surprised that we have delicious gourmet box lunches already made for us to bring along. The bus up the citadel was like always withsuper magnificence views of all the great mountains and nature. i love this place is like home for me. Sunday entrance was free for locals .we all were ready for this powerful adventure.

I remember that the trail up was easy and almost flat….of course was alike this but only the 1 º few meters….jajajaja then there was 3 hours of millions of steps up…nature was astonish birds, trees, orquids flower , butterfly’s all around , as this very ancient green stone stairs incredible carved and made take us to the top..

As well 20 tourist walking fast up and down. Enjoying taking pictures… I pray so we get up ,there and were only the ones that have to be present for this ceremony.

The sun was very African intense we have to stop a few times, drink water in the shade ,of this fantastic wild vegetation and overwhelming view, the mountain nourish with pure & fresh breeze and tons of love..the citadel was far down us. I ask for the perfect spot waiting for us up at the top.

When we arrived my friend oscar was sitting up waiting there with the most perfect smile & spot ready for the 3 of us and for the ceremony . he climbed up all this mountain in 45 minutes …Youth is treasure…jajajaja!!! before arrive I have a bi location in to the Jerusalem ship we all were there in the controls of this operation. See K & M & me up in the control panels… said : just a few more steps up and I will be in position.

We arrive at 12:30 m , Oscar tell me that he and some more people yesterday were looking to ships around in the sky of Cusco city ,and also others were seeing around Peru there even been in t.v. news…fantastic confirmation. Begin to take the offering out and put them in my Q”ueros manta and prepare the homa pyramid for the sacred fire ,there were a super special and super perfect place to put it. all. The energy was already very high up ,were may grandpas waiting, also many jungle eternal ones, angel and high ones full connected …we all feel very bless.

At 12.50 we begin make a circle with roses petals that smell like lyches . see our hearts one and join hands ,see our heart one with the heart of this planet and ground our selves, one with the central sun of the universe and open up for more. make offerings of corn powder to thanks all the grandpas, light beings and eternal ones that were there ,archangels and so on… feel to singing the old vedic mantra the Gayatri feel 108 times, so i ask Martha to take my rudrakshas and count for me….

This invocation is acknowledging and joyously celebrating that .. Om is everything. The terms bhûr, bhuvas, suvaha (mahâ vyâhritis) are invocations to honor the planes of our existence and to call to our aid the presiding deities of the three planes in which we live our ordinary life: the physical, astral and mental planes. The three lokas (bhûr, bhuvas, suvaha) are the bîja (seed) mantrams of the devatâs called Agni, Vâyu and âditya who are being invoked to assist in our transformation. (See Chandogya Upanishad (IV, xvii, 1-3) and (II, xxiii, 3)). from this reflection was born OM. pervades all sound. Verily all this is Om !

..” We give what we are and what we have in order that the riches of the Divine Truth and Light may descend into our life…”It is the support of every seeker after Truth who believes in its efficacy, power and glory, be he of any caste, creed, clime or sect. It is only one’s faith andpurity of heart that really count. Indeed, Gâyatrî is an impregnable spiritual armor, a veritable fortress, that guards and protects its votary, that transforms him into the divine, and blesses him with the brilliant light of the highest spiritual illumination…”

The fire was big ,happy & clear, the gi offerings made 108 times and maybe more.. there was really built a big energy field. .this focus me and help me rest even more in to the one. All I look at Martha the energy field was so strong she was in moments asleep so sometimes she was not counting,,, I find this very much funny. .finish this I continue singing in Sanskrit the ishaya puja a especial ceremony the ishaya monks do for honoring the linage, my teacher, the silence and the Christ consciousness , and all the golden ones that came from the sun. offerings to the fire of super good smelly staff.

Next I was vibrating body was stand up with arms moving stronger. I didn’t have a memory of marcela told me to do…I stay still …a big air come from somewhere i remember to bring the solar disc from the lake Titicaca…I ask for it and I see it positioning on top of Putucusi sacred mountain…wow it was very big and jajaja golden, I put it back in his original place .haa…ok in that moment I feel another even bigger warm breeze and remember K and the warm islands of Hawaii… so I connect with a total open heart to him and the golden energy it come out of the disc…puff !!! powerful pure love heart connection.

I smile see connecting points lines & feel my connection to my twin sister marcela …see the 1º pyramid form then 2º pyramid form.. I wanted move the solar clock in Mapi from frequency 22 to 55 but it went to was resetted so it can be coded again, My body was very tired ,i was experience total and infinite joy and big infinte expansion …I sit down and begin my Peruvian shaman offering to the mother earth pachamama and Apu machupichu…a day before I ask the apus what offerings they will like , so I buy all that was ask. Also were put in the earth with the offerings a stone from koa lake Titicaca. And pick up crystals from a ceremony with marcela last year in Aspen high pass, a very little tiny crystal pyramid …and the ashes of the fire ceremony.Very sacred Peruvian red flowers of the high lands to it then close it with earth and a big rock…all perfect .

So then I enjoy resting & eating the super deli veggie home made sandwich ..and the marvelous chocolate brownies ….uff until some more happened I see the reflex ion in the mountain of a cloud form a big llama ,,,ok that means the offering was very well receive, we were very happy and begin our walk down …it take us 2 hours with out water.. and heave sun…my face is super red even I put 55 sun block In the way back in the bus I notice something that I didn’t notice before…there were active many sun disc in machupichu there were every were on top of the mountains and in the citadel …wow !!! magic…

the city was just with this super golden light that I enjoy to deep my heart…in every place was shining this golden light. .I adore it. my white pants were brown and I was totally wet of sweating very much tired… I dreamed for a hot shower that later I did take it in my friends Rupawasi hotel.

Thank god for the good friends & family that I have.
Love you all

Location: One side of the top of Aspen Mountain, Colorado (12,000 ft high).
Time: 12.22pm -1.11pm

As directed, I linked with Lolo On the island of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, we created a tube of light and went down into the temple which kept the solar disc; we requested permission to take it with us, Master Soromez is the keeper who let us in, as they had been waiting for us. The energy was so strong we could hardly take the disc out of its place, we went back to the tube of light to the surface.

We thanked all for making this possible and flew to Machu Picchu, Peru, to the top of the highest mountain where we put the solar disc in its original place. Once we set it in place,with everything aligned at the same time, the disc spiraled and all the sparkles of light covered the area and extended.

We went to the solar clock in Mapi, Lolo reset it to 0 and I moved it to 55 with the help of all Masters and Galactic Council, 55..5 for 5D and 5 for the 5th solar root race. We cleared all the energy left during the Conquistadors time and forgave all.

The solar race is back as is all the energy of the golden disc and the SUN. Lolo stayed to do her offerings to the mountains and I called Kauila telepathically to be ready, he was standing in Kauai ready for a huge ball of fire I sent to him.

Once he had the disc, I was with him holding it ’till he anchored the energy down into the ocean and up; then the golden light covered all the island of Kauai and all lemurian codes where activated. We created a bridge of light to the USA, we went underwater to the heart where Mark, Beth and myself had created a huge platinum heart filled with roses.

The golden energy took the shape of a solar disc and spiraled sending light all over the USA and connecting it to the Andes.

From the USA, I took all this golden energy to Palma de Mallorca, Spain where Priestess Paloma received it and put it inside a mountain called Galatzo.  Now…it radiates light to Europe and all that area, it also activated all Atlantean codes to keep our planet in balance.

Once this was done I connected it to Machu Picchu, Peru again. I could see a pink platinum diamond, with a sun in the middle of a huge heart, the galactic council engraved a seal on it, and many, many ships sent light all over, this energy created dots of light constitution the new meridians for the Terra Nova. Once done, a 6 pointed star formed all over our planet. This represents the it is above, it is below.

I saw huge sparkles of golden light all over, I saw all people, all kingdoms and realms together. I felt immense joy and peace knowing all we have done was for the highest will of all and we were guided and protected all the time.

At 8.38pm I went to the Marron Bells area{Aspen Peak} as I was called there to see the ships, to reconfirm they have been with us all this time. I saw the Andromeda ship and some of its members. I felt bathed in light and joy.

All was done in perfection and we begin a whole new timelime, where all is possible and LOVE is the key to all. Thank you so much for being all together on this Most Important Op. Blessings,

Madame X


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